Business Central: Deliver a connected SMB Business

Business Central: Deliver a connected SMB Business

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Good morning. Good, afternoon good, evening my, name is Mike Karen Burke welcome, to the Microsoft, business applications, summit, we. Are here to talk today about business. Central, I'm, joined, by Mike Morton our, sheltered, place locations. Up until a few days ago. We're actually less. Than mile apart but. This. Morning I'm, in Seattle and, this. Evening, Mike Morton is, in Denmark, we're. Really happy. To have the opportunity to talk to you today about. The. Latest and greatest for business central I've. Had the honor over the last, couple of years to lead the business, central team so. Using. Old in whatever context. You want I am the old, dynamics. 365. Business central GM. And. I'm incredibly. Happy to, introduce. To the people that, haven't, already met Mike. Morton who. Is our, new, business. Central. GM. And. Mike take, it away yeah, great so I'm I'm, really excited to be the, GM for business, central and. Joining the dynamics family I am. New to the group and I'm not new to Microsoft, I've been to the company for about 24, years most. Of that time spent on share, points and in office and, as Mike said I did just move to Copenhagen, you, might notice my surroundings, are a bit odd the, cable folks are not all that quick here either and so I don't have internet access in my apartment. Yet so, I'm in a hotel with very. Few people staying there so I believe the bandwidth should be pretty good anyway, I'm excited here to talk about the, central good, next slide. So. This is central for folks hopefully. Don't know is the it's a single solution for running your, business it, really is optimized, for sort of small and, medium, businesses and that's a pretty big spectrum you know we want to have a product that you know will work and really have the simplicity, the ease of use, that. People want to run kind of the smaller and medium businesses but also having the power to grow with your company having that flexibility. To be customized, to be you. Know. Optimize, for your processes, the way that you really sort of work and, as. Part of the solution it sort of three things that really make but it's essentially unique beyond you know at its core we think. We have a really best and breed business, applications, but there are couple things that we really think sort of make business central special the. First is that's cloud-based you, know we've had offerings, from Microsoft, before. And we still do that run on Prem but being in the cloud we really think it's a game changer the. Fact that you, don't have to manage a service you don't have to update it you don't have to worry about OS. Upgrades. Certainly. In this kovat environment, not having to worry about you know going to the office and patching a server because I'm an operating systems living on those lines but. Also in terms of new capabilities our ability to integrate. With services, our ability to sort of update respond. To customer feedback and we really think it's gonna be really a new exciting era with. Sort of a services based versions, of our small medium business applications, business, apps I'm. Of course being built on top of a sure is also sort of a real foundation. For, us asher has absolutely. World-class. Scalability. Security. Global. Availability when. You think this is central we know your businesses absolutely, depend, upon. Having kind of a very great reliable, service and since we're built on Azure you know we're gonna have data centers in. Your region we know they're gonna be reliable, they're gonna have respect for privacy security, and. In a lot of ways a lot of the things that you might have had to think about before on. Prem you know with being a cloud service and with Azure powering, it it just kind of goes away you can just sort of count on it working and concentrate. On on doing your business and what's important in in your organization, so. The last one is really the integration, with. The rest of Microsoft, you, know we know people use multiple, tools in their job people use office, people do email people use apps on their phone and. We're really doing a lot of work to make sure that we have a great experience that really spans, that so whether you're using you, know outlook in Excel or whether you're using power, bi or the power platform, or other dynamics, experiences. Really, making sure that we have our. Workflows, really met your workflows, and so the way that you work in your business we want to make sure can adapt and. You can work the way you want to work and really again sort of focus on getting your business done as efficiently as possible. So. Kind of going on to the next slide I'm going to talk a little bit about the.

