Business (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie with English Subtitles | Mahesh Babu

Business (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Official Movie with English Subtitles | Mahesh Babu

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Excuse me, sir. We are about to land in Chennai. Sir! From the moulding unit... Metro pillar mouldings go to bangalore tomorrow.

Okay. - So you need to check them. And give them an approval, sir. Let's go. Sir! Admin staffs have come to talk to you.

Greetings, sir. What? - To celebrate Lord Rama's birthday... We've decorated our colony. Tomorrow is 9th day. 9th day celebration. We're going to stabilize Rama's pride in this function.

If your family participates in this function... We'll be very happy, sir. Sorry, Prasad. I have an important family party tomorrow.

You go ahead. Okay? Sir! We expect your participation. But... I can't come. "Sacred hero of the Sun clan."

"He's an admirer, who gives us boons and saves us." "He took birth as a human being to save justice." "He's our Lord Rama."

"Lord Rama has come and lifted Shiva's bow." "The sky and earth will be vibrated." "Lord Rama is an incomparable hero here." "He broke the sacred bow with a great speed and sound." "He had married king Janaka's daughter." "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" "He walked into the jungle sacrifising his kingdom."

"Lord Rama had suffered a lot for his mom's order." "He had faced lot of problems with honesty in jungle." "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" "You got an impressive eyes and glittering body."

"You king! You're our favourite hero." "Your sweet look is enough for many aeons." "Lord Rama took birth as a human being." "He had turned into our sacred God finally." "He had destroyed his enemies and won finally."

"He had defeated the evil powers by his sword." "He had destroyed his 10 headed enemy Ravana." "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" "Shall we join together like Rama's devotees?" Didn't you go for sleep yet? From where do you come? I had an important work. Is that so important? Yes. Of course.

Our office staffs were celebrating Rama's birthday. I've attended that function only. Is it? You'd have called me too. I also would have participated. What did you do there? We had a festive treat and enjoyed well. What? Don't you know about uncle's party today? Our whole family was there only.

You alone had avoided it. I'm not interested in such parties, Karthik. Don't you know about me? Harsha! You miss our family parties.

You're missing all the fun. Yeah. I know. All the VIP's had attended the party.

Do you know how he was upset by your absence? But our office staffs were happy by my participation. Enough, Harsha. What's wrong with you? I also wanted to ask you this. Our office staffs had invited us with atmost love. You arranged a party without any occassion.

You had spoiled their participation also. I atleast went there. Do you know how happy they were? I want to talk to you. Can you allot sometime for me? It's so late. Let's discuss in the morning.

Good night, mom. I had arranged a load of fertile soil yesterday. I've planted lot of new plants. Can I speak with you at least now? I've been observing you recently.

I'm not be able to understand you. If a father can't understand his son... What a pity! You wanted to stay in hostel on your schooling. I thought that you're interested to stay with friends.

You wanted to go to out station for college. I thought that as the best college. You wanted to go to foreign for further studies. I thought that you want to earn knowledge. You went to some other job without taking our business. I thought that you want to learn that job.

Finally you came home. I thought that you'd take our business after return. Not happening.

You don't move close with your family members. Leave me. Nobody knows about you here. Why? Everybody will have some special things. You also have something. I had never seen you moving kindfully with your staffs. Why? I don't want to argue with you.

Coming straight to the point. When will you take over our business? I don't have any such idea. What? I meant I don't have an idea to take over your business. You're the only heir for my crores of properties. You're silly. I thought you're something different.

But you're a mad. If you refuse these... For whom are these? Why do you ask me that? What was your dad's profession? Agriculture.

Why didn't you follow his profession? You refused that and came up on your own effort. I respect you for that. Allow me also to travel on my path. Let me also earn some respect.

Okay. What's your plan? I don't have any idea until now. Let's see.

Order for one load of fertile soil. Okay, sir. Ravi! What happened? Your shots are not perfect from the morning. What's wrong? My son... - What's wrong with him?

He's smart. You got the best. I also thought like that. I expected that he'd take over my business.

Finally he said no. What? - He hates this business and money. He's going to do, what he likes it seems. They will get fluctuated in this age. We only should divert them. Why don't you make his marriage? My whole family is struggling to understand him.

How can his fiance understand him? Here! Thank you. Do you know the wonder of this life? That's so beautiful. Do you know how to live this beautiful life? How? We'd live this beautifully. Harsha! Regarding the new project... There's a colloboration meeting in our office tomorrow.

You're also a member in board of directors. So... If you come to this meeting... Everybody will feel happy. Can you come? Or... Do you have any important program? Why do you speak so? You say that is an important meeting. How can he avoid that? Wait and see. He'll be the 1st person there.

Hello, sir. Welcome! Good morning, sir! Morning! Give me the list of unmarried girls here. Yes, sir. - Harsha! Harsha! I've got a job here by your favour. If you stay with me, I can admire any girl.

I can marry her and get settled in life. What I say is... Everybody is looking here. If you put your hand on my shoulder...

I can impress that girl. Okay! My friend! Good alliance, Madhava. Bridegroom is highly educated.

Good family. It's enough if we just spend for his higher studies. Good alliance only, Sudhakar. But I'd think about my ability too. Right? I've planned equally for my daughter's marriage... ...and my son's higher studies. If I give my full savings to my daughter...

What can I do for his studies? You think well and decide. They are coming to see the bride today evening. I'm going to tell them my situation. Let it happen according to her fate. sir! Meeting has been started. Everybody is waiting for you.

A very warm welcome to all of you. Before we get into the technicalities of this project. I'd like to mention a few things. As most of you know...

We and RK Engineering have never ever been... ... involved in colloborations before this. But all that is the thing of the past. From today we are with you.

We take immense pleasure in colloborating with you... ...on this project. The market ladies and gentlemen... watching us very very keenly. Which is going to be a prestigeous project till date. Shall we? Harsha! Are you bored? I'm fine.

Megna! - Uncle! - You're also same bored. Why don't you both go down and... ...have a cup of coffee? Okay. Sure! Go! Harsha! To this business meeting... Do you know why they invited us, Harsha? As we'd meet personally like this. We're from a big business family.

Both of us are highly educated. We both are only heads of the families. And we know each other very well. So they felt we are made for each other. Of course me too...

You might have felt like that. But I'm not a perfect match to you. I live in my own world. My world is different. You'll be bored.

