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Business proposal ep 9 - Business proposal kdrama ep 9 eng sub

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Now this is the situation and the amount of exhaust You can think of it as an answer no sir This mistake mistake I beg your pardon mistake I must have been crazy for a second. Why are we? we'll see you tomorrow Wait I'm just going like this I'm looking for it, let's go Kiss me first and then I have a picture this is not a player Don't use everything nearby, I'll save it Then chocolate Hey, what is it that hurts you like that? Our sexies were pushed no i don't need i got the case wrong Oh, what, it's nice to have to go through everything in one click. This is where the boss is really watching. Taking care of the bonus. Secretary, is it real? small screen funny The parking lot is what I do these days after wiping my mouth.

I'm going to die of noise in the morning 963 Ah The day before yesterday, the sun was shining. Dumpling items for overseas export. Five potatoes by this week. Don't just fill in the numbers with a sense of duty with what you come up with, I know. go away avoid my phone boss I'm ready 30 minutes i write now Oh is it Then I'll see you next time, sir. The Mexican Jin-cheol sent it first. origin long time no sir Long time no see, friend The first few people by era when the museum opened 3 years ago Did you do hairdressing? you are handsome that's it actually software hardware marketing no it's ok Objectively, what is wrong with President Kang? boss I'm sorry, but I have a next schedule. Such a waste When did you say you were handsome? my doctor Please make a seat for me at the Chilean Museum of Art, where I work.

you If you hit the company, it will break right away. I'm giving it to my grandfather Oh, I'm out of work right now Shall we be together tonight okay See you at home in a bit. Yeah Today's schedule is over.

How do you get to Daegu? Where are you going? I, too, have a private life. I will take care of it. You recently It's work time, so have a good evening. eat delicious rice head find head don't you have something to do with me pig yesterday that that It's not over here, you're done will you make I told you to just let it happen kiss me first Simply cho, you can unilaterally notify Avoiding the phone, no, yesterday there will be a case color and i 'Cause I'm too close So it's like a contact accident. what Is it a parking lot pillar? And why is the story like that? So, yesterday's incident was nothing but a mistake by boiling in a simple swear word with no feelings for me. Jeong Hyun-i Chuseok Minseok, we were never the same Are you the one who caused the accident? In any case, shouldn't we be compensated for the damage? tomorrow as long as i can take responsibility and pay great kiss cut scene No, I'm a chaebol, so I get expensive food like this and eat it. I'm responsible. I'm rewarding you no honestly that's It's not like that, you did it with the conductor.

like a player What time is it badly washing your legs? right Then I will take responsibility From now on, be a friendly newborn baby, be a man for the rest of your life It's not like that now. I confessed that I definitely liked Her favorite girl made her so daring and sexy what kind of men are there a lot no now Sometimes if you don't want to bet go to something else what else what i originally got I go the same way eye for eye kiss kiss I'll pay, you can pay Instead, boss, don't eat me I'll prepare it at 20:00 Oh self, please smile naturally ah yes I guess it's because I'm nervous Then, shall we take a break? what suddenly I want to do it without asking my risk, so why do I hold on to me? I’m not that good Why are you like this these days? what Let's keep calling even after we've been to Sokcho, like an angry person I have a lot to worry about because of work Father Thank you for saying that you did well in part 2 as well as season 5 Oh, but Gworks researcher Moon Put the sauce on the clothes and add a little color Daebo Human Oh no It's a real instant story. It's not that I'm just reducing that connection. How pure. why don't you like it no not that Because I think about the card price next month, the rice won't go over Chef, what is this? I would like to ask you to test our new menu. Is it okay to make customers do this?

President Park Han-byul, isn’t everything excellent here and there? We called our restaurant Dam I would like to ask you to respectfully all right thank you manager What do you eat and do go to the bathroom for a while you are the original yonghyun Why are you doing this? East Sea water Doosan portal 2 I know how to play Shea Road I said I'm good at anything Every time I meet women, I buy them and do that. Isn't that usually the case between men and women? if you want to hear an answer Are you calling for a relationship? I'll do the math first give me the bill coat and wallet Is it possible to pay 6 months in installments? The driver will drink. The beatbox is overflowing Come to think of it, it just doesn't make sense to replace it with something like this. I'll get something great next time, so I'll go.

