Business Leader of the Week | Glory Oguegbu - The Wonder Woman of Renewable Energy in Africa |

Business Leader of the Week | Glory Oguegbu - The Wonder Woman of Renewable Energy in Africa |

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welcome to the first video edition of business  leader of the week by dabba my name is Chris Ani   your host and founder . Of course!  you know a platform where people are getting high   income skill to gain financial freedom world  creation and also to build their capacity   and on today's edition, I have here with me  Glory Oguegbu. She is the founder of RETTI   she's an author and Mandela Washington fellow  and this lady is a trailblazer in the renewable   energy industry good to have you here glory thank  you for having me um you flatter me a lot Chris.  

First of all, I must say that this is such an  amazing space that you've got here. I've been a   day-one admirer of the work that you guys do  here at Guys, I have to tell you   how I met Chris he was on a plane going to Dubai  I was on my way to Paris and there was this guy   sitting beside me he was dozing throughout in  the plane it was just two of us on the seat and   I was going to Paris but the plane was going to  get to Dubai first. Then after a while I went to   the restroom and came back and then he was still  sleeping and so after. I just noticed someone say-   "hello lady! have you heard about crypto? my name  is Chris. I've written a book on cryptocurrency".   Then he starts talking with so much passion  and I've never seen anything like it before.  

I knew that he was a different person. I'm like-  "are you in Nigeria? Are you also coming from   Nigeria?" and he tells me about this massive  speaking engagement he was going to do at Dubai   I was so impressed because I was like this is a  young guy like me this is a young person like me   and he gives me a copy of his book I think it's  crypto 101 yes right and guys I was we started   talking about dreams he started talking to me  about visions the passion he had for DABA. I'm   like wow this is a person to know and he he was  the first person to teach me how to use zoom. At   the time I didn't know how to use zoom. He taught  me how to create a schedule, schedule a call   and guys! I was just so hopeful for tomorrow we  talked about dreams and everything and he said   we have to do something together about renewable  energy so he taught me a lot of digital things   and this was (in) late December 2019 right? and  I'm so happy to see what DABA has built in this   day so I'm really happy to tell people that I  know Chris. so thank you so much for having me   you're welcome. I think I was meant to do an  introduction right? so my name is Gloria Oguebu.  

I am the founder and CEO of Renewable Energy  Technology Training Institute. My industry is   the solar industry because I'm very passionate  about how to promote access to electricity to   up to 93 million Nigerians who have no access to  power supply. I'm very passionate about writing   and telling stories. so I talk a lot about climate  change i teach children about how renewable energy  

is a solution of climate change and so i've  written five books. My latest book now is   how to make money from solar and so i'm constantly  talking about how people could create businesses   to promote access to electricity a whole 93  million Nigerians have no access to. That is a   market size and a lot of young people can create  businesses and solve this problem and so that   is what i do at Renewable Energy Tech Training  Institute to actually train people on the value   chains the opportunities that are in the industry  wow that's that's big that's thank you service   not to cut you but I want you to tell us about  the renewable energy industry in Africa - the   possibilities, the current challenges, the ongoing  solutions and of course business opportunity,   so you could start with the challenge tell us give  us an overview of the industry itself thank you   and that's one of the questions I like answering  the most now I like to say that 600 million people   in Africa are without access to electricity.  wow! that's a lot of people. 600 million now.   In Nigeria we have the highest number of  people globally without electricity access   93 million Nigerians and so experts have said  that the fastest way to deliver access to 24/7   electricity to these people, is true solar power.  right? because if we're wait and when i say 93   million people i'm talking about 93 million people  in nigeria that have never seen an electric pole   there is no electricity or NEPA wirings in their  house. i'm not talking about people like you and i  

