Business proposal ep 10 - Business proposal kdrama ep 10 eng sub

Business proposal ep 10 - Business proposal kdrama ep 10 eng sub

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EPISODE 10 Do you want to go for a walk to sober up? Sure. What are you doing there? Sir. Why are you two alone so late at night? That's… She and I had something to discuss work-- Stop. Enough! Ms. Shin. Why don't you explain yourself? Why exactly is the president of a company meeting with his employee secretly like this? That's… It's suspicious.

Every time I see you, you cover your face with your hair like some female ghost. Wait, sir. -Sorry. -Damn it. Look at her, there she goes again.

Ms. Shin! Chairman Kang. Hello, sir! What? Were you going for a second round of drinks with Chairman Kang without us? Right? What's she talking about? Our team had a team dinner with President Kang, sir. All of you had a team dinner together? Yes, sir. Since the researchers have been working so hard lately, President Kang bought us dinner as a way to encourage us.

But our youngest employee left her phone behind. Is that so? Then you should have told me that from the very beginning. Right? Why didn't you tell him? Ms. Shin. What? Right? By the way, is that rumor true? Is your hair really a wig… She dropped the bomb! We'll be going, then. -Sure. -Please get home safe. Good night, sir! -Her cell phone! -What? Phone! I should get going, too.

Yes, it's late, so you should. Yes. Goodbye, sir. Okay. Look at her.

We should go, too. Okay. Good night. How long will you keep it a secret? A secret? I heard it from Director Go, so don't even think about denying it. You're seeing someone. You even had the secretary's office send her a pair of heels, right? Is it the woman you brought to Sokcho? Is that why you didn't go on the blind date with Yu-jeong? Who is it? Why are you hiding her from me like this? I'm not trying to hide her.

Are you worried I won't approve? Don't you know me? I approved of Geum-hui because you said you liked her. Have you already forgotten? I'll introduce her to you soon. So please trust me and wait just a bit longer. Good night. Yes, Sung-hoon. The TFT Report? I'll check on it.

Who on earth is she? I'm good. You guys can hang out without me. I don't have any money. What? Ye-jin's coming, too? Okay, I'll call you later. He was fine at Won-sik's wedding last month. You know how older people's condition can change every day. Besides, he was over 90 years old and approaching 100. Are you going to Won-sik's grandfather's funeral? Yes. We're going to Masan

BASED ON WEBNOVEL AND WEBTOON A BUSINESS PROPOSAL and we'll be back tomorrow, so be good. -What about the store? -We'll have to close it for a day. Lock the door well and call us if anything happens.

I'll clean it up, so don't worry. Mom, could you give me some money? Ha-ri, we're going now. Ha-ri's not home, Mom! I have to use it for something. Do you really need it? Yes! What are you going to spend it on? Why are you spending so much money lately? You always resort to violence.

It's better than asking for money all the time. Quiet! Where did she go so early in the morning? Why are you outside like this? I couldn't stay in that house all by myself. Don't worry. I'll take care of it. I'm going to kill him! Where is he? Where is that bastard? Here. I should warn you. It's really big. I'm not kidding.

Like this. It's still just a cockroach. What's so scary about a cockroach? You called me all the way here on my day off.

If you were that scared, why didn't you ask your boyfriend? Ask what boyfriend? What? What do you mean? What? President Kang sent Mr. Cha to the blind date in his place? Kang Tae-moo is annoying, but Cha Sung-hoon is even worse. He's in the wrong, but he still hasn't contacted me even once. It's probably because he feels bad. Don't be like that. Just--

No. It's all over. Dating or whatever. If I keep seeing such an indecisive man, I'll just become frustrated like I am now. Come on.

Speaking of being frustrated, don't you want some dumplings now? What? -Dumplings. -Dumplings. It's just around the corner. I'm hungry.

