Business 2 (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie with English Subtitles- Rakul Preet Singh

Business 2 (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie with English Subtitles- Rakul Preet Singh

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'These are three things that are common between humans and animals.' 'But what separates humans from animals, is emotions.' A butterfly in Bank Street! Isn't it beautiful? - Yes, it's very beautiful! You know what? Once a butterfly flapped its wings, and that caused a storm somewhere in America. How? Don't you know? Come here. Come here, guys. Come on!

There was a butterfly. Like you know, butterflies have wings. It's flapping of the wings, exerted pressure on the surrounding air molecules. The air pressure changed. When a gust of wind arrived, the air pressure changed further. The weather got windy and slowly, a storm was created.

Isn't that interesting? That's very interesting, sir! By the way, why was I thrashing you guys? We didn't put trash in the dustbin. Before, I beat you more, will you put it in the dustbin? We'll do it, sir. Hey, put it in the dustbin. Oh! You're bleeding! I reacted so strongly to a trivial thing! That means I messed up. I vented my anger on them for no reason. So, what was I really angry about? 'Abhiram...'

'You throw a lot of attitude, ' 'and are arrogant. You are a loser. Get out of my company!' Oh! Now, I get it. Excuse me, sir. - What? Sir, did you shout at me this morning? Yes! I didn't even react to it! Obviously! Since I didn't react, that emotion stayed within me and transformed into anger. And I vented my anger on someone else.

So, what? So, now I'm free from emotions. No emotions, no feelings. One should let one's emotions out at the right place.

If we don't react when we're angry or frustrated, those emotions stay within us and reflect elsewhere. And we end up looking like losers. I'm a loser. I'm offering jobs only to losers. For losers like us, I've started this company.

The name of the company is KMC. I would like to tell you a few things about this company. 'KMC. Build your dreams.' That is my company.

If you people trust me, then invest in this company. What's the guarantee that your company will succeed? That's a good question. I'll increase your bank balance by a hundred times in two minutes! Will that satisfy you? - But, how? How? - How? Sunil... It's ready. - This is London Stock Exchange.

These are yesterday's closing prices of various companies. Next slide... This is C-Gate Software Solution. I predict that the share price of this company will increase by a hundred times within two minutes of the stock market's opening.

I suggest you invest money in this company. And make a handsome profit within two minutes. Trust me. - Are you mad? For the last 52 weeks, that company is struggling. How can you say that its share price will increase? If I'm not wrong, you're Kamal Shiwara. Yes! And your bank balance is just one pound.

Yes! And if you lose that one pound, your life won't get affected too much. No. But with that one pound, you can get the answer to your question. Just invest that one pound, in this company. Come on, guys. What are you waiting for? You've exactly two minutes. Invest in C-Gate.

Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Boom! Wow! - Wow! Wow! - Great! Great! - Wow! Yes! - That's nice! How did this happen? - But how? Don't ask questions. Just enjoy the moment. You see, nobody questions those who succeed. You're right! - Yes! Are you guys ready? 'Yes! - We're ready!' "Continue playing..." "Don't stop until the game is over."

"Live your life king-size!" "Stop at nothing." "Be a part of this game and don't stop playing until you win!" "This is the biggest game of your life. Don't stop, come what may!" "Don't stop till you get enough."

"Don't stop till you get enough." "Don't stop till you get enough." "Don't stop till you get enough."

It seems like you've some doubts. Get them cleared. How did the share price of that company increase by a hundred times? Do you know Rajesh Patel? - Yes, I do. 'The richest Indian in the UK.' He recently bought 40% of C-Gate's shares. Why did he do that? Because of his secretary cum girlfriend.

Why did she make him sign it? I'd saved her son from meeting an accident. How did you save him? - With the help of graphics. Graphics! I didn't get you. The boy was crossing the road oblivious to the fact that a bus was headed his way.

But there's no bus! There you go, the bus has arrived. But her son isn't here! I clubbed both the shots. And that's the final output. You could have directly saved Rajesh Patel's son.

Why did you save his secretary's son? He would have created a ruckus had I done that. Since it was his girlfriend's son, he didn't bother. "Work hard and give your best, my friend!" "Only those who work hard become successful." "Work hard and give your best, my friend!" "Only those who work hard become successful." "If you have the will, you can do the impossible."

"The one who has faith in oneself, is sure to win." "Have faith in yourself." "Script your own destiny." "Have faith in yourself."

"Don't stop till you get enough." "Don't stop till you get enough." "Scale great heights but always be down-to-earth."

"Be brave and move forward in life." "Win the battle of life by yourself and let the world take note." "Be determined to achieve your goal." "Fight every problem that comes your way." "Do something that will make the world proud of you." "If you win this battle..."

"You'll be famous the world over." "You'll be famous the world over." "Don't stop till you get enough." "Don't stop till you get enough." "Don't stop till you get enough."

"Don't stop till you get enough." Abhiram! You brother had called. Your dad's condition is critical. You've been called urgently. 'Abhiram, jump!' 'My dad always gave me courage. - Jump, Abhiram!' 'Come on.' 'Come on, Abhiram.'

'Every human being has emotions.' 'Come on, Abhiram, jump!' 'But, my dad never showed me his emotional side.' 'He would endure difficulties with a smile on his face.' 'I've never seen anxiety on his face.' 'He'll be here. Don't cry. You're a good girl.'

Don't cry. No! - What happened? Hi, Abhiram! - Nothing. Oh, my baby! A few days back, while playing with Sweety, he suddenly collapsed.

We thought it was just a stomach ache. We'd to hospitalise him after he complained of breathlessness. Here's Dr Vijay Mitra. This is Abhiram.

Hi! He has pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Final stage. The patients organs start to fail one by one.

I'm sorry, but he has very little time left. Not more than a month. I felt it would be good if he spent his last few days at home. That's why I brought him home. This what happens in films.

Where's dad? Dad... Why do you look anxious, dad? You should be the happiest person. All of us are doing well in life. I've a Range Rover. He owns an apartment in a posh area. Abhiram started his own company the day before.

Your sons enjoy a good reputation in society. How did this happen? This happened because you worked hard and raised us right. I might have worked hard when you were kids. But you didn't have to work hard to move forward in life. What did you say? You have a Range Rover! You used to go to school in a Ferrari.

'Hurray!' You bought a four bedroom apartment. When you used to play hide and seek in your 24 bedroom mansion, there were 40 servants, would try to catch you. Ten grandmasters would vie to teach him how to play chess. You're not the sons of poor Subramaniyam. You're the sons of the richest entrepreneur of Indian origin in the UK. 'Ramesh Chandra Prasad.'

