What It Takes To Start A New Business

What It Takes To Start A New Business

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another episode of The Unlocked Show. I'm your host Tracy Wilson. I have got a super duper treat for you guys today. I've got the amazing Kelsey. Now I'm going to literally ask her. How do I pronounce your

name before we start the show? And she goes because normally it's a silent K but it totally isn't. Because she's Scandinavian. And it is Canubson. There you go. Can you so? I get that right. You can

notice that. Oh my God so close. See? It's one of those it's one of those things you always have to check. How do

you pronounce somebody's name before you get started? With a boring name like Tracy Wilson, you know, most people can if you're going to get that wrong, you're in some trouble, right? So, anyhow, now that we've got Kelsey's name right, I want a huge welcome her to the show. I want to tell you a little bit about who we get before we even get kicked off. Now, for you guys that are sitting, listening to the Unlocked Show today, you'll see that the title of today's show is what does it actually take to start your own business? Some of you might be wondering that. You might be sitting in a 9 to 5 job. You might even have a business of your own right now and wondering, gosh, I want to take a little bit of a different turn. I want to pivot. I want to do something a

little bit new. Now, if that's you, I want you to listen up because this woman, I've got on the show with me today has done all of that. She's pivoted. She started out doing hairdressing and then decided that she was going to go down a different path and has started a new business a number of times. Not

only has she done that for herself. She's also helped loads and loads and loads of other people do exactly that. Take what they want to do. Take

their passions, their desires and turn that into businesses. Really profitable businesses by the way that they absolutely love. So that being said I want you guys to grab a pen and paper because you're going to have to write some of this stuff down. Kelsey and I are

going to be chatting about does it actually take to create our own business? To start a business and even that business from scratch. So, welcome to the show, Kelsey. It is fantastic to have you here.

Thank you, Tracy and I could talk about this topic all day long. So, I'm very excited to be here, serve the audience, and let's just get the party started. I know, that's kind of like, oh, because now you've got guys that are listening. You've got two people that love to talk and love this absolute topic. So, we will try and keep is because slices we possibly can because right Kelsey said we could talk all day on this particular topic. Um but we're going to go for you know probably an hour max. So like I

said these these shows are always jam packed full of really insightful and useful information And if you've been listening to the Unlocked Show for a little while you'll also know that there are all ways takeaways. Things that you need to go away and actually do today that are going to make a difference to you, your business, your family and your life. So, that being said, let's kind of rewind a little bit, Kelsey. Let's give everybody a a bit of your background. How did you start

out and how did you become so interested in business? Oh, that's a good question. I, if I'm honest with myself, I've always wanted to go into business for myself. I just didn't see a clear pathway on how to make that happen. So, I actually studied at university. I think that's what you call it in Australia I went I went to Good. So I went to university.

I studied entrepreneurship. It's a major here in the States. And absolutely loved it. But it was very much come

up with an invention. Pitch it to investors and then launch it. And for me I was like this can't be the only way to start a business. So I found a path with some consulting work I was doing. It was through the

university. So it was a safe place for me to kind of play in that realm. Mhm. But ultimately quit the day job. Went to beauty school and at the time I was already doing hair and makeup kind of as a side thing. So to me it was I want to start my own business. I like that of having my own schedule. I'm

already doing the hair thing. I might as well make that legitimate and it felt like the easiest pathway to entrepreneurship and that's I share that because if you're someone who has it on your heart to start your own business, be honest about why and maybe the vehicle you're choosing to get there even though what you're picking today may seem easier, it may not actually be what you want to do and I think a lot of people who fall victim to this are people who hop into direct sales or those kind of multi-level marketing schemes. I have opinions about that but at the end of the day, be honest with your why and understanding why you're taking this action and if the vehicle you're choosing to get there really lines up properly. And this, I'm so pleased that we're talking about this because that is a common I suppose trap that a lot of people fall into, isn't it? You know, whether you go to university or to college and you study, you know, business or entrepreneurship and you tend to go and then create the business based on what you're what you're already doing. So, you know, with hair

and makeup and and so that seems like the most logical thing to do is to go and create a business based on something that you already have a bit of a passionate about. But like you say it's then really thinking about why, why am I even why do I want to go into business? So, let's talk a little bit about that and why is that why is that so important? Why is it important that we talk we think about that and we're honest with ourselves as I'm going to say soon as we possibly can as early in the process as possible. Why is that important? I think if you don't, you will burn out or you'll resent your job or you'll never find fulfillment in what you are doing and I know this because I've experienced it first hand. Like I said, went to hair school. We

