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Trading Crash Course || Learn Day Trading || Options || Forex || Stocks || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone! Welcome to a very important and very interesting video. It is called Crash Course, Day trading crash course means if you want to trade bank nifty/option trade or forex trade or Dow Jones trade or equity stock trade or swing trade or intraday trade. So, what is the method? I am trying to make a sort of it in the form of a crash course. I found one comment very interesting. When someone said, sir can we make a crash course? When I was traveling, I met a lot of people, all over the airport. It can be respected CISF staff, policemen, or you know, normal people I met. When I was traveling, I met a lot of people, all over the airport.

It can be respected CISF staff, policemen, or you know, normal people I met. I met with the subscribers, everyone has one request that few things are understandable and few things are not. There are no such video that can make connections among all. However, there is if you search it, If you do efforts. But, otherwise also, so that you don't have to do much efforts. I will give you an easy way. I shall give you a wonderful video. That I, it's not possible, It's obvious.

This means it's not possible that suddenly a good video gets created. Still, I shall try and do an honest attempt. If I am doing an honest attempt and you also should do. Pause this video. Or leave it with a like. Will see when we have time that to with a proper try. See it either on the laptop or see it on the full screen with ease with headphones. Watch it with proper focus then only there is an effort from your side. Then also there will be our win-win situation. I want you to see it with full focus and with ease. This video is going to be long. So, be ready.

I will try my best to provide you with all the elements. By using those elements one can start their trading career or can sustain or improve also, all three things. In this video, I shall give you complete information. Regarding, you know Now, I shall start this video.

Ok. Let’s start this video. And I will tell you what all you are going to get from this video. So, if we talk about the meaning of crash course.

See guys, Crash Course means to complete a course in a shortcut. It’s obvious, long cut is a better way. But, still there has to be some methods. What is a shortcut? Simply, I will say, shortcut or long it. If you know, after waking up. You know what step no 1 you need to take. If you know step no. If you know the Market. If you know a night before, homework of step no. 1. Before the Market gets open, what step no. 2? pre-Research you need to do.

After the opening of the market, when you have to take action. After the market gets open, action can go either positive or negative. How positive will one deal 3.1? Or how negative will deal with 3.2? What step no 4, we need to take? Our Journalising If we get to know these step numbers then our work is done. Correct. Yes. This is it.

So, our goal is to achieve step by step process. Ok, Step-by-step process. If it doesn’t matter whether your age is 15/18/19/20/21/22/25/50/35/40. If you understand this step then you can start trading. Ok Let’s start. First of all, (First of all), we shall start a point. So, first of all. First of all, we need to decide what needs to be traded? Nifty/Bank Nifty trade we are going to do.

This is called derivatives. In this we do either option trading or future trading, Ok Or otherwise we decide. Are we going to trade in stocks like Reliance, SBI, Adani ports or Apollo hospitals, etc. This is called Equity trading. Or, we are going to do Forex Trading or Crypto trading or Gold Trading. These things open for 24 hours. This comes under forex dow jones etc. Stock or this.

When we decide after that we start our work. So, we will decide on all three. All three have a somewhat similar process. The mix-mix the conversation we will do, Ok. So that it helps everyone. Those who do not know forex will get knowledge of forex. Those who know forex but do not know about Nifty/Bank Nifty will get this. So, don’t worry. Few say they live in Pakistan/UAE etc. You can invest in the American stock market.

If you wish then through Exness you can do it. No problem with trading in equity. So, for knowledge see this video. Earning will increase as much as learning increases, It is already proven. If you wish then through Exness you can do it. No problem with trading in equity. So, for knowledge see this video. Earning will increase as much as learning increases, It is already proven. So let's move forward. Now, we need to decide. See, if we want to decide that we need to trade in Nifty/Bank Nifty/ stock.

Then a Zerodha account is a must for us or upstox etc. Account with any Indian Broker. You can open through me. Link is in the description. If you open your account through me there are many benefits. Giveaways for around 24 Lacs will be there this year.

It can be more than that. So, make sure you have made your account open through me. So, you will get help. You will get a lot of benefits. Plus you will get a daily analysis through me. Definitely, you open your account.

If trading in Forex, you need to open an account in Exness or at CMS. Link you will get in the description. In this also, you will get giveaways of 24-25 Lacs. Few are already given like iPhone etc. Still, you are going to get it. So, make sure you open your account/respective account.

If you open your account then send your ID to or If you open this, send your ID on However, there remains an ID. Still, by sending I will get it in one click. Don’t need to open a full panel, so it’s easy for you. If you win a giveaway sometime, Ok. Foremost is we need to have an account.

Let’s assume we have an account. I shall show you now on the laptop, how the Zerodha's account looks And, it's also for Exness. I shall show you that also. Let’s assume that we opened our account. First step is done.

Our second step is to start a trade Ok. We need to start a trade. For starting a trade, all business starts one day before. It means if you want to trade on Monday then Sunday night. If you need to trade on Tuesday than Monday night. We will sit one night before. So, step no 1 trading day. No, It starts one day before. Name of step no 1 is homework. Now, what is home work? I hope you have seen the video that I uploaded yesterday.

Nicolas Darves one. Clearly, what he said. He worked on tips and failed. He took subscriptions from people there and there also he failed. He asked big investors, but he failed.

He applied fundamental analysis, but he failed. When he applied what? Applied technical as a trader. we are not talking about investors is trading. When he applied a technical analysis. Means price action plus volume. He became successful then. For what are you? How much clear answer do you want? Technical is the way.

