Business Administration | Spring Commencement 2018

Business Administration | Spring Commencement 2018

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In. 1867. Kansas State. University, held its first commencement. Three. Women and two men graduated. That year as. The first land grant university. In the nation this, fledgeling university. Had a vision of providing innovative. Education. To all people. That. Early vision has, continued, through to the present, with. Over 250. Majors and, a diverse student, body, including. Students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Becoming. One of the nation's top 50 public research, universities. By 2025, is. Today's vision, for. Tomorrow. With. Academic, programs, among the best in the nation and professors. Who are leaders in their fields, Kansas. State University, is an international leader. In teaching, learning. Service and, research. Today's. Graduates, join over. 200,000. Alumni who. Are proud to call k-state their, alma, mater. Congratulations. And. Thank. You to all those who have supported them, through their, undergraduate, experience at. State, University. You. You. Welcome. To the spring 2018. Commencement. Exercises, of the College of Business Administration. I'm, Kevin Gwinner Dean of the college I am, pleased to introduce mr., Kane comfort, senior. And finance, to sing our national, anthem please. Remain standing. Rose again. You. See. By. The dawn's. Early. Light. What. So. Proudly. We. Hailed. At. The, twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad, stripes, and. Bright. Stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. For. The ring, fights. We watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. And. The. Rockets. Red, glare the. Bombs. Bursting. In. Air. Gave. Proof, through. The night, that. Our. Flag, was. Used. It, was. Aids. Us. That's. Our. Spangled. Banner. Yet. Wave. A. Or. The, lane. And of, the, free. In. The. Of. The. Membrane. Thank. You Kane that was amazing, please, be seated. Before. We proceed with, our program, I would like to introduce the members of the platform party. Please. Hold your applause until I, introduce, the entire platform, party. Beginning. From my far left we. Have dr. Brett Wilkinson, head department, of accounting, dr.. Eric Higgins associate. Dean for finance, and human resources, miss. Bent agenda, assistant.

Dean For Student Success. Dr.. Stacey Cove our associate. Dean for academic administration. Miss. Candy Duncan our commencement, speaker. General. Richard Myers, president. Kansas State University. Dr.. April mason provost. And senior, vice president dr.. Schwinn, shoe associate. Dean for academic programs. Dr.. Don Martin assistant. Dean for diversity. Miss. Celeste bar tells the. College of Business Administration. Outstanding. Senior. Mr.. David layman instructor. Department. Of marketing. Mr.. Zachary, case, CBA. Student, commencement, speaker dr.. Chad. Jackson, the director of the Center for the Advancement of, entrepreneurship. Dr.. Esther Swilley head, department, of marketing and miss. Amy button Renz president, and, CEO Kansas. State University, Alumni Association. Please. Also join me in thanking. Our commencement marshals. Miss. Emily breeze a key miss. Dr.. Donita Whitney Bram erlan miss. Lindsay Cordell, and miss. Ashley Thomas, for their generous service as commencement, marshals. Graduates. Today is a wonderful day of celebration. For you and your families, I am privileged, to have the opportunity to. Share this special occasion with you and grateful. For the family, members who, are able to attend the special event in your lives an event. That, marks the culmination of, years. Of hard work and sacrifice. In the pursuit of knowledge a, meaningful. Career and, a, promising, future. No. One is happier, or prouder of, your educational, accomplishments than, the loved ones gathered, here today I want. To take this moment to acknowledge the encouragement, and support your, families, have provided for your success. With, the parents, spouses. Grandparents. And children of our graduates please, stand and. Be recognized. I. Know. That many of our families here today are celebrating, a family, tradition as a, new generation joins. The ranks of k-state, alumni, with. All those present. Today who, hold degrees from, Kansas, State University. Please. Stand for us to honor each family's Wildcat. Legacy. Thank. You. Although. We are here today to honor the accomplishments, of the graduates we. Also acknowledge the faculty and staff who have worked with our graduates, in completing. Their studies in honor. Of the faculty and, professional, staff who have served you with such dedication I ask. You our graduates, to please stand, and applaud their contributions. To your to their success to your success. Thank. You. I'm. Pleased. To recognize several, faculty, and staff members, named as the recipients. Of prestigious, awards, the semester, please. Stand when I call your name, miss. JJ, Broughton, instructor. In the department of marketing is a. 2018. Recipient. Of the k-state Commerce. Bank, and WT. Kemper Foundation, outstanding. Teaching Award. Dr.. Sue Bui SAR Jalali assistant. Professor of finance is the recipient, of the Ralph REITs outstanding. Teaching award dr.. Hardy Johnson, assistant. Professor of finance, is the recipient, of the college of business developing. Scholar award. Miss. Rebecca Gould, career, coach is the recipient, of the Kansas State Bank outstanding. Advising, award. Miss. Claudia leads, administrative. Assistant, for the, department of marketing is the recipient, of the College of Business support, staff person, of the year and, this. Suzanne. Auton director. Of the professional MBA, program, is the recipient, of the k-state Global. Campus outstanding. Advisor of the Year award, congratulations. To these Award winners. We. Also have several graduates. Who received, university-wide. Awards. Acknowledging. Their excellence, in leadership. Scholarship. And community, service, as I, call your name please stand, to be recognized. Brian. Davis, the, recipient, of the Anderson senior, award for outstanding, leadership. Mary. Abu. New pond and. That. Was recipient, of the Tony Urich community, commitment and leadership award. Both. Both. Brian and Mary are also recipients. Of the Dean of Student Life outstanding. Senior, award. Other. Business, students, who are also recipients. Of the Dean of Student, Life outstanding, senior award our Trenton. Kennedy, and Gabrielle. Riggs. Please. Join me in thanking congratulate. These graduates. One. Special group of graduates, who have made a significant.

