Business leaders discusss Human Rights Ordinance; NE Florida's chief Ted Cruz supporter

Business leaders discusss Human Rights Ordinance; NE Florida's chief Ted Cruz supporter

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Still. Talking, and discussing and, that's a good thing from most perspectives, discussion. Continues in the River City about expanding the Human Rights Ordinance what, are the pros and cons we. Can lose everything we own because, the government, is trying to force me to create art and participate, in event the. Conflicts, with my religious, teachings. About, marriage, you can't be surprised, what. Anybody, do with the opposed to something they have a right to do that I just think it's the wrong way to do it our, panel takes on the issue from a business, person's, perspective and. Overachieving. In the early votes without, performed, in two races now obviously. In Iowa we were rejected by the national, polls to, lose by 11, points and instead we won by four points and. I think we did that in a way that was truly. Revolutionary. The campaign chairman for Senator Ted Cruz in Jacksonville. And explaining the strategies, he thinks will lead to a win in Florida stay, with us on this week in Jacksonville. Thanks. For joining us this morning we update you on campaigns, and how the presidential, contest got a sneak, peek at the outsider. Who's on the inside and, working in Florida already that conversation, with Chad sweet campaign. Chairman for Senator Ted Cruz that's coming up in just a few minutes first, our table is filled with two sides of the coin on the issue of an expanded, Human Rights Ordinance in Jacksonville. Steve, Halverson Jack Webb or joining us they explain why they favor expanding the. Ordinance Diane, Catlin and Dan car with us talking about why they do not favor expanding the HRO so I want to start here just may be a one sense from each of you to maybe. Explain your position and then we'll expand the conversation, from there Diane would you start absolutely. This, ordinance. Has proven itself very harmful for small businesses, I am a small business owner and the. Small business values, in Jacksonville it's a great value to Jacksonville, so it would be a huge detriment, to small businesses, in Jacksonville. Okay I appreciate that Jack Webb working. As a with. A lot of businesses of Labor attorney absolutely, I think it's the right time to do it's the right time to do the right thing in a responsible, fashion as, I said at the HRO meeting the mayor sponsored, the community discussion. It I think that it's it's up to the City Council to graph excuse, me to draft legislation that. Will address the. Issues of small businesses, so it's to protect them alright, Dan car your position. This. HRO is, evidence. Of the creeping incrementalism. That. The, LGBT, community is after, very. Soon large companies. That, subscribe. To this will, find themselves with a second round of. Incrementalism. They'll have to provide for transgender. Surgeries. And there's, just no end use your imagination. Okay, all right Dan, I'm sure we'll come back to that Steve Halvorsen in charge of a large company tell me some of your perspective, I am think he got three. Reasons and they're simple reasons first it's important, to attract and retain jobs, in our community, second. It's important, attracting.