Momentum. That we with business central so, we're really excited we have this. Essential has been around for just two years now of course we've had Dynamics. NAV which is sort of the. Forebearer. Business central and what it's kind of its heritage and. That's been around for a long time but this is central in just sort of two years we've gained about 6,000 customers I've gone from sort of zero to six thousand customers at. A pretty high growth, rate at 250 percent year-over-year. Growth, I know, exponential. Growth is a thing that sort of talked about a lot these days and we're really experiencing, what. That means in terms of having a lot of customers coming on selling our product, in. That last one I'll talk about is, 650. Apps on app source this, is really sort of the key thing we know that a lot of people depend. On ISVs and solutions, to really run their business to have the experiences. The customizations. The solutions for their country, their industry, their, application. And we've worked very hard to make sure that the broad. Range of solutions that we had and sort of the great dynamics, ecosystem, our Dynamics NAV ecosystem, have, now been brought into. The cloud as part of Business Central and so those numbers are really fantastic and it's not just about the numbers if you look here you'll. See it's not just 650. The absolute, top is. Vs the ones that have the most complicated are the most sophisticated, the. Highest usage most, mission-critical. ISVs. Are out there hopefully, some of you guys recognize, these names it's some of the biggest, nav, IVs and they're now up and running on Business Central and so you. Know if you've been thinking about should I move to the cloud there. Shouldn't be any blockers, your your highest V synapse should be there the performance, should be there the scalability. The, user experience, we, really believe now is the time to the move to the cloud and, that we have the experiences, are really ready for you and it's. Not just about. Existing. ISVs, that we have in sort of the existing Dynamics, NAV ecosystem. We, really want to bring and expand the family that we have in business central so, we've actually worked with a bunch of great partners, a good example is copass and have, an exchange both. Of them have built solutions, that, really help people migrate from sort of other solutions, so that might be a GP, or SL other solutions that we have from Microsoft, it might be competitive. Products it might be you, know more traditional. Ways. Of sort of working and using the jargon use. Commands, using BY using, processes. Are sort of familiar, so, when people on board the business central they can do it quickly and in sort of a familiar fashion, so we're really excited about business central not just being sort of an evolution for, folks coming from dynamics now but really from coming into full family of sort. Of Microsoft, and non Microsoft, business. Applications, so. Now I'm going to hand it over to Mike and he's gonna talk a little bit about what we accomplished, in Waveland thanks Mike. Thanks. A lot Mike. So. We. Have a. Really. Amazing release, in. Wave. One of Business Central which landed, on, time in in April and. There are hundreds, of new capabilities and, a release that, we're really excited about there's. A lot of me just can't even see. The. Work that we've done around performance. Faster page loads, taking. Advantage the, Asscher, read-only secondaries. To speed report. Rendering. And take the load, of report rendering off the rest of the system but.

What I'd like to do is just highlight four, of. Capabilities. That we're really proud of that are part of this release I would. Suggest going to the business, apps release. Plan, site. Where. You can see the full detail on everything that's that's. That's. Part of the spring. Wave. First. I want. To talk about bank. Reconciliation. And. This. Is an area where, we, received, a consistent, feedback that that we had the opportunity to make, some real improvements, and. We feel great about what we've delivered now, we'll, continue to, to, fine-tune, this but. A, lot. Simpler. Way to let, users in. Bank reconciliation. Get to the places where they're looking at exceptions, more quickly that. They have a better overview. As. Well. As the, ability to get some great, new reports, so. That they turn. This process into a much simpler much more streamlined experience. The. Second thing is just. Around. Mobile accessibility, and one of the big focus for, us with every release, is. Around what we call productivity. And, it's. Essentially. Just doing everything that we can to make sure that users can get their work done in. The simplest most online, most. Efficient, manner and so one of the areas where we made great progress this time is. Around the mobile experience you. Can see a, beautiful experience, taking. Advantage of the. Right landscape, on the tablet, or, or. Layout. On the phone and. Flowing everything quite naturally, to take best advantage of, the device as. Well as optimising, for example. On the phone the way you use the the. Way you use your fingers the way you use the phone to just give a simpler, more, streamlined experience, and. Then making more data available so for example keeping the fact boxes visible, so, great new. Progress. Around mobile. Experience, for. Business. Central. The. Next one is one I'm, really, excited about and this is around the, common, data services, integration, so. Getting the visibility, of business, central data in, common. Data service is, the thing that opens up things, like power apps and, the ability to build great, solutions, with power platform, working. Start, with this. And. So we. Have done a bunch of cool things that you'll see for. Example a much simpler experience. Connecting, business, central to the Commendation service for your tenant, as. Well as. Responding. To a lot of the feedback that we got from partners, and ISPs about what would make it easier to keep business central and. Common data service, connected. And in sync and, so here you see a. Customer. Record, in, Business Central and then, that data synchronized, and visible in, the sales application on. Top of the common data service, down. To even, synchronizing. Dropdownlist. Values, and. Managing, that across the platforms, so great progress today, it's an area we continue to invest in you'll see more great things from us here. In the future. And, then the last one I'm going to talk about is, a, feature, that I love and, actually, this is interesting there's a feature that that, really comes from our Dynamics GP heritage, a smart. List in Dynamics. GP was. An end-user. Ability. To design simple, lists and reports. So. An. End user can, create exactly. That. List of sales orders that they want to work with for, their strategic set of customers and they can decide what, the selection, criteria are, and what the columns are to show and. They can create that report for themselves, they can share it with others but they don't have to get a developer involved, to go to, go do that and. So we've been hard at work on this feature it's gonna preview. Next. Couple, of months and. It's. Also a great example. Of us taking advantage of a power platform, because the designer itself is actually. Is. Actually built as a power app and. So it's a great experience that comes it's been one of the most popular features in, the Dynamics, GP family. It's, now part of Business Central and I think it's gonna bring great, capability, to everybody, that's that's, on the product. I. Mentioned, earlier when. I was talking about bank reconciliation. That this was a place where we really heard, feedback, from our customers that, that, said you know we value, progress. Here, we. We, really take this very very seriously we, have a site. You can see the link up in the upper. Right corner of the screen a, kms.