call it cosmetology school here and built up my clientele, worked under mentors for three years, went off, opened my own business, six figures. It's successful but I was not fulfilled because I was chasing the wrong thing. I didn't do that deep inner work of understanding myself and my why and what I actually really wanted to do in life felt too far. So, I almost like pulled the deadline, the finish line closer to make it more achievable for myself and I did burnout. I got to a point, you know, on the surface, dream business, ideal clients, high-end clientele, dream team where we're handling, we did wedding hair and I also had a studio where I would cut and color by myself on the surface looked super successful but internally, I was not fulfilled because I was not in full, deep alignment with my why. So, I

think, if, here's the thing, you're moving regardless, You're doing stuff regardless. So, if you're not aware of, I call it that end destination where you want to go in life. If you're not aware, you're still moving. So, you might as well take the time to really recognize where that place is where you want to be. Ensure

what mode of transportation you're choosing to get there is going to actually get there and also check in. Maybe that changes and evol Over time and that's okay But at the end of the day, for me, it, that was a beautiful chapter. It made me a much more successful coach because I understood what it took to build my own business. It wasn't just, you know, philosophy learning that in school. So, I have zero regrets in doing it but I feel like I'm living out my truest why now because I'm more and more and more aware of what it is. Mm.

Isn't it really, I mean, that's really fascinating too and again, I think that will resonate with so many people because often do start out and we're creating these businesses and like you say, you know, you were doing really really well. So, to on the surface and to the outside world, gosh, Kelsey's really successful and then, all of a sudden, you know, you realize that hm or whether it was a gradual thing or just a a moment in time where you were like, oh my gosh. This isn't doing it for me anymore. I I'm not feeling fulfilled. So, talk me through that because I can only imagine at that time you know what's going through your head and everybody else saying, oh, Kelsey, you're doing, you're doing an amazing job. God,

your, your business is growing, you've got an amazing team, you're delivering really awesome you know, products and services to your clients, and then you go in through this you know, spanner in the works, because now Kelsey wants to change her mind and do something different. Talk me through that. Yeah, I would say, first of all the emotions behind that were burnout had happened and COVID had happened. So, in the States, we were shut down. So, I literally couldn't do hair anymore and I, I mean, I was that happy COVID happened but I was happy for that time to really just be for a minute and really think about things and that's when I realized I had this heart for helping people in business that I hadn't had the time and capacity to do that in the hair world and so, I was hungry. If

I could do your logo, we can't even work Now, you're getting government funding. Why wouldn't you want to work on your website? Why wouldn't you want to revamp your social media? All the excuses you throw out there of I don't have time to do XYZ thing. now is the time to do those things and I naively assumed every business owner would be that way. Turns out they're not. But I would but I basically got to taste test what it's like to do what I do now. Because of that perfect circumstance, right? I, if I'm honest, I think I would have stayed in the hair world a little bit longer, if that giant change had it happened.

Um so, I'm thankful for that time because it was like, what else am I going to do right now? And also, I need to pay the bills. So, yeah, sure, I'm getting some government funding but it's not the same I make in the salon. I am supporting myself and my partner. I need to make more money. What are the ways to do that? Well, if I could do a coaching call, if I could offer my time, I can do that virtually and so, it was the perfect kind of storm of all of those things. As I was

doing it more and more and I realized I didn't want to go back to hair, some advice around this. If you're position where you want to make a change, seek out, seek out people who are really going to provide that tough love and that accountability but also understanding for what you want to do and what I mean is sometimes that person is not your partner. Sometimes that person's not your parents or your sister or your best friend because they're they just don't see that bigger vision. So, I actively sought out people who had done that, who had left a good business for another business, willingly, and those were the people I saw out from for coaching me and that's the advice I would give. If you're not getting the support and you want our need to take that next step where you want to go, you might be leaving on the wrong people for that and that's okay. It doesn't mean they

don't love you. They just may not be able to see it from where you see it. Absolutely. I mean, that is a fantastic piece of advice and I couldn't agree with you more and as much as our friends, family, you know, they love us and they want to support Sometimes, you do need well, I mean, not even sometimes, you always need somebody else there to give a different perspective and to be able to give you that tough love when you need it. And the