that don't see the regular electricity so people  like you and i that have electricity connection   but we hardly see the lights we are called people  living under the grid so there are there is about   170 million other people who do not have  access to constant power you know so and   these have hampered economic development a  whole lot yes and so i was discussing with   Chris earlier- what access to electricity could  do to young people and how new businesses can   grow and develop. and so this is the problem  and because every problem needs a solution   initiatives in solar power initiative in renewable  energy began to spring up because this need had to   be met and so that is what the industry looks like  solar power technology became popular because the   development of the technology has seen a rise in  the last five years. Do you know that at this time   solar power is is now known as the LCOE that  is the lowest cost of electricity it means   that solar power is becoming the cheapest form of  electricity generation so you talk about diesel,   you talk about gas, and hydro solar technology  has become the cheapest. Of course! we haven't   seen this materialized in Nigeria yet because of  what our economy is going through because of forex   and inflation so you can imagine what  it's going to look like in the next   five years right because these  people without access to electricity   have to have this asset and so there is the UN  sustainable uh development goals 2030 goal 7,   says that by 2030 there should be complete access  to electricity in the whole world how can this   happen now capacity building is a very important  aspect of achieving access to 24/7 electricity   people you need to understand what the value chain  is if we must deliver access to electricity like   three million people what do we do how do  we understand the failures and three cases   of what makes up solar power right. Where  can I key in which area can i come from is it   i'm in the finance sector so let me just miss the  value chains good so if i'm in the finance sector   what kind of value change what kind of value can  i provide for solar power in the value chain i   can consider instruments financial instruments  specifically for solar power i can think about oh   i already have mechanical engineering background  i can actually build inverters. inverters work   with solar panel battery and charge controller  to generate electricity and so you have people   who are good in marketing and sales. you have  people who are good in community development  

for solar power and and you have people who can  just be trained as installers only. oh i want to   go and install solar panels you have people who  can become designers i was having a conversation   on the phone just before i got on the set with a  lady who is very good at designing. She told me   i cannot install but i can design. design simply  means determining the amount of solar power that  

would be useful for a space so you see these are  the areas that young people can learn something   people can find a way to cl you know to pitch into  any of the niches right. You design the system,   sell your design to a hospital- oh "hello doctor!  i have a design that can work for your hospital".   you don't have to spend so much amounts on diesel  this is designed pay me for my design then get   an engineer to install the solar power for you  so you find that mathematicians those are sort   of statistics engineers can all do something  in this sector because it's a sector that is   very interesting because of the opportunities now  let me shock you up to 330 billion dollars is the   amount of money that has been invested into this  solar power only in year 2015 it hits a peak every   year and i find it very surprising, why? because  we had gas and coal and other sources of power   generation before but how come renewable and solar  power has gotten the largest amount of investment   globally? so it means that wow there's something  here don't you think so there's something people   young people can key into this opportunity to  create solutions thank you to create solutions   to meet the electricity needs of people in  nigeria i know that i have talked too much   that's great so with.. i want you to go to the  next phase of you have a platform called ready   a non-governmental organization tell us what is  ready doing what have you been doing with RETTI   what's the impact and okay programs you are  doing with RETTI? thank you so RETTI stands for   Renewable Energy Technology Training Institutes  where we train and mentor people along the value   chains of renewable energy power generation solar  power wind energy and the opportunities around   this. I was just telling Chris before i got on the  set that just one area can open up a whole other  

world of several opportunities right and so just  this one area of solar power or this one area of   wind energy there is a lot of other things tied in  the value chain even professors in the university   benefit from project development of renewable  energy you know engineering students benefit from   something you know so it's a very rich value chain  right and so RETTI wants to help people to see   how to create a change and how to make a  difference in the sector the the sector is quite   complex because people don't understand how this  solar power works how can i do a business in it   i've been hearing people saying solar solar some  people then says that solar doesn't work and so   my company is here to just make it simple  for you. so we have created courses   to walk you down the line different courses for  the renewable energy sector different courses   for companies wanting to pivot into the renewable  energy sector. so we recently even had a software   company who wanted to pivot. so they say oh we  want to do something in solar and so we have   such trainings for companies so anyone wanting to  come into the country. oh what is the market like   for solar power in Nigeria they should come to  ready because the goal is really to make it simple   to pivot into the energy industry and so we are  training people in Nigeria to learn how to do that   value chains such as building solar panels  installing, solar panels designing solutions   for banks, for industries for Dangote group  for C & I. C & I means Commercial and Industry.   right and so what do you need to know before you  can do that how can you prospect for your market   how do you get these people how do  you get access to the market. so RETTI  