/dc. Ideas, that's, our ideas portal and. We invite customers, and partners to. Let us know about ideas, things they'd love to see in the product and you can also vote, on other ideas, that, are there and we, pay we pay really, close attention to, the feedback that we get through this channel and just over the last two waves alone, we've. Delivered 78. Items from the ideas portal, we, focus on sort of which ones are getting the most votes so around sort of client interaction, six, of the top ten voted, features on there or have been delivered, and if we look at those 78 features that represents, close to 2500. Votes that we got from customers, and partners saying, these are things that they wanted, so. We're. Listening and, we encourage you if, you're part of the business central community, please take advantage of the ideas portal, vote, the ideas that you like and, let us know the. New ones that that, you'd like to see us work on as well. Um. You. Know one of the things and Mike mentioned earlier. That we. Have a long, heritage in. The SMB space, with. Multiple, solutions, and in the on-premise world Dynamics, GP Dynamics. NAV and, dynamics SL and. We've been consistently. Developing. And delivering tools. To make it easier, for those customers, from. Those products, to move, to Dynamics. 365. Business central and cloud and. The April, wave is. No. No, different a tremendous, amount of progress there so, for our community, that's coming, from Dynamics, GP Mike. Mentioned a couple of ISB solutions, that are there that that, really help those those. Customers, and we'll continue to see progress on, that front but. With our data migration, tools we're. Supporting more, versions, going back to Dynamics, GP 2015. And later we have the ability to bring those, customers, to business central in the cloud in. Addition, we're improving, the. The, data migration to, cover more data and do it in a more natural way so we have better handling, of bringing chart of accounts, we've added support. For inventory. On hand in specific, locations as well, as kind, of allowing, more fine-tuning. About how customers, and vendors are brought forward later. This year we'll do more work around bringing bank reconciliation. Data from GP as well as open purchase orders, and, fixed, assets so we continue, to respond, to the feedback we get from parker's to make these tools better with every release and.

