Sri Lankan Food in Business Class

Sri Lankan Food in Business Class

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Hello from Dubai Airport, where I'm about to take a business class flight to Sri Lanka. Now, Sri Lanka is a country I haven't visited for three years. Unfortunately, this visit is going to be very short.

Only 2 hours. I do have a connecting onward flight, but yeah, 2 hours. It's still gonna be enough time to maybe get a wee taste of Sri Lanka, isn't it? Maybe, get some hoppers or pittu or something in the lounge there. I'm actually looking for the lounge here, in Dubai Airport. Now, this has changed. This used to be the British Airways lounge,

that you could take if you flew with Sri Lankan. Is that...? Aye, it's changed. No, it does say British Airways. Aye. Oh. "Sorry, we are closed."

That's unfortunate. Okay, so there must be another lounge that I can take. I will go have a wee look.

Oh, they've given me a lounge invitation card. The Ahlan Lounge, it's called. Sounds like one of those third party lounges that usually aren't as good as the airline's.

Oh, there it is there, Ahlan Business Class Lounge. Usually these are not as good as the actual airline lounges. But we'll have a look. Hello brother. Yeah, this is a lounge that I could use anyway if I was traveling economy because it's... They take Priority Pass and Lounge Key and everything.

Thank you, brother. Thank you. - Thank you, sir. Thank you. Yeah. They take,

you know, the one that I get free with my credit card, Lounge Key. So, I could have used this even if I was flying economy. I was looking forward to the British Airways one. Maybe getting a wee steak pie or something British.

But never mind. We'll see... I'm eating on the plane, but I'll have a wee snack here. I'll see what's available. I do see a guy with a chefs hat. So, hot food should be available here.

Let's have a look. Oh, here's the hot food here. That looks like biryani to me. Is that a biryani? No, it's a pulao. Different to biryani.

Cooked differently. And beef short ribs. Oh, that does look nice. Oh. That looks lovely. I'll have some of that. Is it self-serve or?

Yes, you can take, sir. - I can take. Ah, okay. I will... First, I will go get a seat and then I'll help myself to a plate of that beautiful Yes. - beef short ribs.

Okay. Where can, where can I get a good seat around here? It is a bit crowded, isn't it? I reckon I'll just sit here. Alright, guys, I've loaded the plate with the beef short ribs, mashed potato and gravy. And a couple of extras as well.

There's these Arabic curries. This one with lamb. And this one with chicken. And for dessert, little granola pot there and a couple of wee cakes. Keeping it nice and light. There is a bunch of stuff that I would like to try, but just keep it nice and light for now.

Will be eating on the plane. And again in the lounge in Colombo and again on the next plane. So, I will be doing a lot of eating tonight. So, yeah, just gonna keep it nice and light. Get through this, get on the plane and we'll see what Sri Lankan delicacies they are serving on Sri Lankan Airlines. Lovely, lovely tender beef.

And it's like the roast beef dinner you would have in the UK. It's that type of gravy. That's what it tastes like. Lovely. Just missing some Yorkshire puddings, then the meal would be complete, wouldn't it? Thank you. - Thank you, sir. Yeah. This British Airways lounge,

it probably is only open when there's a British Airways flight. So, yeah. I've used that before. I'm pretty sure I've used that before

when I was flying Sri Lankan. But, yeah, not this time, unfortunately. Wow, it's a fair ol' trek to my boarding gate. Burning off some of those calories that I just consumed in the lounge.

I'm in D20, which I think is the actual, farthest away one out of all the gates. D20, down this way. We're about half an hour from takeoff time. But, yeah, nowhere near to closing boarding. There's a big queue right there.

Which I should be able skip. 'Cause yer man is flying business. So let's see if I can just walk right past all these people.

Hang on. Sorry. There's a business class section - Yes. here, but nobody guarding it. - Nobody is... I think we can just walk through. You're before me. - Is it? You can go. You were before me. - But where, which...?

I think you can just go under. I'm gonna go under. Yeah. Can I...?

Can I go under? - Hang on. I'll pull this off for you. There you go. Okay. That's the way to do it. Yeah, I think they board business class for like 5 - 10 minutes and then close it.

Yeah. - Close the barrier. Hello. Thank you. There's the aircraft there. A330-300. So, that is the one. - You're doing a vlog?

