Business Leader Forum - 2018 Spring - Rogelio Franco

Business Leader Forum - 2018 Spring - Rogelio Franco

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How. Are you today guys, really, exciting, well, I, was. Born and grew up in, Transylvania. I came, to suck jablow. Well. I need to his relatives right okay. When I was a child I can, tell you that, your shirt. Was, made in Mexico, your, shoes were, make in. China and your. CD player was. Made in, Japan. Now. Your. Shirt is made, in Vietnam and. All. Of you or most of you are, streaming, music by. A Spotify. Which is located in Stockholm, or in. Cupertino, California, from. Apple, music, oh a streaming, music from, a different. Social. Media. Platforms. So. The world you. Go to world is named world, it's. Small. Okay. I know I know but is the presentation, so. International. Business. Consists, in. Exploring. Importing. Good. Or services. Talents. Technology. Or just, knowledge around. The world I. Promise. If. You can. Understand. My wonderful, accent today you, gonna learn a lot, but. As an international. Business, person. Accent. Is. A competitive. Advantage. Hopefully. You cannot sleep if, you want to sleep just, take the pillow I brought, several, orders. But. Why tech companies, are dying, according. To the World Economic Forum. Multinational. Companies, will died in less than 40. 50, years. We. All really know the local, business, will, die. 96%. Of them in less, than 10 years. How. Come. When, they write brothers, were. Inventing. The. Plane they. Said. You. Can fly without, wings, without. Motor. But. No with. All skills. Therefore. What. Kills, you my need in, order, to be a really, successful. Entrepreneur. Well. Let's, try this. I. Grew. Up in Mexico my, father was a semi, truck driver, my. Mother, was. A housekeeper. I. Got. The opportunity to, married, an amazing, woman who. Born. And grew up in New Year see, my. Mother-in-law, she's, killed my. Mother-in-law. We. Were born, and grew up in Puerto Rico and. According. To or, genealogy. My. Grandparents. And my, white. Grandparents. Born. In Belarus Russia, and, is. Pain. So. How, is suppose. We. Meet a pound. The. Inevitability. Of meets. Each other. Interesting. That is the world now so. The. Companies, are dying, because they cannot. Pay. The bills they. Don't. Know how, to manage money, but. Remember companies. Is only the names who. Leads the company's. Joong-won. De jouvenel lead, the company that. Is the ding so. What. Is the secret. The. Very first skill that, you need to learn in, internationally. Or locally, business is, diversity. Diversity. Is, the similarities. And difference, that people has, so. International. Business we already say that they trade, good and services, but, how, these begin, the international. Business well, first. The, base of the business, start. With, the barter. After. The barter, came. The train after, the train somebody invented, the gold the, coins after. That the, bank certificates. After, that the. Bills, and now, we have cryptocurrencies. Because. We. Start to getting. Method. Of payments, in different, wait in the past you were bartering, you give a product, and they give you in change something, that you need. But. After the system, was, really, complicated. They. Start, to join the tribes they, start to join the people for different languages and they create, the. Economic bloc's. In. The economic, bloc they create free, trade, agreements.

