Business - 2019 CSULB Commencement

Business - 2019 CSULB Commencement

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Ladies. And gentlemen please stand. 2,000. California. State University Long. Beach. We're. Teaching maturities, includes business, business. Ethics and, ethical. Four, times. As faculty director, of the youth laser Center for ethical leadership. Gasoline had an important, leadership role dat developing. Many, of the centre's signature, programs, including. Ethics, across, the great. Kathleen. Earned her MBA and JE degrees, from, the University, of Southern California, she, has done extensive research in, international, law and corporate, governance and has, published articles in the Berkeley journal of international law Cornell. International, law journal, northwestern's, law journals and many. Others, Kathleen. Is past, president, of the national academic organization. For business law professors, the. Academy of Legal Studies in business, thank. You dr. Lacey for all your contributions to. The College. You. You. You. Ladies, and gentlemen, accompanying. Our graduates, at the end of our processional, line our, distinguished, guests, at the University, and leaders, from our college and university. Michelle, Cheska, vice, president, of University Relations and, development. Scott. Appel vice. President, administration. And finance Terri. Ann Sakamoto, interim. Vice president. So, she vice-president. International. Education. Jody. Corman, interim. Vice president Dean. Of Students. Norbert. Sure chair. Of Academic, Senate. Evelyn. Nazario, vice, chancellor. Andrew. Jones, executive. Vice chancellor, and general, counsel Board, of Trustees, Mark. Wiley, interim. Chief of staff, VIN. Yow vice, president chief information officer, division, of information technology. Genesis. Associated. Students in Camry. Sam. Chair. Assistant. Director. Resourceful. Michael. Systems. Jasmine. Your austin. Associate. Dean accreditation. Sabine. Ready. Associate. Dean, administration. Kathleen. Hansen. CSULB. Alumni, Association, immediate. Past-president. Distinguished. Alumna. Michael. Salt Dean. College. Of Business Administration. Ryan. Jerski, provost. And senior. Vice president. President. Of California. State University, Long. Beach. You. May be seated. Last. Year our University, adopted, a new alma, mater with. Words and music by two students, from our Bob Cole Conservatory. Of Music, joining. Professor, Rob freer and the, CSULB. Brass ensemble, in performing, it now is Harley. Valhalla. Home. To, scholars. Artists. Dreamers. All our, way. Come hear. Me. Of. Tomorrow's. Leaders. Now, and, through, the. World. That, came, before. Us in. Our, hearts. We. Oh. And, justice. Always, my. Every. Misha. The. Beautiful. Long beach. Hurry. We shall remember. Beautiful. Long, Beach. We. Showering, them. Oh. Me. Well. Good morning everyone. Ladies. And gentlemen welcome to the seventh, annual commencement, ceremonies. Of the College of Business of, California. State University Long. Beach. This. Ceremony, is, a tribute, to you our, degree candidates, and your, families, and loved ones as. Students, you have worked hard to earn your degrees and we, are proud of you. Student. Success in the classroom is. Central, to everything we do at Cal State Long Beach what, we want you to be successful in, your careers. As well when. I meet with alumni, regardless. Of when they have graduated, their, stories, of success, in life and career and, achievement. Of the American dream comes. From, their hard work here, at Cal State Long Beach this.

Happens, Not through entitlement, but, hard work and determination, which. All of you have demonstrated. You. Okay. Class. Thousand 19 I release. You today to continue, your pursuit of, the American dream. Congratulations. Class of 2019. And. By. The way there's a little red carpet photo backdrop outside. The college make sure you stop there and the way out of here okay. Now. I am honored to introduce our president Jane. Close Conoley. Thank. You Dean salt hello. College of Business class of 2019, first. Of all congratulations. I'm. So privileged, to be here to say a few words with, to. You today as you, begin your next adventures, whether it's to a new, job, yay. Parents. New job. Graduate. School travel. Really. The possibilities are endless I, have a simple message for you, today though and it is be bold you've. Earned that right you. Have managed the rigors of an education, at the. Beach and you've come to this ceremony to, mark the occasion for yourselves and with, your families and friends I'm. Sure there were times in the last few years when. You were a bit frightened, or, maybe, even really. Scared about something, maybe. It was academic. Work-related. Or perhaps personal, but, yet you are here today. Celebrating. A grand accomplishment, for, some of you sitting here today you faced financial difficulties. Maybe, even, food or housing insecurities. But, you found your way through those barriers and you made it to this field you, persevered. Yeah. You, did it you did it. Choosing. To be bold does not suggest that, you were never afraid or that you faced no difficulties, rather. To be bold is to be persistent, you. Got back up when, you got knocked down I believe. You have the grit to persevere, in the face of any challenge and overcome, them perhaps, not always perfectly, but, in ways that will teach you something, when. You see or create, an opportunity, for growth step. Up and step. Through that door it. May lead to your next big thing in your life or, it may be a dead end who, knows but.

