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Business proposal ep 8 - Business proposal kdrama ep 8 eng sub

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EPISODE 8 Can I consider this as a positive response to me asking you out? No! No, that's not it, sir. -What? -What? This is… a mistake. It was a mistake. What? A mistake? No, I mean… I think I went crazy for a bit there. Why did I… Can we pretend that never happened? Let's… See you tomorrow. Ha-ri, what did you just do? Wait! You're just leaving like this? -I-- -Ha-ri. We've all been looking for you.

Oh, really? Let's go, then. BASED ON WEBNOVEL AND WEBTOON A BUSINESS PROPOSAL She kisses me first, then what? A mistake? She's a pro, isn't she? I wish I had leave days left to use. How am I supposed to see him again? Hello.

What's this? -Gosh. -What are you all looking at? There's our best worker. What? YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON THE CUTTING BOARD! SUDDENLY IT'S LIKE THE MOVIE PSYCHO? THANKFULLY, IT WASN'T SERIOUS No, this isn't blood. I accidentally pressed on the sauce bottle. I'm sorry.

Our company never puts artificial coloring in our sauces. So it doesn't stain and comes right out. You can't even tell.

I think it's good. What is this? This is so embarrassing. Why? They love you in the comments, too. Look. She's worth a hundred employees.

If her boss is really watching, he should give her a bonus. Ms. Shin. If you actually get a bonus, don't just keep it for yourself, okay? Mr. Gye, could you please stop eating and get back to work? You're chewing so loudly! Don't be like that. I was just hungry. Right. As I told you yesterday, each of you should come up with five product ideas for the dumplings that will be exported.

And don't just come up with a list for the sake of it, understand? -Yes, ma'am. -Okay, then! The person you have called can not come… Really now? She's going to dodge my calls? Sir, it's ready. I'll take the picture now.

Wait. Okay, I'll take the picture now. DONATION FOR THE TREATMENT OF RARE CANCERS I should thank you for letting me be a part of this. Is that so? I'll see you another time, then. President Kang. Director Jin Chae-rim from Marine Art Museum.

Look at you. It's been a while, Director Jin. I last saw you when you opened your museum three years ago. Maybe it's because of your time in New York, but you've become even more handsome. Is that so? Figures. You're perfect inside and out.

Of course, you want someone better than Young-seo. It's all right. Young-seo may be my niece, but objectively speaking, you're too good for Young-seo.

Sir. I'm sorry, but I have somewhere to be. Sure. I'll see you next time. DONATION FOR THE TREATMENT OF RARE CANCERS What a shame. He's always so handsome.

Yes, my daughter? I want to quit my job. Can you get me a position at the museum? If you quit, then Young-seo will snatch up your position right away. I don't want that, but… You'll ask Grandpa to make me the managing director? I'm still out for a meeting, but how about dinner tonight? Sure. I'll see you at home later. Yes.

You're done for the day. Would you like to go home? No, I have plans, so I'll get going. Where are you going? -I can-- -Let me have my privacy. I'll drive myself there. You can go home. -What? -It's time for you to clock out. I'm doing something nice for you. Enjoy your evening.

Enjoy your dinner. You're all grown up now, Sung-hoon. Don't we need to talk? Talk? The thing that happened yesterday? Weren't we already done talking about it? Done? Says who? I told you to just pretend that it never happened. So you're just going to say that it was a simple mistake after kissing me first? You've been dodging my calls too! I mean, the kiss… That was because we were standing so close together. And we just bumped into each other, like a fender-bender. A fender-bender? Are my lips some kind of a column for you to crash into? Well, that's not what I was trying to say.

So, what happened yesterday was a mistake you made simply out of lust. And you have no feelings for me? What do you mean, lust? I'm sorry. It wasn't on purpose. A mistake or not, you're the one who started it. So you should make up for it, right? Right, that… I'll do what I can to take responsibility and pay you back. Very well.

Buy me dinner to pay me back for kissing me. What? How can you ask a commoner to buy you something this expensive? You said that you would make up for it. To be honest, that kiss… I didn't do that by myself. You kissed me back. Like a total player. All skilled and whatnot… So you're not the only one at fault? Correct.

Then let me take care of you for the rest of your life, as a man to a woman. That's not what we're talking about. I told you that I have feelings for you. How could I stay still when the woman I liked started kissing me so aggressively? I mean… That's… Then pay me back in another way. What other way? I prefer to pay people back with exactly what I received from them. An eye for an eye and a kiss for a kiss.

