Business Innovation, Improve Your Business with Strategic Innovation | Tony Robbins Podcast

Business Innovation, Improve Your Business with Strategic Innovation | Tony Robbins Podcast

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Hey, this is Tony Robbins listen thanks for joining me for this podcast my. Entire, passion, in life is helping people to create an extraordinary, quality, of life that means life on your terms and one, of my obsessions for, the last thirty eight years has been business and the reason is because most of us spend more time in our work in our business than we do with our children even what do we do with a spouse a boyfriend, a girlfriend are those that we love a business. Becomes an extension, of a person's identity and so I found that if you can help someone transform, their business to reach that you transform, their life because it's the place that causes, them to grow and expand, and to find a way to add value and my passion, for business is really simple I love seeing people take control of their own lives and create. The life that they deserve by, finding, a way to do more for other people than anyone else does so this podcast. Has one purpose to, truly help you create business breakthroughs, the psychological. Insights that can get you to go to the next level anything that's usually, a chokehold on the growth of your business 80%. Of, that is the psychology, of the owner and 20%, of the mechanics, or the strategies, and I'm a strategist, and this podcast, will have both I'm gonna share with you some, of the best insights, and strategies that I'm aware of in the field but, if you're gonna really make progress it's, gonna take more than just information that listening a podcast, it's gonna require some real change and everybody wants things to be better but nobody wants to change if, you, really want to take control if you want to make real progress then. Let's begin the journey with this business podcast, now. Netflix. Starbucks. Apple. Amazon. Costco. What. Do these companies all have in common strategic. Innovation, all of these companies rewrote, the rules for competition, within their industry they found unique ways to provide more value than anyone else and that's, why they're dominating, but, strategic, innovation is different than constant, never-ending improvement while. You can't run a successful business without, making improvements, its strategic innovation that will help you reshape the landscape of your business and ultimately, take, over your entire industry. Because. The market will always be searching for something new and you. Not your competitor, must be the one to give it to them you must always be looking for ways to create something more new, or better, than what currently exists consumers.

Are No longer impressed, with any one new feature or service, for very long they, expect a constant, evolution of improvement, or they will simply go elsewhere, that's exactly why Steve Jobs for instance held weekly meetings, with his operational, heads at Apple that would focus on the latest new products that the company was developing and envisioned, the next steps for each product line Apple. Was absolutely. Committed to strategic, innovation and, they. Redefined, each market they entered by creating, brilliant, products, that put the competition, to shame consider. Starbucks, known, for its in-store innovations, like the reverse French press clover, coffee or handmade sodas, Starbucks. Is constantly, finding ways to cater, to their clients they're, even testing out smaller express, stores in high-density, areas, to reduce wait times and, many. Shops even have smartphone charging stations, available for their customers. Strategic. Innovation is about standing apart and staying one step ahead it's. About ensuring sustainability. And success, in, short, strategic. Innovation is power. Now. Let's hear more about what Tony has to say about it are, you ready to rock and roll. Well. We're excited because this, morning what I want to talk to you about briefly is. This concept, of creating. Strategic innovation. Innovation. Everybody. Thinks about yeah we got to innovate our product we got to innovate our service but, remember. I said all business. Really is not, me if Drucker said this is, marketing, an innovation or innovation in marketing you're, creating, something innovating, something bringing something at the table that's more new alive, a reason, for people to do business with you today that. Gives you a competitive advantage because there's more added value for them to, buy your product or service than anybody else then. You got to market it those. Two forces, have to be institutionalized, in, your organization, it, used to be you. Could come up with a killer service, you. Come up with a killer product and, you can run or promote, or market that product for five 10 15 years as long as a great product you, could own the marketplace especially if you were first, today. Market. Cycles I mean I remember for example in the early 90s, Sony. Used to have a market cycle where they build a product and they, would have about, four-and-a-half year market cycle so, in the dirt days let's say even the 80s when they're building like a Sony Walkman, when. They built Sony Walkman in those days their market cycles in the seven-year frame then, went in the 90s to four and a half years anybody, know what the market cycle is now no there's a creative product before they know they got to replace it and improve it and sell it in that business.

