Business Advice You Can’t Afford to NOT Follow (4Ds)

Business Advice You Can’t Afford to NOT Follow (4Ds)

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You think I'm popular now wait to shit hits the fan. You. Got your prospective. Happy, happy. What. Can I answer for you so I've got a good concept, of where, I think most of your people are super. On really. Big. Businesses, in terms of getting the. Person, you need to speak well. Why do you want to get into big businesses because, that's the people. Already. So. I think I totally understand so I think you do it I you know it's gonna be interesting there's me a lot of similar answers I would do unlimited, LinkedIn, content, with. Paid LinkedIn, ads, directly. Against. The people you want so if you want RBS, Bank I would. Literally make a video or. A white paper or an article that would write does. The banking, community so, you don't go directly RBS, because, you can get others does. The banking community in the UK understand. On average, they're throwing away 3.7. Million pounds, you got to do some homework you. Know, this is crazy. Just, last year blah, blah blah HSBC. Wasted, 2 million we've, got the solution and literally I would target, those ads against. The CFOs, and HR it's interesting to have Alan here and his, HR friend like literally the HR executives, my CFO. CFO's. And HR people, against. The companies, that you're trying to reach, and. I would do that, 50. Times so. It's funny that Mandy here we, were filming something the other day like. We're like to me it's all contextual. Content. Against. Media spend, so. What my team is done very well is they take content I naturally do hence I'm filling it and then we do ad spend but, then once in a while they'll ask me to film something and like hey we need a Instagram swipe up ad for this and then. I like every time you yell at them and say. Guys I'm right here so let me instead, of like doing swipe up and buy my sneakers they can be like hey Mexico, swipe. Up and buy my sneakers, because, just by doing that and then targeting, Mexico, the, ads are gonna come work differently, so. If you noticed what, most people will do is hey. London. Or Britain. Or Europe. Did, you know that there's this law. What. I want you to do is make literally, the same video eighty seven times does the bank, communities, like, you start with if you notice what I'm doing with the video I'm not, giving anybody a three, seconds. Hey. Banking, community boom now they're stopped the, title says the, wording, is banking this is banking and there are a banking, HR, and CFO executive, do. You understand yeah, it's literally that and by the way that obviously, as you can imagine works, for most, of you you, want to get distribution on a cruise, line because you don't have it for the corn yet you, go hey, cruise executives. Like, literally, it's really scary, how, Universal, that advice is but that's what I would do LinkedIn. Ads. Which. Are overpriced, in my opinion but are so, actually. Be unfair I call, them overpriced, because they have a floor it's, not a marketplace, the way Facebook is say it you. Know like it's, overpriced, in the fact that what's, amazing about Facebook, and Instagram and Google, and all the things quant, advertisers. Somebody who spends six million on something whether it's I ads back in a day or in game, or whatever it may be when. You we're over him and I are always gonna love something that starts at zero and the market, makes it go to $80, because, moments. And time allow for things to be grossly underpriced, what we hate is the, way that, you. Know NewsCorp sells which is you try to buy an ad and the Sun, and it's 15,000. They've inflated, the floor Guk LinkedIn, is an inflated floor however. If, you, are a beauty be marketer, there is a disproportional. Value prop and in. Essence, I even am correcting myself it's if it's inflated, but it converts it's not inflated, by, definition, I think, it will work for you. Media. Always being. A content. You. Must, be personal, unbelievably. First of all you immediately, leave LinkedIn, you. Go directly into Instagram you, go to Instagram, stories, because I think they're grossly underpriced, and you do swipe up campaigns, against.

Trainers, And as I think we all know the, entire fitness community is living in Instagram. And. Then again you can do something, literally, the content, or the spokesperson. Addresses. A female. Trainer. A part-time. Female trainer a full-time, female trainer a full-time, male trainer a part-time, male trainer. Trainers. That work at gyms and you're trying to encourage them to leave I mean there's you know as you can see, the. The big thing that I don't think people have understood and to be very frank is now becoming a new conversation, even amongst my. Team and definitely, vaynermedia, itself is the, vulnerability and. The, thing that everybody has to close the gap on is the. Volume of content. It's. The content right like again I'm using him only because he's so quant based if you know anything about gaming it's like it's fucking math what. What the math kids, why. Math kids lose to a guy like me that doesn't rely on math is I, know that the art is a much bigger factor than they want to admit because. Math kids don't want art to matter and art, kids don't want math to matter but, they both matter. And, they matter equally. And when, I when I say equally if. You actually, disproportionately. Respect, the. Math and the art equally, and you make them play together like, a diamond, in that friction, is all, the magic, for. You to the. Next frontier is math. Is. Running, your paid media better, is. Targeting, employee is it employees. Is back on Facebook right Andy. Right. So you're gonna be able to use employees, like LinkedIn you guys can literally get every single person that works at IDEO to know who you are tomorrow. You. Could and of. Course eighty percent of them are gonna be a lead us and be like fuck these gals but twenty or not yeah. And in those twenty is a lot of opportunity, for you of, people, you want to recruit to work for you one day because. They're tired of that or. They. Just love you and it's a gal executive, who like somebody comes in and the idea is too expensive and they're like you know you should go check out you, know how works got, it.