At Least you have learned something valuable, it's. Trite to say but it's true that at, a certain age we, look back and regret those paths not, taken, much. More than the bumps in the road or mistakes we've made. Eventually. Many, of those mistakes become good stories to tell ourselves and, others about lessons, learned, yet. Let me emphasize, that a life not lived is a waste of your gifts and you've all proven to the world that you have extraordinary. Gifts, so. Take a chance. Speak. Up. Explore build and then follow your passions offer. Help, to others along the way seek. The company of people who lift you up but. Always and, I know you will be, ready to stand alone for what you believe in most. Importantly, believe. That you are prepared, to do wonderful things for our world if you, leap into opportunities. With, or without an invitation. Congratulations. And go Beach. Thank. You president, Conley. Students. Are the heart and soul of our University, and student. Government allows. Our students to have a voice in decisions, that affect everyone, on campus. Associated. Students Inc provides. A platform for, showing, different views to be heard we. Are fortunate today to have, the ASI, president here. Two addresses. Please. Welcome CEO, b-zone, genna's Genesis, ARA to the stage, thank you to the podium. Hello. Fellow class of 2019. My. Name is Genesis Hara and it has been an absolute, honor to serve as your Associated. Students, incorporated president. This year I am. Even more honored. And humbled to have the opportunity, to speak to all of you on this, very important, day and I. Wanted to use this opportunity to speak about overcoming, adversity all, while, uplifting, all of those around you. Each and every one of us has had to conquer something big in life to walk across this stage today many. Of us have overcome the hurdles that come with striving for more in a society that often forgets about students, struggling with adversity. With, us today we have many first-generation college. Students. Children. Of immigrants, or an immigrant themselves. Student. Parents. Returning. And transfer, students. Former. Foster youth, formerly. Incarcerated our, system impacted, students. Lgbtq+. Identifying. Students. International. Students. Students. With different abilities. Undocumented. Students, students. Who have faced deep financial, hardships. Students. Of color and students. Of so many different, identities that, make up our beach community. All. Of these communities come, with an inevitable, amount of barriers, that have to be faced and I, want to commend those of you who have had to break down and navigate. Through systemic. Barriers to, get to this exact. Moment. We. Are paving the way for future, generations, who think they'll never be able to succeed in higher education because. Of their socioeconomic status. Because, they are the first and their family to do so or simply, because they think they are incapable of succeeding we. Are all an example the fact that it is possible for students, of historically, marginalized and, underrepresented, communities, to, be at an institution, like this and most, importantly, to, succeed at an institution, like this. As. We all move on to the next chapter of our lives I believe it is important that we always be proud of who we are and where, we come from we. May enter spaces, where we feel out of place or like we don't belong but, we are needed in those spaces we, are more than capable of flourishing, in those spaces and we have the entire beach community, standing, behind us rooting, for our success. Our generation. Is needed now more than ever because, so many of our identities, and communities, are facing so many and justices as we, speak it's. Up to us to show those in power that, all people deserve to live in a world where, their communities. Identities. And human. Rights are valued, and appreciated. But. Better yet it's, time for us to be in those positions of power so, we can represent our communities, instead, of people who make decisions for us without knowing the struggles and the obstacles, we have had to overcome. I am, hopeful that we can do this together, all, while, uplifting, one another and all of those around us so, that together we can leave this world in a much better place for, the future generations, that will follow us I. Myself. Will, always be a proud latina first-generation college student and proud, daughter of an immigrant. That. You, immigrated from Mexico with, nothing but hope for a better life and today. I can officially say that you crossed the border so I can cross this stage today. Mom. As a teenager, growing up in Compton you have big goals of one day being able to pursue higher education, however. Both of you became parents at a very young age and had to put your own goals and aspirations aside, to. Raise my brother and I and instead, allow us our own opportunity, to pursue our own dreams, and aspirations, mom.

And Dad I think. It's safe to say that all of your immeasurable, sacrifices. Are finally. Paying off and you, are both the reason why I'm standing on this stage today. So. My brother, thank, you for being my first best friend my. Protector, and my inspiration. Grammy. Grapa gracias, por todo tu amore apoyo durante, todo mi vida los, amo mucho and. Lastly. Thank. You and lastly. To all of my friends and family who are here supporting me today and who have ever supported, me this one's for y'all my day one supporters, and to, my fellow class of 2019. I. Wish. You all the best of luck in your future endeavors. And I once again want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this momentous, day, congratulations. Class of 2019 we, did that. Thank. You Genesis another wonderful, speech. Ok. Introductory. Ok, annually. The CSULB. Alumni, Association. Sends, its congratulations. To the graduating, class and this, year we are honored to have Kathleen Hanson MBA. Graduate, from 1982, who, had a BA and Family and consumer sciences and, was. The, Cal State Long, Beach Alumni, Association's. Immediate. Past president, will. Deliver the message to the class of 2019. Please. Join me in welcoming Kathleen. To the podium. Thanks. Dean Solt. Graduates. As you, receive your degree today you, become part of a truly impressive group, the. CSULB. Alumni, family which. Is more than. 330,000. Strong, on. Behalf. Of the alumni group we, I offer you my sincere congratulations and. Welcome, you to stay connected with, the beach community, throughout your life, you. May think that the last thing you want to do after spending. So many years here is to come back to campus, but. Believe me from, experience, when. You do it will be very rewarding and. Now. I'm pleased to introduce the, distinguished, alumna, for the College of Business Barbara. Barr Khan she. Earned her bachelor's in psychology, from. San Diego State in 1978. And her MBA in 1984. From the beach in a. Career spanning three, and a half decades, Barbara. Barr Khan has presided, over the operations, and finances, of some of the largest aerospace. And energy, corporations. In the world she. Retired in 2010. As vice president and. CFO, of Pacific, Gas and Electric but. Her role is a leader an expert, of Business, and Finance has. Not diminished, rather. Than slowing down she. Now leverages, her expertise, as a consultant.

An Educator. As an. Avid supporter of students, in business she. Serves as chairman, of the Advisory Board of the College of Business graduate, programs, is. On the scholarship selection. Committee and has, mentored, undergraduate, business, students for many years, outside. Of CSULB. She, supports, local youth as, second, vice-president on the board of the nonprofit, Silesian Boys and Girls Club and serves. On the board of an environmental, compliance company. Barbara. Barr Khan please step forward to receive the distinguished. Alumna, award. Well, I have, less than five minutes to, inspire, you and offer you guidance as you leave here today so, I'm limiting, it to three, major, points, point. Number one relationships. Relationships. Are. Huge the, relationships. You've made here at school your, friends, your family, your neighbors your, co-workers this. Is your network, never. Underestimate. The people that you already know and that know you and, they. Might even like you they. Are a powerful, and positive force, going. To mixers and being on social media are, great, but. Just remember the connections, that you already have, available, right in front of you can, last a lifetime just. Look at me I graduated. Over 30 years ago and because. Of my relationship with this university, here I am today as an, alum and a lecturer. Shoutout. To my strategy, course students, who are here today. Chair. Chair. Of the graduate programs Advisory Board and a member a mentor, to many of you in the audience having. Skills, are a necessity but. Having, relationships. Is a differentiator. The. Second, point is, your, path many. Of you have planned out your path in detail, and that's great, god have a plan but. Then life, happens, sometimes. Opportunities. Arise that, aren't in our original plan and that's, okay to make. Sure, you see them don't. Ignore them, evaluate. Them and decide, if they are worth pursuing if you're, too rigid, on your path you, could pass up a chance that. Might take you outside and it. Might be good it might even be better than your original path, my. Plan was to go into education in, a major university. My, undergraduate, degree was in psychology. And I was registered, to get a master's in counseling education. And administration then. I took a summer job in Lake Tahoe as a 21, dealer I always liked numbers, I met. A corporate, exec that suggested, I work at his company and go to school at night since. They would pay my tuition well. That sounded pretty good so, I did that, and I found out I really, liked administration. And Finance and the, work that they had me doing so, I decided to get my masters, in business instead, Thank. You Beach I ended. Up spending over 30 years in finance and retired as a VP and CFO, a very. Different, path than I planned but, a rewarding, career with, no regrets and, finally. My last point, is don't. Let anyone else tell, you what you can't do sometimes. Our friends and, family think they know what's best for us sometimes. They do they. Care about us and we respect, their input but, honestly, you, know yourself, best you. Know what you like you, know how hard you're willing to work for it and how you plan to get their input, from, others is great but, remember, it's, just input. It's up to you to decide as for. Me I grew, up as the youngest of, four college bound children, my, dad's point, of reference for young women back then was for me to be a nurse a teacher, or a secretary, these.

