Business Pants: October 30, 2019 FULL SHOW

Business Pants: October 30, 2019 FULL SHOW

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Oh and, welcome to business pants. Where we make business news. Suck. Glass. I'm. Your host Damien Rallis joined everyday, by our favorite pundit talking-head, Matt Viscardi, we. Are the cofounders of free flow media that's. Right today. October 30th, 2019. On business pants we. Put a bow on Boeing's, apology. Tour. We. Actually talk about environmental. News boss. Brazilian. Oil spills and, how GM, and Toyota a suddenly BFFs, with Trump, and, finally, we discuss such things as how GrubHub, analysts, are laughing, too much Peter. Thiel's anti, man crush on Elon Musk and how, Boober, and lift continue to sound like. Assholes. Wow hey Matt I'm, sorry. How's. It coming out hard I know. I'm sorry but you know I'm, sick of this Oberon look crap. You. Want to begin the show or you want to say something about your life I, um. I wish, I'd the only thing I'd like to say is I wish I had one we, can begin the show because this is my life I live. Here although I don't think I'm a pundit, I think, I need to solve this for the record okay, because, a pundit just, talks about stuff I'm, doing research. I'm. Like, I mean. I'm. Actually you're saying no here's the thing yeah. I'm just I'm just we just happen, to have all this expertise. We're. We're, just normal people we're. Just like you know, listeners. Let's. Be honest for those of you listening at home we're, also. Live. In, this on video which, really makes us way cooler than everybody else I'm just gonna go out there and say it okay so your daughter told me that yeah. We're not just doing a podcast I mean that's that's Oh, 2014. We are live streaming on video and I gotta, say the, more I look at us you. Should be you look like a host I look like a bum so. I don't. Know maybe I mean, I maybe I should be the pundit put, on a weird hat and like just spout, weird. Conspiracy theories but we'll figure this out I'm all in on that, let's, start the news I'm. Gonna hit the clock we. Have to start today on our apology, tour and, talk a bit about Boeing's, mostly. Brutal, Senate hearing yesterday, there's. A lot to unwrap, here but in a nutshell, CEO. Dennis. Whalen, Berg took, punches, from all sides over Boeing 737. Max crisis. One, year, to the day after, a lion air operated, Mac's plunged. Into the Java Sea as pilots, struggled, to gain control over a, flight software system, unique to that version of Boeing's best-selling.

737. Model and this, is really the crux of the issue here is this this. Flight software system. Which, Dennis appears, to really know nothing. About. In. Front, of families and friends of the 189. Lion air victims the, CEO, said and I quote on. Behalf. Of myself in the Boeing Company, we are sorry we. Are deeply. And truly, sorry. We. Have made mistakes and we got some things wrong. Look. He started off like, he started off good there but ended kind of we got some things wrong son I really good ending. Despite. The apology. Unfortunately. The CEOs, made the defense the tone of his main defense really was ignorance, and, I'm not I'm, not being a dick here it really was basically, ignorance, and his, most detailed, plan going forward was. Essentially, that something, needs to be done there. Yeah. But there's no real there's, there are no details and, how that, is happening how those you know what, is gonna be done and how so. I ask you Matt and I have a few answers but I'm gonna ask you this first how. The hell is this guy still have a job yeah, I. Can. I don't know. I. Have. A few thoughts so, if you want to know my thoughts well yeah well I want. To know your thoughts about something. Specific because it's like like. I don't really understand, it very well. Because I went down this rabbit hole trying, to figure out the, answer and answer, to that question like what how on earth like. Why wouldn't they fire him, why would they just say you're out and I thought like well maybe they won't fire him because it's too expensive to fire him maybe why, it's always it's always possible companies, that big so, I just and I'm I'm, relatively, I mean I know the concepts, of like you know. Golden. Parachutes, and and the Adam Newman world. Of parachuting. I know concepts. Like. Severance. Vesting, of shares like sure get axe and stuff by, the best I can tell okay wrote I wrote some things that look at I have paper I use. A paper I wrote some things down I like Alam. Muhlenberg. II. Looks. Like he's entitled to, between, cash. And, all. These kind of shares and performance, things, about. 30. Some, odd million. Dollars, of. If. He gets canned. He. They, have to pay him this, which. Includes. Eight, thousand, three hundred dollars for tax, preparation, services. Did, you know H&R, block costs, eight thousand three hundred dollars. When. I use them it it costs, about eighteen. Dollars that's, new, to me and also. They. Offer. $7,500. In outplacement, services. Look like they're like they go to like, and and, have, somebody like put out an ad that says yeah, X, CEO, of company possibly. Going. To be convicted, of fraud looking. For job I guess that, cost seventy five hundred can. You explain though is that like expensive. You're, actually missing two parts of this is that he also gets about, twelve million dollars, in pension. This. Is accumulated, benefit right now about twelve million dollars and you'll also get about. Thirteen, million in deferred compensation, so, don't forget that Matt I. Need. To get fired, yeah. You need to get fired for, for. Contributing, to fatal. But is that. Is that seriously, is that like a reason that that, that. You might have fire him you, know it could be a reason and and oddly I'm gonna say that that these these numbers have actually gone down they, used to get used. To because industry. Standard, that they would get three times their, you. Know annual salary and bonus but, now it's about one times that so a man, making about twenty million dollars a year with.