'Yes. I'm Ramesh Chandra Prasad.' 'I want every Indian in the UK to have his own house.' 'That's my dream.' 'I'm going to build a township with world class facilities.'

'Your faith in me means a lot.' 'It's my duty to fulfil all your dreams.' 'A great India in Great Britain.'

'Thank you. Thank you very much.' At that time, one person betrayed me. He proved me to be a cheat in front of everyone. 'Dream of owning your house...'

'Great India Construction Company, which was to build' 'the largest township in the UK, has gone bankrupt overnight.' 'The land on which the township was supposed to come up, ' 'has been confiscated by the government of the UK.' 'The police are looking for the owner' 'of the company, Ramesh Chandra Prasad.' 'This incident...'

'The same people who used to cheer for me, ' 'started thirsting for my blood.' 'Dad, I'm hungry.' 'Ma'am...' 'My children...'

'They are hungry.' 'Do you have some bread?' 'That's Ramesh!' 'He has betrayed us!' 'Catch him!' 'Ramesh Chandra... - Ramesh Chandra Prasad...' 'What's your name?' 'Subramaniyam. - Where are you from?' 'I'm from India. - What work can you do?' 'I'll do any work you want.'

My priority then was to give you a good life. I disregarded the betrayal. But... It still bothers me. He believed that betraying people is the best way to grow in life. I'm not sad about not having much time. I'm sad because I won't be able to exact my revenge.

I don't wish to die as Subramaniyam. I wish to die as Ramesh Chandra Prasad. Dad! - Dad! Dad, are you alright? What's wrong, dad? His name is Krishnamurthy. Don't spare him. Good morning, sir. Is everything going according to the plan? Yes, sir.

I don't want the production to stop. Make sure that we get more of this. - Sure, sir. I need that shipped immediately. Otherwise...

Who's that? - That's Krishnamurthy, sir. Mr K, the chairman of K Group of Industries. Did you see that? That bird ate the butterfly. It showed its power. And by doing that, it saved America from a storm. It's true! That's the game.

Is it important for the bird to save the butterfly, or to save America by eating it? What's the logic in it? There's a logic. Let me explain the meaning of this story. Oil and natural gas...

I searched for it for seven years all over Europe and spent about 70 million pounds. But luckily, I found it in your land. Don't worry, I don't kill anyone. I only know how to win. Let's play a game. These are two balls. One contains gold, and the other contains silver.

If you choose the one containing gold, you win. My choice is... This one. Choose one. Why should I play this game? Because if you win, I'll leave.

I was right about you. You're a fool. You won't be able to handle this project. I'll give you 20% of the profit I make. Hand it over to me. - Excuse me!

You don't use a gun to kill anyone. And if you want 80% of the profit, I need to be scared of you. And I'm not scared of you. I was trying to explain something a while back. It was... Some Butterfly effect! You won't be scared of me. But you'll surely be afraid of butterflies.

Butterflies! Do you know why Ballard's billions worth of project got stalled in America? Due to golden green frogs. It got stalled due to frogs. - But why? Because that species is not found anywhere else.

If they would have gone ahead with that project, that species of frog would have become extinct. That's why that project was stalled, and work began here. And nothing will go wrong here. - Wow! This much information is enough to scare you. Gary, give me the newspapers.

This piece of news will be published in tomorrow's papers. 'People's Gas Project poses a threat to the ecozone.' This is a Spanish newspaper. Ecozone! This piece of news will be published the day after. 'People's Gas Project's license is set to be terminated.' The same newspaper.

And this piece of news will be published the next day. 'The man in charge of the project flees' 'and changes his identity to escape the wrath of the investors.' Why will they terminate my license? Why will I leave this place? Why will I change my identity? Tell me why. Because, a rare species of butterflies are found on this land.

They are found in very few places in the world. If this project continues, won't all the butterflies die? In order to keep them alive, this project will have to be stalled. Rare butterflies! - Yes. Hey, Krishnamurthy! There are no flowers on this land, How then, can there be butterflies? Tell me.

These are my butterflies. My babies. My butterflies! Dad, I've acquired all the information about Krishnamurthy.

I've prepared all the documents related to this case. We'll drag him to court soon. Don't worry. I'll teach him a lesson. You rest, dad.

What is it? Why are you staring at me? Tell dad exactly what I said. What do you mean? Should I cheat dad, just like Krishnamurthy did! Why do you call it cheating? It's just a small lie to make him happy. Dad doesn't just want happiness, but also Krishnamurthy's ruination. He lost his wealth 20 years back due to his naivety. Should we mess with Krishnamurthy for that? What do you say? - I agree with him.

I'll lie to dad as well. There's no point in antagonising Krishnamurthy. You have started a company. Look after it. My company isn't more important than my dad! Do you think you're the only one who loves dad? Tourists get very excited on seeing the Taj Mahal. But the security guard outside the Taj Mahal doesn't feel that way.

You come to meet dad once in six months. That's why you're unable to control your emotions. Hey! What did you do? - I'm sorry! I'm sorry! - What's the point in apologising? Darn it! Why are you laughing? You couldn't help but react to such a small incident. You yelled at her.

Think about dad, who has suppressed his emotions for 20 years. I want to do away with his anxiety and bring a smile on his face before he dies. Do you mean that you'll mess with Krishnamurthy? Do you know how powerful he is? He's one of the most renowned businessmen in the UK. It's impossible to get an appointment with him! What will you do in 30 days? - Yes, it's not possible.

Dad is going to meet his end soon. Krishnamurthy will meet his end before dad. The countdown to his ruination has begun. Abhiram, at least have dinner before leaving. Krishnamurthy doesn't have much time left. 'I've only 30 days, ' 'that is 720 hours, ' 'or 43200 minutes, ' 'or 2592000 seconds.

'Krishnamurthy's wealth is worth 350 billion rupees.' 'Each second is worth 100 million rupees.' 'Operation 0.' 'That's the name of my mission, which is' 'to cheat Krishnamurthy.'

'I require three people for this mission.' Why? Is it because I type fast? No. I like your tattoo. Do you want me or your dad? Think about it. Tell this to my dad.

'Selected.' I'm sorry. - Who's this? That's my dad. Thank you.

Hey! Let's take a selfie. What time did I ask you people to come? At 10.30, sir. What time is it now? - It's 10.31, sir. So... You're exactly one minute late.

If I ask you to come at 10.32, will you be able to make come on time? Yes, sir. Everyone might have time to kill, but I've very little time to avenge my dad's betrayal. If you waste time going forward, you won't be excused.

I have just 30 days. Do you know, why you three have been selected for this operation? Because all of you have the same qualification. All of you love your respective dads. Plus, all of you have worked for Krishnamurthy before. Krishnamurthy! 'He's the most cunning businessman in London.' 'It's not easy to outwit him.' - I want to work on that land.