What? -Cha Sung-hoon? -Rock, paper, scissors! -Why are those two… -They're playing rock, paper, scissors? Here you go. Should I call them? No, it's fine. They're going. They're going. -If they're leaving, why… -Taxi! -Come on, quick! -Should I get in? -Get in! -Wait, hey. Sir, could you follow that blue car in front of us? -Quickly! -Sure.

You're going to follow them? -Come on, get in! -Get in? We're about to break up, but he's going on a joyride with Kang Tae-moo? They're both dead. Why President Kang? He must be here since Mr. Cha's feeling depressed. Like me. Have you forgotten who caused all this? Who sent him on that blind date in his place? Right? Yes. TRUE LIGHT ORPHANAGE Thank you.

Where did they go? I think they went in here, right? Yes. -Let's go. -You're going in? -Come on! -Hey… Have you been well? Of course. How long has it been? -It's good to see you. -What is this place? -Are the kids doing well? -Yes.

Young-seo? How did you… Mr. Cha, this is… Are you… This is my girlfriend. Really? It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you came.

Say hello. This is my mother. -Hello. -Hello. Hello.

Then, you were at that restaurant yesterday? Sung-hoon wanted to introduce you to me. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were coming yesterday… Have some tea first.

I'm not sure if you'll like it. Yes, thank you. That's when Sung-hoon was five on the day he first came here.

I see. They're President Kang Tae-moo's parents. When they were alive, they supported our orphanage for a long time.

And thanks to that, Sung-hoon came to live at my house when he started middle school. No wonder your relationship seemed quite extraordinary. Is that so? -Hello. -Hi. Tae-woo, Ye-ri, and Min-gyu. How have you been?

-Good. -You've grown a lot. Have you been eating well? Yes! What's this? A laptop? Yes. For the older children going to high school. That's cool.

-It must be nice. -I'm so jealous. I'll buy you one too when you go to school. Let's have a look. Do you want to open it? I heard a lot about you from Sung-hoon.

I didn't even know that he had a story like this. He usually doesn't tell people what's going on inside his head. So I was so surprised when he said he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to me.

I'm sorry. I bet you were disappointed when you saw me. Disappointed? It seems like it's all Sung-hoon's fault. And now he's acting so indecisive about how to apologize. You're frustrated, right? Yes. How do you know so well? It's like you're a psychic… Sorry. I'm sorry. That's just how he is.

He might act a bit frustrating sometimes, but he's not a bad kid. So try to understand him a bit. I know that Mr. Cha is thoughtful and dependable. If Sung-hoon makes you frustrated again, call me.

I'll buy you a drink. Really? I can really drink a lot. Don't regret saying that later. Okay, Mother? Oh, right. If it's all right with you, could you give me a picture of Mr. Cha?

He's just so cute. He had a pretty smile even back then. -He still does, doesn't he? -Yes He's so cute.

I'm sorry. For not telling you about this. Do you have an overdraft account? What? I recently made one for the first time. I didn't want to give in to my dad, but my living expenses cost a lot more than I expected. So I made one, and now I'm about 20 million won in debt. Also, my blood type is Rh-negative B so it's harder for me to get transfusions than others.

My parents got a divorce when I was in high school. I know that my mom went to Germany but I don't know what she does or how she's doing. Did I miss anything? -Young-seo. -What I'm trying to say is that I haven't told you about many things too.

One day, we'll be able to tell each other about these things. Once we get closer with time. You shouldn't be sorry about not telling me about it sooner, but about making me meet your mother looking like this. After our fight, you should have begged me for forgiveness and asked me to come see your mother together.

If I dress up, I can look really pretty. But today, look at me. You still look pretty.

The prettiest in the world. Then hug me instead of just holding my hand. Sung-hoon! Let's play together! Okay, sure. Hey, Sung-hoon's here. I wonder if Ms. Jin's less angry now.

That was your… It was your fault. Why did you send Mr. Cha to that blind date in your place? What? Don't you know who I did that for? Are you saying it was for me? Who's the person who ran over because she was worried I might go on a blind date? Worried? There's no way I was worried. Who, me? That's because you like me so much. And it's because you said you'd keep confessing your love to me until I accepted it. "I should be kind and understanding, and accept his feelings."