Like The. Nasdaq. Mercosur. Asian. European. Union. Among, others, so. They, did business with, all. The people, with, different, languages, with, different colors. With, different. Customs. But. Because. Of the train start to be more complicated. They. Asked, what. I'm doing wrong. Because. They were doing mistakes, and misunderstandings. And it you will not be a businessman. And during, this amazing institution you, need to learn about the, business, ethical. Codes. Which. Is. The. New way to build, strong. Relationships, with. Your. Associates. So. One, day I was in Japan, and. In. A business meeting, they put a ball, of. Hot. Water and in front of me and, before. Everybody, on the table. And. I I was thinking oh should. I eat it should, I drink it what should I don't well. My. Creativity, with, my creativity, took, the. The. Bowl of, soup. And I, drank, it. Tasted, like a hot water I put, it in the table, my, sensei. My Japanese. Partner. Who, is a really educated, gut he put his finger inside a hot bowl and, ride, their fingers, with the napkin. I, feel. Really embarrassed. I, feel. Really. Ignorant. And. Not very skilled and you need to learn is, try. To learn about the customs, of the. Country. Then you want to make business with and, learn. The business etiquette. And. Don't. Do what I did, to. Be the clown of the meeting, obviously. There were, really. Really located. Guys and date on laughs. Another. Time I was in France, and. I was tired about. The. Hard bread I was. Hidden he was tired I took the bread I went, to the bakery and I asked the guy mr.. Pulido, Francois and the. Guy told me how can I help you okay, this. Bread is really hard. I hate, it, well. Monsieur I'm the, chief of this bakery, and, I. Baked. This, bread, today. We're. French people, we'd love the bread. In this way. Another. Mistake. Because. French people love what. We we call hard. For, them is, fresh. Another. Mistake, business. Has no feelings, but. You, don't need to be polite to, be. Successful. Because. You, have, all really, three. Competitive. Advantage. You, are unique. Different. And is replaceable. That, your competitive. Advantage, you'll really have we cannot find another Jew. What. You are today here in this amazing institution. Of. Course to learn about my, mistakes. Booooo dedication. You're gonna give you another competitive. Advantage, to think, better and, to. Make better, decisions. That's. Why we are getting, educated, what. I'm telling you this because. The. Amazing. World of business. Is like the, world. The. Same the, only difference, is. The. Business, might die for you know, you who. Is about who, is afraid about work, well. Work. Because. Work is something. Unexpected. Is some bring crew, is, something ruled. And. Business. Is the same sometimes, that's. Why sometimes, when you're doing business with person, they're gonna say it's. Not personal, only business because. There are certain, rules to follow and. There. Are some, statistics. About, worries. And phobias.

Have You. Know that the seventy five percent of the people is afraid to be here in this position in, public speaking that is one of the first, another. Thirty percent is fear. Too they spied, aspires. Be. Nice okay. Don't. Scare anybody. And. There are fears. Everybody. Has a phobia, a fear, or something. But, look at this statistic, ninety. Percent of, the fears. Things. That never gonna, happen. So. If, you want to do something. And you, are afraid of that. Probably. Never going to happen, it. Is under this while you are afraid of worth. But. How. Can. We. Beat. Over, fears the. Firmness. Believe. In yourself, there is a general, in China this, was a general in China, his. Name was truthful. And. In. One and in the twenty first rule. Of his book the art of the, world he. Said, believe. In, yourself. And you will conquer. Every. Battle. So. Believe, in yourself, and look. Look. In the world you. Cannot believe in anything until. You believe in yourself, nobody gonna, be leaving you is you don't believe in yourself so. You. Need to understand, and these believe, in yourself means. B-joo. Again. You. Are different, George unique, jewelry, is replaceable, your competitive. Advantage. Look. Inside, yourself, ponder. Your virtues. Your, talents, your Gibbs just go, if, you know it as a god giving potentials. Or whatever, you know it. Is. Is, the thing like. When. You buy a new computer, you have, the new computer, and the. Computer, has a lot of software, installed ready. To you to, be used, is. You don't know how to use, the software, it's doesn't matter it's, all really installed. And ready to be juice you. Are the same like the computer, you have certain. Software, or real installed, in yourself. Wide. You are not using it because you don't know it you. Don't know what, capable. You are so. Marketing. Research. Provides. An opportunity to, find products, and services, they're. Not needed, locally, and internationally. So. There are metals. Lied defined. The problem like. What products what, needs what, needs. With, my product, salt and, everything. That you are learning hidden, the school. Soldiers. In the war. Need. To do their marketing research, otherwise. They'll might. Die. How. Can I find that talents, of virtuals in myself well. I. Have. Found that many of us we. Are wasting, our time. In. Our weaknesses. Trying. To convert your weaknesses, in, strength. And as. Some mistakes let me tell you why because you. Are wasting your time in, all the witnesses, and you, are not focused, in your in all jurist, reigns and your. Restraints, are all those things on you that, comes naturally. So. Ponder. Halt to stay revelon. As a person. And in, business, in. The, market. Otherwise. The market, will leave you behind, if you are not well prepared. Question. For everybody. Have. You able ask yourself. This question what. Do, I want, out of, my life. That's. Another question, interested. For, me is. Whatever. I'm doing whatever. I love whatever, the people pay, me, to. Do it is. What. I do. Love. In my life I what I wanted, in life so. I choose to be a business, person, because. I love, to trouble I love. To solve problems, I think. I have the energy and, the expertise, now to. Make, and grow. Up businesses. And. The. Other problem, of the businesses, focus. You. Look at your target market. Look. Arjun. Niche. It's. Like the guy who is driving a boss. He's. Picking up the children's, everyday, but. The children's, love him, but. He always is late. To. Get to the school, obviously. They. Lay off him. And when they ask him why, you. Are getting, late every day oh I'm, doing, my best, therefore. Every, day I'm taking a different, direction. To. Get the school, he. Lost the, focus. That's. Why he, was, laid. Off one. Day when I was in Africa. We. Were in Cape Town and, on top of that area there is parks. Where, you can see, the. Animals. Over there it. Was 3 a.m. it. Was abroad daily, already. Day, we. Thought the lionesses hunting, and we, got something, unexpected. The Ranger Cook was leaning the.