Making. Sure. I. Need. To know prior, what. Bit send content how many times and what need to do to. That person and if you want to use them as the ad a hundred, percent supply. Planning. Upfront is the key it's it's a modern day production. Schedule, that doesn't exist that we're trying to introduce in our company which I use an example with my Budweiser team the other day I'm like you're gonna have Adam driver the actor and you're gonna do this incredible video which they did I'm like but when you're there my, team knows now to make eighty pieces, of content not just one but I throw a curve bought them I'm like no no also bring a soccer ball that has nothing to do with anything and just, like I don't know like kick a soccer ball at a bottle of Budweiser and film, that too you're there anyway, like. The volume is the game so I first, got them from okay. Adam, drivers here let's make a one three-minute, film that's amazing, but 300,000, also, while you're there take, 88 pictures with him take, the scenes of it create, the collateral, the sawdust, make 94 piece of content cool so, we're at some, level there, too not there at Vayner now, I'm introducing, cool, and while, you're there bring, an umbrella a soccer, ball bring. Bring, four actors, you. Know African American Latino you. Know Pacific, Asian like like leave, there with, 947. Pieces of content around. 30, seven pillars of, different, like. Brand pillars, not just the interpretation. Of the one thing you're doing we're. Filming a Super Bowl spot with Charisse Charisse. They're on for, a Budweiser like while you're there for two fucking days instead. Of everybody like looking. At each other and fucking jerking off and doing shit which is what happen I, literally. Can't, go look at a production, shoot for vaynermedia, or any other production company in the world because. It is the stupidest shit of all time. Like. I don't know as to say there's tons. Of people I mean, doing, nothing. Me. Gary or Boehner, both. Me. That's. Funny you bring that up because we were just having a discussion literally. As I was walking in here, I. Would. Say, what. So first of all the team has control, of things so there's certain things that are being posted I'm completely. 100% in, control of my, Instagram I'm for. The first time only 98%, of the control of my Twitter because I'm doing this if you follow me on Twitter this add your two cents it's, longer form Twitter you can't upload natively, anything over a minute in video, so they have to do it for my four minute clips and this that got me to the first time ever I'm like you know what you guys post it and I can't. Post it anyway you'll, post it but. In essence I'm a hundred percent control of Twitter and Instagram of that. Probably. I would, say 70. 60, percent of what you guys are sending me I'm posting instagrams, the funny debate because I'm spending a lot of time there and I have to really feel it and in, their production. A lot. Of times they'll miss what I'm feeling and thus I won't put it or I'm. Cool with it perfect, which is easy or I. Figured, out how to support it with the copy that I write to make it post. But. You asked a very important, question one. Would say oh my god I have 20 people working designers. Video people they're working all, day they're making stuff and I'm only posting half let's go with that that's. Unbelievably. Inefficient. I would, argue it's not I would. Argue the fact that we're just making it's, unbelievably, efficient, that, if even if I don't post it and then that's why we created the team garyvee account, because we're like fuck we have it well let's post it somewhere so. That's been working like, to me versus. Me coming, in and being the bottleneck up front I'd rather just be the Tollbooth at the end and then be thoughtful, and see how I evolved, by me being smart of not being the bottleneck up front which is what everybody does because it's all ego and as, a human, it's really intensive but even as brands adidas or juice, or corn like they, it's all you go.

Things. Don't get posted people. Overthink the living shit out of the content they post like. It's completely, insecurity it's overthinking. It's it's all bad. And then, what we did was we evolved, and realized oh shit even in the 50%, that. Were not posting we figured out a way to innovate and create, team garyvee to post that so we became less, inefficient. That's. Your answer. Yes. You've. Gone you've gone there and I think and listen and and, I know that I could, have I really wish I could have told everybody what I thought your question was gonna be because, I knew this was gonna be a question and you'll never believe why it, was why I listened, upfront you know like there's, a post time right now where I'm really interrupting, somebody and I always laugh I'm so. Good at listening it makes, me seem like I'm not listening. I'm. Always interrupting because I want to get to the value punchline, like, I knew, you were gonna ask that because, you said that, people are making hundreds, of thousands of dollars on the back of your thing so I knew that you cared about it and you were worried about it and then, that was your justification. To why it's okay. I. Know. I'm right. But. It makes me happy because it means your intent is right and that already means you're good so, I talked about not monetizing, my audience but. I need to do a better job of clarifying it, and that's why these settings are good and it's why my, evolution, is good for example. A. Video, about to post Oh a hack. We came up with literally, just a week ago was we, realized that we thought about before but we got serious about it just maybe a week or two ago they. Are no longer titling. Any of my Instagram, meme content, I am that's. Where I was getting hurt it didn't, feel right and all, I have to do which takes time that I don't have is now, they're sending me the raw videos I'm titling, it setting back then we're setting it back and we've, seen, real success. In. That I titled, one yesterday on the way to London called, when, you give give, when, you sell sell. So. A couple things one. I don't monetize, my audience but I'm very comfortable to ask for people to buy sneakers books, and sunna wine so. I do it's, just I don't monetize, my information.

Which Is a clarity you're in you're monetizing, your information which I don't think is a problem, I think. The reason I feel so good, about what you're doing is I, can tell your intent is right and. The. Only vulnerability, you have and I. Don't sense that either from you is you. Just have to not be full of shit yeah. That's all. I don't. Have to tell you like, like, the reason I push so back on you. Know people monetizing, is I'm going after the lowest common denominator, kind, of life coach who. Has nothing to bring and went, to like a top of the funnel conversion conference. And wants, to just be that guy we know what we're talking about you, guys are professionals, you did something it's, look this took me this took me years to do this what, I'm doing I don't feel, unbelievable. About everybody here pick it had to be vaynermedia, not me, you're. All here because of me I then. Call, worst it to be more vaynermedia, which on that, 10,000, that I could keep for myself I'm. Getting, you know 187. Bucks after prop, you know and that was important, for me yeah, I'm okay with that but. I needed that even. Though this could, be a 50 million dollar bit like my whole life could be this more. Like, like I can have the biggest mastermind. Of them all. So. You have to be okay with it I am. Okay, with this and I'm not okay with a 50 million dollar mastermind, yeah I feel like if, you feel if you you feel like you have a skill set I think design, Sprint's is a very good genre I, think. What you need to think about is where you're gonna get caught and a couple of you is. Always. Think, about brand, over sales, so for example you're busy now and you've made hundred and you know how, long have you had the thing over all, know. The whole company itself. Right. So I know I know I'm about to jump in in six, months for you to generate something that creates half the revenue of something that six years old it's, not and think, about how easy it is versus, how hard the other half is it's, going to do what, you're gonna go through is what. I go through every day this, whole thing the entire Vayner ex world not just vaynermedia, the pure Wow stuff the 137, and you'll be seeing me announce a lot of companies in the next six months it's. All not smart in the. Short term finances, for me none. Of it this, has been a waste, of my time for the last seven years of the, prime of my career you. Don't like giving up you, know 36. To 43, during. An economic. The discipline, it's taken me to, know that I'm building a framework for. 50. Years, during. A very, good time in my life which is also forced me to travel while I have kids I'm, in my prime I have plenty of energy I'm not sick everything's, good this, is golden, years like, you can do a lot of damage and the, economy's, been frothy, scum. Buckets are making tens of million on cryptocurrency, fraud, right so. So, though. I will, never I will be so revered, in 40, years when people look back at the level, of discipline, that I deployed, during, the, amount of opportunity, that's in front of me, that's. What I want you to do what. Do I mean by that while. You make your product better run. Ads to convert more and all, that stuff you're, equally, to really answer your real question have. To allocate, one to two hours a day to.