That's what I thought when I ran there that day. Is that so? I had no idea. Well, at least you know now. Thank you for accepting my feelings.

What if someone sees us? Who cares? I'm just hugging my girlfriend. I can't wait until the entire world knows about us. It's because you feel bad about lying to your grandfather, right? Actually, that day, I-- When you feel ready, let's tell him.

Ha-ri! Come on, let's play together. -Let's go! -Let's go! Over here. Pass it to me! -Okay. -Here!

Hey! No! -That's more like it! -Over here! Let's go! -Okay. -Shoot! That's right! This is fun. I haven't played with the kids in a while. It feels great. Yes.

I still feel a bit stiff. Maybe it wasn't enough. Right? Really? You were both running so hard and sprinting as fast as you could. And after all that running, the kids still look so fresh.

Yes, Hyeong-jun. What's up? What? What about Ha-min? Ha-min, what are you doing? I'm looking at it right now. Ha-min's not answering my call. He turned his phone off. Okay, yes.

Ha-min, you son of a… I'm going to kill him. Sorry, you're here because of me. It's fine. You were cute even when you were young.

Hey, what are you looking at? Can you give me a picture of when you were young? Hey, his silliness is similar to mine. I just can't get used to this. Are you guys hungry? Should we go eat something? Yes, I'm getting a bit hungry. Are you taking customers? One moment. I just came back from hiking, so my legs hurt and I'm hungry. But all of the restaurants are on break, so they're not taking customers.

Could I have some fried chicken? But we… Chicken. She seems very hungry. Let's make her some chicken. Yes, let's do that. Our smallest portion is half a chicken, so let me get you half-- Half a chicken is way too small. Wait.

Come on in. They're open. Come on. Look, a handsome guy is working at this one. Yes. He's handsome.

Can you give us ten fried chickens? One of each kind. -You're so handsome. -Ten? Some draft beer, first. Some beer over here! I want some soju. Let me get you tables… Draft beers it is.

It'll be so delicious. Eight glasses of draft beer. -My gosh. -You're so strong. -Thank you. -Thank you -Here's some hot pizza too. -Make way.

-It looks so good. -Enjoy your meal. This is a really good restaurant. Let's go here. Want to say cheers?

Over here. -Cheers! -Cheers! It looks delicious! Did you ever work as a waiter? How are you so good? For a bit in New York. Did Tae-moo make you earn money even in New York? As if. He worked with me. Really? That's unexpected. TUMBLING What's that? This? It's powdered brown rice.

If you coat the chicken with it, it becomes really crispy. -Really? -Yes. I wonder what it tastes like. Do you want to know? COMPLETE -Try it. -What?

Say "ah." How is it? It's crispy, right? But this is the customers'… I fried more than usual so we could eat too. If you dip this in sauce, it's even better. This curry goes well with the chicken. Right? Is it still not done? The customers are waiting.

Yes, it'll be right out. Hurry. Come on. Come on, quick. What are you doing? You're drunk. Be careful on your way back.

Where are you going, Yeong-suk? Oh, my God. Let me apologize properly. I'm sorry for making Sung-hoon go to that blind date in my place. It won't happen again. I think your apology is kind of insincere.

-What? -You should try a lot harder to apologize. Or at least try to bribe me, don't you think so? A bribe? Will this be enough? What are you watching? What? Nothing. It's a bribe.

I'm sorry that you guys didn't get to eat because of me. Help yourselves. It's okay.

Hey! Oh, my goodness. Your expensive clothes will get stained. -It's okay. -Get him a tissue.

Do you have any clothes for him? Shin Ha-ri, my goodness. One second. You can change into this.

I can just let it dry. I think it's going to stain. I'll wash it quickly, so it'll be okay. Come on. Change. You're going to watch me? You can watch if you want.

