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Wait. What? What are you doing? Let's go, Ms. Shin Ha-ri. What did you just call me? I mean… How did you… I know that you're Shin Ha-ri. So let's just go to the police station first. Shin Ha-ri, right? Yes. When is she getting here? She said that she was almost here.

Ha-ri! I mean, Geum-hui. Just come here. What happened? I don't know.

Can you confirm the footage you're about to see is of yourselves? Still, isn't it pretty? Yes, I guess so. Yes, that's us. Unbelievable. What? Fortunately, there was no more footage after this scene. What a relief. So? What's going to happen to the bastard who took these videos? He'll be arrested, right? With something of this level, he'll probably just be fined.

What? How could that be? He clearly approached me to take secret videos of me. He's only getting fined? It upsets us too. -But that is what the law currently says. -But, still…

How can he only get a fine? There they go. Right? It makes no sense. That man who installed the hidden camera… Get me his personal information. But why, sir? I realized that I don't know much about you.

My grandfather could ask about it. Come to think of it, even since then… balance the nutrition perfectly, and make it commercially successful! Again. Again! So he was already aware that I was Shin Geum-hui… and invited me to the Founding Anniversary Ceremony on purpose? No way.

You're fired. I don't work for you. Who are you to tell me that I'm fired? I am the president. I found out that you're an employee at UKay.

And I'll be buying the company out. On one condition. They must fire Shin Jeong-u, who illegally filmed two women. Wait, what? I saw that this isn't the first time you've done this.

What should I even say? I'm also a victim of Shin Jeong-u. He set up a hidden camera and filmed me secretly. I want him to pay for his crimes. There are a lot of victims of your illegal filming.

I'll find every one of them and file a lawsuit accordingly. On top of that, if your attempt to destroy the evidence is added, you'll be serving time in prison for a long time. Wait. How did you get… You've managed to make it this far without getting caught. But unfortunately, you ran into me.

And as you can see, I'm rich, persistent, and smart. I'm sorry. Please forgive me just once. Have mercy. I still have a lot of years to live. I can't go to prison. You have no shame.

Have you ever thought about your victims who've been forced to live with the burden of unknowingly being filmed? After serving time, it'll be hard for you to get a job anywhere. Please have mercy. Please… Hey! Why are you doing all of this? This has nothing to do with you! You… messed with someone you should've never messed with. You piece of trash. Hey, Young-seo. Did you get to work okay?

No, I'm not worried. I know how strong you are. Make sure to call me if you don't want to be alone at night.

-Son of a bitch. -Bastard. I feel much better now. Yes. You seem pretty angry too, Mr. Cha.

What? I think you're a lot more upset, sir. What? Well, who wouldn't be upset in a situation like this? -Indeed. -Yes. Ms. Shin! BASED ON WEBNOVEL AND WEBTOON A BUSINESS PROPOSAL Hello.

-Did you just get here? -Yes. It's President Kang. His face is like a company perk. I wonder who will end up marrying a guy like that-- Ms. Shin? Ms. Shin-- Hello.

Hello. I mean, goodbye. -Go up first. -What? Good morning. Hello.

Is Ms. Shin not here yet? Yes, she's not here yet. -What? -Why? I saw Ms. Shin on the first floor earlier. Then why isn't she here yet? I thought she'd be here already. Right. I asked her for some data yesterday.

Damn it. I can't live like this. It's so nerve-racking. Don't we have things to talk about? Let's meet after work.

What? What about Ms. Shin? Didn't you hear me? I've developed feelings for Ms. Shin. No wonder.

How did this happen? Not long ago, you were really angry… and wanted to get back at her. What's happened? I think I've been attracted to her ever since I first met her. Seeing how I decided to marry her. The woman you wanted to marry was Shin Geum-hui. How are they different? Pardon? Other than the fake backstory and the lame disguise, she was the real Shin Ha-ri. I also like that she's a dedicated researcher.

So what are you going to do now? What do you mean? I'll tell her. What? What do you think? Do you think she'll like it? Sir, aren't you taking things too fast? To confess your feelings without the proper buildup… Who would possibly reject me if I said I liked them? I like how confident you are, but-- -I take this one. -Yes, sir. Ms. Shin, do you want to start seeing each other

with marriage in mind? I told you, I'm good at a lot of things. Will this do? Yes. I'll signal by putting my fingers up to my forehead like this. Thank you. Yes, sir. President Kang.

Please, sit. Let's eat first. No, I don't want to eat.