Six. Months, six. Months they, know that if they are gonna hold on the customer every, six months they, have to find someone to take it to the next level and by the way Sony, used. To do that, and. They own the marketplace who replaced them in the sense of innovation when it comes to technology quick. Apple. Sony, was the Apple, but. Interestingly enough, Sony got to the point where they stopped doing the same level of innovation they started coming up with products that look different but. There was no real innovation, innovation isn't just looking different innovation by the way can be looking different looks can be an innovation believe it or not but. It can't be the only innovation. Over and over and over again a customer just get used to it it doesn't mean anything there's not enough added value so. What, is strategic innovation it means training, everyone, in your organization to. Think we have two jobs I don't care if you answer the phone or, you work in the stockroom or, your marketing and sales or. Your head of accounting, I don't care who you are we do two things here we, innovate and we market anything you can figure out anything, you can bring to the table that, can help us to innovate make our product or service better in some way for consumers to meet their needs the more we can know about their needs and the more we can find to meet those needs and anything. You can tell us they can get us out there to educate people about why ours is better anyway we can get our message out in a unique way we. All need to know you need to reward within your organization, now. Strategic. Innovation is, different, than just. Constant. Never-ending improvement. Cani, constant. Improvement, is a very very important principle if you're not constantly improving you're, definitely gonna be passed up by a competition but. If you're thinking about strategic, innovation what it really means to me is Rinat. Rewriting, the rules for competition, within. An industry with, an area, when. You change, how, people compete. When. You change the rules, you take over that industry, you shift completely, the game so. In my industry the vast majority people spoke. And still do for. One to three hours which, many of you yesterday wish I was one of those people. But. That's usually it because what it was is about inspiration, right. It's inspired people and what happened, for me is 90%, for an hour or 90 minutes and I was like it's. Wonderful, that's a useful tool but. You know inspirations, like motivation, motivation, is nice and it's like a bath you. Know it, doesn't lie ask me you still take a bath every day but. My view was how do I get people into immersion, how do I put people experience where their life really changes, and, so I change the game and people never even considered, saying we're gonna do three. Or four days and nights we gotta go fifty hours no one will sit there they won't sit for a three-hour movie that someone spent 200 million dollars on but. I changed the game I changed the rules because once people got the results, even. For the beginning it was tough on them by, the end the level of transformation was so huge it changed, the rules to change the game it changed the size it gave me a brand let me dominate, an industry cuz when people walk up to me throughout my life the number one phrase you can see me anywhere in the world dozen, times a day not in December, I mean just walking around is oh my god Tony Robbins you changed my life. It's. Like how, I say you changed me thanks for the credit I'm glad I helped but, they'll say that like clockwork, every. Single time that's different than I like your product, that's. Different than I enjoyed, your seminar you. Changed my life that changes the rules for. Competition, that created a different way of competing I didn't do it to compete I did it because my person, was I love people and I don't want them just to be inspired for the moment I want to make sure they really have the tools the skills the ability the shift that creates a lasting, change in their life and I wouldn't settle for anything less so.

You'll Have to do it to compete you, strategically. Innovate, because you're obsessed with meeting the needs of your, clients, that's. The difference now, who's, done this well Sony did, it in a really simple way Sony, didn't come and say let's do some research and. Let's. Figure out what. Product, people need next, because. When they came out with a Sony Walkman, the. Entire focus in the music business was on making things what bigger or smaller. No. When they came out with Sony Walkman the, entire industry is about making things bigger. Bigger speakers, bigger woofers bigger everything, nobody was asking for smaller bigger. Equal better bigger, equal more money bigger, he was more status, so. What these people did is they innovated, strategically, that's the ability to reinvent, the basis, of competition, with an existing, industry or. Invent an entirely new industry, that's. What Sony did Morita. Said wouldn't. It be wonderful if you could have the same quality music that when you're sitting here and you're chairing these giant speakers when, you're walking around, he. Did not get that from a focus group he. Not get that by someone telling him he, just tried to figure out what. Do people need that they don't even know they need, that's. A different game that's when you start to reinvent things otherwise you're, just an extension of everything else what. Do they really need they don't even know they need he. Really walked around he talked to people and they talked about much they loved music and so forth and he just thought gosh people. Are traveling, more and more people are mobile more and more I'm. Gonna come up with this idea and. So now you think about the, Walkman, it's like this ancient dinosaur, right there's giant thing in your hand you. Know compared to this little tiny you know the newest iPod they've got that you know it's like the size of your fingertip, but. The point of the matter is he reinvented, he created industry now Sony eventually. Lost out to Apple for a lot of reasons and most of them are strategic, innovations that Apple didn't so he stopped doing it's that simple so. They're a perfect example of that process, so, think, of this way if. You are gonna really be effective, the, secret, is don't. Just improve, change. The rules of the game change, the. Rules of the game you. Do that the, game changes overnight and I'll give you an example most, of you probably make you stuff, Starbucks. Did. Starbucks, change the rules of what a coffee shop was yes or no a little. Or completely. What. Was a coffee shop before, Starbucks, it was a place that you got coffee and what else. What. Else, yeah. You got bacon and, eggs and sausage, I mean you need pancakes, that was a coffee shop true. And, people, got their coffee what they did is they came along and they said you know what, people. I notice, the world's changing people used to go out to work to the bar and they, don't go to the bar before work, it's like people need a place to go between work, and home to.

Decompress, Before they deal with what's at home and. They said you know they want to be social sometimes, sometimes gonna be by themselves and. Then this man didn't even create this right. How did he have it Howard find or come up with Starbucks he went overseas he was in Italy and he saw these little coffee shops these little Bistro seems like wow, I think, that could work all he did was model, it and come bring it here but, he changed, the game of competition, he wasn't competing with Dany's he. Wasn't competing with these normal coffee shops, he, was this high-end, super expensive you got an identity, by going there you, got a social experience by going there you had a place to be able to go between your life to decompress, they. Changed the entire rules of competition and by, the way he, was first the. First one not to ever make one the. First one to get in consumers hearts and minds, and. Once he was first there a bunch of people who tried to copy it they might even have better coffee but. Once their first as a brand he innovated first, and he branded, first and they, own market, and. By the way how much have they grown. How. Many stores that they have in 1998. 100. Stores, how. Many I have now. Last. Year the end it was 15,000. Stores in, 10. Years that's, what happens when you strategically innovate. He could never have made a coffee and like, made his product better and then, sold and grown like that the, easily grew like that as he created a whole new category that, he was the leader at that's. What you have to be able to look at that's what I mean when I talk about strategic innovation Nike. We gave the example of yesterday also, about. What Nike really did along the way first. He sold you know somebody else's shoes meaning sale night then. He lost the contract which looked like the worst thing in his life I'm. Losing, my product but, what did it make him do it mean creating. A product of his own to total what a sugar must come. On guys a sugar a must by. The way that's what the value is of the marketplace right now for many of you your. Worst nightmare, is. If, you find the way to use the, demand, to strategically, innovate, if, you do that it could be the greatest day of your life even, if right now you're scared out of your mind take, that fear as energy. And there's not a big difference train fear, and excitement same, kind of drive one just has a sick feeling to it the other has a little excitement attached to it alright, but if you get that thing you just go this the. Meaning is this is the gift and I gotta figure I'm gonna use this gift this is demanding, a change so, what does he do he, innovates he. Comes up with a product like nobody's, ever done before and it creates him on this explosive, growth now. As he wasn't supposed to growth other people start to copy what he's doing and now, I need to innovate again and. He doesn't really come up with much innovation for the while until, suddenly his. Innovation, is the way marketing it he changed, the game he no longer sold shoes, he. Made Nike, first. Of all a sports company, he, was the first one to sell $50 shoes but he was able to do that because he was also selling you clothing it was an integrated, look and feel and that evolved, into selling. Were a lifestyle, just, what. Right. And all of a sudden this lifestyle, the lifestyle had all these members of the community, Michael. Jordan, right Tiger Woods now he. Started building that and gradually, they built from a sports company that sponsored, events everything else too now there are community how, many of you use Nike Plus some of you run and use Nike Plus I'm curious Nike.