Are All great, and noble, careers just, not the path I chose they, were his expectation. For me and I, listened, but again, opportunities. Happened, and it took me elsewhere many, years later when I became a vice president, my dad asked, me hey, Barbara, where are you on the board of directors of that company I guess. I changed his expectation. Of me I'd. Like to close from with two lines from the famous American, poet EE Cummings, he, says it. Takes courage to grow up and become, who, you really are and he, says once we believe in ourselves we. Can risk curiosity. Wonder, and spontaneous. Delight or any, experience, that reveals the human spirit so. Today as you leave here I challenge, all of you to embrace your exciting, future believe. In yourself, and have, the courage to grow, up thank. You. Thank. You Barbara for that inspirational. Message. We're. Now ready to confer, degrees on. Our MBA and, other Masters, of Science candidates. Candidates. Out, of respect to your fellow students. And their families, please. Return, to your seats after you receive your degrees, and remain, seated until the ceremony has been completed. Our. Wonderful readers, will, announce, the names of the candidates, and will, the first group, of candidates, for the Master, of Business Administration, and. Master of Science degrees, please prepare. To come forward under the direction of, the faculty marshals. Matthew. James, demonaco. Akash. Ishani. Charen. Singh. Julia. Davis. Elizabeth. Leg. Kimberly. Takahashi. Karina. Serrano. Katie Lee. Humours. Buffet. A. Dilla. Rezac. Surely. Wisman. Corinne. Montgomery. Chris'll. Villa. Roman. Ernesto, Watteau. Bozell, he, lies. Seanny McGuire. Miguel. Fernandez, Verduzco. Licit. Gutierrez. Carlos. Alberto Garcia. Paul Freddie. Fernando. Hernandez. Kevin. Stribling. Michael. Vincent. Cooney. Boris. Young. Kamran, died. Sam. Hernandez. John. Gephardt. Quinn. Bruce, dang. Kyle. Barber. Nicolas, Garcia. Jeffrey. Ken, eg. Ma. Melissa. Susan Henry. Yi Lin, Chen. Sandra. Mendoza. Eliska. Foreman. Stephanie. Lauren, Shibata. Kevin. King. Shigeaki. Watanabe. Jennifer. Rebecca white. Lauren. Madrid. Kevin. Pankau. Luke. Miller. Joseph's. Later. Justin. Simmons. Rona. Barrett. Andre. Davis. Janani. Shaker. Timothy. Right. And Donna Vaswani. Jared. Chapman. Mija. Curry. Devon. Silver. My. Homie heart, Vinson, a. Nuke. Me pay. Jason. Villa Vega. Jacob. Larson, Stern. Maritza. REO. Francisca. Olivia freas Estelle. Magali. Remorse. Cortney's. Turanian. Be, Hashem. Helen, Serafini. Cindy. Chong. Stephanie. Nobu you Louie. Mentone. Yoon Lee. Corona. Lin. Lin. Dholak. Tulisa. Akiko. Sonic. Mo. Nica Pacheco. We'll call Tyndall on. Yolanda. He won. Sabitha. YUM. Hunger. Hunger. Valentin. Vonnegut, on. Morgan. Fugazi. Sai Baba. Jeremiah. Rubber, faith. He. Poo song. Hello, gorgeous. Anshu. Tea. And missed, over this. Tori's. Gentle. Tongue. Lu. Mantri. Wills. Lynne by Lynne. Ronnie. DeBartolo. Chuchu. Matau. II may, Sam, sook. Ho. Yong Chun. Melissa. Cole. Huzzah, serve RVs Harwinton. Hungry. Chavo. Abraham the undraw. Sashka. Shuuran. Dule papa. Rahul. Shaq Hill. Cariann. Own car, yen. Samantha. Neuen. Maria. Callen. 40. Car thing. Chili. Who. Sulli, Trudy. Zing. Ciao. You. We'll all of the candidates, for the Master of Business Administration. Or. Master, of Science degrees. Please stand. President. Connolly these, candidates, have satisfactorily completed, all. Of the requirements for their degrees and have been approved by, the Faculty, of the College of Business to, receive their degree. Candidates. You. Recommended, to me by the provost and senior vice president of academic affairs, and, by, your Dean and by your distinguished, faculty, therefore. By, the authority vested in, me by the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees of the California State, University I.