mentorship that you will require to enable you to really accelerate your ah your progress right? Super super important. Um in in the show notes of today I actually wrote a book with ah a business partner of mine called Six Figure Leader to Seven Figure and Beyond Coach. And just because we're talking about this around mentorship I'm actually at that into the show notes for today because I think it's really important that people really do understand that. And I love the fact that you know you took that that opportunity that was really thrust upon everybody right? It was like oh my god. What are we going to do now? And it happened all over the globe. So

you know you sitting in Washington are sitting in you know whether you're in New Zealand or the UK or in Australia. Everybody was hit like that. And and to have the kind of business like a a hair and beauty salon that really relied on foot traffic and being in close proximity to people. You know just have that shut down. You certainly could have just sat back and said it's okay I'll ride this out.

I'll get the government funding and you know I'll I'll jump back into the salon when things you know come right. But funnily enough during that process right we never knew when that time was coming. Thankful we're at you know at the other other side of that now. But taking advantage of those moments like you say taking advantage of the times where you've got some downtime and sometimes things might feel like oh my god I'm in the thick of it. I don't know what I'm going to be able to do. But

there was a silver lining in that and that was it gave you some time to think. To pivot. To explore some other things that you've now found yourself to be really really good at coaching and and mentoring mentorship you know kind of area of business. So so when that all happened and you realised that people around you even though you were doing this. You were doing this pivot

other people weren't. What what did you do to to help others? Like because there's a time right where you're doing it. Other people aren't. So there's this there's this need for you to be able to reach out convince you know share with others the things that they should be and could be doing during this downtime. How did

you go about doing that? Because at this time this new business or this new business idea is starting to bubble to the surface. And through that process a new business is being created right? So what happened next? And how did you how did you start to to get other people interested in what you were doing? Oh Tracy I did everything wrong. I I had with Yeah, I had built a successful salon and I naively assumed that audience that I had built for that business would be the same audience for my coaching business and on top of that, I also assumed business 101. People need to understand their finances. So, let me build a

course on a profit first and how to pay yourself. Marketing 101. People need to know how to post good content. So, I really focused on the how. So much more than the why and I also was screaming to the masses what is what I would say to my clients now. I was screaming to

the masses versus whispering directly to FU. So, I was way too broad. I spent so much time building this online course and I'm I'm very transparent and authentic in what I do. Full-on launched a course, $0 sales. Why? Cuz noone knew who I was as a coach. They knew me as

Kelsey, the hair expert and it's not fair to hold space for the same audience. I kept the same Instagram and social media you know, just updated the bio kind of thing. It's so unfair to assume just because I cut your hair and we talk about business that you're going to actually need my my business service and I did assume that and so, I just really struggled in the beginning. I, I remember, I'd post some content but like I said, mostly hiding in the background building this course. First, I built it on

Google and then, I Googled, you know, where, who does the best courses? Then, I found Brendan Burchard and I'm like, oh, Kajabi, that that's the answer to all my prayers. I, it's not marketing, it's that I just need the systems. A system, system, system. So then I built

this whole funnel on Kajabi. I, websites live, go buy now. Like, who, people don't respond to that, and so, it took a lot of doing the wrong things and not getting traction. I had someone reach out to coach me and I kept being like, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, and then finally, when I launched that course and noone bought, I reached out to her and I, I got help as a coach. and her specialty was online coaching.

Specifically launches and that's exactly what I needed. So, I was able to pay off her thousands of dollars in two months and since then, I'm just growing and growing and growing and what I've learned in that time is whatever thing you're launching, whether it's a product or service, if it's new to you, you need to really take a lot of time being an intentional and nurturing your audience. So, if you want to launch something, say in January, you can't start talking about it in January and have success. There's always the one-off people who go viral and stuff but for the most part, if you're presenting something new, that takes time and intention and just because people know, like, and support you for what you do currently, doesn't mean those are your people moving forward. I have

plenty of friends and family that own businesses that don't hire me as their coach. So, stop stop like forcing people to be your clients and instead, speak directly to the ideal person and you'll know, you know, in the beginning, it was she was like stop thinking about this course and just do one on one. Just promote one on one. You'll learn from that

experience. Pick up the patterns then build something from that experience and you get paid to do it. So that is what I did. Once I flip flopped, got the help. It totally changed everything. I mean, it's, I mean, you and I can have a bit of a giggle about this, right? Cuz that is pretty typical for most people because they think, oh my god, I'm going to go out there. I'm