I Talked about smart list designer I think that's something that. Just. Makes business central better but. In particular, really, will provide. The right kind of landing for people coming from GP because that's been such a valued, feature, there for. Our customers coming from nav. We've, also expanded, the set of versions that we can support migration, from so. Nav all the way back to 2015, as. Well as migration. From business sensual version 14, in. The on-prem world into. The into the cloud and. Then one of the really cool new features. That Arnav partners, and ice, bees are excited about is. We've added the ability to take. Customization. That was done at a source code level in, nav and convert. That to an extension in business central. Including. The the data conversion, to the extension, table so. Really. Important, capability, there as well and. Then later this year, I'm, happy. To announce that we'll introduce, migration. From Dynamics. SLE 2015. As, well as we've got development. Ongoing for a set of extensions that, will make those SL, users, really. Find the functionality. And the terminology, and and, and feel comfortable in, business, central, so. You. Know if you're if you're running one, of our on. On-premise. SMB. Products, each, nav. GP or, SL we. Really feel like this is a great this is the year to, think about moving, to business central and got great tools and, a great product to to. Make that worthwhile. So. Kind of at this point I'm. Gonna turn it back to Mike but you know I think one, of the things we wanted to do is sort of formally, pass the pass, the baton, so, it. Was my pleasure and honor to lead. The delivery through wave, 1 2020, and. With that I'll hand the, baton over to Mike and, let him take us home from there yeah. So thinking a lot of responsibility, goes along with this on here, so. Just speak quickly, about global availability, that's. I think they were really excited about made a bunch of great progress in, wave 1 about expanding our footprint I'm of course we you know we're already quite. Strong in North America, but, we've answered now it's a Latin America and so with a lot in America you'll actually see we've entered a couple of countries and we'll be growing there, and then in Europe which has always been as. Well as asia-pacific, kind of core parts, of the, business. Central family we've actually expanded sort, of more countries, and so you'll see quite. A few countries it might be a little bit hard to read on the stream but they're kind of in a teal. Color versus, sort the white or the green color for some of the existing, regions and part. Of the strategy here as we know we. Want to expand to be you know available, to people in these regions but it's also because we know that companies are global you might have a company that has you. Know people in various regions and we want to make sure the business central is available, wherever our customers, are and so we're gonna continue.

To Expand, I mean what do we want to cover as much of the world as we possibly can and we're, excited the progress that we've made made, so far and. On the next slide what will kind of show another. Sort of innovation, or another sort of big change. Around, our global, experience, you. Can actually now download, more. Than 35 languages from, AB source and have different languages to work in the same instance or a same tenant a business. Central so for example if you're a company and, you have some German speakers some Italian speakers some maybe, French speakers they, can now all have a single tenant of business central but have the user. Experience of this essential in their native language or in their language of choice and, so this is a flexibility. To have languages, be sort of independent. Of the, underlying tenant, we think is really gonna you, know sort of satisfy customers, and really enable this essential to be used and certain, new places in environments, where we really have very kind, of global, global, citizens in a global world. Kind. Of just moving on for a little bit I do want to discuss we. Had a fantastic. Webinar. That we did about a, couple weeks ago showing wave one it's about a 45 minute demo it. Shows all, the things that my Karen Berg talked about and the highlights and. If you have some time right. Now and you're sitting home looking for something to do I recommend. Watching this webinar really is fantastic, I got. Excited really watching it about all the new capabilities and business central both. Of your if you're familiar with the product to see all the new things um, if you're not familiar you'll get kind of a good idea of what business central is all about I'm sorry, I encourage people to click the link you know of course after they've seen the rest of the sessions from today I mean really got a chance to see and. A lot of depth what business central is all about and what's new. And. Then finally, I do want to spend a, couple minutes kind of talking beyond wave one and provide a kind of a little bit of a crystal, ball in terms of where we're investing in the future the. First we really have four themes and. The first theme is really. Absolutely foundational we want to have the world's best service, we want the service to be something, that customers, never think about and, so this is a thing that we. Have a lot of our engineers, spending an immense amount of time thinking about how do we have the, performance, the availability, scalability. Accessibility. We, meet all the compliance, issues in the different countries and regions that we run into we're. Secure. We're supportable. We what the right to lemon tree that our partners need to have and so that when customers are using their product they're focused on getting their business done they know business central is going to be there it's gonna be up it's going to be reliable. And. You, know for somebody that's worked on on big services, SharePoint Online and office online you, know I can tell you this is this is hard work to build services at scale and our team is very committed to making sure we, absolutely, have a world-class service, it's gonna be the. Best experience for you running your, applications, in your small business, we. Also really want to invest in delighting. Customers and, you might not see the word too white all, that, often, in, a conversation, of business applications, you know you think oh this is functional, this is finance, operations, you know where's the happiness and that it, really we want to make a concerted. Effort to make the UI make the experience, make it fast make it simple, make it elegant make, it easy to use very consistent. Make. It beautiful really. Ensure that when people are using the product they're happy they're enjoying using that product they have that connection and so we're gonna be working very hard on feedback. From customers, you. Know really trying to get that usability. Mike mention the ideas site we're. Listening clear we wanna make sure that when people use the product you know they're not just getting their job, done they're doing it in a way that's efficient. It's fast they. Feel like they're being productive and really an experience, that's enjoyable. That. Third category I talked about it briefly at the beginning you, know investing, across, these. Experiences. In, the Microsoft ecosystem we really think it's gonna be a game changer down, the road and. So today we.