Do Podcasts, to put a flag in the ground around, design sprints yeah, which bring you zero our ally in the short term yeah. Not. Your podcast, though you need distribution, you, need to go in other podcasts, and spread your message message. It's, okay to sell as long, as you're not disguising. It as you're trying to help people yeah. Like. I love selling, but. Just don't be full of shit, like I love, when I go into sales mode cuz some of my fans get really mad. And. I'm like I, laugh, I'm like no no I'm not making you buy this I'm. Not one of those funnel, people where you come in it seems like I'm giving you good information then it stops and. Says and if you want the real real good stuff put in your credit card and get the next two hours of this video no, no you're, more than like I'm pumped, that people have never bought a bottle of wine from Wine Library a sneaker. From k-swiss and, 4-d, he's like, I'm thrilled don't, even know don't. Spend a second on it have no knowledge just, know how big my audience, is computer to my conversion, and I know a whole lot don't. Doesn't. Even cross my mind, got. It yeah when you give you give yeah when you sell yourself. Don't. Mix them that's why I wrote Jab Jab Jab right hook some people most people sales, people needed, to learn about jabbing. But. Ironically. A lot of very awesome, people and very sweet people and very good people really needing to learn how to sell, like. They're like your model doesn't work I'm like did you ask to sell anything well no I'm uncomfortable to ask I'm like that's, your, problem. Like, if you always give and never ask, and it's ask it's not take it's not steal it's not manipulate, it's not cohort, it's not trick it's ask like. In a month you're gonna see I'm starting a wine project I'd like you to buy it if you don't you know like I don't know it's, we're. Back to our scheduling, regular program, of like free content around business like if you buy watch like sneak why I like sneakers, is like people buy sneakers, so. Like if you know like if, you're, like if I if I brought you value, if there is a brand Association, if you've liked the way they look and it's, a 50-50, toss between you normally, wear adidas and you're, willing to buy k-swiss well that's a good thing that's how I can get that sale, but. It's not like all of a sudden tomorrow, I'm no longer putting out the level of like all of a sudden you notice I'm not putting out content anymore, it's, not as good when I do it, feels more promotional, to something that's coming and that is to be paid for it.

Be Like what you're doing all of a sudden that was a pay-per-view, show not, just the way you've got it if, all of a sudden you're doing this if, you're doing it for just brand which it seems like you are and it's gonna be on YouTube and Facebook then that's great but if you if all of a sudden it wasn't and it was $9.99, to, subscribe, to it that, would be like oh shit that feels a little like you, did all what, people don't want is you did all this for this, you, were tricking, me so, sometimes people interpret, that when I'm selling sneakers, and I jump in their comments I'm like you're a fucking idiot. I'm. Like you're that's. Why I went so hardcore, between, you. Know my, content, and the things that I sell, that's. Why this was harder because this is far more associated, than, sneakers, and wines which. Is why I had to make it Vayner not me, makes sense see, the patterns. Yeah. This question that's, what this is for. And, he's. A person. Who's quite someone to use and he is handsome. So. We're we talked to me about this is a new dynamic there's, a CEO to this company you're both employees of this company I. Understand. You have no I quit either one of you in the company yeah. Good. So. He. Is like high, energy like. Very, intelligent, super. So. Each daughter every time has. A lot of ideas right a, lot, of people have company I think everyone how many people are in the company. Containers. And a lot of people are gonna be find actually quite difficult to to, work with him make sense if he comes in it's, a scrubbing yes around and yells, ideas at you and you're like great. Yes. So. What I'm wondering, does. He does he do anything practical, I mean this is a really important question and we won't use it like this I need the answer to this like I do that but, what makes me palpable, to my team is I also do practical, things thus it offsets, it. Becomes more creative, and entrepreneurial, versus. Disruptive. And a clown and a caricature. I'm. In HR meeting some in finance meetings I sell, I like you know like like people take credit for things that I actually did because I did, a meeting at 10 o'clock to midnight with an executive to get us that business like when put when we when we go naked, all. Of a sudden vanilla realize for example it took people at a while people. Like you guys and the outside would say Gary, as the CEO vaynermedia, has. People running that company and he's Gary Vee what. People on the inside know is not only is that not true, and I'm the CEO of the company I'm also really, the CEO Oh like, if you asked Alan you, know you know we're seeing like if you ask him he'll tell you like, I'm the CEO and, CEO, that's. What makes me being ridiculous, palpable, I'm actually, executing. Okay that's, a very important. Thing that's, where people. Like me are, accepted. By the Ord versus. Not. Like. What's our best way to. Like. I. Don't. Know do best at the company if if, we're constantly kind of feeling what, does best mean does that mean. Why. Do you want to. Well. Is he you, know this is where you know so, it was really interesting somebody, uh somebody. I made a decision yesterday on the flight out here to never say that I have narcissistic, tendencies, because. I say that at times about being like an extra burden being out there somebody. Left a comment in, a YouTube video that I was reading yesterday that said fucking narcissist, right in a negative way and. I. Was like huh sometimes I say that about myself it might be a good idea for me to actually look up what a narcissist, is. And. When I looked it up I was like oh shit I'm only four of these twelve things and that eight of them are terrible, like insecure, fear like. Like I was like I'm not that at all and, so I'm like I'm not gonna use that anymore I'm gonna stick, more within extrovert. Because I'm giving permission for people to believe that truth when wow I didn't realize how off that, is for what I actually am.