Fine. I'll pay for the food. But you can eat by yourself. I'll just skip this meal. Here is your amuse-bouche. Chef Lee, could you smile more naturally? Sure. He must be nervous.

-Should we take a quick break, then? -Sure. What are you doing? You didn't even ask me. Other people would love it. Why are you complaining? Why are you like this to me lately? What do you mean? You've been like that ever since Sokcho as if you're angry. I'm just stressed out because of work. Chef Lee.

You looked great on video and you look great in these pictures, too. You watched those? -Thank you. -Sure. By the way, when that researcher from go food talked about food coloring after spilling that sauce, that was scripted, right? -That was probably-- -No. That was totally unscripted. Ha-ri isn't quick enough to act out something like that. She's really innocent, you know.

…on your table. Have a delicious day with go food! THEY LOOK GOOD TOGETHER THEY HAVE TO BE DATING IF THEY AREN'T, THEY SHOULD! What is it? Is the food not to your liking? No, that's not it. I just can't enjoy the food when I think about my credit card bill next month. Chef, what's all this? We'd like you to taste-test our newest menu. You're asking your customers to do your work? Your palate is much more refined than mine, sir. You're a regular at our restaurant. Please do this for me.

I understand. Thank you, President Kang. Why aren't you eating? I need to go to the bathroom. Ha-ri! Have you always been like this? What are you doing? Snap out of it, please! Why… Why… Until that day when the waters Of the East Sea run dry And Mount Baekdusan is worn away You play the piano too? Have you forgotten already? I told you, I'm good at everything. Do you play the piano for every woman that you meet? I don't have to answer that since we're not in a relationship. If you want to hear the answer, go out with me.

I'll grab the check. Could you bring us the check, please? Our coats and wallets too. Here you are.

Would it be possible to pay in six installments? He already paid. He did? Have a good night. Wait.

Why did you do that? I needed to pay. I thought about it, and I didn't want you to pay back for the kiss with this. I want something bigger, so brace yourself.

But… What more expensive meal do you want then? Or… pay me back with something else. Forget it. You already paid, so it can't be helped, but… Fine. I'll buy you a more expensive meal next time. I'll be looking forward to it. What should we eat next time? Steak? Omakase? Careful.

No peeking. Okay. Turn left here. Ta-da! Did you do this all by yourself? There may be some things I don't do, but there's nothing I can't do. I looked up some recipes online. It was easy. But you must have been tired after work. How did you…

It's okay. Come on. Have a seat and try the food. Let's dig in, then.

How is it? It's delicious. Come on. You don't sound like you mean that. Come on, be honest. It's good.

Things can only improve if a customer gives good feedback. Honestly, how is it? If I'm being honest, all the food is a bit salty. Other than that, it's okay? Well, as for these clams, I'm tasting some sand. As for the pork belly, it smells a bit fishy. It probably wasn't defrosted properly. The vegetables are overcooked.

And the rice is a bit undercooked. As for the rest, I need to try… I think they'll be delicious. What's there left to taste? The water? The water must taste delicious. I'm sorry. I… I'm used to giving honest feedback, due to the nature of my job. I'm going to the bathroom.

He really wasn't holding back, was he? Is he my boyfriend or a Michelin guide judge? CLAMS, PORK BELLY, VEGETABLES, RICE What? You're dating Secretary Cha? When did you two start dating? More importantly, you are persistent after all, Young-seo. Congratulations on putting an end to your crush. I don't know if I should be congratulated.

Why? You finally got your boyfriend. What else is there to congratulate? -He didn't like it. -What? I cooked someone dinner for the first time in my life. Right, yes. But he said it was salty. If your girlfriend cooks for you, shouldn't you clear all the plates even if it tastes like saltwater? No, you might die then.

That President Kang is annoying too. What about President Kang? I was watching a movie with Sung-hoon yesterday. We were having a good time until President Kang called him. He was out for over 30 minutes taking that call. Even a president shouldn't do that! It's not like he did that on purpose.

He didn't know you two were on a date. What is this? This is suspicious. Are you two a thing now? It's not like that. No. You're really suspicious right now.