You're too modest. I like you even more now. Shall I say frankly? We both are not a perfect match. If I marry you, my life will be bored. Coffee is over.

Shall I leave? Good family. - Greets! Welcome. - Greets! Please come! Madhavan's son Sudhir. - Greets, sir!

Hello! We like your daughter very much. Everybody told pridefully about you. We're glad to have your alliance.

For my son's future... Don't mistake me for troubling you. When he comes up in life...

Your daughter only is going to live happily. I wanted to discuss about that only. Your claim is not wrong.

Please come, brother. How are you here? I've come knowing that they come to see our Ranjani. Our Chairman Ravikanth's son.

Greetings. - Please sit down, sir. Welcome, brother. Hi, sir! - Hi! I got inspired by your father.

I wanted to work hard and come up like him. All the best. Madhavan sir is well experienced in our company.

He's like our family. This marriage is like our family marriage. You need some amount for your son's higher studies. We allotted some shares for him in our company. We don't mistake you by your claim.

Select a good day for their marriage. Take care of our family goddess. Let me leave, sir. I'll send you a cheque of 20 lakhs tomorrow.

It's a very big favour. Not a favour. It's a support. You had supported us until now. We support you now. Sudhir! Do you study well? - Yes, brother. Dad trusts you a lot.

You'd be improved. Take him inside. They are waiting. Let me move, sir. Harsha! You didn't come back to meeting. Where did you go? From which meeting? Why didn't you tell me about your plan directly? Why do you cheat me in the name of board meeting? We both will feel for it, then. This is nothing, uncle.

Our tender's division Madhavan of our office... He went to his home yesterday. He gave 20 lakhs donation for his daughter's marriage.

Tomorrow first thing in the morning... He gave an instruction to send a cheque to his house. What, Harsha? 20 lakhs...? What are you trying to do? To be a human being. He's working for us only from so many years.

We only are growing here. But he's struggling to make his daughter's marriage. Shame on us, Karthik. Everybody will have financial problems.

Can you donate money for that? That's also our family. He'd have not known about his problem. If he had known that, he'd have donated more than me. Send the cheque 1st in the morning.

20 lakhs now. I don't know how... ...much he is going to donate others in future. Do you think of that 20 lakhs yet? I'm thinking about his mind set. To see that girl only... He called you to office. I didn't know this.

No problem, mom. Do you love anybody, Harsha? If it's so, I'll tell that to you only first. Okay. Go and sleep. We'd go to temple by 5 a.m in the morning.

I had a prayer for your sake. You at least advice our Sandya. She's keep on roaming in the name of parties.

See! I called her to temple. But she's come home just now. Harsha! Why do you roam in this street? It's dark. So I've come in a wrong way.

Fast! Is there anybody? Ramu! See, whether somebody is wounded there. Take them fast. Hurry up. Go fast.

My son went to study happily in the morning. He had passed away in the noon. Doctor! What's the situation? 4 children are dead. 2 children are serious. I sent them to town. Whose children are dead? It's over. Rs.10,000 for the expired children.

Rs.5000 for the wounded kids. I'll speak to Government. Narayanan sir has been telling you about this since 2 years. As you didn't mind his warning... 4 children are dead today.

Does he say that I'm the killer? No. They are innocent. Don't you know how to speak with them? It's an accident as you said. Many schools are also in the same condition in next village. We're scared of such accidents. If you have heart... I'm also saying that.

Great man. Instead of such damaged schools... You ask them to join in my convent to be alive. To improve your school business... Will you play with poor children's life? No. I'll speak to them. Please go.

Are you crazy? What else except craziness? They grabbed our fields and water too. We were calm even if we didn't get food properly. We're dying now. what to do? Can you oppose them for that? You'll be killed, man. These reporters were in Kidaripet. A man got killed under bullock cart wheel.

A man had died by snake bite. A man had died without bearing hotness. A girl had died by slipping into the well. If you write so, it'll be nice to read. Why do you try to come up writing about me? Hey! Why didn't you tell him? He can't come up if he opposes me. He can only pass away.

Am I scared of your threatening? Nobody can live peacefully here by you. I can better die instead of that. Is it so? Pass away, then. Throw them in highways and kill them by lorry.

My son! - They've killed our brother unfairly. They've beaten him to death for opposing them. My son... where do you go, Nagaraj? I'm going to town.

I'm going to work there and educate him. Why do you leave our village for that? He's studying well here. Right? If he stays here, they will kill him too. We'll go and live somewhere peacefully. Nagu! You'll suffer in town. Stay here itself. Please listen to me.

You at least advice him. Don't go, Nagu. Listen to me. 521. 521. - What's that? Balance families, who remain here. Okay. Go. Cake will come in half an hour.

Harsha! Please come. Happy birthday to me. Mom! Harsha has come. Are you fine? - Fine. - Are your parents fine? Fine. - You've given him a job in your company.

Or he won't get married in this birth. Why do you talk about my marriage on my birthday? You'll stop my marriage it seems. Harsha! Let's go to upstairs.

My fresh strawberry cake will come in an hour. It'll be beautiful. Your Appu's lightining decoration is wonderful. He's arranged so grandly. Excuse me, ma'am.

Birthday cake, ma'am. - Oh! Thank you. vow! Cake is also superb. What are you doing? No. - Hey kids! Come. - What is she doing?

Take this and have it. Go. - Thank you, sister. What's this? Happy birthday. - Happy birthday to me. He's Harsha. My friend. She's Charu. My aunt's daughter.

Charu. - Hi! One minute. Hello! Have you delivered the cake? Whom did you give? I didn't receive it. How is it possible? Sorry, Harsha. It'll come in an hour. I'll get it. - Sorry, Charu. Send it soon.

If you had not given the cake to those kids... We'd have celebrated his birthday and gone. Right? Don't tell him that I only did like that. He'll weep and kill us. Why does he celebrate his birthday in this age? Why don't you at least tell him? Crazy guy. He tortures everybody. what do you do? I've completed MBA.

I'm doing rural development course now. Rural development course...? What does it mean? How can we develop villages in modern methods? It's a training about developing our villages. Interesting. First time I'm seeing a girl, who studies such a course. I studied in our village only.

I had grown up there only. My village gave me many things. I'd give back something to it. Right? Or... I'll become a fat girl. Okay. Cake has come it seems. - Charu!

