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Business proposal ep 7 - Business proposal kdrama ep 7 eng sub

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EPISODE 7 Where did she go? ARCHAEOPTERYX Why don't you pick it up? It could be important. Hello? Ms. Shin! Hello? Isn't this Shin Ha-ri's phone? Who is this? You also said that you have a date today. Are you here with your boyfriend? Well, that's-- Hey, no need to play shy between friends.

Since we've met like this, let us see your rich boyfriend. Yes, let us meet him, Ha-ri. -Let us see him! -Let us see him! Actually, I didn't come with my boyfriend-- Babe.

BASED ON WEBNOVEL AND WEBTOON A BUSINESS PROPOSAL Did you wait long? Ha-ri. -Who is this? -Oh, he's-- Nice to meet you. I'm Ha-ri's boyfriend, Kang Tae-moo. Hello.

Hello. Ha-ri, since we're all here, we should all have dinner together. -Are you okay with that? -Shall we? It's okay, right, babe? Right this way. What are you doing? Why are you pretending to be my boyfriend? Shouldn't you thank me first? I just saved you from your friends finding out about your lie. Shouldn't you apologize first? You left me on some road in the rain because of some meeting. I'm sorry.

That's why I came here after canceling my meeting. Really? I guess I was worried for nothing, then. What do you mean? Never mind. It's not important. Then let's go in. Your friends must be waiting.

What? Go in where? I need to finish what I've started, don't I? It's fine. Don't make this any bigger. Just-- My God. Ha-ri really has a boyfriend. Right? It seemed suspicious, so I thought it was a lie. Anyway, the guy is… so good-looking.

Right? He looks like a model. He's decked out in designer clothing… He's amazing. Hey, you don't think Ha-ri is the one who buys him all those expensive clothes, right? Please. Do you think Ha-ri has the money for that? Do you think you telling them the truth is the best option here? Just accept my help and keep your pride, at least. Let's see.

If we want to take your friends' ego down a notch. what should my concept be? Dinner is on me today. -So please, eat all you want. -Thank you.

-Thank you. -It's so expensive. Babe. Don't look at that. Look only at me.

Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit. There's no limit at all. SHOW OFF YOUR WEALTH That's so cool. Stop staring at me, please eat-- Just eat. I'm full from just watching you eat, babe.

You're so clumsy. It's okay. I can do it. You're just too pretty. I'm going to the bathroom real quick. Shall we go? No. I can go by myself. I get nervous when you're out of my sight, babe.

I'll just walk with you over there. ACT CLINGY Be careful! -Are you all right? -What? -You're not hurt? -I'm fine. Look at that guy.

He's perfect and it looks like he loves Ha-ri. Yes, I'm so jealous. Hey, you! What would you have done if you hurt my girlfriend? BE LOYAL LIKE A DOG What is it about Ha-ri that you like so much? She's pretty. I've never seen anyone as pretty as Ha-ri in my entire life. Stop exaggerating just because you're in front of my friends.

I'm not exaggerating. I knew it when I first saw her. That she was the girl for me. What? How many women has he dated for these comments to come so easily? I'm so jealous, Ha-ri! Your boyfriend is such a sweetheart. Hey, Min-woo is no chump either. If Min-woo was here too, being all sweet to you… It's creeping me out just thinking about it.

Min-woo? Do you mean Chef Lee Min-woo? Do you know Min-woo? I've met him for work, at the office. You work at the same company as Ha-ri? -Which department do you work in? -Well, he-- Well… What department does the president belong to? -Are you okay, Ha-ri? -Ha-ri! -Are you all right? -Yes. The president? -The president? -I didn't mishear that, right? I'm so full. Thank you for the meal, President Kang.

Don't call your friend's boyfriend "President Kang." It's so formal. We really enjoyed the meal. Oh, right. Where are you two staying? Today, we're-- We're also staying here. Really? Great.

Then let us buy you guys lunch tomorrow. Since you bought dinner today. -Yes, let's do that. -I'll see you tomorrow. -See you tomorrow. -Have a good night!

What are you doing? We need to go back to Seoul. There's no bus now. And we can't drive since we drank. Right. -What are you doing there? -What? This wallpaper is so pretty. I wonder where it's from.