But I'm facing many obstacles. You'll have to get rid of them within 24 hours. You have just 24 hours. I want all the details of his company. I want to know what he eats and drinks. I want to know what his daily routine is.

I want to know what clothes he wears and what perfume he wears. I want to know which liquor brand he prefers and which pen he uses. I want to know whether he takes jokes sportingly. I want to know whether he kills people or not. I want all these details.

I mean, each and every minute detail. Sir, Krishnamurthy doesn't eat junk food. He has broccoli for breakfast. So, what are we waiting for? Get me some broccoli. Does he eat at this time? - No, sir. At 12.30. Alright. Then bring it to me at 12.30.

Sir, to ruin Krishnamurthy, we should to focus on his strategies and secrets. But you... How does it matter what he eats and drinks, sir? You know, every woman wants her husband to be like her dad. Electra complex... That's why, I wish to become like Krishnamurthy.

Sir, what do you mean? My first target is... Krishnamurthy's daughter. She's the owner of 40% of his wealth. The watch on her wrist is worth 100 million rupees. Her name is Divyanka. 'Dad!' 'Mom!' 'Mom!' 'Mom!' Coffee! "Get up!" - Coffee! "Get up!" - Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Double-shot cappuccino.

How did you know... How did you know that I wanted to drink a double-shot cappuccino? Since you missed your morning coffee, it's natural for you to want your coffee strong. How do you know that I didn't have coffee in the morning? The fact that you're tapping the cup indicates you didn't have coffee this morning.

Are you trying to flirt with a girl, whom you've met accidentally? I haven't met you accidentally. I planned to drink coffee with you, that's why we're sitting here. Excuse me! Where should you be at this hour? - At the art gallery.

Then, why are you here? I missed my coffee, that's why! How did you miss your coffee? - My coffee machine wasn't working. Why wasn't it working? - There was a power failure. Exactly! I caused that power failure. 'Power.' Due to five minutes of power failure, you left your home ten minutes late.

Because of that, you reached the signal exactly when the schools opened. You didn't wait and took a left. After that, you took another left as the road was closed.

Since people were protesting there, you took the longer route to the art gallery. This was the first coffee shop you saw. That's why you're sitting here having a coffee with me. So, that's the story of the 'missing coffee'.

I don't believe it. It's just a coincidence. Coincidence! - Yes. Despite there being so many tables in this coffee shop, why did you choose this one? Because nobody was sitting here.

"Wait for me." "I'll never break your heart." "Wait for me..." I hired them all.

Why? I want us to fall for each other. That's why. Did you not understand? It's simple. You're like a carbon material and so am I. There are free electrons in you as well as me. In order for them to bond, a magic moment must be created between us.

And for that, we'll have to meet more often. Since I don't have much time, I'll fix our meetings. So, until we fall in love, whenever I wish to meet you, you'll keep meeting me accidentally like you did today. Alright, try to meet me tomorrow, and I'll try not to meet you.

'Shivani.' Hello. - Hi, Divyanka! My car broke down. I'm at home. Will you please come and pick me up? - Alright. Thank you. "I'm tired..." - Shivani, no matter what happens,

I have to buy that painting. - Hey! Stop! There's a puppy right there. Cute puppy! Hey, puppy! So cute! Sparky! That's a nice name! Hey, it's over there! - Number 36. Just check. Is this... - Yes.

Hey! Who's that? Go ahead. I'll join you. - Okay. How did you do it this time? There was no power failure this time. This time I didn't cause a power cut at your place. I got your friend's car broken down. Since her car didn't start, she called you for a lift.

She came across a puppy on the way. Your friend is very fond of dogs. That's why she brought the dog over here, and you're having a cup of coffee with me. What if my friend hadn't called me and had booked a cab? So, you think we met accidentally! That's even better! See, Divyanka...

Your friend didn't book a cab, that's why we're having coffee together. You see, in life, events which occur at one place, have an impact on people at some other place. Everything is interrelated. For example, this cup being on this table, those two people talking over there, and that person taking photographs, can create a chain reaction. Think about it. If we keep drinking coffee here, your dad, who's at his office, will lose all his wealth.

How? Because he's facing north-west. If he faces 42 degrees eastward, his wealth might multiply. You mean, due to this cup being at this angle, we aren't falling in love with each other. What if turn this cup... Hold on! Don't turn the cup like that. - Why? Will you give me a kiss? What? Oh! Sorry, ma'am.

Why do you want to be in a relationship with me? Money! Because you're wealthy. You're a billionaire's daughter. On top of that, you own 40% of the company's shares. What! You tell me.

As long as you are filthy rich, will you believe me if I give you any other reason? No. I love you very much. And if I say I want to be with you because you're rich, at least, you'll believe me. If you give an impression of being selfish, do you think we'll ever be able to love each other truly? Weren't you talking about carbon materials, electrons and about having a magic moment? - We already had one. When? When you kissed me. How can you be so sure? I can read your mind.

Really! - Do you want to give it a try? Okay! - Come on. Give me your hands. Close your eyes. - Okay! Relax your body, mind and soul. Just relax. I can hear some sounds.

Trolleys... Baggage... There are lots of people... Announcements... And a loud noise.

It's a train. No! It's an aeroplane. Now, it's very clear. It's landing. There's a small girl.

She's crying. She's calling out to her mom and running towards somewhere. 'Mom!' And then, somebody pulls her back.

'Mom!' Shivani, this guy is strange! He even knows about my dream! I haven't even told my dad about my dream. Oh, really! - Yes! But his puppy is so cute! Oh God! It all happened because of that puppy. You know, I kissed him accidentally! You kissed him! How was that? And suddenly a camera flashed, then a basket ball rolled, the coffee tray slipped from the waitress's hands and I kissed him! I don't get it! Did you know that everything in this world is interlinked? An event in one place is decided by something that happens elsewhere. For example, if I tilt a cup like this, then... Sorry, ma'am. - It's alright! I'm sorry, ma'am! - I'm sorry! What happened, Divyanka? It's nothing. Hold on a second.

'Text' 'If you meet me tomorrow, I'll be convinced that you love me.' His text said that if I meet him tomorrow, I'll start loving him! What now? - Shivani, I did read his message, but he won't know if I checked it as I've disabled that feature! Yes! Just a second. 'You are standing in front of a mirror, ' 'and looking at the birthmark, on the left side of your waist.' 'No, you're wrong.' Yes, tell me. Hold on a second.

'This is my second message. But because you replied to it,' 'I'm sure that you read the first one!' "Listen to me. Listen to me now." Shivani, bye! 'If you meet me tomorrow,' 'I'll be convinced that you love me.'