Yeah, I'm doing a vlog. Hi. - Hi. You're from Sri Lanka? - Yes, I'm from Sri Lanka. Ah, okay. Oh, good. - I'm very excited to go to Sri Lanka.

Yeah. Welcome to my vlog. So we're traveling in a A330-300, which is the good business class. So I've been on Sri Lankan Airlines before, Yes. business class. Once it was good. The nice, flat lie-down beds and another time, it was... This is where we're going, here.

Another time, it was just ordinary seats, with not even any in-flight entertainment. But this one, the A330, I made sure that was the aircraft. On certain days they fly different aircraft.

So you need to watch out. But this is their best one. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. - You're going on a holiday? Yeah. Okay. You should, - I'm going to...

You should come to my village. Your village? Ah, what is your village called? - Near Galle. It's called Baddegama.

Uhuh? - We have a very special alms giving for my parents on 16th. Ah. - And I invite you to come. Unfortunately I have an onward journey to another country.

But next year I will be going to Sri Lanka. Ayubowan. I'm in 5K. - Ayubowan. 5K is this one. - Okay. Thank you. Oh. That was nice.

I got an invitation there to someone's village, but unfortunately I can't go, because I'm not staying in Sri Lanka for more than 2 hours. Right. So I'm in 5K.

This one. So this is the really nice layout. Some business class layouts on flights, it's like, you're sitting next to somebody, there and you only have like the privacy divider that you can lift up. But on this aircraft, look, you have total privacy. You're kinda like, the seats are all at an angle.

And if you were traveling with your wife or somebody else, you could book two seats like that in the middle and then, you know, be together. So, this is like the ideal layout, right here. And this is my seat. Fully flat bed, it turns into, right there. It is night time, so... The flight is only four and a half hours, but I might get a couple of hours sleep.

A little nap before we touch down in Colombo. Lovely. Famous YouTuber, aren't you? - Ah, yeah. How are you? - Good. I've see some of the videos of you. Ayubowan, ayubowan. - From Scotland?

Yeah, from Scotland. Yeah. Nice, nice. - Yeah. Coming back to Sri Lanka is it? Only for 2 hours. That's it? - Yeah. I have an onward flight.

Where you going to? - Onward connection. Yeah. What can I get you? A glass of champagne? - Orange juice, please. Orange, okay. Cheers. - Fantastic. Enjoy your flight. - Thank you. Cheers. Anyway, nice talking to you, sir.

Enjoy the flight. - Thank you, so much. Thank you. Cheers. - Thank you, sir. Nice. Everything okay? - Yes. Oh, you're giving me amenities? Yeah. That is - Oh, it's an eye...

eye mask. - We've got, eye mask. Okay. I'll have a little nap. - And these socks. Socks? Ah, okay. Fantastic. - Okay. Thank you. I have the menu, also. - Oh, menu.

Ah, good. Yeah, I'm looking forward to a little Sri Lankan meal. Oh, okay. - On the flight. Yeah, you have Sri Lankan food right? Yes, of course. Okay. Of course they do.

Let's see what they have. Ah, you have Lamprais. Ah. Okay, but it's vegetarian. That's a vegetarian. - Ah, alright. Vegetarian Lamprais. Sri Lankan fish.

Ambul... Ambul Thiyal. Ambul Thiyal? What is Ambul Thiyal? - Yes. Ambul Thiyal, that is cooked with all the spices. Tamarind paste. So it looks dark.

Ah, okay. - Like black. Yeah. - Because it's dry. And it has, like, sour taste.

Ah. - Yes. I think Lamprais would be nice. Yeah. Vegetarian Lamprais. Okay. If I have any extra, I can give you extra. Oh, really? Okay.

Good. Thank you. Yeah, there's only five passengers in business today, right? No, we have... - More are coming? We have 13.

13? Ah, okay. - Yes. Well, the capacity is 7x4... - 28. 28. - is... 28. - Yeah, 28. Yeah, I was gonna do the maths. You're faster than me. 7x4, 28.

Yeah, 28. That's good. So, we're half full, half full in business.

Do you have Coca-Cola Zero? Or you're a Pepsi...? - Yes. You're a Pepsi airline or Coca-Cola airline? - Yeah. Um, we have Cola and we have Pepsi too. Oh, you have both? Ah, okay. You don't discriminate. Okay. Yeah.

If you have Coke zero. Yeah. I'll get you one. - That would be good. Yeah. - With ice? Yes, please. Thank you. - Alright.