How to get something greater I have no choice but to go to something else I'll buy something great next time I look forward to what you eat next center Can't turn on the signal turn left here This is a great receipt because there is nothing I can't do You can find West on the internet. Oh, don't do that, let it go now and sit down and eat it. Hurry up I'll eat well how is it Delicious what's with no soul Oh, don't be, be honest. It's delicious. Consumers give proper feedback. there is progress How are you honestly Well To be honest Let's close some food hem It's okay to be salty In the case of clams, I don't know if the relief is good. There is a fishy smell I'll have to try the rest It looks delicious. What are the rest of these? Water Water Drink

I woke up I'm sorry, given the nature of the job, honest feedback is ingrained in my body. go to the bathroom The stars are still hitting me No he has a boyfriend and he's Michelin rated Since when did your legs get better? I don't know if it's worth it It's been filmed ten times, is there anything more to celebrate than this? I personally brought dinner, but It's cheap No, my girlfriend made it for me, and even if it was slightly salty, it was delicious. No, then I didn't die. The boss said why I was having so much fun watching a movie with Mr. There are some who haven't come in for more than 30 minutes. It's not like that on purpose I was on a date, okay? The average is suspicious Do you two get along really well? no it's not like that no I'm 100% disabled right now. You said you came to eat at the company. How did you eat it with a strong team? We got on it.

No no no no no just eat rice If you didn't eat it no no no I had to get caught, so I just ate to apologize. Why did that person spend another week on the cross? I didn't give it to you, but I don't think it can harmonize well. Kyungtae no, no, be careful What does not exist He said he'd like to have the best gloves this year, nigga The basket is in the middle It's not that the cheer-up song didn't play, you think I'm a sleazy nerd I do not know how much gold amount I ask Hey To send by locking the gate you just turn around and don't do anything okay what Oh my, these children who don't know anything President hello too much music friend manager how are you yesterday too again today yes go put it up It seems like a reflection on yesterday, but if there is a group guest today You can do this Why is it Daddy's stomach hurts Gosh It's not something I've known since I was so silent yesterday, it's okay not to go to the hospital Gosh All right, I just went to and from the bathroom a few times.

you'll be fine soon go to the bathroom I liked it so I picked it up it's wrong I left it and arrived No, I said let's go for a walk in a nice place, but I think this is a mountain or a serious lack of exercise. I want to exercise Uh, I'm so tired all of a sudden, I'm sitting at my desk or lying on the sofa, so I'm tired because I'm of poor stamina I will exercise with me in the future. Next time I will wear shoes like this. what now That's right Tayo good weather I'm a really great boyfriend That is amazing scenario city Why did you say see you here? Call me for a kiss The food is ready, give it to me today for the price of a kiss They say it's not polite to eat expensive rice. I'll buy the time.

hour oh so cute leg hurts it's very hard Uh, I thought I was going to the office. How are you doing? How come you are so fine, come with me whenever you have time Here is my favorite mountain, I come here often. But with whom did you write it like that? ex-girlfriend no, my boss Hiking with the boss It's not like you're being dragged around or anything like that. If you just look at it, it means that CEO Kang Tae-ho is really dogmatic, but just look at what he does to Hani.

what do you mean this time again You said come and reward me. He has a face identification of human ancestors My boss is not like that. Don't talk about anything you don't know well What did I say rudely? If Deputy Manager Kang Tae-woo bothers you, it's a fact. So what I mean is, if you know what you said, open it up like a man and explain what happened.

Is it normal to ask and question like this? What is going on with YouTube? What is Gapjil? So far, boss Sokwang deserves to be angry enough. And above all, I don't think it's okay if Mr. Young-seo, who is responsible for his work, talks like this. If Mr. Young-seon and Mr. Kashina were sent as a substitute, even if he didn't come, this would happen No, that's what I mean. Nice to meet you. If it's a talking boyfriend, of course I'm glad I didn't chat with another guy.