Contribution. Are. Those who have served as business, ambassadors. In the college, would. Those, that have served as a business, ambassador, please stand to be recognized. Thank. You, we. Are honored to have Kansas, State University, president Richard Myers provost. And senior vice president April. Mason and president, of the k-state Alumni Association. Amy, button Renz join, us today thank you all for being here. Now. It, is, my distinct, honor to introduce our commencement speaker, miss. Kandi Duncan class of, 1975. Kandi. Was raised on a farm and Andover Kansas, she studied accounting at k-state and rose, through the ranks of. Public, accounting, to serve as Managing, Partner of, the KPMG, metropolitan. Washington DC office from. 2009. Until. 2013. She. Was the first woman to lead the Washington, Metro office during. Her tenure the, Washington, Metro office was among KPMG's, fastest. Growing areas, in the US she. Also served on the board of KPMG where. She chaired both the firm's nominating, committee and the, partnership, and employer of choice committee, in her. Various roles at KPMG she, was the lead partner for major international and. US. Companies including, Volkswagen. Continental. Automotive, and Dollar, Tree stores. Gaining. Extensive, experience, and assisting clients with. Resolving, complex, accounting, and operational. Issues, candy, compiled, more than 38 years of experience, as a professional with, KPMG, she. Became a partner at KPMG in, 1987. And in, 1998, was named audit partner in charge for. The state of Virginia where, she served for ten years, candy. Currently, serves as a director, at discover. Financial, services, FTD. And telefax. Incorporated. An. Active, member of her local community she. Was a board member and executive, committee member of the Economic Club of Washington the. World affairs council and. The Washington Board of Trade she. Is a member of the National Association of, corporate directors the. International, Women's Forum. C200. And Women's. Corporate, directors. She. Was the co-chair of the 2014. And 15, Leukemia. Gala and the chair of the 2012. Heart, Ball for, the Washington, region American, Heart Association. She. Was named to Washington, Magazine's, top 100, most powerful women, list in, 2010. 2011. And, 2012. As the. Successful alumni, Candi serves on the College of Business Advisory, Council, and is a member of the k-state Alumni, Association. Advisory Board Candi. Earned a Bachelors. Of Science degree, magna. Laude in, accounting. From Kansas State University, during her undergraduate, career, on campus, candy, was very very, involved she had was. A Resident Assistants, a member, of chimes a member, of mortar board and served in several other university. Student, organizations, please. Join me in welcoming candy, Duncans our spring 2018. Commencement. Speaker. Wow. Congratulations. To. Each of you what an impressive, group, of graduates. Thank. You Dean Gwinner for, the kind introduction, and all, of you for giving me the honor of speaking, today, what. A privilege to be here with president, Meyers Provost. Mason, and the other, dignitaries. Most. Importantly. It is. A pleasure to gaze out on this. Sea of proud. Smiling. Faces. This. Space is filled with wonderful. Feelings, the, energy, the. Excitement and. More. Than anything. The. Relief. You. All are done. You. Have now entered an elite group of, only a third, of Americans, who've. Completed their, college degrees I assume. That if you're like me that. During your college years, there, were many bumps, along the road and maybe, the path took, a turn or two it, wasn't. Always easy. I, recognize. That you've not walked, this path alone and those. That love you have walked with you fellow. Students. Friends. And especially, family. Members supported. You every, step of the way. They've. Celebrated. Your victories. Commiserated. With you during the tough times and shared. Your dream and, today. That. Dream becomes. Your, reality so. Whatever. Path lies ahead, of you I guarantee. That, the memories, formed, here, will, remain vivid, for, the rest of your life. One.