And Retaining talent, which, drives the economy and third, it's important, to the community to express, its values on the dignity and worth of all people okay. I appreciate that so that's that's the basis of where these these opinions are gonna come from why don't we talk about talent, first. I'd. Read something, which. Some of the folks who are opposed, to expanding, the HRO in Jacksonville, had, passed on looking. At a report a Pew Research report, saying, that only 12% of, the. LGBT, community consider. Local, acceptance. A major factor in relocation. It, sounds like at least in that study, maybe. That's not as big a deal you you, fellas, don't think, that that's the case it is a factor. On having, talent come to Jacksonville is that right my. Experience it absolutely is I have personal experience at Haskell and indirect experience chairing, a, large business group statewide and, locally. And. The percentage isn't so important, what's important, is to make this community, attractive. And competitive, for all talent there's, no reason to drive talent, away from this committee we're only poorer. Less. Able to a to, grow this community by driving away anybody, and to. Do so for the purpose of preserving a right to discriminate makes, no sense to me Jack. Webb your experience, again, labor. Law so you have you had cases where people say hey i, if. If this HRO expansion. Was in place i'd have a case and I don't now because it's not those, productions aren't there well it's interesting to approach it from up from a legal perspective and in that sense what I hear from the opposition to this is that such legislation, it's not needed on a local level simple, because federal, federal. Regulations. The statutes, provide for such protection, that begs the question ago so what Steve says if that's the case then why not adopt, such a statue on a local level to reject such a statute sends, a message message, just the opposite that were not inclusive and we're not supportive of such rights okay, and. Here. Over to the other side of the table for just a moment here did is we visited, this week you told me that as a small. Business person it. Came, down to what you felt like maybe an invasion that, that. Government, was saying I'm gonna control something that you. Didn't find necessary um. Jacksonville, is the most polite marvelous. City in the world I can. Attest to that I teach, how to behave and I don't need to teach the city too much because we're already well behaved and we do love each other I was, a dance major, everyone, was gay, honestly. In the 70s, that was the way it was no one had a problem with, whoever was gay what the problem is and what the prince such a marvelous, time for, this to come up because of all the evidence the actual, evidence in the, entire country, small. Business owners who have Christian, values and, who don't want, to engage or, be, involved with or, as Romans 1 32, says. Participate. In a wedding they're the ones who were sued you, had on your lead in Bernal. Stutzman she, is being sued but there's another group another, cute. Family they they're, being sued for 144. Thousand, dollars because they didn't want to bake a cake for, a couple getting married who are gay there. Is this, is insane it is just what mr. Carr said it has gotten out of hand and if we pass this it is going to get further out so, Dan, Carr let me let me ask about that because of what you said earlier said, hey if if we expand the HRM summarizing, for what you said and, then all these other things are gonna happen it, seems kind of, fear-based. Or I. Think, the worst is gonna happen how, do you how would you explain that I'm not trying to attack you I'm just saying walk, me through that well let's. Take some examples look, at Houston Texas they. Repeal, their. Jarro. Closer, to home Atlantic, Beach the. The, referendum. On the two people that push the hro they both lost their seats. Indianapolis. The, HRO came up for a state.

Legislative. Vote and they, shelved it people. Are waking up all over, Jacksonville. Is, 44.3%. Gay. Population. That's. 14th. Out, of the hundred and to large, metropolitan, centers. The. In-migration, since, 2012, when. The last HRO was defeated, has. Been fantastic, the. Economy, of Jackson and Danna, I'm sorry so you're saying people are still moving or from, the LGBT, community still. Still. Making Jacksonville at home let's talk a little bit more about that I we're gonna take a break because important. Topic and a lot to talk through so, stay with us more about this topic, as we come up but for instance is it really about who, uses which bathroom that came up in another, city it came up this week then Jackson also want to talk about that and other topics here, on this week in Jacksonville State. Man. These wings like good yeah. I despise the other Bukka sauce so good it'll change your life hmm. Sir. Looks. Like we're leading in the polls. You're. Running for president don't. Answer that, life-changing. May, be indescribably. Good definitely, the boneless wings meal with spicy honey barbecue sauce, served, with crinkle fries and a small drink Zaxby's, indescribably good. I was. Driving in my Camry. When I played the text, what could I see a look at I entered the location, 22, beechwood, Lane the. Car rerouted, me turned left. One minutes later. Now, if only my car, could. Tell me what to do next, get. A lousy row percent APR for 72 months, on a new 2016 Toyota, Camry Toyota. Let's go places. This. Weekend, come discover the beauty of Black River and get a brand-new turnkey, country home on your montt for only ninety, nine nine that's right just ninety nine nine for a completely finished 3-bedroom, 2bath turnkey, country home and your two to eight acre home site within the gated waterfront community. Of Black River enjoy, private access, to the st. Marys River a, river front, Park community. Doct private, boat launch and a prime location convenient. To downtown Jacksonville. Call, now eight seven seven five twenty five thirty, thirty three, what. Truck companies you think offers best-in-class, v8, fuel economy best-in-class, v8, horsepower, and best-in-class, v8, towing Chevy, I'm, going with Ram definitely, Ford. The. New 2016, Chevy Silverado, offers best-in-class fuel economy. Horsepower. That's. Right, all Chevy, the fastest-growing pickup, brand it's truck month now get a total value of $7,500. On this silverado all star with a 5.3, liter v8 see. Your Southern Chevy dealers. This. Is pathology Washington are the tightest, hardest don't be so my bus on channel 4 it was sunny one at mad for 2 a.m. they're gonna have a god time yes.