Stop at a good coffee shop, please. - Okay. No! Not the first one. The second one. Yes. - Okay. Thank you. - Thank you.

How? It's simple. I followed you. So, you love me! I had told you you'd fall in love with me if you met me the third time! Do you know what this is? Carlos Ross. That's his famous butterfly painting. Right? It's my father's favourite painting.

It's going to be auctioned after 20 years. I love my dad very much. I wanted to surprise him by gifting it to him on his birthday. But because of you, I couldn't go to the gallery thrice! And now the painting is gone! The auction is over. So, a big thank you for making me miss the chance! So does that mean I have managed to impress you? You know what. I'm actually impressed!

Maybe you are a magician! You can read my mind and foresee the future. People are thrilled by a magician's tricks, but they don't fall in love with them! You can't plan to make someone fall in love! If we are really meant to be together, then it will happen. In fact, nature will do its best to bring us together.

The wind, the sky, the trees, that dog... They'll all be a part of the plan. So, bye! Guys! I need that painting immediately. Look for it. Okay, sir. Krishnamurthy has filed his defence.

We have responded to his defence. The case will be over soon. We've collected all the evidence. We're sure to win, dad.

I've a friend called Satpal Singh. He was the one behind the land deal. He might be able to help you with the case. I'll get in touch with him, dad. Oh, my dear! Stop crying, my dear. - He's cooking up a good story.

If I would have taken charge of Krishnamurthy, then I'd have been connected to the flashbacks too. He's not recounting stories to Subramaniyam, but to Ramesh Chandra. What's wrong, dear? - Dad must not know about these lies. Or he would be more hurt than the incident with Krishnamurthy. Yes, I'm cooking up a story! Tell me what else can I do. You were the one who wanted to destroy Krishnamurthy.

But you couldn't even deal with his daughter! Then how will you deal with Krishnamurthy? Talk to me when you succeed! Until then, let me recount my story to him. Nimisha, serve lunch to Abhiram! He has time on his hands. He'll leave after having lunch. There was once a great Abhiram... He's right. Even Sweety has stopped crying! Sir, I've got the painting. Good! It looks just like the original painting! How did you know this isn't the original? Notice the brush stroke on this wing.

Okay, sir. - What colour is it? It's cobalt blue. - Cobalt blue didn't exist 200 years back. It came in existence much later. Since this painting is older than 200 years, then... There's no chance of it being an original. Sir, only you're aware of that.

Let us give her this one. - We've to cheat them anyway! I don't wish to cheat Divyanka. I wish to cheat her dad. If I give her this painting, she'll give it to her dad with love. Which would mean she would be cheating her dad.

I don't like that. We know who bought the painting. But he is demanding Rs 250 million.

I need the original, whatever the cost might be! Hello. - Divyanka. I've got the painting you wanted. Didn't you say that you couldn't get it because of me? If you don't meet me, you'll lose this chance too! I'm waiting at my place, with two double-shot cappuccinos. See you soon. - Well tried! 'Go.'

'Stop.' 'Go.' 'Road closed.' Road closed! Hey, stop! - Take that way.

Listen, it's interesting the first time. It's shocking the second time. But the third time, it's just foolish. Where are you right now? - Huh! I am right where I should be according to your plan! You're in the black car that just pulled over, right? Divyanka! Divyanka! Somebody is going to kidnap Divyanka. Hey! - Let go of me! Someone has copied our plan! So, if they have copied our plan, they must have been at those coffee shops. Coffee shop 1.

We had planted 30 members here. It might have been one of them. Coffee shop 2. It could be any one among the three we planted. Instead of pretending to take someone else's picture, he clicked Divyanka's pictures! Maybe he wanted to demand double the ransom amount from her father.

It's too big for him. It must be something small. I got it! At the coffee shop, he clicked a picture of Divyanka's watch, not her! Leave me! I had mentioned that her watch is worth Rs 100 million! If he wanted the watch, he'd take it and let her go. But he kidnapped her instead. It means he has bad intentions. - Let me go! But, sir, where can we find them? - For that, we'll have to figure out where she was kidnapped from. 'I am right where I should be according to your plan!' Divyanka must have been kidnapped from one of the coffee shops.

She had entered the school zone, which means she was definitely at coffee shop 1. Is there an area near it where there are no CCTVs? Knight's bridge. - Perfect! Let's start from there. There are surveillance cameras on the left along with security. There's a bus lane on the right side. A car can't go from there! And the road ahead is closed. So, they would have definitely gone straight.

An ambulance is headed here. They were driving fast after kidnapping her, and caused an accident. Kate! - Yes, sir? Just check if there was an accident nearby. - Okay, sir. Hey! What happened? He was hit by a car! Was it a black car? - Yes, it was. It went that way. - Okay, take care of him.

Yes, he went in that direction. The water's flowing west and the bottle is pointing south. He would have definitely driven southward. Let's go! We got the watch and the lady too. Good! Be careful.

Get her over here. What? - It's a private number. I need some time to track it. Oh God, Kate! Track the phone! - I'm trying. I'm really sorry.

'King's Bench Walk.' 'Mincing Lane.' 'Holborn.' What is it? - Sir, I got her signal. Connect me. Connect me to her phone!

Do it! - Sir, it's ringing. Hello! - Hello! Abhiram! - Divyanka! Divyanka, are you there? Divyanka, can you hear me? - Abhiram, where are you? Divyanka, where are you? - There are lots of cars over here. Oh God, Divyanka! I can't hear you! - I can't make out anything! Divyanka, please give me some clues! Just give me one clue! - Churchill... What? Tell me clearly. Divyanka please. - Churchill...

Divyanka! Divyanka! What was that? Divyanka! Hello! Divyanka! Divyanka! Darn it! Sir! 'Churchill Road' 'Churchill...' 'Churchill Road.' Churchill... Churchill Road! My baby! Oh no! My baby! Help me! No! My baby! My baby! Oh no! My baby! My baby! Are you okay? My baby! Yes! She's mine! Are you okay? You... Leave me!

You! Hey! Hey, you! Stop, Divyanka! Turn the shoe by 45 degrees. Anti-clock wise. Abhiram! - Divyanka, cool down! Listen to me, Divyanka! - Abhiram! Listen to me! - Abhiram! Nothing will happen! - Abhiram! I'm with you. - Abhiram! Don't be scared, Divyanka! - Abhiram. They won't be able to do anything.

Abhiram, but... - Don't you trust me... Divyanka, cool down! Just cool down! - Abhiram, please! Listen to me! - Abhiram, I'm scared! Don't be scared. I'm here for you. Divyanka, cool down! Abhiram! - Divyanka! I didn't know where you were. I got scared. But then something happened. You won't believe it. A baby's life was in danger. When I tried to save that baby, I saw your shoe. And that's how I got here.