So, you do a technical. Technical means simple. This is much common sense. Everyone must have gained if you try to learn. We need to decode the charts. Decode means, decode and one encode something. To complicate something means one needs to understand normal ones. And then we need to convert it to another language. Then, from that other language convert it into a simple language. They say to decode.

Means to simplify it. This chart I need to decode. This chart I need to simplify. This chart I need to simplify this, to the extent that the chart will tell me in words. What is the situation brother? Where is the market? The market is with support or taking the support.

Or the market with resistance or taking resistance. Or the market is doing consolidation in between, Ok. If these words are new to you. Then, gradually, If you see my basics video the course part 1. Then you will start understanding everything. But, support is a thing that resists it to fall, when the market falls. This means from here the market starts going up. And, resistance is from where the market falls. Many times support also falls, this is called breakdown. Many times resistance also breaks. That is called breakout.

So, there are four phenomena. I shall talk about all four gradually. So, what I have said foremost. Always we need to go on charts. We will go on the charts of Nifty. Don't worry, We will go on charts and try to Simplify the charts, Ok. Now, the first step is Homework. The first step is Homework. In Homework, the first step is charts. We will see charts now.

The second step is, are there any events going on? So, what now? Events are not essential to check. Still, because we have time. This doesn’t apply to traders who want to do trading suddenly. It’s not essential every time- events but if you have time. Because you do work with preparation. You can check the events. We are talking about Nifty/Bank Nifty. Then, we will talk about stock then talk about Forex. For Nifty/Bank nifty, there are not many events. Maximum unexpected get. Unexpectedly it gets.

Corona, demonetization, GST got introduced, corporate tax got cut then there is a huge breakout. These are few events for which it is absolutely clear like budget day, Ok. This everyone knows when it comes. You will get it on Google/money control/other websites. You can Google the budget day in 2023. On which day? It is usually in February. Or otherwise, your National Level Elections. It is also obvious. Very few events are there.

So, regarding Elections. You need to know about them. Or, you need to know about monetary policy, Bank Nifty/Nifty. It affects both of them. Monetary policy. These are the three events you need to remember. Other than this nothing is special. This is not a big deal, if you sit in once.

You leave this everyday homework. Do yearly homework. At once you can make the consolidated data at your mobile or wall. So that you can be aware two days before. What happens with the event? Due to events, the market became too volatile. If there is any breakout near the event then it’s a genuine breakout. Before the event, because the market always moves many times before and many times later it gives. But, we need to know the event. Second thing is the event. Third is to do the data analysis. To do data analysis.

See, you might take it as complicated but what I am telling you. From all of these parts no. I have told you this is extremely less. Let’s assume that we can miss this also. But, this is very important. If we give it power also then what's the loss? For homework, we have time brother. EOD means End of the day what data says? We can see it. I have created a dedicated video on the option chain.

I will put that link also. So just Google, ou YouTube it, booming bulls option chain if you write then you will get the link easily, Option trading basics you will get. EOD, so the data analysis. If we do these three things then we become perfect. As there is no need to be perfect in the market. You need to not always be right all the time. You have to be right 50% + times in the market. And, that is definitely achievable by using charts.

I will just read one thing for you. What is step no 1? Is doing homework. In step no 1, doing home work then step no. A, is to study charts. To have knowledge about events and to do data analysis. Step no 2 is

to know the bit market condition. What happens with this, I shall make you understand. To know about market conditions. What is the Market condition? I am teaching on an iPad then I will teach through a laptop. You will get to understand it twice. What is the market condition? This is of three types. Market is sometimes at an uptrend or downtrend or sideways.

This we know. ok We know about trends. But it helps swing ones that if the market is in uptrend then we need to buy. If the market is going up from a downtrend

then we need to buy. If the market gets converted to new-new from up to down What do Intraday people need to do? Need to understand how the market moves. The market moves like this and then breakout. It takes a pullback in the direction of down. This is called pullback, then it continues. This is how the market moves.

Otherwise the market moves like. It comes like that and starts creating a range sideways. Then, it again breaks upwards or downwards. Ok. Downwards also the markets move likewise, It comes downward

and does not fall directly. It moves a bit upward and it doesn't move in continuation the maximum of the time, It again moves downwards. So, it falls downwards and goes sideways then it moves up to down. So, these 4. There are 4 things now. These 4, Market moves either way.

So, if we know that the market already moved long then we can plan to sell trade We know the market moves from up to down and creates a green candle. We can plan buy move If we know that the market went and consolidation happened, it resulted in a breakout. So we can either sell or buy. We know the market keeps falling, so we can buy. If we know that it comes upward from falling and down falling. we can sell. This might look complicated to you but if you will see it again then it will become easy.

And, it will become easier when I take you to the laptop. If you are a beginner, don’t take tension at all. Those who see it, it seems to be simple. I shall take you to the laptop. Very easily you will get to understand it. So, let’s get back. What shall we do again? We revise it again before going in.

What we learnt? That event, we need to do homework. We need to see the chart by opening it. We need to understand events, Events you will get on google. Data analysis I shall tell you later.

What we need to see in the chart. We shall come towards it and, this is about market conditions. Ok. Before going one more thing we need to learn. Now, we are about to go on the laptop. So, understanding on iPad is called basics. So, what we need to see in the chart. We are going in the chart. We are going to travel. We need to see what we don’t know.