Plus If you've not seen it you go online you. Type in you get this little device in your shoe and, now when you go running you, can hear your music it tells you how far you've been running you can have Lance Armstrong, hey nice job you broke your record yeah. That's, happens at the end total reinforcement, you plug it into your computer and boom attracts everything and you can compete with other people or you can track yourself you. Want to play three on three basketball they've, all community you want anywhere in the world click on you'll find people who want to go play with you that day what. They're now doing is they're in your life every day, they're. No longer a product, you're no longer a service, or a community. That you're a part of that. We invents the way they compete so guess what Nike doesn't spend these ads they, got millions of people to log on every single, day because. It's part of the ritual of their life that's. Reinventing the rules of competition try. That now come out a little company called scooby-doo, shoes and see well you do. Know. Maybe if you well by finding a niche but you're not gonna take over Nike, all, right they've constantly. Found a way to strategically. Innovate, not, just you, know make something a bit better that's the difference I'm talking about, harley-davidson. Harley-davidson. After. You know before World War two after World War two rather became his giant incredible. You, know arm of marketing cuz, all these guys you know that where GIS came back for two they through, living these Harley's and they wanted a Harley and a lot of them wanted an identity for themselves that. They were still a badass and they were coming back to just being a normal person and they. Built the culture and, that culture became very loyal and the culture was promoted in movies and, it was an identity, right all, right born to be wild this crazy, outrageous. Person, is totally independent owns himself as tough as nails totally, masculine, now. They, went through this tremendous growth period, and, then all of a sudden in the 80s the Japanese, started building much better bikes lighter. Faster cheaper stronger. And, Harley started just dropped through the absolute, floor Harley was on the verge of bankruptcy after. Being around since the earliest days of motorcycles, and, what turned him around strategic. Innovation, somebody. Came in the new management team leadership, team the CEO gets a lot of credit but was really a team they. Say you know what if. We're gonna innovate we gotta say what business are we really in. That's. Another way you can find how to innovate you keep thinking you know what business you're in you think you're the person that builds, casinos, that's, only one. Way to look at your business there's a much broader version of what business you're at and. I start looking around and saying who, our customers, really what. Do our customers really, buy from us are. They buying a motorcycle. No. They're. Buying an icon, they're buying an identity, they're. Buying legacy. I mean. These are not just bikes these are legends and. Gradually. They began to realize what, we really sell at this stage we've been around so long we're. Really selling, a heritage. We're. Selling a legacy, we're selling a lifestyle, we're selling a way to live we're, really selling nostalgia. A, mindset. Because baby boomers they, found guess who buys the most number of motorcycles. What age today. 38. To 50 it's. Somebody, about to have or in the middle of their.

Midlife. Crisis. Who. Says I'm still badass even though I'm all and. They. Begin to realize that's, where 80%. Of these motorcycles, are sold assisted, here's what we're gonna do we're. Gonna sell this identity. Not only to these people if we want to expand the market between 38 to 50 year olds we're so nostalgia, some people are gonna ride a bike but, they want the identity, and guess. How they grew, their business like crazy and explain, all their marketing started. Selling all the clothing like crazy the market became create. Identity so I can remember I I never rode, a motorcycle, growing. Up mine one of my cousin's. You know was on a motorcycle we had no money so I couldn't afford one but, also he actually crushed his leg and that stunted growth one leg shorter, and longer than the other fine, every one of the motorcycles I learned to fly helicopters later, on in life and things like that that's my idea of really kick-ass flying, and. Then I meet sage, and she says do, you ride a motorcycle I, go no she goes oh. Rip. The doors off we're gonna be the helicopter, surfing a little screaming down on the water just as the curls coming and pull up as the wave goes underneath it but, of course she got motion sickness and threw up so that worked real well so. I, decided I got this woman on the LOB with her you know she likes motorcycles and, her dad always had our Lee's so. I reluctantly. Go, to Harley store thinking what the hell am I gonna do cuz I didn't have those iconic images in my mind trying to be a badass with leather and all these good things so. I get, on this motorcycle, and it's like wow wow it's like flying I mean, this is really cool it's a lot like fly is incredible. Feel so. I don't have a license, I Drive a motorcycle for, 20 minutes and a, guy I said if I want to see the best motorcycles, all at once because. I always want you know the very best how. Do they do it he said well you'd go on this incredible, rally they, do this rally and South Dakota North Dakota what's, it called, Sturgis. And he said it's it's happening this weekend, so. This weekend they go yeah they're gonna be like you know 400,000, bikes there. So. I said can you get me a ticket he goes you need a ticket you just drive in. That's. To burn up a motorcycle, man on the license seems that's the problem. I said. Listen can you arrange for someone who can rat me a bike he goes well if you don't have a license, they go come on man let's make a deal so, sure. Enough he arranges so I fly, in my private, jet so I can get on a Harley. So. I can feel cool right yeah. So. I fly to Sturgis a big stage I've only drew when these things for 20 minutes I never had anybody on the back of it I have no license, but.