Confer, Upon each of you who has fulfilled all, requirements the. Appropriate master's. Degree. Congratulations. You may be seated. You. Thank. You president, Conley. Congratulations. To our new masters, graduates, I will. Now present the candidates, for, The Bachelor of Science and, degree, in Business Administration by. Department, or program well. The first row of candidates, for accountancy. Please, stand and come forward under, the, direction of, the faculty marshals. You. Bill, Murray. Alexandria. Gonzalez. Stanley. Lamb. Anthony. VIN, Tran. Cedric. Yow. Cindy. Bargain, sir Oh. Bada. Elias. Starla. Cameron. Derek. Foon. Emily. To fam. Samantha. Ramos. Prince, of antenna. Anima. See a silver. Talon, booster. Rosie. Monreal. Audrey. Michelle, see. They'll. Have, a Lhasa. Jamie. Nelson. Marie, Baroody. Ellie. Elizabeth. Consti, no. Marco. Cruz. Kendra. Milan, night. Phazon. Creighton. Nicole. Ferrer. Jessica. Licit, Dolan. Marissa. Ramos. Jack. Met second. Sorry. Nip, door. Marco. Villa Connor. Tony. Nguyen. Unwin. De to halt. My, Rahil. Is. Daniel. Christopher Linares. Esteban, Losada. William. Tie. Omar. Sammy. Kevin. Ayo. Samantha. Our yella. Chad. Matthew. Farrell. Fredrik. Okamoto. Christopher. Victor, Alejandra. Christopher. Perez. 10th. - Meg leo. Lillian. Dang. Michael. Gallant a. Eric. Asiago. Ah. Desiree. Iglesias. He's. A so, long, saying. Constantino. Sebastian. Myranda. Mario. Garcia. Princess. Anthony, Castro, in goes. Crystal. Yana. Jana sangh. One Romero. Michael. Young. James, packs, adder. Julie. Doh. Jason. Florida. Christian. Bateen. Armando. The Lamora. Julian. Huh gong. Jimmy. Messer, son. Andy. Lam. Tani, carry, on. Christopher Gomez. Sérgio. Mona is. Yvette. Lozano. Danny s Ganga. Courtney. Brown. You. Uncle, abidor. History. Early on, salad. Green Garcia. Alexander. Er Joseph. Seeley. Then Ali. Michelle. Terra, Oh. Faith. Strong. The, Eames or, FERS. Polly. Torres. The. Song Lee. Min-woo. Sauna. Men Lee. Andres. Garcia. Rahul D Chari. Lea. Ramirez. Man. Fear sing. When. UN. Sharyn. Total. Beer. Lawn noon. Katrina, Rosales. Matthew Oliver, corn. Jocelin. Over a la Villa. Michael. Howell. Catherine, well. A loop Ava rasa. Antony. Valencia. In rubra. Mishima. Abigail. Casio. Daniel. Katherine, puto. Mari. Kenyon. Healy. Nicole, Heine. The. Sully Sharma. Ji. Hun Wang. Cynthia. Elizabeth. Gonzalez. Son. Ciao. Maria. De Rosario, Hernandez. Alice. G-man. Frances. Dor-win. Combate. Require. Me. Yee-haw. Just, in Tsukuba. Jimmy. Gomez. On what. Luna. Sacani. Niccola's, Nessie. Eise. I'ii Gonzales. Dillan, Tankersley. Ethan. White. May, release, Alcantara. John. Alexander, grant. Olivia. And Sarah. Lata. Adam. Cervantes. One. Henriques. Diana. Hong. Luke. Here's the undress. Christian, Bergy. Rebecca. Assumed. Oh hi. Martha. Frente. Micah, Sechler. Sheila, Mikhail. Angel. Rivera. Monica. Martinez. Marry. Pedro. Allison, Cho. Gabriela. Deli owner. Page. Foo. Julien. Lamb. Susan. Choi. Johanna. Avalos. ESU's. Cover Costanera. Robin, Aparicio. Janeth. Nathaniel. Our. Josue. Marin, clues. Leslie. Buyers. Melissa. Tacho. Emily. Ends. Andrew. Brandon, Davis. Marlon. Reyes. Christine. Baraka. Jeff. Blessing. Juror. Marissa. Van Mulder, Anna. Nicole. De. Lune. Jasmine. Clues winters. Lydia. Got, a him our. Elite. Zabuza. Danny, Ren. BeeZee Delgado, a co-star. Mr., Garza, Diaz. Lulu. Gomez. Kenneth. Hawkinson. Colosseo, all Carrera. Karen. Ibarra. Maui. Casteel, Zuniga. Donnie. La higuera. On. Dow, rainin. When. Edgar. Rodriguez. Yuki. Goya Fagin's. Felicia's. Russia. Fawn. Cruz. Universe. Ramos. Raymond. Woo. Maria. Alya. Christian. Gonzalez, 14. Hayden. Butler. Nats. Pensiero. Yunus. Park. Daniel. Paul, Saldana. Garland. Winner. Adam. Park. Nicholas. Liu. Connor. Steer. Kim Lewin. Kris. Pink, staff. Sam. Ho, sung, King. Jack. McNeese. Hazuki, today, she. Leonard. T Sanchez. Bryan. MA. Megan. Donahue. Adrian. Torres. James. Hong. Soo. Jin Kim. Hugh Hong. Jessica. Lamb. Teresa. Tran, and. True. Vien Webber. Rafael. Rodriguez. Michael. Ran flesh. Brandy. Navarrete. Sign. I, Rojas. Matthew. Harris. Leilani. Moran, ye. Gave. Allele in. Victor, so. Joshua. Espinosa. Jessie. Blanco. Josh. Frasier. Then beg, no. Quan. Bow, Glenn. And a morose. LaVon. Luanne. Kien Alejandro. Guerrero. John. Richard. To Quilcene. Sis. Her, Miramontes. Karolina. Jimenez. Patrick. Villa Rosa. Ariana. View Yasur. And true. William Abella no sir. Edgar. Mendoza. Sahi, Oh patent. Halina, Villegas. Robin. Winn. Yesenia. Favelas. As, sin, Escobedo. Danny. Villegas. Coy. Brown. Sergej. Koroliovas. In. McCarthy. Christine. Tren. Leon. Woolley. Monica. Delos Santos Montserrat's. Carlos. Reyes. Julia. Tin. Victoire. Rodriguez. Jennifer. Tran. Garrison. Anthony, Rutzen. Lance. Tarver. Rachel. McCarry. Regarde. Our QWERTY. Jung-soo. Kim. Kevin. When. Karina. Garcia. Brian, Trainor. Matthew. Milton. Marry, Huey. Unum. GUI. Axl, Peralta. Chelsa. Dis, man. He'll, see your Maura. Hong Pham. Ma'am, drama. Morton.