We need to see two things in the chart. Chart is made up of two things. Not two things, just one thing, this is called candle pattern. So, what is the candle pattern? Candle patterns look like this somehow. Kind of this. Let’s say like this, Ok Few look like it. One in which there is a thin and long wick is there.

One thing is wick which is of very thin size. Ok, Like this. This is called wick. One is a body, in that that is a bit thick body. This is a body. Means in this body is here.

And, in this, wick is this. So, I have told you. There are two things namely body and wick. Now what happens? What do these both represent? Now I will teach that then you will be able to understand everything. So, you will enjoy it.

So, we shall take two types of trade in life guys. One is called breakout. When the market breaks any range. Ok.

One is reversal. First is breakout. Which is a breakout candle? This is a breakout candle. If the market breaks upside then it will break by this kind of candle.

This is called breakout candle. If the market breaks down (If the market breaks down) then it will break by this kind of candle. If the market gets into range then it breaks like this. I shall be going to show you an example also. This will be my breakout. This kind of trade will be called breakout trade. Good.

This kind of trade we understood. What about this kind of trade? This will be called as. These are all called Reversal Trade. Reversal Trade which means. the market will be falling like this. And in support, if we find this kind of a candle then. In which this wick- This wick this wick- wick is downward. Downward

So, what is it saying? No brother, I need to go upwards. This wick represents rejection. It says, I need to run. If reversal, then what market will do? What will it do? The market will keep an upside movement. What is happening here?

There was a breakout. Here Market what? Reversal. So, reversal will give this kind of a candle. Breakout trade will give this kind of a candle, Like this, How bearish reversal will be? Let’s assume the market keeps going. We know.

How the market moves. It moves continuously Up and down. Here, we get this kind of a candle. Wick is towards up. Wick says that I will go downward. Wick, like this. So, this is called a reversal candle. If candle is making like this the market is not giving a breakout but a reversal. There are only two kinds of trade in the world. Breakout and Reversal.

Breakout will be done by body candles and, reversal by this kind of this candle. See there are more in the stock market and in trading or forex. There are various kinds of patterns. But, if we start learning it all. How can we all learn? Crash Course is going on. So, what can you do? That, everything goes in vain. Let everything else go.

We will focus on this only because this also works. I will show you now. If you forget everything and focus on it only. Then, you will not be much distracted. What is he saying? What is he saying? If you follow this then it also works. Means, others also works not only this. I am not saying this everything

But, these are the main points. Let’s assume it is 70% of the course. But, in the main course also, this 70% is useful So, this is enough guys. So, hope you understand what this is? One is the reversal pattern.

The wick candle is there. One is a breakout candle. That is basically a big body. So, we got to know if we go on the charts then what do we need to see? Ok brother. We are. We were making plans.

Step no. 1, 2,3. I hope you understand the chart. Under the chart, what? After that In the chart, we understood there are two kinds of patterns. Now, we need to understand two more things.

That is called a chart pattern. Now, what are these? When we see a group of candles. How? Group of candles.

Then, we call the chart pattern. What is the meaning? I shall tell you about two kinds of chart patterns. Two chart patterns, we shall study. And, that will be enough as per our work. Two chart patterns. One chart pattern is M. M.

What Market? The market looks like a M. Market goes up then comes down then go up and again fall towards down. One is the M chart pattern. When the M chart pattern gets created, what do I need to do? I need to identify this point.

This point needs to be identified. At this point, I need this kind of candle. If I get this kind of candle, here. This area is here. (This area is here.) Here, I get red body candles. For me, the M pattern gets created. Here, the market gets short for me. Short means, at the short market, I can earn even by selling.

What is short selling at booming bulls, you will get to understand. Absolutely, you can earn money either at the time of falling or rising in the market. But, at the time of rising we need to click on the buy button. And, at the time of falling, we need to click on the sell button. That is there. I will show. We need to shot here to M pattern. Ok. Second, It’s about bearish trade. Ok. Second pattern This is your pattern no 1.

Ok. This is your pattern no. 1. Ok. 1. Under one only, there is one more pattern called W pattern. W pattern. W pattern is for bullish pattern, same. What you need to do is. The group of candles look like this. Here, we get what type of candle? This kind of candle we get. Downwards rejection one then we get a green candle. We need to buy here.

When we shall buy then the market will go upwards. So, we shall work on this pattern only at the foremost. So, this same chart is created M and W are the same. They are not different. I am telling you, what is the other? This is like one only. This is

in technical language, double top. And, this is called double bottom. Very basic but very powerful. Basic things are very powerful, I am telling you. So, this is the M pattern.

This is the W pattern. Now, we shall see next? Next pattern is called the N pattern. What is the N pattern? Now, I will show you. N pattern looks like this. This is also a powerful pattern, rarely, people use it. What kind of trade is this? Can you guess and tell? This is. This is breakout or reversal trade?

I hope you have the right answer. This is the reversal trade. Because it was going upward and from there, it was sent downwards. From here, it is going downwards and from here, it is sent upward. This is a reversal. What about breakout patterns? What happens Many times we There is sometimes resistance. Here, the market comes.

And, sir we brought this. It fails. People say, most breakouts fail. And that’s true. Most breakout in this world will fail.

So, how to trade? That is why, N pattern. We will never trade in a normal breakout. We will always trade in N pattern breakout. What is meant by this? Let’s come and understand it. It means if there is a resistance in the market. Let’s assume, there is a resistance. Resistance means it is not allowing it to move. Let’s assume it is level 100.