Getting a Coke Zero with my Lamprais. It's been a while since I ate that. So, Lamprais is like a little packet of rice, wrapped around in a leaf.

I had that before in Colombo and it was lovely. All the flavours of everything that's in the meal, all the... I was gonna say all the meat. This one's vegetarian, but, all the flavours of everything gets soaked into the rice.

Kinda like a dum biryani. That kinda thing, you know? It's lovely. Anyway, let's have a wee look around. This button, you push and you get your TV.

Like that. So you can lie there with your feet up. Watch the telly. If you're too lazy to touch the screen...

I mean, it's touching distance, but maybe you're wee. Maybe you don't have long arms like yer man. They've got this, here. Little...

Looks like a PlayStation Portable that you can use to control the TV. These are the buttons for making the bed flat and everything. Full power socket for charging, USB and everything. Nice. Nice and simple and nice and comfortable. Looking forward to this flight.

I have been handed the amenities kit. So, let's have a wee look inside this. It is by AIGNER. Apparently a perfume brand. So, always interesting to see what you get, in these things. A packet of tissues.

Some earplugs. Plastic comb. Hand cream.

And a chap-stick. That's it. Pretty basic, but I never really use what's in these things, anyway. Let's have a little play with the seat. So, that's for upright, that's for fully flat and that's for in between.

And then each bit, you can do individually. Like, if you just want the footrest up, like that. You can see, the footrest is coming up. And then these are like the presets. So, let's turn it into the medium one. There we go.

Yeah, that's your nice, relaxed, watching TV. The back goes back a bit. The footrest... Well, it comes up, but it's more comfortable just to stick your feet on here, if your legs are long enough. And let's try the fully flat one. Oh, yeah.

There we go. That's nice. It really is fully flat. Fantastic. I'm nice and comfortable now.

I just wanna lie like this for the next 4 hours, but unfortunately, I need to get the seat back in the upright position because we haven't taken off yet. So, yeah. You have to be in the upright position to take off.

So up we go. Okay. I mean, it would be nice if you could just board the flight and go straight to sleep. We've been on the plane for about half an hour so far. So, you know, it would be nice to just fall asleep and wake up and you're almost at your destination. But safety regulations.

Isn't it? Anyway, we're about... I think we're at 15 or 20 minutes past the scheduled takeoff time. So hopefully there's no issues, because like I said, my connection is only like 2 hours or so in Colombo. And I want to visit that Serendib Lounge. The one where you can get free massage or you could at least, before the 'rona situation.

When I was there before, you could get like a free massage. There was a spa there. They had some nice food. I want to check that out. Hopefully I've got time. But,

for now, we're just kinda stuck, stuck here next to this Air India plane, right here on the tarmac. And we have taken off. 50 minutes behind schedule. But I did just check my flight ticket and the stopover is actually two and a half hours. So I think I still am gonna have enough time to catch my flight, visit the lounge, and all of that. Bye bye Dubai.

And this is the game that I play when I'm flying. It's called Stardew Valley. It's like a little farming game. Similar to Harvest Moon on the Super Nintendo all those years ago. It's kind of like an updated version of that. And it's an offline game, so you just buy it once for a few bucks, and then you don't need to be connected to the Internet to play it. Which is fantastic for flying.

Dinner has been served. And this is what has been served. A feta cheese salad. This looks like a British style apple crumble.

I'm almost positive that's what it is. A little... Oh, some bread. Okay, the flat one please. Is it paratha? - Roti.

Roti, ah, okay. Fantastic. - ????. Thank you. Yeah. - Some garlic? Garlic, yeah, sure. One please. Okay, two. Two is good as well. Fantastic. That looks nice.

Okay, so, yeah. We've got the feta cheese, the apple crumble, British style. Looks just like what I'm used to back in the UK.

A little snack bar. Some, now, garlic bread and roti. And, this is the Lamprais.

So, it's not the traditional Lamprais. You know, the one that's wrapped in the banana leaf, and then, I think it's steamed. This one, it's the aeroplane version. Everything's separate.

So, the rice, the vegetable mixture. And I think this, which looks like a fish, it looks like a fish, but I'm pretty sure this is just a vegetable patty or something like that. I'm pretty sure you get them in Lamprais. How is everything? Are you enjoying? - I haven't tried it yet. But it looks good. - Okay.