Try to understand! It wasn't a plan! Nature was trying to unite us. The rain! The wind! That little baby. And that puppy. We don't need a plan to meet, Divyanka! Because I'm in love with you! How can I... How can I make you understand? I love you... I love you very much!

Trust me, Divyanka. "Look into my eyes and feel my heart." "Will tell you a lot, that words cannot." "Hold my hand. Don't let me free." "I need to hear that you'll live for me."

"Love me. Believe in me." "God made me for you." "You're in my heart. You're my life." "I just live for you, my darling." "Don't you ever leave me, baby! You're bound to love me!" "You've got to believe me, baby! I'm the one for you." "Darling, you're my heart's only desire."

"I'm crazy for you. I'm enticed by you!" "Love me. Believe in me." "God made me for you." "You're in my heart." "You're my life. I just live," "for you, my darling."

"Look into my eyes, and feel my heart." "Will tell you a lot, that words cannot." "Hold my hand. Don't let me free." "I need to hear that you'll live for me."

"I think about you all the time." "I don't feel good without you even for a moment." "You've lit the flame of love in me." "When you're with me, it feels as though everything is going well." "Don't you want to be my baby, forever and ever?" "I'm crazy for you. I'm enticed by you!" "Love me. Believe in me."

"God made me for you." "You're in my heart. You're my life." "I just live for you, my darling." "You caught me to loosen me up..." "Keep it going. I feel like moving."

"You'll never know the way you make me feel." "You're my trendsetter. This game is getting better!" Hi, dad. - Hi, Divyanka.

How are you? - Fine. Do you still have some pain? How are you now? - I'm better. Come on. Please, take a seat.

Thank you! What happened to you was indeed terrible! But, I promise you, it'll never happen again. Anyway, it was a torturous day! Yes! It was bad! - I know. Dad, are you anxious? - Why? You didn't have your morning coffee. - How did you know? Because, one who's anxious, is sure to have missed his morning coffee. What happened? - Nothing much, ma'am.

We wanted to start an oil and natural gas project in Europe. But we've not got a confirmation from the investor's. Wagner and Stanley is the best investor company.

There are many companies trying to collaborate with it. If we can make an agreement with this company, then within a month, we'll be the number one tycoon in oil and gas production in Europe. 'Because he's facing north-west.' 'If he faces 42 degrees east,' 'then he might double his wealth.' - I got it!

Dad, negative things are happening due to wrong placement of things. If we change their positions, positive things will happen. I don't believe in all this! - Dad! Take it seriously. Otherwise, you might lose everything soon! JD, where's 42 degree east? Divyanka. - Yes? You have started believing in such silly things.

Are you in love? - Dad! Actually, yes! Is it the same guy who saved you? - Yes! He's just like you. He's smart, handsome and intelligent. In fact, I invited him to your birthday party. Will you please meet him for ten minutes? Sorry, I'll be in Paris on that day. No! - Excuse me, sir. I've just received an email.

The Moroccan prince is coming to London. He wants to see you on your birthday. Five minutes... Okay. Only for five minutes. - Okay.

Thank you. I'll see you later. Bye. - Bye. And dad, don't change the direction of the table. - Hello. Yes. Sure. Hey, change the table. A miracle has happened! We got a confirmation call from Wagner and Stanley.

They are ready to collaborate with us! Don't change the direction of the table. Our case will be tried today. Krishnamurthy will meet us in the court. I'm going to examine it. I'll be meeting him for the first time.

We will definitely win this case. I will see you soon, dad. Where are you going? To turn your lies into truth! - What do you mean? I'm meeting Krishnamurthy. Hey! Abhiram! - Hey, Sweety has stopped crying. That means he's right.

Some outsiders attacked an Indian... Catch him! Good shot! Get the ball! What is this? You want to meet Krishnamurthy. Why did you get into a fight? It's nothing.

Krishnamurthy swindled my father. I know I would want to kill him the moment I see him. I wanted to take it out of my system. So, I'm cool now. Let's go and meet Krishnamurthy. - Okay, sir. Happy birthday, sir.

'Someone ruthlessly cheated me.' 'He falsely accused me of cheating in front of everyone.' Abhiram! Hi Abhiram! You are here on your own. Hey! Thanks so much for the painting. Nice dress! You look gorgeous.

Be careful when you speak to my dad. He's smarter than you. Just a second. Yes, sure. - All the best for... Why not? Sure. - Excuse me.

Dad, that is Abhiram. Excuse me, sir. - Yes? The Moroccan Prince is expected in ten minutes. Okay. I give him five minutes. Beautiful! Do you like butterflies? You too like butterflies, don't you? I like my daughter a lot as well.

I too like your daughter. You may be smart, but not in this room. Only out of this room. Exactly! I'm downplaying it so that you think that way. Just kidding! Sugar? - Two cubes, please. If you were really smart, you wouldn't have wasted two minutes.

Well, if you were smart, you wouldn't have decided your daughter's fate in 5 minutes, Mr Krishnamurthy Kautilya. Krishnamurthy Kautilya... Remember the name. We'll talk later about it.

It's game time. With this game, we will know if you are right for my daughter or not. And I don't like losing.

I haven't lost any game yet. And I play to win. I play knowing that I'll be the winner. Okay.

Among these balls, one is gold on the inside and the other is silver. Pick one. If you pick the one with the gold, my daughter is yours.

My choice is this one. Can you give me your phone? Do you know why you always win this game? You think there are three kinds of people. Foolish, smart and then, excessively smart. I mean, someone like me. Let's take the foolish one. Since you pushed the first ball forward, a foolish person might think it contains the gold and he will chose it.

It would turn out that he was wrong. And he would lose. Let's talk about the smart one. Since you pushed the first ball forward, he would think that you think that the gold is in the second ball.

And he would pick that one. It will turn out he was wrong. And he would lose. Let's talk about the excessively smart one, a person like me. Since you pushed the first ball forward, you would assume that I think the second ball has gold in it. After making that assumption, you would believe that I would pick the second one.

But the gold would be in the first one, and I would lose. Since you've put forward this ball, I understood that I would have think smart. But my methods are different. I try to think like someone who is smarter than me.

I mean, try and up one the smart guy. My choice is this ball. It's gold! That means it's decided that I'll be part of your daughter's life. And I know that my logic has left you confused. That's why I've recorded it. Take a look at it in your spare time.

Well then, I'll take your leave now. Thanks for the coffee. I had asked you to remember something. Do you remember? Krishnamurthy Kautilya. Krishnamurthy Kautilya. Only one person used to call me that.

It was Ramesh Chandra Prasad. I know now that you're his son. How's he doing? I remember more about my enemies than my friends. You are here to take revenge after so long. You had to have a strong motive.