So the market comes. Probably, the market comes and breakout it directly. No. You are not going to do the trade. Because there is a no N pattern. No 'N' pattern. You cannot trade.

You, it breakout. Many are buying irrespective of your friend, not friend, or others, you don’t have to buy. You don’t need to buy now. Why don't you need to? Because the N pattern has not been created. What shall we do? Leave it Despite being successful. Yes, Many times, it can be successful even after leaving. We cannot hold everything in the world. We can't hold everything We will hold that which we need. So, we will leave it here intentionally.

What do we want? The world of trading is not like this. You cannot rotate it as per your own will. If the market rotates on your will then you take action. See. It is not in your hand to rotate the market. But, you don’t need to rotate the market. But, one thing is in your hand is

to take action. You can take it. Or, even if you cannot do it. You always do not need to take action, Mostly. You have to take it when the N pattern is created. How will the N pattern be created? Wonderful happened that it didn't go. It came down but it is still not short it We are seeing the market because you don’t know about the trend. If a double top got created then we shall short. We will neither sell nor buy.

Now, it is coming. You are ready. Either an M pattern is created or an N pattern, Kind of. If it gives a breakout then kind of an N pattern it created. This will be your entry. In that, we want this kind of candle. Very good. I hope you understand. If you understand, like the video.

Then, I shall get to know, Like this videos After putting in the effort, I am making that in less time and can tell more things. If it breaks like this, then we need to short. Absolutely, no need to do it. Leave it. But, after coming it goes up, not buying. Buy also double bottom. Where shall we buy it? We buy it here.

So, this much if you do then you will get a 75% of improvement in your trading. Maximum, I am telling you. And, if you follow my things. Others also. You will improve. You just keep listening. What will it do here? If it makes the opposite N pattern. Broked it. Brother, absolutely think it, makes it short. I will just show you hundreds of example on the laptop.

This is your basic class going on. On the laptop, it will be your advanced class, don’t worry. Will short it. What candle do we want? Red body one. Here, we don’t want a wick-wick one. Here, we want body candles.

Candle of red body one, we got it. Brother, short it. This money will be yours. So, I hope you understood it.

Here, we shall trade two kinds of patterns. N pattern or opposite N pattern, Ok. Either to sell or buy. This M pattern will be used for selling double top. W pattern will be used to buy the double bottom. So, we shall use these chart patterns. Candle pattern I have told you. one of body breakout means in the case of N pattern. This will come

In the case of reversal. And, the market condition I have told you. It will not run in one way. It will go up-down or up or sideways or up. It will run like this. I have been told to see the charts. We will see the charts now. I have told you that only. Events are very less.

I will tell you, how to look for stocks. I will tell you, how to see forex? How can data analysis be done? This I will also tell you, Ok. Enjoyed till now. Let’s move forward. Now, close an iPad and let's move on to Let’s come here. So, here we need to come. And. Ok.

We need to come here on charts. Bro see, I assume that till trading view, you can reach or learn till it. If not, open and open your account. Free account is enough for work. It allows you to put 3 indicators. There will be no need to put three indicators anyways we are people of price action. How these levels are getting created. What are these charts? These labels I create on a daily basis. Are you able to see this booming bulls channel?

For a few days, I wasn’t available so my team was doing. But now I started doing it. If my team uploads them also you will get. How this level is created. You just have to see. Are you able to see it? The line which is getting drawn, This horizontal line is here. Horizontal line is straight. From this, the trend line gets drawn. There is no need for a trend line, let’s assume it for beginners.

From here, comes the time frame. If we are doing intraday trading then we shall come in a 15 minute time frame to always do work. So, the chart you are able to see while coming in 15 minutes time frames. And, on each day you can come and learn from my YouTube channel.

You can see for yourself. If drawn, own your own, you will understand by yourself. See, here we can use a rectangle. See, here we are able to see the similar area. That’s why I have created this kind of line here.

Ok? I am able to see that the market is able to stop here once, I have drawn this kind of line. I am able to see that market stopped from here. So, I draw these lines here That market took support from here, So for drawing these lines. Firstly, you need to take support.

From any team or member. For free, daily you can get this support. You can utilize it. Ok. Now, we shall talk about. Let’s assume that we came here, Ok Now, see Here is Nifty. It is of Nifty trade. This is a very good trade what we did also.

So, I shall bring you here. See quickly. See, If we assume, here, I shall show you the chart. We have seen that the market came at a place. And, took a stop and. We shall do our homework. What do we need to do for homework? Step no. 1 homework.

I am looking at homework. I am trying to look for patterns. I am able to see that yesterday the market stopped in this area. Catch both, bdy and wick. Mostly, I prefer the body. But, we can also catch wick sometimes.

If it is small, i'll hold both. If it is long, then I will catch the body. But, here, body and wick both are equal. So, it is stopped in that area. Do we need to see it? We need to understand our homework. I did my homework here. I made a level here

I make a resistance but I need to make a support. I had made a support also. Support I shall zoom out a bit. So, how will support be created? I shall see if the market has been going up recently. From where. From here, many times it is taking a support.

So, I took a support level. Look wick and body So, I have made two lines. Two areas I have made it. Upper one is not all allowing it to grow. Below one.