is there and has designed courses along this  value chain of repair maintenance troubleshooting   marketing and sales design installation  distribution including importing for china   how to import the solar products from china  we have members of alumni that we have trained   already and yesterday we actually secured a deal  with a Chinese company for them. I finished the   meeting with a with with the CEO of a china a  Chinese company manufacturer of solar products   and we had the opportunity to secure the meeting  for 10 members of alumni who want to import   i mean that's the real va that's what i see as  value don't you think when you train somebody   and then you're able to then take it further  and now they're they want to buy as a group   which is what i love because one person could  not afford to buy a container so now the 10 um   10 alumni members now want to buy as a group yes  and i thought and i felt very happy yesterday why   because i mean this thing is actually looking  like wow you're solving a problem because now   these guys have set up businesses and they're  able to buy from china so that's what RETTI   does for its alumni so we're not like any other  maybe a training solar company that'll just so   we are not interested in money my goal is to see  that 93 million people in Nigeria without access   to electricity can have it and when i train  hundred people or 200 people you imagine how   many other people can have life so that's that's  really my goal so that's what RETTI set out to do.   Glory has a very big vision i must say because i  got interested into i got interested in what she   was doing when she mentioned renewable energy from  the first time and solar. I i what you're showing   on the screen now i don't know there's a time when  you talked about a program with sleeping Makoko   or something yes women and empires of women in the  slums. Can you give us uh can you give us a brief   of that program? thank you! and the impact okay  thanks. so we RETTI Renewable Energy Tech Training  

Institute has a CSR called 'Solar Up Nigeria'  (SUN) you know we're talking about sun power wow   of Nigeria thank you so Solar UP Nigeria's sun.  The goal is to go to rural communities without   access to electricity and provide the power and so  we do that and we we we came across a person from   Makoko, a lady. so i was at a conference where i  was a speaker and i was on a panel and the lady is   in the hall and then she says i have a question  "i come from a rural area where we sell fish   and most of the time our fish gets damaged.  is there a solar solution for this?'' and i   was so shocked i mean this was coming from  somebody in the crowd right and it's easy   from the crowd you can get the real problem  yes like if you're looking for a change maker   and you're looking to solve problems it is not  from the ones you see on google it is from the   grassroots like what are the people on the ground  saying yes and i really became interested so i   told i saw the lady afterwards and i talked to her  then i would give her a scholarship in my school   to come and learn about solar but i but you know  like i kept thinking about her because this is a   real problem she said that the economy of that  community is driven by fish and but the fish   gets damaged they're not able to get their money  back so that's like if you can find a solution   for that exactly and so i kept my mind even after  that training with it but i kept him in mind so   luckily an opportunity came from the us state  department because i'm a Mandela Washington fellow   so which is a U.S government exchange  program so there's an opportunity for alumni   to apply for a grant and that was the opportunity  i saw to create that program Makoko Solar Women's   Economic Empowerment Pprogram. wow so we  found 20 fish traders who sell fish and   then we train them on how to create uh solar  dryers that can preserve their fees so we   we built it we actually had an American come in to  the... come to the country as part of that program  