On. February 27, joined me for the sheriff's round of a western-themed, event to benefit Jax Powell that means you can wear your boots enjoy. A night of music dancing fun and support for programs that have a positive impact on our youth reserve, your tickets at Jack's pal com, how. To get in shape in just 2 minutes Monday, on the morning show. Behind. This door a political, firestorm, dividing. The country families. Making too much and living, off your dime but things aren't so cut and dry I give, about half, of my paycheck. To the house news, for Jax investigates, local, families, barely scraping, by now. Facing, possible eviction or, not by any means above. And beyond what we should be the major change that could leave some families, living on the streets broken. Welfare, Tuesday. On the 10 o'clock news. You're. Watching this week in Jacksonville, with Kent Justice, the battle over Jacksonville's, efforts to expand the Human Rights Ordinance to include, gay, bisexual and, transgender, people may turn to focusing, on bathrooms, right that's what we heard this week so take a look at a TV commercial it ran in Houston last year where a similar, ordinance was defeated by voters. Protect. Women's privacy prevent, danger, vote no on the proposition 1 bathroom ordinance it, goes too far. Channel. 4's Jim Pig at report said already some local groups taking kind of the same approach saying that the ordinance would make restrooms, unsafe. Welcome, back our panel here as we talk about this. Jack. Webb what, are your thoughts you're right and I think there really the question is is it really about bathrooms. Who gets to use them when this. Is about discrimination as, this, is a build, that board proposed, bill suggests to build a prohibits discrimination, based on. Housing. And accommodation. It's not about, facilities. Accommodation, let's keep that very clearly in mind in fact that was one of the reasons that when we discussed this matter I thought it was very wise to keep it on a local level to craft exceptions. To craft exemptions, to protect, people to make certain perhaps, that it would constitute, an undue hardship, to provide. Certain. Accommodations based. On LBGT. LBGT. Status having, said that it's also not, a public safety bill okay it's. A discrimination, so not, about that and what did you think about that I think you may have heard that as we've reported on sweet yes. Is. That a concern for you I guess if. I had a young daughter in a co-ed school I would, be concerned because the, way these ordinances read, both, 2016. 1 and 2016. 2 they. Express, the, concern, of the city for our morals. Thank. You very much I don't need the city's morals I have my own. It. Also. There. Are seven paid, exclusive. Lobbyists, pushing this if, you look on the lobbyist list for City of Jacksonville you, can see their names that's. All they do is they push and I think. That you're getting at that that bothers you that it's an outside voice. Into what should be local is that what the moneyed interests, are all pro HRO, let. Me ask. You. This yes, in, would you also talk, to me about the small, businesses we mentioned that earlier and I think what mister what was just saying a moment ago there are some exemptions. Or, exceptions crafted. Into some of the language for HR, rose but, if I want to grow my business to more than 15 people then I'm in trouble again if I have my Christian, rights I'm, worried, about gin expression, gender, expression, in New York City now I'm, gonna be fined one hundred and twenty five thousand, dollars if I call you mr. Smith instead.