Boom. See, fam. Corals. Joseph, sapanta. Victoria. Alicia, sales. You. For, the Department, of Finance. Matthew. Lee. Eston banister. Brandon, Fiat. To, say but I'll Solis. Angela. Some illegal. Julie. Barn. Sooo Kim. Marry on. Kevin. Whoa. Andrew. Sir are. Charles doing. Daniel. Chong. Peter, Zoltan. Karate. Efrain. Lara. Ulysses. By esteros. Marks. And of all. Richard. Medina. A. Shmup. O'Dell. Ian. Cuts. Me Leo Gonzales. Orson Kuni. Hannah. Hewan, ski. Tailored. Ears. Michele. McCullough, wits. James. McPherson. Jocelyn. Deli owner. Julie. Vu. William. James Bohan. Jr.. Kevin. Punch, echo loosely. John. You're a toast key. Christian. Vasquez. Levi Chang. Trang. Down. Jonathan. Valdez. Hem. Ching barn. Eric Ricardo, rodas. Dugu. Douglas. Anna. Tara green. I only. Lopez. Role. Martinez. Kelvin. Honed one. Nicholas. Oh. Makena. Robinson. Salma. Burr new des. Justin. A camper. Cheyenne. Temple. James. Dewar. Soula. Batool girl. Cindy. Clio pair. Ciara. Lip, old. Sivan. Cook. Brian della Torre. Jennifer. Yay. Fernando, a brawn Diaz. - Rynn quinn purpura. Samuel. Cobra. It. Is our King. Chris John, DeLuca. Hector. Rubicon, ah. Mark. Madrigal. David. Poor, guy. Alex, Rivera. We, de. La Vega. Ronnie. David, Williams, the second. Yvonne. Birth mothers. Cameron. J Hughes. Jannetty, buckshot, Ceylon. Haha Farooq. Frank. Cow. Natalie. Slim. Earvin. Dela Cruz. Hayden. Gottschalk. Fabian. Cabrera. I'm. Ace Salazar. Alberto. Verdugo. Edgar. Chi Minh Roy. Jose. Korean. Daniel. Are awana. Carlos. Cuckoo, fatty. Emanuel, Aguilar. Craig. Teacups. Raymond. Labor Hernandez. Leland. Callahan. Armando. Pina. Lucas. Of Lingus. Hello. Oliver, Connor. Shreddy. Justin. Manson. Adela. Musa bitch. Ruben Raya. Better. Nice bear, Lupe's. Jonathan. Sera via. When. She, Lu. Jason. Garrett, McKinnon. Cenk, Uygur. Samantha. Holly gray. Jang. Jinju. Haley. Murray cod. Kiss. On Jordan. Penny. Christina Bacall. Hector. Alejandro. Sosa. Eduardo. Garcia. Genesis. Elizabeth. Diaz. Kimberly. Margarita, Garcia. Onion. Maria Judith, Hernandez. Luis. Roberto, Navis. Tracy. Song. Diana. Girls. Grace, Aguilar. Unless. Ramirez. Emily. Hon when, Lee. Justin. Chi. Gabe, Lopez. Joey. Atlas, Danny. Tania, Shroff. Jakka. Sameera. Sabrina. In, pooch Lang Romero, and, Edward. Romero. Hadn't. Been Yassin. Sona. Minassian. Crystals. Malati's. To Ferrari, back. Manpreet. Lo. Hee. And the. Loo. David, Carillo. Ryan. Flirt. On regalado. Janine. Alvarado. Shawn. Syria. Miriam. Flores. Kannur. Bruce. Stack. My, Trung. David. Chang. Hiim. Turn. Cameron. Gizelle. Tiffany. Lamb. Frederick. Hui hyung, Don. James. Gwen. Riya. Patil. Michael. Carmack. Brian, to. Nicolas. Gerard. Shelby. Davis. T, fool. Ming Wong. Jalen. Saw. Anthony. Martinez. Jonathan. Lamb. Jonathan. Puppy owner EOS. Nickel. Vallon. Jon. Snow. Titania. Win. Kevin. Lovelace. Son. Leave ooh. Jenna. Rosanna. Core. Edwin. Yasuko, Qi Navarro. Esteban. Andre, Franco. Diana. Karolina, Kurkova and, Joel, Cordova.

Skyler. Minard. Patrick. Gerald, cam. Haley. Hard, word. Madeleine. Perez. Bremen. Richard. Libyan. Clevis. Alyssa, Ferreira. Diego. Nunez. Pei-chun. Turn. Shane Illya. Tin. Royboy. Divaldo. Gonzales. Wang. Ying one. Kris, VAR castle. La. Riva or. Dylan. Lakhan. Brittany. And chow. Fatima. Valenzuela, Rodriguez. Ming. Quinn. Victoria, my Lea. In. Jehu. Jamie, Underwood. Tell, Lou. Haley. Argo. Lenz, way, ball. Alexis, tutor. Tamami. Takeuchi. Ronzo Alfaro Junior. Valuing. Christian. Jared carry on the mirrors. Kevin. Tran. Tymberlee. Gutierrez, Hernandez. Jonathan, hammer. Animal. Harmon. Renton. Bellino. Kenan. Learn. One, trainer. Dawn. Lor clang tour PBOT. Jimmy. Tran. Nicholas. Bart's. An. Halika. Salazar. Samuel. Lowry. Hi, May Henry cars. Wyatt, Haga bomb. Philip. David, Madison. Shayne, Brandon. Nappy. From, the Department, of Information Systems. Nathan. Hong. Would. Mean one. Luke. Moon. Gregory. Sonnen. Peter. When. Tammy. Forbes. Denis ha. Madeline. Swim. Justin. Domingo, Marquez. Eric. Tran. Isaac. Unni, Mooka. Jonathan. Alan. Victoria, Monona need is on. Eduardo. Jacinto. Kevin. Vienna. Matthew. Ojeda. Tshh, our, Danielle. Outlaw. Tiana, Trujillo. Enzo. Sato, Rodriguez. Darren. Lin. Danny. Lee. Jack right. Jeffrey, Tran. Peter. Atif Shah. Dada, FM, otago me is. Michael. Rose. Young. Farmer. Yvonne. Bobadilla. Christina. Tar. Alex. George. Lauren. Trim. Jeffrey. Pause. Nathaniel. Alcantar. Raja. Neal Prasad. Rodolfo. Fernandez, Ramirez. Junior. Matt. Christopher, Nava. Kissin Kumar. Elijah. Holiday. Victoria. Elizabeth linear. Williamson. Brandon. Kenny. If World, War Arango. Matthew. Be savety Dutch. The. Mill Marquis. Brian, Pham, bushy. Right. Oh goody erase. Kevin. Charles. Kong. Amy. Ah turn. Ashley. Chong. Ana. Maria del, mundo. Ryan, sang. Tyler. Watson. Nathan. When. You. Until. A kadai, on gabble turn there. Karen. Soule. Alejandro. Mora. Cynthia. Becerra. Turn. Old quick. Vito, jr.. Alex. Arguelles. Michelle. Varnas. Ryan. Miss of each. One. Carlos, Camacho. Adrian. Elia school. Roberto, Rodriguez, Ramos. Hugo. Neuen. Herbert. Cruz. Victor. Lee. Oldest. Iligan. Quando. Kind, when. Michael. Comedy. Canora. One. Jonathan. Hand. Ramsay, Torres. Derrick. Lewis. Sebastian. Torres. Chang. Li Lu. Dual, are combi. Michelle. D'Agostino. He, sadness. Are northie. Joseph, Michael pest Junior. Ashley. Katrina. Lawler. Sod. Business. Away. I fed. Outta me. Abdul. Rahman al amal. Denne. Bueno. Lourdes. Minar. You. From, the Department, of International, Business. Thomas. Roche. Emily. Edwards. Lexy, pick. Gina. Robinson. Tyler. Mitchell. Justin McKay. Randy Mikkeller. Santiago. Lee. And, seesaw. Elena. Morales. Reina. Edith, godinez. Call. A punch.