Car, He. Taught us guys. We're, gonna stop the car because we're gonna see some uncommon. Activity. The lioness, is hunting, that's not common to see it. When. I was watching one of the lioness. She. Was. Looking. At one of the in Thailand. And. After. Less than 5 minute she started to run she, ran and, she. Can down. The, Impala. But. While she was drawn in another, Impala, crossed, right, in front of the lioness, and she, only could bite it and hunt. Down but. She didn't, because. She was. Focus, focus. In. The Impala. So. She was, focused, in their goals. So. In. Local, and international, business. You. Will define, the market of your product, and all the attributes. Political. Environment. Is really important, when you are exporting, importing. Your products. Next. Example. Suppose. This is a window. What. You see here. The. Flies. The. Dirt, what. You see. Nineteen. Windows. Building. Does. Anybody see the moon. Just. Kidding means nothing. That's. Why I am at, vision. Look. Through. The invisible. Look. Through the invisible, wars so. When. Somebody, is. Telling you than something, to do is impossible. Probably. Is, impossible. For him not for, you. Therefore. Vision. Looking. Through the invisible. Look, at this world, uses. Creativity, look. Your. Mission, is to do the, impossible. Possible. That. Your mission look, is the same world, the difference, is your vision, directa. Tude you'll be living yourself. That's the diffident, what, you, wanna do you want to be a business, person. The. Best good, and. Services. Has, not been explored, imported. Yet, you. Will not do it obviously. After, this, presentation. Another. Thing. Patent. You write your. Ideas. When. I started, the show entry Latinos, which translated. In English means among. Latinos, I did, all the marketing, research I got. The sponsors, I did. A lot of things. And, we. Wait on near three, jerks in. Telemundo, and different, several stations as well, on radio, bought. And, I, asked my attorney please. Copy, Friday name, the. A guy who, I was parting, parting, with, he, did it, because. His. Ambition. Was before. His. Vision. That's. Another thing then, I learned put. Your. Vision. Before, during vision, otherwise. You, wanna lose. The, way you wanna lose, the. Goal. When. You are sending something. Internationally. You are sending. Bill. Of, landing. The, Builder, London is like an emboss II that. Helps. Everybody to understand, everything. So. Pre. Your is pouring, to, the, different, places, of the war is. You can is poor tool, European.