You ate at work, right? You ate with Kang Tae-moo, didn't you? You were on a date with him. Right? No. It wasn't a date. We just ate… See? I was right. If you ate together, that's a date. No, it wasn't like that. I… There was a little situation, so I ate with him to apologize.

Why? Is he nagging at you again because of work? What? Kang Tae-moo is being so mean. If he likes you, he should be nicer to you. Is he a pervert? What? I think he is a pervert. Watch out. No… What? What? They broke up already? You were so excited thinking about Tae-moo getting married this year. Whatever. Are you sure they didn't break up because you were acting like a nosy grandfather? Do you think I'm some old-fashioned, condescending person? I treated Ms. Shin Geum-hui really well.

It's obvious. You know his personality, right? Hey, if you want Tae-moo to get married, just don't do anything. -Yes. -Okay? What? You bastards, you don't know anything. -See, my-- -Oh my. Chairman Kang! Have you been well? Hello.

Director Jin. How have you been? Chicken yesterday. Chicken today. Chicken tomorrow! It's all chicken! Honey! I'm coming! -Can you put it up here? -Sure. Why did you come down already? I thought you worked all night yesterday.

You said we have a big group coming in today. I should help. It's fine. We can do it. What's wrong, Dad? Is it your stomach? I knew this would happen when I saw you stuffing your face with beef tartare yesterday.

Do you need to go to the hospital? It's fine. I'll be okay once I go to the bathroom a couple of times. Go to the bathroom then. He shouldn't have eaten so much. He overate just because he was in a good mood.

HIKING ROUTE We're at the wrong place, right? We're at the right place. I thought you wanted to take a walk somewhere nice, but this is a mountain. I thought you really needed exercise, so here we are. Come on, I'm tired already. You're always tired because you're always sitting at your desk or lying on the couch. Exercise with me now.

How about later? I'm wearing the wrong shoes. I prepared for that, too. What? Prepare what? It's a perfect fit. Let's go. The weather's so nice. He may be my boyfriend, but he's a piece of work.

Why did he call me out of the blue on a weekend? How annoying. Ms. Shin. Why did you ask to see me here? What do you think? I wanted to get payback for that kiss.

I don't think there's a good place to eat around here. Forget about eating. Spend the day with me today as payment. What? You said I shouldn't make a commoner pay for an expensive meal. So I'll buy your time instead.

My… Time? Wait. Let's take a break. My legs hurt. -Are you tired? -Yes.

You were right. I'm really out of shape. How are you not tired? Come here with me whenever you have time. I climb this mountain often because it's my favorite. Often? Who did you climb this mountain with so often? An ex-girlfriend? No, with President Kang.

You go hiking with your boss? You're not being forced into it or anything, right? What? When you think about it, President Kang only thinks about himself. I can tell by the way he treats you, and Ha-ri, too. What do you mean? He told Ha-ri to pay him back for something again. Ha-ri's face looked so tired.

What a petty guy. That's not the type of person he is. You shouldn't bad-mouth others like that, Young-seo.

What do you mean? It's true that Mr. Kang was being mean to Ha-ri. -What I'm saying is-- -I mean, when he found out Ha-ri was Geum-hui, he should have been a man and asked her, "Explain what happened." Like a normal person. But he didn't ask her anything. He just made her really anxious and was a jerk to her at work.

Wasn't that a power trip? Power trip? He had the right to be angry since he had been fooled. Besides, you shouldn't be talking like that. You're at fault too. What? If you hadn't sent Ms. Shin in your place, something like this wouldn't have-- This is just ridiculous. What do you mean? If you're my boyfriend, then you should be thankful that I didn't go on that blind date. Do you think it makes sense for you to be scolding me for not going on a blind date? Young-seo, just calm down.

Let's be more logical-- How can I? What's a boyfriend for? Isn't a boyfriend supposed to be on your side no matter what? I cooked for you, but you said it was too salty. You couldn't focus on the movie because of work. And even now, look! You're taking Kang Tae-moo's side and not mine. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

Don't be mad. Let's just climb all the way up. Climb all the way up? No! Why don't you climb this damn mountain with Kang Tae-moo? Come on, Young-seo! Young-seo! Here. I'm hungry. Do you want to go eat? I'll buy. It's fine. Spend just your time on me. I'll spend the money.

No, I can't do that. I'm here to pay you back. What do you want to eat? Well, there is something that I want to eat. Will this really be enough? What? Seeing as you wanted to come all the way to this deserted place to get this, this must be some insanely good corn dog. Right? It's just a normal corn dog. You should have gotten something more filling then.