I am sincerely sorry for lying to you this whole time. From the very beginning, I didn't approach you deliberately. If I had known that you'd be my blind date, I never would have gone.

And after that, I got tangled up in that contract-- It's fine. I didn't call you here to hear you say that. Now, what I was going to say is… No. Hear me out first. RESIGNATION LETTER A resignation letter? Are you handing in your resignation? All the things you did to me since you found out that I'm Shin Geum-hui was to fire me, right? Fine. I understand that you're mad. But, even though I wronged you personally, I did nothing wrong as an employee. So… please give me one more chance.

-A chance? -Please listen to my presentation. After that, you can decide if you want to accept my resignation or not. A presentation? I have compiled all of the contributions that I've made for the company. You have two choices. First, you could fire me, a competent employee, for personal reasons and then regret it for a long time.

Or, as a second option, you could take advantage of my abilities and have me work really hard until the day I retire. This isn't why I called you here. What? This is the bindaetteok that I came up with right after I started working. It was praised for its traditional taste. And this is the Bucket List Sandwich, which I also proposed. Or the K-Pop Sandwich.

And this is the Bucket List Fish that's top-ranked in the market. It was also produced by me. As you can see, I am an excellent employee who helped produce so many products, and the youngest employee to ever receive the Mega Hit Award. Will you really cast me aside because you want to get back at me? What? A presentation? Stop it. So what did you tell her? What do you think? I said that I would think about it. How can she not see me in a romantic light? I'm handsome, tall, and rich. What do I not have?

There's one thing. That heart-pounding charm. Ms. Shin's heart is currently beating for another man. She said that one-sided crush was over. But it takes time to open up your heart to somebody else. Besides, the setup of the relationship between you and Ms. Shin

is basically the worst. What? How-- Because, to Ms. Shin, you're simply a terrifying boss who tried to fire her. I don't think it was that bad. I mean, we did have some romantic moments. That was when you were on fake dates during a fake relationship. From now on, you need to make real situations.

Real situations? RECIPE RESEARCH NOTES Why isn't he reaching out to me? Damn it. Should I have begged him to not fire me? President Kang? INCOMING CALL YOO-RA Why is she calling me all of a sudden? Congratulations. -Congratulations. -Congratulations.

Congratulations. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER GET A NEW PHONE NOW Going on television and having a product released. One meal will never cut it. Yeong-jun, why are you making a big deal out of it? This is all thanks to Ha-ri who recommended him. He should be treating her, if anybody. No, it's all because Min-woo did everything so well.

I do owe you. You got me this TV spot to make me more recognizable since I'm the least popular chef. Still, like Ha-ri said, you wouldn't have made it if you weren't good.

Anyway, thank you, Ha-ri. I'll go get some more snacks. I'm going to get another bottle of wine.

Those two are impressive. How many times have they broken up? I don't get Yoo-ra, who wanted to get back together after breaking up, or Min-woo, who accepted her back. Stop it. Honestly, I thought that Min-woo would end up dating Ha-ri. Me too. Weren't you two a thing? What? No! "A thing"? Stop saying stupid things like that.

Watch your mouth, okay? What are you guys talking about? Nothing, we didn't talk about much. By the way, are you two doing anything this weekend? -Do you want to go on a trip together? -A trip? Oh, Min-woo's TV program is filming in Busan. Da-hye, Ji-min and I are going to go with him.

I'm really sorry, but I'm busy this weekend. You have something too, right? -What? Me? -Yes. Oh, yes, right.

By the way, Ha-ri, you've been staring at your phone. -Did you get a boyfriend? -What? Of course, Ha-ri doesn't have a boyfriend. Ha-ri, your standards are too high. Maybe you should lower them.

-Right. -Guys! Ha-ri does have a boyfriend. -Really? -What? What are you doing? Sit down. He's super handsome, really nice to Ha-ri, very tall, and he comes from a really rich family. You're going on a date with him this weekend too, right? -I did? -Yes. Hey, Min-woo.

They say Ha-ri has a boyfriend. Did you know? Are you dating the guy that you went to the concert with? What? Yes. -You went to a concert together? -What? With who? Really? Hey, show us a picture! Let's see a picture.

Later. Yes, guys, later. He's better-looking in person. Do you guys not believe me? I can't believe you. Why would you lie like that back there? I was just annoyed by Yoo-ra. Where's the guy that I'm seeing who's very tall, handsome, and rich? I want to see him too. You know who I'm talking about.