I'm coming. She only drew rangoli on that day. Right? I also had watched. She is nice. Vow! Awesome! We'll take a celfie.

Charu! Come here. Hi! - Hi! In birthday party yesterday... Yeah. How did you come here?

I saw you, when I took my car from service center. Service station is not here. Right? Here only. Shall I show you? - No.

I just asked casually. From college...? To hostel...? Come. I'll drop you. How do you know my hostel? You know that. Right? Come.

Where is the service station exactly? No idea. I came for you only. I thought it. I met you in party. You're so beautiful. I wanted to see you again. I wanted to talk to you. Is it so? - Not exactly.

I liked your rural development course. I wanted to know about your college and course. In fact... I want to join there. What should I do for that? Buy an application and join. How do you know that I stay in this hostel only? While going to temple last week morning...

You were putting rangoli outside. Not like service station story. It's true.

Bye. Hey! Look at there. Vow! - Charu Sheela! You're beautiful. Inside. Hi, Charu! - Hi! The guy, who dropped you today. We met him in that party. Right?

His face is in my heart after seeing him in that party. How did he get caught by you? He was waiting in my college bus stop. Love...? - He's not like that. He was saying some excuses. But... He'll open his idea in 2 days. I'll handle him, then. Don't act too much.

He's so handsome. Can he sight us? We can get admired by his look. Is it? All guys are the same. Wait until tomorrow evening. I'll tell you about the new development.

Hi! Harsha! - Subash. Good morning, sir. - Good morning. Today we'll learn about science and technology... rural development. In this context... Do you think an institutional capacity and... governance is must. Many recommended measures for rural development is... ...can't be effective without significant capacity... ...with legal institution firm. But in some area, states are disfunctional. Hi! - Hi! To hostel...? - Yeah. To hostel only. If you don't mistake me... Shall I ask you a thing? What? - I've joined today only. Right?

I've missed the previous classes. Give me your notes. I'll make a note and return it. I didn't make notes properly.

We can get it from library books. Oh! Is that all? What happened? Has he joined in your class? Has he revealed his idea openly? He's joined. I only had maintained some distance. Is it so? - Yes. He was sighting me without watching the class. It's true I say.

Traditional and modern concept of rural development... ...are the paradox. Majority of the poor still live in rural areas. And yet to support for agricultural... And other rural development has slumped. Rural and urban level units are... ...inter dependent. And there is rarely a sharp geographical divide...

...rural and preurban. Why do you stay here? It's time for the class. Come on. - But... So what? I've been watching you. You come and write non stop like an exam preparation. You leave immediately after completing the class.

You know me well. I'm here. Why don't you say hi to me and at least a smile? It's really hurt my feelings. "Young heart! You're in search of your pair." "Young heart! You're in search of your companion." "Somebody has cleaned my rusted heart." "Something is passing in my memories without gap."

"Why didn't you name this feeling yet?" "Why did nobody get this state yet?" "I've seen you for a limited time only." "But my heart has flown towards you." "Their hearts have entered in a magical world."

"My mind is rounding you only." "I've got thousands of colourful dreams." "Can my wishes get over by simple conversations?" "I'd like to talk to you yet." "I'd like to travel to a long distance with you." "My heart becomes dull at the end."

"My sleep has gone away from me." "It's started playing a hide and seek game with me." "Why didn't you name this feeling yet?" "Why did nobody get this state yet?" "Fragrance of crores of flowers." "Affection of hundreds of people." "I've seen that they are united today."

"In the corner your eyes." "It's the time, when our hearts join together." "This time gets freezed here." "Who had chopped the time's legs here?" "This life is enough. I need nothing else."

"This world has turned into heaven today." "Some strange craziness and hesitation." "What will my innocent youthfulness do now?" "Why didn't you name this feeling yet?" "Why did nobody get this state yet?" What happened? Why are you people looking dull? Noting else. A regular monetary tension.

Somebody had come to our office for a new contract. Just a minute. Radha! Central minister Venkatratnam's son. When I asked an appointment... Your staffs...

I wanted to murder them. That's why I had broken his face. Regarding the high ways epansion contract. I've come to discuss with you. I want that. Why don't you apply for the tender? It's open for all.

If you participate in the race, it's hard. Not only you. Nobody should participate. I'd like to acquire that easily. Very funny. Should we withdraw for your need? Better apply for the tender. I hate competitions.

I just want that. You're funny. Is it? Listen to this, then. Your wife should come back safely from the temple.

Your daughter should return home safely from college. Your sister-in-law, who goes to parties daily... She'd come home safely without meeting any accident. Brother! - One more boy is there. Right? - Yes. Your family is big. I can't explain about everybody.

You're an intelligent businessman. I hope you won't take a big risk for this contract. Don't doubt whether I'll do all these or not.

I've done many crimes already. I have a bad father to save me from dangers. Leaving the mechanical life...

I don't know when they come to peaceful path. In yesterday's fair opening event... There was not a coverage about me.

They've flashed a news as I only opened that. They didn't publish my single photo too. It's not the 1st time. They do like this only always. Do you know how I got hurt? Why should others write about us yet? Let's write about us.

Ourselves...? Social meeting. Face book and twitter. Only one event...? We can write whatever we like.

Who are you? Hi! - Hi! Home work? - Post graduation thesis. Speak with high command for me this time alone. If I lose my minister post... Not only in politics... I'll have a big head ache locally too. Yes, sir. Please.

Okay. Sir! Someone has come from Tamilnadu to meet you. He says that he's so close to you.

Call him. Who are you, brother? Harsha! You don't know me. But everybody is close to politicians. Right?

That's why I told like that. Your son came to my dad regarding a contract. To acquire that contract... He asked my dad to withdraw his application. Not only that. He had threatened him too. Disturbing family members for a business tender...

Isn't it a rowdism? It's wrong. He'd not disturb our family. Harsha! How did you come here? I've come to meet your dad for a work. Is it? Dad! Whatever he asks, please do it. Very nice guy. Harsha! You carry on.

I'll be back now. I was saying something. Right? He'd not disturb our family. Why didn't you at least warn him? Harsha! How did you come here? I've come to meet him for a work. Very nice guy. Whatever he asks, please do it.

You both carry on. I'll come now. Okay. Where did I stop? He'd not disturb your family.