Alright. Enjoy. - So this is like a vegetable patty, is it? Yes. Yes. - This one. Ah, okay. Thought that. - Yeah. It looks like a piece of fish, but I knew it's vegetarian, Yeah. - so it must be vegetables. Okay. - If you'd like to have,

I can offer you chicken, I can offer you fish. I think... I actually had a meal in the lounge before coming. So I think I'm gonna be full after eating this. So... - Okay. I'm trying to tell her that I'm full. That I was eating in the lounge.

And this is gonna make me full, after I eat this. But she wants me to try the Sri Lankan fish that's on the menu. So, I'll give it a try. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to finish it. But this thing that looks like a fish, right here. Let's give this a try.

Oh, eating with the hands. Are you supposed to eat Lamprais with hands? I'm not sure. I'm doing it anyway, guys. I'm doing it anyway. Very succulent. It tastes like a veggie burger. That's what it tastes like.

Very, very soft and full of chunks of vegetables. Okay. Make space.

So this is the fish and this is vegetables? That's the vegetables. -Ah, okay. Fantastic. I will give this a try. And this is typical Sri Lankan food, right? - Yes.

Only in Sri Lanka you can get this one? - Yes. Of course, yes. - Okay. Okay, good. Okay. I'm gonna try,

the Sri Lankan speciality fish. After this Sri Lankan speciality Lamprais. Oh, man. I've just spilled I've just spilled all the rice, all the Lamprais all over my blanket. Oh, my God.

Okay. Okay, no worries. Brushed it off. Brushed it off, guys. We're clean again. Okay, let's give this Lamprais a proper taste. Let's try and get more of the food in my mouth than on my lap.

Yeah, no hotness, no chili in there. Just full of flavour. The vegetables are kinda caramelised, and then it just blends into the rice when you mix it in.

But like I said, normally when you get a Lamprais and it's wrapped in the banana leaf, all the flavour is already into the rice. You know? Because of the cooking method, or the way it's left after it's cooked. I think it's cooked and put in the banana leaf and then it's steamed.

Something like that. Guys, that vegetable mixture, just the way it's caramelised, was absolutely superb. So that's finished.

Other than the rice. I'm gonna give this a try. The Sri Lankan fish. These black chunks. Oh.

Nice and soft. Let's give this a taste then. Oh, yeah. Very, very succulent. Very, very soft.

No chewing required. And, yeah, very subtle. Very subtle taste. I thought it was gonna be some very strong spices in there, because of how dark it is. But, no. Oh, I'm tasting, I'm tasting clove. There's some clove in there.

That's the most prominent taste. Yeah, it tastes like clove. Interesting. I don't know if I like or not. It's just interesting. And this one with a vegetable mixture as well.

A different vegetable mixture. I think I like the vegetable mixture more than the fish. The fish, I'm still undecided. I don't know if I like it or not. It's just strange. It's a strange taste. Almost tastes like medicine.

But the fish itself, very meaty white fish. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's much better, guys. That's much better. That's the way to eat it, with this vegetable mixture.

It's a very, tomato-y sauce and the vegetables are kinda caramelised, just like the last one. And mixing that with the fish, gives the perfect taste. Like I said, the fish itself, I think it's a bit too clovey. The clove taste is a bit too strong, but with this vegetable mixture mixed in, it's perfect. I shall consume this Greek salad, feta cheese salad, and then get onto that apple crumble. I assume it's apple crumble anyway.

That's what it looks like, covered in custard. Let's give it a taste. It's like apple pie. It's an apple pie. There's the pastry there with the crumble on top. The crumble crust, on top. Covered in custard.

Absolutely lovely. A taste of Britain, right here, on Sri Lanka Airlines. Scraped the bowl of all that custard. Lovely.

It was a lovely wee dessert. The meals were nice as well. The Lamprais, those, caramelised vegetables mixed into the rice. And then the other vegetables mixed into the fish.

Which was an acquired taste. I must admit. The first couple of mouthfuls, well, first mouthful, I was just surprised about the flavours. I didn't know what was going on. Second, I thought, "I'm not really gonna like this." And then,

once I started mixing it in with those vegetables, I actually really liked it. And it was lovely. So, yeah, that's me no more eating for at least, I think we've got 3 hours left of the flight, then we'll be in Colombo. And then, we can start hitting more Sri Lankan food in the lounge there.

Lovely cinnamon tea. Lovely. And they did have a bunch of different teas available.