is a reciprocal exchange grant so i had  an American contact i know come down   to Nigeria to implement that project now but what  what is interesting is that we build a center,   solar powered center where women can even  learn more things assess education assess tools   for solar power development because solar  power is not just so long the rooftop   it's also solar products solar dryers solar  oven that small businesses can use to actually   preserve their products right and so like  play like play we built a solar center there   that has provided electricity for charging phones  to about 757 homes inside that Makoko zone. that   place is actually very big wow and so that  small center we built you see barbers coming   there to use the light there wow and then you see  people coming to charge. yes and it has created   jobs for at least the 20 women that we created  now they are able to save more money from fish   from fish preservation because the fishes are not  damaging now and they're able to just retain more   cash and and buy more so basically improving  economic development so that's what solar power   does this is mind-blowing this is mind-blowing  so thank you very much glory because uh in this   era where everybody's just interested in  some kind of fast money-making business   some kind of less heated quick what inspired  you to go into the solar energy business and   at the same time you know with what you've done  especially in that Makoko and this last project   you just talked about what exactly inspired you  to start ready what inspired you to go into the   solar energy industry oh it was really because of  the problem that i saw the truth is that i started   i learned about climate change was the inspiration  initiative because i had returned from the us in   2015 where i heard about climate change and i  saw the impacts climate change is going to have   in Africa i was so frightened by what i read  wow yes and then i saw a picture maybe that   picture might be on the screen now the picture  is an image from world wide life fund where it   is a human being in the picture but he looks like  a fish it's as if his face is turning is changing   and there's a caption on the image that says  stop climate change before it changes you wow   hello i became friend thank you that's exactly  what happened to me i became because now what   it what it did was that it was a very thought  provoking thing so i began to think about it   now will climate change do that i didn't really  know but it was a prediction from world wildlife   fund that the increasing of carbon dioxide in the  air in the atmosphere could become is leading to   a lot of eyes melting and it could become so  bad that the human skin would evolve to deal   with the changes in the atmosphere the human skin  will begin to change i don't know how to explain   it as if we are used to a certain temperature in  the world now right but it's saying that it could   become so warm so hot and your skin will just  disfigure just change to deal with it there's   a reason why fishes have gills because they need  to live in water there's a reason why fish cannot   survive on the outside so it's like us to human  beings so there's a way the atmosphere can change   and it will affect us that was a prediction though  but that really feared i began to read about it   i'm like wow how come in Nigeria we don't know  about this right because i knew we don't really   know much about it i began to yes to research  about it so that's how i wrote my first book   the concept and science of climate because i took  a lot of course i came to Nigeria i'm like i have   to talk about this that was how i learned that  renewable energy is a clean source of electricity   that could combat climate change so instead of  us to generate electricity from our usual ways   like diesel and and and and gas we can actually  use cleaner sources and so i then and i became an   advocate because this is two solutions to um one  solution for two problems renewable energy can   provide us access to electricity yeah and then  it can help solve this climate change minutes   right and then i saw that my parents actually  they moved to a house that they built you   know the way your parents would build a house  and move away from the house you know before   where you were born but the place they moved to a  community of the town had no electricity in that   community as a whole interesting yes they had no  electricity at all and i was just taking a stroll   and i just returned from the U.S then i was  taking a stroll around and i saw a health center  