Right? - I'd not interfere in your family matters. I did like that to make you to advice your son. He told that he's got a bad father to save him.

I'm a bad son, who can save my family. Bad means... Not like you. That's a different type. Your son came to our office yesterday morning. I came to know that only in the evening. I knew about your family last night.

I came to Delhi by today morning. I've moved close with your family in the noon. You've understood the matter in the evening. My work is over so soon. I hope that you'll advice him. He's your only son, isn't he? Shall I leave, then? Your wife and daughter will compel me to eat here.

Harsha! Why do you leave? Meal is ready. Take it and then go. It's become late for my flight. I'll take your treat next time.

You killed that water board engineer's son. Right? That issue is keep on increasing daily. His family is silent. But that public prosecutor...

He only is creating a big issue. We can get only two or three hearings. Enquire about the prosecutor's family. He may have a lovable son or daughter. Sir! - Regarding any contract... Did you threaten anybody recently? Yes. Regarding the high ways contract.

Radha brother took that as a prestige issue. You threatened him. That person has got a son. He's a brave guy. He came to Delhi and warned me to advice Radha. If Radha comes to know this, he'll do something. You handle it. - Okay, sir.

I'll do as you said. What, Appu? - Hello, Charu. It's me again. For our meeting... Tomorrow evening at 7.30...

I've booked a table in five star hotel. We'd go there. It's fixed. You know that I won't come to any dinner. Right? How many times I'd tell you? You know that I won't stop requesting you. Right? Why do you repeat it, then? We'd go. That's it. If you speak madly, I'll break your face.

Let's have such crazy fights while meeting there. We'd go. That's it. I'll book a table in hotel at 7.30. I'll make it a success at 9'o clock and come.

Hello! - Harsha! My room mate's marriage is... ...there by tomorrow evening. It's there in city only. She asked me to invite you specially. I don't know her actually. You carry on. I'm there with you. Let's go together.

I'll be disturbed. Nothing will be there. You'd come and pick up me. We'd go. That's it.

What? Is somebody inviting you also for a dinner? Go happily. Hey! - Hi, Charu! Hi! - Come. Hi! - When did you girls come? Just now. - Why so late?

Saree! That's why I'm late. Decorations are good. Right? I'll be back in 2 minutes. Where? - To rest room. Oh! Sorry. Carry on. Minister...? It's a stranger's marriage.

I've come with my friend. It's not decent here. Who is that figure? Your girl friend...? Let's discuss later on. You can go. - You fear this much. Why did you go to Delhi? Mom, dad, sister and girl friend.

You got such weakness. Why do you play with us? But bad luck... Our guys have entered already. I don't know their move and direction. Mom, dad, sister and girl friend. Fearing about them, is not a weakness.

Strength. I told her that I'd come in 2 minutes. Let me get inside and meet your guys. All clear! I've set your guys places.

I have to set for you only. - What? Plan a better place next time. I have to be cautious to hide this issue from others.

Why are you so late? Come on. Let's go and wish her. Hi! - Thanks for coming. He's Harsha! - Thank you, sir. - Hey! hi, Charu. - Congrats. How are you, uncle? - Hi! One snap. Come.

Charu! - Sudha! - Hi! Hi! - so long... How are you? - Fine. He's... - My husband. Kiran! Hi! - He's... - My friend Harsha. Hi! - Hello! Hi, sir. - Nice to meet you.

Is she your baby? So cute! Stopped with her...? We're going to admit her in school this year. We've planned for one more child after that. Isn't this child enough? Why do you plan for one more child? Shouldn't she have a companion? We're financially strong to bring up another child.

If you're strong... - Charu! See, Harsha! If you need another child... Why don't you adopt any orphan child? She'll speak so. You at least understand. Stop with this child. When you're financially strong...

Why don't you adopt an orphan child? Sure. Sudha! Shall we go? Okay. Bye, Charu. You've not even changed. If you deliver another child, I'll kill you.

Okay. Bye. - Come. Let's go. Why did you ask her directly? His face had turned into dull. What else can I do? She'll understand only if I say so.

I'm also very rich. How many child I'd adopt, then? Get married and have one child. I'll tell you after that. Thanks for the lovely invite.

Same to you. Shall I leave? Yeah. Okay. Good night. Harsha! You're beautiful.

In or out? - In and out. "Oh! My beautiful girl." "Do you want to get on the floor?" "Oh! My glittering pearl."

"Let's get a rock and roll." "Oh! My beautiful girl." "Do you want to get on the floor?" "Oh! My glittering pearl." "Let's get a rock and roll."

"Oh! My beautiful girl." "Do you want to get on the floor?" "Oh! My glittering pearl." "Let's get a rock and roll."

"Charusheela! My dream girl." "Love Kumbamela is there in your eyes." "From so long... I starve for your valuable love."

"Your heart is like Mexican wine." "The moon also will be freezed seeing you." "Your body parts are cute. Indian spices."

"Is your smile, a love symbol?" "Charusheela! My dream girl." "Love Kumbamela is there in your eyes." "From so long... I starve for your valuable love."

"Oh! My beautiful girl." "Do you want to get on the floor?" "Oh! My glittering pearl." "Let's get a rock and roll." "I've got kick seeing your speed." "Your a blank cheque of lord Kama."

"You're a statue, which is made up of cute flowers." "Your body is the dictionary of glamour." "Your smile is the scenery of a big ocean." "Charusheela! My dream girl."

"Love Kumbamela is there in your eyes." "From so long... I starve for your valuable love." "You're a love missile that attacks me." "My heart like ape is jumping to your branch." "I can hear simphony music in your speech." "Your eyes are shining like the moon light."

"Your glittering body is like the pure white dew drops." "Charusheela! My dream girl." "Love Kumbamela is there in your eyes." "From so long... I starve for your valuable love." You've passed away leaving us here. Why did you come here newly? Six farmers have committed sucide by starvation.

I've come to know this. No rain. What can we do? If we have the lake water for agri culture...

We'll have a high yield. That's why I... Delivery is not proper to Kottampatti wine shops. Deliver it properly from next month. Okay, sir. What else, Narayana? Farmers commit suicide without water. What else?

Hey! - Brother! - Summer is coming. Work at night and supply liquor throughout the city. That lake... - That lake is mine. We're producing these from that lake water only.

If you talk to me about that lake again... I'll murder you. Get lost I say.