If you want more to drink, care to have some wine with me? A drink? No, I'm fine. I don't want to drink anymore. All right, then. Sir. Can we get separate rooms? How can the two of us share a room? Does it make sense for a couple to sleep in separate rooms? How will you explain that to your friends if they find out? I mean, that's true, but… I won't bite you, so don't worry. You can take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch. No. I'm more than fine on the couch.

How can I let you sleep on the couch? Here we go. Sleep here if you want. I'll move you to the bed once you're asleep.

Is that… what you're hoping for? No. Right, I should sleep in the bed, right? Yes, thank you. She's so adorable. This will leave a stain. I can't go to bed like this.

Maybe this is even weirder. But… I can't just sleep in this bathrobe. What do I do? This whole situation is weird to begin with. Why is she dating such a perfect guy? How annoying. Everything Ha-ri does gets on my nerves. You're done shooting already? You're back early.

Yes. By the way, what's with the suite? Ha-ri's boyfriend upgraded our room. Ha-ri's boyfriend? Yes. We ran into them so we ate dinner together. Did you not know who her boyfriend was? No. Who is he? Don't be surprised. It's Kang Tae-moo, the president of go food.

What? President Kang? How did you meet Mr. Kang, anyway? Yes. How did a lowly employee get to date the president? I can't believe them. Is something wrong? No, it's nothing. Why aren't you replying? Are things getting steamy between you two already? Who's texting you at this hour? Are you in a fling with some guy? No. It's my friends from before. Do they think I'm not your real boyfriend? They don't suspect a thing.

They're totally into it. They all want to know how we met. Well… my acting was perfect, after all. What should I tell them? What's there to worry about? Just tell them I fell in love with you -at first sight. -What?

If it's too cheesy for you, do you want me to type it out for you? No. I can type it myself. But what should I do? About what? I'm not worried about my friends because you won't have to see them again, but you'll keep running into Min-woo because of work. I just don't want to put you in an uncomfortable position.

Are you worried about me being in an awkward position? Or are you worried because of your crush on him? What? How did you-- Did you think I was that clueless? Yes. You really are clueless. Clueless enough to bring up a one-sided crush from the past again. Are you sure it's over? I don't need a girlfriend who cheats on me.

Well… I noticed back there that you're an amazing actor. You should have been an actor. I've told you before. I'm good at many things. Well, then, would you like to finish what you were doing? I'm going to try and get some sleep.

I'm so tired. Good night. I'm not getting any sleep tonight. I'm definitely not getting any sleep. Hello? Are you still asleep? It's time to get up. Where are you? I'm working out. I didn't wake you up because you were sleeping.

I couldn't sleep all night and ended up nodding off early in the morning. Yes. Somebody will be up there soon.

Open the door for them. Who's coming up? Hello, I was sent by President Kang. He said you needed a change of clothes. What? It'd be a bit strange to wear the same clothes two days in a row. Pick out what you like. Preferably something white.

So we can wear matching clothes. Do we really have to? What? What? What? What is this? This is Sung-hoon's apartment! I picked these because they suit me the best. They won't think we matched our outfits, right? Hey, Min-woo! I thought you couldn't make it.

Last night. The shoot was canceled. Really? I heard. You're dating President Kang? Well… yes.

I was surprised to hear about it. I never would have imagined. I'm sure. I never imagined it would ever happen either. Ha-ri.

Ha-ri. Are you up? You made it, Chef Lee. He knows about us. There's no need to be shy.

Right? I'm hungry. Let's go get breakfast. What on earth happened? Right. Then after that… You're seriously out of your mind! My coat and my phone… -Are you all right, Young-seo? -Yes. I'm fine. I got us some hangover soup.

No, I'm fine. I need to get to work. You're going to work on a Sunday? Right… I'm really busy at work these days. Hey. About yesterday… Are we-- Yes, about yesterday.

Let's pretend it never happened. What do you mean it never happened? Well… I mean just pretend it never happened. It's null and void.

Now, if you'll excuse me. Null and void? Is it because I'm so tense? I can't digest anything. I just want to go home and rest. Yes. I will contact them right away.

I have to go back to Seoul right away because of a meeting. All right, then. Are you leaving already? Yes. He's really busy. Don't be like that. Hang out here for at least another day. Right. We're going to tour the area nearby after breakfast.

Stop it. He says he's busy. Hari, you should stay. There's no need for you to leave too.

