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What's up everyone? Today we'll be talking  about MLMs. Okay um actually it's a quite a   controversial topic and there actually only a few  reasons why we'll be here: either you are in it,   your friend is in it, your relative is in  it but whatever it is, let's get to it! So as I was saying right, I've been one  last year and like honestly it's not my   thing. Okay we'll get to that in a bit but  um just to clarify MLM is not like a...   I mean it is a way to get rich but it's really not  for everyone okay. And like they boast about five   figure income, four figure income even (that's  actually pretty good already for an mlm) and like   the way to get there is really another story. So after I ORD-ed (For those who don't know ORD  

is like when you finish two mandatory years in the  army in Singapore). Okay, so after I ORD-ed right,   y'know, you're like an adult. After you receive  pay for two years, you've grown up, you become   more mature, you're like hey I need to get my act  together man, I need to like start planning for my   future, my retirement, like how to earn  more money, how to like get into investment,   all the stuff, like business all that stuff  okay. So apparently right, suddenly a friend,  

okay a close friend called me and told me there's  this business opportunity. Hey yo! How are you? actually pretty aligned with each other and like  because like we both say about retiring early,   retiring our parents early and like yeah, so  it's like very similar goals to mine and like   we know that like, the mentors right they take a  lot of time off their busy schedule to talk to us   so like, we need to learn how to appreciate their  time because like you know, they're actually very   busy people and especially taking their time  out to talk to us and mentor us understand? So   okay so anyways right I'll give you a book to read  and all you need to do is just read the book and   after they're done, you just need to inform  your sponsor. After that, your sponsor inform me So simple right? Just read a  book. Okay so apparently right,   okay that time I'm very clueless one, I don't  know what the heck is MLM, Amway. But all I know   is like business opportunity, can do as a side  hustle and get like four digit, five digit income!   Why not? Sounds great man! Okay  so apparently I read the book,   I told them about it and they told me there's this  upcoming seminar and it's like wow it's gonna be   lit man, it's gonna be amazing if I go. So obviously I agreed, I agreed. So apparently I  

went for the seminar and like woah it's really  damn legit. So apparently I go inside the   zoom meeting (cause it was COVID at that time).  So in the zoom meeting right woa everyone dress up   in suits, formal attire, even I was told to wear  formal attire. There's just a lot of people inside  

then the speakers suddenly like start talking  about the business plan, how to succeed uh,   how to like bring this to a new level and  what the structure is, the plan is and all.   woah really sounds like a it sounds like it can  make it, it can make it. So after that I was just   like I think I can. That's where the word "Amway"  was introduced to me and at that time, I had no   idea what the heck is a Amway okay. So during the  process, I read every day, listen to the audio,  

like what they wanted me to. Then I do core  run everyday, like really discipline. And   woah from there, I actually realise I love reading  self-help books like y'know, because the books   are not like Amway books. They're like written by  outside people and like they're amazing stuff and   that's where I actually realise I love reading.  Okay but then right okay so during the process,   I actually got to like... they told me  all the non-negotiables, like for example,   like there's two meetings a week and that is not  negotiable. I must attend, so it's like every   Tuesday and Friday if I'm not wrong. Then like  every Tuesday we have some seminar to attend,  

followed by a night owl and that takes up to 11pm,  12am, y'know that's like four, five hours okay.   Then after that, on Friday there's a PASE meeting,  they call it. It's some product awareness meeting   and OMG. Okay so I'm like sure why not. At  that time I was like damn motivated. Okay okay   I'm gonna attend it all! I'm gonna make sure  that Tuesdays and Fridays are always free y'   know. I'm really hardworking so right after  one month, I cleared the process. I became  

an IBO (independent business owner) and I was like  woah I'm so proud of myself man for clearing the   process because they need to see if I'm worthy  to be one of them. So apparently, I was so happy   I told my parents cause initially I wanted to  surprise them. OMG, when I told them about it You know people hate you for it. Y'know  I once had a relative that joined MLM,   didn't make it far I tell you, will not  one. Everyone will hate you. I use before   Amway products, I absolutely hate Amway. Your  mother will smack you I tell you, Amway. You're  

