Business Gas Card [GAME CHANGER] Works for more than FUEL! Direct Interview With Kermit of AtoB

Business Gas Card [GAME CHANGER] Works for more than FUEL! Direct Interview With Kermit of AtoB

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- Hey, it's Josh with the "Get Business Credit" YouTube channel. Special guest today. It's Kermit with AtoB.

That's right, AtoB. You guys know. I know a lot of you guys know AtoB The gas card, new FinTech company. I shouldn't say new because what has it been? About six months now, Kermit? - It's been going on six months, yeah. - Going on six months now.

So you guys may remember I interviewed Justin a couple months ago. So Justin and Kermit were pretty much the beginning guys there, the sales guys over at AtoB with the founders. And unfortunately, Justin's interview, I don't know if he was using his laptop or what, but I know a lot of you guys complained that you couldn't really hear his voice. Justin's a great guy and everything, it's just, we had a problem with his voice, hearing him and everything.

But Kermit, we did a voice check and everything, and it comes through clear. So if you could just introduce yourself, Kermit. - Sure, my name is Kermit Fletcher. I'm with AtoB. I've been in this industry for over 10 years. I was with FleetCor for almost eight years in the sales department.

I was selling their Chevron, their Speedway, and their Fuel Man products. So, you know, I have extensive experience with, you know, WEX and going against WEX and Fleet One, all the other companies as well, so. - Yeah. Yeah. You said you're been with FleetCor for quite some time and stuff.

- Many, many years. - And there's not many players out there. As a lot of you guys may know, there's really only FleetCor and WEX.

How does that work... I keep on saying Robert, but Kermit, how does that work when you would see like Citibank having Chevron and then all of a sudden, it goes to WEX? Is that WEX buying the licensing to the rights or whatever for that card or whatever? - Well, what happens is WEX and... Well, Chevron, they'll sign a contract with FleetCor for a certain amount of years. You know, it could be five years, to handle their gas card business. And then after the five years is up, that contract can go out to bid to several different companies like WEX, you know, like I said, Citi, and whoever has the best deal or, you know, promises the best service, then Chevron will sign a contract with that new company.

And I witnessed that firsthand. I used to sit right near the executive vice-president who handled the Chevron negotiations. And, you know, I witnessed Chevron choose to go with WEX, and how they were going back and forth about the transition. What's gonna happen to all these, you know, hundreds of thousands of accounts and all that.

So basically, it's a contract for a certain amount of years. Could be five years, could be 10 years. - Mm, okay.

Because you'll notice like some of them like Exxon Mobil and Chevron, you'll see like there's two options on say, the actual brand's website. One of them will say for revolving, and then it goes to like a Citibank page app. And then for the Net 30, it would go to a WEX page, WEX app. So they just have different terms. So you guys, one thing I wanna point out, you guys know, I just did that big gas video.

You guys know these are only half the gas cards I have. I have a lot more. You guys know what's the difference between AtoB, and all of these. Can anybody guess? Okay.

No fees for one, right? Right, Kermit? No fees. - No fees. - No fees ever. None of those sneaky $6 or $8 or $12 a month per card fees, or unexpected yearly fees, or I think WEX is now, WEX or Fleet Cor is doing 40 or $50 setup fee per card now. - Wow.

- You know, and most of them aren't Visa for one, they're usually, they're MasterCard or just WEX. So having, you know, Visa is nice. And you guys are starting now, I guess, getting your guys credit reporting in order. I know before, you guys were doing it quarterly, and I think you guys are still doing it quarterly. But from what I believe, Tashar, what he said is you guys are working at Experian and possibly Equifax and also doing it here soon monthly. Trying to get monthly.

Because I understand that, and a lot of people, a lot of viewers I try to preach this to. Experian actually never comments on anybody's videos at all. Experian business solutions, they comment on my videos and you can see they don't come on anybody's. Just to toot my little horn, you know? And that's because I'm giving out the facts, the correct information, you know? These large companies like Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian, they're not gonna take on a company that has just 300 or 500 customers that are all brand new too. There has to be a proving track record for one. So to be able to get all these files in place.