going to do all of this stuff and don't worry, I don't need any help. I'm just figure it out myself. I I'm and not that we make the conscious decision to do this but trial and error you know I'm okay with that. I'll just figure it out along the way until we realise that oh my god I spent a whole lot of time, effort, money, like building something when I actually could have fast tracked my whole success path if only I had got the help sooner. So I think that is really really important. I mean

if you think about building a house right you know you don't it it takes months and months and months of planning. You know spend that amount of time working out what colours we're going to have, what's the layout, what's the design? What bricks do I have on the front? You know all of these things we think about that for months before we decide to pack our bags and and move in. I mean, if you were going to do that just today, I've decided I'm going to build myself a house and you've bought bought the section as in you've just gone and purchased a domain name, now I'm going to move in, you'll be moving into an empty block. Um, and that's the same kind of concept that we've got here is most people think that they can just do it and you know within a very short space of time, the droves of people will just be lining up to see you. There's a lot of other things that go on behind the scenes, right? In the lead up to building your audience and building those that want to hear your message before it's even time for you to open the door so to speak. Yes. Yes. And

I mean, full transparency. My salon, my month of business, I made over 8, 000 US dollars. So, I'm comparing this brand-new business that I have no no established relationship with my audience on to the salon business but I have to keep in mind, yes, the salon business was new but I was still doing it here before that. So, even though in my

head, I didn't have to warm up that audience. I actually did because for 3 years, four years prior to that, I was already posting only about hair, only about hair and weddings and so, four years of my audience being prepared to be my client in my own business versus coaching I thought I could just turn the lights on and that people would show up. The other thing you were saying a little bit earlier about getting the support and mentorship. Get the right help. And I think back to

that why piece that's why it's so important to know your core why, what, how you make decisions, what feels really good, and what feels not so great and being aware of that because I think oftentimes, people think, oh, I'm struggling with Instagram, I just need to hire an Instagram expert, and often times, especially if it first hire, that's probably not what you need. You probably need a coach or a mentor to help you put some car drills up, keep you focused, implement some systems, and then once you get to a place where it's almost like absolute dire need, you know, everything else is blowing up, the funds are there, that's when it's worth hiring those experts. So, I just want to make sure we talked about that too, Tracy. Totally, agree with you. Um and

I'm glad that you've kind of circled back to this why because I want to go back there too. You know, in helping to understand or to get to the core of why they're doing something. What are some advice that you could give people? Like is there a process that you've like over time that you've actually figured out? This is how for you. This is

how I get to my why. And this is how I know that I can stay in total alignment with that over time. Absolutely. Um it's kind of funny that you mentioned that. So there's tons of podcast books. There's different experts who have all talked about this. I've done the Brunei Brown thing where you kind of there's a big list of values that she has. You

pick a list and then you, you know, you go down and down until you have the top three. I've done the John Maxwell version. He has little cards where you go through the cards, same exercise. I did this

recently this year. I believe it's something it's worth doing at least once a year just to check in 'cuz I also believe that stuff can change as different seasons come up in your life but I recently did it. I changed the verbiage on my website. I challenged my self to show up more authentically with my audience and with the podcast I'm on and the topics I talk about and then, I recently actually did the legitimate why exercise which for those that don't know, Simon Sinek wrote a book, Start with Why, but a lot of people don't know. He actually has a part two. That's a

workbook and you have someone who sits across from you and facilitates conversation to arrive to your own personal life statement and the funny thing, Tracy, is, again, revamp the website not that long ago. Recently, just did that YX size and that why exercise, those words are already living on my website. So, they were, I was already aware. I just didn't have it condensed into one sentence. So, I would say of all the different things I've tried, all the books I've read, I believe to start with why is a great starting point? Just to hear kind of the methodology behind it, why the why matters, and all of that stuff but then, I would find someone who doesn't know you very well and have them be the facilitator for your why. It took four hours of intense just storytelling, telling my highs, my lowest lows, and the facilitators job was to pinpoint what themes keep coming up and really digging in and what we arrive to here. So,

this person, he would write what he thinks my why is. I wrote what my why is. We kind of would go back and forth until it felt good coming out of my own mouth because that's what matters and I would say that process is the more streamlined way to get there but obviously because the verbiage was already on my website, I had, I knew, it's just, I didn't have it down to like a sentence and now, I have a sentence. Beautiful. I don't know if you want to share that sentence you're welcome to.