Stand To get about a sixty million dollar, bonus. When, he leaves the company but I think. There's another ya, know it's good we're trending a little bit better in this, area at least in America. But. I think there's another more. Like, a bigger uglier. A reason why Dennis still has a job you want to know what I think, I'm afraid yeah, all. Right so I look at the board of directors, here born cuz this is really this is really who they, fire these. Are his bosses, essentially. Of course of course the weird part of being in America and, an American companies that he's also a part, of the board right um. And before, a couple weeks ago he was two, parts of the board because he was the CEO and the chairwoman. But. Now he's no longer that he's just the CEO, okay, so, here's. What I dug up about the board there's, fourteen people on the board, nine. Of these people. That. Includes that's all nine of the people from the private sector all of, them which. Is two-thirds, of the board all, of, them are CEOs, or former, CEOs, of America's. Biggest. Company, so these these. Are Dennis's. Buddies, I mean these are his peers, right so. There's. Not gonna be a scenario where, these, CEOs, are gonna play the blame the CEO game and fire a CEO, for. This type of incident it's just I don't think it's gonna happen do. You I mean do. You think it's. Like a skull and bones thing like, they actually their little Club I mean. This this would be an example of that possibility. Right okay, on top of that there is a clear case of cronyism, here, so Dennis, okay. Bear with me here Dennis, serves, on the board of Caterpillar, right okay. I think, I'm for it and I'm gonna just say before I get too deep here he needs, to quit that cuz he needs, time to, figure, some stuff out at Boeing all right I don't know what the hell he's doing a caterpillar no I'm I'm serious, I said, I don't even know how this is still happening but, he's on the board of Caterpillar with. Two, other, Boeing. Directors. Including. The company's, new chair, David. Calhoun. So. And they've, been on this board for over eight years so, this is eight years, of like hundreds. Of meetings private. Jet trips gold. Dip doughnuts so. You. Are, you gonna tell me that these three people don't. Have some kind of a special bond. All. Right. Just, so you know I, could, fire you I've. Known you for a long time wait could you I are you could. You fire me I don't think technically I can but I would be happy you. Think just hanging, out for a long time is enough, you're. Wrong because. I'm happy to fight. All. Right let's go inside the pants, let's. Talk about a couple of environmental. Stories well. I like that I like the like. What you've done there, it's. A party you don't dance we, don't talk about the environment, enough but as you know the. Environment, is part of this this old dusty. Acronym, called ESG. Which we now call inside, the pants. So. First really just inside our pants nobody else does to answer for sorry. That's, not true mouth this is inside business pants, is. Everybody's, pants all, right first. General. Motors Toyota. Hyundai. And Fiat. Chrysler, are all siding. With the Trump administration in, its bid to borrow, California. From setting its own fuel efficiency, and tailpipe, emission, rules for. Passenger, cars and trucks. Okay. Again. I have, paper I did, something, yeah okay, I'm excited. So. I was trying to figure out like, why on earth so, ever there seems to be some sort of outrage about toget Toyota doing this because Toyota is actually pretty fuel-efficient. I mean. They're kind of associated, with it because of the Prius right, the, hybrids but.