I'm Going to Sturgis baby, and. I, got my leather jacket. And. My chaps. Ready. To rock so. I get there the guy gives me this thing I'm trying out orienting line come on hug it on the back and she's looking at me like can you really do this and we. Did this drive unbelievable. Drive and with Mount Rushmore and it was just incredible and then we got there that night and, he said they're gonna be all these bikes and we. Got there and they're probably. 15,000. Bikes which sounds like a lot but that's not 400,000. And by. The way Sturgis this little tiny town I think will there's a lot of bikes but it's not terribly exciting your third evening in the only place that's the nicest place in town is the Best Western. So. I took in the best Western which is probably normally, $99. At night and it's $600 a night that week. And. So I wake up the next morning and there's a half a million bikes on the road they all arrived that morning you, can't move and I'm out of my mind, then, I bought everything, you can imagine you. Know it. Was the first time I like people going out with me with a camera going excuse me sir I'm like shows like like know can we take a picture of your lady. It's. A different world but, what Harley did. They. Got a half million people, now that. Are showing up for these things I mean they transform, their business the business exploded, because they innovated, they, said we're not in a motorcycle, business, right. We're. In the business of nostalgia, so that's the reinvention, that I'm really talking about and you can do this in a smaller mind there's a game think maybe even a company right honestly it's not a big name you would recognize many, but I met, a guy in New Jersey kept, telling me about which his wife loved, shopping. At this place but, what blew me away as I was his house and a, car showed up to pick her up from, the store. There. What happens is they, don't compete on price they, know everything, about their customers, and they don't even just send this stuff to your house they. Send a limo to pick people up and bring them shopping I, mean. They have no problem, with price competition they're, not worried about you know recession/depression. Not, at all cuz, they've just reinvented, the entire way of competing, if. You look over here out of the Wynn Hotel see. Steve Wynn's interesting, the nos get building these hotels, and they, sold him all the MGM and he would built the wind and the wind was supposed to be the highest and than what she did two point three billion, was the first one there on course 2.7, billion. And. He changed the entire way of competing he. Decided, what kind of service is what he was gonna do and he wanted to own the high-end you, know what I found out one of his trip with him and I found out something interesting he, began to realize that all the money, 80%. Of the money is made in Bacharach and, there. Are 50,000, players in the world that'll make 80% of his profit. All. Those other things you do are minor, tiny. Compared, to the sales that they make from 50,000, big whales that, they take care of and. He won't have the richest most exclusive, most extraordinary place on earth for them to go you will do this Madeline Bacharach has the best ratio. Best. Advantage, you know the house has the events but it's tiny it's. The smallest so, as Ayden as a gambler you've, got the best opportunity, but that's if you play once. If. I have the advantage even by 1/10 of a percent you keep playing the wrong you play the. Odds are on my side see, so he innovated you wait you know what we're gonna build the most incredible place even, when everything else is down we'll, get those tonight where else to come here cuz we're the place to be, reinvented. The way of competing you, don't have to go volcanoes, and things like that no something really cool really. Magnificent, but really made for a different market he said not only who is my customer, who, do I want my customer, to be. That's. The question you need to able to answer if you're gonna really be effective as, many of you looking at your current customers your current customers not buying is oh my, god what do I do well. Maybe I need to get them to buy more maybe I need to get more customers or, maybe I need to get a different kind of customer, this, is when we start to strategically, innovate as opposed to just improve.

What We have right now to make something happen, so. Let, me very quickly give you this. There. Are three points I want you to know I think about when you think about strategic innovation the first one is you. Really ideally. Want. To be in a position where, it's at all possible I don't care you know what your approach is you, put yourself in a place where you want to be ahead of the curve you want to be slightly, out of the trend you want, to at least be on trend, but if you really want to be the innovator there's. Gonna be at the front of a trend the, initiator, if you can of a trend because. When you're first and you create a trend you become, branded, and that branding, if you do your job is hard to get rid of I'll. Give you an example what. Was the first University that was ever built in the United States. Harvard. What. Was the first for. Example, rental, car company in the United States Cret Hertz. What. Was the first soft drink in the United States, Coke, by. The way I guess who's still number one in each of those categories. All. Three of those so that's been more than 100 years 150. Years 200, years simple, situations, see. When you step, in and you become the innovator, and you create the category. Everybody. Else has to fight for second place or third in fact Ava's finally figured away the vacant strategically, compete they, said we're never gonna be number one so, they said we're number we're not number one we're what we're. Number two but we, try. Harder, they. Create a new category to try harder category, one number one in to try harder category they. May be number one cuz I've been around forever but we're gonna please you we're gonna do something in a different way that's. The way that you differentiate. And produce, something you. Know you also if, you're there first like another example friend of mine the gentleman Knight financial. Persons like coach the last 17 years here. This middle man and, we're having lunch when daddy goes here's my friend we start talking I said what, business she and he said bottled, water but I'm about to get out of it I said. Oh that's in sting it was this is like Annie I think, early 90s if I remember late 80s probably early 9:00 we have this conversation he, was yeah I said wow what a trend the, idea that people could get us to pay for these bottles of water you know two dollars, three dollars everybody, used to drink for three I mean that's the ultimate marketing, fact. Coca-cola, be like that were making more money some of them were charging more per ounce for water than, for coke more.