So you guys may wonder why, say, AtoB is not reporting say, every week or every month. For one, it's expensive for all that data. Compiling all that data that AtoB has to do on the backend.

There's software involved. There's a lot more involved, and AtoB has given you the cards for free. Like, you don't have to pay any fees.

They're doing all the work, okay? So just wanna point that out to you guys. Correct me if I'm wrong there, Kermit. - No, that's spot on. It's gonna be very soon that we're gonna report on a monthly basis - Yeah, and then you guys will give higher credit limits, especially the more you start using, and you'll get up to it says 14 day terms. But I think even eventually you guys can even get...

You know, RTS is another company that I have a lower bit of respect for. Johnny Brooks over at RTS. You know, they do a no credit check card. That's $2,500 tightened card, but you can't have the Pilot Flying J card to be able to qualify for it. It can only be used at certain locations, but like he said, you build up the relationship.

I know this is about AtoB, but I'm also pointing out that any bank, even if it's not gas cards, any business in your banking relationship, whoever you're doing business with, as long as you're paying them back on time, you build that relationship with them and say, hey, I need 21 days, or I need 30 days. Reach out to whether it be Kermit or, Justin, whoever it may be. Once you've proven yourself, maybe there's a possibility of that down the line. I'm not gonna say that's guaranteed or anything, but you know, they're still a new company. But, you know, that could be a possibility down the line. Am I right about that, Kermit? - Well, at the moment, you know, we're primarily sticking to Net 7 at the moment.

- Right, right. I know at the moment, but like it says on your website, it says get higher credit limits with usage up to 14 day payment terms. I don't even know why I'm not sharing the screen. I should've been sharing the screen here. Hang on a second. Let me get to the...

Where's it at here? Hang on a second. Okay. Let me share the screen.

I'm sitting there talking all along, thinking that our screens are being shared. Okay, there we go. Much better there.

You see that? - Yeah. - Yeah, so I mean, like it says here, get higher credit limits with usage and up to 14 day payment terms. And I understand that's down the line and stuff, but it's not out of reach, especially I think if you're a... Yes, you guys are a newer company, but you know, you're gonna have some defaults. That's with all businesses.

You're gonna have some defaults and stuff, but, you know, I guess I want people to not just think of AtoB as like an Axle Pilot Flying J Net one day card, you know? - No, its much different. Much different than that. - And that you can use it everywhere, you know? - Oh, like supplies, maintenance. We also have some contractors who are coming over who buy you know, 10, 20,000 a week in materials. You know, we'll work with companies with that as well. On that as well.

- So what if you had to go to say, Firestone, because I know there're merchant codes. I understand a little bit about merchant codes. When a car gets swiped, it has to fall in with a merchant code for it to be accepted with gas cards. I know with some FleetCor cards, you can actually get them unlocked for pretty much anything, but that takes some arms twisting, and to know the sales rep and stuff, you know? But with AtoB, could you go into, like Justin said, as far as he knew, you could go into AutoZone or Advance Auto and use the card, correct? - Absolutely. As long as that code is unlocked for the account, it can be used for purchases almost anywhere.

- Okay. Yeah, because like in the AtoB dashboard, I think mine, this is like one of the demo ones I have. It says the drivers. Is there a different? Because this one's an old one.

But is there a different... Is that something you have to call or something to get the? - To get it open for those types of purchases? - Right. - No, it wouldn't show on the dashboard, but if you call in and let us know that you wanna, you know, have it opened up for those maintenance purchases, then we can unlock those codes and you'll see that wherever you go, you'll see the transaction history and where the transaction took place on your dashboard. But all you have to do is call us or call the representative you're working with, and we can open that up for you.

- That's great. That's great. Because see, I think a lot of people, you know, they may be in the car business too. Like, just cars, not trucking business, but the car business, and they may be fixing cars as well and may need to buy car parts or whatever.