Did someone tell you you had to get a corn dog if you go to an amusement park? You do seem like someone who's never been here. I ate this with my parents when I was seven. This hot dog tasted so good back then. Whenever I think of it, I come to eat it by myself sometimes. You must have been really happy back then. You know, when you eat food that you had in the past, you recall all of the happy memories from back then, and it tastes even better.

For me, gimbap is like that. Maybe it's because of field trips. That hamburger from back then was like that, too. Right.

You're different, Ms. Shin. When I bring up my parents, most people look like they don't know what to say and say that they're sorry. So I never got to talk about this despite it being one of the fondest memories I have. Even to my grandpa. But, sometimes… I want to talk to someone about my parents. Thank you for letting me talk about it like this.

Yes, why? What? If he likes Kang Tae-moo so much, why doesn't he just date him instead? Why is he dating me then? Unbelievable. What is this place? I don't think I took this path. Come on. Young-seo! I knew we went faster when we were climbing up. How could you leave like that when you don't know the way? Where are we? I don't know.

We should have gone left back there. But you went right. Are you blaming me again? You sure are good at making me mad. You really have a talent for it!

Stop following me if you're just going to keep making me mad. I'll be fine walking by myself. Young-seo. Young-seo! Are you all right? -Let me see. Let me see! -Don't touch it. Does it hurt a lot? Get on my back.

You're going to climb down with me on your back? That's crazy. No way. It's too dangerous. I don't say what I don't mean. I'll make it work, so get on. I'm heavy though. Hold on just a bit more. How's your ankle? Is it feeling better? Why aren't you saying anything? Are you still mad at me? I'll try my best to make sure to never upset you like that again.

Just forgive me this once-- Do you know how sexy you look right now? -What? -I stopped being angry a while ago. I was complaining the entire time, but you didn't say a word carrying me down all this way. I guess you're a tough guy. I think I just fell for you again. Young-seo.

Okay, we need to go home quickly and spend a steamy night together. -Let's go to the hospital first. -No, let's go home. Let's go to the hospital first, and then… And then? Come on, get on. Go to the hospital, and then? Then let's go home, yes? Let's go to the hospital first. Young-seo, you lied about being hurt, right? I'm here to see patient Han Mi-mo.

-One moment. -Okay. Mom! Ha-ri. Are you okay? Are you badly hurt? Let me see. No, it's just a light burn. They said I don't need to worry about it. But the problem is… Dad! What happened? Ha-min said you were the one who got hurt.

Apparently, it was acute appendicitis. He just came out of emergency surgery. Then why are you staying here? They said there was no empty bed, so I asked them to tell us if one freed up. -Dad. -Honey.

Honey. Mi-mo. Is your arm okay? You're worried about that right now? You didn't know that your appendix was ruptured? Why did you have to act so tough and carry me to the hospital? What if you hurt your back? I was worried that your pearly skin would become scarred. Oh, my. -Mr. Shin Joong-hae. -Yes.

Your room is ready. You can move now. There's an open spot in a room? No. We were told to move him to a VIP room. -A VIP room? -Who said that? There he comes.

Hello. Who… -I'm the pre-- -He's in the same team as me at work. He's my supervisor. Yes. A supervisor from work? But Ms. Yeo is a woman. -You must be Mr. Gye! -What?

Right! Yes. He's Mr. Gye Bin. Mr. Gye, these are my parents. Please introduce yourself. Mr. Gye.

Yes, hello. I'm Gye Bin. It's okay. Gosh, this bed is even better than a hotel bed. I wish that I could rest somewhere like this for a couple of days. Mom. What? Did I say something wrong? See, it's a lot bigger than our master bedroom.

Mr. Gye, you shouldn't have. We owe you for doing this. You didn't have to do all this for us. It's nothing. I happen to know someone at this hospital. Don't feel uncomfortable. But I heard Mr. Gye

was in his mid-40s. You look really young for your age! Yes, I hear that often. Mom, come on-- Why? Mr. Gye, you must be really tired. Why don't you go on home? -That's a good idea. -Right? Yes.

Hey! Where are your manners? He still did us a huge favor. Please sit. Have something to drink. Sit. Come on. Here, have some honey water. -Oh, honey water. -Yes.