Of The things that I've learned on my own journey is the, importance. Of gratitude. So. In the spirit, of gratitude I. Asked. The graduating, class of. 2018. To, stand one. More time. Please. Stand in recognition. Of the generosity. Sacrifice. And, confidence. You receive from your families, friends, faculty and. Administrators. Gathered. Here today to. Honor your. Achievements. Please. Turn to face them and let's, all applaud. Please. Be seated. As. You. Enter into your professional, life I, encourage. You to be intentional. In finding. Mentors and, sponsors. That. Will help you in your journey. So. Many mentors, have helped me on my path in, addition. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity, to mentor several, students, from k-state and many. Others, throughout, my professional, career I. Encourage. You to find those mentors, and sponsors as, you start your next chapter in the business world and at. The same time to. Be a mentor, to others. You. Will be amazed, at, how much you can teach your peers. Sometimes. The, person that is guiding, you is, also. The one you. Can mentor. I've. Experienced. That so many times as, a partner, in fact. I would. Often choose to sit next to the newest staff member, on the audit team and ask. Them to teach me two things that, day. My. How. My technology, skills. Soared. As. You. Face the future take. Advantage, of new opportunities, that may, be a new city your. First professional, job or, starting. An advanced degree. Two. Weeks after graduation I, moved to Kansas City got. My first apartment and started. My professional, career I, was. A brand-new staff, accountant. After. Two weeks of training I was, assigned to the audit of a very, large airline. Headquartered, in Kansas City. TWA. Now. Part of American, Airlines I. Was. Told I would be doing the audit work for cash, it. Should take about two weeks in addition. As the, newest, and most junior. Member. I was. Also, to make the coffee for, the audit team and. Know. There. Was not accurate let. Alone a Starbucks, to be found anywhere only, an eighth cup. Mr., coffee and a, large, red, can of Folgers. Now. I had never audited. Cash before, nor. Made, coffee and, yes. Somehow. Auditing. Cash seemed. To be the easier, of the two. My. Manager, gave me great instructions. On how. To audit cash and he, also taught, me how to make the coffee. Water. On the right side eight. Scoops, of coffee in the filter. Okay. All this seems simple enough and I was ready to go I. Had. Just started reconciling. My first bank statement, when, someone, told me we. Need more coffee. Clearly. The priority. Was clear I took. The, empty pot to the restroom, rinsed. It out filled. It with water, starting. The process. Water. On the right side eight. Scoops, of coffee in the filter. Well. With. A 12-person. Audit, team, ten. Of, which drank coffee, you. Can imagine, how, much time I spent, working on cash that day. After. A ten-hour day and at, least ten pots of coffee I. Was. Exhausted. I had. Thought the CPA exam was, hard but. Nothing, like trying to balance my audit work, while. Keeping, up with the coffee pot I. Could. Only imagine, my, first evaluation. On this job. Candy. Was significantly. Over-budget, on, cash. And. She, makes terrible, coffee. One. Of the things that I had learned at my days at k-state was. To think outside the box. Clearly. That, was what I needed to do, so. Driving, home that evening I. Remembered. The large coffee, machines, I had seen used. Hundreds, of times at receptions, that and over Methodist, Church as. Tired. As I was I, stopped. At a Kmart. Purchased. A 50. Cup coffee, machine. And, bought. A high-end. Brand of, coffee I, got. Home, wash. The pot and was. Ready to go. The. Next morning, I went in extra. Early, set. Up the new coffee machine and, the. Coffee was ready when everyone, else arrived. The. Audit, room smelled. Like, a Starbucks, I. Was. Working, on cash when my manager came in he. Checked, out the new coffee machine. Poured. Himself a, cup of coffee and came. Directly to, my desk. He. Said brilliant, idea, candy, the. Coffee is exceptional. He. Then added, we've. Used, that 8 cup. Pot, for over 10 years, it's. Great, to have someone who thinks differently as. My. Mother used to say when. Life hands, you lemons make. Lemonade I. Didn't. Make lemonade, but. I eventually made. A mean, pot, of coffee. Everything. You do. Do. Well, it. All, matters. Cash. Did get done and yes. Under, budget and the. 50, cup coffee machine, endured, well, beyond, my two years, on the engagement. It, made it a lot, easier, for the first-year associates. For a long time, to follow. Perhaps. Being, at TWU as headquarters, reminded. Me of Amelia, Earhart who. Was from Atchison, Kansas. One. Of my favorite, quotes of hers, is this.