As you would expect, being Sri Lankan Airlines. But, I remember the first time I went to Colombo, I had cinnamon tea and it was lovely. And that's what I'm having, right now. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our destination. Please remain seated until the seat belt sign is switched off. Stuti, stuti. - Ayubowan.

Thank you. - Bye. Ayubowan. Thank you, stuti. - Ayubowan. Bye. See you. Thank you for flying with us. - See you next time. Hi, again. - Hi, again. You're the lady who invited me. Yes. - Yeah, unfortunately I can't go. I'm so sad.

I'm only here for 2 hours. Oh, is it? - Yeah, only 2 hours. Then I'm leaving Sri Lanka. - You think you can give me a hand? Oh, yeah. Okay. I'll take this for you.

Sorry, I should have offered. I see this is heavy for you. Okay. Let's get this down here. - What's your name? Dale. - Dale? Yeah. - I'm Bernadette.

Bernadette? Oh, it's a nice name. Thank you, Dale. Okay. I think we're going different ways. You're going to arrivals and I'm going to transit. Okay.

Okay. - Okay, yeah. Have a safe flight. Here's your bag. - Thank you, so much. Hopefully see you again. - God bless you. Enjoy yourself. - See you. Bye. - Okay.

So, my connection flight is... This is where I'm going, guys. Is it Male? Is it Jakarta, is it Chennai? Where could I possibly be going, guys? It is Jakarta! That's where I'm going.

Gate 11. Okay, so, I've got 2 hours, 2 hours before the flight. I should find this Serendib Lounge. Oh, look at this. Very nice, isn't it? The Buddhist statue there. So I enjoyed that flight.

Now time to enjoy their lounge. Looking around, the whole mask policy doesn't seem to be enforced at all. Which is good. I like it. I like that style. Nice and casual, nice and relaxed.

Right. Where is this Serendib Lounge? Yer man wants some egg hoppers or something like that. This foot rub place. I should be getting a free foot rub at the Serendib Lounge.

I'm going back the way I came. Wonder if I can ask somebody. Oh, she's sleeping. I was gonna ask her. Oh. Hi, do you know where the Serendib Lounge is? What? - Serendib.

Business class lounge here? - Yeah, business class lounge. There. - It's there? Oh, there it is right there. Oh.

I walked right past it. Oh, my God. How did I miss that? I've walked right past it twice. Damn. It looks like it's closed.

That can't be... Aye, there's no... Oh, the lights are just off. It is open, but it's very quiet. Ayubowan.

How are you? - Ayubowan. Welcome to the lounge. Thank you. Oh, the buffet's closed. Closed? Closed the buffet? Just give us 10 to 15 minutes, we will... Ah, okay.

You're having local food here? Sri Lankan food? - Sorry? Sri Lankan food, yeah we have. What is coming? Any egg hoppers? - Yeah. No, sir, sorry. No egg hoppers. - No? Pittu?

Pittu? Pittu, no. - No? What is coming? Do you know? - We have milk rice. Milk rice? Ah, okay, that's nice as well.

Okay. Oh, it's breakfast food that's coming? Sorry? - Breakfast food is coming? Breakfast. - Yeah. Ah, okay.

Okay, good. Thank you. Okay. Buffet is open. I can get my milk rice and everything will be perfect. Everything will be perfect and untouched.

Actually, I'm the third person. Or the fourth person. But, it should still be good. Right. Kiribath. I think this might be the milk rice.

I think this is the milk rice. Kiribath, it's called. Oh, idli and sambar, right there. Check this out, guys. Lovely.

Ah, this is the one I had on the flight. The fish Ambul Thiyal. And it was nice. So, I'll have another couple of bits, right here. Here we go.

And the rest is the typical Western affair. Scrambled egg, chicken sausages, baked beans. Oh, blueberry pancakes. Oh, I was gonna skip the Western food and then I seen... Look at that, blueberry pancakes. Gonna help myself to one of them.

Which one has the most blueberry in it? Maybe that one. Lovely. Trying not to touch the sambar with it. Okay. What else? Some potato wedges.

Some cakes and fruit. Lovely. Okay.

Let's give this milk rice a try. There's a wee bit of blueberry jam on it, but never mind. Lovely, guys.

The perfect breakfast food, nice and light. It does look very dense. But it is nice and light, this milky rice paste. Easy to eat, easy to digest.

Lovely. Ah, the fish. This is very different to the one that I had on the plane. The one I had on the plane was very white and very succulent. This is a bit of darker meat, and it's also a lot denser and thicker.