a letdown, disappointment. Woah GG sia  that one. So apparently right with that,   I knew it was actually very hard already because  right okay Amway they teach you one thing and that   is to invest in your own business and actually  that's really legit. Imagine like you sell facial   products but you don't use them, like your own  facial products, you think your consumers will   trust you? So it's something that you must invest  in your own business by buying your own products   to show that it's like it's actually very good lah  so uh so because my parents were like against it   so I already knew it was over like I  couldn't because Amway they sell like   household products like dishwashers, soap,  conditioner. There's also like makeup products,   there's food products, there's energy drinks like  all sorts of stuff you can find okay. You can go   to the website and check it out. So apparently  with that, I knew that I couldn't like invest  

in my own business anymore. Actually is that even  my own business considering those aren't even my   products. So despite my parents being against it,  I still bought some of the products home to try   because like you know the coaches say right like I  use it, then my parents would like it eventually.   So I bought like the wax, the conditioner, the  body soap. So okay this one I can remember very   clearly so the shampoo right, so before I join  Amway, there's this all natural shampoo that I   found that I really love. It made feel very  like happy about how like how my hair feels uh.   So apparently right, when I join Amway, I  told like Amway friend that hey actually I   feel like keeping my shampoo because y'know I  like the shampoo but they told me that this is   a very bad attitude because they say that right  I must invest my own business and like so she   said that uh no you can't do that. You should  replace it when you're done because you need to  

invest your own business! Don't invest in other  people's business, so fine... But luckily right,   I quit before I used finish so I'm just using  the shampoo. Okay so anyways um yeah so as I was   using the rest of the products, I realise that  I didn't really like their products that much.   I don't know, there's this very strong smell  especially the body wash that makes me wanna   puke. Okay no offense to those who actually like  it but like I just didn't like it y'know so I   just completely stopped using that and I switch it  out. But like okay, I'll just admit that some of  

their products are good but to be honest there are  better alternatives. Okay I'm not sure about like   anywhere else but in Singapore, we got a  lot of cheaper alternatives and they're   actually like much better quality y'know.  So right, it really makes me like wonder...   like I can see why my parents didn't like it  actually. After that right, they told me that okay   I need to start contacting my friends about this  opportunity to see if anyone's looking because   right like y'know, I need to help other people  to achieve success as well you know. I cannot   be selfish about this opportunity. So apparently  right they made me create this list called the  

ABC list so it's like your close friends, your  friends and strangers. So apparently right,   I went through my contacts, I put them according  to the category A, B, y'know. After like, so   apparently they teach me how to talk to my friends  and OMG so okay so how do we talk about friends   right, there's five levels. So like initiate a  convo, deepening the convo, make someone aware   there's such an opportunity, then qualifying  them to make sure that they are worth it like   me as well and then lastly drop the message to  them that there's such an opportunity and mentors   are actually looking you know. So apparently  right... so with that, I need to talk to my  

friends with that structure and I cannot tell  them what company I'm from, like Amway and like   y'know, at first I was like why? Why is this so  strict? Certain words I cannot use, cannot say.   Then their reason is because oh what if I chase  them away or what if they misunderstand or they   get the wrong idea or they just google and find  bad information and they didn't like uh... it's   because I told them too much y'know, so they told  me oh don't say so much, don't say too much so   I'm like okay sure. So apparently right, yeah  so all my conversations are very structured.   Then every time I don't know how to reply, I  had to screenshot and send them. So apparently,   it felt very unnatural cause those are my  close friends y'know. I love my friends.   They're like... they're always there for me,  they pick me up when I'm down. And they teach  

me something like they're either your business  partners or they are your customers and   like y'know, I cannot think of my friends like  because they say like you don't need friends that   don't know how to get an act together aka they're  not business partners y'know. So apparently right,   I realised that hey what the heck? That's how...  that's what they meant that you might actually   lose friends doing this. It's because they  give you this idea that you don't actually  

need those friends anymore. You only need people  who are in this business too so I realised that   hey my friends pick me up when I'm down all the  time and they're always there for me and like   I love them man so apparently I realised that I  can't do this, I can't think that my friends are   s*** like that y'know, that they can't get an act  together so I realised that hey what the heck am I   thinking and that's when I realised that y'know  something's really very wrong there. Now that I   think about it right, there's actually one  more way to pressure me to like talk to my   close friends. I don't know were they actually  trying to pressure me. So apparently right uh   after I used the products and I didn't  really like it, then I thought that   actually if the products were good, I don't mind  telling my friends about it. But like now that I  