Apparently. 70%. Of Toyotas. Recalls, last year were. Priuses. Hybrids, and electric vehicles, well. Okay but the trying so. Congratulations. For making a. Car, associated. With electric. Vehicles and, quality that you had to recall the next year okay. Here. Was my theory. Was and this, is so cynical, yes. Which. One of these companies are under investigation by the US National. Highway, Transportation Authority. Okay. Turns, out all of them, okay. But, not just them like because I know Ford, and. Honda. Among. Others sat on the sidelines they didn't just kind of wade into they didn't intervene. They didn't wait in they didn't offer letters, of support or anything right. But, they're also under investigation you're, saying there, they're sort of all under, investigation for some time okay although, although it looks really bad because, so. Just, take, Hyundai. They're. Currently. An under, investigation as of September, of this year the, investigation. Was ongoing because, some of their engines, were just catching fire, yeah. Okay, so. GM. Has a problem with brakes, yeah. Fiat. Go anywhere and Toyota. Keep. Giving, you cars with shrapnel in the airbags, this keeps happening don't. Crash so. Is. It, really cynical. To. Think that part of this is like. Because. Trump is the administration. Has proven, very. Happy, with businesses, who sort of listen, to them is it. Totally, cynical to just think this is like some. Sort of weird bribe. Probably. Right how could that how could that. You. Are a little bit but I don't know how I. Don't. Know how. They. Would they. Would, they would GM. I understand, GM has some of the worst fuel efficiency, of like global, automakers. Hyundai. Doesn't, Hyundai, is among the best, aren't. Aren't. GM and Toyota in, bed together they. Have a lot of they, were like oh yeah they're they they they do a lot of hand-holding and long walks on the beach right. So that might be that might be explaining, Toyota I don't, know what. Hyundai. Is the one that shocks me the most Toyota actually didn't shock me nearly as much because of the recall issue. Because. Because. Of their investigations. That are ongoing I, feel, like people should be more shocked at Hyundai waited in at all. And yeah. Can I also add on top of this because, the, statistics are. Sort. Of scary. There. Was a more than 5% increase, in pollution in the, u.s. between. 2016, and 2018, which. The. EPA the, administration's. Own EPA estimated, their, data estimated. Contributed. Up to 9700. Additional, deaths which, is more than the deaths of all, of the investigations. For. The cars, problems. What. On, earth. Is. Going on. I. Don't, know but let's uh this. Is a story will stick with obviously, this is not I don't think this story is over it blows my mind a, second. In the environment, an. Oil, slick has. Been washing up on beaches along more than, 1,400. Miles of brazil's. Northeast coastline which. Is. According. To officials out near is considered the worst environmental. Attack. In, the, country's, history. Alright. So here's what we know Matt we don't know anything the, origin of the spill is unknown, okay. But. Brazilian, President, J year bolson, ro first. He blamed Venezuela. Okay, mm-hmm, but but then he's like no I don't think it's them I think it's Greenpeace. Okay. So. He so okay. He. Went from Venezuela, to environmental. Straight-up. Terminator. Sort. Of tactic.

Isn't It like it's a chess it's a chess move obviously because this is the guy who, called global. A plot, by cultural, Marxists. And has eliminated the government's, climate, change division so you, do upon this one back yeah, this, one is confusing. To me because it is the worst environmental, disaster, apparently, on the coast of Brazil ever in history and it looks like the biggest oil spill. And. On the coast of Brazil and. No, one seems, to want to say where it came from but. It's really hard. Yeah. To. Trust. The guy who, also says, this. Is is it actually a problem. First. Reported September 2nd it's now October 30th, and that they, don't know were the biggest oil spill in the history. Of Brazil. Blowhard. Index um, I don't think we spent enough time here this is this, is where we just talked about. It's. Mostly, about analysts. Being stupid or getting things wrong no no no it's not stupid no it's analysts. Having. Opinions that. They are never accountable. For so. Analysts being dopes you're, saying it's just the, constant. Slew. Of, analysis. With. No tethering, to reality. That. Is the business news yeah. And, grub hubs latest earnings calls CEO, Matt Maloney responded. To an analyst, question on reasons, as to why restaurants. Might want to be up sold to pay to partner, with grub hub rather. Than selling through the platform as a non partner, by. Saying quote, why. Would a restaurant, choose to partner when they have a non partner, option, it's. Because, the diner experience, sucks. Which. Immediately, elicits, laughter. Just like Matt's from a non muted. Analyst, on the call right so. First of all yeah. I think you need to explain Grubbs, business model is. Like, they go they, go to restaurants, and they, say you, pay us and we, will provide. You a platform to deliver, food right like mafia. Asked is what you're saying it sort, of is except, I don't think there's any leg breaking if they don't pay yeah, until. Now, you. Which because, grub hubs basically, basically they're their earnings are terrible this quarter not that anybody, I mean like if you're ordering a pizza and GrubHub right now you don't care that their earnings were terrible you just want your damn pizza to show up that's all you really want right I do want my damn food soon. But. The, earnings were off the, forward, revenues, look bad the, stock basically.