Gabriela. Dolores, pessary. UN's. EBay. Paula. Acosta. Broomhall. Jennifer. And see Cabrera. Vivian. Mack. David. Lopes, yokai. Juliana. Troupe. Such. A high. Fee. Lauren, Myers. Mohammed, Al McCain. Vanessa. And Nellie al abama. Marcella. Meek. Andrew. Evan, boudoir. Manuel. Emilio, Rivera. Annabelle. Dunno. Melissa. Monique Lopez. Taylor. Michelle, sin. Jun. Jie Chen. Megan. Julia, Soto. Say. Yanni's stun, easy. Nasir. Better nasser al soup die. Erik. Avila. Natalie. Gone a Salinas. Tally. Preferred. Jared Fisher. Felipe. Alejandro, Salah tira jr.. Noe. Mendoza. Rihanna. The LaRoche our. Coin. Win, Kent, dong. See. Men are we go saw. Stella. In. Singin. Giselle. Ramos. Kimberly. Michelle Takumi. Alenia, Nicole, Avila. Frankie. And I are fountas. Leslie. Lopez. Dolly, karma hole. Juan Martinez. You. Now. From the department, of management human. Resource management. Josiah. Oh Marc. Jeffrey. Michael, cash. Jake. Cortez. Esteban. Doris. Brett. Lathrop. Francisco. Kilos, jr.. Nathan. Kelly. Nathaniel. Kyra San. Carlos. Robert, Rodriguez, Jr. Look. For. Paris. Jessica. Nicole viscous. Melanie. 1 1. Cheyenne. Summer, Rongai. Jasmine. Dupree, Alexander. Karina. Muriel. Henry. Thalia. Hillel, our. Monique. Astorga. James min, Dooley. Mike. Lon. Jessica. Cho. And pawns. Linsley, michelle paparella. Ethical. Lease. Ellen. Winner. Alison. Walls. Alexandria, Muto. Britany. Hernandez. Brian. Drew Blair Oh. Kevin, Bacon, hallux. Jonathan. What, is. Arcos, Garcia. Scene 1. Bryant. Missa. Ha. Doh. Lance. Santiago. Mr.. Castro. Ryan. Edward. Lopez. Joseline. Millibars. Adam. Don't date wrong. Simon. See, to. Genesis. Hara. Roman. Xavier. Mondo Laguna. Niguel. Agüero. Jesse. Martin. Oscar. Lopez. Luan. Lee. Herbert. Here, nur. Omar. He get ah. Stephen. T or. Stephanie. Hernandez. And. True. Christopher, former. Kathy. Bond. Michael. Lilly Houston. Lauren. Delaney. Dustin. Martinez. Danica. Chin. Timothy. Zimmerman. Kimberlin. Vito. In Eugene. CD. Or. Eric. Medina. Cameron. Coastie. Liz. Franco. Nick. Giberson. Taylor. Harrison. Niels. Anderson. Billy Allen. Patrick. Potholes. Bianca, containers. Jesse. Stone. Lexy. Sullivan. Justin. Me, know. Michelle. Girgis. Aaliyah. Jones. Parker. Schilling. Jennifer. Romero. Daniel. Esteban. Nuno. General. Robert, Lee, Poirier. Jessica. When, rostro. Spencer. Quarter. Garrett. Horton. Look, ciao. Monica. Marques. Shenmue. Angela. Hicks. Hyo. Longley. Berenice. Cervantes. Josh. Peterson. Cally. Killed, Collins. Denise. Tapia. Kevin. Michael Williams. Just. In Duong. Taylor. Walsh. Ellison. Made Yoko. Jared. McMaster. Abraham. :. Chelsea. Christine, Berbick. Kern, desi. Garcia. Mindy. Nitin torna. Cindy. Ibarra. Sivanna. Paloma, this harder. Oh yeah, a lorry.