You've impressed my daughter in just 3 meetings! That means you don't have much time. I believe it must be your father's dying wish. Am I right? How long does he have? Is it six months? Is it three months? Or is just one month? It must be just one month. What did your father tell you? Did he say he was cheated or did he cheat someone? There's no such thing as cheating in this world. When a smart person does business with a fool, the fool calls it cheating.

It flew away! I had done business with your father. You thought it was cheating and are here to take revenge. But that what everyone does.

A winner is usually accused of cheating. Take me for example. You think I'm a cheater. I did business with your dad. I cheated him and moved ahead. By the way, cheating someone is an art.

Not everyone is capable of it. Fools especially are incapable of it. For example, take your case. You intended to deceive my daughter, but what happened? Just the opposite! Wow! 250 million rupees! Butterfly! Beautiful! That is quite an expensive gift, I must say.

But I won't let you succeed in your plan. This is my bank balance. It's 35 billion rupees.

This is what I earned in 30 years. And you want to make it disappear in thirty days! Smart guy! - Excuse me, sir. I just got the information. The Prince of Morocco is here. Your time's up. People wait a year to get a two-minute appointment with me.

But I gave you five minutes of my time. You spoke to me, Krishnamurthy, for 5 minutes! Consider yourself lucky. Get lost! Security, show this gentleman the way out. Just a second, guys. May I know where you were going to celebrate your birthday? Paris. - Then why are you celebrating it in London?

The Moroccan Prince is coming to visit me. 'Eid milaad saeed.' Happy birthday, sir. It's Arabic. It was me, not the Prince you were about to meet.

So, I didn't come here to meet you as per your schedule. You are here because I wanted you to be here. So, we have an hour's time. Actually, I didn't have to meet you. Do you know why I'm here? I wanted to see you before you meet your downfall.

I might not recognise after that. By the way, your birthday gift... It is a newspaper for the first of November.

'Krishnamurthy's empire has collapsed. He's bankrupt.' This one's for the next day. 'Krishnamurthy has vanished.' This one's for the third day.

'Krishnamurthy has changed his identity.' And after exactly one month, by 6 pm, first of November... This is all the money you will be left with.

Oh! By the way, you still have 58 minutes left. You won't get this chance again. Come up with a plan to protect yourself. Sir, will you take a break? No. 35 billion pounds! He might have made another 30 million by now. It's simple.

We'll hack into his bank account. Sir, are you joking? We need to know what bank he uses. We need the account number, sort code, his IBAN code and BISG code to do that. Kate, note down the details.

Yes, sir. 'UDS' His bank name is UDS. His account number is 234... No. It's 80081234.

The sort code is 235686. His IBAN code is CH376FXN376349. And BISG code is RSBCSM. Superb, sir! That's enough to hack into his account.

Yes, sir. This is enough. We can hack into his account. But there's a small problem. To hack into his account, we need to have an account in his bank.

We need 20 million to open an account. We don't have a penny on us! I mean, you spent all your money on buying that painting. Gifting it to him was a waste of time.

He has terrible taste. When the sun falls on the painting, it becomes more beautiful. He doesn't even know that. A fake painting would have been good enough. To be honest,

it was a waste of money. JD... - Yes, sir. Hang that painting over there. Now, it's time for a break. Hello. - Can you please prepare Ramesh Chandra Prasad's bill? Here's the medical record.

That will be 10,000 pound. - Yes. Here you go. - Thank you. I'm sorry, sir. Your card's been declined. What! Could you give it another try? - Okay. Oh, no! I'm sorry, sir. Your card is denied.

Hey! Where did all the money go from the account? I have no idea. Hey! He bought some painting. Hey! You bought a painting! You spent 250 million on a painting! For Krishnamurthy's daughter! Please don't worry. I'll take care of the money. Hey! That money wasn't just yours. We had earned it together.

He made dad go bankrupt and ruined his life. We are doing it to ourselves, trying to cheat him. If this goes on, we'll become beggars! What's the point of talking to you? Take a look at him.

He's soon going to die. But he wants revenge. I'll tell him the truth. - Please... Yes. I'll tell him right now. - Hey! Listen to me, please. It was a lie.

It was all a lie, dad. The thing I told you about the case was all a lie. I told those lies to make you happy. This isn't as easy as you think.

He's too big. You can't even touch him. This is the reality. Try to understand. Abhiram gifted a painting worth 250 million pound to his daughter.

We're ruined! You worked hard to raise us, but this is going to ruin our lives. Dad, this isn't right. I don't care that we had an expensive car when we were kids.

What matters to me is the car I bought with my money. Dad, I have a family now. I need to look after them. I'm sorry. Let me know once he's dead. I'll cremate him.

I'm the eldest son after all. I'm sorry, dad. How much time did you give to Krishnamurthy? Satpal Singh told me all about it. You must have met him already. How long would I have to hold on to my life, Abhiram? I'll put my effort into each breath. Until Krishnamurthy is destroyed, I won't die.

Go on, Abhiram. Abhiram... How's Divyanka? Dad, your revenge is pure. And that's why I found love. 'Mr Kay Group of companies.' Connect it to the main board.

Yes, sir. Kate? - Sir? We're in. Copy? - Yes, I copy. Copy. Infective... I'm launching the data.

Access granted. - Got it. Asif! Okay. We've only five minutes. The system will reboot after that. - Copy that. Receive done. I'm waiting for the password, Kate. Hurry up.

Sir, I'm searching. Password received. Password generating. Trace it. Password checking. Oh, my God! I'm unable to access it! - What the hell, Kate! Do something! - Access denied! Come on, Kate. What the hell is...

I like your confidence. You wanted to hack into my bank account and steal all the money. Go ahead. - You were confident that I would do this. And that's why you're here at this hour, worried about what I might do! That's right! Isn't it? Remember about that. We'll talk about it later.

JD? Let his cronies come in. Let them give it a shot. This is my access card. With this, you can enter any room in my office at any given time. It would make your job much easier. Give it a try. Let me show you something.

This tablet connector works like an USB connector. Each time I log into my account, it shows a new password. And it's valid only for 30 seconds. To hack this is impossible.

I had asked you to remember something. You said I was worried! I didn't come here for you. I came here for my daughter. Every girl goes through two phases in her life.

Before love and after love. Before she falls in love, her father is her hero. And later, the father becomes the bad guy. Because he doesn't support her in the decision.

But she has to know why I won't support her. That's why I brought her with me. Divyanka! Divyanka! - Should we play a game? You love playing games with people's lives! Be a sport and play the game now. Pick one.

If you pick the right one, you will remain your daughter's hero. Otherwise, I will be her hero. That's my choice. Play on.

