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Hello. And. Welcome, to, pitches pan. The. Excited, Monday version, yeah. Baby I finally. Stopped eating and I'm got my energy back I have. To start eating my, children have been sick for two weeks that. Means no food. That's. Matt McCarty, over. There complaining about his kids. Health I'm, Damien Rallis, we. Are free flow media everybody this, is uh the, Daily News is the business pants put, on your business pants. Pants. Yourself, I. Don't. Think that's what we want our thing. To be pants yourself, pants. Yourself no I don't think that should be our tag let me take off your pants doesn't it that's true so. Yeah. I don't know let's get that let's. Go to the agenda what do we got oh we're sticking it right at it let's just get right out let's be serious and businesslike today, let's put on our business pant pant. So. Today. We're gonna put a little, rap on our Thanksgiving. Holiday. Over here in the United States we're gonna talk about, cyber. Monday which is day and. Horse. Antlers on, and. Our. Fit, is feedback, bag, mat it's gonna help. You. Definition. She's gonna define the Dow Jones for. Us it needs to be with his feedback doesn't, it this. Feedback, that's. That's, exciting, I don't. Understand. The Dow Jones. We. Have a bunch of this nugget. Including. Updates from. And. Finally. And, Matt gave. Everybody, yeah, they make anything we're just gonna play a game today, we. Just have some fun it's it's Monday, we're. Back we're. Recovering let's. Just enjoy ourselves for, once yeah, and we're trying to so, we're trying to emulate, you. Know TV news and we're trying to get our program or program. Length under 30, minutes that's our goal here right, yeah we want someone to pay attention yeah. So. We're trying to streamline this baby. Let's. Do it let's get let's. Get it. Alright. We've got 7 minutes on the clock let's wrap up Thanksgiving Matt. Put. A bow on, this. Crazy American. Consumerism. First. The numbers. Black. Friday shoppers, spent a record seven, point four, billion, dollars. And. Even larger. Cyber Monday is predicted, that's today estimated. At nine point four, billion dollars, I don't know why it's more today I guess because people are at work and they're bored. Black. Friday shopping, at, brick-and-mortar. Stores. Which I hate saying but that's uh that's. What they call a store an actual store I. Don't. Know why you need a modifier why can't you call that a store and then the other thing you call virtual store, but whatever so that so like, shopping, there at four, dropped, by, 6%. Okay. And then, the shopping on Thanksgiving Day itself went, up 2%, so. People are going. Out on their holidays and they're spending less time, actual. Stores. But. Eight. Of the 10 busiest, shopping days are still to come so, there's there's a lot of crazy shopping to happen at. The same time for, a little counterbalance, here I want, to tell you that French. Lawmakers. Are. In. Talks, to ban, Black, Friday citing, its environmental. Impact so, here. In the Western world we don't all have the same you. Know thought processes. But. Here's the. Here's. That those the numbers but let's let's move on to the bigger story here and this is because this is really the bad the bad news. But. Probably, the more important, takeaway and that is that. Our. It's. Really it's covering our need to shop so damn much and our need to get shit delivered, so quickly, right, so. Let's talk about it I know. You love this topic so several media sources over the weekend including Bloomberg, NBC. News Gizmodo, and, reveal, so, not just business pants are covering. A rash of tragic reports from, inside, amazon. Fulfillment centers. Right. So. The main takeaway here is, pretty, simple we are outsourcing. The pain of the. In-store, shopping experience. Directly, to low paid workers in. The Amazon Fulfillment Center can i when up you yeah. Are they full-time, employees. Well. A lot. Of them are but all of them aren't and that that actually adds the problem during the holiday season I just saw a study today that.