Where will you go with your children? What will you do? Listen to me. What will we do if we stay here? We'd live trusting the agri culture. If we get disappointed... Our family should commit suicide.

We can bring that lake water to our fields in any way. Listen to me. He lived with that belief since 15 years and he's died. Do you still believe that? Come on! - Listen to me. Wait!

520. Are you not ashamed? Won't you ever change? Village people are leaving from here. Shouldn't we have a count for that? Why should we feel ashamed? Am I right? Do a thing. Stop them. Count will be reduced. They've selected a bridegroom for me.

They torture me to get married. What shall we order? - I'm checking here. What can we order? Surprise! About Indian billionaires and their heirs... An article has come about them. There's a surprise in that.

Who's that? Harsha! - Harsha...? R Industries Ravikanth sir's son. See, how simply he moves with you.

It's unbelievable. Right? Hi! - Something wrong...? No. Nothing. Why do you avoid me, then? No. I'm busy in some other work. That's it.

Sure...? - Yeah. Charu! I love you. Nothing was interesting in my life until now. Days and years have passed like that. But after seeing you...

It's interesting. Each and every second is beautiful now. We both think alike. We both smile alike. We both feel alike. We both are alike.

If we join together, it'll be good. We both can't join together. We'll never join. Do you know about your native land? You don't know.

You grew up without knowing about your native land. Devar kottai village is your native village. How do you know that? My village. - I also took birth in that village. Leaving the native village, where he had born. Forgetting his village after earning crores... You're the son of haughty Ravikanth.

I'm the daughter of Narayana, who saves our village. We can never join together. Our worlds are totally different. You told that days and years have passed so. Days of our friendship also like that. They've passed.

I'm leaving, Harsha. Shocking, Karthik. We didn't take a contract for company port.

Somebody applied for the 2nd tender. We got it. Who had applied for the 2nd tender? And why! I also don't know that. Don't you also know that? Harsha only had applied. Harsha! - He came to me one day suddenly. He told me to apply for a 2nd tender secretly for this contract.

So I had hidden this from you. Please excuse me, sir. Please give me. - I'll teach yoga to you now.

Listen carefully. Harsha! We've got an unexpected contract. Only because of you. Why did you try to apply for the 2nd tender? You were expecting that contract from so long.

They didn't leave that easily. I suspected as they knew about our company tender quote. That has become true. They got information from our company. From our company...?

Who's that? - No idea. Some greedy person might have done it. We've got the contract now. Right? This is your capability. I know that you can achieve anything.

You've achieved it without coming to office too. Imagine. If you're the boss... You can do wonders.

It's time, Harsha. I need sometime. I'd like to go to out station. Take your time. You can go to any place. Enjoy. Relax! But... Come back and tell that you're ready.

Hi, Harsha! Good job. Well done. If our family knows about your betrayal... Do you know what will happen? Aunty and uncle will feel guilty by your deceit. Don't play with family.

What do you want? His chair...? You can't grab that. You'd work hard and get it. We were expecting that contract until yesterday. We bought a person from his family.

We quoted a less amount for the tender. Right? How did we miss it after this too? He's got a son. After warning his dad in this contract matter... He went to Delhi and warned our sir. Without taking this matter to you... Sir asked me to handle this.

I took our guys to him. He's like a lion. Do you know how stylish he had finished us? He only had applied for the 2nd tender secretly. I need him right now. Come and show me.

"Your mother land is calling you today." "You have got more duties to complete." "Come to complete your duties." "Your path and vision are new." "All the directions expect your arrival." "This world will be drenched in graceful rain."

"Let this be your time." "Your dreams are traveling towards reality now." "Your heart is like Himalayas."

"You get ready for a new achievement." "High mountain also will get immersed in strong flood." "You'd settle your debt today. Come on."

"Hundreds of records are there in this world." "You also can create a new record." "If you have love in you, you can win this world." "Come on. You can do it. Who else can do it?" "You'll face hotness and storm also." "Nothing can defeat you."

"Your heart and aim are strong. Don't worry." "You can shower your pure love on others." "If anybody suffers by hunger, feed him, man." "Come on, rich man!" "Everything will be succeeded by you. Hey!"

"Come on, rich man!" "You're going to touch the sky and win now." Come on. - Who are you? Leave me. Come on. Uncle. - 2 men are coming to Madras from our village. They gathered evidences about lake and our crimes. They are coming to file a case on us.

Stop the bus and kill them before they reach the city. Where do you run? Have you collected all the details about our family? I too don't know about my family's wealth. What's your measure? Surplus... Innocent people's blood.

Won't you drop your blood, then? Hello! Why did you stop your car in the middle of the road? Clear it I say. Won't you give? - Won't you clear it? How did you come here? Brother! He's that guy. Will you have this job only all the time? Won't you feel bored? He only had beaten us and went to Delhi. He's that guy.

You guys have got caught in the same place. Minister's son...? I went to Delhi and told your dad to advice you. He had sent this useless fellow to me.

I taught a good lesson to these guys. Will you understand only if I teach separately? I'm going to my village for an urgent matter. Let's discuss later on. Move your car. Kill him also along with these guys. Everybody is waiting in the bus. If you complete it soon, it's good.

Come on, guys. Did everybody understand? Or... Is there anybody remaining in your family? I'll move our car now, sir. How should I go to Devar Kottai? Go straight and turn towards the temple. Why did you come to Devar Kottai? I have an important work.

Your calculation is wrong. Yes. I had seen people, who leave from our village. First time I'm seeing a man, who comes to our village. 521. Calculation is going up. "It's your native. Come to turn this as heaven."

"Come to destroy their poverty and suffer." "Come to give brightness to chase out their darkness." "Forget this world, your sleep and serve them." "Come on, rich man." "You'll be succeeded here. Hey!" "Come on, rich man."

"You'll touch the sky and win this world." What happened? I fell down by giddiness. He only had helped me and brought me here. Thanks a lot. She's not feeling well.

Why didn't you send any guy? I'm the only man here. We do Agri culture in this one acre land and live. Brother! Who are you? I've come for a work here.

I didn't know where to stay. Is there any lodge here? How can you expect a lodge in this small village? A person named Narayanan is here. If anybody comes to our village... He'll give them a shelter.

If you agree, I'll take you there. Sir! - Keep 2 bags under the tree. Keep 2 bags on our field. - Okay, sir.