Isn't that right? That's true. Then I'll adjust my schedule to fit Ha-ri's. Babe. Do you want to stay here for one more day? Excuse me? What? This is amazing. Who did you borrow it from? It's my grandfather's.

He likes sea fishing. Wealthy people really are on a different level. I'm jealous, Ha-ri.

Why is he going this far? This is driving me insane! Let's go. Shall we? Take my hand, Ha-ri. This is crazy. Why is your heart fluttering right now? Come on, Ha-ri. It's okay. I can get up by myself.

Thank you. Want some? You should have some, too. I'm all right. Cheers! It looks like it'll be hard to see any dolphins today. I know it's your wish to see a dolphin.

What a shame. How did you know that? You told me before. Don't you remember? I did? Everyone knows how much you love dolphins, Ha-ri.

It's all over your social media. Wouldn't it be weirder for your boyfriend not to know? I guess so? Right. How did you two start dating? It's not common for a president to date his employee. That's true. Now that I think about it, I'm really curious. Well… I followed her around because I fell for her at first sight.

Love at first sight? You probably thought I was crazy. I've never met anyone as crazy as Ha-ri. It was refreshing. Every time we met, she would do something weird and say the craziest things. Remember what you said? Two-timing? I've never done that in my life.

Though I have seen three or four guys at the same time. Later, I found out that she was only trying to push me away because she realized I was interested in her. No way. What didn't you like about him? When we met for the second time, I proposed to her. But she turned it down immediately.

So I had no choice but to go on blind dates with other women. But the more I did that, the more I thought of her. So I asked her to see me again. How is he so good at making lies sound like the truth? So stop asking me to get married to you so early in our relationship.

Okay. She hasn't dated many guys, yet she's so good at playing hard to get. She always keeps me on my toes.

You really cut right to the chase. -You think so? Do you want to? -Come on. -Okay. I'm going to the bathroom. -Okay. Chef Lee.

I heard you shot an SBC TV show yesterday. Yes. I'm getting contacted a lot lately. Thanks to the recent collaboration. The marketing team was confident that you would have the best reception. I guess my Ha-ri really does have a good eye. President Kang. Yes.

May I ask you something? Go ahead. Why did it have to be Ha-ri, of all people? Of all people? What's that supposed to mean? I won't beat around the bush. To put it bluntly, you can date any woman you want, right? But you're seeing Ha-ri, who's not only from a normal family but also your employee. I just don't understand it.

So you're saying, "Ms. Shin isn't good enough to be dating someone like me." Is that what you mean? -I'm just worried about Ha-ri. -I guess you only date people who are on your "level"? In my eyes, Ms. Shin is someone with endless charm. So don't you dare judge my girlfriend ever again. Is that clear? Gosh, this weather! I saw a fishing rod in the back. Can we do some fishing? Yes. I think it'll be fun.

A fishing rod? That's my grandfather's. It reminds me of when I went fishing on a boat with Min-woo. Min-woo made sashimi out of the red sea breams we caught, right on the spot. It was really fun, wasn't it? Yes. That was some of the best sashimi I've ever had. -It was so good. -There's a spot

famous for having a lot of red sea breams. Do you want to fish? We can catch some sea breams and make sashimi. How about it, babe? You want to go fishing? Yes, why not? Sure. What are you doing here? Come stand next to me. Mr. Kang. Right now, I'm actually-- -Hey, Min-woo already caught one! -That's amazing! I guess that's one to zero.

Damn it. He started already? -Mr. Kang. I-- -Wait! Let's talk later. I got one! Okay, come on.

There! Now it's one-to-one. Min-woo got another one. He got another one! He got one more. Two-to-one. Damn it.

I think my fish is a bit bigger, though. Why don't we stop now? I think we're tied. Let's just go for just one more hour. Okay, one hour. Hey. Ha-ri, why is your hand so warm? -Are you okay? -Yes, I'm okay. Are you all right? Let me go with you.

I'll take care of it. Hang in there. We'll be at the hospital in ten minutes. It's okay. I don't need to go to the hospital. Just listen to me! -Mr. Kang? -I'm busy right now. Let's talk later. You must be busy. Let's go straight to Seoul.