Of Miss Smith remember we talked about this the other day because. I'm an etiquette teacher I'm not allowed to call you by your first name until I call you about your last name and if, I get the wrong pronoun, you're going to sue me because I don't know what sex you are at that moment that's, not discrimination, that's, common, sense so, is that part of the. Rules. Here not. Part of the the it. Is yes. Because, gender expression, does use that term gender expression, and it, is important, example, I had, a pastor, friend tell me that recently I think, those of your Catholics, I think a. Man. A man came into the chair his church sat, in the second row they were wearing collars, like Catholics, and all, of a sudden they stood up and started making out when, he started preaching they, were removed, by the security. And which. Is they were gender, expressing. To, me that's an appropriate behavior. Period, right, so, this, all of this is a joke, in terms of those of us who actually behave, we actually respect, each other we we. Are the ones who are going to be punished for this small, business big business I don't know and one more thing the fear-based thing represent, the chamber, using, the strong-arm I mean I love Matt rap he's a friend but, I did not like his presentation, the other night in terms of it seems like the chamber is trying to be the big bully on campus, the big business owners we. Also have value in the city so, Diane let me let me interject in Steve Allison, I mean if you it, turns out you're gonna have last word here in a second but the. Jax chamber is yes. It has big businesses, but there are an awful lot of small businesses, that are part of Jax chamber as well did they vote, did. They vote for what. Y'all I'm. Not I'm, not active, in a chamber but it's primarily a small business organization, so, to. Conflate that with big business simply, wrong, do. You do. You have any worries. About what happens if the, expansion, happens, to include LGBT. Right. Now that down the road there, would be more things. That would be harmful to your, business her business our business I don't, the. Roads long a Haskell. Said his policy since the early 1970s. Haven't. Had a problem yet, eighty. Six percent of business large business in. The country have had these policies mostly for decades. The. Chambers, which worsen small business you. Know formally support this it hasn't been an issue there's, no evidence, there's, an issue and, in, surveys, of Mayors that have had a long runtime of these kinds of ordinances, it's generally, not a problem hasn't, been the, New York example, is interesting, but only if he moved to New York it's, nothing to do with Jacksonville, right now I I subscribe, to objection the craft a local ordinance that fits the local situation it's, a national. Discussion that we're bringing here, because it impacts Jacksonville. And I appreciate being part of discussion, I know we got, more to talk about but we don't have time to talk about now so this so stay, in the news I'm sure until something happens thank you so much for your time this morning offer their opinions, all. Right coming up your politics but we're localizing.

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Results For him in the primary I think. We feel great I mean if you look at the results they speak for themselves both. Races, the media projected, the senator to do far worse than he did so we've outperformed, in two races now obviously. In Iowa we were rejected by the national, polls to, lose by 11, points and instead we won by four points and, I think we did that in a way it was truly. Revolutionary. Both. In the ground game but also from the matter of principle the senator is, the only planet that has taken on the, lobbie and. Stood for principle for, no subsidies not even for a big wall in his own home state of Texas or, for ethanol in Iowa and one that's, what we heard was Iowa, wasn't gonna go his way because of ethanol and that that's not what happens right in fact you know you saw the. Governor of. The state and all the big establishment. Powers. That be turning every cannon on the senator and because. He stood for principle the people stood with him and that's what resulted, in the victory we saw in Iowa that, then if you look at it again he was virtually. Not. Talked about for, New Hampshire the. Thesis, was that he's only a. Angelical. Or narrow. Candidate, and what we saw on just. Last night or Tuesday night in New, Hampshire is that actually he's bringing together the old Reagan coalition that, includes, national. Security, conservatives, business, conservatives, not, just as angelicus but also, libertarians. And that, coalition, which, the libertarian, wing in New Hampshire is quite strong with, Rand Paul dropping, out he, was able to consolidate, that the portion of that vote and that's what frankly, allowed us to help those down in place third. Place which. Was very impressive how, is it that the day after New Hampshire, you were in Jacksonville and, what are you trying to accomplish here ahead, of a pretty important, date March 15th, in the Florida primary well. Florida. Is very important, obviously they're 99, delegates up, for grabs this will be the one of the first states that are winner take all, and so, we, know when you look back at the success, in. Marco. Rubio's race against Governor Chris north, these. Four were here played a big important, role and that's why we're here basically, make. Sure the Senators message is heard and, there are a lot of great slogans, or understand, the importance, of what he's trying to achieve the big change to Washington and. They're willing to come, together enjoy, our coalition, so, when you talk about the event this week it's. A small group this is not a campaign, event where the. Senator is here and thousands, are listening or whatever what's, the value there at a small meeting. Like this well usually as, you know in any. Movement they're usually what, we call a vanguard there's, the the thought leaders that, influence the broader base. And that's really why we're here is to have that opportunity to make sure that we answer the questions, and and address, the concerns of all those thought. Leaders in the state of Florida, and we're excited that more. And more Floridians, understand, the, importance, of his message about breaking, up the cartel in Washington, and having a conservative. That has a proven, track record of standing, up and fighting and changing, Washington, not, a campaign, conservative, that makes promises on the road and then, gets to Washington and changes their position, you're. Talking about a proven record there was something that seemed kind of new when it came to Iowa, and the on-the-ground campaign, this camp Cruz idea, I would imagine were to see that other places as well during this camp absolutely, that was the brainchild of one, of our Floridian, leaders Paul Porter and it's, exciting because what Paul did has basically, helped us to get these hubs where we've got essentially. Dorms, or old, hotels, where we can for, a very cost-effective, approach. Rent, them out for limited periods of time because, part of our campaign it's all about a movement it's not necessarily, about senator Cruz alone although, he's our leader but, he he was sitting, right here would say the same thing this is a much bigger than himself in order, to make the ground game effective, you have to have tools.