-Kang Tae-moo. Although it's fake. -What? I'm just saying, I wish you would just date Kang Tae-moo and crush Yoo-ra, that's all. What are you talking about? I'm about to get fired by Kang Tae-moo. Don't worry. Even if you get fired, I'll beg my father to help you get a job.

Did I drink too much wine? My stomach hurts. I'm going to the bathroom. It hurts.

Jeez. I'm just going to go once I'm back home. Damn it. Come see me in my office.

Did you not sleep well? What? Yes, I guess. You were so confident before, but I guess you were worried you'd get fired. I'll be fine with whatever decision you've made, sir. That's a good stance.

RESIGNATION LETTER Like you said, it would be my loss to fire a useful employee like you because of a personal reason. Thank you, thank you so much! I will work as hard as I can. Thank you! See you after work. I've been working on a project for a new product in secret. After work? Is that a problem? What happened to that employee who just told me she would work as hard as she can? No. She's right here. Then I'll see you later. Thank you, sir.

Why does he want to see me after work? Well, that doesn't matter. I didn't get fired! This one's better, right? Okay, so we're done with this product. Let's start on the next product after a break. -Okay. -I'm going to the bathroom real quick. Sure. By the way, don't you hate the bathroom here? Right? It's a unisex bathroom. It makes me uncomfortable.

I shouldn't drink this if I don't want to go to the bathroom. Hi, babies! This is from a super expensive and famous shop. Hello, how are you? Yes, that sounds great. Ms. Jin. I can't believe it. Why do you keep getting the same clothes as me? I think you're the one who's doing that actually.

That makes no sense. I'm sure that the employee said that this was the last one. -Is that really what they said? -Yes. Oh, my. When I went to buy it, the employee said that there were just two pieces left.

So I bought it before you, right? What kind of new product is it that you wanted to see me at a movie theater? I don't have a detailed plan yet, so I asked to see you here to clear my head. Then shouldn't we discuss the new product first? Do you think I asked to see you at a theater just to clear my head? The main character in this movie is a researcher at a food company. I'm preparing to localize our products in the US, so won't it be helpful to see what researchers do in the United States? I see. So you're saying that

since I can't go abroad in person, it would be helpful to indirectly experience it through a movie, right? That's right. Sure, I think it'll be helpful. I only saw places like these on TV shows.

What do you want to eat? They all look good. Then let's order all of them. By the way, there's nobody here. Of course. I rented the entire place. What? The entire place? Why? I've always hated crowded places.

Unbelievable. Want a glass of wine? My chair isn't working. Let me see. Wait. I'm going to the bathroom. Gosh, my heart skips a beat at the smallest things.

You haven't dated in a long time. Shin Ha-ri. Far too long. Sure.

Ms. Shin? What are you two doing here? What do you mean? We're here to watch a movie at the movie theater. Mr. Gye kept telling me that he had a VIP ticket or something. -I see. -Turns out that ticket was for today. It would've been a waste to throw it away.

but the easiest person who I could think of calling was Ms. Yeo. So I let her come with me. Yes. That's what happened. Okay.

"The easiest"? I came here because you begged me. Should I just go? Hey, don't be like that. You're already here. Are you here by yourself? Yes. It's not like I have a boyfriend or anything. Movies are best watched alone, right? I'll go to watch the movie, then. I'll see you at work tomorrow. Bye.

Shall we go in too? President Kang. Did she go over there? That's the pricey theater. Why would she go over there alone? Did she go over here? President Kang. We have a big problem. -What? -We have to be careful when we leave. -I just met Ms. Yeo and-- -Ms. Shin?

Why, Ms. Yeo? Why are you here? Gosh. Look at this. This place is awesome. Right? Are you waiting for somebody? No.

I booked two seats so I could watch the movie comfortably by myself. Flex, right. Flexing like this sometimes is really good for de-stressing. Gosh, this is-- I think the movie is supposed to start soon. You two should go.

This is so much food for just one person! How about we join you? No! That's not-- -Let's go. -It's starting. I, that's, no-- Come on, where's your conscience? You can go watch it by yourself. Darn it. -It's starting. -Right. -It reclines. -Really? The popcorn's delicious.

Thank you for your hard work. I've been out on business all day, so I couldn't go to the bathroom. What am I doing? I really need to go.

When is the bus coming? Save me, God. What? Thank you for helping me catch the guy who had secretly filmed me. I didn't even get to thank you properly. It's fine.