Excuse me. Sung-ho! Welcome. If I'm being honest, I fell for you at first sight when I met you at the convenience store. Is it okay to run around with something like this? Not okay, right? Ta-da! -Guess what this is. -Poop?

How does this look like poop? It's a flower. Oh, I'm sorry. She's pretty. I found my love. I'm sorry.

It's no problem. Should I ask? Or not? Excuse me. It was love at first sight for me, too. But she said she liked me. Why is she saying she wants to forget about last night? We're here? You should have woken me up.

I couldn't since you were sleeping so soundly. -Are you feeling better now? -Yes. Since I got treated and got some sleep, I feel a lot better now. I'm sorry. It's all because of me. Why do you keep apologizing? Well, that's… You wasted your time just to act like my boyfriend, and you had to go through all that trouble today with the boat and everything.

Don't be sorry. I did it all because I wanted to. What? I should get going now. Get home safely. Ms. Shin. Do you really not know? Why I spent the entire weekend pretending to be your boyfriend when I hate wasting my time more than anything? Why I went through your social media to find out the things you like, and why I put off my meetings for you? Do you really not know? What? I have feelings for you.

I know it must feel sudden. It's the same for me, too. I was too jealous of Chef Lee to realize you were feeling sick. I'm an idiot.

So stop apologizing to me. I'm the one who should be apologizing. President Kang has… feelings for me? Am I in a dream? It doesn't hurt. Ha-ri, I went to the mall today! And when I saw these clothes, I knew that they were made for you. -Come on, let's try it on. -What? That looks great. Try it on.

-Try it on. Yes. -Right now? No. I'll try it on tomorrow. I'm too tired right now.

-You're tired? -Yes. Look how tired your eyes look. What kind of company makes an employee work so hard even on the weekends? Well, some fried chicken shop makes their only son work as a delivery guy even on the weekends. But how could you only buy new clothes for Ha-ri? Why you little… Do you know how much money I've had to pay so far because of the trouble that you caused? Is that something to say to your mom? Stop right there, you! Get down here! Whatever! Why you little! -Here! -Thanks. You're wearing the clothes I bought you? They look so good on you! My daughter's so pretty. -Really? -Yes.

Hold on! You can't go out wearing that. -Why not? -Why? You look too pretty. What if all the guys start following you around? That's true. You take after me and can make any outfit shine. -I'm going to work. -Bye. Wait.

If I dress nicely the day after I was asked out, he'll think I'm trying to look good for him. Gosh. Why are you going back in? To change. I can't afford to look pretty. Did she go crazy? You punk, watch what you say about your sister! I should get going. I know that you must be flustered because it's out of the blue. I won't rush you, so take your time to think things over and let me know.

I shouldn't have told her to take her time. I should have given her a deadline. -Sir, Chairman Kang is-- -Move, you fool! You. Just what do you think you're doing? Why are you so angry? You really don't know? Look at this. What's all this?

What is it? This is ridiculous. Who sent you these pictures? That was Chairman Park's hotel. I thought you went on a date with Ms. Shin over the weekend.

Who's that woman? I can't tell you that yet. What? You crazy bastard! Are you really going to cheat on Geum-hui? -You bastard, you! -No, it's not-- -Hey! Stop right there! -It's a misunderstanding. Grandfather! -Stop! -Don't give me that! -Grandfather. -I have the evidence right here, punk. You even asked the hotel employees to get her some new clothes too? And you went sailing on my yacht.

I knew I did a bad job of raising you but you're taking it to a whole new level. -How could you do that? -Grandfather, sir! You bastard! Hey! Grandfather, stop. I had my reasons.

What reasons? All right. Let's hear what you have to say. I broke up with Geum-hui. What? I ended it. So I'm not cheating on her even if I'm seeing another woman.

Didn't you break up because you cheated? That's not the case at all, sir. How can I trust you when you two are in cahoots? My, God! What on earth is this? Jeez, I'm getting dizzy. Why did you tell him that you broke up with Shin Geum-hui? It had to be done eventually. I can't tell him they're the same people. That's true. CHAIRMAN KANG HAS SENT YOU A TEXT He's already telling me to set up your blind dates again.

Why don't you tell Ms. Shin your feelings and bring her to the chairman? I've already… confessed my feelings to her. What? You didn't get rejected, did you? Rejected? I'm still waiting for an answer. I told her that I would give her time, that she could think over it slowly. You've been rejected.