Yeah, this one tastes a bit better. Doesn't have that strong taste of clove that the one on the flight had. But, yeah, the fish isn't as good. It has wee bones in it as well.

The other one was nice and soft and succulent. This is very, meaty, chewy fish. And now, the idli sambar combination. The idli, already nice and soft. But then you've got the sambar that just soaks into it and makes it all moist. Lovely.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the sambar, it's just like a, a spicy version of a vegetable broth. And, you know, we would, in the UK, normally have a vegetable broth, and dip some bread in it. Just get that nice, carby texture to it. Makes you feel... It's comfort food, it makes you feel good. Well, it's the same with the, the idli, as well. idli and sambar.

Perfect combination. Excuse me. Hi. - Sorry to disturb you.

You are Luke, right? I am Luke? - Luke, right? Luke Damant? Yeah. - No. It's not me. Sorry? - It's funny. This guy thinks I'm Luke Damant. My apologies if you're not Luke Damant. Really? Maybe I am.

Let me see. - You can check. Look him up and compare. You can see if it's me or not. It's you. - We will see.

You seem confident. - Oh, no. You're the other person. Yeah, it's another person. Not me. Another gora. Another gora with a camera. - I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I forget your name.

I've seen you in some of the videos. Really uh? What's your name? Forgot. Yeah. What's my name? You are the guy from America, right? From America? No. - No?

No. I'm making a fool of myself. Yeah, I know. Breakfast was lovely. Now, just one hour until the next flight. Goodbye. - See you next time.

Okay. So apparently this spa is out of order since the corona times. It hasn't been opened back up. Now, where do I go? Okay.

I'm having to run, it's on final call. They said they were going to call the flights, but they didn't call. So I'm just sitting there, playing on my phone. And now, I got up to just have a look at the board, and it said final call for Gate 11. This way, I think.

Oh, man. Hopefully it's not far away. It says, "Gate 6 to 14." Which means, the first gate is gonna be 6, and it's gotta be the fifth one. It's gonna be miles. Ah, wait. Whoa.

Gate 10 to 11. Gate 10 to 11, right here. Oh, it's one of these where you have to do the security just before the flight. That's annoying. Okay. Business class passengers, please.

Hello, good morning. - Ayubowan. Ayubowan. - Your seat number, please? 5A. Yeah, it's on this side. On that side? Ah, okay. Yeah. - Oh, can I get through this way? Maybe.

Okay. Okay, I'm gonna step over. So I'm in 5 A. Oh.

Okay. Yeah, it's the same seating layout as the last one. Fantastic. Just what you want. Your own

personal space. 5A. Right there. And on this flight, it says, they have a new addition to their in-flight meals.

Which is this. The coconut water with coconut pulp. So that looks nice. And, this is all breakfast food, right here. I think this is what I'm gonna go for. The Lewariya. Pol Pani - Grated coconut with jaggery in string hoppers.

So it's like a, a sweet, a sweet Sri Lankan breakfast. You've got the string hoppers with, jaggery and coconut. The only other Sri Lankan option was the milk rice, which I just had in the lounge.

So, gotta keep the variety going. We've gotta mix it up, don't we, guys? And that's all the different teas that you can get. Sri Lanka, a big tea country. So, look at the selection there.

Green Jasmine, Spice Chai, Black Tea, Ginger Ceylon, Sunny Lemon. Lots of variety. Hopefully I'll try a few of them during the flight. Ah, good. You don't have this one, the coconut? Not here. - Do you have that at meal times or?

We have just apple and orange. Okay, but at meal times you have this or? Other sectors, we do. - Other sectors? Ah, not on this one? Oh, I'm disappointed. No coconut water on this sector. Unfortunately. I mean, it would be better if they just hid these, gave you menus without this printed on it for this sector, because five minutes ago I didn't even know that the coconut water existed.

And now I'm disappointed that I'm not getting it. Thank you. Okay, so, that pair of earphones, there was interference on the left ear. I'm gonna watch James Bond, No Time To Die. I fell asleep watching this on the flight I had, like, a couple of months ago to Kathmandu.

So, I'm gonna continue where I left off. Somewhere in the middle. That's better. It's working now. I actually think it would be a good idea to just get one of these adapters. It's odd shaped, it's like a big and small. To get one of these adapters for my own earphones and then i don't have to...