So, your homework number 1 is to draw the support and resistance line, I have drawn it. What do I need to do? And I have to see if there is some pattern being made, M or N. Yes, there is a pattern here. How it is being made? We can see here that either it could be an M pattern or an N pattern. N pattern It is good that going straight, it is not breaking this level directly. A resistance, market stopped here and took a halt. After stopping here, if in this way it shoots a big then buy is also good, and sell is also good. So today I know

I may get a good trade today so we have to be totally dependent. Ok, so we got this type of candle. Is this candle of any use to me? No, not at all. Why? Because I want this candle below.

Do you remember this should have come in W. See I explained this simply, there is an W and a M Reversal pattern. There was an N breakout pattern, N and reverse N. This pattern was required below W that too in green. It would have been better If it was in green but red will work too. The next one should be green for it.

Ok, so I’ll not do anything about it. Till the time you don’t get anything useful, don’t do it. So now we’ll see what is formed here. It become a perfect body pattern. So here I have to short this trade. Ok But what should I look for? Here my target is gone, so I’ll have to come back again and see another target.

I’ll zoom out and see, the next target this area looks great. Can you see this near the wick? I’ll compare all the wicks I'll compare all area and do this. Now I’ll activate this trade, ok? And now I’ll tell you where to put the stop-loss. So since I have selected this trade, I know that it will be successful. See it does not fall all at once. What did I tell you guys? Did it fall at once? No. It came back

exactly as I told you all about the sentiment of the market. So, don’t panic, Let it come. You have to put stop loss here where will it come from, I shall tell you now. You understood the target. Where do we need to put There is a stop loss named thing. This is called Risk Management. Now, what is risk management? It has three parts.

First, how much money of yours should be spent overall. So Any time, you need to try. The overall capital you put for the trade. There are two kinds of things. Few people keep their working capital or overall capital aside. Too huge. Everyone has their own. According to me, I will keep it simple.

If you have one lakh in your trading account. From it, you cannot lose more than 5000. If you do then you will face a problem. That is why, lessen your position sizing. Means don’t use the full amount. Use less. Second thing is to always use the stop loss.

Always apply on a touch basis. Not on a closing basis because on a closing basis only experienced one can invest. But, you are a beginner. If you face loss on a touch basis. So, where to put the stop loss? I shall tell you.

Last is risk/reward. How much to stop loss puting, is the third rule of risk management. What was the first rule? Keep position sizing in a way that will not exceed more than 5% of your account. Second rule always put stop loss on touch basis Where to put, telling right now Third rule is if stop loss is Rs 50 so target should be minimum Rs 100 or 75 See you are new trader, if starting Stop loss of 50 and target of 75, story over 10 trades of coming life take like this why Because confidence will build up so work will be good For confidence your risk reward ratio should be 1:1.5 from now Ok so now what you will do here I am telling you very important thing have to buy PE or CE it is very simple I have made 100 videos on that will make more Buy CE when market goes up buy, PE when market goes down And it also called its opposite, short So on option I have made very nice video name option trading master class see it But only who can trade option who know chart trading So this is a nice example So we’ll understand here target has hit What will we do We always use an indicator From where indicator comes by clicking here indicator Pivot Pivot point, will click on this and after clicking on it an indicator will open Setting will be very bad Will go to setting click on setting Go to input, click traditional on Fibonacci Change auto to daily And this 15 is telling that it shows 15 candles Here shows label remove show price no need to see price Why would you see level it shows name P1 everything is equal for me? Click ok So what formed? little little What do we get line is made now this line? These lines are amazing lines These tells us that where is important support/resistance level ,This could help so I am doing short here So I know I have support here, I’ll not put stop loss here So what will I do? if it is Nifty so you know Your Rs50 stop loss is consider not as big stop loss and a good enough stoploss of Rs 50 70 is very big because 50 by taking 50 can take target of 75 Anyway you have to see every time You little above this, never put stop loss in stingy If you have here How much is this candle? This is of Rs 70, you come to its 50% To 35 and you put at Rs 38 Put your stop loss here at Rs 38 So you’re here stop loss will be put Let us assume you put your stop loss here Almost I I'll tell you, wait this total candle is of 69, so you put 35 37 or 36 No worry, put here your stop loss Here your stop loss will come And you calculate immediately after giving Rs 37 That my earning is increasing or not So here your target is coming Rs 70 of target should come here So it is coming here of 76 It is perfect of 75, what happened If see, I can take 10 trades Now listen me carefully Assume I take trade like this Where N pattern is made or M pattern is made Not me you’ll take like this I take many more types, I do many other things Then I explain in videos And work on many more strategies But now see Doing mistake by yourself many money will waste If you learn from other’s mistake so you’ll move forward So what you have to you take trade like this You like to take like this, M or N should form And in this you take and loss happens No worry To trade like this imagine Now see this is the game this is the mathematics which people don’t learn carefully Now assume I here I here having loss of Rs 37 Ok And I am having profit of Rs 75 but I take 20 trades I faced loss in 10 out of 20, so loss of 370 and profit in 10 Means See I don’t say we’ll make 60, 70, 80% win rate see guys Will make 90%-win rate or 70% Do setup like this win rate is of 70% easily but assume 50 Then also Rs 50 comes in earning You put math this much math we have learned in 5th class Do bro you are in profit overall People don’t know this and people gets scared inside Get scared for careeror for money And do revenges trading and gets involve in bad things They take calls, increase the risk take many risk If you don’t panic Understand this math Risk/Reward ratio here I have said to put only 1:1.5, right now 1:1.5 then also magic happened, see