That. Said. 40. Percent of global gig, economy workers, are in the US and. A lot of them are. These. Types. Of, jobs. Right. Yeah. And and they they claim that of course the weekly, injury counts spike during, these heavy shopping days and part of the reason is that these warehouses, are crammed, with seasonal, workers who really, are just unaccustomed. To how. It, is being in those damn warehouses, and you add on top of that that the mandatory. Shifts. There are mandatory 12-hour, shifts. So. It's. Already hard. I'm. Always got my business pants on so. Let. Me go over some of the stories there, was a story on real, which is part of the Center for Investigative Reporting, they. Published, a disturbing, story on the back-breaking labor, and intent monitoring. That goes into Amazon, workers, who, scan and package. More than 300, items per, hour, which is one every 12 seconds, is that possible. The. Hell is that. So, this so they're reporting is that the that serious, injuries there are more than double the national average, for the warehousing, industry. Gizmodo. Is reporting. Staggering, injury rates a, fulfillment. Center on Staten, Island that far. Outpace. Even, sawmills. And steel, foundries. Ok so there's, that and then. NBC News NBC News is reporting that, the sales volume at Amazon has taken priority over, a delivery. Driver safety, so there's that fun shit. Immediately. Should. Be like going to the steel mill I. Mean. Right I mean and that's, that's the thing right that's the thing we're not thinking about is that the unbelievable. Ease and comfort of clicking, by on the, Internet is completely, hidden by a disturbing, supply chain right it's like it's. Sort of the perfect well. It's the perfect situation like. Okay, so there's, the morality, part, of this right which is it is highly disturbing. But. Isn't there also sort of like the how, long can this possibly fucking. Last how. Long can this last like. Where. Does a breaking, point. Where. Does the breaking point happen, well. I asked what so why is it you. Say where when how long but why why, does the breaking point happen is it is it, a labor, movement, is it like public, outcry is, it see. What. These workers, used to get about, year and a half ago I think it was a year and a half ago. Amazon, employees, across the entire company were getting, shares. As part of annual, compensation. For. The full-time employees, including. Warehouse, workers, and they they. Shifted, a lot, of companies did. This they they shifted, away from giving any sort of stock and they, move towards, higher, minimum. Wage. Salaries. Right like they basically raise the salaries and took away the stock but. The stock is actually voting, power and at Amazon, b-zone, 16, percent of the stock, but. The. Rest of it is owned by everyone. Else like he's not a majority, shareholder right, right. This. Is the kind of place where employees. Could. Make a difference, if they, could vote.

Guys. It just has to get it has to get regulated somebody, has to say you know what it's not okay to work for 12 hours and, ya can because, you have to hold it like and, you can't stop working like that's that's, kind of not okay and that's not - you, know I don't. Want to like get into the whole moral discussion about should you, buy stuff and how much do you want, it to get right but but, it's the moral discussion that's that's gonna frame this I think going forward and right, isn't, it yeah it will, accept. It like I you, know I don't think that that a mass. Consumer, movement away from give, me my shit immediately. Do you think that's more realistic than like employees. Actually I mean German. Take a look at it this way I'm I'm day since, 2014. German. Employees, have, gone on strike every. Single, year, when, you, do this kind of work they go on strike that's, where it goes from the employees, up basically. Have to rise up somehow to. Change it oh my. Uh I tried to buzz you out there but my speaker, was off. This. Is a story we're gonna be covering a lot I think you know one, of the main reasons why I brought it up today is because you know it's starting to. The. Stories are starting to go mainstream so and that's what we're interested here in business pants is we're interested in the narrative, of all this right and to see where the narrative takes us. Let's go on a narrative journey. Alright. Let's let's get out of there let's go let's go. Alright. Let's. Go to our biz bag ARB is mail bag our biz feedback. Bag. Feedback, this is a little bag bag so, as, a as a listener, Dan Evans we pointed out a few weeks ago suggested. That we defined, some shit for him because some of this stuff is confusing. And. I think he and he's right so we've started doing that and. The one I want to talk about today is. The. Dow the, Dow Jones the Dow Jones Industrial. Average whatever, it's called so. Here's the thing here's my question what the hell is it exactly, right. Okay, but beyond that I want to give you some context, first and I'm hoping you can kind of make. Sense of it for us here's, the context. Apple. Apple. And, Microsoft have. Amassed a collective. 819. Billion, dollars in market, cap this year leading. To the Dow Jones to, all-time highs, if those, gains were stripped from the Dow the. Blue-chip index. Would be nearly 1100. Points lower, than its current level so what is that what is all this math alright so, there's. Two concepts, that are kind of important, one is what the Dow Jones actually. Is but, like what an index is which. Is a list of companies that's it now. There's a lot of ways to make lists, because people love to make lists of stuff mm-hmm, the Dow Jones happens.