Some. Of us have, great, runways. Built, for us if, you, have one take. Off. But. If you don't, realize. It, is your, responsibility. To grab, a shovel, and build. One for yourself and, for. Those who will follow after. You. Each. Of you will be tested, all, in, different, and unexpected. Ways. Remember. All that you've learned during your time here at k-state in. Your. Business classes. Watching. Bill Snyder coach the football team the. Part-time job you had an egg evil or as a Resident, Assistant, but. Maybe most, importantly. The. Relationships. You, have built, all. Have. Added to your toolbox, for, your next step. I'm. Certain, when I became, managing, partner, in Washington. DC others. Wondered. Where. I learned, to think outside. The box. Making. A pot of coffee on my first assignment taught. Me more than I realized. It. Taught, me that I needed to approach, all tasks. Big. And small. With. The same level, of energy. And, creativity. You. Never, know, which. Of the assigned, tasks will, be the most important. To, your supervisor. I. Think. Caribou coffees, tagline, says, it well. Life. Is short. Stay. Awake for it I hope. You will. Congratulations. To, each of you your families. And, friends, I wish. You all the very best and, go. Cats. Kandee. Thank you for your inspirational. Remarks, for, our graduates, and eloquent, challenge, would, you please come. Back forward, and accept a small token of our appreciation for. Your participation, in today's ceremony. We. Are grateful to have Amy, button Renz president, and, CEO of the k-state Alumni Association, in, attendance, she will say a few words on behalf of the Alumni Association. Good. Afternoon I'm. Pleased to be a part of your special day and offer congratulations on. Behalf, of the k-state Alumni Association. Representing. Over, 275. Thousand, graduates and Friends will, be your lifelong k-state family. Today. Is you receive your degree we, are excited, to celebrate with, you and your family, we, are also here to welcome you into a new relationship with your alma mater as you, begin this new chapter as a k-state graduate. Today. As you receive your degree we. Are excited to celebrate with you and your family, because. Our mission at the k-state alumni association is to lead and inspire lifelong.

Involvement That. Will benefit, Kansas State University, and all members of our Wildcat community. I would, like to share three of the core values that guide us in our mission to help keep you connected with k-state. The. First value is link the, Alumni Association provides. The lifelong link, that, alumni depend, on to remain connected you. Can stay in touch through hundreds, of alumni activities held, on, campus around, the, country and internationally. Another. Value, is tradition you. Will likely celebrate a few traditions this, weekend, as you sing the alma mater or take KSU, photos at, your favorite spot on campus you. May also have fond memories of doing the wabash at a k-state sporting, event or rubbing the nose of the bronze Wildcat statue at, the Alumni Center for good luck on a test or to, insure a wildcat victory, as the, keepers of tradition, we, also hope you will have a chance to visit the Alumni Center to. Experience all the wonderful traditions, kept there including. Our newest addition, a stained glass mural, designed by 2016. Graduate, Marcus Gilbert which, pays tribute to the beauty of our state and the k-state campus the. Third core value is purple, for, k-staters, it's more than a color it's, a symbol of pride, connection. And family, when you see someone wearing purple, or, k-state class ring or, sporting. At k-state license, plate you will feel that sense of family in. Recognition. Of your graduation the. College of Business Business, Administration. And the Alumni Association are, providing you with a complimentary one-year, membership, to the Alumni Association, we. Hope you will enjoy the membership, benefits, and continue, to be an active member after, your first year, k-state. Alumni are among the most loyal in the nation in fact, our membership, ranks in the top five in the nation and number, one in the big 12 for, the percentage of graduates who are members that. Loyalty is shared by generations, of k-staters who have the same passion for k-state that, you feel today as, you, receive your degree from, one of the finest universities in the nation the. Alumni Association is, also pleased to present you today with, an exclusive alumni business, card holder as you, go through life and your, title and addresses, change please be, sure to keep us updated we, want to make sure you, are always connected to, your k-state family. Congratulations. And go cats. Thank. You Amy, next. Is my honor to present the outstanding, graduating. Senior, and Business Award this. Award is peer, selected, based on service, to the college as an undergraduate. Involvement. In the life of the college, engagement. In the k-state community. And personal. Academic. Success. This. Semester, miss Celeste Bartels is the recipient, of the outstanding senior. And Business Award Celeste. Will you please join me at the podium. Celeste. Is from Tonganoxie, Kansas. And a graduate, of Tonganoxie high, school, her. Parents are Mary Jo and Werner Bartels while. An undergraduate. Celeste. Has served as a business, ambassador, a member. Of the business honors program Council, and a, study abroad advocate. She, has been an excellent citizen of the college and an exceptional, student scholar, Celeste. Has also been an active leader she. Was president, of the chimes Junior honorary, a member, of the silver, key honorary, and an, intern representative. For the Student Government Association. For. The College of Business in, addition. To these activities she. Has worked as a teaching, assistant for the College of Business sports, marketing, program to, include tutoring, many of her peers. Further. She conducted a marketing, research project. As an, honors student and, was selected to present her research to. Peers and experts in the field of global education at, the, World Congress on education in Dublin. Ireland all, this while maintaining a, 4.0. GPA, she has, provided excellent, leadership and. Been an outstanding role model for her peers during. Her undergraduate, career. Please join, me in congratulating Celeste. On receiving. The spring 2018. College. Of Business outstanding. Graduating. Senior, award. Each. Semester the college faculty and staff vote, to choose one student, to speak at commencement as, a representative. Of the graduates, this, semester, speaker, is mr. Zachary, case, zach.