Of course, I don't want to watch. Go to Ha-min's room-- No, I'll show you. Come on, go to Ha-min's room and change. We should have just spent the night there.

Why would you sleep over at Man-sik's place? The whole neighborhood knows he used to chase you around because he liked you. What? Young-seo. Why are you guys back so early? Why are you here at this hour? Who's this? This is my boyfriend.

This is Ha-ri's father. Really? Oh, so you were having a drink together? Yes. It's nice to meet you. I'm Ha-ri's father. Nice to meet you. I'm Cha Sung-hoon. Darn it. They can't find out.

Is it okay to borrow your brother's clothes? It's fine. He won't even notice that it's missing. What's so funny? -It's just… -Ms. Han! Ms. Han! Why do you keep calling me today? Ms. Han! Ha-ri, your parents are back! Yes, I'm back.

Wait, I… -Shoes. -Shoes? Ms. Han, wait. What? Well… Please let me introduce you to my boyfriend.

-Boyfriend? -Yes. You've got a boyfriend? Where is he? Where? He's at the store. Yes. He's at the store. He is? -Let's go down to the store. -Really?

-Let's go. -Sure. I wonder where Ha-min is. I'll-- Have another glass. We must have interrupted your date. Not at all.

Let me pour you a glass, sir. Sure. -He's handsome, Young-seo. -Right? Sung-hoon? Mr. Cha Sung-hoon?

Yes, ma'am. Cha Sung-hoon. Just looking at his face must make you happy! Right? Isn't he so handsome? How did you two meet? Where? Did Ha-ri set you guys up? No, they live next to each other. Yes. Mom, Dad. You must be tired. Should we call it a night now?

I'm not tired. Honey, are you tired? -What? -He's not. -Right. -He's not. If you are, go ahead and rest. -Dad must be tired. -No, he's not tired.

So you're working as a secretary? Isn't it so hard? I heard that the president of your company is well known for being fussy and mean. Oh, my goodness. He's not that kind of person. He's very kind and gentle. -Pour me a glass, too. -Sure. After this, I'll speak more casually.

Please do so. This is nice. Getting a drink from my second daughter's boyfriend. Do you remember when Young-seo first came to our house? She was so skinny as if she hadn't eaten for days. She moved schools when she was in high school. But apparently, she just slept at lunchtime without eating a single grain of rice. So Ha-ri brought her home after school. To feed her.

The meal you cooked for me was so delicious. After that, I kept coming back to eat your food. You can keep coming, and I'll cook for you.

You can do it even after you get married and have a baby. Here. -What? -Who drank it all? It's empty. Oh, my. Since there's no more alcohol, let's wrap this up, shall we?

Yes. I'll officially introduce Sung-hoon next time. -Yes. -No, I'm just getting started. Remember the traditional liquor you got when you received that company award? What happened to that? Where did I put that? What do you mean? I put it in Ha-ri's room with her certificate.

We should drink that. My room? Dad, wait. -Wait! -Dad, I'll go get it! There's a bit left here. It doesn't matter who brings it. My dad's coming in! Let's see. Gosh.

It's good that we saved it, right? Yes. Goodness. Honey. President Kang. President Kang! Ha-ri! Oh, on.

Are you all right? You must have been startled. I don't think it'll end soon. -Maybe… -Yes? You can jump down from here. I'll die. -Right? -Yes.

I just feel so anxious. Ha-ri, what are you doing in there? I'm coming! -I should… -Go back in there. I'll come back soon. Don't rummage around in there. What? Okay. Right now! Now? Why is this so high? Mr. Cha, can you get this for me? Sure.

-Yes. -Here. -Which one? That one? -Yes. -Wait. -That one? How about this one? Which one should I get? Which one? -This one. -This one? This one? That one looks good, too.

-Get this one for me. -This one? Ha-ri, where are you going? Ha-ri's going down to the store to get some beer. Mr. Shin, let's have another drink together. Let's do that. That scared me. You have no idea how scared I was. What a relief.