Alternator or something like that, you know? Or buy some tires and stuff. So you're saying that's possible, you just have to call you guys up and get that? I think it's clear card, they're pretty much be able to use for anything. They have merchant codes. It's like 50 different merchant codes you can block, and they're like three digit codes for like hotel only, you know, restaurants only. And I think that's probably the same thing you're talking about is like, where you guys are would be able to unlock the card to use for certain merchants, right? - There are like hundreds of different categories that the car like the merchant codes, and they could either be blocked or unlocked.

- Right, 'cause I had somebody tell me that they had a FleetCor card and they went to Walmart, even though it says for fuel maintenance, they went to Walmart, got tires, put it on their car. It went through and everything, but then FleetCor closed their account indefinitely after that. - You know, their fraud and risk department is, you know, a little bit different than other companies. - Yeah, so as long as, you guys, whoever's watching, if you already have an AtoB card or you don't have one, click the link in the description below, sign up and, you know, they'll set you up, and don't be shocked if maybe it's a lower limit than you're expected. They are, you know, a newer company and they're not giving away, you know, a hundred thousand credit limit for one. But, you know, as you use it and you pay them back, I think they will increase that, right? Over time as you need it? - And as far as the credit limit that you can get, it's based off of your deposit history.

You know, that's why we look at bank statements. Like say for instance, you know, your average deposit amount for your account is 5,000 for three months, right? So in that case, your max credit limit with us will be 12.50. So it's based on deposit history. - It's like an algorithm kind of divided by three years? - A unique approach to, you know, giving out credit. - Right, and you gotta definitely protect yourself. I mean, as far as the company, that's for sure.

But what's nice about it is, you know, like it says right here you guys on their website. It's powered by Visa, which is nice. Accepted everywhere. It can be restricted to gas stations, repair shops, or wherever you want.

That's key right there. Or wherever you want. You don't really see that anywhere else on any other gas card sites.

So I think that's something that a lot of people are kind of overlooking, and they think they just have to use the gas and the gas only. You know, not everybody has a trucking company. Some people can only put in, you know, a thousand dollars a month in gas, which is a lot of money of course. But they may also need 500 a month in tires or parts as well, you know? You know, so- - You can do tires as well. - So you can do tires. Just have to call and give you guys a heads up if that's the plan.

- And also the company insurance. The company's insurance, you know? That can be a couple thousand dollars, you know? It doesn't happen that often for a company, but you use our cards for that. For your insurance. - Oh, really? - Yes.

- I know that trucking insurance is outrageous. Like, I'm just now starting to get into it just because I'm interested, and I've gotten all these, you know, I'm in the marketing company for this YouTube channel, but these are only 40,004 months. But if you really total it up, it's like 75-80,000 in gas cards. And, you know, I came across a friend of mine that knows a little bit about trucking business and doing like box truck runs and 26 footer runs, but he's like, the insurance though is killer. - Yeah, we had a client the other day, their insurance bill was 6,000. - Wow.

- For insurance, yeah. - Is that like the liability too? Like covering the loads and everything too? - Yes. - Okay.

- And they use their AtoB card. - Wow. Wow. See, that's the key thing that I'm trying to help a lot of people out. Like I did a poll on YouTube.

Like, how many of you guys are in the transportation? Just, you know, pick yes on that. No, other business. And I think I had like 400 people, you know, click one of the options in the poll. And there was overwhelming 60% of people, like 250, 300 people. And nobody does polls anyways, out of the 10,000 or so that I have.

So for me to get that many saying that they're in the transportation business. - Yeah. - And I hear it all the time. I mean, I used to do consultations like two months ago.

Like mentorship, but it just got too much for me to handle. I don't care how much you pay me. It's just too much of a headache. But, that's one thing I hear a lot is the fees with insurance, and if they can just get one or two weeks to float the money, they can literally triple their money if they just had that extra time, you know? It's just there's so many fees, but that's good to know.