My son called me. He told me to send her photos. He's found out a good alliance there it seems. I have to spray insecticides in our fields today. Field! Are we producing gold there? Why do you speak so? Brother! I'll take care of the field work. Take Eswari's photos. - Okay.

This guy is a new comer to our village. He stayed in our temple last night. He's Narayanan.

Greets. - Who are you? why did you come here? My name is Harsha Vardhan. I'm studying about remote villages.

I want to stay here and do research about this village. Broken houses and dull faces. What else is there in this village? Rich guys like you, can't stay comfortably here.

If you don't mind, you can stay here. I heard that there is nobody in this house. If you don't mind, I can stay here. That's a broken house.

You can't stay there. you stay in my home. No problem. I'll stay here. Brother! - Show him the house and help him. Okay. - You can go.

Come on, brother. Brother! Come to our house for your lunch. Okay. Come on. This is our relatives house only. They went to town 25 years ago and stayed there.

This house is empty from then. You can stay in that room. Whatever you need. Just ask me. Okay. - My relative is roaming jobless here.

If he troubles you, tell me. Let me leave. Are you the new comer? You're going to stay with me it seems. My name is Raja Ratnam. He told something else. - Nothing.

He might have told me as a jobless guy. What's special, then? You only should tell me. What are you doing? Shouldn't I be alive if I don't have a job? I just asked. Where is your family? If I don't have a family, am I useless? He told that I'm an useless guy. I'd blame him.

Kalimuthu is speaking in wrong way it seems. Bring him to our mango farm. Tell me, brother. My situation is very bad in politics.

High command blames me for serving to my people. If this situation continues... I'll lose my minister. I won't get a seat in the next election. If I'd continue my journey in politics...

I'd do something to my constituency. If you don't do anything, can't you do politics? Who will stop you? I don't want any problem in this time. Do something to my constituency to save my name. He says something newly. I'd do something to his constituency. I won't do. Who will question me?

Children are studying under trees. We'd build a school to avoid further risks. Your fear is meaningful.

Not only here. I went to neighbour villages too. I collected only Rs.50,000. A groundnut mill is empty in the next village. Let's run our school there this year. How much do you need to reconstruct school? We need 7 to 8 lakhs.

Take this 10 lakhs and start the construction. No. You've come to visit our village. We're practiced with these. We'll face it. If we don't help others, no use in living. Children should study. Build the school.

Why do you have such an affection on this village? I didn't plan this village. I wanted to go to a poor village. Your relative Appukutty is my friend.

He told me about this village. I've come. I thought that Appukutty is a crazy guy. But... He loves our village. Ask him to come here on free time. Okay. - It's many days since I had seen him. Eswari! How do you do? Fine...?

You've become fat. - Come, Appu Kutty. How do you do? - Fine, aunty. Is your parents, fine? No problem. They are so happy. Leave hem. What about your matter? Will you get married or not? I'm getting lot of proposals. Nayanthara also applied to me.

But I'd wait until I get my girl favourite girl. Is it? Your mom told that no girl likes you. Why did she worry about your marriage, then? Come, Appu. - Uncle!

Appu! - Bless me. - Live well. - Are you fine? I'm fine here. You were mischieveous in your childhood.

I thought that you'd not come up in life. But you had sent your friend to our village. You've done a good thing to us. We're so proud of you. My friend...? - Yes. Don't you know him?

I know my friend. I only sent him here. Where is he now? In opposite house. - I'll meet him and come. Harsha! How did you come here? Your mom told that you went to Holidays. How did you come to our village? This only is my native village too. Your native...? It's a wonder. I also came to know this recently.

My dad left this village before my birth it seems. So I've come here to serve this village. If I tell about my dad now, it won't be good. That's why I used your name.

You also maintain the same. I think that these take place in favour of me. I love Charu. But she doesn't care me.

My uncle respects me by your job. I'll marry Charu using this reason. You're so adamant, Narayana. I restricted you to do this.

But you've started the construction confidently. How can I alone do this big work? This boy had come from somewhere. He donated his money to construct this school. who are you? Harsha Vardhan! Your name...?

Sasi! Do you construct a school to this village? Are you so rich? Yes. Of course. Why do you help this village? When I help them... Without feeling happy... Why do you ask me this question? You construct a school for them. They will ask you more things in future.

What will they ask me? School, temple. Or they will ask me road and water. I can do those things. You're so strong. Come to my home. I'll give you a village treat. I'm going to stay here only. Right? I'll come definitely.

Who is he? Why does he do these things? Watch him carefully. Let him do. Your brother asks to do something. We won't do anything. Whatever he do... That will be recorded in our account. Move the car.

Please help us in road work also. Our village roads are in bad condition. Syed! Are you not ashamed? Can we ask him everything? Please don't mistake him. Dry life. You've come as spring season here.

So he's asked frankly. Don't mistake him. He asked me to help in road work only. I'll do it. Why do you say so? If you do so...

We have got number of problems here. I'll do everything. A girl had told me a wonderful advice. If we have more money than our need... We'd adopt a person. I'm so rich. Not only only person.

I'm going to adopt this whole village. Let me take over this village from today. I'm going to turn this poor village into fertile. "Let's move upwards." "The sky is nothing in front of you."

"Let's move upwards." "Nobody can succeed without working hard." "Happiness will flow here as a waterfall, dude."

"Flower rain will shower on us anymore, dude." "There's no meaning in living for name sake." "We'll be happy only if we live for others."

"Wake up, man." "I searched myself in me and ran here and there." "I got happiness while seeing myself here." "I'll share myself for my village." "Everybody should live happily." "I'm not the one, who gives false promises."

"I'll do what I say, my dude." "Hey! Our future should tell this as a wonder." "Desert will turn into a fertile land." "Wake up, man." "If we pour water in plant's root, it'll give flowers." "If we pour water in tree's root, it'll give fruits."

"People will own you, when you offer them food." "Why should a person live hurting others? "Whoever cries, our blood turns into hot." "Don't forget love even if this universe vibrate." "If you help others, everybody will starve for you." "Wake up, man."

Charu sister! - Hey, Eswari! How do you do? - Fine. How do you do? Fine. Hey! Is your studies over? Or... Anything balance? - It's over, dad. I'll arrange a team within a week. I've planned to try some deveopment techniques.