don't even like the products, I shouldn't be like  telling my friends right? So I realised that maybe   I shouldn't like contact them or maybe should  I close one eye and hope that these business   still go well and I succeed and earn the money? So  apparently right, so they said this y'know, they   said that, because remember the C, in the C list  right, is the strangers right? which is supposed   to be empty because we don't know anyone we don't  know I guess. So apparently right they say that   my friends is somebody else's C list so eventually  if they ever meet my friend, they're going to try   to contact my friend and if I ever see my friend  that's intro-ed, like sponsored by someone else,   I'm going to regret not asking my friend. That's  why they tell me, I should actually go and ask   every single one of my friend and I'm just like  oh okay, I don't want my friend to be sponsored   by someone else so like y'know, obviously, I had  to like try right y'know. So after that right,  

everything is starting to look more and more  repetitive y'know like there's a pattern I notice   because every time... Okay so as I was saying,  every day you must listen to audios right? So as I   listen to it every day right, I realised that they  are all like mainly the same things y'know like   the speaker, okay they're all different speakers  but they would be flaunting about their wealth,   like they'll say about their big cars, their house  their vacation and how they got security and like,   their life is very like very nice you know  and like they're making side income y'know.   This is the side income, the Amway business.  So apparently right, they will tell you stuff   like oh you need to listen to your mentors,  your coach and because they're always right,   anything you should go through them and should  always go through them before doing anything   and like uh... so basically like they really  preach a lot of like habits and stuff and like  

you know you should read everyday, listen to  audio everyday and like but then eventually   it's just all the same thing in different words  y'know and then also like on every Tuesday when I   attend the meeting, I realised that the seminar  that I was supposed to attend every Tuesday   is the exact same one that I went to after  reading the book. So basically every Tuesday,   it's the same presentation, just a different  speaker. And I only start noticing the pattern   like after I become an IBO. I'm just like why am  I doing here? I've been through this presentation   like many times but it's a non-negotiable so I  have to put my formal wear, attend the meeting,   sit there and like y'know look like oh I'm a big  big man y'know like I'm grown up and with my life   all together even though actually I'm losing money  y'know from buying the products and not earning   anything. So like over there, I can see all the  new... they always identify the new people and   like they're questioning like oh what do you want  in your life? What are you aiming for? Oh what are   you doing now? Y'know like they'll really like get  in your head somehow. So apparently right uh yeah  

it got very repetitive and then like I don't know  man... so eventually, okay I'm so sorry but then   I... apparently I'll will just alt tab and do my  stuff because it's a zoom call so apparently I'll   just like do my stuff on the com so it'll look  like I'm actually paying attention but actually   I am not. So this one right is actually the last  straw okay I swear. So apparently like towards   the part where I'm about to quit, there's this  major international function that I have to attend   and like the mentors were saying how privileged  that we are because like usually it's helped like   overseas actually to fly down and to attend the  seminar, the function but apparently like they   say because due to COVID, now it's on zoom so we  all should get a ticket and go for it, and it's a   non-negotiable to them I guess. So apparently  right I spent like, okay it's not much,  

close to $200 to attend the function to invest  in my education. Okay so apparently I went.   So me and my friend, we bought and we're like okay  we need go. But because it is supposedly held in   US right? The speakers are in US, so apparently  right we had to like be awake in the odd hours in   Singapore, during the odd hours in Singapore. So  we were there like oh we have to listen and then   you know what they say? That's where your energy  drink is useful so apparently we had to stay up   all night and listen. Even the sun rise already,  my parents were awake already then there I am   still like over there listening to my business.  And I'm like OMG what am I doing with my life   and that's not the worst part. So I paid like  so much for it right, I expected like some like  

good information, learning like, good learning  outcomes, like I prepare a piece of paper for my   notes, cause you know cause usually every  meeting they'll say you must have notes ready,   standby to take notes, even though like I  don't know why everyone's just saying the same   thing. So apparently right, then realize hey why  are they like saying the same thing as the audio?   They're just showing off that wealth, telling  everyone woah you look at my car in my background,   in the zoom y'know, then the house very big ah  y'know. Then apparently like after a while, I'm   just like they're saying the same thing as the  audios what? They're just showing them their   wealth, or telling you to listen to your mentors,  and like what? So there's really not much that we   are actually learning out of it and I paid so much  to watch people flaunt their wealth in front of me   when I'm losing money in this business?! What??  So after all that right, I still attended some   meetings y'know and like y'know I realised that  hey everyone is like, it's like a cult y'know,   cause like you know we all listen to the  audios and like on some night owls, we share   our takeaways and all but everyone's audio is  all about like oh we need to trust our mentors,   oh we need to convo, do more conversation, we  need to set a goal to like do this do that and   when I say goals I say like it's towards the  business. So like we need to maybe contact  