Is The son of gordon, and julie case he. Is from Olathe Kansas and, a graduate, of blue, Valley Southwest, High School, after. Graduating. With a double major in accounting and, finance he. Will be working as a business analyst. For Deloitte Consulting out. Of Kansas City, while. An undergraduate zach. Has served as president of the Student Finance Association, and as, a tutor, for finance for 50 students, he. Worked for more than three years in, the k-state Athletics. Accounting, department, and interned. In the summer of 2017. With, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Zach. Was a member of winning, competitive, teams, for the Phillips 66 ethics. Case competition, and the, Gates capital, stock pitch competition. He, was also a business ambassador, a member, of the dean's student advisory count and a member of the Student Advisory, Council, he. Was the investment club co-president. And the treasurer of his fraternity Delta. Chi Zach. It is my honor to introduce you, as the spring 2018. Student. Commencement, speaker. Good. Afternoon spring. Class of 2018. Please. Allow me to join the long list of people that are going to tell all of you congratulations on. This, special day, we've. Reached a milestone that. Should be celebrated and I, hope you all take a second, to appreciate, what you've done, the. Degrees conferred to us as we walk across the stage today signal. To the world that we are technically. Sound. For. Some of us they, indicate that we understand, financial, statements, either how to read, them or how to construct them for, some of us they show that we understand effective, marketing, sales and promotions, techniques, and others. Show that we understand information systems, data management. Networking. And coding and finally. Some, of these degrees show. That we have a general understanding of how to manage business operations, of either a self started business or a long-standing. Corporation. These. Technical, skills are valuable, and they, will serve us well as we, move into the business world but. Let's be very careful, not to forget the other less. Technical, lessons we've had the chance to learn at our. Time as undergraduates, at Kansas, State University. Late. Nights at the business building have, shown us that perseverance, and sacrifice. Can, create great results, for, daunting tasks, the. Dreaded group assignments, have shown us that from, time to time we are going to have to pull more than our fair share of the work to, complete an assignment and. Other group assignments have shown us that sometimes teamwork can be pretty valuable. Events. Like the KSU night walk remind us to embrace diversity and, always. Be a positive force for change in our community we've. Seen countless student-led. Philanthropies, that. Emphasize, the importance, of giving back and we. Have benefited, from generous, alumni who. Gave back to us. It. Is these other less. Technical, lessons, that, define us as people, I have. No doubt that every student leaving the building today has the technical, skills that will define the employee. Or, the student, they will continue to be, it, is our continued, effort at these soft skills that will, define us as a person, and for. This reason I want to take just a few minutes, to. Reflect on some of the most powerful pieces of advice that I've been given over, the past few years, the. First and this will come as absolutely, no surprise to anybody who knows me pretty well comes, from Professor Hendricks on his. First day of class he, reminds his students that they have an obligation to. Quote. Be, where they are and this. Sounds. So simple but it is so much harder than it seems, we've. All sat in meetings that we felt could have been handled over email or classes.

That We felt were unimportant, and unnecessary, and at, those times it is so easy to escape, into our phone into, the world of text messages, in social media and email and games or whatever it is but, when we do that we, become passive. Participants. In our environment, and with, the skills and talent that you all have being. A passive, participant, is. Unacceptable. Only. By truly engaging, those around us, can. We gain the most from our interactions, so. As hard as it may be to keep our phones in our pockets, or, to close our laptops, I would, challenge all of us to be a little bit better about, being where. We are let. The world see what we can do when, we are active, participants, in the conversation, the. Second, of these lessons happened, only a few weeks ago when, I was attending a philanthropy, event it. Was in the middle of one of those busy weeks when the exam, cycle, seemed never-ending, and every. Group project, that had ever been assigned ever magically. Came to all at once and there, I was thinking about how busy my life had been over, the past few weeks when. I heard the guest speaker at the event say the phrase, adversity. Is what happens to you, stress. Is what, you do to yourself and. The. Point he so eloquently made was about attitude. Every. Day we, should expect, to field new, challenges, sometimes. It's going to feel like there isn't enough time in the day and the timing and difficulty, of these challenges, will, often, be out of our control what. Our attitude toward them is entirely. Our, decision, to make, being. A more, positive person, and maintaining, a positive attitude will. Make us more pleasant people to be around and may, encourage others to lend us a helping hand when we need it it. Seems there's this increasing, desire to wear, stress, as a badge. Maybe. If everybody, knew how stressed we are that we, only slept a few hours each of the past three nights and that we drank seven cups of coffee just to keep our eyes open maybe. They'll be impressed I would. Argue though that, producing. Results, while. Maintaining a, positive attitude is a, much more impressive feat by far and if. We can follow these first two lessons then, the third lesson becomes. Very easy I, hope. That, we can all take a little bit more time to enjoy, the, present. We've. Many, of us have spent the past few years awaiting the weekend, or Spring, Break or graduation. Or starting our jobs and being forward-looking. Is great. But. It can often force us to forget about right, now, so. Please, take. A second, and appreciate. What you've just done, the. Next chapter of our life is rapidly. Approaching so. Please let's make sure to read all the way to the end of this chapter before. Turning the page. Once. Again. Congratulations. To all of you I am so, proud to, have been a part of this family and I, can't wait to see the incredible future ahead of all of you thank. You. Thank. You Zack as a token of our appreciation we. Have a plaque. Recognizing Zack. As our commencement, speaker for the students this year. We. Are now ready to present. The degree candidates, for the College of Business Administration. Will. The candidates, for, bachelor's. Degrees from. The College of Business Administration. Please. Rise and, remain standing. President. Meyers on, behalf. Of the Faculty, of Kansas State University, I am pleased to present to you the College of Business Administration class. Of spring. 2018. Thank. You Dean Gwen Hearn, by. The authority of the people of the state of Kansas and the Kansas Board. Of Regents. And. Upon the recommendation, of the faculty, and, completion. Of degree requirements. I am. Pleased to confer upon you, the. Graduating, class of spring 2018. The. Degree you have earned at Kansas, State University. You. May now move, the. Tassel to the left side of your mortar board. Congratulations. Please. Be seated. Will. The graduates, please rise, and, approach this, stage when, the marshal, reaches, your row and we'll, the department heads please, go to the end of the stage to. Congratulate. Your graduates. Candidates. For, a Bachelor, of Business, Administration in. Entrepreneurship. Scott. Michael, Anderson. Eric. Carle. Bands, off. Matthew. Allen Buell. Morgan. Elyse, Dreiling. Sumner. Blaine, Hilton. Dakota.