But... I came to our village in the morning. My course programs are already running here. I was really surprised. There was no any change here in my previous visit. But... These things in just 3 months... God took pity on us after seeing our suffers.

So... a boy has adopted our village like Karna. He's working hard to improve us and this village. All of you come and have dinner. I'm coming. Come, dear. Sit down.

She's my daughter. He only is helping to our village. Our Appu Kutty's friend. They both know each other already. You both had met in my birthday party. Right?

I only had introduced her to you. did you both forget that? Get married leaving your birthday celebration. Don't damage my image in front of Charu. Charu! I wanted to serve this village.

So I motivated my friend and sent him here. Hey! Don't get emotional. I can't bear it. I like you and your village.

I'll support them, whom I love. Go and sleep peacefully. Don't get emotional. Sleep tight and good night. What are these? Why did you come here? Our village! - Until I tell you... You didn't know about your village.

Have you got affection on your village now? You and your family concentrate on business only. You proposed to me. When I refused you... You're trying to earn a good name here.

When I told that they love this village only... You invest on our village. They may get impressed by your service.

You expect that they will make me marry you. But... That's highly impossible. If you invest on this village, that's merely waste. It's not yet late. Just leave as soon as possible.

You can preserve your balance amount at least. Harsha! What's happening here? Are you in love with Charu? She's not suitable to you. She's suitable to you only.

I've understood your plan now only. Did you see this? Without knowing their love... I was roaming behind Charu as a mad. Do you think that Charu will marry you? Don't you have a limit to fall in love? Idiot! Brother! You read book and sleep peacefully. I'll explain everything to him.

Why do you stare? go. Show me. It's partially red. Why didn't you wait for some more time? If it doesn't turn into deep red... You'll get such idiots only as your husband.

Hey! What are you going to do? She'll push you into the well. She's a rowdy. Why don't you obey my words? Mom! - Come. Show me. Show me I say. It's a deep red. You'll get a fair husband only.

I don't like fair guys. I like middle colour guys only. Dark guys are also okay for me. But I hate fair guys only.

Wait! I don't know about your mis-understanding. But... I've come to know that she hates you. So she's sending me a secret signal. Let's maintain our friendship after I marry her.

You'd not be jealous on me. - Okay. Heroine had mis-understood the hero in cinema. Girls took only hasty decisions always. She understood the truth and hugged the hero finally.

Why are girls like this? Climate is so chill. Cover it. It'll be better. If you speak such cinema dialogues to me...

I'll break your teeth. Walk quietly. Come on, Harsha. You carry on. I'll come later.

Okay. What's this? - Liquor. Do you want to have it? A generation is getting spoiled by such liquor.

Clear your shop. - should I clear it? That's Sasi brother's shop. Got it? Come here. I didn't ask about the owner. I just asked about this shop.

Are you not scared of our brother too? You spoil people's life by such intoxication. Close the shop. Hey! You've beaten Sasi brother's guys.

He won't leave you. Brother! Why did you do so? You've quarelled with Sasi's guys. I adviced them not to do such crimes. Our problem will start only in this way.

25 years ago... Like you... A good man named Ravi was here. He stayed in this village and in this house.

He wanted to do good things to this village. This village and neighbour villages were dry. Ravi went to town, studied well and got a good job. He took pity on our village's pathetic situation.

You're going to different villages everyday. What did you plan to do? I'll go, earn money and come up in life. Not only me. Everybody around me should improve.

I want to stay here and improve this village. As we could not do agri culture... Our village was so dry without rainfall. He brought a milk farm here to give us a life. At the same time... Our village people turned into liquor addicts.

People get ruined by liquor habit. He adviced Venkat Ratnam to close his liquor shop. He didn't obey his words. He advised people to stop liquor habit. He brought a big change. People started a good life leaving liquor habir.

He's stopped our liquor business. Everybody is working and living happily. They've started obeying him. If you simply watch this... He'll become their leader.

We'd not leave him. We must do something. 'When we found a good dawn in our life...'

Darkness had covered us. Why did you do so, brother? We didn't live well, when this milk farm was not here. But... We were alive. But... Everybody is dead now. Please leave us. People blamed Ravi for that accident.

Just because of Ravi's carelessness... There was a short circuit in the milk farm. They blamed Ravi for the fire accident and people's demise.

They sent Ravi to jail. I could not do anything at that time. Ravi came out with a dull mind from the jail.

He could not forget our people's betrayal. He had separated us and this village permanently. After when he left us... This village had turned into dark.

We could not find a brightness after that. People got practiced to live in that dark life. We found a brightness only by you. That should be permanent. Please don't oppose them.

If we lose this brightness also by them now... This poor village people can't bear that. Don't oppose them. Please no.

Hello! how are you, Harsha? Why did you call me in this time? Where is my dad? He's here only. Do you want to talk to him? Just a minute. Dear! Harsha! Harsha! - Hello, dad. Did I disturb you? - What, dear? You've made a call. Do you know how much it means to me? How is your holiday? Are you enjoying yourself? Nice. If you were with me, it'd be so nice. Okay. Let's plan that after your return.

When are you coming back? Harsha! Dear! Dad! Good night. What? - Holiday with us it seems. He followed me to beat me. He'd not be alive. He's helping this village as he's so rich. You only told that his service will come in our account.

Leave him. Get me that dumbles. Open air gym...? A celfie. Such awareness is healthy only.

You had quarelled with my guys last night. Right? Don't you know they are my guys? They told that they are your guys. They had escaped last night. If I had got you, I'd have finished you.

Your time is good. They told me the matter. If they had killed you without telling me...

What would be your state? They'd have done so. Brother! - Sasi! they've grabbed my minister post. I tried a lot. But no use. We must show our power.

I'm coming to our village only. I'll handle you later on. You're lucky. This phone call has saved you. Lucky guys. We'd meet the collector tomorrow. We got more proposals for her too.

But... We'd not make her marriage before Charu. Select a bridegroom as early as possible. Take it. - No thanks.

For me. - I told many people to select a bridegroom. But... She doesn't go away from this village. If I don't make her marry a known guy, she'll suffer. You can make her marry a known guy only. Appu Kutty also loves your daughter.

He understood your daughter very well. Appu Kutty! Why didn't you tell me this? Charu! Come here. When we were talking about your marriage...

