Business in Chiang Rai, Right now? North Thailand, 2021.

Business in Chiang Rai, Right now? North Thailand, 2021.

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Hey champs! What's happening? Welcome to another episode of "Tag Along With Chai". We are in the most northern major city of Thailand. The city of Chiang Rai ladies and gentlemen. I'm saying major city but, it only has a population of 200.000 people roughly. It's not that major but, yesterday already I caught the vibes off a proper, busy city. And the traffic here...

I've got the feeling it's even worse than in Chiang Mai there's a lot of famous temples here in Chiang Rai You've got the white temple, the blue temple, the black temple, you've got a beautiful riverside, a lot of markets, street food. You got it all. To be really honest with you I've been YouTubing and there is a lot to see in Chiang Rai already on youtube. I'm not even going to be bothered to show you all this. The white temple, the blue temple, the black temple. No. In this episode we're gonna try to find out how Chiang Rai is doing. How are the businesses doing? How are the people from Chiang Rai doing? How are they holding up? This pandemic seems to never end. But we kind of want to figure out if they see light at the end of the tunnel. I really hope that people are positive. But, we're

going to find out. We're going to find out how people are thinking right now here in Chiang Rai. We're going to have a look at walking street and we're going to go to Jetyod road after that. These are the two streets I think there were the most visited streets I would say, in Chiang Rai before the pandemic. I have been going through these streets yesterday already. Just to check out to see what is going on. and there's not much going on. I can tell you that but there's something going on and

we're gonna see if that's enough for the people to maintain their business. I wonder, how Chiang Rai is doing? I'm going around I'm looking for business owners that maybe can tell the story about the experience through COVID. And I always wonder if the business is still okay. Are you owning the coffee shop here? Yes, restaurant and I have a coffee

shop. Coffee shop as well. I come later. I shoot the video and then I come later to have a coffee of course. So how is the coffee shop doing now? Because this is walking street normally right? Before very busy and now not busy. No it's not busy. Can your business

survive for another year like this? Hello, how are you? So, I've got a few questions about the business. I'm wondering how the business in Chiang Rai is doing? How is your business doing for the last year? The last year we were closed. Everything was closed. You were closed? But, now you're open? We just opened this year in the middle of July. We started to open the business again. This July? Yes. Okay because the business is still really slow. You have to pay rent, electricity.

Yes. is it worth to open now? Can you make enough money now? No, just a little bit. How's your family? Are you family? No my boss. How's your family doing? My family is not in the city. My own town outside the city. My father, he has a small construction business. Not affected by COVID. So your family is doing okay? Yes. On the first of November Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai

reopens right? Chiang Rai will reopen in December. In December? I've heard November. November for Chiang Mai. Ah, That's a good one. Okay. So, Chiang Rai opens in December. That's good to know. Live music is that not allowed right now? They allow that not to drink alcohol. That's why we are closed. We are just open at day time lunch. Are you afraid for your job? Did people lose the job here? No. No one loses tier job? Yeah.

Everyone keeps it. We try to help our employees. We have a small restaurant outside. You are open there as well. We just opened in July you know? We're looking for new business. In the morning we have boiled rice we call it jok. You know? It's like a Thai breakfast. I like jok. With pork ball and chilli and yeah ginger. Yeah, it's nice. We sell it for the student. You sell it here to make some extra business. Before you didn't sell this. But now because...

Ah that's good. Last year because COVID no one comes to our restaurant. I really hope in December... I think already in November It maybe a little bit more busy. Because Chiang Mai can fly in already But I hear airplanes already coming in and out. So where are they coming from? Bangkok. They come from Bangkok. Still Thai tourist. I never introduced myself. My name is Chai what's your name? Ooe. Ooe?

I like it, Ooe. Do you have a youtube channel? Yes, Chai travel. Only in Thailand or around the world? Around the world but, now the last six months I've been in Thailand or since April. I hope, my mom is from Indonesia. I'm from the Netherlands. I go to the Netherlands to show my country and then I hopefully go to Indonesia. Hopefully, but I don't know with COVID maybe It's not possible. Chiang Rai is a beautiful city. We will wait for you. Come back. Come to visit our country.

So the message is visited, Chiang Rai and visit Thailand right? Okay. Thank you Thank you so much. Before we go we're actually going to have a little... I think it's a milkshake kind of thing. kiwi milkshake. It looks delicious it's probably going to be... It's probably not going to be that little sweet but, a little treat before we go for another interview. This is the good thing about Thailand or about thai people. The just go with it. If it's busy they work hard.