To Be the most moronic list, of companies oh could, exist I mean no offense to SP, it's a great thing, that you're you been doing for 100. Years or almost 200, years. But. The Dow Jones is basically a list of 30 random, companies, they're, like 30 large household, names that's, kind of it in fact it was starting to like 1880s. And it, was basically all railroad, companies, when it launched okay today. Yeah. Today we got like a company, like like. The most recent company that got added this. Year was Dow. Actually. Dow decorated. Howard so the chemical, company no, not. The Jones. Okay but, like uh. Exxon. Or the predecessors, to Exxon, were added in 1928. That's the current longest, lasting, company, on the Dow Jones index. The waiting companies get picked is. Sort. Of magic, it's, sort of like have you heard of them should, they be on like. If you say yes it should be on then they're kind of on. Let. Me eruption one second when they see the market is up like. Record highs is it only referring to this group of 30 companies you, know a. Lot like it depends on who you ask is, either the Dow and S&P those, are pretty much the two now, the big huge difference between the down the SP, is how. They actually wait. When they're up what. Up means, because. The, SP goes up that, basically means the, market, capitalization. Of the companies, in the S&P went, up like their based on the market cap of the companies okay. When when, the Dow goes up it means the, prices, about. C, it, is just totally, fuckin random and right, like I all I know is that if you want to know what, the markets, doing I mean. There there are 400. Ways with a lot of different nuance your best bet is to look at the biggest, index. Biggest, list. How. To do, okay. I guess all. Right well I you know someone should we're sure, to come up with a Dow, ignore, I think business pants needs to come up with its own market. And Dec. 100%. Matt makes the, next business, pants next yeah, all, right oh thanks, thank you Matt I enjoyed that you, didn't. Okay. Let's get out of that stupid biz bag all right but I liked it I liked it. I like. Look, I like admitting, to. Everybody, that I don't that I'm not really that smart I I enjoy meeting them and, that's why I'm. Sure there are lots of big, corporations, lined up to hire me back that's. What I think recalls.

Urban Flooding in. Alright. Let's let's go tube is nuts, this I know something, about, I got. A big belly, full of Turkey, biz Nuggets alright let's start it off with tick, tock tick, tock, has. Apologized. To, the user who criticized. China's treatment. Of Muslims, and lifted. Her ban, does. That meaningful Matt do we care about this. Yes. I mean. Do, you think they had to go to Chinese government for permission first. Yes. I do, yeah. I actually my, guess would be they. Got permission to do that because, they, the, Chinese government would want tick, tock to look as independent, as possible so, maybe I'm bought into the I. Know. Like. Hong Kong they're dealing with Hong Kong so it's like they're like oh just just apologize, and shut up I know is better than Zuckerberg. All. Right, back. To Amazon let's talk about and coachup a bit more amazon has removed a selection, of items that displayed, images, of Auschwitz, and other, Nazi. Concentration, camps. Light. Fare yeah. So Amazon said it prohibits, the sale of products, related to human tragedies, and natural disasters, which is weird so, that is. All. Sellers, must follow our selling guidelines, and, those who do not will be subject, to action, blah blah blah but. Matt is this the same thing that that Facebook, does with like it live streams, mass massacres. And churches and then, it just calls, whoops, right, like it's just the same thing I I, do think actually. Yeah. You know what it kind of is and. More. Frightening, yeah. The. Number, of sellers. On, Amazon, like have. You ever looked at like the the, star verifying. Websites. Like there are web, site to go to yeah, that will tell you how many real, reviews. Yes I have mike has yeah. That's, a there's a huge problem for Amazon, that you don't even bother to police because once you click buy what do they care and. I think it's like 1.3. Billion fake reviews, is that the number is my, head is it is a staggering, amount and I, my. Guess is the ones for our ash wit's related, material we're actually pretty low those probably real reviews listen.