Myra. Alejandro. Gomez. Ashley. Michelle. Michelle. Rivera. Ryan. Butwho Yan. Maria. Her Linda, Martin. Lewis. Three. Or. Maria. Julia, Olmedo. Brandon. Bray. Gaby. Sepulveda. Colonel, Miller Velazquez. Aguirre. Tania. Gonzales. Richards. Fitzgerald. Merrill jr.. Monica. Jarro. Claudia. Martina. Patine. Al beside, a. Zoe Marisa. Wolf. Christie, the undead us. Christine. Guadalupe, be. Us. Marty. Boots. Victor. Pasola. Lizbeth. Torres. Mackenzie. Read, Brown. Kelly. Calderon. Sarah. Clump. Martha. Araceli, Gonzales. Angelica, salvia, for. Elizabeth. Burns. Kevin. Quintanilla. Alondra. Garcia. Casey. Colson. Rubenesque. And on. Samantha. Low. Collin. Sakuma. River, or so Franco. Matthew. Saavedra. Matthew. Or chor. Victor. Vnr. Brian. Gonzalez. Javi. Choice, for, air. Corral, Ramirez. Allison. Halsey. He said Alcala. Alma. Soto. Felix. Martinez. Adrian. Ferrara. Pedro. Núñez. Tanya. Torres. Sonia, Isabella. Garcia. Tiffany Lin. Ferdinand. Emir Palacios. Traci, Hong. You. For, Swiss Sydnor. Brendan. Lizarraga. Tokyo. Marco's. Gonzales. All murmur, Gomez, jr.. Brittany. Taylor hope, green shields. Kevin. Kuba. Aiden, main. Clothier. Placencia, Alwar. Nunnally. Papa, fingers. Lynn M my. Giuliana. Galette, car. He come Magdalena, Torres. Maria. De, los ángeles, Duarte. Brian, Scott, David. Lambs. Deena. Leona. Let each F ski. Steven, are with our. Brenda. Maria Velasco. Yiii. John Thomas, Corbin. Dawn. Fam. James. Anthony, roses. Angela. Covarrubias. Henry. Anthony, ocular. Lyndon. Gallagher. Joshua. Beauchamp. Lindsey, John, Turner. Amanda. Lee Hustler's. Ryan. Plummer. Christopher. Mejia. Emily. And Capet. Sebastian. Gonzales. You. Marilyn. Marilyn, shall get all. Fat. When. Maria. Are good in your clues. Efrain. Panda. Ha. Laetitia. Sake. Or peace. Mile. Soon, L Gong. Ricardo. Navarre. Licit. Alvarez. Erik, keep, their oars. Rafael. Seguro. Just been send, a war. Tlaloc. Rodriguez. Anesthesia. 11 Oscar. Bilenda. Santiago. Ami, Thalia Almeida. Beverly crotch. Song. Deborah, Moreau. Le, fam. Juliana. Shot. Christina. Troy. Evan Jenkins. Chuckling, tall. Pile. Nielsen. Betien. Ramirez. Angela. Adams. You. My, lager, Patricia. Guru of ASCII. Joshua. Fam. Incarnation. Cervantes. Jr.. Clara. Scooters. Marvin, film. Vanessa. Moya. Tiffany. Choy. Quan. Veranda. Demi. Lee. Nidia, Garcia. Austin. Nod. Ryan Hasson. Serena. Elizabeth. Dawson. Omar. Mendoza. Gabriela. Martinez. Elena, Aguilar. Robin. Venn, our. Minji. Poor. Julie. Lee. Yesenia. Ortiz. Nuf. Deep bubbler. Vanessa. Dominguez. Sally. Warner. Danielle. Price. Caroline. Whoo. Joshua. Peck. Colleen. Bleah. Marc. Vasquez. Jonathan. J. Placencia. Ezekiel. Guzman, rolls, Luis. Fernando, Sanchez. Kishan. It's Patel. Austin. Fielder. Nitesh. J, Patel. Christian. For a kiss. Emraan. Ahmed, malama. Iran. Married. Jason. Kim. And true, decor. Joey. Wong. Aracely. Rodriguez. UT. Sang. Brenda. Garcia. Devon. Left. Alicia. Jackson. Alexandria. Ball. Johanna. Elias. Jacqueline. Lee. Denise. Sato. James. Wrong. Vanessa. Tori's, Myranda. Eric. Garcia. Emmanuel. Me forever. Lance. Blair. Jesse. Fernando, Luna. Michael. Gold, Garcia. Duke. Qui, farmer. Reza. Chacon. Turn, John, pork. Iris. Velasquez. Uriel. Beltran. John. Hawkins. Kevin. Franco. Mukund. Gupta. Lease, Felipe, Gonzales, Roman, or. Cleaner, are meta. Troy. Dean. Stewart. Rebecca. Torres. Mike. Christophe. Jessica. Mendoza. Bianca. Sofia trip. Fatima. Negrete, farías. Alexandria. Channel, crush, on. Denise. Navarro. You. Miran. Nazarian. A. Seller. Damian. Dominique. Victoria. Mendoza. Giselle. Pres. Aylin. Vasquez. Joanna. Herrera aha. Tangler. Yesenia. Ramos, Gonzales. Gigi. Tai. Lung. Brittany. Craw fourth. When. This are go miss. Shay. Clemente. Joey. Presley. Nicholas. Gray. Brooke. Cragger. Constantinos, Jones pilato's. Spacey. Aces. Tyler. Douglas, Quillin. Nathan, Rogan burger. Bianca. Quintero. Derek. Haller. Event. Rusev. Oscar. Solis, and. Now, from, the department, of marketing. Courtney. Nicole, Garrard. When. Our crew, Qian. Jon. Paula. A la. Le worth. Christopher. A yella. Cassandra. Marie, zoomed-in. Caitlin, Garcia. Some, will PA go. Jenna. Story. Hope. Luanne. Summer. Stone. Jennifer. Landeros, levar. Is Mel L, homily. Maria. Rodriguez. Heron, Marley. Alexis. Lawson. Címon, shin. Kaido, prasada. Michael's. Kibou. William. Live, in. Samuel. Walker. Joshua. Martinez. Nadia. Kayla Mendoza. Trott. Turned. Winter, entre. Cemento. Hoops. Chew. Table, Oh. Sidney. Cueva. A beam. Theory. Vivian. When. Christian. God Allah. Julissa. Gammas. Modest. The Latorre. Ashley. Carell, Ramirez. The. Nil Sanchez. I. Saw. Akram. Jacob. Moore. Stephanie. Ala weena Huerta. Tiffany. Kel. Shabana. Sardar. Khan. Kelly. Hakeem, Campo. Johanna. Naranjo. Vivica. Villagomez. Nadia. Veeru. Jimmy, Smith. Kimberly. Tito. Miguel. On. David. Hinkle. Amanda. McMasters. Dustin. Femen. Jason. Or to Ghana. Wyatt. Sergeant. Clarice. Our Serrano. Kenny Briggs. Young, her, number. Cory Coogan. Gillian. English. Bryson. Faris. Carmen. Garcia Valera. Jeremy. Dix. Jared. Orozco. Lisbeth. Franco. Nadal.