Giri! - Sir? Pick this one. It's silver, sir. You lose. I'm at Calmer club. Quickly get two t-shirts. One for me and one for you. - 'Okay, sir.'

It's time to stop. I want some more. - That's enough, Divyanka. Thank you. - You're most welcome.

Sir, here's the t-shirt. Did you get just one? - Sir, I don't need one. You got to stop. It's going to be fine.

Please, Divyanka... - Excuse me. Move. Divyanka, I'm sorry. I'm not sure, if that's how I should apologize, since this emotion is new to me. Divyanka! If you...

It's true that I want to cheat your dad but it's also true that I love you. Revenge and love are two different emotions. Don't mix these two emotions up.

You see... Just the way one says I love you when in love, one has to deal with one's anger as well. But I'm unfortunate that I've to deal with both of them at the same time. Don't you get that? Oh! Get lost! Divyanka! He had asked for two t-shirts! But I just got one! It's painful! Divyanka, listen to me. Okay... I'm sorry... I've a solution. Let's forget what has happened so far.

Let's start afresh. Try to love me again. Please, Divyanka. Throw it away What? - Throw it. Divyanka, I... - Just throw it. Now, apologise to it. What! - Apologise.

Sorry! Did it get fixed? No! - My heart is just the same. Divyanka! Divyanka, please listen to me... Taxi! Come with us. Welcome to Spain! It's you, Divyanka! It was your plan! If you wanted to meet him, you could have given him a call! Was it really necessary to get us kidnapped? We had just landed when you got us kidnapped.

You didn't arrive today. You arrived three days back. - Huh! You heard me right.

You reached Spain three days back. After landing, you went to the National Library of Spain and collected the 20-year-old eco-zone articles pertaining to my dad's gas-line. 'Thank you.'

And submitted it to the External Ministry of Spain. 'Hi. These are the documents.' The next day, you provoked the people in the vicinity and got them demand that the gas production be stopped. You people did all that with a motive. An environmental committee will arrive in two days.

If that committee doesn't give a clearance certificate, this project will get stalled. And my dad will lose this game. He will lose all his wealth. That's what you want.

You have named this operation as... 'L... E... A... D...' 'LEAD.' - 'L' stands for Library,

'E' stands for External Affairs, 'A' stands for agitation, I still haven't figured out what 'D' stands for. Until I find that out, you'll have to stay here. 'D' stands for Divyanka. I'm not here for your dad.

I'm here for you. Don't bluff! It's too late! I don't know how Divyanka came to know about this plan. Sir, I don't doubt him. He's a good person, sir. Actually, I feel... - Shut up!

No one can understand what she says! Even if she revealed everything, nobody would've understood. May I say something, sir? Weren't we right? Sir... You love Divyanka a lot. Am I right? Sir! Sir, let me have some juice! Now, my plan is not to tell you people anything.

Get out! - Sorry, sir! What is it? What are you thinking about? You won't think about anything. Take this. Solve it. Now tell me what 'D' stands for. What are you going to do with my dad? 'D' stands for Divyanka. It's solved. - You solved it! Here, solve these.

Come on, solve them. Okay? What does ISRO stand for? Indian Space Research Organisation. What does NASA stand for? National Aeronautics Space Administration.

Who's the president of Britain? Britain doesn't have a president, Divyanka. It has a Prime Minister. Think before you ask. Oh! You're trying to act smart with me! It won't do! Now, tell me.

What does 'D' stand for? - 'D' stands for Divyanka. Done. I need to take a shower urgently. Where's the bathroom? What is it? - I've some more questions. I'm going for a shower now. It doesn't matter. You can answer while taking a shower.

Sachin Tendulkar... What... What do you mean? That's the answer to your question, that's all.

How did you know that I was going to ask you that question? I just knew it! I can connect with anyone who's at a distance of two feet from me. What do you mean? I can read that person's mind. Huh! If that's how it is, now, tell me. What's the answer to my next question? Belgium. Now, tell me, what's the answer to the question after that? Britain. What's the answer to the question after that? Ameri... Ameri...

I can't read your mind. Come down. Come close. Come closer. A little more. Aamir Khan.

How did you... It's unbelievable! I can't believe it either! You had left your question paper over here. Divyanka. - What is it? 'D' still stands for Divyanka.

Oh! What is it? I'm yet to let some emotions out. I'm going to take a shower right now. And that's why it's a good time. Actually, when you had come very close to me...

When I said 'Aamir Khan', I felt like giving you a kiss. You know very well, that my let my emotions out where they originate. And if I don't do that, those emotions stay within me, and I've to let them out elsewhere. That's why, let me give you a kiss. I'll leave you alone after that.

I won't let you. - Why not? What's the problem if I kiss you? As it is, you don't love me. I don't. - If you think you'll get emotional and feel like making out after I kiss you, tell me. I'll leave.

I won't feel like that. - Alright! That means you don't have a problem with me kissing you. Great! Get ready. Forget it. If I kiss you,

you might get a little emotional... - Hey! Hello! Come on. Kiss me. Yes.

Actually, I wanted to hug you before kissing you. I'll feel at ease if I do that. As it is, you won't feel anything.

I won't feel anything... You see, you don't feel anything. Because you're not in love with me. This is my emotion.

Now, kiss me. Do you still don't feel anything? Why then, are you panting? Are you angry? Are you excited? How do I find out if you're angry or excited? Testing this strand of hair will help me find that out. Do you know, Divyanka, When girls get emotional, the estrogen levels in their body rises. And if I test this, I'll find out whether you're angry or excited. Let's test it in a laboratory.

You take a shower. I'll wait for you outside. Actually, there's another emotion about which...

Hi. It's good to see you. It's good to see you too. - Well... This is a hair sample and... I want to find out her estrogen levels. Yes, sure. I'll test it right now. - Thank you.

Here you go. Please, fill this form. Thank you so much, Divyanka. You agreed to come with me to the laboratory. If you really don't have any feelings for me, I won't bother you anymore. Here you go. Your receipt. Thank you. - You're welcome.

Thank you so much. - Thank you. It's nice to meet you. 'This is the NOC signed by the Spanish Environmental Committee.' 'All the allegations against Kay Gas' 'Company have been proved wrong.'

'I'm proud to announce my daughter, Divyanka Krishnamurthy,' 'as the CEO of Kay Gas Company.' JD! - Yes, ma'am. Follow me, JD. - Okay.

Doctor... - Yes. Is it possible to find out the estrogen levels in a girl, using her hair sample? - What? It's ridiculous! It's medically impossible! I haven't got my report yet. Here it is. - Thank you. This is a DNA report! - Yes. That gentleman, who had come with you the other day, had asked me to check, whether your DNA matched with that of someone else.