10 friends a day, set a goal y'know that kind of  stuff. And then the worst thing is when everyone,   like cause everyone is talking about similar  stuff except it's just different phrasing, and   then like everyone on the zoom chat... they'll  will like go crazy like oh my gosh! Oh you're   on fire today! OMG you're so lit man!  You are so motivating and inspiring the   heck out of me. Like for me, I'm just like  what's going on? Because like I feel like,  

like they don't really share new stuff y'know.  And I don't know what's so motivating about   listening to the same thing over and over  again. Okay I don't know, I don't know what   is it about that, but to me, I just don't  find anything like inspiring out of that. So  

I just really find that it's a waste of time.  So I called my friend right and then right,   yeah she said she also felt like something is  wrong then that I asked her if she thought that   the audio sounded very repetitive and it's just  people speaking like with different phrasing. And   she's just like yeah. So she actually realized  it after I told her. Apparently after that,   we realised... then we started googling and  then like wow there's a lot of bad reviews,   like 99 percent of them were bad reviews. And  one very significant one was like the father was  

the Amway IBO. So apparently right the guy went  out to the basement then you know the basement   it's like a Amway supermarket because okay every  month we're suppose to hit a certain volume. Like   so how much you spend is proportional to the  volume so we need to have a volume goal every   month and you must try to hit it. So apparently  right, the father must have bought a lot but the   stuff is usually quite hard to sell y'know, so I  think they focus more on like recruiting people   in rather than selling their products. So okay  after that me and my friend were like hey s***!   This is not what you wanna do anymore. So when we  wanted to leave y'know, so okay my friend wanted  

to take a leadership role in her dance CCA. Okay  so she's like really into dance, so apparently she   said okay she's gonna say she cannot like cause  just so happen that the dance practice right   is on the same day as the meetings and it's  non-negotiable so like she realised she's been   skipping all this practice and she's been feeling  very sad about that. So she realised that hey I   want to actually attend my dance CCA actually and  she want to get a leadership role so she really   very overwhelmed also. So apparently, she talked  to the coaches and mentors on the zoom call about   it and like okay, cause she was very afraid  so I was actually beside her but I was off the   camera on the zoom call. So apparently right, the  coaches actually passively aggressively ask her if   like to like whether did she think about her  future, the long term, dance compared to the   business, which will benefit her more. But like  to me, I find it a bit uncomfortable to be like  

listening to all that because right it's  your passion and dreams what y'know...   like how could you say something like that to  like kill her passions and dreams. Somemore   moreover this is supposed to be a side thing, side  hustle! But like I don't know man... She's just...  

Yeah she took it... She had to take all that. Then  after that, but she still still insisted that it's   something she really want and she thought about it  already. So apparently, the coaches were like okay   sure, all the best y'know. So after that, one  week later, it was my turn. After apparently,  

I just told them that I upfront told them that I  just thought that the products didn't really suit   me and it's very hard for me to be selling or like  even bringing my friends into something I don't   really believe in and like for them, they accept  the reason. They said that's reasonable cause it's   very like hard to y'know be in this business if I  don't even believe in it. So apparently they let   me go. And like after that I... yeah so I just  told them that they are very like hyped up about   the products so it's very hard for me to like tell  them that I didn't really like the products. So   that is my Amway story and like okay I hope you  guys will hate me for saying all these. But like,   this is what really happened and like that's what  I thought and experienced throughout and like,   it's just not for me y'know. It may be suitable  for you and it might be working for you,  

so right if it's something you wish to do,  sure! it's It's not that... It's also a way.   It's a way to get rich but like for me it's  just not my thing because I feel very like   trapped in this y'know and like it's  very hard for me to be myself in this   because for me running a business right, I  prefer the conventional one where like maybe   there's products where I can be selling, like  a normal advertisement. Actually I want to see   what you guys think about like MLMs in general  or anything, so leave it down in the comments   below to let me know what you think! And yeah  please like subscribe and I'll see you next time!

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