What are you thinking about? What? I was wondering how much longer we need to keep this a secret. They seemed to like Sung-hoon. I want to introduce myself to them officially too. Ye-jin, did you get back home? Yes, I'm almost home.

What? Okay, call me later. Let's watch another movie. -Yes, let's do that. -Get down! My gosh. This car is awesome. When will I get to drive a car like this? When can I buy something like this? Shin Ha-ri! Hey! Wait a second.

-Who's this? -I'm-- Ha-min, I can explain. Just a moment. Hey, isn't that my shirt? Are you dating some jobless bum? Is he broke? -My money… -No, that's not it… Hey, what kind of punk are you? Why are you with my sister? Hey, watch your mouth! This is the president. President? What president? I'm sorry.

I'll tell you who I am. I'm Kang Tae-moo, the president of go food and Ha-ri's boyfriend. Kang Tae-moo, the president of go food? I'm sorry. I was so rude.

No, I should be apologizing. But out of all people, why date my sister? Does she have something on you? Is she blackmailing you? Ha-min. I don't mind being blackmailed if I can stay with her forever. What was that? You're a really straightforward guy, brother-in-law? Brother-in-law? Yes.

Go buy yourself some clothes, brother-in-law. This is awesome! Thanks, fellow brother-in-law. Stop it. You're going to spoil him. Ha-min. Come by the office sometime. I'll pay you back for today.

Do you mean it? I'll really go soon. Sure. Goodbye, now. -Good night. -Get home safe.

Goodbye. I'll see you later. Call me! Bye. He's so cool.

Follow me, Ha-min. Damn it. You little… -What? -Hey! How on earth did you two meet? Never mind that. -I'll tell Mom and Dad-- -You won't tell them, right? Then I won't tell them about him either. Keep your promise. Of course.

Anyway, does his family know that you're dating? Why do you want to know? I'm just worried that a rich family like his won't be happy with a normal family like ours. We won't be able to cover your marriage expenses even if we sell our store. Should I debut as an idol and make that money? Do you think becoming an idol is easy? Stop talking nonsense and don't worry.

Let's go home. Wait for me. So adorable. Young-seo… I miss you so much. -Tae-moo, do something. -What's this?

When did you get here? This? Mr. Kang gave it to me as a bribe. -Erase it! -Why? It's so cute. Come on, erase it. "Young-seo, I can't break up with you!" Young-seo, erase it, come on.

"Young-seo, why aren't you responding?" -No, erase it. -No, don't erase it. Don't move, wait… Wait, that hurts, wait… Cha Sung-hoon, 29 years old. He's currently working as a secretary at go food.

Okay. You can go. Sir. I told her to try getting with Kang Tae-moo, but she's seeing his secretary? BE STRONG, GEUM-HUI I registered my marriage with Geum-hui today. What? -What did you say? -So please approve of our relationship.

What about Ye-ri then? I'm sorry. The only woman I love is Geum-hui. Don't you know what Ye-ri has done for you? You ungrateful bastard! You bastard! The merger and acquisition is coming up. How dare you do this? Sir, I'm going to back out of this merger and acquisition. Ms. Oh! Ms. Oh!

-Father! -Sir! Father! Mr. Kim, call the ambulance. -My goodness. -Father! No way.

Did he really die? Gwang-bok's father? That makes no sense. How can he die of shock because his son's marrying a regular woman? Parents are just like that. If you're rich, it's only natural to want a daughter-in-law from a rich family. I guess it's better for people from two similar families to marry each other. I hope his family isn't like that. What? Nothing.

-Hello. -Min-woo! Hi, Min-woo. Min-woo, what brings you here at this hour? I brought some good abalones for you. You like abalones, Mr. Shin.

But they're so expensive. Min-woo, you haven't eaten dinner yet, right? We were about to eat some noodles. No, I've already eaten.

By the way, where's Ha-ri? She went out to see Yoo-ra. -Yoo-ra? -Yes. She wanted to have a drink with Ha-ri. I thought you'd be with them. You wanted to see me? What's the occasion? Would you like a drink, too? Please get us another glass.