Joey. Jacobson. McKenna. Bronte. Hatch. Johnson. Trenton. James, Kennedy. Caden. Alan, luttrell. Laude. Sarah. Jean. McDermott. Shame. In. Pullman. Omar. Ghazi. Jay. Kutub. Zachary. Jon Schmidt key. Lauren. Emily. Elise. Sidor. Siq. Sydney. Rene, Schneider. Sydney's. Diploma is being presented to her by her grandfather, bill. Schneider KSU. Head football coach. Christopher. Paul. Zachary. Summa. Laude. Abigail. Lee. Zimmerman. Summa. Laude. Candidates. For, a Bachelor, of Business, Administration in. Accounting. Ryan. Adams. Taylor. And, alderman. Alexandria. Louella. Bangert. Laude. Kelsey. Elizabeth. Bartel. Bartlett. Aubrey. And. Burning. Magna. Laude. Stephen. Christopher. Blando. Pahadi. Ali, al. Bull. Hassan. Alexandria. Renee, Valesky. Katie. Lynn. Brennaman. Naomi. Louise, Bouchard. Summa. Laude. Joshua. Kent. Carl, Crenn magna. Laude zachary. Royal. Case. Summa. Laude. Madison. Paige Chalkley. Renee. Marie dick. Shelby. Nicole. Ebert. Trent. Douglas. Evans. David. Albert. Faulk, before. David. Feist. Kathleen. Jane. Get, furred. Laude. Shiloh. Isaac. Gore, Archie. Lauren. Taylor, Gore. Al's ik. Traver. Travis. Daniel. Hair. Brenton. Cole, Hampton. Alexis. Marie cocaine. Magna. Laude egg. Mackenzie. Diane, Lincoln. Andrea. M-man. Laude. Ryan. Donald. Marston. Sarah. Lynn, May. Magna, laude. William. Anthony. McCann. Wyatt. McKinney. Madison. Clare Marissa. Nathan. John, muller. Summa. Addict. Matthew. William, Murray. William. Clyde, Worf. Laude. Kelp. It Vinod, Patel. Natalie. Murray pile. Summa. Laude. Alex. Kirkman. Reed, summa, laude. Kimberly. Sanchez. Magna. Laude. Caroline. Lee. Anne Shannon. Elizabeth. And. Shirley. Trenton. James. Simon. Summa. Laude. Lindsey. Madison. Soliday. Marissa. Renee. Taylor. Bree. Alexandra. Thomas, magna. Laude. Connor. David. Gilliland. Chad. Michael. Wilhite. Tyler. Allen. Williams. Joshua. Ryan. Wilson. Austin. Michael. Winter. Philip. George. Winter. Jacob. Woody. Gerald. Joseph. Would, Jack. Hunter. Conrad. Yeah, chol. Kor. In. Yates. Candidates. For a Bachelor, of Business, Administration in. Finance. Colton. Lane. Arnstad. Carolyn. Nicole. Abrams. Kelsey. Apple. Carl. Denti-cal. Daniel. Baloo kuma. Soon, lobby. Samuel. Baron. Hernandez. Abdomen. Ow. The Shah. Cara. Christie, bird. Bark. Thomas, birch. Matthew. Cooper, bleh. Drew. Christian. Borman. Thomas. Brems, er. Jonathan. Allen, burden. Alexander. Thomas, Carr. Jouging. Chen. Ryan. Dean. Collins. Joseph. Paul, crane. Max. Michael. Detweiler. Iris. Mariana, Diaz. Steven. Gordon. Diltz. Magna. Laude. Ashley. Nicole. 'back. Summa. Laude. Todd. Anthony, Ebert. Jacob. James, fair. Kyle. Mitchell. Fleming. Austin. Gregory. Fountain. Nicholas. Jacob. Frakes. Alyssa, Michelle. Gomez. Luke. So. Keisha. Ellen. Green. Laude. Joseph. William. Halligan. Emily. Nicole, Haynes. Ethan. Lee, holiday. Summa. Laude. Janelle. Brianne. Pulse. Buzau. Young. Connor. Allen, Johnson. Sydney. Marie, Johnson. Tyler. Dale, Jordan. Timothy. James, coats. Taylor. And, Lathan. Sue. Laude. Zai. You, leave. Simon. Ray, Livengood. Tegan. Dawn, low. Magna. Laude. Thomas. Francis, McHugh. Brian. Jacob. McHenry. Hayden. Spencer. Merritt. Laude. Peyton. James, Miller. Ariane. She, Mishra. Brendan. Gage, Mouse. Lee. Laude. Brian. Thomas. Mueller. James. Nayeem. Musil. Magna. Laude. Karlis, arm