You must be tired working on the weekend when you should be getting some rest. Work? Ha-ri said that she was heading out to go to work today. Mr. Gye, did you forget already? We worked overtime today. Right. -Yes. -We worked overtime.

-Yes, overtime. -We're very busy at work. -Yes. -I heard that your new president was handed the position. You have no idea how much Ha-ri ran her mouth off, saying her workload increased so much after the president changed. -Mom! -That bastard. When did I say that? The day before yesterday, you-- Shin Ha-ri, you… I'm sorry.

Are you all right? Are you hurt? It's fine. It's nothing. It isn't nothing. You're bleeding. Go put on some ointment while I clean up here. It's in Ha-ri's room. An employment contract? EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT So they weren't actually… in a relationship? He knows about us. There's no need to be shy. Right? Thank you for today.

And I'm sorry for what happened at the hospital. I didn't mean for that to happen. Don't be sorry.

A mean boss deserves that much. No, I-- Pay me back for the kiss like you were supposed to. What do you mean-- It's unfair. I didn't know that you bad-mouthed me. I even gave you a discount! How is that fair? I'm a mean boss, remember? If you don't have the money, pay it back with a kiss.

How's that? Hey, Min-woo! What do you think you're doing? I could ask you the same thing. Stop hanging around Ha-ri and get lost. What? I should be saying that. Stop it, Mr. Kang! What are you doing? Go home. I'll see you at work tomorrow. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT How did you get this? Were you forced into a contract relationship because of money? Did he threaten you? That bastard.

Why didn't you tell me? If you had told me-- Why should I have told you about this? -What? -I don't think it's any of your business whether I'm in a fake relationship with him or not. -Ha-ri. -I stopped you two because I was worried someone would see it and it might be released in the news.

When you see President Kang again, you need to give him a formal apology. I know you're doing this because you're worried about me as a friend. I know. But didn't I tell you? I can take care of myself. Are you saying that… you actually like Kang Tae-moo? He's just using you-- Don't talk about him like that. He doesn't deserve it.

You know perfectly well it won't work out between you two. It's getting late. I need to get going. That wasn't what I was trying to do.

Stop it, Mr. Kang! What are you doing? MR. KANG, I'M SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER I DIDN'T MEAN TO TAKE MIN-WOO'S SIDE. IT'S JUST THAT THERE WAS A POLICE CAR… You know perfectly well it won't work out between you two. HA-RI Thank you for today.

I'll pay you back for the hospital bill as soon as I get paid. SHIN HA-RI Let's get going, quick. Let's go. Isn't that heavy? -Hello. -Take your shoes off. That's so annoying. -Hello. -Hello.


Whatever. This is for the best. FOOD PRODUCT RESEARCH TEAM FIELD DAY Yes, I'm in the parking lot. Sung-hoon. What are you doing here? I was out on business, and there was a good bagel place. Share it with your team. You really didn't have to.

But thank you so much. If you're thankful, then here. -Right here? -Yes.

See you later. Safe driving. I'll text you.

Sir. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier, sir. What on earth happened? We ran into each other once, and I fell for her then. Then why didn't you tell me? I didn't know where to start, since you, Ms. Jin, and Ms. Shin are all tangled up in this situation together.

I thought you and I were… It's fine. The more I talk, the pettier I sound. -Thank you. -Sure thing, sir. The president of a company should be more diligent than his employees.

Why are you so late for work? What brings you here? Gosh, this smells really good. If you had something so good, you should have brought me some too. But you kept it to yourself? Don't beat around the bush and just say it. I'm telling you this as your grandfather and as the founder of this company. So… you better not say no to me. Go on a blind date… today.

VICTORY IS IN OUR GRASP! DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT TEAM Why are you just standing there? Okay! Time out! What happened? Ms. Shin, are you okay? -Yes. -Ms. Shin, are you okay? -Yes. -What? A stretcher, quick! Stop overreacting. Does it hurt a lot? Oh, my.

-Some pain relief spray will do. -Really? -Well, go back to your spots. -Yes, ma'am. Okay. Try to stand up. We have an important announcement. A special prize will be given to the MVP this year. The MVP researcher who gets the best score in today's sports competition will get the special opportunity to have dinner one-on-one with President Kang! One-on-one? Man, look at that.