Than For beer or, Borden's, milk it. Was just water, that's. Amazing marketing, he was yeah I was really lucky though he said I got in a mineral water business, right. As a trend happen I said what was that he said when people started. Saying it was okay not to drink and he even started promoting designated, driver I thought, this is a trend that I, think is gonna stick you. Know I think people are gonna take advantage that you only have to drink you're not to feel pressured to drink I think, they're gonna be look for an alternative alter in the bar and. He said I thought the alternative, was this little company I bought for $500,000. Called pair yet. He. Bought it for $500,000. It was making a hundred thousand a year he. Kept that company for 15 years and sold it for 2.2, billion dollars. Because. He was ahead of a trend alright. He was there by the way you don't say give me a middle water most the time they'd say give me a period. In fact Pepsi, hates that people still often say can I have a coke. Cuz. They're first, all. Right and. So in any industry you can do that you, know in my industry the, greatest pop I got a speaker's come up and say to me and I'll gosh you know guess what I had these people tell me you know you remind me of Tony Robbins, I think, wow I'm really complimented, I'm also going great, I want you to be like Tony Robbins. That's. A great compliment for me a great compliment for you but it also comes because I was your first baby and I did my job I delivered. To the category no.1 never done thing like that's. How you strategically innovate. And own something. See. You got two choices trying, to go sell everybody or have people when they think of the best they think of something they want and they think of the best they think of you very. Very different game very, very different approach now you want to be first ideally, but if you can avoid it you don't want to be the ultimate pioneer, in some. Distances against the pioneer the Indians usually put arrows in their back so. It's, nice to know the trend is real, as possible it's not always possible but. Ideally new to leave the other thing you wanna do ideally is get in the game with infinite, upside. Getting. A game with infinite, upside if, you're, going to strategically, innovate and create this new product this new service this new approach to things you. Don't want to be in a situation where you spend all this time and energy create something new that. Has a limited upside it's gonna have a three month outside a six month upside or people. Gonna do so much now I didn't do this because I didn't enter business and go where. Can I go get the largest, margin possible. As a business owner this, is my mission so. I didn't do that I mean business. That I can go sell for 10 times 20 times 30 times women get the largest multiple I didn't do that I didn't. Look for internet outside in my case it was just driven by wanting to serve but, today is a businessman entering. The business is like going what's a trend that's, just beginning that I think has real legs is there. A place is there a way to partner where we're the leader in that trend but also when that trends not gonna be short-lived it's got infinite growth an upside but, there's a real opportunity then.

You Start to think in a more strategic way, is this making sense okay. So now you, might say okay Tony this is all cool but how do I do it here's what I'm gonna make just so damn easy five. Little. Areas, that, if you go into these areas you will automatically. Get the ideas for strategic, innovation in, other words if innovation, needs to be a part of your life and you're, saying okay Tony I want to innovate how do I do it if. You do these five things or even a couple these five things you're, gonna find yourself in a position immediately. Where. Innovation, will start to happen because your goal is, not to be the innovator, your. Goal is to have an organization, they. Constantly innovate, because. If you're the innovator then the entire business is still dependent, upon you, but. If you're the person that's creating innovation. You. Know by a system, you've created then, the people can change the environment can change and the innovation is going to keep occurring so, here is the first of the five I want you to drop these down and then afterwards, I'm gonna have you jot down how, you can use these five so the first one is you, need to get new voices. You. Need to get new voices no what does this mean, well. I know, companies, one. Of my friends, is a guy that's with about six and a half billion dollars he's, a private manatees in New York City most people don't even know his name because. Everything, he does he's he's, in the background up I have, enormous respect for him cuz he gives away about a hundred million dollars a year anonymously. Each. Year to. Organizations. That he thinks makes the largest difference in the quality of human beings live like master, he did one for a mentoring organization it's just a wonderful guy totally private man how. Does this guy who's, very, quiet. He. Frankly, when. You're in a room you, don't know he's there at. The end of the meeting when everybody's talked he might say something he says it real quietly people kind of lean in like EF Hutton in the old days glisten. But. He, has this incredible, ability to. Take companies to another level and the reason is he just told me so Tony were the first things I do take. Over an organization, is I figure out what that organization is what the trends are and then I go find somebody, else a group of leaders to bring they're not. To run it but because I know they're gonna bring a completely, different voice to the organization, and. One example I'll give you that I know about that he told me about from a friend of his is remember when IBM, grew. Like crazy they. Managed to give away the most valuable thing and their entire life the software, to the IBM PC to Windows I mean, think about it here's. The man you, know runs Microsoft, this little company this young boy who's. Creative, and gutsy, he, leaves college Bill Gates and, he calls the guys throughout the Altair computer and, says you, got this computer you got no software, I've, written software for it which by the way he hadn't written one line of code and he didn't even have access to an alter computer. He. Just believed he could and. He sold them and, he got together start writing code writing code and he figured how to do it and got the thing going and then, what was his big breakthrough did. He write ms-dos. Know. How they get em estas someone tell me and his thoughts which is the basis of making all his money but before, he copied Apple's Windows it was in the stars he. Bought it how much anybody know. Fifty. Thousand, dollars he bought ms-dos. Then. Went to IBM and licensed, with IBM, to have to be the exclusive software for all their computers and then, for when everybody knocked off IBM, pcs clones. Became. The basis of that just. Think about that because most of you of him you think of this incredible, coding. Genius which he has but he made all his money basically, just, by finding. A way to reinvent, the rules for competition. Either. IBM, cell everybody. Razors. And he sold the razor blades. And. So IBM to make much money in fact IBM, at one point you remember they were in deep deep, deep trouble they brought in a series, of new CEOs to turn things around and. They. Brought in what pronounce, his name was cuz that nerd the gentleman who came in it was like the major turnaround, guy, what's. It Gertner. Thank you and Gartner comes in and sure enough a gardener, came in the first thing Gartner did was brilliant, as he realized, that for IBM to change somebody, interviewed him in an article that's what I saw and they, said will.