Union, B. Shirt and you got the, C. In mark, which, means compliant. European. Things. For Europe, you wanna export, to Mexico B. Shirt and you gonna. Comply. With the end of em official. Mexican. North, Oh China. Which. Is the, China. Compulsory. Certification. Be. Careful, with the colors. Be. Careful, with, the names in, Mexico. We got a car, several, years ago the. Nig was called noble, but. Nova, translated. In. English, means it, won't, work. Can. You put your family in a car like that a, really. Safe night, well. Now. I gonna give you. Several. Examples of. The companies, who. Make, mistakes, while they were translating. The marketing, so. Guys you see this, thing. Does. Anybody wants to suffer. From. Diarrhea. Your. Message, that's the problem. All. This, one-god. Milk, does really famous is Saudis, in. It. Oh. Who wants to fly naked oh. Sorry. Fly, in later I mean. So. That's, all, the problems, when you, guys are exploring, and, your. Message is not focused, the target market, you did not do your homework with, the marketing, research, so. Allow. Yourself. To. Learn diversity. Okay. What. Is an entrepreneur. An. Intrapreneur. I believe. Is all those, who love to solve, problems. All, those. Who eat problems. All. Those who go to the bad ones and put problems. Yes. He. Loves Rowling's he's involved in a lot of problems, so. Some. Of my mistakes. Where. The. Knight was asking, the questions, how to get my own business. But. I did not ask the right person how. To make. My own business. Because. I grew up in a cow farm I asked. The guy who milled the couch. How. Can I get my own business oh you. Know you need to be the owner of the cow, okay. I went, to the manager of the firm how, can I get my own business. You. Need to be the owner, of the farm and. I asked in my whole life that's why I did the in a Latino show on TV because I do not ask questions questions. Questions so, I ask everybody and everybody, told me because. Of their expertise. Why. They. How, - they. Told me. According. To their expertise. What they think is. The solution to be they the business. Owner. Therefore. I. Start. To think, what. I'm doing wrong, and, that's, another allowed, yourself. To be. Cultured. By. An experienced. Business, person. In the field you, want to be in. Because. One of them told me draw her don't, complicate your life life is too short go to the school get, a degree and. Find. A job and, you wanna live, peacefully. With no problems. Okay. But. Nobody told me how can I be the owner, of my own business. Learning. How to ask question you're gonna open you the. 50%. Of the world learn. How, to ask, questions. Seen. I was an, excited. Guy I was. Asking. Asking questions to everybody, but, I was talking, talking. A lot I, don't. Know why I cannot talk in these languages, in. My home language but I was talking talking, talking a lot and trying, to convince, all the guys, who were helping. Me and coaching. Me I, was. Trying to combine them, what, I wanted, and. Sounds. Annoying because. Suddenly. Nobody wants. To talk, with me and. I was sad. Because why, they don't want to talk with me until. One day I found, the ABS. Davis. Is, a 5th, dan from. Japan. And. An intrapreneur. And he taught me Georgia. In, order, to be successful. You need to control, your mind. If. You cannot, control your mind, your. Thoughts it. Will be impossible for you then, you wanna be success, and. They. Being. A really, nice Japanese, guy gave. Me the. Solution in. My life, he. Taught me a mantra, a. Mantra. Is a citadel, son, of words then, you can, put, in your mind in order to get your concentration. And. With. That mantra, he promised, me Roger.

And, You use this mantra, you. Will be the most successful guy. On air on, the planet, and. It really works. And. I was. Shut. Up and. Listen. Shut. Up and, listen, that's why you have, two ears and one more. So. That is the secret did you ever an employee. Listen. The feedback, of your boss did. You order a student, and you all want. To be coachable, listen. To advice don't. Want don't. Try to convince, yourself. To the other person's, of your idea, shut, up and. Listen. High-technology. Okay. So. That's. Another. Thing, different. Topic. Whoever. Wishes to fight, must first. Count, the cost. Whoever. Wishes to fight. Most. Confers. The cost. So. What you think guys. Are. The, war expensive. They. Are really, expensive have. You realized that you wanna need money for, the rest of your life for doing all your activities. Next. Kill say, money or learn, how to live, with, less. Define. What you want money. Define. What. The money worked for. Define. For. Me money, as an entrepreneur. Works for. Solving problems if, I'm the guy who is solving problems money for me word to, solve the problems. So. Bernardo. Told to his son Bernardo. Was a, really, really rich nine he. Has a lot of state he has a lower, land, in their