Sure. Yeah. So just to add a little context the format is to do something blah blah blah. So that something. That's the

specific format of the Y. It's not just like my mission. It has like a specific format by design. So mine is to inspire people to take action on their biggest dreams. So that they live a fulfilled life. So for me. I love it. Thank you. And

you know what's kind of crazy that I learned? That actually from a place of fear. A fear that I don't ever want to feel like I'm missing out. So much so that I project that on other people. So if you tell me Tracy

that your dream is to be a professional skydiver. I'm going to keep checking in until you realize that dream because now you've told me. And I I tackle my business life and parts of my personal life. Like I never want to have FOMO. I

would never want to feel like I didn't say yes or take advantage and to the point where it comes from fear. So it's good to be aware like the root of it but you can see how that thing can also be used for good. Which is why I have the podcast. It's why I'm a business coach. It makes so much sense that I do what I do.

And you know that's really really interesting Kelsey because very recently I've also been doing a lot of research on these leadership styles right? And to you based on what you've just described. Like you're a classic coach leadership style. That you so it's no you know there is no mistake that you are a coach by coached by nature and you're a coach in in what you're doing. And you know the fact that you say you know you tell me that you want to your your dream is to skydive. Um you can't you actually cannot help. But to help that person and coach that person to the point where they are going to be jumping out of a plane and enjoying that skydiving experience. Because it's

actually ingrained in you. Um it's really really fascinating. Um you know, I want to further down the track on on these different leadership styles but it's really interesting. So it's funny that you know, or no coincidence at all that you should be talking about that today because that clearly is your is your leadership style.

So, that's super cool. So, so this you know, getting to the that core of your why and I love that structure. It's so simple and it's creation, right? And it enabling people to just sort of fill in the gaps but the of go and grab Simon Sinek's books and you know read those two that are about it starts with why and give the gift to yourself of really understanding what you want in life and why you want more importantly, why you want it because that's you know, when you start delving deeper, right? That's when we really start to question ourselves in the the decisions and the actions and the in which we are displaying to determine whether or not that's actually going to help you move towards the goals that you've set yourself. It's fascinating isn't it? Absolutely and like I said once you do it also check in. Maybe it evolves over time. Mm hmm.

Maybe you gain more clarity of what you want or don't want. You know there's certain things that I had focused so much energy like I said on that course. 90% people don't complete courses. So no wonder

it's hard for me to talk about it and sell it. Because I to my core if you buy this thing and you don't finish it, I'm going to feel like I failed you and I don't really, this sounds bad but the truth, I don't care that you failed, but that just makes me feel like I'm not doing my job. Like, I know I can't save you and do it for you. I already know that that's just not going to happen. Therefore, I don't even want to offer it to you in the first place. I'd rather you come listen to my podcast, read my blog, hire me to come speak.

There's so many other ways I can support people that feel more, that's why that why PSI Hammer Home so much 'cuz I think the more know that about this myself then I more I have more laser clarity on what offers I want to have that really light me up and feel awesome in that way. You know, once I maybe say goodbye to that aren't serving me in that way. Mm You know, and I think that's a really place, a great place to come from too. Like

we, now that you've understood what really, I suppose makes you tick and and makes you light up. You know, it is seeing other people really have the success. you have been able to coach and nurture them and if they don't get that level of success you know that. You know you take that to heart. And that's not a good thing. That's

not a good place for Kelsey to be. So I love that you you know you understand that and you do that right from the get go so that that will actually that obviously increases the success rate of every one of your students. Um so you speak in my language and I absolutely love it. So I I now want to kind of go here because this really lend itself to I mean you've talked about the brick and mortar business as in you know I've had a had a hair salon. Um we've now talking about the online space. I know you also talk about sort of you know e-commerce or or you know products and products that you you can sell through even platforms like Etsy. So let's

help help people understand. like what sort of things are possible for them and once they've kind of worked out their why where can they go next to determine what type of business should they start? Should I be starting a brick and mortar? Should I be going into the coaching or you know coaching and consulting type space or mentorship? Should I be going down the path of you know, creating some sort of online store. Is there a a system or a process or a way that you think is a is best for people to approach this? Yes, I'm going to use a business school terminology which at the time I thought was silly but is 100% true, which is minimum viable product. So often,

especially nowadays in the digital age, everyone just sees like the pretty like perfect version. Um you should not be having seventeen different offers right off the bat. Especially online coaches, myself included, the best thing I could have done was just laser focus on those one-on-ones, serve them well 'cuz it hire tickets so I don't need as many of them and continue to show up on Social media. If I had just done those two things, I would probably be double as far as I am now. And