IBM, Be able turn things around will, they be able to come back will they be able to become a force in computers. Or computer services or any of that nature he. Said I have the same question when I came on board they. Said here's how I address that I asked the question of our executive. Team our leadership team our management team our marketing team I said, this. How. Many people do we have under, the age of 40, who. Are based on, the west coast in Northern California on our core teams. That. Was the only question else, and. He went, none. He. Said the answer is we will fail. He. Said because 85%. Of, the innovation, that's happening in the world is coming, from the location called Silicon, Valley in Northern California and. It's my people under the age of 40 what. We have to do right now if we're going to transform this company and innovate is we need new voices we. Need people have a completely, different voice they have a completely different life experience, they will naturally cause, us to what. Innovate. But. We can't do this if we're, like going to visit them once in a while proximity. Is power, whenever. You're around something, day in and day out it's gonna have an impact on you and you need to go get new voices so my friend I told you about from New York what, he's consciously doing is each year even in companies he owns he, deliberately, brings in some new key executives, constantly, if for no other reason but make sure he gets new voices new. Voices will cause innovation, to occur it will happen very very rapidly for you here's the second way or place you can get innovation, new questions. New questions, give you new what my friends. Answers. You. See a lot of times you're. Starting out with a presupposition. Like. Last night when the gentleman raised his hand again and you know will came over to me initially and said well you, know how do I do this when it's impossible. How. Do I do this when no one is buying right now casinos. You know not building casinos how do I presuppositions. His, question. Guaranteed. He couldn't come up with an answer the quality, big question creates the quality your answer so, I'll give you one example that's, real fast then you can think of some your own ideas here new, questions, would be Bill Gates. Sockless. Would be about new Bill Gates and I'm trying to dig underneath and some of you've been to my programs, and he who's been to date with destiny buddy you're gonna date with destiny Wow quite a few so, I've been a date with destiny you know all. Of us as human beings are controlled. By what we focus on, whenever. You focus on your, gonna feel it even if it's not true so. If you focus on the world's ending you imagine, the whole world's gonna come to an end we're never gonna ever be you know happy times again you. See it you imagine you focus aren't you to feel it but. What controls, our focus, more. Than anything else is questions. Because. If somebody asks you a question even if you don't wanna answer it if you keep asking that person just. To understand what you're saying they, have to imagine it they have to go in their head they have to change what they focus on well. The human beings, tend. To have what I call a primary, question, one. Question, you ask more often than anything else on earth and. You ask it subconsciously. All the time and be blue today with Si discover it and it's why some people for example might go out in life and they make all these great changes in a never last, cuz, the primary question they have is you, know why do I always screw things up. That's. An unconscious, question why. Can't I have succeed, or sustain success or. How, do I make everybody happy all the time, ain't, gonna, happen, but. See they're constantly asking a question that's unanswerable. Or moves them in a negative location, you, change that question and. You change what they focus on their whole life changes so things change the question - how can I appreciate, even more all, the, gifts God's giving me right now and that becomes a primary question they walk around in gratitude all the time subconsciously. So. Since control the way we think, whenever. You see someone successful they. Come up with a new answer is because they asked a new, question. What. Question Bill Gates asked that. Was different than other people building software he did not ask the question of himself and his team how. Can we build better software, here's. The question he asked the exact question he asked his repeated me again and gave my people on his core partnership, and team he, said how. Can I become the. Intelligence. That runs all computers, worldwide.