If it's not busy they try to find a way to form another income. Ooe was saying they were selling extra breakfast in the morning, extra food which they normally don't do. But, they want to keep everyone employed and luckily they managed to keep everyone employed.

I tell you what we're going to go to Jetyod road to see what's up there. See if there are any business owners we can talk to. Ooe was saying that this screen here has to do with a festival. The flower festival next month. So hopefully, we'll be able to go back to Chiang Rai, next month to show you the actual festival. It's gonna be a special one because there are not gonna be many foreigners I think.Very local I would say this festival is gonna be. So it'll be interesting to see. She was also saying and I forgot to ask her

really. How long she was working in the coffee shop. And she's been working here since December. and I asked her why her English is so good because she's a tour guide and she's normally working in a museum. And also giving English tours. Because of COVID you kind of had to do something right? To earn a living. Yeah, we're at the start of Jetyod road. It used

to be the party street of Chiang Rai. A lot of bars a lot of craziness. That is not anymore but I cannot tell you a secret it's going to be back to normal soon champs! What's going on here this looks like a barbarian beer no, babarian beer house. That looks pretty cool. Let's have a look. The door's open. Hello!? I'm Dennis. Dennis? Yeah. From Germany? You got it. Nice one. So are you the owner of this business? Yeah this is my shop. Do you mind showing

us around your business a little bit and having a little chat with me? You're welcome. Actually? Amazing! Amazing! So I've been here before yesterday. We're going to show you the business and we're going to ask Dennis a few questions about. Wow, sorry. You're welcome. Hah, I'm just walking in. So, Dennis, right?

Yes, man. What's happening here because everything looks really new. Yeah, everything is new. everything is new right? I start to renovate one year ago. I took out everything builds this new. I'm here five years at this job. I mean everything you one month before COVID

came. One month before. In February last year. You finished in february or you started? I started in February but the first job we take out the ceiling we take out the walls. We start with water pipes, electric everything. Actually are building a new house. I made the floor I made the pillars I made it new. mate it looks fantastic. I will show uh I

will show the the yeah the place a little bit if you don't mind? How have you been holding up? Have you been open at all since epidemic? No I opened in the beginning but, it's forbidden for selling alcohol. And you will be surprised what the main business of the beer house is. The alcohol. Yes. Also, have rooms ups there. Rooms but no tourists. Oh you got rooms for...? I have rooms upstairs. Maybe you want to have a look? Yeah, sure can you take us up? oh yeah, you can take the lift if you want. The lift? What? When I was building this I though: What is missing in this town? Something from handicapped people. You come with a wheelchair I make the ramp there. I put the lift for the wheelchair, the toilets are on the second

floor. You thought I wasn't coming anymore didn't you? I was busy. I was at home I started cleaning my pool at home. Do you have a pool at home? Yes, I told you a small resort at home. Yeah I'll close this now. Fantastic. Shall I turn on some lights? Probably with lights on is better. Do you have the lights downstairs? Electric is on each floor. Okay, okay. Champ we've got a pool table here. There's a pool here we have new toilets all western style. We have everything

clean. Ladies and gentlemen also for handicapped people. Changing tables. Then there's this dining area upstairs and you see you can look down. I like the open galleries that's why we created this. Four big parties we have all the live system

here. You have got the light system and everything. A smoke machine. Mate, so this place has never been up and running? Well I mean the new place? In the beginning it was after the opening we could start and then it was full, it was packed. At the opening? Yeah. When was that? In August last year. Okay. We had an opening but, after this after the opening, the alcohol

ban came. Don't let me lie. A short time afterwards. Ban for selling alcohol. Are you are you able to maintain yourself for another year or so? Are you okay? It's hard. I have a small resort. A homestead resort. I have a small pool and everything. I can make some catering. some buffet. You can book it private. With a small group. If people are scared of COVID you can come with 10 people or 15 people. I make you a buffet you can enjoy the pool. So, you have some other business sometimes.

Yes. You can keep your head aboth the water. Doing catering for tours. How long have you been in Thailand? I'm here now seven years. Six or seven years. Do love it still? Are you gonna stay here? [ __ ] yeah. Nice. I'm Thai. Actually I've heard you speaking

in Thai. I speak, read and write Thai. Write as well as well wow. There is a Big bathroom. All wheelchair access. Mate this looks really nice. I can show you the next level. The rooms are more done. Sure.