Plunged. 40, percent. So. GrubHub their response, to, what. They knew was gonna be a problem is to say, let's allow, you. Know restaurants. Who aren't paying, us to just be on the platform to offer delivery, for restaurants. Not on the platform in an, analyst, who I. Would say it was a blowhard but it's it's kind of a good question said, well. Why would anybody be paying. You then if you do that thing, yeah. To. Which the, CEOs, response, is a brilliant. Because we're we effectively are gonna make it suck for anybody who doesn't yeah we're gonna mess with them. That's. Great I love. That I wish. More analyst, calls if more earnings calls involved. Laughter, the head laughter it like a laugh track, and. Or CEOs. Being full-on. Sort, of semi, Mafia. Everyone. Would listen to them, you, want, to know what Goldman Sachs analysts Heath Terry had to say I do. I do i. I. Named, I I called, out an analyst yesterday I maybe I should, call it an analyst every day yesterday was Aaron Murphy from Piper Jaffray. Today. Is Goldman, Sachs analyst Heath Terry. He. Admitted this to. His. Clients, about. GrubHub, he. Said we. Got this wrong. Can. You say that a little, softer. And sexier. Thank You Heath I like to he admitted that so is he so is that mean he's not a blowhard, yeah. Yeah. All right also. Palantir. Co-founder, Peter Thiel, I don't. Even know what Palantir is it's like it's Peter. Thiel really watches for, eBay the Palantir is gonna be one of those IPOs. That we talk about like six, guys from now about exploding, so. He's arguing, that Elon. Musk is a negative. Role model, because, he is so hard, to emulate that young people, may not even try this just seemed like clickbait, doesn't. It yeah. But I like it. It's. Not, great. Keep. The tempo don't. Forget. What's. In business, today first, off I only bring this story up because we talked about by AC yesterday. And I remember thinking what the hell is IAC, but. Now I kind of remember, so. IAC, chair. Person. Barry. Diller. Oh there's, Barry. Barry. Diller defended, Mark Zuckerberg decision. To allow false, political ads on its site I just wanted to bring this up because I. Just. Want to talk about is e what did you talk about a I a CE yesterday, just, so-so. I did an analysis. On which, set, of employees is, most likely to rise up against. Their, company, an IAC, was, the only, big tech company, if you can consider, IAC, big tech then, the owner of OkCupid, and match and all so, it's the it's the horny, company they're. The only company. That had. A non. Dominant, shareholder they. Offered. Employees. You, know stock, purchase. Plans so, they actually had some voting power and. They. Were controversial. And they were a big tech company they were the only one that stood out in the u.s. hit. All those buttons so Barry. Weighing. In, and defending, Mark Zuckerberg after, Simon, after Facebook, employees write, a letter to Mark Zuckerberg. Castigating. Mark Zuckerberg this. Is your moment, OkCupid. Employee. Sitting. There wondering what, you're doing this. Is your, moment rise, up against Barry this. Is also freefloat media's moment cuz that's a good call, yeah, uh we, just talked about it yesterday and now he's, aligning himself with probably, the most unpopular. CEO. In America right now congratulations. Filling him all. Right we work because, you, know. I'm. Giving, I know it's hard not to talk about we work when it pops up so let's, not forget last week we work accepted a nine point five billion, dollar, bailout so. Obviously we should be trusting them. They. Are going, into video gaming professional, gaming. They. Have trademarked, a new gaming arm called play, by, we. Such. A missed opportunity not. To be Wii, Sports, but. Yeah, but said Nintendo wouldn't like that would they well. They could be, me. I, don't, know let's. Not forget that the, besiege startup has already branched into other fun, businesses, and I'm not making, this up this these are real. So. That in education, they had something called regrow. Mmm-hmm. In, Fitness, very similar, to weed grow, which, is their weed. Growing arm that's probably something that might make them money in Fitness they had rise by, we. And. Then in. Co-living. They, had we. Live, can. I just say that that, they're obviously trying to be clever, and they're failing every, single time these, all these names suck. Living. They. Don't do anything for me coal isn't. That just roommates. Do, you have branded. Co-living, so I feel better because what we've we've done all of our lives right I mean I I basically, Co lived, since, I was born honestly. This is so weird. Why do we need a rebrand, what, is living. We, don't and probably another reason not to trust. Companies. To get 10 billion. Dollar bailouts and give their, idiotic.