I did what anybody would have done. Are you all right? What? Of course. It wasn't a big deal. It should be over by now. They said that it will awaken the desire to be in a relationship.

What a lie. Don't you think so? -Are you crying? -But the female lead died. And she even had the same name as my younger sister who passed away. Sujeong. Mr. Gye must have a younger sister who died. Younger sister, my foot. He used to have a dog named Sujeong.

Poor Sujeong. I didn't even get to be with her when she passed. I'm so sorry! If a dog lived to be 20 years old and even had a great-grandson, it had a much better life than you. Who's pitying who now? Why haven't they parted ways yet? Unbelievable. Yes, sir.

Is the movie over? Yes. But Mr. Gye wanted to have a drink, so I'm on my way there. Did you go back home? Of course. Did you think that I'd be waiting for you? Here? With nothing to do? What are you doing, Ms. Shin? Let's go.

Coming. I'll let you know about the report once I've submitted it. Bye. A report? The traffic's pretty bad.

-Are you hot? -What? Yes, a bit. Could I open the window? Sure. You need to hold it in, Young-seo. Think about something other than the bathroom. Today is Monday, right? So tomorrow starts with a T, toilet day-- What? No. Think about something else.

Excuse me. Could you turn on some music? Music? This is my delight Thus to wait and watch at the wayside Where shadow chases light And the rain comes In the wake of the summer I'm getting off here! What? Here? Yes. I think I need to get off. Why would you get off in the middle of the road-- What I'm saying is… Are you all right? If I stay in here any longer… I'll probably relieve myself in the car. What? Goodbye, then.

Wait. Ms. Jin! Bathroom. Jin Young-seo, hold it. You can hold it. You can do it. I'm going to die of embarrassment.

Bathroom! Now I'm feeling a number two too. I'm going crazy! What? Dear God, dear Buddha. What have I done that was so horrible? Why did you chase me all the way here? I was worried. Why haven't you gone inside yet?

The door is locked. Go away, quick. I really could do it right here. Hold on. What? -Get in. Quickly. -Wait, slowly. Mr. Cha, you should go first!

Why is it so hard to go on just one date? What excuse should I use to call her next time? SHIN HA-RI Why are there so many people with the same name? The plan for the second half of this year is the following. Expand the size of our online platform to 300 percent of what it is currently. We expect the profits of this to be about 80 billion won. After discussing this through a meeting with the consulting firm… She was cute when she was young too.

Our online platform is not easy to use when compared to the rest of the market and other companies' systems. Also, according to our customers, we don't have detailed descriptions of our products and many other inconvenient aspects. This is an area we need to fix. Ms. Shin. We're going on a business trip together. Be prepared. GANGWONDO One, two, three.

Congratulations. Congratulations, sir. Lastly, this is the grand ballroom. Gosh, it looks incredible. Chairman Kang, thank you for coming and staying with me until the end.

No problem. You probably have a lot of guests. I should let you go. -I hope you have a pleasant time, then. -Yes, thank you. Let's go.

-Sung-hoon. -Yes, sir. -Do I have anything else for today? -No, sir. It's been a while since we've come all the way to Sokcho. Let's go fishing by the ocean. Go fishing with Sung-hoon. I have another engagement today.

What? Why do you always-- Really? Okay, then take care of your business, and I'll see you in Seoul, okay? Just stay the night over, okay? Come back tomorrow. -Tomorrow? -Yes. All right, then.

Yes. I'll see you in Seoul, sir. Hey, Sung-hoon. Come over here. Hey. Tae-moo's "engagement" is taking Ms. Shin Geum-hui on a date, right? -What? -Tell him to go on a lot of dates.

It would be even better if they come back with a great-grandson. Hey, let's go. Let's go fishing. Come on, let's go. When he finds out that Shin Geum-hui is actually Shin Ha-ri-- I can't believe that I'm going on a business trip… on my precious weekend. I brought this on myself. Ha-ri, you idiot.

We're on our way. Ha-ri and Young-seo, I wish that you guys could come, too. Ha-ri said she has a date with her boyfriend.

Have fun on your date. Thanks. Have fun on your trip. Yes, sir. I just got here. Where are you? I see you. You can see me? Gosh. He looks so cool.

You're here for work. Come to your senses, Ha-ri. Why did you ask me to come to Sokcho? Did you get an idea for that new product? Sokcho has a lot of good dishes, so I thought that I might get an idea as I'm eating. I actually did a lot of research on the famous restaurants in Sokcho. Let's go to the one that I found first.