Already Have some fantastic experiences, you can get an. Invoice and an, email and you can approve that or not approve that or send that along and various workflows have done integration, with Outlook of, course we've had great integration with Excel for years where you can you know do data upload, or editing data in, Excel we. Have of course amazing, generation with power bi the power platform for people that want to build solutions Mike. Talked about CDEs is a thing there and. I will sort of hint at teams, right now we're doing a team's call you. Know we've seen an explosion of, use of teams and the way that people collaborate, you, can really imagine that being sort of the next frontier, of what, we do integration where we bring business central really, through the applications, and tools when people spend time in so whether it be you, know Outlook our teams or, you. Know is. You, know Dynamics, or whatever it might be, we. Would want to make sure that the business central sort of part of those processes part, of the core you're. Working you're in context, and the tools that you want to use and. The last theme you know you know it's the last one but it's a really critical one you, know business central the the business is really the, heart and soul is based on our partners we know there's, a lot of industries, a lot of geographies, a lot of different companies that have different needs and those partners, build, amazing. Solutions, that are really customized, and optimized, for. A broad range of scenarios and so we were want to make sure that we've done all the work that we need around api's, around, extensibility, around. Telemetry, around. Enabling, partners, to to not be blocked to have nothing in their way to prevent them from building the absolute, best solution for customers so if you're a partner out there we're. Absolutely committed to taking your feedback to doing what we can to making sure that you can move build you, know the best solution possible for the customers that you have using a business central and, so you, know the journey it's been a great start we've had a couple great, years of growth and we think that we're gonna really have you, know a fantastic next, couple years and really excited to be.

Working Together and you know thank you guys for being part of this presentation, so, now I think we have a few minutes are up for some Q&A. We. Do Mike and Mike this. Is Errol coming to you from the Q&A booth and, we. Have just a bunch of question, because I'm gonna take a few of these that. Have been highlighted here, so. There was a great question around, you. Know all these features, that we were adding to this release and. What. Are this, what's, the strategy around, on-premise. Versus. Cloud. And online and the availability, of all these new features. Yes. So the you, know we continue to ship in to whatever an on-premise, product and so. You know most of the capabilities, that you're seeing will be the same sort of on-premise, in the cloud but. We are you. Know to be Chris the cloud is where you're gonna see a, lot. Of the bigger investments, going forward and so the you, know today, we. Know that transition, is going to take time we're very very committed to our on premise customers, we, continue to deliver on premise products there. May be of course in on-premise products, you know you have features that connect the cloud services, and so that's the thing that you have to set up so the you, know the app source experience, for example that's the thing that's gonna be in the cloud service and it's gonna be a little bit different if. You are sort of running on prem but. You, know it. Is a situation, where on prem is still critical to us we know large, large numbers of customers i can seem to run on prem we're, very very committed to bringing that forward but. We really do want. To encourage folks to look at the cloud we do think now is the time to. Make that transition we have the the. Capabilities, the ISV is an app source we have the performance we have the scale and. So it's it's kind of a you, know a sort, of a both answer, but we really want to make sure that we're giving kind of good direction not a mic you want to add to that but I think quick. Summary. Okay. Speaking, of that source there. Was a question, that came through about. Opportunities. For. New ISV solutions, and sort of where. Do we see those opportunities, lying, in the next, few. Years. Yeah. Boy you know there's a tremendous amount of opportunities, in terms of solutions you know I think I would sort of classify. Sort, of horizontal and vertical so, I think you'll find people building solutions that are that, are very broad I'm trying to build a finance. Solution, that's going to work for a region, and. Might have a bunch, of sort of specific things for an industry that you'll repeat over and over and, then you'll find solutions, that are about sort of filling, specific. Capabilities, I want to do payroll or, credit card processing, or. You. Know tax rate, lookups or something along those lines and so in a lot of cases you, know you'll see is be sort of building solutions that kind of add key, services and functionality, and you'll see people building you, know full-on, hey, this is a a retail. Solution, for using business central or this is a manufacturing. Optimized. Solution. For business central and so it really is that sort of four and vertical a lot, of these places they're great partners and a lot of places there's. Opportunities, for innovation and so we really want to work with IVs out there it's to use their creativity to make the overall ecosystem stronger.