I said, I wasn't! IT WAS DELICIOUS I LOVE YOU! I was really craving this spicy tteokbokki today. What is it? Why were you so stressed out? Please, I don't even know where to start. I have something to say, too. They say friends take after one another. What's your story?

So… Where do I even start? If you're going to take all day, I'll just go first. I slept with Sung-hoon. What? I slept with him, but I couldn't remember any of it, so I just ran out of there. -What? -I must be crazy.

I'm shocked that you slept with him and you don't even remember it. I'm speechless. Hey, I feel exactly the same! I'm going to go insane! How can I not remember sleeping with someone? You know how much I like Sung-hoon, right? Then how can I not remember such an important moment? Still, how could you tell him to forget it? He must have been shocked. It was just because I was so flustered. You should have just told him the truth.

Hey! How could I do that? Then he'll think that I do that whenever I'm drunk. It'll hurt his pride, too. That's true. So, what are you going to do? I have no idea. Hey, so, what's your thing? Never mind. It's fine. We can talk about it later.

DA-HYE Why? What? -What? -Why are you so surprised? Surprised? I'm not. Fine, don't tell me. What are you hiding from me? I'm curious. DA-HYE THANKS TO YOU, WE'VE HAD A GREAT TIME What is this? What's this picture? So, that… "Tell your boyfriend I said hi?" What are they talking about? Why are they calling President Kang your boyfriend? It's a long story.

I knew it! You remember that bastard who took secret videos of us? I heard President Kang helped all of his past victims file lawsuits against him. I thought it was weird, but he only did it because he was into you! I have feelings for you. I won't rush you, so take your time to think things over and let me know.

Just think how surprised she must have been. So I gave her some time to think because I was being considerate. Sure. But how long does it usually take to come to a decision? Well, it's probably different from person to person. Right.

I shouldn't call her first when I said that I'd give her time, right? That's right. What the heck? Stupid spam call. My leg just cramped up all of a sudden.

Please stop making me feel so pathetic. Sorry? I'll pretend that night never happened like you said. So please stop avoiding me. -That's not-- -Also… I wasn't going to say this, but I don't want my sincerity disregarded. I wasn't acting compulsively that night.

What do you-- I was also interested in you ever since I first saw you… at the convenience store. I should have kept my distance. I'm sorry. What are you doing? Were you really interested in me from the beginning? Really? Does any of that matter now? I wasn't avoiding you.

-I had my reasons-- -It's fine. I have nothing more to say. It's nothing like that… So… Actually… I don't remember what happened that night.

What? I don't remember anything… about sleeping with you. I was so flustered, and that's why I left after saying that it didn't count. So… Really? You really don't remember anything? No.

I know how crazy I must sound right now. But it's unfair for me, too. How can I like you so much and not remember anything about what happened? I felt so shameful and embarrassed. Did you just laugh? Why? Because you're so adorable. Adorable? You're not mad or shocked or anything? No.

But back there, you said that we should draw a line again. Let's make that null and void. And, from now on… I'll make sure that you never forget. THE NEXT DAY What's this? A COLLABORATION WITH THE CHEF PRODUCT WHITE KIMCHI RAVIOLI IS AT THE TOP IN SALES The president is here. My face is so dry. What's with him? Didn't he say he liked me? What's wrong with me? Why are you disappointed when you're going to reject him? You're funny, Ha-ri.

AND THE NEXT DAY DELICIOUSLY SPICY TTEOKBOKKI "Deliciously Spicy Tteokbokki" is one of our products. I came up with that. What? Why do I keep thinking of Mr. Kang? President Kang is here. AND THE DAY AFTER THAT We live in two different worlds.

Hello, sir. The president and I can't be a couple. What? The girl's face isn't even in the picture. Right? What a shame. I wonder who she is. It's obvious.

She's super pretty or went to a really good school. Or she's from a really wealthy family. Or she's all three.

They're probably imagining some incredible girl. How shocked would they be if they found out that it's just me? We'll submit the proposal as soon as it's put together. Stop being so vague and set an exact date! Do you have any idea how hard it is to just wait? Sir? While go food's sales revenue is on the rise in the United States, there are other countries that are trying to compete with us, so I believe a more aggressive strategy will be necessary. People tend to think of Korean food as "home food," or as healthy food that's made with love and care. Let's focus on that. Yes, sir.