This is basically a four person. This is quite special in my eyes because normally there's no bunk bed. On this street as well. It's a pretty good idea I guess. It's a little messy. I just put up new curtains. Also a big bathroom. No electric unit under the shower. where's it coming from, the hot water? Under the sink. The pipes and wires in the wall. I made it all new. Asian style everything outside.

Here it's tight, clean ahd safe. Thanks for showing this all. It sounds like... Are you selling this? Let me say it like this: In this world everything is for sale. Right now in this time for the right offer. I will sell my resort. I

house focus on here. But this time I have two kids. I'm single dad. I have a one year old Thai boy. A three and a half year old boy. I take care of them by myself. So right now, at this time. I wil day for the half of what I have invest here I will give it away and focus on my resort. So you're actually trying to sell or you you're willing to sell

it let's say like that. I have some people, they're interested. But, it's not easy to come over now. If somebody know about business and sees this location. 50 meter from the clock tower. Exactly, it is I think it's even 40 meters, It's so close.

More central it's not possible. And a place like this: four floors, a restaurant it's all new. 100 seats. How much do you sell it for then? Or should we come back...? Let's mention that at the end of this video. I wonder. I can guess what. I will tell you how much I invested here you can see. And then what is the selling price. I want to say, if I sell. I'll leave everything and I just go. I've done a show. I think it was only for one bitcoin back at the time. he

was selling it for. A business in Pattaya. But, it looks like it looks a lot worse than here. One bitcoin, what is a bitcoin now? Bitcoin at the moment is 63 thousands usd. Okay. um but yeah no back then it was I think like half of it or something. no, it was forty thousand dollars I think he was

selling it for. I can imagine like this must be I don't know how much more. I don't know we talked about later! Warsteiner, weihenstephaner. Then we have some sider on the tap. You've got sider on the tap as well sometimes we put a craft  beer on. A guinness. It's a beer house. I love it, I love it! It's hard to find a good draft

draft beer here. Are you open now? Are you are you open and up and running at the moment? At the time the doors opened the lights on because I'm still fixing something. So we were lucky your door was open really? Yeah. Next month it looks like we can open again. That's why right now it's a lot of work to do. Check everything in the kitchen We re-stock everything. All you see over here, we do not sell. No of course not. But I can sit with a friend and have a drink. That's fine. Exactly my friend! There we go. You wanna have a look

at the kitchen? Big pizza oven. Big fridges. Cooking here thai style. Dough machine for pizza or for making bread ourselves. Cooling system over there. Different for meat, vegetables and for drinks. It's all separate. Here we have a small outside kitchen. There's a small outside unit but which we can open to the street. With a chicken rotisserie or for Sunday roast whatever. Hot dog machine a barbecue for burger we can say directly to the street. As a second business. Wow man you're selling it to me. For me the

business is too big for for for a single man with two kids that's why. It's really it's a business it's not a hobby. That's why if somebody puts the right money. I invest in all this business nearly 10 million baht a ago. 10 million baht you're invested in renovating it. The lease, I still have eight years contract left on the lease. The lease is on the company. The company have two work permits for foreigner. So it comes with company, workpermit, business visa all

together and I sell now, this   time for half of what I invest. That's four and a half, five million. I will just go out. I leave everything behind. I pack be bags and just go. Amazing, I don't have a five million but I think it is a good opportunity. That's a good offer. Now the people come back I said you can you can make it back. But, it is work.

You have people that come to Thailand and say oh that's nice I can have a good life. And on the site I make a small bar. This is not a on the side business. This is a business. This is a job. You wanna have an income you like to work, you want to work, this is work. It's hard work but nice. It is beautiful I can imagine it would be a bit painful for you to leave it behind. Because you put all that sweat and a lot of money in here.

Yes this is one side. But I will love it. I really would love it to come as a customer to this place. And enjoy the place. Which beer are you gonna order? I think when I can come as a customer I will try them all.

Nice on champ. Thank you Dennis. You're welcome. Hey, before I finish these interviews, I always ask if you have any wisdom to share with the world. I'm not old enough for being wise. But, all the wisdom about beer you can find on my wall. International go check it out. That will help you over time. Prost! Proost!

Thanks again champ take care! I like to say from an empty Yetjod road Chiang Rai the north of Thailand: Bye for now and stay Champ!

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