Sure. Give me your bag and wait in the car. No. It's all right.

Also, according to our customers, we don't have detailed descriptions of our products and many other inconvenient aspects. This is an area we need to fix. I WANT TO VISIT SOKCHO AND HAVE DELICIOUS FOOD What are you doing? I can drive. -But I should drive-- -No. I can't let you drive, sir. I'm a great driver. Don't worry. Where shall I take you, Mr. Kang?

SOKCHO MAKGUKSU Looking for the route -I really wanted to go here. -…with the least travel time. -Is that so? -Yes. Then why don't we take our time and go on a drive along the sea? Go on a drive? We don't have the time for that, sir. -Seatbelt. -What?

Put on your seatbelt tightly. Quick. All right. Let's go. Wait.

-Thank you! -Yes, thank you. LUNCH SERVICE OVER OUT OF INGREDIENTS Sir! Two people. You can't? 60 YEARS OF TRADITION SOKCHO MAKGUKSU We should have come a bit faster. Then let's wait and come back for dinner.

No, that won't do. Then our meal plans get all messed up. Are we here to only eat food? Yes. We're here to eat food so we can come up with a new product.

That's true. Fortunately, the grilled fish restaurant takes reservations, so I made one. But it's a bit far from here. I'll look it up on the map. Hello? Hello, I've arrived at the beach. You're there already? That's good. We'll be on our way.

-Hey-- -The grilled fish restaurant is about 40 minutes from here. Is that okay? It's not okay. Let's just eat something simple nearby. Nearby? But there aren't any good restaurants nearby.

Maybe there's something near the beach. Near the beach? Sir, I think all of the restaurants are over there. I wanted to see the ocean while I'm here. We couldn't because our schedule was so busy. I see. What? THE HAMBURGER THAT WILL BECOME THE SPECIALTY OF GANGWONDO I know that truck.

That truck goes to Sokcho and Yangyang based on the owner's whim. So people say it's hard to eat there. Is that so? We must be lucky to have come across it.

Right? Hello! Hello. There you are. Why did you come to sell burgers here? This place is so remote. Well, I had a feeling that a handsome couple like you would be right here, waiting for me. So here I am. We're not a couple. What's the best one here? They're all delicious. You can choose here.

Just take a look. It looks so good. I want the egg… Just a second. Grilled… They're all good, right? Which one should I get? Here is our special gourmet burger and blueberry ade. Thank you. I thought it was a prank call at first.

You said if I sold you just two hamburgers, you'd pay me an entire day's profit. I wanted to do a special event. She would be very touched if you told her that you called me here. It'd be tasteless if I bragged about it. Is the hamburger ready? -Thank you. -No, not at all.

Please have a wonderful and meaningful day. Thank you. Shall we eat over there? Sure. Is it good? Yes. I've fulfilled my wish. I didn't know that you liked hamburgers so much.

I didn't get to eat it a lot when I was a kid. Why not? My family ran a bakery when I was in elementary school. My parents wouldn't buy me any hamburgers, because people wouldn't buy our bread if they saw me eat them. So I went through a hard time trying to eat them in secret. I'm sorry.

I shared too much information. You probably aren't interested. No. I'm very interested in you, Ms. Shin. What? It's my duty as the president to be interested in my employees. I see.

I saw that you majored in Food and Culinary Arts. When did you want to become a researcher? When I was young I didn't really have a dream. Since I liked food so much, I thought I should major in culinary arts and become a chef.

Then I found out in college that there was a job called a "Food Product Researcher." So, as you can see, here I am. So do you have a dream now? Yes.

What is it? It's a bit embarrassing. Do I really have to say it here? I'm asking you as your boss. You should answer me as my employee. What is this, a job interview? Fine. I always bought my food when I was young because my parents were so busy.

So the frozen food made by big companies was my favorite childhood food. I want to let other people feel the same happiness that I felt when I ate that frozen food in the past. Not everyone can afford to eat at Michelin restaurants every day. You said that you were developing a kimchi product for the overseas market and that you made several different versions of it. I really identified with you as a researcher.

Is that so? You must have thought I didn't do any work. No. That's not what I meant. Damn. I really dug my own grave with that one. A lot of things happened that day, but is that the only thing you remember? No. I went to a luxury brand shop and such an expensive restaurant for the first time in my life. I could never forget. How could I?

It was like this that day too. Whether you're Geum-hui or Ha-ri, I guess this is the same. It's so hard trying to avoid him all the time. It's not like I can move somewhere else.