This. Is leading me to this question this why I painted that picture is this, an individual, that you can have a Candra skon verse a ssin with or will, that be the worst. Yeah. Well then you have to that's your answer yeah, the answer is you don't debate it here in a in a conversation. The answer is you sit down and have dinner and say we're at a crossroads where, we, think this company is going to the next level we US maybe they're the third we think we're a big part of it I want, to be unlike, I like you and you're likeable and I want to be here because my main question is why do you want to because my main thing was like why don't you go do this yourself but. If you're gonna do it with him because you do see the values of it you articulated, whether, he changes, or not it's on the record it's, something you can point to on Thursday. If. You and I have dinner and you're like Gary you get a little ridiculous sometimes and like and so, like then I come in and start getting ridiculous and you can look at me and I'm like oh shit you're talking about last Thursday dinner aren't you it. Helps you, haven't laid down the context, you need the answer to your question is radical, candor. You. Know so. I think you have to do that I think, the question becomes that. Can go one of two ways it unbelievably. Works with me I love when people come with radical candor with me for two reasons one, 25%, of time they're right 75, percent of time I can tell them what's actually happening, that. They're confused by right, when you have employees like we, like everybody, here judges me but. They have no context. And it's, not their fault I'm not I don't think they're stupid I think I'm looking down and they're looking up when. You look down from, an airplane at, the UK you can see a lot more than when you're in this office. So. I, love. It because 25 percent of time they can see my humility, and I'm appreciative and I can see their smarts, and we move forward and build a real relationship, 75. Percent of time it reinforces. My genius. Or. Uniqueness. To them because. You pick somebody smart who cares who's willing to give you radical candor and then, you throw something at them that they never thought of and they're like fuck that's true, shit. It gives them confidence in, their leader it's an amazing I only I tell my company all the time I want to be the reverse of the Emperor with no clothes because the second, you walk into my office we've, won it's. Using me 25% you're 100 percent right and you can see my humility and acceptance, or 75%, of time you're walk out being more confident, in me. You. Should have that meeting to figure out if that's the framework or if it's insecurity. Which. Leads to like get the fuck out of here you know what the fuck you're talking about when you own your, umbilicus. Different I can, say when you own your own business you'll, understand, in a far more professional. Way, by bringing. Them respect, and explaining it to them versus, being. Hyperbolized. In that moment. Yeah. And I think it is difficult but I think you know for me it's. Why I'm successful like, everything, good, should be difficult. You. Know like when people like man you deploy so much humility, for, your position I'm like yeah but that's why I like, just starting. The. Hardest things lead to the best results. I. Mean. My, biggest worry is losing somebody who's good because, they're confused on what's going on but. That's on me not on them. Yeah. And just knowing that I can't get to everything all the time always but I can to the best of my ability and, and. That's that. But. At 18 it's like I would. Rip my arm off to have 18 employees to be so easy. You. Could feel. Socially. If you had to blow the social media team of three people over. There we'll see writer. Creator. Of video and pictures and distributor. Of the content, with a backbone and paid distribution. A writer. A. Creative. Who, does video and pictures. Everyone. One. Person has to write yeah one person has to create the video and pictures and one, person has to know how to distribute it contextually, to the places where the attention is. Yes. I would, have that person ground in the paid I mean, everyone's. Ideological. About organic, but.

To Me it's like when a deep, when there's something to buy that's a deal and you, have the money and buy it. And. That's what I think Facebook and Instagram ads are right now. D-roc. Who's like and the. Way I look at Barack is I do think, video, and and and. Create. Pictures, what, am I looking for graphic thank you I think video and graphic, like, I think people separate, those two I put them in one but, I do not think somebody, that has a crater buy or as a designer, a videographer. Or designer let's go very literal I do think it should be in one predator. Right you, know you, know produce at it be like in one I do think and I've seen with the Iraq and others Caleb you, can video you, can post produce a video you can also make pictures I believe, that is one person it, is more, rare for that same person to also be a great copywriter, it, is more rare for that person to also be able to be great at Facebook, and Instagram ads, or distribution. That's. Right so, I'm comfortable in. Those. Being your very literal answer those that is the triangle and when I talk once all depending on how happy you guys watch my content about. My twenty person team I know I only need three. I do, 20, because I want them to all disperse into other parts of the company eventually and. I'm doing some other shit like, random stuff like but. Yeah. When I hear people like that's. The team that's. The triangle but. But. They're. There transcribing. From videos into a LinkedIn article like. You, know that kind of stuff somebody had to write that 88 page deck that we may put out again, you know you. Gotta put words to things you got to put pictures and videos to things you, have to know how to get people to see them very basic. No. I'm saying three people should do those things I listen, there you. Know what's ironic I was that person I was. That person at Wine Library that's, what was so hard for me I'm vaynermedia I did everything I didn't, know there was and, then there's also strategists. Like probably the like the most impactful thing I do and I think the thing that Andy has, developed into is there's strategy to like what do you what are you doing Klink. And then there's macro, strategy, of like shouldn't, you guys work there like it gets really like you. Know or like where you could see where I'm going like I'm already like cool I know what you're about to ask but also like strategy, is. Like dude you need to create. A product line named, after your grandfather or daughter and fucking, put real 20%. Energy always because. What, if adidas sells to fucking supreme in six years and the cancers contract. Always. Run. By, the way I hate, when when. Uncertainty. Is the driver to that um. It's. Always makes sense but in my keynotes I always say raise, your hand if you're having your best year people, raising their hand I'm like you're the ones I'm most worried, about notice. How uncertainty. Got, you to oh shit we, should have a hedge I'm most, worried about everybody here who's doing the best because. They're not thinking about hedge cuz it's working, those, that sales machine is feeding, me that, company signed a six-year, deal with bless you six years is like fuck in six minutes. I'm. Aware like, I see it every day you know what I'm good at is pattern recognition of, business, over the last 25, years mine. And others I've. Done, bless.

You Small. Business family business I was in Silicon, Valley I did, Madison Avenue for a reason, I knew nothing about corporations, I couldn't. Speak smartly, seven years ago about Nike and Adidas now, I can tell you everything now I'm, dangerous, now I've got the blueprint across all entrepreneur. SMB, Silicon. Valley tech and fortune. 500 now I understand everybody's strengths and weaknesses now, I can start my career at, 50, that's the plan so. When I talk about patience, I'm like think, about what I just said. And. All, the while the, most important thing that I want people learn for me didn't, make money build, a business for my dad had, no money vaynermedia. My brother Steve Ross, not. Making any margin not making money not, making money up to 50, I am people, like pool, how do you have a Hamptons house how do you like yes I'm making money but, I'm leaving 90%. Of the economics, on the table. And. So cool I'm talented, so I had bigger numbers, but like it's, still the thesis, so, if you're not as talented as me and you're making 50k, when you work 400 K but, if you follow my model you're gonna make four million. Now. You can get hit by a tree you could die like I understand. You can get divorced and lose half and like change your date like there's. Nothing. That's foolproof but, there are, it's. I always use Fitness because it's easier. For people to grasp like if, you eat right and exercise, look. Yeah you could get cancer you could like you know you might have a body like I don't have a body type for a chest do dust like like there's certain things that are gonna happen like I'm putting, in the work but I'm not gonna have a nice good chest do, doesn't, does like one pushup it has a chest. He's, putting in real work but but, there's body types we all know it right like some people starve themselves and still or chunky and big boa but. But. But. The. Reality, is do it there is certain. Things that are black and white right learning. Context. Thing understanding, my biggest concern in this macro room is the economy has been good. Economy. Isn't good for a decade globally. You know every markets a little different you can see little different in London the US but like in, the macro the whole world has. Become full of shit and doesn't want to pay the piper and that's. Gonna like we should absolutely on. Merit, have, a global. Depression. Because. The whole world is full, of shit and. That, could happen, like. I think a whole lot about, like the. Biggest, thing that keeps me safe is I'm willing to live in this room with, my family and. That's. Cool that's. Why that's why I'm pushing everybody not to be fancy because.