Then also it was magical So this is how you need to work This is how you need to focus on your trades I hope you understand that how we made a trade in Nifty We also learned what risk rewarding ratio is How to put stop loss by using pivot? We also learned that we also learn that how that works What how works you Before that what is patterns, ok So I hope we understood this Now one thing is Little bit will be more in this video but it is crash course that’s why I am showing Sensibull named app if you come after login So after analysing click on Zerodha at login with broker Click on analyse will click on only open interest And you have to see this only where You have to come here You’ll find 2 page one OI change and second will be open interest total, 12 January expiry which is next expiry which is going to come After coming here, you see only two things call and put If it is under number 1, so market data wise is bearish If it above number 1 If it is near number 1, like .9 1, 1.1, 1.2, it doesn’t mean anything Now, .8 .7 so it bearish it is telling If it became 1.5 market will be amazingly bullish

So what is this it is extra benefit And what this it is not telling future people thing it is telling future It is telling past obviously which has happened I can see last 2 days market here Here market has fell very nicely I am seeing market has felt in last 2 days Market was weak I also made the video It is proper double top pattern, flag and pole Market fell and then come upward then again market fell Flag and pole was here then it got break So now it has happened This data is telling ok bro, now market will open this see this This above section, It shows intraday data this EOD If doing homework in EOD then will see this If doing real time so, see this This number here data of this also comes In real market, no, it doesn’t come you have to divide Will dive put from call so automatically you’ll get story So it is obvious here call is more so here also it is less than 1 So this is called data analysis I have made dedicated video on option trading means on this what you say See don’t say you get scared all this in once, it's nothing happens bro This is crash course you saw this You’ll watch this video 3 times 4 times will make notes work will be done But this video in many paid courses If you want to learn but don’t have money have less money You can learn from this also, It’s your choice Ok so this is data analysis Now we’ll come to stock market If want to trade TCS Today I want to trade TCS, why do I want? I’ll show you because now see, what is it want to trade TCS Want to trade stocks so what we have to do First of all, will open account on Zerodha Make sure you open your account with link is in the description If you have already so according to me Open for someone from your home and start doing trading You will feel same but you can have benefit that you can win in giveaway Plus, what brokerage you give its 50% I’ll get That is good for growth of our channel If we get that so our channel will grow more And you’ll get more things like this Free of cost you are getting all this so you can definitely do this much That you open your account in Zerodha and if trade in forex then open Exness And send detail id, so this is our detail Come here, come here quickly any new watch list Come quickly and make a watch list I have made now here Here you have to find all Nifty strike prices Now what is the strike price in Nifty 17000? This will be advance so for advance you have to watch option trading video of mine But if TCS, if write TCS will click TCS has come nice Will buy TCS immediately showing how much will need. 3000 If do intraday so Rs 600 will be needed Because it is giving 5 times leverage So means If I take 100 quantities so easily in Rs 66000 66000 in 1.5 lakh in 1 lakh can pull 150 nice quantity TCS will increase Rs 10 and I’ll earn here Rs 1500 TCS will increase here Rs 30 so I’ll earn here Rs 4500 So like this I’ll take calculation If want to sell so, click the sell button so like this is can buy and sell, I’ll try to make dedicated video on usage of Zerodha I’ll try to make So like this TCS owns is made This has ended here your story So this is TCS now if want to trade this so how we events Price action is simple what is making in here Can you see guys; W pattern market is coming W is coming, if market gives green candle in this W pattern today I’ll buy this best what I have taught you, I am applying that So this may W pattern is building What in this is there any event so what you have to Have to open a website Opstra free it is free no money is required Yes, it is paid for some features which I am telling is free Have to click here have to click on result calendar If click here so whole calendar gets open Showing everything what has to happen on 18th , result of persistence On 14 pedelite result on 23 Tata On 9th means today making this video Friday on Friday on 6th It is today, just a working day and result of TCS, boom Whenever something like this happens and I get a nice price action So my trade could work amazingly So what we get to know that event is also there If there wasn’t an event so won’t do Of course I’ll do If there wasn’t an event so like event was not there in Apollo hospitals If I talk there was no event in Apollo hospital but can you see What is it showing I gave by making on YouTube, that market came like this Didn’t break directly goes sideways like that how market moves Short our candle, I put my stop loss above this pivot and easily my stop loss come here of Rs 23 and target comes of Rs 40 of Rs 43 Came 1:1.5, it has been 1:2 type my 1:1.5 was here so this was also a trade If I trade TCS today so here if it goes up, then I’ll buy if not then I’ll not buy it is simple, so simple So this is how you can trade equity trading Now I’ll show you to trade forex If you want to do forex so you have to come here In this watch list see dollar index, EURO/USD, USD different different see What is USD/JPY now for this I’ll take you to app of Exness So guys this is app of Exness We have to come here at middle tab, on markets Now here it automatically gives top movers trading signals etc. If wants so can see this but the upcoming events these are important for you Have to click on show more have to go to economic calendar Right top sees have to click on right top, filter After coming here country region clear all Can see on top right have to click in clear all Only have to select European monetory union Ok if you trade JPY so JPY as well and USA most important is this And you have to come back to settings Have to do here maximum volatility and cross it Coming straight on 12th January, only these 2 things Which is telling time to you that 12 January 2023, 5:30 pm So we have to follow this This will tell us that on this heavy movement can come Means if we are near any price action So we can get good trade This is how you can use this calendar Ok now you saw on app that how we can do So that app is handy of Exness quickly we did Hold European or USD and if want to trade JPY so hold JPY also Ok so hold only JPY Here also making that pattern for me It didn’t break straight, very good bro You have came Now this will just break This breakout comes so I buy Yes, I’ll prefer to buy And here what kind of candle we need for buying Body one and if like this we get so we’ll do short, amazing we have to do So I hope you got it till now that in this way I can do forex trade in lots ok? I have a great video on forex, basic forex You can follow that So just now we have seen lot of things on iPad That how we can We have seen step number one So let’s talk step by step What we have seen for Nifty What we have seen for stocks And what we have seen for forex Charts are very important to see We can see a lot of things in charts Now what I want from you guys is to do homework on some things how? Look what is time frame analysis The best time frames I will tell you for intraday trader If you want to trade intraday you have 5 minutes and 15 minutes If you are a swing trader, then 1 hour and 1 day time frame is good for you If you do forex trading, then 5 minutes and 15 minutes time frame is also good for you there And if you do forex trade and want to do swing trade then 4 hour time frame and 1 hour frame time is good for you So like this you should do some homework on your time frame And after doing homework you have to pay attention Look like I will tell you one more thing Like if we have to do forex trading So you this forex trading basics what? How to do forex trading You must watch booming bulls forex trading video If you want to do options trading Then you must watch booming bulls option trading video When you will see it you will very much In today’s video in crash course I will tell that much only That how we can do things step by step So where we can see event? I showed you where we have to see event of Exness in Exness Or there is if in laptop If you are mobile user friendly