that had solar panels on it i was like wow okay  we can use this for light because my parents   don't have any lights but i went into the center  and the people it was health clinic told me that   oh this solar does not work it's not working  or they just put it here six months ago   it's no longer working and i was so  disappointed i learned three things from that   lack of trained and and maintenance people lack  of trained installers lack of trained engineers   who could actually install these things to be  sustainable and lack of knowledge for how to   identify fake products or quality products right  and so that was really what made me to create   renewable energy tech tree to just solve this  problem how can we solve the problem of lack of   sustainable installations out there and how can we  help combat climate change and so that was really   that was the inspiration because the problem  was there and you had to have a solution i'm   already writing i hope you're watching as you're  watching you're taking business notes because   uh what i can so this is one of the most  interesting conversations i am having this year   because legitly this is like saying you saw a real  problem there live in the community amongst people   so it's like saying if i want to start a business  today i should go and look for the problem   i want to solve let me look for real-time  problems that people have okay and on ground so   when she saw the hospital and like what happened  they said it's not working from not working to we   installed this and now two things are there okay  what what what will i pick from there number one i   need to have a platform where you can train people  to install solar panels and help them generate   electricity not just that i can start even selling  solar equipment to different communities and see   if it's possible to power an entire community or  a nation it starts like that so before you start   thinking of changing the entire world start with  the community problem start with one person start   with two persons okay and now you can see i'm  talking about 93 million people why she has done   it in several communities and she's not stopping  glory that's a wonderful one and i must say   that's a big one and i must celebrate you big time  thank you so much now with what you've been doing   i know the challenges that comes with building  starting a business so i want to share with us   what are the strategies that has helped you you  came back from the us you saw this problem and all   that there are millions or thousands of potential  solar entrepreneurs people in the renewable   energy who want to be the next glory we want to  also learn from glory and see what she has done   share with us the strategies you've used to build  a successful business and career in this industry   oh first of all i would say thank you  you've already said it find the problem   it's always important that's the first place to  start you started dabba because you found you   wanted people to learn skills you saw a lot  of skills hanging around and how come young   people are not making money yeah you saw that  problem and you decided to solve it by creating   a platform where the people can lend the skills so  likewise it has to be that your there can't be any   value if there is no problem that you're solving  so it is a problem that you provide value for   and it is the value that will bring finance  money yes right so pick out a problem that you   have seen something that troubles people around  you right so it could be that you already have an   experience in a particular sector okay what is  that nagging problem in that sector for people   to make it in business you have to tackle  a customer's pain point i tell my students   that you have to tackle a customer's pain point  if there's no pain points there isn't a lot of   value that has been created yeah so find that  and as soon as you do then you must bring the   idea out of your head you know when people  think of business plan they think it's hectic   no i tell my students it's just one page  just bring the idea out of your head   and write it down it's going to help you to take  a look at it and then that is the first step then   you have to build a community usually what happens  is that people first start out and i encourage you   to start out first on your own i was just speaking  on the phone to someone i started out on my own i   did not know what to do or who to tell me i'm not  i'm sure you maybe you didn't start with a whole   lot of people as well yes implement that idea  you have speak about it talk to someone about   it all you need is to find one yes you may not  even find that one yet one yes yes if you find   one yes you're good to go even if thousands of  people say if there's one person that just said   ah Chris why not just try it oh like Chris was  just telling me about how the studio came to life   you know it was just one yes if you find that  one someone to say yes let's do it we can try   then start from there as soon as you take that  first step usually the doors open after you take   a first step i always sing it like a song you know  i have a quote my favorite quote is is from this   is actually an Islamic cleric rumi the quote says  as you start to walk on the way the way appears   it's very mind-boggling as you start to walk  on the way so it means that there is no way   before there is no way there isn't a chartered  course for you to follow there isn't a way that   somebody has put there okay glory this is the way  follow it right it is you who must first start   making first step then the way appears because  when you take the first step you then figure   what you should do next will become clearer to  you then who to call would become clearer to you   it's as if you're going along in a bush you're  trying to get to a forest as soon as you take   one step then you're able to see the other graphs  there to clear so that you can pass then as you   take a step forward you're able to know what  to do the idea is to implement first implement   get knowledge get knowledge around that area of  interest get knowledge there and then implement   first then what you would do will become clearer  to you make sure you surround yourself and follow   people that inspire you follow people like Chris  Ani that inspires you so you can learn from his   business strategies that he shares out and so  that is what i think the question was how did i   do it yes these were the things i tried out in  fact when we started ready as an institute you   know when you hear ready you think you would think  a big institute in your head but we didn't start   out like that i started in my room at home wow  yes and then when people start on google to today   if you search on google i wish we can even show  it on screen sure you'll see that the rest is   number one on google my business for anything  renewable power solar training once you start   you will see ready number one i started that in my  room but i started getting traction so as a young   visit do something don't wait for the finance  that's the mistake i made at first don't wait   for the funding or the money yes you must start  to implement something do it for free at first   do it for free so that you can say that you did  this thing you can post on social media that you   did this thing the us embassy and all the people  you attacked would see it that you did this thing   it is called traction traction is what funders  investors and people who want to help you look out   for and so in the year that we started i didn't  know what to do of course i didn't have the money   i did not have the money at all and also i'm  not an engineer i didn't even have the training   i just solved the problem and i thought about  how can i solve it i was not an engineer till   today people think i'm an engineer but of course  i've learnt everything in the solar power but i   looked for a partner now