so anyone who's entering that space, I shake them in the shoulders and I'm like, don't do what I did. But of course, you know, life is the biggest teacher. So, I can't be mad about that. But. You know, I'm glad you've said that because actually, after, I don't know, how many episodes of the Unlocked Show that I've done over the last few years. That

has come up so many times. In fact, I was the conversation with one of the guests just last week sort of behind the scenes and I asked her that question. I really wish that I'd ask that during our live episode but essentially you know is there anything you would regret it? And she said the same thing. I wish that I

had I had actually just stuck with one thing that I hadn't delved into. Oh my god. I think I've gotta create all these things. I don't have enough of a product range or offering. Um if I just done that I would have been able to like you say. Laser focus be very you know, and your messaging becomes extremely dialed in because you're only talking about the one thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I would say that and then back to that why I have a perfect story that explains exactly why that's so important. So, one of

my clients who's in my mastermind owns a hair salon. Okay, so that's already two businesses. She's behind the chair so she has her clients. She runs her own business and then she's essentially a landlord that owns the physical space and people from her. So,

her third business, the thing she wanted to start was hair products, design, you know, combs, clips, that kind of stuff that hairstylist would use and I remember asking her, why? Why do you want to start that? Well, residual income, okay? Why? And the more we peeled back the layers, I learned she had this big heart for inspiring hairstylist to see what was possible and actually create this beautiful work-life balance. She has this in her life and she wants that for other stylists and I was like, how is twenty foil going to get you there. Right off the bat. It doesn't mean it's an

it's a no forever but if you that's your why and that's your impact. So, we totally in working together, initially, physical product. What is she doing now? Mentorships, she's already growing her education team. She had her first in-person hair and business workshop all within six months of working together and that's where that why is key 'cuz I had, as a coach, had I not asked that question, I probably really would have done her disservice, honestly, because as you know, your audience, right? How many people who listen, watch, are on your Email list actually buy the thing, not that, not that many, percentage wise, it's not that many. So, if you're going to sell something for 20 bucks or you're going to sell something for $500, what's worth your time? And if you're just getting started, people need to know, like, and trust you and if you're getting in the product space, talk about a ramp up period, that's a much longer ramp up period and I said, you need raving fans before you launch some kind of physical product that going to compete with what else is in the market and so we totally reworked her business She has dreams of those products.

They'll come into the place someday but she is loving what she's doing now and she's doing it. She's already traveling and has her second class lined up in a couple months and like I said, six months of just laser focus on the right things. Well, firstly, congratulations to her and you for for getting her to that point because that, you know, like for most people, that seems the most like logical to do. Go go start

this. Let's create another another stream of income. But doing that deep work and and really peeling back the layers of why, why, why, why and getting to the point of this is why I want to do it. And then realising that oh my god. That thing I was going to do is actually it's not in alignment with that. In fact, that's going to take me way off track.

Um so, I think doing that, you know, right at the outset. Hence the reason that you are now able, we're able to get her a laser focused and she's now you know tripping around the countryside or the world rather than trying to figure out oh back pedal and unwind some of the stuff that that she might have created because like you she might have found herself also in that space of burnout. So I think these are all I mean a lot of the stuff that we're talking about today even though it comes down to that one thing. When we think about the one key thing out of today's episode. It is really getting clear on your why. And when you

do that it's going to help you to make better decisions. The other thing that I want to go here to is this whole concept around MVP. So minimum viable product right? Um and after many years of writing you know business plans and grant applications and you know investor type documents for for businesses. You know getting to that MVP point is really important. But is a thing that

most people don't do. They either don't do it at all. They build like you were saying at the beginning. I want to build

the whole thing. It was so beautiful. Everything was just working amazing. It looked really good. And I launched it and crickets. Nobody came.

Right. And then we do this other process of the MVP. So let's let's kind of talk about that a little bit more because I think it's something that is overlooked or not spoken bad enough. Yeah, I'm sorry folks but it's not sexy. It's like

not a fun, sexy answer that I think people are looking for and I think what happens is they're looking for a shortcut for the work and the work is this, you understand your why, you identify a core problem that your product or service can solve and then, you identify what people are going to most resonate, resonate with that problem and you stick with one thing and you do it well and you keep doing it and you keep doing it until then, you have proof of concept and from there, you can grow but if you start with too many things. Think of it when you go to a restaurant and there's too many food offerings. Sometimes that's overwhelming to the point where people may not even eat anything and so we don't want that to happen. So the minimal viable product, A, it allows you to make money quickly, which if you're starting a business, you need to do, and B, it allows you to learn and grow as you're going. So, maybe you start with an offer that fits for right now.