Welcome. Do you mind sitting over here? That table is reserved. Let's go home. I'm done eating. Here's your seafood jjamppong. Enjoy.

Please eat. If I'm making you uncomfortable, I'll leave. No, take a seat. There's no need for that. Right, it's not like I committed a crime or anything.

Okay! -All right! -Wait, no. I'll drive from now on. You can ride in the passenger's seat. No. I feel better if I'm driving. But I don't like it. Just rest in the passenger's seat.

Still, how can I let my boss drive-- When you were Shin Geum-hui, you gladly sat in the passenger's seat. Wasn't I your boss back then too? Well, that's true, but… Then just get in. Okay. Welcome. This is going down smoothly.

What? Why isn't it coming out? Excuse me, one soju and one beer, please. Sure thing. One moment. I have a question. Why are you avoiding me? I have a question too.

Do you really not know the answer, or are you acting like this on purpose? Of course I don't know it. I'm avoiding you because I'm embarrassed. I made such a scene in front of a man I… What kind of woman wouldn't avoid him? Wait. Why are you embarrassed by that? It's a natural thing. So stop avoiding me from now on, okay? Yes, Mr. Kim. Why are you calling on the weekend? Where did the woman go? She just left.

Jin Young-seo, you can't cross the line! Don't cross the line! Snap out of it! Come to your senses. Why is he riding a scooter on the sidewalk? Are you hurt anywhere? What? Why are you here? I followed you because I was worried. Haven't you been rejecting me this whole time? Why are you being so nice to me? If I'm being honest, I fell for you the minute I laid eyes on you at the convenience store. But you were President Kang's secretary, and you drew a line and told me not to cross it.

And I can't even go to the bathroom without being scared because of that creep. Not to mention making a fool of myself in front of you. Fine! This is for the better.

I said I was going to stop liking you-- I told you to stop being nice to me. Let go of me. You'll fall if I let go.

Why do you care if I fall or not? I'm going to count to three, so let go. If you don't, I'm really… going to cross the line. One. Two. Three. I think I had too many hamburger and dumplings.

I'm still so full. Thankfully, your clothes didn't burst at the seams today. No, those clothes were too small back then.

I'm sorry. Those were expensive clothes. I want to stop hearing apologies from you, Ms. Shin. What? There are a lot of nice things to say other than apologies. Like how I'm cool, or that it's fun to be with me. You're funny.

Aren't you tired? Get some sleep if you are. I'm fine. You must be even more tired since you're driving. What? It's raining. Darn it, this is out of the blue. I didn't think about the rain. I didn't bring an umbrella.

Mom, Dad! Dad! Get out. What? I forgot that I have an important meeting here today. Go back to Seoul on your own.

Still, how could I go from here to-- Didn't you hear me? Okay. My bag! President Kang, my bag! My bag! Darn it. What in the world? It's pouring. What the hell is this? Mom, Dad! Dad! -Don't look! -Mom! Dad! Don't look. Mom! -Mom! -My God, Tae-moo! Dad! How could he just leave me on the side of the road when it's raining? What an awful boss! Don't die on me! Darn it.

Damn it. My heart fluttered when he tied my shoelaces for me. I must have been insane. What's wrong with this thing? The number you dialed is not available. Please leave a message after the tone. Where did she go? Was this all part of his grand plan to get his revenge on me? Probably not.

I don't think he has the time for that. Then why did he just abandon me on the side of the road when it's raining. I don't like rainy days. Let's change the date instead.

I left a phone here a while ago so it could be charged. Over there. Here you go. Thank you. Ha-ri! What? What are you guys doing here? Weren't you going to Busan? Min-woo's filming here instead. Didn't you see my text? What? No.

You also said that you have a date today. Are you here with your boyfriend? Well, that's-- Hey, no need to play shy between friends. Since we've met like this, let us see your rich boyfriend. Yes, let us meet him, Ha-ri. -Let us see him! -Let us see him! Actually, I didn't come with my boyfriend-- Babe.

Did you wait long? Ha-ri. Who is this? Oh, he's-- Nice to meet you. I'm Ha-ri's boyfriend, Kang Tae-moo. If we want to take your friends' ego down a notch. Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit. You're seriously out of your mind! How did you two start dating? I've never met anyone as crazy as Ha-ri. It was refreshing.

Do you really not know why I spent the entire weekend pretending to be your boyfriend when I hate wasting my time more than anything? Subtitle translation by: Su-in Choi

2022-03-16 22:46

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