you have Exness in your hand You will get there only I have showed you how to do And if you are laptop friendly then open Immediately you can see there You will open You will also get there in the same way And this I have told you can see your equity for free in Opstra And I have told there is very less for Nifty Now you know events You know charts Do only and only M pattern trade N or W patter or upside down n pattern And do not trade anything else Do only bullish engulfing trade Or else trade that tall wig needle like candle rejection candle trade And do not trade anything else I have told you for risk management use pivot indicator for stoploss, it is very good Or else use any important level if you have learned price action Risk/Reward ratio for 10 days For coming 10 days, 10 day or for 10 trade Book for 1/1.15 and end it If you will get confidence, you will go further Confidence very important for trading So confidence will help you book 1/1.15

You have to compulsory put stoploss Whenever you put stoploss because you are beginner you will go on touch basis If you are experienced person And you think you can maintain closing basis \ NYou can read other factors Then go on closing basis Depends on you how you make training structures and plans You have to follow that So now it is last part of the video which is very important Which is called psychology I hope money management or risk management is understandable, we will use pivot for stop losses Now we have to come on psychology, what is psychology? Always you would have seen or read that psychology is very important What it is? Meaning of psychology is the way we think So we have to think in a very specific way We have to think in a way I will tell you the problems about the traders what they have to face Problem of early entry That we before candle closing we go for rushing. early entry problem number one FOMO end problem Second late entry we after candle closing then also we just look and it goes bigger second problem Third problem when we take trade We our trade start running we can’t hold our winning trade And when it goes on red then we can’t cut it This is very bad habit which spoils psychology So first we have to identify these all three four habits ok? So what we have to do for it? We have to give training to our mind We have our two minds conscious mind and subconscious mind Conscious mind means like consciously I am talking Subconscious means my hard disk like computer have C drive Where we have our every main file which is there already They are installed there already What happens through repetitions we can send any message to our subconscious mind It is proven that if you do anything again and again Why it become habit? Because subconscious mind accepts it Subconscious mind is such type of mind that is not too logical Too which what is explained is understood That’s why some people That’s why we sometimes didn’t grow because of our self-limiting belief in our life So we have to train our subconscious mind how? How do you train a subconscious mind? So there are lot of ways to train your subconscious mind Some people use vision boards Some people use generals some people use a lot of things So what I do is I will tell you that to use repetition method, everybody use this So you use guidance So vision board are afterthought that present you can use guidance First of all, you should remember one thing That the four points I have told you 3-4 points You can also get more points leaving them From where we will get these points? Always after closing of market Either on markets hour or after closing of market You have to always write three things that what is my goal At opening of market you have to write always that what is my goal What money I want to earn, how I want to earn I want to follow my process Then you have to write what is my strength That if I am good in technical entry Or although I am good in entry but everything I plan is late So although I do good entry but my timing is bad That means you have to write both your strength and weakness Likewise, you will write strength We have to increase strength and decrease weakness down So they all are weakness that going fast, doing entry early, doing entry late Not able to cut loss or can’t hold trade So what you have to do you have to write on a page by your hand with good hand writing then you have to print it that I that I will always enter at the right time I will always enter when the candle closes I will always enter, I will never enter late What you have to write for late entry You have to write that I will enter as soon as the candle closes If plan is ready, then you have to write I will always hold my winners Write I will always hold my winners Then you have to write I will always cut my losers You have to paste it, I am telling seriously If you want to give training to subconscious mind, then you have to use reptetion method For it you should paste on walls, write by pen and markers bigger and bigger Buy a white board and write I will always hold my winning trade, I will always cut my losing trade I will always I will never enter early I will wait for the candle to close Once a candle close I will enter if my plan is ready You have to write these four things And weakness that will come you have to write on the white board And whenever every morning you will see it two to three times Whenever two to three times I am showing you I have paste four in front of me that are my four trading rules that for my distraction I will tell it to you by reading it It’s written their trade only the best setups when they are too obvious else just sit quiet It is written like that That buddy I have to trade good setup when it is too obvious which kids like trade Or else don’t trade Further it is written don’t repeat the same mistakes Ignore greens and don’t worry about the past mistakes and fears Holding a trade with expectations of reward is fullish if technical are against you, exit Then it is written that money is literally a byproduct of the right execution Without being emotional if technical is there go for it It is also written further that my job is to make more money not more trading positions So trading less is also a trading position Next one is don’t care about Don’t care about what others will say or think It is your life it’s your this your trading process you have to focus Then it is written that I am great in technical so I have to hold my winners long till the technical level I have to stop over trading, ever It is written not trading is a trading reason It is also written never trade when sleepy never be arrogant Then it