I Know they're about to have to not be fancy they're. Not gonna worry about fucking Yeezys. And Supremes and gold watches they're gonna be worried about fucking, putting, food on their table like that gets real like that's a. That's. A spectrum, boy like. Go, read the Roaring Twenties go, look at everybody in the world lived in the 20s, you'll. Get real scared real fast, you'll. Get real scared real fast because. You know how the 30s and 40s clean up we're. Headed, so I think like I think about a lot that shit. I think, that's, keeping, me up. At night a little bit about next year a week where we're, marching. On to practice it whatever your views on it. There. Is a lot of uncertainty, in the, service business yeah that's one kind of pivot. Business. Even, that's gonna be in fact and let me tell you why I'm so happy to push everybody here on building a personal brand it, is the best asset to have during, a shitty time. Cuz. You'll be able to get a job like, like. What, what will work for you by building an HR, personal, brand is god forbid when it all hits the fan IBM. Still may hire you for. 50 cents on the dollar of their last HR executive, but you'll be at the top of the list like, like. If you really play a depression. Immigrant, like, doomsday. Model. Like, I do okay I'm like old school fucking Eastern European like I've cashed buried, in the backyard shit, I, do. Like. My financial, advisors gets so mad at me they're like you're so right about so, much you could be making so much more money if you didn't take that kit why don't you take that cat you're publicly, saying to invest in Netflix and Amazon you're. Sitting on cash with no interest, if you would have put that into Amazon. And Netflix you'd have twice as much money I'm like yeah but guess what I slept really good at night because, if the whole fucking world collapsed. I know I have a million bucks in cash which could be worth $38, but suddenly more it's, still gonna be better than zero or negative zero, which everybody else is gonna go to because everyone's, over-leveraged. That's. The vulnerability, of a young kid that hit the right timing yeah, like. You're not going to find any investor, you're. Not gonna be the. Property you invested in that was prime goes. To very. Low, god. Forbid you have any loans like people don't get it, I'm. Not want to talk about that shit. Yeah. I mean and then the other thing is that's why then I money's, one thing because of all the money's worthless there's, that it's mindset, it's like really, getting to a place that you're okay, in living. A. Peasant. Life I mean. It. Was. Just yesterday, money to me you, got an investor, we built a business we have. Huge. 1994. We started we are sick finals, - it's huge, and the biggest thing that happens in cpgs in today's Rolex the biggest reason I left VC. Silicon, Valley and push against, it is everybody. Thinks that's the right thing to do it's, not that they don't even it's not that they're like they don't even know any different like there is no under 35, year old in the world that thinks going to a bank for a loan is the move everybody. Over 50 thought that was the move. Yeah. And because they don't realize what's happening like, Gavin will tell you I was in nourish like you get kicked out of your own company yeah. People. Don't understand what actually happens you, won't live we look and I apologize real quick and also what happens is you're building a company in a fake environment, you're losing money every month but you think you're building something, then. Something bad happens you have to raise more capital and it changes the cap table to you getting paid last. And. Then your company sells and you. Made no money. People. Are not smart I know, what to say. And, so like I have. A communication, style that. Penetrates, and so I'm trying to use it for good like. To help people because you, think I'm popular now wait, to shit hits the fan, I'm. Gonna be the most popular cuz, the 10% that are live are gonna be alive because they listened to me and did something completely different and the 90%, which they listened to me for. Six, dollars just, to like you know like, that's you know, yeah.

Or Just to that's how much the market is in a melted down world but. Sixth up you know I guess what six dollars acts like a million because everything, comes down together. And. I think it's twelve dollars not six, you. Know my. Great moment in my career will be the next economic downturn. Because. Yeah. Please. Because. I'm not building an agency because, I'm building this for internal, IP and, then I'm gonna convert it inside out so, here's. What's gonna happen when, the world melts. AT&T. And BMW, and Evian and Tesco or all gonna hire vaynermedia, because, what's gonna happen is, their. Marketing budgets gonna go from a hundred million to twelve and they're. Gonna need that twelve to work really hard and we're, established, as knowing how to do that and the only reason people don't go with us now is because, money's easy and they don't have to do the right work so, they can give the money to their buddy or the person that takes them to, fuck in the Manchester United game on the field got, it when, they can't do that anymore they're gonna give it all to us I'm, gonna get all that so this machine that is stupid now gets really smart because we'll go from 280, to 590. In revenue in 24, months it'll. Be profitable, revenue because the world will melt and I'll be able to hire all the people from other agencies for 25, cents on the dollar at, the same time a bunch, of companies are gonna be over leveraged and I'm gonna go out of business and, I'm gonna be able to buy those businesses with the cash flow of the 590, at higher, revenue, then, the economy should turn back in 12, years and I'll be able to sell those businesses, at the frothy, end and buy the Jets. Super. Bowls, you. See what I'm doing I'm playing the reverse game yeah, so everybody thinks it's stupid now because they don't understand it's over valued, then. It's gonna seem very smart and, then I'm gonna show this video be like it wasn't an accident which. Will only compound, the smarts of it and I'll, be 62 and have 40 years to play all in the equity of like pulling off a billion-dollar thing on smarts, not luck. On. Humility. Of eating shit for a decade in my prime right. Like, kids are gonna watch these videos and be like he was fucking 39, he was 42, like. I'm 26, and he was patient that's why it worked I'm gonna do, nobody's. Ever seen anybody play it we. Didn't get to watch Steve. Jobs his first nine years and. Not that I'm mad or this and that it's just like we didn't get to see Bezos. Packing, books no, powerful, and B right now how many views do you think. How. Many you, know how many views do you think if, Jeff Bezos was doing a blog those, first 50 episodes of impacting, books in a fucking garage would happen 80. Million maybe a 14, billion. Right. Everybody. Would watch it I mean. Everybody. Yeah. So. How'd. You like to watch Michael, Jordan's first three off seasons. And the, work he put in, so. There's. A lot of thought that goes into what I do that I don't speak, about or, I show. Glimpses, of and things like this. My. Team talks a lot about like me not talking about being smart as you guys know like none of my content is predicated on being smart. That's. Just gonna speak for itself when it's all said and done I, don't. Need people to think I'm smart. I'm. Excited for that time that you talk about obviously can be taken for the negatives, around, back we'd be looking at an investor recently yeah not in effect capacities, for someone's but someone she prefers to buy the company yeah but we're not ready yep and then we'll, have a good buying the small percentage yep could we get a cash injection yep like we've zeroed out your tax return rate but if we didn't. Quit saying yes like a scale like hyper scale this year is a line graph to advise yeah I mean look I think I think it all depends on the terms of the deal yeah, like I've been vaynermedia, you know just a brussels fuck and 40 percent of my company it just I've never had a meeting with him about the company yeah so. Like if you take a million quid and you never have to answer to anybody like like to me the, biggest reason not to take an investor is, prepping. For a meeting every quarter. Yeah. Good, Alan will tell you that I don't need want to talk to him it's my own CFO, so. I want to navigate and. Not, answer, to anybody like if, you have to answer, to them why, you. Did. Anything. That. Becomes an energy suck yeah and was, it worth the Quinn yeah okay. Cuz. All you're done talking about is generating, your own cash and just. Being slower which, nobody wants cuz. They always think it's a land grab I never think it's a land grab I think when you're good abundance. Is always the answer, yeah. Everybody, always justifies, to me like no no Gary you don't get it this moment in my business right now I get cool yeah, I'm, like it's never a moment dick there's, always a moment there's always an angle retail.