Is. It the, job of Amazon, and Facebook to catch the stuff before it, happened is that too much I mean what I mean I don't, know what do you think yeah what. What. Is the point of a, yeah. Right. Amazon. Is also introducing, a virtual, medical, scribe to let doctors record, their conversations, with patients and put them in your medical files so, now. Alexa, knows why you itch. What. About this man you like this worst idea, yeah. I didn't think you'd like this one. What. Don't they know. Well. Now they know it all, maybe. They can I know, we're gonna talk about menstruation. Badges, later so maybe they're gonna be some kind of partnership teaser. Facebook. Has issued, a corrective, label, on a user's, post under Singapore's, new fake news law I love this here's, the label that Facebook, put up here's. The quote Facebook. Is legally, required to tell you that the Singapore, government says, this post has false information. It's. Creepy right that's really, creepy it's. Visible, only, visible to Singapore, users look, is it different than Twitter. Giving, a platform to, Donald Trump who, can say CNN. Is fake news that. Is the American. Government, saying. Something, is fake news also, you. Know I guess that's true. They're, exactly the same and the. Platforms, are allowing. It, to happen, because. They and then not policing what is actually, true or fake although you, know like I don't know what we expected, them anymore except, to make I don't add revenue again. I put this in there like making shit up as we go along and, just ya know we, started off on such a high note with Amazon. Employees, getting. Injured more than steel working, but. You. Know now and. Again. Hello, sawmills. We're. All it is a giant, saw. Speaking. Of creepy II I wanted to update the. Uber founder. Travis has now cashed out, 1.7. Billion dollars, worth of uber stock I call it the full Numan he went full Newman Bono, and I say that that's the number and let's remind everyone that Travis. Got fired for being a significant. A-hole. Finally. A Japanese. Department, store is reconsidering.

Its Plan for staff, to wear menstruation badges, yeah. You heard that right the, company hoped that the badges would help foster sympathy. Among co-workers with. Those choosing to wear the pin likely, to receive extra help or longer, breaks. We, have a lot more to say about this I know. You made a game about it so let's spiring. To me let's go. All. Right in. Honor of the Japanese department, stores menstruation. Badge that's. Right it's yeah no listen to what Matt just said in, honor of, well. I think, I think. We under, played the value of merit badges at the workplace or badges in general like, you're calling administration, badge a merit badge. Maybe, maybe. Maybe. Status. Update badges, okay. Yeah. So um, now obviously, let. Me say this for the record menstruation, badges, are a bad idea okay, like I could. Debate this with you but fine, they're a bad idea I mean they're, not really that inclusive especially. In a country that is a workforce, problem, that could be solved, by having more women, access. To work and/or, childcare and, their. Idea, of inclusivity. Is are, you, bleeding that's, not. Great. We. Talked a lot about how you know US firms and UK firms you, know don't put women in leadership in. Asia, and most of Asia they're absolutely, allergic. To women, I. Just. Heard Asia sneeze, so. I went out and I wanted to actually figure, out and we're gonna play a little game and I want you to play. There. Was a there was a. There was actually a survey, done by Olivet. Nazarene University no, I hadn't heard of it either but. They surveyed, 2,000, American workers in 2017. About. Annoying, workplace, habits. 100%, of the 2000, respondents. Said yes, someone. Annoys the shit out of me at work I'm. Not kidding you I Fitz yeah 100% work alone here and I know where the shit on myself but, I see here the top five you know we're gonna go backwards from the top five will end at number one number five what. Do you think the. Fifth most annoying workplace, habit was Damien, Rallis wait, okay a little contact so are. We talking about this because. You. Want to create badges is, exactly, right wearing a badge for each annoying workplace, habit yeah. Cuz I I said before we did this this store registration, for the record is not annoying I just, want to take this to the next level I thought this could work if you had an. Equal. Badge, for, men in the office like that something the equivalent, of administration. Badge right like a reconcile. Dysfunction, badge or, a like, I, can't. Emote, badge or, whatever I don't know what it is but, all. Right so okay back to the quiz, number five. What do you think the number five item, on this, list is. I'm. I said I have no understanding, of how I can even begin to, know. The top five I'm gonna tell you things that annoy, me can I do that do it alright, these are broad categories, by the way yeah, okay, I'll just say like people, doing. Like. Look. It's cut it cutting, you're clipping, your nails essentially. I don't know what the category number, five one, percent, responded. Employees, personal, hygiene that's. It that's it and I thought yeah I just my suggestion, would be a don't, cut your nails badge. Can. I just say that I did, not I did not see these these, slides that Matt's posting. Live. On our stream on YouTube and twitch, unbelievable. I actually just guessed that that's that's a real thing now I mean, like I actually read, several, different types of surveys and nail. Flipping comes up more than you'd like to admit. You. Know number four what do we think number four now, you got that high-level. Personal. Hygiene is like the type of level we're talking about okay I'm gonna say people who don't know how to end a conversation like number. Four was actually, email, and, meeting. Habits. Okay. All right somebody. I, worked. At a company and I'm not gonna name em Missy I but. No. One there knows how to show up on time and people also don't know how to talk during meetings well they also know, how to send a lot of emails though so. My, suggestion, would be a don't, email me badge okay. Okay, what's next this is much better than menstruation, isn't it all of these are not okay number three again.