We came to know that Appu Kutty loves you. He knows you from your childhood. He's having a decent job too. What's your opinion? Fool! Won't you understand if I tell you once? I was away from you without hurting you directly. Why don't you understand that too? Everybody won't be smart like you. He needs sometime to realize. I'll explain him.

Go and watch Kamal's film. If you take my topic once again... I'll chop your hands and legs. You told confidently. I thought she also loves you.

Sorry, Appu Kutty. A comedian can't marry a heroine. Come on. When central Government announced coastal... ...corridor project in this whole area... It'll be a golden rain to us. They will announce that in 2 to 3 months.

As I was there in the ruling party... We came to know this matter first. When the Government announce this... This land rate will be increased so much. We'd buy this land completely before that. We'd own at least 5000 or 6000 acres of land.

Give some amount to those farmers. If they don't agree, just grab it. If they don't agree for that too, just murder them.

Somehow we'd take over all the lands. Brother! Our Shanmugapandi has come. He wants to take us also to town with him. She also tortures me to go with him. I'm struggling to part you now. You please advice her, brother.

You're my brother. I can advice you. How can I advice your wife? Not only that. Our children are also grown up. Don't spoil their wishes for our unity. That will be our selfishness. We lived together for these years.

Where do you go? To Madras. Right? We can meet in some occasions. We're going to town. Right? Why do you use this half saree there? He's packing his dresses. Why don't you help him? Why do you pack our bed and all? It'll be useful. So I've packed it. I told that I have a bed there. Right?

He's saying that our dresses only are enough. He bought all the other things it seems. I'll see. If I need something, I'll call you. You send it through somebody.

Think once again. What are we going to do there? Do you ask what we are going to do there? What are you doing here alone? He will stay with his brother. He'll stay with his blood relationships. You may have an excitement to go to a new place. You also don't know the reason for going there.

You need not do anything newly there. You can see some highest buildings there. You'll have 4 hours more current supply there. But you won't have people to share your feelings.

Nobody will mistake your harsh speech here. They may enjoy also that. But... If you leave this place...

You won't get a happiness of scolding others. They also won't get a happiness of listening that. We think that we leave away with our bag and baggages. But... When we want to come back... We need to get down from thousands of steps. When somebody leaves away from this village...

I heard that he'd request them not to leave away. His own brother leaves away now. How can he face others bravely anymore? You want to keep your parents in your earnings. Very nice. But you separate them from his brother. If they stay here... You can come and visit them weekly once.

If you catch the night bus, you can come in the morn. But... If you take away them... They will go far away from them. Brothers are living together since the past 40 years. 40 years. That's really something.

They will live together for 40 more years too. Let's see that. It'll be nice to see. Don't mistake me for interfering in your family matter. I've taken your food only here. If you live together, it'll be nice to me.

Dear! Come to Pongal in 3 days advance. Okay. Let's go and enjoy bull competition. Sure! Take care of your health. Don't worry. I'll set it for you.

I know that, uncle. Why don't I do my duty, then? I'm leaving. Can anybody join with me? She didn't call you. Listen to me.

You'd do. - I'm going to Sumathi's garden. Can anybody join with me? She's calling me. I'm coming. - She didn't call you. You're going to get insulted. Shall we go? - I'm going to Sumathi's garden. Can anybody join with me? Not me. She calls somebody else. Won't you understand if she tells you once? I'm going to Sumathi's garden.

Can anybody join with me? Brother! If you don't go with her soon... She'll harvest here itself. Sumathi sister! How do you do? Come on. Are you fine? Fine. - Are your studies over? Yes. I learnt new techniques for producing vegetables.

I'm going to try it. I need henna in this. It'd turn into deep red to get a fair husband. Take everything.

They will destroy everything tomorrow. Our family is going to leave to out station. What happened? Why suddenly? Minister's people came here yesterday.

They need these lands it seems. We requested them not to grab these. But... they didn't agree. They had beaten my uncle too.

We'd accept their money and sign tomorrow. So we're going to shift to some other place. Whatever you want. Take it. Sign in it fast! Her late husband might have lived here only.

He might have moved with you too. He went to border and died in war for us. We can take pity on them. They are doing agri culture in their land and surviving.

You've brought this paper to grab her land for him. Leave away. - Sign in it. We'd go. Take your children inside. I came from out station. I too feel for them. You belong to their village.

Don't you take pity on them? I'll be here. This land also will be here only. We can fight at any time. But... I doubt whether he is alive or not.

He didn't even move. Take him to a doctor. Who is he? Who is so brave to touch our guys here? A guy has come to our village. He's taken over our village and helping them. He only had done all these changes.

I thought that he's a rich mad. But I didn't think that he'd oppose us. Are you crazy? Until someone comes here and do these things... What were you doing? Wherever he is.

Bring him to our mango farm immediately. I'll control him. Brother! Sasi had come searching you. He asked you to come to his mango farm.

He had taken away Charu also to provoke you. Why do you tell him about Charu now? We have no time to worry about her. If we request them, they will release her.

but... If you go there, they won't leave you alive. Leave away from this village immediately. Why did he...

He's that guy. This world is so small. We meet often. How do you do? Why did you bring her to speak with me? If you had called me, I'd have come. You go, Charu.

Let me discuss with them and come. Let her stay here and watch everything. She'd inform others. - Okay. Wait for sometime. Let's leave together. This is not Delhi to go back alive.

Devar Kottai. Our mango farm in Devar Kottai. Only incoming here. No out going. Correct! - Did you adopt our village? You invest lot of money here it seems.

Why do you interfere in our matter? Do you think that I'd spend my money only? I've adopted all the positive and negative aspects. I've adopted all of them, you and your brother too. So... Won't you allow us to cheat those farmers? I've come to discuss about your illegal properties. I've listed here. I may forget something.

You plundered money in renewating 45 schools here. You'd give that. You plundered 73 road project money. Give that. You plundered 350 crores from relief fund. You'd give that. You had burnt 30 people in dairy farm.

You killed 22 people, who had questioned you. Are you people human beings? You only should take care of their families. You took thousands of agri fields water supply also.

How can you grab a lake without conscience? Check everything and return it back. Keep it. If we don't give...

You will be murdered, man. You'd give that. You'd give that. I just warned you in Delhi. This is Devar Kottai.

It's a secret mango farm too. If I kill you here, nobody will know that. Come on, Charu. Hey! You've taken many things from this village. You have to return it back. Or you'll be murdered.

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