I didn't receive it right now We look a little more ideal. What does it mean to be lovers now? It's pretty, it's not the gain that listens to me. When I come, I give you food, and the whole time I watch the movie, I go to work. Don't even watch the movie, watch it. You don't listen to me, you only listen to Kang Tae I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way, stop getting angry and let's go up a lot. go up It’s okay, this guy’s expulsion. You and I hold hands and go up lulu-la-la, let’s get to know the time Mr. Youngseo Mr. Youngseo

I'm hungry. Shall we go eat? I'll buy the food. no i am now I heard it, but I can't. What do you want to eat then? I have something to eat I really want this But after coming all the way to here and asking to eat this, I heard that this is something very delicious and I'm going to school. that's right just plain two If this was the case, I would have just given you the one with the most rice. Honey, someone said you have to eat a hot dog when you go to an amusement park. If you never go to Pyeongtaek Amusement Park, they say they are the same.

at the age of seven I came to eat with my parents. Then, when I remember how delicious hot dogs were, I was alone. it ends I must have written that I was really very, very happy no why When you eat food with memories, it feels more delicious because it feels like the happy memories don't go away.

let's do that first I called it because it's a little bit like gimbap. it was and yes Every day is different, if I bring it out to my parents Most people don't know what to do I want you to have the best day for me, but I wasn't good at talking in front of people. But sometimes I am someone I want to talk to my parents Thanks for letting me say this uh why Is Kang Tae-woong that good? Why are you dating Kang Chang-gu? what's here I don't think it came up before.

6 o'clock Let's go up let's go up so fast What if I take a mango like that without knowing how to pray? where are you I don't know You have to go left at the fork in the road. 6 o'clock wind blows to the right I'm selling mats. You're so crazy. Yes, I'll go well on my own 6 o'clock it's okay catch me it hurts a lot Huh Tae-yeol I'm going to carry me from here right now It’s crazy, it’s ridiculous, it’s dangerous, I’m a person who can’t talk.

it's a butterfly be patient How's your ankle? It's okay. Why don't you say anything? It's not solved yet. In the future, I will make sure that I never do anything to make Ms. Youngseo sad again. If you forgive me just once I know you're so damn sexy right now It was released earlier, but I keep complaining I downloaded the app without saying anything until I came down here and now I see I think it's kakaotalk Mr. Young-soo Can not be done go home now I'm going home from the hospital. going to the hospital and going to the hospital It's a lie to be sick at 6 o'clock Han Mi-mo mom No, it's just a slight burn. Don't worry.

my problem is what happened when i called my mom was hurt What is an acute appendix opening or an emergency surgery? But why didn't she move to the hospital room and stay here? There's no room available, so please call me if there's a vacancy. dad fast mom She's 5 o'clock her arms are fine no she pops her appendix What do we do if the head of our room exploded? Take me to the hospital. I was worried that I might give you some black pearl-like skin. I'm ready, there's a place for you to move.

no who oh you're here Hello Ha-ri Shin, you are a boss who works in the same team as our company. Oh, what if your boss? The fox blind is a woman Deputy director, get out of the way, boss become parents yes hello I'm the manager Uh, I'm just at home, I'm just hitting the hotel bed I hope, Mom, why did you say something wrong? There's no substitute for my bedroom, it's okay I'm living like a gaggle it's not There is someone you know on the other side. no need to burden But her manager Heard he's in his mid 40's, but he's not a Cheongna manipulator yes i've been told that often I think the boss must be very tired. Then go back to your house. how about sit down sit down have a quick bite Aww It's the weekend I can't even rest I was called to the company and said that you have a lot of trouble to work because of work today going out my back was You went out and worked overtime. ok i was busy The president said that he came with a parachute, but he heard a lot about the change of president and got our discount You don't even know how much she cursed her mother saying it was too hard go away it's okay not hurt she's okay it's nothing I'm bleeding no matter what.