is written cross check order while executing So like this I have written my strength and weakness So it is your work also I have told you four And some I have told you mine And some you can match You have to write and paste it on your wall after pasting, after pasting you will obviously see it I will come to your eyes in morning, day, evening And slowly slowly what will happen It will go in subconscious mind So I hope you understand You would have liked today’s video If you have liked make sure you share this video with all your trader friends Who want to learn trading because if they will watch this video by taking their time Then will get much knowledgeable thing very brilliant And one more small thing and tell you before going Now you if you want to trade continuously then I will every week on Saturday &sunday, I will upload forex analysis And everyday I will give you stock analysis and Nifty, bank Nifty level If you will follow me, it will be very helpful Then first of all look up to the homework I have given you about time frame study that Watch the full forex video watch forex basic Watch this one with option After watching all these start trading after easy 15-20 days Until that study it Study it easy Watch my channel good videos as much as you can you will get to know a lot ok? So it will be fun then subscribe if you are new After subscribing that bell notification please, press that If you will press good will happen Now what I have told that are so many quadrants Technical, money management, risk management, psychology Then there is one more that is life management If you will manage your life correctly it will be very good So in this I will tell you one thing that I have done a seminar recently on 1st Jan, in which I have explained to people that The guidance I am giving you for the training of subconscious mind There are some people who have used vision board Not only for trading goals for overall goals for achieving overall life goals That how much money they want in their bank account Which car they want to buy in which house they want to live Total how much money they want to earn from trading everything So like big singers Katy Perry has done, Ranveer Singh has done You know Deepika Padoukone has done What they have done? Made a vision board made a wall then pasted the watch they want, car they want, pasted the house they wanted They are unbelievable stories and get complete So I have made such a thing which modern times vision board I have made a movie which a have made for myself but I will also show you guys So I will be uploading it maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow maybe soon Whenever this movie will come please watch it brother And after watching please comment how you feel And if you will like it please do like it And it is very important project for me It is such a project that any number of people who know about law of attraction, manifestation, positivity Look nothing will happen after watching movie Man will be sitting idle eating popcorn but nothing will happen after seeing vision board also But after watching vision board does like it feel like I should do something Look we have just woke up we will get distracted we are normal people We think we will do this and then this so we option 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, We get distracted if we make our focus, laser focus So it helps us in taking action Never that don’t think I am a fool These people are fool or Ranveer is a fool He used to see vision board Virat kohli was fool who see vision board and apply secret What after applying it and thinking about it You are compelling to take action That I should be better in trading I should better at managing my risk I should become better at waking up in the morning I should be better at going to gym I should be better at a lot of things So that’s why I am going to give a project by watching it you’ll get fun Let me know if you are excited for it Let me know in the comment box if you are excited for it And that’s it I am going to launch give away, will update what will be the giveaway rule and how it will be So the market analysis of weekly of forex and market In that information is given So this year my goal is to give above 50 lakhs giveaways Make sure you have a trading account With my link You’ll get link in the description box Thank you so much and guys I try my best to give you the Very long video has been made I know now more long I am cutting intentionally that how much more long I could make I could if I want to but let’s see How much likes come and how the response come According to that we’ll make next video Thank you so much everyone I’ll see you soon One important thing this was a crash course My weekend batch and week day batch are always open This is not for everybody this is for those who thinks they need a mentor Who wants to earn part time or full time from market So put little extra effort See 20, 25, 50, thousand people loss like this In learning people loss 1 lakh, 2, lakh 5 lakh Then think should have taken training Today crash course came after 15-20 days, doesn’t means do right now Do if you want to take my paid course then also you can take if you want to Number is 8130245100 call there My weekend and week day is always open Now Tuesday when this video will be uploaded Will upload on Sunday so on Tuesday a new batch is starting Very less time will be there for enrolment If want to then do or do the weekend batch And there are my offline batch also in Surat, Ahmedabad in Mumbai in Hyderabad, in Pune In Bangalore in Gurgaon, in Delhi 8 centre I have and more are coming You can sit and learn there in learning environment So that is also an option and if you are not in cities So learn online in that cities also you can learn online I teach very well online very systematically 2 months’ practical theory and 4 months practical training Live trading track we track your trading and give feed backs Very good system very good education department I have So just wanted to give information Don’t think I only want to sell course Who wants to buy will buy it who don’t wants to they’ll not Anyways people are taking somebody’s course who wants to and who don’t want to they’ll not take I say in face that online this much data is available on the internet that can learn But someone who doesn’t care about you know not time I want to give money So you can learn by giving money And who want to learn by giving time so they can learn by giving time, Ok So let’s go guys thank you so much I’ll see you in some other video bubye

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