Ashley. Kimberly. Nama rippy. Matthew. Guy Moorhead. Anthony. Monkeys. Nikki, someone. Bang. Carlos. Brian you're. Sydney. Monza. Christina. Of Victoria, median or. And. A. Fitzgerald. Isabelle, Lynn blonde Jay. Galle. Velasco. Natalie. Peris. Amanda. Gorilla. Helena, mysteri. Ornella. Randazzo. Isabel. Madore. Keeley. Alexandra. A bear. Country. Of war. Anna. Sasaki. And, Alfie. Just. In crews. Guan. Chen. Bins. Moreau, Quinn. Omar. Ibrahim. Aegon. Targaryen. Tomorrow. Takasugi. Jasmine. Nilani Reese. Yousra. Hamid, Khan. David. Vasquez. Arlene. Araiza. Benjamin. Dominique paparella the third. Still Marie, Fernandez. Remiel. Garcia, drear Oh. Phillip. Kong. Marisa. Kiko. Nugget, our. Cesar, Aguilar. Jr.. Jamie. Cho. Dora Oh. Mariana. Martinez. Kelvin. Aguilar. Candy. Whoo. Melody. - Zeki. Diego. Uncle. Is. Kayla. Martin. Alexis. Girl one. Kid. In one. Alex. Koe. De. Neige Denis. Michael. Evan bring us. Sierra. Paige. Cara, quintanilla, salver, da. Rock a hoe. Albert. Bella girl. Vanessa. Lopez Angeles. George, Isaac, Padilla. Sky. Jenice. Hefei. Alejandra. Visera. Zana. La, da. Rui. Trend, winner. Jonathan. Ruiz. Kenny. Wave, I. Nicole. Alejandra, Perez. Tita. Fowler. Weenie. Nakai. Hyung. Abigail. Matthias. Grace. Some. 'but Kim. Luis. Enrique. Vega. Paprika, vinden or. Anthony. Ramirez. Han. Jae, Lu, and. Neal. Lopez. Joschwa. Gonzalez. Aria. Inayat. Melissa. Nava. Jessica. Amber, Ewing. Hector. Juanita Garcia. Jo. Anna Nicole, small. Nancy. Lopez. Jenna. Thomas. Carlo. Tori Salonga. Eric. Wine, heart. Kevin. One. Mummy, a Komatsu. Christina. Dim. Joseph. Kalio Dino. Allí. El, ferry. Anthony. DeSilva. Tam. Ho. Connor. Trill. Hooey. Fam. Justin. Hall expelled, a. Charlevoix. Terrell. Lamb. Ramen. Yousefi. Angelina. Lamb. Adriano. Capriccio. Jennifer. Yg. Doh. Remy. Isaac. Lock. Dang. And. True Sarabia. Eric. John Ramirez. The second. It's. All caste, or. Direct. Stuart the second. Daniel. Lopez. Chain. Massey. Sheila, Audrey, the Guzman. Sariah. Emmanuel. Did, Elena. Lupus. Cherokee. Edwards. Adriana. Maria. Medina. Just. Ali. Sheridan. Stein. And trooper. -. Astraea. Presley. Ilan, attune. Screamer. Jeffrey. Nguyen. Alec. Joseph, Tarasco. Nathan. When. Brian. Fee. Jade. Lion. Carla. Ortiz. Kashish. Schumacher. Michaela. Maxwell. Shoko. O'Connell. Valentine's. Such a serve. Nathan. Temperament. Hyun, sik Kim. Jennifer. Rivera. Christopher. Dean. Erica. Jennifer. Lopez. Marc, fuoco. Danielle's. House hello. Pero Simic. Dani. Simard. Benoit, la Londe. Karen. Slip. Nets. Sofia, Amburgey. Robert. Martinez. Bryce. Burke, nurse. Walter, Orlando, kostina. Lauren. Ah Romero. Sorry. Marcy. Ian. When. He. Lee Hamilton. Jessica. - haha. Annabelle, der NZ Harmon. Elba. Karina, Palala. Juan. Carlos, Martinez, jr.. Lauren. Parental. Maori. Spooky. And. Lee. K Venegas, Acevedo. Rocks. Rocks. On Coffea, touch. Luis. Enrique, lapels, jr.. Alvin. Fan. Amanda. Lee dish, nur. Ricky. Chan chair. Salman. Zagreb, ciao. Cory, williams. Miles. Johansen. Jessica. Victoria, Reyes. Troy. Kalonji. On. A, heat. Of its honey. Jackson. Putter. Barry. Sandel, for. John. Broadhead. And. Tony. Varela. Andy. Bree chase. Hell. LaRon. Carlos. Barrios. Cody. Shima fun. Hellena. Yessing. Alexander. Santana. Michelle. Giles. Alexis. Pleura. Charles. Lyons. Eugene oh bombuh. Park. The. Mill Marcus. Kevin, Sam Sakamoto. Martín. From a Getty. Joanna. Marquis, Chuy quickly, Mack. You. Judy, Monroe, Vong. Jae-joong. Candace. Dig a tunnel. Taylor. Murray Pengo. Justin. Michael, Dobbs ooh it's. Lois Marshall. Cheyanne Sandin. Carly. Bartok. Kara. Pappas. You. And this. Is the final card. Here. Is ladies and gentlemen Joey. McQueen. Will. The candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science, degree in Business, Administration please. Stand. President. Conoley, these candidates. For The Bachelor of Science degree, in Business, Administration have. Satisfactorily, completed, all requirements, for their degrees and have, been approved by, the Faculty, of the College of Business to, receive their degrees. Candidates. You've been recommended to me by the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, by. Your Dean and by your distinguished, faculty. Therefore. By the authority vested in me by the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees of the California State, University I. Confer, upon each, of you who has fulfilled the, requirements, the, degree of Bachelor, of Science and Business Administration.

Baccalaureate. Graduates you, may now move your tassel, to the left side of your cap. This. Signifies, completion. Of your undergraduate, degree. Congratulations. You may be seated. Thank. You president. Connolly graduates. The, faculty, and staff of the College of Business wished, for you every. Good fortune, in your future endeavors. This. Concludes, our, commencement. Ceremony. The. Grand marshal will, now lead the recessional. Please. Remain seated until the recessional has, been completed.

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