that's the second thing i  will tell you collaborate with somebody who knows   how to do it collaboration that was the first  thing we did and we hosted our first training   i did not understand the physics and everything  but i got somebody who was doing that and we   did the first and the profits i made from that  training #50,000 as a profit i kept it outside   i then did another one i was carrying all the  profits then we bought our first solar panels   i was using all the profits for all  the sessions i was doing in partnership   invest money back yes i use it that was see nobody  gave us any fun so today i speak with investors   and i make pitches they will say they'll ask who  has funded because they thought we were funded   he's just like you Chris i'm sure that you  have not received any money from yes but   if they thought i was funded that for you  to create this thing you must have been   we recently created an online course platform  so people are like ah where you funded where   did you get it for no it was from all the monies  i've made from from from all the courses we did   and so find a partner to do that stuff together  that way you can learn and that was how i learned   from the other person that i worked with i  learned how to do the business because she   had been doing it before so you have to be smart  and think about how you can work with other people   and and then you can view the community view the  community at first i didn't know who to employ i   did not we did not have money to employ but i saw  very talented people in the alumni that we trained   and that was very interesting because they  were engineers already these people come   from engineering background and so we offered  an internship of volunteering slot and that was   how we built a team so look around you you  see some of these things are not very far   look around you and see who you can work with  who in your community you can build it with   who in your church you can work with to  do it instead of thinking about how to   send cv to a recruitment firm oh i want to employ  someone recruit someone who is not qualified   recruit someone who is not qualified and trained  and that was also what we did we currently have   an intern who's not qualified and he's the best  employee we've ever had wow and so that's how you   can start and slowly you build a business you'll  find that you will find you learn lessons that are   peculiar to you you'll find that the things i'll  say here may not apply completely but you can just   implement some of them you would learn your own  lesson on the way that's how it is and then maybe   next two years you will sit down like this and  talk about the lessons that you picked up on the   way but the key word here is start first thank you  wow this is this is a master class session for me   i hope you're getting all the notes and please  all our viewers watching use the comment section   make sure you're able to list this point  that glory has been sharing and please   we'll be on the lookout for the best comments and  the prizes that associates with it so glory i want   you to do this under one minute if you are to give  an advice to the Nigerian government as related to   your industry what should the government be doing  oh the government should create entrepreneurial   development opportunities opportunities to capture  raw talent they should encourage innovation   for that sector and i know i talked with you  briefly before i got in here about innovation   what do you think the government should  do should they bring the money to me   to youtube oh i think the government can  create opportunities such as hackathons   for young people to create solutions for the  power problem that's a way to have best ideas   and then the government can select first  second third and actually build that business   right so i think that's one first way of  course the government can support education   for the sector the government can support  people like us ready who are already educating   people in the sector so that we can train  more people the government should provide   funding because yesterday one of my students  asked me this just yesterday one of our alumni   asked me this please is there any soft loans he  says he has a business and he's be he's ready   to import from china but he does not have the  money so you say is there any soft loans that is   available for renewable energy industry and then  i thought of that and i saw that there isn't the   soft laws available the requirements say if you  hear the requirements it is for companies that   have 20 or 30 years not for like young people who  were training and so i found out that there wasn't   that opportunity so the government can provide  that so that young people like these who have   been trained and are willing to provide power  can have access to the funds interesting yeah   and and i hope i hope um while you're watching  please make sure you're sharing this if you have   someone in government a bird a brother a friend  or anyone please share this because um we need to   tap into this renewable energy industry and it's  a big one it has made uh billionaires like Elon   Musk and cool and we should not be left behind so  glory let's go to this edition a bit of fun touch   if you were to be a celebrity billionaire who  would you be Elon Musk if i mentioned solar   business what comes to your mind what comes to  my mind is ready access to electricity 247 power   yeah if i mention a superhero who comes to  your mind Wonder Woman thank god i practice okay so guys that's a wrap for today glory  thank you so much you're welcome thank you   for the opportunity thank you so much for being uh  you your business is there for the week thank you   for knowing that oh and i forgot to mention story  that i mean i said earlier that lots of business   opportunities in the solar industry and DABA is  going to have a an announcement for you guys let   me see that's what we've been talking about since  i met him first so if you're watching um there's   a link on the screen there's a link  on the screen where you join the waiting list for   the solar course we're launching a solar business  course on daba yeah by glory so you want to play   in the solar industry you want to be a business  person you want to understand the value chains   the market share so anywhere you are in the world  in germany in brazil in angola thailand of course   if you have sun then you have renewable energy  that's right that means this course is for you   if a businessman a politician an engineer or  whatever industry you're playing in this course   is for you so click on the link or go  to the website showing on your screen to   join the waiting list and also um on the screen  also you're going to see all the various books   Glory's written concerning this industry and the  way to get them the links are and the list have   been projected right now on the screen make  sure you get them and upgrade your capacity   this is where the future is going to the likes  of tesla the likes of the mornings the mosque and   everything they are doing along with so there's  even a talk even in the bitcoin industry   concerning green energy for mining so i also  heard it this is a big interest rate the way   to predict the future is to create it and  one of those ways to create it is to be   part of something that is the future so if  you play in an industry that is the future   you're already part of it already so i'm sure  that we need to create new millionaires new   billionaires in this industry and that's why you  should take education interesting and seriously   i don't want to stop this but i just have  to please remember to share this like   put a comment and join us next week on  who was gonna be the Business Leader   of the Week. Till i come your way next time do  have a lovely lovely week ahead god bless you! You!

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