You said you needed to talk. Didn't you say it's urgent? Shin Ha-ri. You… Can you please get out of Min-woo's life? Are you trying to get back at me or something? What? You told me seven years ago that you liked Min-woo. And you said that you'd back off if I felt the same way.

Yes. I wasn't interested in him at first. But since you said you liked him, I decided to date him because I didn't want to give him to you. But you're trying to sway Min-woo because of that now? How petty. I think you're really drunk.

-Let's talk next time. -Why didn't you tell him about that? That I dated Seong-gyu behind Min-woo's back before I went to study abroad. If you had told Min-woo about that, he and I would've broken up. Then you two might be dating right now. Why didn't you tell him? I thought it was too cruel. How could I tell that to a guy whose entire world ended when you left him? But Yoo-ra, right now, I regret it.

I wish I had told Min-woo about it. Min-woo. Ha-ri. Ha-ri! What did you mean by that? What you said just now. You're making a huge mistake. You shouldn't be doing this. To both me and Yoo-ra.

Okay. I'm sorry, Ha-ri. Don't apologize to me. Go apologize to Yoo-ra. Now that I've seen how you act, I can understand why Yoo-ra's acting that way. Hello? What's up? You don't usually call this late.

It's just… I stepped out for a bit and got bored. I miss you too. You have a weird way of telling me you miss me. Do you want me to come? No, it's okay. It's late.

Let's… go on a proper date after work tomorrow. Let's go somewhere nice. Okay? Hello. You two came to work early.

Hey. I made a few different versions of the mint chocolate cookie. Could you check the ingredients and pick the best one? Sure. Mr. Gye.

Didn't you say you'd change the formula for the mint chocolate ice cream bar? Mr. Gye? Ms. Kim, tell Ms. Yeo that I'll turn in the formula sheet later this afternoon. -What? -Why would you ask Ms. Kim to…

Mr. Gye. Please get it to me before noon. Mr. Gye!

Ms. Kim, please tell Ms. Yeo that I'm going to come up with the formulas right now. Coffee.

-I can't believe him. -Did you two have a fight? Last weekend, all of us who entered the company together met up. And he wanted to tell the people there that we're in a relationship. I said no, and now he's mad at me.

I think that was your fault, Ms. Yeo. I know it might seem a bit weird because you two are quite old, but why does it matter? You have no idea. Nothing good comes out of people knowing you're dating someone at work. If either one of us makes a mistake while working, people will talk behind our backs that we slacked off. If we break up, then they'll talk about whose fault it was behind our backs.

I don't want to think about it. I don't know why people are so nosy. Did you hear about that newbie who's dating Mr. Cho? Who? The one from the admin team. Mr. Cho? The handsome guy who looks like Jung-kook?

Who's dating him? I'm going to ask in the group chat. Here's one. Someone who's really nosy. Right.

The microbial analysis table is ready. I'm going down. Okay. It's no problem. It's their job, ma'am. Tae-moo visited a couple of days ago? What? He went there with who? I got here as quickly as I could. Did you wait for a long time?

No. What do you want to eat? Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Western. Just say the word. I can get a table at any restaurant in Seoul with one call.

Then let's start with some greasy Western food, and finish off with some spicy Korean food? Sure. I've always wanted to go on a certain kind of date in weather like this if I got a boyfriend. I want to do that now. Can we? The subway is the best when it rains.

There's no traffic or anything. The next station is Dangsan station. The doors are on your right.

If you are heading towards Gaehwa or Sinnonhyeon, please transfer to line… Ha-ri. Thanks. Have you ever been on a subway in Korea? No, it's my first time. It's your first time? With me, right now? What? Really? Korean subways are the best.

This train is the one I used to take when I was in college. My house was in the east, and my school was in the west. One day, Young-seo and I were on the train together, and we both fell asleep. We should have woken up, but we fell asleep until we got to the last station. Is the restaurant that you want to go to nearby? Before that, we need to go somewhere. Follow me.