Is Changing cool retail would change tomorrow like there's always a fucking moment. You. Know. Approaching us on our agency site about. Doing like creative, capital projects, where we work with them and immediately Curtis essentially, an investor, because we've created, strategy, and early they said no financial, exchange they're just like creative councils where essentially could, be when, you say we the company or you to individually. Yeah. I think. That's. That's. You. Know that's, training, the special sauce for, a percentage. Of the upside that you don't open even control, after you're gone don't. Love it. Let. Me keep going with what, do you have. I. Think. Under said. Reaches. Its, limit and us. For us has always been a program. We have ERISA faith in the US food, distributors, I decided. To cancel distribution. In the US and re-engage, with, our own distribution channels, and all these repeater so we are all, interesting. And only. Focusing on one sport which. One boxing. Mmm because, this on the only other it's a retailer and. We. Can control. I'm. Said too, many expenditure. And what are you guys doing director consumer, in, the US socially I mean we're going to open a 35 and focus. On Amazon right. That's exactly right we are but. Right now we are really reading, the, brands are spending our money, rebuilding. Adidas boxing, yeah basically, so we are sponsoring athletes. Sort. Of charity, everyone's trying to and gay couldn't easy. Questions. Where should I put most, of my my, Facebook, and Instagram and. YouTube and. Podcasts. And long. Turret longtail. Influencers. So. There's. A trend obviously the u.s. right now in. Boxing, around, things like rumble like, pretty girls boxing, like, you, like, you. Getting like you giving. $3,000. To pretty girl with 900 thousand followers on Instagram. Versus. You giving it to, Anthony. Joshua or Wilder, or fucking you, can't even imagine the Delta. There's. No up and coming even. Oscar, De La Hoya in his most up-and-coming moment, there, is no boxer, that even, remotely comes, close to. The arbitrage of building brand that you'll get from for attractive, people on Instagram. Right. You're just building brand you. Just want attention. Influences. Influencers. At scale and original. Content at, scale. Created. And distributed, on Facebook, what vaynermedia, does. Facebook. And Instagram so, we. Have to cooperate and, sometimes. Being. Too corporate in boxing for example good luck authenticity. Yep. You. Created this sandbox, that you plant because you think it's what the, US wants if, you blew it up and did, something disruptive, that looks completely different, and then started precedent, knew, you. Would reinvigorate. The relationship, right now your great things that you think they'll say yes to but, in reality you, haven't, approached, it through a creative lens that doesn't look like how you or, you, put in all that effort to, counter your point which is right or, you put in all that effort and they say now because, Karen, at corporates like no.

Hence. Why it's not fun to be at the mercy of somebody else. That's. It because. You're right but you're both right I don't, know I'm Karen might say it's awesome, which. You might not. But. That is what you should do and, I. Think ultimately that's what's so great about entrepreneurship, versus, corporate the. Reason a lot of small companies do win is they, do what you should do and big. Companies do, what you're supposed to do. 100. Percent 100. Percent. But. One, more time you are adidas, boxing, in America yeah. For all intensive purposes so. I think to, Nick's point I think you have an upfront meeting. Where. With a plan B that is really, compelling like. You just you you have an upfront meeting. Of like. We need a meeting and specifically. About social media content in the u.s. around these boxing, we want far more creative control and, let's. Just have a meeting to be aligned on what yes and no because, we're this, is you now we're playing on their design guys some old rules but we may not even know and we, know we want to go somewhere different, so let's have that meeting like. Who's approving the content. Has. To prove the content you post on Facebook. Good. Then you should take advantage of it cuz that's the best thing that's going on because Facebook ads for. Business I've never been better and the. Fact that people are walking away from it is great, organic. May not be better than ever but ads are fucking amazing. The. Layout complexity, that we have to be portrayed in ask us ever I know, man. I mean. Vaynermedia, doesn't do anything I believe in. I'm. Being dead serious clients, have too much control. Again. That's, a game but. That is what you should do patients. Know, Facebook, and Instagram and YouTube. Content. Unlimited contextual. To the paid media distribution against, it. Content. Unlimited, to. The paid. Distribution. Against it that is the fuckin statement, and. Nobody's. Doing it and I'm as a human probably doing it the most out of any human and I'm not even, she. Not, even remotely, close to what I should be doing I. Should. Be running an e how many pieces of content do you think I should if you've been listening for the last three minutes in. This context, how many pieces of content should I be running as Instagram. Ads swipe, up right now you think how, many singular. Different, pieces of content and then media plans against it. That. Is exactly, right the actual, infinity. We're. Running how many things in swim ads right now swipe ups right now zero one. Yeah wait a second, three, three we should be running nine. Hundred eighty-seven thousand. No. No I'm really this is like real talk there's three pieces of content that we're driving to which wife said three but, in those babies of commenters.