It's already been a week. President Kang? Is there a problem? No. How's the package revision plan? In order to cater to local customers who are used to buying things in bulk, we are discussing a possible solution of selling four packs in one box. Let's keep the English label of "MANDU" on the package. -Keeping the Korean aspect of it. -Yes, sir.

CHAIRMAN Food product development teams, start developing dumplings suitable for localization. -Yes, sir. -Yes, sir. CHAIRMAN ADDITIONAL FILMING PROPOSAL SUGGESTED CAST FOOD PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM 1 When are the additional shoots taking place? Look at that.

This bastard. Find out where he is, right now! Yes, sir. Come on. Where's Ms. Kim? The shoot starts soon. I think she went to the bathroom. I'm jealous of Ms. Kim.

I wanted to do the shoot. What's there to be jealous about appearing in a promo video? You don't get paid much for it. Still, it's a chance to show everyone I represent the researchers in the company. And get on the president's good side. Where have you been? I went to get a calming pill.

Again? You already had some. Didn't you say you haven't eaten anything since yesterday? Will you be okay on an empty stomach? I'll be fine. Let's hurry over to the studio. Okay, let's go. Hello.

Hello! Hello, Chef Lee. Isn't it nice that you're the center of attention for these additional shoots? It's all thanks to you. Please. How'd you know? -Treat us to a meal next time! -Sure. By the way, where's Ha-ri? I think Ms. Shin went to the bathroom with Ms. Kim.

We have a problem. What? Ms. Kim… Those pills are so effective! How many did she take? I think, like three? Three? How will she do the shoot like this? It's starting soon. We have no choice. I'll get ready.

-Don't. -Okay. Ms. Shin, get ready. -Me? -Yes! You're friends with Chef Lee and you will be much better than him.

WHITE KIMCHI RAVIOLI Are you feeling better? Yes. That was such a long time ago. Okay, stand by. Let's do this. You said that you would wait until Ms. Shin contacted you first. Don't worry. I'm just going to catch a glimpse of her quietly. All right, let's get started.

Sure. Damn it, where is she? Wait. Why are those two shooting it together? Should I cut up the vegetables while you're cooking, Chef? Yes, please. Sure. Okay. You really know how to handle a knife. Well, my family runs a fried chicken shop.

So I've been chopping up things like cabbages ever since I was young. Is that so? Are the onions ready? Just a moment. Cut! Blood! Hey, are you all right, Ha-ri? Yes. This isn't blood. I accidentally pressed on the sauce bottle. I'm sorry. I'm okay. My God. Why…

Why is he here? Could it be… because he wants to hear my answer? It's been a while. Hello, President Kang. Thank you? What are you thanking me for? It's, I… I heard that you personally took care of the guy who secretly filmed us. Thank you. I mean it. -Chairman Kang is on his way. -What?

You go. Hey. Hello, sir. Where did Tae-moo go? I'm not sure, sir. What? That's… -This way. -This way? That little brat.

God, my legs. I'm so tired. -Oh, my. -Sir. Where is he? Tell him to come out at once! Sir, the employees will hear. You. Go tell him

to start going on blind dates again if he's not going to get back together with Geum-hui. Sir, please calm down. Calm down? I'm getting dizzy. Gosh, I'm exhausted. -Let's go, sir. -That little brat. Why that little… I told my grandfather that we broke up. After all, I can't introduce you as Shin Geum-hui forever.

Go on the blind dates. Are you rejecting me right now? What's the reason? The reason… There's a lot of them. What would your grandfather say if he knew about this situation? Not to mention the other employees. I'm not asking about others. I only want to hear what you think.

It's the same. I don't think it's going to work out. Do you really not have any feelings for me? I understand. Then let me say this again. I have feelings for you, Ms. Shin.

And I won't give up. If you reject me, I'll ask you out again and again. Until you finally like me back. So, you need to brace yourself.

Why do you keep making it so hard for me? Why do you keep being nice to me and make me think about you? You make me wonder if it really might work out, even though I know that it never could. It's obvious that I'm not the right girl for you. So why… Why do you keep making me want more? Stop liking me.

Stop trying to get close to me. What you're worried about will never happen. I promise. So… stay by my side. Subtitle translation by: Su-in Choi

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