country and. They're, Naruto's, to his. I gonna. Give you everything, with cheese mine, as. Soon, as you earn and, bring. Me, $100. Bill. How. The sound, really clever went, to his mom man. I need, $100. Bill do, you know the. Man. They. Are the most help. Helpful. Person, in life they, can solve everything, for job hundred. Dollars this. Song came with it at that, I got, $100. Bill did. That put the money and. Put it in the fireplace, you. Did not air net. Did. Son surprised how, come, how. Did he know it he. Went to, find aunt Suzy. And, Suzy, and, he. Told the. Father's agreement. Suzy. And gave, him hundred dollars and this, thing happens father, put, the hundred dollars in the fireplace, you, did not earn it. He. Went to us to the friend he went everywhere, and each time the, father you. Did, not earn it. Time. Passed this, song grew up he. Went to work and. One. Day he came with that that, I have, the hundred, dollars bill and. What do you think that that's a, did. Exactly. He pulled $100. Bill on the fireplace but. Suddenly this, time, the. Son went to the, fireplace know, that don't, don't. Destroy, it don't, burn it I earned, this money and. Did. That's it my. Beloved, son I know for. Sure and, for a fact then you really, earned that hundred. Dollars bill. So. Everybody. Has told you then, you can get whatever you want in life, yes. That is possible but. You need to work hard and it's marked, you. Need to earn your own glory. All the three things that are coming, for. Free. Worn, Lofland. Gonna. Disappear, really, really, really fast, in your life. Do. You know who. Is Bernardo, but not is here, my grandpa. His. Favorite, phrase in that time this, picture was taken in, 1936. He was 31, years all, there, his, favorite. Quote, was, they, used not the abuse. Translated. To this today, days is finally. The balance between your life and technology. People. Is getting addicted, with. Technology. Well. Let, me do this what, is this well. Is the cycle, or lie of the business. The. Cycle, or lie of the business is, join, it to the product cycle, of life, which. Is the introduction, growth maturity and. Decline, this. Circle. So. How. Did you feel until this moment. Confuse. All. You. Want me. To finish now. By. The way. This. Because she's afraid of you. Okay. Then. Call, why. Soldiers, are killing, war. Because. Is the, same like. Business, look. At the screen I. Have. Some, financial ideas. For Rollo young in. Order to help you how to get, your own hundred. Dollars bill by, yourself, don't, ask your mountain, as your family, so, you need to be bulletproof in order, to avoid. Failure. In your life so. I'm. Gonna teach you how to war. And not. Die, metaphorically. Speaking. So. Go. To a financially. Oshin, if the problem, is people, doesn't, know how to work with money there. Is a wonderful idea even I did and works.

Go. To a financial, institution whatever. It is your favorite and as. Then a secured. Loan a. Secured. Credit. Car. The. Purpose, for the secured credit card is to build your credit, to. Build. Because. In this country there is a credit. Score and. You have high credit score they, gonna lend you money or lend you things so, again go to the financial, institution, as, for. A security. Credit, car the, condition. Is you, need to put your money save, it in. Order for the bank to give you. Credit. Secured. Credit, card. They're. Gonna give you if you fulfill all. The. Requirements. They. Gonna give you that remember. The. Money you have said, you're. Gonna be your, line of credit pay. Everything. With that credit card Bojan. Everything, all your, expenses, but, use only the 30% of the credit card then. After. A year, what. You guys gonna think. It's going to happen the, bank is gonna give, you back your money. And. They gonna grind, you with a non-secure. Credit. Card. You. Need to understand, something. Credit. Came. From the latin trader. There. Means trust. Therefore. Do you need to learn how to be trustworthy. Do. You need to be a, truthful. Guy. Another. General, said, is, better, to beat fear, than. Love. It. You. Cannot, be both. Be. Chose, the second, so, we fear. Make. Sense so, because. That that is the business. Another. When. The bunny is giving you back the money, just. That money to develop your idea, and. Then, something, the money had been over, there for one year and. You. Still haven't because, one reason don't touch it you. Couldn't, touch it for one year that is the secret for saving, that's why Benjamin, Franklin said a penny. Saved. Is, a penny earned. Right. But. The, other things always decrease. Your cost always. Always wherever, you wanna do in life ding, in cost, and risk. Risk. Is the possibility that something, wrong happens. So. Is, you gonna make decisions. Taking. Consideration, risk. Ponder. Everything. And be cognizant. This, is a wonderful, world we. Cognisant. Give. Him back to the