Owners Two, billion dollars to say goodbye, sorry. So. Harsh. Okay. Finally, a business it's. Another. One of our favorite topics a group of us, loss-making. Ride-hailing. Firms, which, we know as uber. And lyft, have. Launched, a 90, million dollar campaign to thwart a California, law that. Could force them to treat drivers, as employees, first, of all good use of the word thwart, thank. You not used enough. Second. Of all is, this the beginning do. You think after this lyft and uber end up having like ride-hailing. Loss making babies somewhere. They. Might I think they're gonna have to have their yeah it's gonna have to come to that of all this. Is like a California episode, why does everyone hate what California does, well. We talked about California, yesterday they so they're the first one that passed a law to pay, college athletes which, is a big deal here in America maybe not and you know Europe. But. And now yeah now they're on the forefront of emissions, and. The. Gig economy gig. Economy emissions. College. Athletes. To. You California, I say California also. They've. Cornered the market on. Wildfires. Too, okay. So so, that's another initiative. Congratulations. California, you're hitting it no, one likes you and you're on fire. It's. Tough. It's. Tough any to say about this, no. But it is it is a shot, across the bow of the. Modern, jerks this. Is like this, is the beginning, of the war against, what an employee is this, is not a story this, story started, years ago but, this them. Actually, coming. Together to, have, this fight is effectively. Like. This. Is their battle, lines are being drawn it's not like lyft its own people and Hoover fighting his own people are fighting separately, now they're actually joining, together in, a, union, of unholy. Loss-making. To. Tell. Every. Employee. That they're not actually an employee that's this. Is a fantastic, thing that's about to happen, yeah, can I also say congratulations. To both Hoover, and lyft for taking, a pretty, good and convenient idea and just making it like dirtier, and dirtier I, just feel bad about every, step of the way, welcome. Back yellow cabs. Have. A little bit of a rebranding here hold on. Sounds. Like someone has a callus um. So. It. Looks like we've rebrand, and did, we. See we're already we're like a week into this and we're already feeling pressures from above so mats, ball. Pit it looks like is now mats playtime yeah. The. Word pit and. Talking about balls, I don't know just see I didn't see it that way I'm a I'm a dad I go, to a lot of trampoline, parks that have very. Very. Weird that you're free is I'm a dad talking about balls and pits is fine yeah I'm not talking about balls and pits you are I was talking about a ball pit, whereas you know the, ball is the adjective and pit is the now right so it's we. Don't think my. Dad look back you're. Married to a doctor so you get all I get it I get it all. Right what do you got today in Matt's play time Matt's, play time is gonna be a little bit of Matt's rant time because, I want to talk about this. Old man this old man on the couch Matt this streaming wars oh good, okay okay. HBO. Just announced as part of the streaming wars that they are you, know they they are part of their, announced HBO now is gonna be $14.99. A month it, stands. Out is one of the more expensive options, for, the streaming wars, and. It got me thinking like. So you've got so I, listed. Out all the options that I could find and they include like Hulu, Netflix Disney. HBO, Amazon, Apple sling CBS, YouTube, boob. AT&T, Plex. There's. Actually there's actually more, than we even know and this doesn't include like, you, know PBS, even offers an app that you can in the US we can donate, five dollars and, they'll give you the app but you can also get a free this, crackle, that's for free there's, kwibi, or squib Oh quibble, or something that's that's also like, I'm sensing, that we really, love watching TV know America, I, mean it is shocking. How much we like television. But. I wanna I there's. A bunch of articles about, how, much these things cost so I just went out and kind of like aggregated, most, of the big ones sling. Is the most because sling is like live TV, it's supposed to be cord cutting it's so, 25 dollars a month or so and.