How. Can I become the, intelligence. That runs, all computers, worldwide. And. When he asked that he realized all, computers, have one thing in common and, that is if we're gonna have a computers, me will communicate to each other we're gonna have to have common software, hardware. Maybe difference the software, and that's, why I got that by the way that question, is also why he was late to the internet. Because. The Internet is not about controlling computers. It's. A different question with a different answer about networking so. You gotta ask yourself what are some new questions because, new questions by the way will start new conversations. And if you do with new people new voices innovation. Is gonna go crazy it's, gonna be institutionalized, through. A question a third new thing for you as new perspectives. New. Perspectives, only. Happen, if you get yourself in a new environment. You. Know there's a company called Nokia many of you know who's got a Nokia phone in this room I'm curious now, look at those hands, Nokia, was dominating. The market place prior, to the iPhone. Complete. Domination of the market place for many many years, Nokia. Was not a dominant source where's Nokia based who knows. Yeah. It's, in, a very very cold. Dark, place and, Scandinavia. On, the edge of the Adriatic Sea and they. Were trying to figure out what customers wanted, by working with engineers who. Are working there in Finland. And. Guess what they weren't doing so well but somebody the group got smart and said you know what we keep making more and more technical, phones and, we keep innovating, the technology, like they used to do with VCRs, when almost for kids and they, made so much innovation you can use any of it so. He said you know we gotta do if we're gonna really. Today we, got to know what our customers want but. The customers, we want who we want our customers to be we want our customers to be leading-edge, people, we, want the kind of people that influence, other people there's people today don't just want to phone they want an identity they. Want to feel different, so. They sent their engineers, these guys that are not marketing guys because, they knew they kept telling them change this but they couldn't do it they sent them to three places in the world King's. Cross Australia, the, east of London in Venice, California, and. They said go live there for six months interact. With as many human beings and customers as you can and then come back and we're gonna redesign our phones and. You know what they all did they all came back and they found the most important, changes, they could possibly make to the phone guess what it was collar. Same. Thing that they did with Apple originally, they, came out with the first ones with a red phone and a purple phone and then a way in which you could print out off of your computer a cover, for your phone and then they came up with ringtones, so. You can have a special unique, identity, that's what the engineers, end up coming with because. They were given a new perspective again. Proximity. To the customer, in a radically, different environment. Automatically. Created new answers for them are new innovations, for them and then fourthly new passions. New. Passions, listen when you're passionate don't. You tend to innovate by your own nature as. You're doing something you love you're doing something you're excited about and, probably, the best example of passion, driving a company, is virgin with Richard Branson most. Of what Richard has created, his company's was. Something. That he. Experienced. A product service heat experience. And disliked immensely, and said this is what I want, it, was totally passionate about it from where you get to stay when you go at the you know to the airport and, you're transitioning he's. I want a place where I can play pool I want a place where there's a swimming pool I want to be able to have you, know massage I want some great drinks, and, so he reinvented, it you know I would have a bar on the plane I mean, that's what he did everything, he's done all the innovation, that has set him apart has been because he's thought about something that he's so passionate, about that if he had it woulda light him up like a Christmas, tree and, he felt that he's a representative, of a generation, he really is and he's not incredibly, well and, finding who I was when I jog down for you as a new experiments.

If You're gonna innovate, many. Of you don't innovate because you go damn what, if it doesn't work right, I mean, I only got so much time well we have so much energy we, can invest so much money will you start to work on this and it you know right now we got a great business right here I don't, to mess with my core business you don't have to keep. Your core business where, you're rebuilding you know these, casinos. But. Then create for yourself a couple skunk works projects, a couple. Experiments, almost all the innovation, happens, at Apple. What. Happened the Mac came, from a store clerks crew a group, of people they said you know what we're building the Lisa all our money's going into the Lisa the computer they're building at that time but. We're gonna take this small group of people and they're gonna go work and see if they can reinvent something with scotch on their own if it doesn't work we don't care we're, gonna try it at. Google many of you know people. Have about 20 to 25 percent of the time designed for skunkworks to work on some project, they think is worthwhile Google. Maps came out of that Twitter. Came. Out the company is building these great resources you. Know suicides stupid, the project called Twitter and, now it's drawing at what eight thousand, percent you. Know they've already been offered I think three hundred million bucks or 330, million dollars right Facebook wants to buy them and. They're at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning what's happening with Twitter a total. Innovation, you. Can use these same resources, you know Twitter's in this example I thought to myself so, much tell me why you gotta do this Twitter thing and I'm like Twitter, I mean. Get a life. What. I want to type when I'm doing when I'm doing as I said first of all my wife would kill me cuz we have a private life as. I said oh yeah here we are and Sun Valley and all sudden people start showing up right. I said, but second of all it's like who wants to read what I'm doing, or what other people are doing have no interest whatsoever so my buddy goes I use a different way so, I said what do you do he goes I use it to get the answers so. What'd he mean he goes watch this he goes Tony Robbins is here with me right now beside. Me and wants to know I used Twitter and he clicked the button and in the middle second later there, were 35, people just one hey Tony and what's your several others here's what you should do or like all these cool ideas it's. Like wow maybe I'll go to Twitter councilman's, gonna get without my name and. I did it and I barely ever used it because since my name wasn't on ER and interact with anybody and, I didn't put it on there and it's like what, am I broadcasts yes I'm doing a seminar right yeah. That's new information for me, right. But, then one day I thought you know there's, all these people out there and people kept coming up to me saying you know would you do something to inspire me every day and I'm like you know another, product another service you.

Know I don't want to commit to that I thought you know what I'll just put a quote on my Twitter each name for something just a simple quote not just mine other people's it'll, make me look for one each day to that I like not, to share it if, I find cool clips every now and then I share with my friends I'll share them as well and, I did that 10 weeks ago and, this morning with, 300,000, people there's. 8 million people on Twitter we're number 35, it's. Like wow this blows my mind it's just a fun cool little tool so, it wasn't, much of a strategic, innovation for. Me somebody, else created the innovation but sometimes you can use the innovation, for, your core business as well and I use it again to look at okay here's, this little experiment I'm doing you, know gosh if this continues, maybe it won't but it's gonna use half a million people that I could send a message to three. Months from now four months from them at the curb growth rate it stays there it, takes longer but I like the idea I really, am passionate about I want to send a message to people a million people like that that's. A great tool and I know there's, a business application you're somewhere for it most people haven't figured out yet I'm sure Twitter will find theirs it'll be advertising, or something but yeah, it'll be a great tool for keeping people informed and, what's. Great is I actually read them all but I've spawned them off like email, oh my god another 300, messages Twitter, is like people. Put clicked in I don't see what they're doing it's a very cool thing so again you, want to look at this and say I don't have to change my business maybe there's some experiments, I want to do on my business and then here's some questions, 9, questions for you to consider here's. What they are just rolling out for you real quick what, business are we what. Really. In that's of course you got to keep asking yourself why. Are we, really successful, many, of you think you're successful, for one reason but. You're successful for something completely different. It's temir taking the time with your team to ask this question who. Is our customer or what, really. Or, who does our customer, really need to be in the next five years if. You're gonna start a business today from scratch and. Maximize impact leverage and profitability what would you do. Some of you you may be starting, a business within your business to. Compete in this new world what. Distribution, channels are we not maximizing, or using what, technology. Are we not using or maximizing, that's why I mentioned Twitter to you what. Identity, do you want people to associate, to your business who. Do they become by doing business with you and if you're going to create another industry, from scratch if you were going to create an industry within. Your industry or somewhere else what would it be so, you're likely to do let's just take five.