community. If. You are not willing to give him back to the community, it doesn't matter, what, kind of highs you are, because. You. Only believe in the money, money's. Nothing. There. Is afraid that said I, knew. A guy, who, was, a really. Really poor, guy, in life the. Only thing that. He has was, money. Be. A volunteer. For nonprofit. Organizations. The. Business, that you want to create be. Sure, then. Pay, the tax paid yourself paid, employees, pay, everybody. And. Giving. Back to your community if, the reason is you're creating, is not giving back to the community. Is. Not a good business period. International. Ideas. With. That money that the bank is going to give in you back. Starbug, in. Different. Currencies. Go. To the bank buy different currencies. And. Try. To earn money, with, a. Change rates. So. For, example in Mexico is. 16. Pesos. For one dollar but, later because, what Trump said goes. To 21. Pesos. $1, that. Different, that cut is, your, earnings, it's, another way hole you can train yourself. Internationally. Managing. The currencies. Okay. Once. You have pasted the success, you, are different. And. Another. Big lesson, in life you, are in the school and this is your preparation. Time. Why. I'm telling you this because. When, the preparation time, is over. The. Test, is coming. With. Larger semester, you. Study Torah Turin and a DNA test. What there are tests but at the end is the the, final, test. Because. The preparation time, is is, over, fine. A niche, where you wear. Jury skills, can, make profit, and. Another. Thing. The. Advice of the grandpa please let me know all the time not by. Mistake. Find. A product of services. That. Everybody. Needs, and. Sell. It in your own business. You. Will be a millionaire, if you can do that. Second. Advice from Bernardo. Look. At the mud from Bernardo. Final. Product. That the cause is $1, and, sell. It for, $3. And. You. Will we go with that, two person, in your life. Amazing. That example. Another. Always. Heard the best people, to decrease, the cost and. Increase. Productivity. Anything. What I have here. But. What I have fun in always in the business. Doesn't. Matter what. Preparation. The people has is doesn't matter. They. Attend, a school or not most. Important. Guys is. Hot. Fail, in yourself. Because. You will find, everything, you need to be successful, within. Jube. Remember. That. Somewhere, that, you think yourself you need to find it it. Doesn't matter you are coming here to the school every day and you have a plus, and whatever, great. You. Don't trust in yourself, doesn't. Matter day. Niche. The.

Target Market. Let. Me see my. Final nuggets, let's. Go to the questions let's. See I know the answers so. This is my final nugget so. Believe, in yourself, discover, your own personal, strengths and focus, on making Duras, train stronger. Learn. About diversity, the. Custom, culture. Loss regulation. The, business etiquette of, your. Target market this understanding. With allowed you to be affecting businessmen in global markets. Do. Not fear failure, failure. Is a stepping, stone to greatness. Learn. To the, power of silence. That. Allows, you to listen and you will learn more when, you listen, than. When you talk. Practice. The mantra. Learn. How to manage your money, go. And find your own, $100. Bill. My. Wife told me that I need Anna I, need. To find. According. To my beloved. Wife. He. Is not the ones with, the most natural, talent, that, are always, the most successful. But. Among, the many great, successful. People. Who have made, their mark in, society. One. Of the many virtues that they, have in common is. Perseverance. They. Will to continue the. Courage, to fall, and the, valiance, to fail and never, given, up hopefully. You understand. Okay. There. Always will, be. Favorable. Winds for, all those who know where, to go. That's. The meaning of this if, you know where to go whatever. Opportunity. You, find. You're. Gonna take, advantage, for dole opportunity. Never. Stop, smiling, because you, don't know who. Wanna be in love with your ideas, and you. Can find your angel, investor, or the people, who can develop your, idea. That. Is called emotional resilence. Is. The same effect when you feel embarrassed, for. Whatever mistakes, you do in life in, module and resilence. Help. You to recover, your trust. That. Is the same effect that is called cultural, shock is the same effect when you are in a different country you are really happy in the very first step the, second step you're, gonna be down hmm. Because. You. Feel embarrassed you feel afraid you feel the knowledge the third step is you're gonna have real recovery in yourself but never you wanna get to the same level so. Emotional. Resilence and the central, roles. In yourself, you. Don't fail you, never gonna wake up. Thank. You guys. Thank. You. You.

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