It's so pretty. Do you like flowers? Is there a woman who doesn't? It was my dream to go to a place like this with my boyfriend if I ever got one. It came true then. That's true. The carnations are so pretty. So many different colors.

Look, there are purple carnations. I think those are lisianthuses, not carnations. Right, lisian… Yes. This one's pretty too. These are… Probably not carnations.

Aren't those mudans? Mudans? Nope, these are Peonies. They're the same thing. Hey, the name doesn't matter. Don't be bound by formalities. I was trying to say, "focus on the beauty of the flower", you know? That's true. Whether you're Geum-hui or Ha-ri, you're still the prettiest woman in the world. Is today some special anniversary or something? How would you like your flowers? Well… Here you go.

Is this right? Look at those flowers. I'm so jealous. I almost forgot. There's food that we have to eat on a rainy day like this.

Let's go. Thank you. Enjoy. It's so good.

Is it really that good? When the weather is so humid and gloomy like this, you need to eat some jeon that are oily and crispy like this. Try it. The texture is very unique. How did they make it so crispy? No, don't do that. We're on a date. Don't talk about work. Stop thinking about work.

Look. You need to enjoy the food like this. Like this? Yes, like that. He came with an employee. I think her name was Shin Ha-ri. If you look at it this way, she looks a bit similar.

But at the same time, she doesn't. Secretary Kim. There's an employee named Shin Ha-ri in Food Product Development Team 1… This one looks good, too. Excuse me. Why is it pouring again? I'm going down right now.

Yes. You know, President Kang? Doesn't he look more and more like the late president? Tell me about it. Sometimes, I'm surprised how much they look alike. Right? So what if he's the heir? When he witnessed his parents' car accident as a child.

It was an accident in the rain, right? Yes. That's why he can't even drive when it rains. The doors are closing. What is it? I wanted to sit next to you.

Thanks. Ms. Yeo and Mr. Gye had a really bad fight today. It got really uncomfortable. President Kang, you can't make it obvious to the employees when you're upset, okay? Your employees will feel so uncomfortable. Anyway… it wasn't like I could take someone's side.

I thought about what to do for a long time with Ms. Kim. Then we decided to have them talk it out rather than take anyone's side. So we wanted to let them talk… Yes, it's still raining a lot, Mom. Is the restaurant you wanted to go to nearby? We need to go somewhere before that. Follow me.

It's done. Is this right? Look at those flowers. I'm so jealous. -The rain's stopped. Let's go. -Yes, let's go. I almost forgot. There's food that we have to eat on a rainy day like this.

-Shall we go? -Let's go. You have no idea how hard I tried. I really hate situations like that. So, actually, I was thinking about suggesting we go for a drink today. But we brought the car. So I told myself that we'd go get a drink next time when we didn't have the car with us.

I actually drink a lot with Young-seo-- What? Walking like this feels nice. Let's leave the car behind again next time. How long have you known? I guess I'm the one who didn't have the courage. I've been wanting to tell you all about it one day… but I couldn't. I'm sorry.

I tried to pretend I didn't know, but… If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. It's not that. I was thinking about how to not seem too pathetic when explaining my weakness to a woman I like. Ha-ri.

I… You're almost here? All right. Wait just a little. I called for the car. I'll just go back by myself today. Young-seo wants to see me, so I need to go. Really? Then let me give you a ride.

It's okay. We're meeting near here. I'll call you later. Get home safely. Hello, Chairman Kang. Please sit, Ms. Shin Geum-hui…

No. Shin Ha-ri. What exactly is your deal? Why did you approach Tae-moo? What? Where? Okay, I'll call you later.

Why isn't she picking up? Stop seeing Tae-moo. I don't think you want to be in a situation that other people may misinterpret. Sir, I have something to tell you… Yes, Sung-hoon. What? What about Tae-moo? Subtitle translation by: Su-in Choi

2022-03-30 23:16

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