Fifty. Different ways that you could spice it there's that keynote. Him. Saying a. College. Athletes, watch this or a, students. Of this College of philosophy yeah literally I should be in studio right now be like LSU, fans watch this the. Auburn, fans watches University, of Michigan watch it like literally that's, where this is gonna go well, which is why machine learning and AI and all these other things in content, will play out over time. Because the level, of scale the, problem with those things is you're gonna lose some authenticity yeah. But. Maybe. Not because for example if it's voice over if. If, I have voice over technology that can basically make, me say anything because we have so much record, like there's a lot of reasons I do the things I do that I never talk about why. Am i in perpetuity, being, filmed I believe, we have an audio database now that can manipulate me saying, anything. So. Now you can imagine I can have an intern make, four. Hundred seventy eight thousand, College logos, where, you can hear my voice say. Hey, UNLV, running, fans, you, should watch this video though. I've never said it. But. You could see where I'm going it's, very, powerful. Well. Ad petite doesn't happen in the way that I just played it out because, I'm so contextual. With that you're only seeing it once that's what he runs into he, has ADD fatigue because he only has one to seven to nineteen to thirty three units. People, are getting hit with the same stuff it's fatigue but if it was contextual, in the first place of like hey, Garrett Haake nod Z you were born in Belarus we, want you to play this game from the Ukraine like oh shit okay, it was so contextual, not. Play, the cat what Neo Geo games like you know like, you. Don't get that you don't get fatigued when you're contextual, at scale. God. Forbid you actually get it mapped then you hit me with the seven things I give a fuck about all. Contextual, now you can't not not get me. I, think. It depends on the business for you I would pry I, would probably ah. It's. Tough I mean I'm very bullish, on Facebook, because of its pure scale, instagrams. There too depends, on you know I'm always thinking brand, so. You, know. It's. It's. Like moments, in time. Make. Sense. Huge. Mistake because if you run ads against, your. Content you'll destroy it on Facebook alright let's keep it going here. Very. Quick question quite specific, we've bottomed the course most way to deter video of course six. Module, takes. You from like, a light paper through to an action plan we designed it for individual, as an HR director as I was designing I realized, my, valuable and five HR directors CEO, excessive. Layoffs yep we, just find the Oxfam as a partner, who will use its part that heart placements it brings love it so my, challenge is I still. Want to sell to individual your b2b and b2c no. Different than him yeah yeah to separate audiences to different yeah executions, yeah so in terms of, b2b. Enterprise, using, LinkedIn as the platform and Facebook, because you can now target based, on employees.

So Imagine, running an app so you make a piece of content video picture now, the copy, says. Your. Financial, service, employees, make sure your chief. People officer sees, this and you. Run it against the seven biggest financial, employees. Of the seven biggest financial firms in, the UK and so. Now I'm a. Finance. Manager at Barclays, but, I seen on my Facebook feed. And I'm friends, with the head of HR and I literally just forward the link that's why it works but notice, what I did creative, that is contextual, to the distribution I know that, I'm going after employees, of financial services not. Just the HR, individuals, thus my copy said hey, employee make sure your HR PC R I'm going this. Is why copy is. The great underestimated. Part of the current state of creative, we've, become so visual, we, grossly underestimate. The copy. You. And, everybody else. That's. If you notice it's so subtle why, is some of the content, work because I could figure out the copy to make it work for my audience even though the visual didn't, support it as much as I wanted that's, why when I'm that's why when I post when I'm not tired and I'm fresh it always does better because I'm unbelievably, thoughtful, what I've just watched the, current feeling I have to my audience the copy that's, why my copy has gotten progressively, longer, on Instagram, if you followed me for a long time oh say me that swish a year and a half ago you. Know but then I keep breaking it up I just did something the other day with just one word and it worked like you know some like really trying to you know. Audio. Was only, copying okay. Listen. To your podcast loads, but, that's. Coffee that's paying for hot, stuff and then go into that well, that's. Right which is why it ended up working right. And and and that's, right and it would be way better if I had time because, I would record something original. What. My podcast, would explode, if I, had time and maybe I'm trying to convince myself right now to do it if I, would record literally, just a minute or two to set up what you're about to listen to because, I could use the moment and talk like on you, know on Monday I can use those i Geist I can, say something like, you. Know I'm. Trying to think about the world right now like the Jets are one and three and I'm pissed I'm talking about being pissed that's gonna matter to the audience because it feels fresh. By, the Austrian. Hmm. In. Time to Germany's desire yes. So. The the. Biggest struggle, right now for me is, user, acquisition and. Engage. Users. Especially. Off of the run that you've just had yeah, because we looked through a golden year of opportunities, and some of its getting corrected, yes. And. We're all playing one big game of cat and LTV, he's just playing it literal yeah cost of acquisition lifetime. Duh it's true Maxim which, is why you can get to a hundred because, what it really works you can you, can't spend enough yes you spend it all it. All pays back. If. You don't, and. What you love is this will make sense to you this is probably where maybe I can take you to a places that's basically, what I'm doing as a, brand, in, perpetuity, because, I have no short-term metric. Actually. Two questions one, is influencer. Yes we just started working with them yes especially for Pocket product which, is pretty small in. Comparison with all the others what, the best strategy for our, business, to work with Ethan your best friends and influences, is just, brand longtail, arbitrage, they won't convert. You. Like even if they're like it will you'll find you'll find people like you like like if I did an ad right now like hey vaynernation. Like, straight. Up being off then like let me play it out exactly. Hey vinter nation being authentic you know I never pitch anything but the fact of the matter is I love this wine app like. They're my homies I've known for 13 years they're paying me 200 thousand for this I want to be authentic with all of you but. You fucking know me like I've never done this I'm doing this because this is the best wine app I've ever seen. Link. Is in my profile you should download it it would convert what, I just did would convert still.