Are you really going to go on that blind date? A blind date? Seven o'clock. The Japanese restaurant at Koryo Hotel. Your date is Director Jo Yu-jeong of Marine Group. Director Jo Yu-jeong? That's Ms. Jin Young-seo's cousin. How could--

They contacted me first. They said that they thought Tae-moo would be a good match for Director Jo. -What? -I'm a bit worried how Chairman Jin will react, but his younger sister, Jin Chae-rim, is just as powerful.

She'll be a good asset to you. President Kang. What can I do other than follow the Chairman's wishes? Does that mean that you're going to give up Ms. Shin? Oh, my.

That must hurt a lot. A one-on-one dinner with President Kang? That's amazing. Dinner with President Kang! Right? I'm going to work extra hard today to become the MVP.

Says who? I'm going to be the MVP. No, it's going to be me. President Kang sure is popular. No! No? Not here? It's not there? What? Here.

You can do it. Yes, you can do it. Hui-gyu. -Yes? -You have to do well in Ms. Shin's place, okay? Well, I'm not that confident, but-- Come on! We have to get the MVP title! Look at your eyes. Where are you looking?

Look a bit fiercer. Yes, that's right. A meeting with President Kang. That'll lead to a promotion for sure. Yes, sir. Right.

Wait! Move. I'm going to do it. -Yes, you go and look fierce, okay? -Yes, sir. Wait a second. Will you be okay, Ms. Shin?

It's fine. It's do or die, right? I like that spirit. Let's go! Yes, let's do it! Yes! Let's go cheer Ha-ri on! Let's go! Okay, good luck. One, two, three. -Let's go! -Let's go! OPPOSING TEAM, HA-RI'S TEAM Right! Dodge to the right. To the right! Yes!

Hey! Dodge! Ms. Shin, look at my sign. My sign! You need to look at my sign, Ms. Shin. Spin, spin! Right, that's it! Good job! Catch! Get the ball! Ms. Shin is really going for it.

Team White wins! Today's MVP is researcher Shin Ha-ri from Food Product Development Team 1! Congratulations. FOOD PRODUCT RESEARCH TEAM FIELD DAY To our MVP, Ms. Shin! -Cheers! -Cheers! -Good job. -Congratulations

Great work. That was impressive. How did you become the MVP with that arm? You're really lucky this year. The Mega Hit Award and the MVP? Treat us to a meal. Of course! I'll treat you all really well! By the way, where's President Kang? I haven't seen him. Didn't you hear? -He can't make it today. -What?

-Why? -He's going on a blind date at Koryo Hotel today, at seven. A blind date? What about the woman in the picture? Do you think he's the same as us? They don't marry the people they date. Are they living in the Joseon dynasty or something? I'm disappointed in President Kang. Mr. Kang Tae-moo? -I'll see you tomorrow. -I reek of alcohol

Get home safe! I'll see you tomorrow. The bus is here! Ms. Shin, I'm going to head home then! -Okay. Get home safe! -Bye! Hello. ME AND YOU? A BOOK FOR THOSE HIDING YOUR FEELINGS And I won't give up.

If you reject me, I'll ask you out again and again. Until you finally like me back. What happened to that? No. I think I went crazy for a bit there. Why did I…

Can we pretend that never happened? Let's… See you tomorrow. I mean, I have no right. I have feelings for you. Thank you, for letting me talk about it like this.

Taxi! Here. Sir, I'm sorry, but could you drive a bit faster? I'm sorry. SHIN HA-RI Hello? Get out of there, now. Do you even know where I am to tell me that? What do you mean, where? You're at Koryo Hotel. What? How could you do something like that? You made me fall for you and now you're going on a blind date? You know, I was waiting for your text all day, wondering when you would come by.

I was going crazy thinking about you eating dinner with another woman. How can you do that? I don't know anymore. From now on, I'm not going to care about what other people think and just think about the two of us. So… don't go on that blind date, Mr. Kang.

Why aren't you saying anything? You don't even want to talk to me now, is that it? No. I just like that… you're acting jealous. Why would I go on a blind date with another woman? Did you think that lowly of me? But I heard that you're going on a blind date today-- I'm in front of your house. I was going to ask you out again today.

Good thing I came. The traffic… Excuse me, I'll get off here. Ms. Shin. If you come any closer, I'm never going to let you go again.

You won't say this is a mistake too, right? I'll pay you back for that kiss with another kiss. Subtitle translation by: Su-in Choi

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