Great. There. Was a really. Great question, we, talked a bit about sort of transitioning. From our on-premise, solutions, to business central and, the. Question, came is sort of you, know why. Now I guess I'll I'll summarize the, question is as is. Why now and I know that both, of you have thoughts on this. Yet. You know the cloud is it's just it's. Gonna, be a better experience for everybody the, you. Know you're you're if, you're an employee in a business you're gonna have a reliable, experience, you know that there's gonna be a. Service, that's up and running if you're an administrator you, don't have to worry about upgrading, and, you know worrying about updates, and management's, and you, know code synchronization, or anything along those lines and. You. Know from sort of our perspective we're gonna be able to provide capabilities. To customers, more quickly you know we're gonna be able to update our service, respond the feedback, ensure. That we're you, know adhering, to the latest regulations, and what's sort of going on and. You know the the finance community and there's always walls and so it's really gonna be a win-win-win, you, know kind of regardless, of where you are sort of in that chain and, I forgot to even mention you a key one you know it will be more cost effective, you know with you. Know you. Know we don't want everybody have to be an expert on running, Windows servers, and upgrading software and, so in this situation you really allow our. Eyes fees and partners to concentrate. On building great solutions, for their environments. The end customers, to concentrate, on running their business and really being effective, and you, know wetting Microsoft worried about you, know how we scale out databases, and how many tables that we do and you know all the things and how we upgrade operating systems and a lot of things kind of on the back end and so the you. Know it's it's a little bit of a long-winded answer but. Ultimately. My. Experience, and I have a lot of experience with both sharepoint in office where we went through similar transitions, and a lot of people asked you know hey was sharepoint what's, the advantage of the cloud and, for many of them, it. Wasn't obvious and so they moved to the cloud, about you know a couple of weeks later after they move to the cloud and the first time they, didn't have to do an update or the first time they sue somebody functionality, light up you, know you would get an email you would get something from them really you, know sort of getting it and so I think that when. Customers moves to the cloud the value proposition, will be obvious and so we do have some work to better explain that value proposition but. I think that for. Many folks when when they get there it'll. Be be very visible right away I. Mean, it I mean it it's. A little bit challenging because Mike. I've already said it was a long-winded answer but I'm gonna do a really bad thing and add to it. You. Know I think there's, there's you know might be the key point it lets our. Customers, focus on their business and we take care of a, lot of things that were taking a bunch of their time but. I think there's three things that I think are that. They're equally. Important. To add, the. First is that. We're. Able to, through, our monitoring, and telemetry. Understand. Things, for. Example as, performance, is changing, and in a lot of cases, we're. Able to find things before, a customer sees it and. Correct it without, it ever becoming, an issue and. That's just it's just a very difficult thing for people to do in an on-premises environment, the. Second thing and kind of the the, first question we got I think pointed, to that a little bit is we're. Really starting to do, some. Amazing things, connecting. To other. Microsoft. Cloud services. And. Common, data services was one example, and. There will be always ways for, that on-premise, customer, to do close. To the same thing but in the places, where we are using, and. Taking advantage of additional. Microsoft. Services, and some common data service, some.

Really Cool things being done in a bi area, over the next few. Years machine. Learning it's just those things will just be easier, for the customer who's, system, and data is already in the azure cloud and. Then the last one is for me is I think one of the things that we've seen I get to work with a lot of customers, but. The condition, of the last few months. Have been very difficult for, for. Everybody, but, the customers. That were in the cloud. And. Using. Our modern solutions, in the cloud. There. Were a lot of places where they were just able to have more agility get. Capacity. Where they needed it and, just be responsive, to changing, conditions in, a in a much more agile way than, people who were trying to run out of their own data. Centers on-premise and, you, know I hope we're not. You. Know dealing with things like this forever but that sort of agility, and ability, to respond to very different. Conditions. Quickly. Is, just something I think is, it's. Just a lot easier to do that in the cloud and. You. Know I think we're that whole transformation. Process. Has, has accelerated, as a result of what we've been going through over the last few months. Awesome. So just really, really quickly Mike parting. Comments, and then we're off great. I want to thank, the audience I really. Appreciate your time and if you're a small and medium business and using, business central expect more, great things and if you're not using business central you know now really is the time to move to the cloud and so we hope that you join, us on the journey thank you very much.

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