Then You. Get into like the the, expensive. Sports channels MLB, NFL. And. Then there's, some kind. Of like weird ones to me like I don't know where what, Philo. Is but it, apparently was like 20 oh hey. That's what I thought I thought like. A flaky, dough if it only cost me $25, a month for all I could eat a flaky, dough I'm in. It's. A great great life, plan there but when you get into like the channels, that. You know that where everyone's talking about HBO, Netflix. Disney. You, know Amazon they. Start to come down to 15 and above I did a quick histogram. Of this actually. Because. Histograms, are fun so 22, of. The. You, know roughly, 30 companies are. Streaming services that I saw, that I could find. Between. About five and. Thirteen. Dollars or so, okay. So the vast majority of sort of bulk in this box, yeah. So when you think of streaming services what you should think is I'm gonna pay about $10, a month probably, for whatever one. Thing you can actually just have one you, could just have one oh yeah but what I wanted to do because. It makes, me angry, yeah. See. Them I get yeah, I wanted, to actually identify I'm. Which rant, Matt well. Which, of these companies do I actually want to watch like if I if, I here'd if. I was gonna buy all the ones I wanted to watch which ones would they be so, I identify, just a few it was like NFL, because I I like to watch. Football. Even though man, yeah well it's I know it's, watching your large manchild, like. People can custom selves, that's, what you. Gotta be entertained by something I also like the NBA which, is large man childlike, people, putting a ball in a hole I was fine you're, you're very Pro China. And. Then HBO, Netflix. Amazon and, Apple kind, of round out my. Appeal. I have Netflix I, have, Amazon, I, like. HBO. Dragons. When you add in. How. Much what the, internet would cost you a month in this country, in the United States of America where you know is, ridiculous. Yeah, it came to like a hundred, and fifty, dollars, a month, all. The show all the television, that I would want to maybe watch and, I don't watch that much, that's. Fine but just don't work for free flow of media if that's what you want a so good. Point so I, had this idea of, maybe this new innovation I don't want to run it by you what do you think okay I'm ready I'm up on my coffee now what. If there were some sort of device, I, could. Put under I, picture it I could, put this device under, my television, under.

Your Television, yeah and, it got all the, channels, that I wanted, just the channels I wanted, just. A job that I could watch on my television. Sounds. Brilliant. What. I'm gonna call that I mean. If it was attached, by some sort of cord I'd call it cord portal. Cord. Okay. But. Here's the thing I I. Crunched. The numbers I did, the math here. What. We're doing obviously. The. Cost of cable right now is around 120, dollars a month for, like cable plus a bit right, I get you some ESPN, and you know whatever. If. I wanted, a, get. What I want right now premium. If I wanted to estimate that it's, basically, the hundred and fifty dollars a month I'd pay, for a limited. Number of channels that I want -. Cable, that, comes to face $400. A year that, I will get overcharged. Just, to get something I want immediately. You know where this got me, no. I have no idea the. Winner of the streaming Muir's, I am going to announce it here and now on free flow media's business pants the winner of the streaming wars is is. Amazon. Do. You want to know why. Yeah. Tell me why because Amazon. Charges, you a hundred and twenty, dollars a year, for Prime, yeah. And uh using. That prime not only do I get the Amazon, services of, you. Know free, shipping, and the, the. Television. The video Amazon, video I also, can buy this this. Is a, 120. Mile digital. Television, antenna, that, I can use to, not buy chordal and not. By any of these stupid streaming services I am so out on streaming, wars it is unbelievable. It is the biggest money grab I have ever heard. Of every. One of these companies is going to charge you $10, a month for. One, show, you want to see and a whole bunch of crap you don't, this. Is worse than cable, how did we screw this up cable. Was, terrible, and we, made it worse how, did we do that, it's, Netflix's, fault they they made it nice they, made it fun and then it became, not funny and now everybody, thinks like they have to be netflix, somehow this, is worse, this. Is worse. It. Makes me wish I wish, yeah. And it, makes me wish it was all over. It's. All over. This. Is like. A - you. Could be angry, I hate. Maybe next time you go into a rant like loosen your tires like, put a little like I'm. Gonna take off all my clothes and I am gonna throw them on the ground it makes me want to get this is Ranger freedom, this is what madness cards were he's worried about Netflix, I want to flip over a table and be like f this I'm out of here. Okay. That's, it for today. Cutting. You off that's, a Wednesday, Wednesday. October, 30th. Tomorrow's Halloween we got any Halloween treats, oh. Well. We have our pre-production meeting, off the air okay. Tomorrow. Your Damien I'm at talk to y'all tomorrow.

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