Maybe, if you're entering the coaching space, I just say this 'cuz I think so many people get bad advice sometimes. So, I'm passionate about it but maybe you start in the coaching space and you a Facebook group and you are working so hard to build community and get people engaged and it's just not happening. It feels like a chore. You never feel awesome about it. What if you just stopped and instead, you know, built a course or something.

Maybe you start with a Facebook group and then you launch a course and then, instead, now, the the group got you some proof of concept. Maybe you got some feedback from it but at the end of the day, it wasn't fulfilling. Maybe you shift and you move to a different offer but you have to start with one thing And then you just have to talk about it over and over and over and over again and I think that's what people forget. Absolutely and I and to your point you have to talk about it over and over and over again and and that's one of things particularly if you're in the the the digital marketing sphere, a digital space, right? You're a coach, you're a consultant, a professional that does this sort of stuff, right? Um whether you're on podcasts and and often people will say to me, oh man, I need to find some other things to talk about. They don't realise that you know you can talk about the same thing over. And in fact you need to talk about the same thing over and over and over again until you feel like you are a broken record. Because

often your audience is not listening to you necessarily over and over and over again hearing that same message. And they have to hear it as frequently as they can to get the message to to to make to take some action right? Absolutely. Yeah and I think the same could be applied for all kinds of things. You know, I also host an in-person networking group. I have two co-founders. So, three of us started this networking community earlier this year and the first couple meetings were free. Any, you know, open house

come but the more we would talk about it and the the more successful events that we have, we talk about for probably almost a month in different ways whether people are sharing testimonials whether we're talking about what topic we're going to cover or whether about the venue we're having it at. We're talking about it in different ways over and over and over again and that's how we're able to get good attendance at our events. I recently was asked to speak at an event that had to cancel because they literally only sold one ticket and it was a a room with 200 person capacity and it's because they didn't have that solid launch period, that strategy leading up to it. So, it takes time. Yeah. Yeah. You've gotta you've gotta build the pressure, create the audience, create the the excitement about it is that you're doing to get people to to actually want to come and want to listen right? It's that it's that piece of the puzzle around connecting with the audience in the right way.

People need to know why me, why now? Absolutely. And if if you can't speak to them on a way, that shows them that you actually know them, you understand what they're, like you're saying, understanding what the why, what your why is but also what their why is, what is the problem that they're experiencing right now and what's the what's the resolution? What's the solution to that? And then talking about over and over and over and over again. I love it. Um Kelsey I know that you know this process that we've been talking about I mean is very heavily used in the online space. Uh but what if you're in for coaches and consultants and the like? What if you're somebody who wants to create their own? They don't really want to do the kind of whole be the person of their business. They just want a Ecommerce business that sells stuff. What sort of things do

you think? If they're thinking about gosh I want to do something else. I now have done the deep work. I understand what my why is. And the the my vehicle that I'm going to use is actually a physical product. What sort of things would you recommend they do? Keep it simple. Stupid. Kiss. I know. I'm like leaning on my college degree today. I don't know.

That's just what's coming up. But truly and I've people do this. So, I had a client who started a coffee mug business. It actually, it's pretty brilliant. So, everything, every design is etched on. So,

you can mic, everything is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. So, you can get a really cute, cool design that's there forever because you know, you get those cute mugs with like, you know, design on it but then, you wash it in the dishwasher one time and it wears off or you put it in the microwave too. So, brilliant idea, right? But I was like, you, it's not, you can't just post about it and buy it. So came up with a full launch plan for her, a really simple website, and that's it. She wanted to add stickers and hats, and all these other things, because her branding was, it was cute, but I'm like, people don't know you yet. People are not going to wear a sweatshirt with your logo on it yet, and also you're not going to get the ROI yet, the best use of your time, have a couple. I think she had three

basic designs she launched with. She really was teasing it before it came out. She pushed people to sign up for the newsletter. So, they were the first to know, made that place a variable very valuable place to be and then everyone signed up for the newsletter. She was able to launch it and it's been awesome ever since. But I think what people do is they think I'm going to make a cute product. Oh. Now I'm going to