Like Camp Cruz which which is one of the key ways of getting everybody, organized. And on the ground and that's also great from a cost point of view because we. Pay about a quarter, of what it would take for folks to be in a hotel which. Is one of the reasons why when you look at all the campaigns the, Cruz campaign as of December 31 had, almost twenty million dollars cash on hand which is more than Jeb. Bush Marco, Rubio, John. Kasich and Chris Christie combined, and it's gonna take that kind of dry powder to. Be built to last for what's gonna be a marathon to get to to, that March 15th date, here in Florida how. Is it that in Florida, senator. Cruz has been successful, in fundraising when you do have the former Glover governor, and you have u.s. senator who. It, seems that they would have a pretty pretty. Big grip on some of the money here in the Sunshine State no I think well the obviously, governor Bush and and senator Rubio are, formidable we, have a lot of respect for each of them but if I think at the end of the day what Floridians, are looking for is change they know that when, they look at the records. Of those, candidates, there's, one, consistent. Conservative as, repeatedly. Stood for principled no, matter how much he's, come under fire and, even taking great risk as we saw in the kick in the case of Iowa, we talked about standing up to ethanol in Iowa and winning. Standing up to big oil subsidies, in Texas and winning I think that's the consistent, track record versus regrettably. In the case of Marco Rubio where you've got a candidate, who made a promise to fight a amnesty and went to Washington and did the exact opposite, how, can a, US, senator, that means he's inside, he's an insider, in the system he's in Washington, how can he be an outsider. So, it's. A great question and what, I would say is that sum it up this way Ted Cruz is in Washington. But not of Washington, so the the, criticism, that he often gets that. Wow you know it seems like there's now you don't have a lot of friends in Washington, that's. Because. Again he's in Washington but not of Washington. He, is in. Fact been, a fighter and the people have seen that over and over again if he didn't had a proven, track record of standing. Up for principle, whether it's the Obamacare. Fighting. That even if it's being. Standing alone or fighting. Against increases, in the debt ceiling with no commensurate, spending. Cut reductions, etcetera those are the kinds of fights that he's demonstrated, he's, able to effectively, do and I will tell you in the end that's, why people trust Ted Cruz is he's, openly. Admitted. He's not to be in Washington for the consultants. Or K Street he's, there for the people. Great. Visit there with Chad sweet so this week in Jacksonville airs each Sunday morning at this time and next week we're gonna have live results from South Carolina's, Republican primary. And the Democrats, will be caucusing, in Nevada, join us then I've got, justice thanks for watching on air on channel 4, and on, News 4 Jack's calm. And. Use four jacks we're always covering, the news even when we're not on TV stay. Informed on the go and online, at News four jacks calm.

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