Minutes Literally, to brainstorm. How. Are you gonna get new voices into, your business by, the way do you have to hire somebody then for them to be your new voice yes or no so. If you're a brand new you're an army of one or two or three or ten you. Could go get people you can do it through a variety of sources you can do focus groups you can sit with a group of friends you can get a group of your customers, you. Can use a service like Twitter you can do all kinds of things how, are you gonna get new voices but, be specific what kind of voices do you want to gather, who. Would help you innovate what kind of person, could. You bring to the table ideally, somebody on your team. But. Also workers, get new voices what, are some new questions that you need to ask I gave you these nine is a sampling, but. What are some questions you need to ask to innovate in your business, where. Could you get a new perspective. Maybe. After, you hear Tony speak today from Zappos, maybe, some of you while you're still here in Vegas might see if you might make an arrangement to go tour it take. It the our tour and. Just go get the perspective, out a business goes from zero to a billion it really runs if. I were you I would do it I took the tour myself incredibly, worthwhile um. Where, can I go right now to get tapping. The new passions maybe not even my passion maybe on my team I got. Some really bright people and they are passions I don't even know what they are maybe, their passions, are the, origination, the, place, that we get a Genesis, for a new product a new service or, a new way to you, know change the rules of competition and, what. Are some new experiments, we could do what, are one two three four five max new, experiments, we could try this, program here was a result of an experiment I was. Watching. Television listening. To all the mock, talking. To people coming up to me telling me I don't know what to do in their business and I saw the figure I know that intellectually, and back my but it emotionally hit me. 70%. Of all new jobs are created by small businesses I picked. Up the phone immediately I called my office I said you know we're gonna do I want. To coach five I said fifty business. People who have small businesses, zero, 200 million I'm gonna Friday how do you believe all the businesses 50 10 5 just, starting your business and. I said I want to coach him for 90 days and I said we'll make it really easy will do and, I'll do some kind of immersion so we did a version like this instead of five days we did in a day and a half so, I basically killed, everyone. And. I said then we're gonna work on online twice. A month for, about an hour and a half then I'll keep taking different pieces of information refine. It I'm. Just a roommate we're gonna transform, their lives and we're gonna create a system. And. Once we have that system it won't be limited me and my throat it'll. Be something that people can do in immersion on their own over and over again so they get the training effect, and. I said and we'll find the right partner well market it together we're looking for ways of transforming the business we will just teach him we'll give them tools, so. I'll team up and partner with the right people and, all this came out of being. Stimulated, by something I'm passionate to, make a difference in and doing. An experiment and then, I got some new questions and new voices and now we're laying the foundation, here this week for, something that we're gonna be launching that I think will be as big as anything we've done in a and where other companies.

Well. What'd you think listen. The purpose of a podcast, like this is not just to inform not just to educate you, but get you to take some action so, one of the most important, commitments I've learned is anytime you learn anything and you find it as any form of value the most important, thing you want to do is while, you're still in state while it's still important, while it's still in your mind you, want to take some form of action whether, that's as simple as saying these are three principles, that I want to really educate the, rest of my team on at my company or I, want to take action, on this today I'm gonna create this format, today for my marketing or for my anticipation, or for, using the strategies, that you've learned here so before you turn this off as a final, moment just write down two, or three key eater principles. You want to remember or action, items and ideally. Do something, to share it or do, something to act on it today remember. So, knowledge. Is not power knowledge, is potential, power really. Truly, if you really look at what makes someone successful versus, not it all comes down to execution execution. Trump's, knowledge every day of the week so, go out and execute and I'll see on the next podcast. You, have the right mindset and skills to take your business to the next level business, mastery, is the only event, in the world created. By Tony Robbins to, prepare you to master, the mindset and skills you need in business to elevate your game a one-of-a-kind. Immersive. Program business. Mastery, will allow you to understand, the critical factors impacting, your business then. Refocus, and realign, with the strategy, and psychology. You need to compete and innovate in any economy, remember business success is 80% psychology. And 20% mechanics, if you're ready to learn and master the strategies, to help you grow your business and, stay competitive that, don't hesitate apply. For the next business mastery, program now learn, more about the business mastery, event at. WME. Robbins comm the, Tony Robbins podcast, is directed by Tony Robbins hosted, by Andy org and produced by Carey song Brooks, Lauro is our digital editor Taylor Culbertson is our media coordinator special, thanks to Diane Adcock for her creative review our website is Tony Robbins com forward, slash podcast, where, you can listen to all of our episodes read. Articles and learn more about upcoming events copyright. Robbins research international.

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