Not That great definitely. Not to what you would care about and I'm extremely rare thus, you can imagine why I'm worried, about influencers. For people, that are deep deep. Quant, based around. Gaming, I. Like it better for fashion retail I like, it better for consumer. Packaged goods I don't, love it as much for. Gaming because. The natural influencer. Isn't, there you. Know the the fashion vlogger gal there's a billion of her like, the food people there's a billion of them the, I'm a casual, gamer influencer. Doesn't, exist you're, not gonna get eSports, people to convert so you've got a you've got a child you see where I'm going yes sure. There's people you can do sure, some, of them will work format for you none, of them will work the second time none, of them none. Of them, they. Don't have a second post in them I think you need to look at Instagram story. Swipe, up ads have, you guys look at yes I would I would spend I think what you need to do is optimize creative. That's. What I mean yeah I saw you back. Here, contextual. And scale yes at scale. And. Building, brand I think the two things that if I was and I think you already picked up on it I think you're here and I want you here I want, you to spend more money on brand which, will always work and I want you to go way more longtail. Contextual, creative and paint, this. Worked, but. It's starting not to which. Is why this matters yeah yeah, that's it and. Then I will markets pretty. Funny. I would say. Funny. Is always an interesting adjective, so, we're doing social cuz you know there is no real money involved the people spend in real money but they're buying tokens that's right I've been talking to the game that's right and that the market is growing while it's growing because people stop flying. To Vegas they. Stop playing in the real casino, they stop. Paying. Thousands, of dollars and start, paying hundreds, of dollars for the same emotions, the same dopamine, and the the. The. Only struggle is the were to find these people and we meet right the influencers. Who are filming. Themselves in the casino. I had. The big queen and stop, but it doesn't. Pervert, so. Similar. To what I was telling him which is you're, going to many people go to literal, when, all you're trying to do is buy underpriced, attention, yeah right. Yeah. So. So for example I think. You would do so much better with, you know and this is for your business and this is for your business the. Person I'm most obsessed, with is the alpha, woman in a suburb I'm. Obsessed with this woman I really, got a I'm gonna name her maybe any. Sally you, know I. Just. Have obsessed with the following woman high, net specifically. Because it's more just very general High, Net Worth suburb. Of a big town she's. The alpha of her, 39 friends cuz. There's a million of her and she's, so influential, and if, you can get thirty nine of them in a concentrated, area you can get the whole damn thing. God. It's a cutie pie law you. Know and whether it's twenty eight of fifty five or seventy two there is a 42. Year old woman who. Is the alpha of, her. Neighborhood which means 19, other women look up to her she. Says they. Say they're. Also influential, boom and it will work for a lot of people she, there was a term in American politics called soccer moms, it. Was Nora I don't know if it was Clinton, or bush, or Al, Gore but it was like it was categorizing. Like the swing, of this election is soccer moms which, is really in a lot of ways what I'm referring to now the influential, suburban. Woman. How. She voted and how she impacted, the boat I think. That person. Right now is extremely, relevant to me here's, why I love it all, of them are on Instagram, here's. Why I like it more they, all have between 700, and 7,000. Fans which means nobody's paying attention it's. Not fun cuz it's long tail and it's a lot of hand-to-hand combat, but, what you end up realizing is you hire three people to, do the hunt and hand combat at 45 thousand a year hand-to-hand.

Combat D MD MD. But when you when, you amortize out the cost of 150,000, on salary. That's what I'm doing right now I have three full-time, employees, right now DMing. With. Me see seed on it to every, single person that follows me that either has a hundred thousand followers and then scram or is verified, which, right now is, to what how many people who have left any six thousand or twelve thousand. So. Like so right now in my right now I'm being cc'd with influencers, where they're being sent to fill out a forum to create a first party CRM, for, me to be able to activate them like God I'm, not like God, forbid whatever I choose to activate them on it's going to be really good. It's. Gonna be really good, the best part for me is I have leverage with them unlike you going or you going cold these are people that follow me that I've probably brought value to so, like I see. Whatever I ask is gonna convert at least the first one you know I have to find my cadence have come not asking. Too much but it's gonna work building. That out scaling. The unscalable is, always, the answer once you hit. Attrition. And, it's. Super, countercultural. To people that are quant oriented. Okay, way to talk about this will branded a token mountain like the company grind oh my own this you the human because. You the human then has in perpetuity the leverage and all of a sudden the platforms, are are courting. You not you the platforms, good, Gary. If you've got. Well. Yeah I I would say that you need, to both go you both have to do the same move, which is you need to go to your partner be like look I want to go see Gary me I believe this is right for our business I would love for you to do it as well I don't want to do this and you think I'm trying to do something for me and not you and you. Know and I'd love for you to do it and you, may or may not want to do it but. I'm doing it because I think it's leverage its, leverage for our business but it's leverage for me in case of who, knows what you. Should do it too they'll. Be like well you're fucking extrovert, oh I'm introverted this, bullshit, like or they'll be like cool you do it or oh yeah I'll do it too or like there's, a million things that will happen in. My, case yes you're gonna lose the brand around this discotheque, market in the software product yes I need to build up yes reason, I'm the on my personal site I'm, like to recover database that's. Amazing what is it was stuff like I would put all I would put it all in one place okay, and, nobody wants to and it's where all the actually, said oh.

Brother. I have good news for you, anybody who doesn't do business with you because you weren't former addict also, has somebody who's gonna do business with you because your format. It's. A net net score of course and I get it and, everybody's, got their version of it yeah everybody. The. Only reason. Not to build a personal brand right now for, real is if you're doing something terrible, in the shadows of society. If. You're if you're if. You're if you're if you're cheating, on your husband if you are if you've raped somebody who stole money like the only reason. To. Not, build. A personal brand today is if, you are currently, doing something, bad. Yeah well because, I do get awareness, you'll, get exposed what about that amenable, stay though because I've, obviously my masters and they had to cut some phonetic public domain so. I thought, my finance, and video because it was easier and put on YouTube it's easier than writing for me so. I did that and, some of the feedback I was getti

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Just a very quick history lesson in Money look at the Banking Swindle, it shows you how banks have used fractional banking (funny money) to run a country, then look at cyrpto-currency which uses real money and creates real interest in the non volatile market if you look at products like Bank Coin Reserve. Gary MacAlister and Thomas MacAlister are awesome people creating products that help the world. My bro too is in there too helping out Mike Mcleod. We probably wont have a depression for a while because you have two financial rails working at the same time, one is the fiat rails and the others are the bitcoin crypto rails. Once upon a time just like MTV running music Banks running money now we have bitcoin that mitigates money and people can pay when banks ask for there loans to be repayed. Banks cause depressions just look at The Banking Swindle

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