After I cleaned it up, I went to play and applied the medicine first. I have a promise employment contract Then you two are dating. I'm stuck If your mouth knows everything, it's a shame, isn't it? thank you so much for today that that in the hospital I was unintentionally sorry he's sorry A vicious boss is cheap even if he suffers like this he has to ask again oh yes he doesn't even know he's ugly He lost until Discovery no, where is that kiss x no money just go for a kiss what are you doing now Don't turn your legs sore, get it off right now What are you doing right now? Stop it. See you tomorrow at work. Why you I was just forced to date because of money. Kang Tae-woo even threatened you didn't tell me If I had told you earlier, I would Why do I have to tell you this Whether I do fake one day with the boss or not I don't think it's your business When I wanted to become a knight, so I stopped it.

you When the boss comes back, I'll be sure to formally apologize you were friends now I know you're worried, I know i said Tomorrow I'll figure it out Tae-oh Kang Are you really making memories? Don't insult someone like that who only takes advantage of you. I'm not the kind of person who says things like that to you That it won't be the two of us anyway you know for sure late it's not like that Teacher what is this doing now That it won't be the two of us anyway you know for sure thank you so much for today As soon as I get my paycheck, I'll see you at the hospital. let's go quickly eat well good night It's a parking lot now.

what's going on here I just happened to be on the ship after going out. I eat with the family in the secretary's office. I'm sick, what should I do? Anyway, thank you, I'll eat well thank you mate here see you in the evening Be careful. I'll call you. boss I'm sorry I couldn't tell you in advance, sir. how What happened We met each other without knowing who we were. From then on, I was interested Then why didn't you tell me 6 o'clock with the boss And because the city is complicatedly entangled with seeds I don't know how or where to start no, what is the relationship between you and me done When talking to some people thank you bro the boss Employees need to work diligently Why is work so late What did you come here for? I'm tall. If you have something like this I'll give you some too Do you only eat after hitting the ball? don't be stingy you say vegan television What is the abbreviation for starting a company? so Better not to refuse today look at the line it's okay stop 50,000 yen It hurts a lot, it's a big deal I think the spring will be fine Yes once in position Oh, I'm announcing that a special award has been added.

The best MVP pocket money is from the boss footbridge dinner Oh really really Aren't you going to see the president the way you want? Do you work in line? At 7 pm, the person at the Korea University restaurant is I have some supplies for the marine group formula No, how did you get a call from that person first? How will Jin Woo-jung react? It will take a while. Shin Chae Rim’s younger brother is also world-class. you call Someone who will be a good shield I can remove my brother, so I have no choice but to follow the rules of the chairman So, does that mean you're giving up on Mr. Shin Hari?

are you in a lot of pain with the boss burnt two people dinner The boss is a child person, so I have to work hard and become the MVP without me. I'll be whoever wants me because of the boss 12 o'clock Instead of Shin Do-rim, I have to treat you well. Okay, I’m not confident. Why do we have to get it unconditionally? Why, when do you see me, why eat? That's right, this is a market or when there's a KTX that goes with perfect temper. come out yes go and have someone Hee-sun it's ok it's ok or die Oh fighting, I'm alive let's fight you MVP anyway it's great how are you Shin Shin-im This year’s luck is great, I’m Lee Chi-sang MVP I'll shoot big What the hell, I didn't hear it Boss can't come why sir 7 o'clock today at the hotel Sun Moon University What if I showed you a picture a while ago? Yes, married separately. is there a boss Mr. Kang Tae-woo be hard i never give up If it goes off, confess again I will keep confessing Until you fall in love with me are you saying that mind It must have been strange, why are we going to do something, we'll see you tomorrow what qualifications I like Shin Hari for allowing me to say this recently Sister, go a little faster sleep right there, where am I Are you telling me to come out knowing that there are? So there are two.

I'm looking at the jjajang papers I'm waiting all day today and wondering when you'll come I do not know I just want someone else to wash my face now So don't see me for the first time, sir Why are you saying you don't want to hear me anymore? Grandpa's favorite Leaving Han Hyo-joo behind and showing another woman. Obviously, the father-in-law is taking a break, so I’m in front of my house right now. I was going to do it, but I did well there. Na-ri Shin come closer tell me the weather again I'm not asking you to wash again this time. then kiss chest I'm going to go wash up.

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