Like 50% of the time you take a flight, one of the... There's interference or one of them, it doesn't play through one of the ears or something like that. So, yeah, I need to get myself one of them.

Probably costs like a buck or something and will be very useful. It is my pleasure to welcome you on board Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL364 Airbus 330-3 on a service from Colombo to Jakarta. Hi. Can I have the Lewariya? - Can I get your breakfast? Sweet breakfast. Thank you. We are about to take-off.

That's me saying goodbye to Sri Lanka, after being here for less than a couple of hours. Definitely my shortest ever visit to this country, but hopefully, next year I will be back, at some point. So, bye bye Colombo. Well, not really Colombo, this is actually Negombo, where the airport is located. It's a good 40 kilometers or so from the city centre. If I remember correctly.

As you can probably tell, by how green everything looks. Oh, great. Thank you. - This is your sweet breakfast. Enjoy. Thanks. Okay.

My sweet, sweet breakfast. Fantastic. So, this is string hoppers here, and they're stuffed.

Stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery, giving it sweetness. Let's have a look inside. Oh. Look at that. Look at that. And on the side, this is caramelised star fruit and pineapple jam.

Three levels of sweetness. The two fruit pots there and then the Jaggery, inside the string hoppers. We've got a... Oh. Nice, moist, croissant, on the side with some butter. A fresh salad and yoghurt.

All the sweetness, all the sweetness, guys. This is my kinda breakfast. Satisfying yer man's sweet tooth, right here. Lovely. Guys, look at this piece, here. Loaded with the coconut and jaggery filling.

Right. I'll try it with this caramelised star fruit, there. Here we go.

Oh. That's a beautiful flavour. Oh. When you chew into those little pieces of the star fruit, right there, oh you just get this extra burst of sugar.

Oh, wow. This is lovely. I've never had a meal where every course of the meal has been something sweet. I like it. I like it a lot.

Let's just dip it in the, the star fruit syrup. Oh. That is a beautiful taste, right there.

Oh, wow. Incredible, guys. Incredible. Right. I've done one with the star fruit.

This one's gonna be with the pineapple jam. Lovely jubbly. Oh, yeah. Very sweet and very nice, but I definitely preferred that star fruit, right there.

That lovely, chewy, caramelised star fruit. Wow. You want some toast? - Ah, no toast. Thank you. I'm making sure I don't waste any of this star fruit, right here. Oh. Oh, my God. I did waste it. Dropped it on my bloody blanket.

Ah. Dammit. Okay. I wasted some of it. But, I got most of the syrup soaked up onto this string hopper. Well, everything's all sticky now, guys.

My blanket, my hands. I'm gonna have to go wash my hands and change the blanket. What about you? Do you want some? Oh, it's honey. I'll take the honey, please. There you go. - Thank you, so much. Oh, yeah. I'm already sticky. I might as well go for

the stickiest thing you can get. A pot of honey. I'm gonna eat it with this. I'll probably... I'll pour some of it over the fruit as well. That'll be nice. Oh, and in the yoghurt.

I'll split it three ways, guys. Oh, yeah. Some for you. Some for you. In fact, I'm gonna, I'm gonna have the butter with that. Split the honey two ways. The fruit salad and the yoghurt.

Nice. Good. Oh, wow. I think I'm, I'm gonna go into a sugar coma after this.

Gonna put this seat into lie flat position and have a good old nap for 3 hours, til we get to Jakarta. Okay, guys, I've got myself another blanket. Actually there was nobody in the seat behind me, so I've just punted my tray there. I've been, washed my hands. Took the blanket from there, swapped it for my sticky one.

And now we're all good. We are all good. That breakfast was lovely.

Aye. Thank you. Thank you. Okay.

Maybe this cup of tea will help me get through this movie. I didn't complete it on my last flight. Maybe I'll complete it on this one. It's like two and a half hours long or something.

And the sugar coma hasn't come yet. Maybe maybe if I add this to the tea, it will. But yeah, no sugar coma yet. So, I'm gonna enjoy this cup of Ceylon tea and my James Bond movie. Well, I actually finished that movie.

And there's about an hour left of the flight. So, I'm gonna take a wee nap. Along with, everyone else. Everyone else in this cabin are sleeping. They're lying sleeping, although it's a daytime flight.

As you can see. So, yeah, I think I'll join them and see you guys in Jakarta. Ayubowan. Stuti, stuti. - Ayubowan.

2022-09-22 03:32

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