and, Olivia. Caden. Thomas. Paul's. Sidney, mail-in. Peterson. Laude. Luke. James, Porteous. Bailey. John. Ramsey. Daiva. Lynn, roar. Dustin. Anthony. Rotting, house, summa, laude. Arturo. Sanchez. Connor. Fitzgerald. Schmid. Ling. Max. William. Snicker. Magna. Laude. Anthony. Martin. Sir, Sir. Sean. Steven. Smith. Grant. Charles. Crier. Lake. Montgomery. Stevens. Claire. Elliott. Stouffer. Joshua. Daniel. Sudirman. Summa. Laude. Katie. And. Thomas. Andrew. Nicholas. Tripped. Justin. Scott, both. Teddy. J. Wade. Yui. Wang. Madison. Nicole, Williams. Laude. Andrew. Richard. Winkler. Emery. Emily. Marie, wolf. Ali. Marie. Wall. Turing. Do. Know. In. Ye Joe. Candidates. For, a Bachelor, of Business Administration in. General business. Jessica. Megan, Decker tooth, men. Keysha. S. Gertner. Quarry, ace, William. Hall. Katie. Rochelle. Holiday. Maria. Fernanda. K. Za d de. Gomez. Panna. Danielle. Meyer. Aaron. Jay, Miller. Rita. Rocio. Montez. Delgado. Catherine. Margaret. Murphy. Justin. Royce. Stackhouse. Amanda. Faye, taro. And, it's for management. Mary. Violet, Alvin, M hat. Delilah. Amia. Jessica. Nadine. Aust. Breakin. Mary, Albert. Henry. Benjamin, bio. Devon. Rene belt. Pistons. Scott burger, -. JA. You fpn. Rebecca. Elise, Bishop. Miranda. May Boatwright. Taylor. Case R engine. David. Isaac, Brooks. Laude.

Jacob. Todd Brooks. Bryce. Skiles Bueller. IJ. Carmichael. Writerly. Chafee. Courtney. Ella Mae Curtis. Alexander. Kenley, Darrow. Robert. DS. Adrianza, a showman, Etheridge. Kayla. Lend, Eubanks. Andre. Nahin, Basin. East. Farm. Eric. Thomas fettle. Patrick. Charles, Fredrickson. Suzette. Garcia. Caitlin. Nicole, blow summa. Laude. JC. Amanda. Gooden. Breanne. Alicia, Agra Meister. Jessica. Erin Halsey. Eric. David, Hanks. Dominique. Allie Heath. Jordan. Michael, Hetherington. Katherine. Nadine Kerbal, summa. Laude. Hensley. Keaton, Herzog. Andrew. J Hollingsworth. Cody. Joseph, Holt house. Songyang. Who. Addison. Lou Hughes. Alexander. Lloyd Hummer. Laude. Heaven. Scott hurt. Christopher. Thomas Jen's. Haley. Marie, Johnson. Quincy. Alexandria. Jones. Troy. Thomas, Josie. For. Eden Kim. Alina. Machado. Karuna Ratna. Eric. Christopher, Kelly. Courtney. Colleen, Kelly. Kenzie. Lauren, Celts. Madison. And Kennedy. Morgan. Gerhard, lange. Jinglei. Go. For alien. Jelton. Lou. John. McKinley, massive. Laude. Braden. Lynn Matthews. David. See McClure, junior. Emily. Lynn Millar. Preston. Read, Miller. Jackson. D Moore. Mary. Anna an Isis. Madison. Louise Nelson. Nicholas. Donald, Nelson. Laude. Taylor. John, Nemeth. Joshua. Wayne Nichols. Desmond. Daniel O'Grady. Tyler. Michael, Owen. Kayla. Marie pearson. Karolina. Pereira. Magna. Laude. Connor. Allen rittenberg. Steven. James rich. Elizabeth. Maria Robledo. Carlos. Ruiz. Who. Mia socata. Pile. Matthew, Saunders. Elizabeth. Ann Marie scharping. Laude. Isaac. David, Schmidt. Maxwell. James semen. Gerald. Wesley, Smith. Cody. McKenzie, schellenberg. Warren. Schuler, sparks. Nathan. Alexandre, starza. Kaitlin. Laurie Stark. Shakila's. And a Thomas. Alec. James standard. Eric. Been me Ricky. Max. Dalton. Verse a. Deal. In Walker. Dalvin. DeSean Warmack. Catherine. And waseela. Theresa. A Westhoff. Jessica. Michelle, Wilkins, magna, laude. Jonathan. Bruce works. Jian. Xiu. Candidates. For management