There's Nothing wrong with ministration, I mean it's it's yeah that's why these are better these two are far worse yeah go ahead number. Three take a guess, Oh number, three a. Smelly. Lunch. Exactly. Bathroom. And eating habits. 12%. Yeah, proving, that I worked in an office were way too many years so may I suggested. Please don't fart near me yeah. And no tuna special, all right idiots. I'll. Keep going, number. Two number. Two, I. Don't. Even know I like. I'll. Spare you the suspense yeah tell me yeah 32 percent do not like gossiping, and bullying. Gosh. Okay I don't mind gossiping. But the bullying that seems bad worrying. Just seems illegal guys. Don't bully gossiping. That's, natural, I don't know how do you avoid that one alright I think that's code for men being jerks, they don't want to hear women talk the number, one a most annoying habit of your coworkers yes. Loudness. And complaining. Nearly. 50% of respondents said. They, don't like how loud or complain. Either co-workers, were so. May. I suggest to do not speak, badge. Okay. Better. To me than tration. Badge. Before. We wrap up the show what are our badges our, five badges are do not speak badge, Oh nail clipping, no, nail clipping badge don't email me don't. Email me fart, somewhere else bark. Somewhere else, Shh. Shh, okay. So so, we're these are badges they're like directives, like yours you're ordering, people, badges, this is my status I do not want to hear any gossip, I don't want farts near me I don't want any emails, and I do definitely, do not want your nail clippings at my desk and last but not, least I prefer, if you don't no longer speak, see. This is why we have a raging, gig economy because you can be firing everybody, and hiring like scrubs, off the street well all I'm saying is I'm, gonna, go out on a limb and say my, badges. Better. Than anybody else's badges so far. Yeah. I guess so. An. Honest badge I would say that I, I. May. Or may not. If. You start a conversation with me I may or may not be interested that's my bad. I'm. Sorry I'm. Sorry I. Ain't. Care. If. You're gonna have menstruation badges, I do think you should have. Don't. Just focus, this. Is some pal business pants by the way. All. Right. Hey. That seems a bit of uh subscribing, you doubt it please pretty please subscribe. Rate, us watch. Us live on YouTube periscope. Twitch. We, are live monday through thursday at. Eastern. Time our. Team here executive.

Producer Courtney Roe are our. Philosophical. North. Stars, Courtney, cook our second. Philosophical, Nora stars Dan ragged snake our art department is John Walsh we are free flow media, I am Matt McCarthy that is Damian Rallis this. Was business pants day, tomorrow see you tomorrow.

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