So you guys hear that. You can buy car parts or truck parts or whatever, and part of your insurance premium, you may be able to pay as well like he said. You know, don't mark my word on it, but you know, talk to Kermit or Justin or whoever you're gonna reach out to at AtoB. Definitely reach out to them because I think they're willing to... Very good customer service from what I can tell compared to everybody else.

- Yeah, we're around 24/7. You know, there's the toll free number if I'm not available. And so you'll always, you know, get some help whenever you need it. - Yeah, what is the discounts though? Do you guys have that set up yet or not yet? I know Justin said he didn't have it quite set up yet, but. - There's a flat 5 cents per gallon discount for gas and diesel.

- Okay, okay, and diesel. - Yup. - Okay.

- One, you don't have to hit any tiers like some of the other companies. - Yeah, you have to hit a certain amount of gallons or whatever. - This is from gallon one. - Okay, that's good. So you guys understand, and if you guys wanna do any research about like AtoB like I did, before I even did a video about them, before they even knew I did a video about them.

Their founders, I found, you know, he went to Berkeley and you know, he's really smart. I wanna call him a kid, but he's smart and a FinTech company. For sure, they're going places. You know, they got people that from, I don't wanna say PayPal indirectly, but investors that were part of Stripe, and Uber, and PayPal, Amazon.

You know, they're all either part of the board members, or getting advice, or investors. So definitely, I think it's a good solid company that's not going anywhere. - Hey Josh, I just wanna interject.

One of our other founders, he's a Carnegie Mellon grad. - Oh, okay. - They got a computer software engineering space. So you'll experience second to none when it comes to your back office management.

This is truly a gas card management system that is second to none. - Right, and I think with you just saying that, I think it's only gonna evolve. I mean, you guys are just like four or five, six months or so. I think it's gonna evolve, and especially since you guys are getting such a good response. I think it's gonna evolve.

One year from now, I think it's gonna be completely different for AtoB. - Yeah. - You know? I definitely think so.

So like I said you guys, Kermit and Justin. You know, both of them were pretty much the first two development, sales development, right? - Sales development representatives. - Okay.

- Yeah, we deal with clients, helping them set up their accounts. - Yeah, so I mean, they're right underneath the founders and they talk to the founders probably multiple times a day, I would imagine. So you guys have nothing to worry about. I know before some people were like, oh, this company doesn't look like they're legit or that.

I'm like, what do you have to lose? They're not asking you for any information even just to sign up. It's just basic information, you know? - And they can sanitize their bank account. They can, you know, black out their bank account numbers.

We just look at the deposits. So people have some, you know, hesitation about that as well. - Right, right, right. And that's what I wanna try to do is I wanna, you know, brand awareness out to the companies that I trust. You know, for sure. I have a card in hand.

I have several cards in hand. - That's a great looking card, man. - Yeah, and they're nice looking cards compared to all these generic ones that are just like what you see since like 1980s, you know? So, yeah, I mean, I think that's all for today, guys.

That's pretty much all I wanted to cover since Kermit could be, his voice was clear compared to Justin's. No punt up against Justin. It was just a, it is what it is, and we're trying to work on better audio as well on everybody's side. But definitely check the link in the description below, sign up through my link because of course, I want to get a little credit, and maybe Kermit will get a little bit of credit too. Who knows? So definitely we wanna make this AtoB go from AtoB to A to Z.

- Yeah. - Okay, so anything else you wanna say, Kermit? - Thanks for having me, man. So much appreciate your review and, you know, getting us out there, man. That's very much appreciated. - Yeah, no problem.

I definitely believe in you guys for sure, and definitely look forward to the future of AtoB. And I would be in touch as well. - Okay. Sounds great. - All right? All right. Thanks, Kermit. Appreciate it so much.

- Sure. Thank you. - All right. Bye bye, man. - Good day. Bye. - Don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button, guys.

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