Could you tell me, whose blood sample it was? Sir. Yes, dad. - Divyanka, why did you leave the party out of the blue? Dad, I'm on my way to Cartagena prison. Dad, Abhiram is trying to divert us. He met someone in jail. So, I'm going to meet that person.

Divyanka! - I'll give you... You're my daughter! Don't forget that. And Divyanka, be careful. Dad, please, let me solve this. Okay. See you soon. Okay, bye. - Please pull over.

JD, take this. - Yes, ma'am. Give me the letter. - Okay. Thank you. Hey! Giri! - Yes, sir. Giri! - I'm coming, sir. Call Divyanka urgently.

Yes, sir. - Hello, Divyanka... JD, where's Divyanka? Sir, she's going inside. Your ID, please. - Yes. Stop her from entering the prison. Right now! Okay, sir! Ma'am! - Thank you. Ma'am, please wait.

Sir, stop. You can't go inside. Sir, it's an emergency. You can't go inside. - I need to talk to her. Ma'am! - I said you can't go.

Hello, sir, she went inside. Darn it! [Other language] [Other language] [Other language] Should I come with you? - Yes. Okay, thank you. Who are you? How do you know Abhiram? And what are you both going to do to my dad? If anything happens to my dad, I won't spare anyone. I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about. I was just told to give this, if somebody turned up.

'Mom!' 'Mom!' 'That's good, Divyanka!' 'Mom! - My angel!' 'Dad! - He's over there.' 'Come on.' 'Thank you.' 'I want to go to the bathroom. - Come, Divyanka.' 'Okay.'

'Okay.' 'Ma'am, may we check your luggage?' 'Hello! Excuse me.' 'What are you doing?' 'I don't have any idea about this. - Krishnamurthy!' 'I don't know anything about this. - Krishnamurthy!' 'I didn't do anything!' 'Mom!' 'Mom!' 'I don't know how drugs got into my bag!' 'Mom!' 'Sir...' 'Divyanka! - Mom!' 'Divyanka!' 'Divyanka!' 'Mom!' 'Mom!' Mom! Mom! Divya...

Mom! Mom! Mom... Mom! Mom! Mom! 'D' stands for dream. Your dream! You must be wondering how I know about it.

It's not a dream, but reality. That's why it was always at the back of your mind. You had said that this couldn't get fixed. It looks much more beautiful after it got fixed. What do you say? It's for you. Your estrogen levels are quite high! Please vacate the room.

Go outside. A war is taking place. There are 100 people in a circle. The first person has a sword in his hand.

After the first person kills the second, he passes the sword to the third person. The third person kills the fourth, and passes the sword to the fifth person. Just like this, a lot of people are killed and finally, just one person is left. What's his number? - 73. You took 0.2 seconds. Given that you took very little time, you're definitely Ramesh Chandra Prasad.

Didn't I recognise you correctly, Subramaniyam? I haven't forgotten you, Kautilya. Kautilya! After a long time, someone called me Kautilya. I missed it. Usually, when you people meet after a long time, they ask each other how they are doing. But, there's no need to ask you! I feel sorry to see you in this condition.

I pity you. I pity you too when I think about your future, as you won't even have your daughter to share your pain. Oh! Yes! You're right. She's my daughter. Remember that. We'll talk about it later. Aren't you confident that your son will win? Given that he made you come to me, it won't be difficult for him to defeat you.

It seems like you have an intense desire to live! My intense desire to see your ruination has kept me alive. Yes, you have to live, to witness the ruination of your entire family. That's why I've brought the best doctors in London. They will take care of you till you're defeated. I asked you to remember something.

Yes, it was about my daughter. I've never lost in life. That's why I've never killed anyone. But, if I feel that I'll lose, I'll have to kill. Your eldest son will get the news of your death.

After hearing that, he'll rush to the hospital. And then, the game will start, that of the butterfly. Abhiram, when did it happen? What You sent a message about dad's demise.

I never sent you any message! - You did! Are you drunk? - No. I... Oh! Isn't this the last day for you to exact revenge on Krishnamurthy? So, you messaged me just to satisfy your ego. It took me three hours to reach this place! I couldn't even feed Sweety! I had to leave an important meeting! Is this the time to joke? - Listen to me... What kind of message was that? Don't ever call me again. Even if dad passes away, don't you call me! Please listen to me... - That's enough! I'm done.

Hey! Listen to me, please. Excuse me, sir. This is for you. For me! - Yes. Hello! - Do you know what day it is? It's the first of November. You've just two hours left to exact your revenge. Let's play a game.

But before that, I've to tell you a story about a scorpion. It's rare species from North Africa. It's called Learus Quincus Sirius. The name is difficult to pronounce, but it's very poisonous.

It's poison can kill a person in six hours. I had two of them. But one of them is missing. Have you seen it? Did it bite you? It means, you've half an hour left! Don't worry. I don't kill people. I just defeat them.

I'll give you a few clues about its antidote. Follow the clues, and save your own life. What's wrong? Are you unable to breathe? It means the poison is taking effect. This is the first stage. The second stage causes the weakening of the knees. The third stage causes blurry vision.

The fourth stage... Remember this one... We'll talk about it later. - Do you have a medicine called VX06ZFM. - No, we don't. You won't find this antidote in any pharmacy.

Could you please check with the doctor? No doctor can save you. - No, sir, there's no such medicine. Come on! It's the registration number of my brother's car! What's going on... - Give me the key. Hey! Abhiram! Hey! Get out of my way. Let me go. 'Do you know who is chasing you?' The most dangerous drug mafia.

Do you know what you're carrying? Synthetic drugs. 'They are worth millions of pounds.' That box can save you and they will kill you for that box. Do all of them look alike? But one of them is the antidote.

Don't you think of yourself to be very smart? Find the right one and save your life. Hurry up, Abhiram. Hello. - This is Abhiram. Is saline being administered to dad? Yes. - Go near the saline bottle... On the saline bottle, there's a number circled in red. But what happened? - Please tell me the number.

It's 1050002526. 1050002526... 1050002526... 1050002526... What did he ask you? 3041...

1050002526... 1050002526... 1050002526... 1050002526... I asked you to remember something.

Do you remember? No, you don't. This is the fourth stage. The brain stops working. The IQ level drops to 0.

'You're a fool.' You took the car keys, but released carbon dioxide inside. For the number, you gave your brother's location to the Mafia.

Now, all the three brothers are facing imminent death. All three of you. But you've to stay alive for your dad! Run, Abhiram, run! Give me the box. Come on, let's go. Sweety! Vamsi... Vamsi... - Vamsi!

Are you alright, Vamsi? Sweety! Excuse me, do you have milk? I

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