information, systems. Jared. Eugene. Bennett. Jacob. William, Floyd. Chase. Robert. Vows. Brian. Diamond, Davis. Daniel. Alexander. Xander. Ellsberg. Basil. Ahmed El Shaarawy. Aaron. C, Fox. Emily. Katherine, Frank, I. Owe. Michael, Geiger. Nicole. Hammer. Laude. Aidan. Gregory, haben. Kevin. Kenneth, herb stir. Heaven. Douglas, Huey. Jisu. Her. Courtney. Liana Jackson. Bradley. James coaster. Jeffrey. Ryan Maddox. Christian. Mathews. Noah. Montgomery. Minshew magna. Laude. Alfonso. Juan Monte's. Then. Then, when. Raymond. Stanley, pencil. Wyatt. Randall, crawl. Tyler. John Reno. Laude. Caitlin. Leanne rosier. Zachary. Jonathan, rotting house. Haley. Claire, savage. Evan. Britt Scheidler. Racin. James Sinclair. Laude. Benjamin. Warsito. Chung. Michael. Ryan Tolman. Christopher. William, Turk house key. Kayla. Marie Washington. Candidates. For marketing. Abdul. Razak Alvarez, alquiler. Matthew. Joseph Allen. June. Song, on. Jeffrey. Anderson. Celeste. Nicole, Bartles, summa. Laude. Rachel. Gene Billy. Dylan. Thomas, Brock. Reed. Dixon, Brown. Frank. James, Ferdowsi. Joshua. Todd Burke. Irwin. Chigga. Chin. Chin. Lulu. Chen. Gurchin. Auto. Gunner, Kapus. Taylor. David, Cooper. Jacob. Tyler may. Davis. Matthew, Clark. My. Alley :. Isaiah. S Daniels. Amanda. And Morgan dots. Nicholas. Lawrence, Edwards. Montana. James fashion. Kelsey. Janelle Fisher. Chandler. K4. Ter. Enjoy, Lessman. Kaylynn. Xavier, grant. He. Reads one hack at the third. Marat. Maya Heaney. Olivia. Lee Harding, magna. Laude. Taylor. Nicole, heart. Brady. Ryan, Hempel. Nicholas. William, Hesse. Nicholas. Linen Henrik's, laude. Melissa. Elizabeth. Hollow. Kody, Hughes. Miranda. Ray Isaacson. Adaline. Josephine, Jenkins. Taylor. Weston, Jenkins. Maxwell. Noble, jinx. Casey. Jack, Jemison. Shauna. Christine, Jones. Abigail. Rose Cammermeyer. Rachel. Renee kipper, summa laude. Riley. Make heading. Emily. Light occur, laude. Elizabeth. Lynn a Lapham. Courtney. Laughlin. Winch. In lead. Sawyer. James like. Gabrielle. K Lintner. Leia. Esther, Loretta. Rebecca. Elizabeth, McGee. L. Nicole, McAllister. Anna. Marie McBride. Maxwell. Colin McQueen. Giovanni. Alexander. Mendoza. Rachel. Beam idiot. Jessica. Rachel, Mayer. Ariana. Terran Maha. Sua. Lindsey. Nicole Miller. Anastasia. Marie Morgan. Emma. Katherine, shuffle, Oh. Abbi. Elizabeth, slick. Mason. Jaishree. Ciara. Raquel, Smith. Jennifer. Marie smith. Connor. Scott, SoCo. Erin. Nicole Sullivan. Way, Chung Sun. Way. Soon soon. Victoria. Rose son Ryan.

Jordan. Rene by Cola. Maria. Rose, Welsh. JL. Sage, Whitney, summa. Laude. Sarah. Kate Whitney. Joshua. McKenzie, woods. Paleo. Jared. Taylor's, there. Graduates. It has been the privilege of the college's, administration. Faculty. And staff to work with you over the past few years. Congratulations. To, all of you let. Us recognize, the, outstanding accomplishment. Of these graduates one. More time. We. Would ask the. Audience to. Please remain seated, until the platform party, and, the graduates, have, exited the, Coliseum, you. Are welcome to meet in the concourse area for. Pictures and conversations. Graduates. Please, follow the marshals to the rear of the Coliseum, up the stairs and into, the concourse, area this. Concludes, our ceremony. Congratulations. And enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

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