hire someone to do graphic design. Ooh, I need business cards and they start to buy all these other things and I think. Yeah. Before you take out the credit card, ask yourself, is this investment, whatever that it is? Is this investment going to have a return on investment? Am I going to get my money back someway? The use of your time with physical product is going to be having key people using it and sharing it with their friends and family and talking about it on social media. Especially something like a coffee mug. For her, it was

perfect. She's a nail tech. So, she think of all the cute photos. She does the nails. It's her coffee mug. It made so much sense. I'm like, reach out to all your nail tech friends. Have give them a free one and just say, hey, could you just post about it? Tell me what you really think. Leave a review if

if this is something you're you know, enjoy and would recommend to your friends by the end of the day Take some photos and share them. That's a much better use of your time and dollars because that costs money than buying, you know, a roll of stickers to put on the packaging. I think people, yeah, like I said, it's not sexy. I'm not here, I'm not here to be sexy, people. Yeah. But we, it is. It's just like,

you know, I know you said, I'm leaning on some of the stuff that I've learnt back in college but the fact that they teach that, you know, they've been teaching that for years. It's just keep it really simple. We have this tendency as humans to try and or our our want to over complicate things and create lots of stuff. So you know keeping things really simple, Getting your minimum viable product, and just going.

go for it. So, the three things I just want to reiterate that we have spoken about today that I think have been super super important is you know, really getting to the core of why. Why are you doing that? And Kelsey has given you some great tips and tools of places you can go, download you know, book and do that exercise. Get to the core

of your why. The second is really understanding or getting to a point where you've got a minimum viable product. And then keep it really simple.

Keep things simple. Just go out there and get it done. Get a move on. Start taking action. But keep it really simple. Now I know that you guys are probably thinking right now. Gosh I've loved what Kelsey's been talking about today. And

wondering where can you get in touch her. Where can they go to get more of Kelsey? So I want to give Kelsey the opportunity to tell you guys where the best places for you to to connect with her. And if you feel you know it it she resonates with you and she's she's you know the right sort of person to work with. Then you're going to take a conversation further.

And I think you're going to be very pleased with with your connection with Kelsey. So where can they go Kelsey? Yeah thank you. I would simply go to my website which is Kelsey Marie Knutson. com. Everything is on there. I have

information. If you have a podcast or would like me to come speak, I have a button that says press. If you want to learn more about my networking group. Again, at this time, it's in person but if you're just curious, it will lead you right to that and then I have a list of all the different ways to work with me. As far as

social media goes, I'm probably most active on Instagram and then, my second most would actually probably be LinkedIn. Thanks to my some old jobs that I've had. It's always been one that's been on radar. So, those two places and yeah, I would just, I would love to connect. If you find me through the Unlocked Podcast, please let me know. That's how you found me so that way I can give Tracy a thank you too and if you're listening. Oh, I think. And you

enjoy this, please also provide that feedback, give a review because I know how much work goes into putting on something like this. So, kudos to you, Tracy too and thank you for having me. Thank you very much. Yes, thank you. Yes, make sure

guys you go over and do that. Give us a review and let us know what you think of the Unlocked Show. But I want to say a huge thank you to you Kelsey for being such an amazing guest. You know great

to hear your you know your wisdom, your expertise and just you know that level of advice to just you know really keep things simple. Um both of you and I are really passionate about helping other people create businesses that they love. To create a level of freedom in their life that they've never had before. So I I love the fact that we're you know we're totally in in alignment with one another from that perspective. So I want to

make that everybody does get the opportunity to to head on over to your website. Grab some of the stuff. I know you've got some free things on there. They

can connect with you. All of that fun stuff. But please make sure that you do that. And and if you're you know you want to connect with Kelsey and myself more. You can also go to

Facebook. You can find the Facebook group. It's free. It is a success secrets for Business Family and Life Group. Find this particular episode. And if you've got any questions for either Kelsey or myself type them in there and we'll be to make sure that we answer all of the questions for you. But thanks everybody for tuning in today. It's a absolute pleasure

to be of service to you guys and to share these amazing speakers with you. I'm going to be back again with another episode this Friday at 10 AM. And as you know every Wednesday and Friday 10 AM Brisbane time we go live with the Unlocked Show. So thanks very much for joining me and go and live your life unlocked because you know there is just no other way. Thanks everyone. Thanks Kelsey Thank you. Alright guys, see

you next time. Bye for now.

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