Spot Trading Me Ye Trick Dega Max Profit Min Loss | Spot Me Trailling Stop Loss Ka Use Kaise Kare ?

Spot Trading Me Ye Trick Dega Max Profit Min Loss | Spot Me Trailling Stop Loss Ka Use Kaise Kare ?

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We all do trading in spot crypto we buy any crypto and profit if we sell or loss is going on then we do weight then all we do is trading in sport but all of us make some mistakes on exchange A lot of smart features are given but we all do not know that if you do them for them, then you can maximize the profit and minimize the loss, then today in front of you all such tips. I am going to share, for that you will have to watch the whole video and you will get the han value from this video, if you watch it completely, then you cannot go without liking, this is my promise, you will get the value from all of you, watch till the last, then you will feel that the loss We should adopt this method, whatever method we do in spot trading, it is your fault somewhere, first we know here what people do mistakes, before that I also used to do but I corrected a long time ago Look at all those things, the mistakes that people make, I have told them two-three. Divided into categories, the people of the first category, what they do, keep their long-term vision in mind, they can buy any price coin, tea is running high in price or is running very low, that bye Let's just forget that after four-five years, we will sell it, but the price is 50% now, then down from there, 25% of the mines went down again, 25% happened now, then the mines are gone, then now the whole mines again. Gone are the times he got opportunity, he can make profit but he is just waiting to sell us after 5 years whatever is our loss or profit, he will have 20 such opportunities till then in which he can make good profit But after 5 years, their profit may not be converted into loss i.e. if the price goes

down then it will be converted into loss and there are people of other category, they are a little smart, man takes ₹ 50 But if someone keeps a coin, he already puts a sell order in the limit, 50 rupees, he bikes, he has placed a limit order. The meaning of gender on ₹ 80 will be ₹ 80 price, you guys just tell them about the limit order limit order is the thing which is going on in the current price, man take ₹ 50, you this Wanting that if the market goes down, then we should get automatic buy there, if the support comes to ₹ 40, 35 comes, then automatically it becomes buy, then you can place a buy order in the pay limit as the price will go there automatically in that low price There is a limit price for selling the bike, if you have bought any asset and you want to sell it in profit itself, then you think that you have bought it for ₹ 50, which is the profit that we take in ₹ 60. If you take whatever amount your brother has done, you put the amount on what you are selling, already on clean rupees, so as ₹ 60 will go to automatic sale, then we call it, now here I am talking to some smart people. Was talking brother, did he put a limit order on ₹ 50

like ₹ 80 will be sold automatically but the price is all gone 65 rupees, now what they have is that you can run your money. We are now 15 rupees in profit but do you know that we are sitting only but we may not go to ₹ 10, he may not return already 65 rupees is going on now, so do we do this or we sell now We will not even wait, we also sell this to him, what he has done, he has sold 65 , that means he did not get the weight that the market can go up and the weight did not happen, then what happens then the price which is even crosses 80 It reaches 90 or even 100 and then goes down from there, sorry man, we have made a big mistake, we have sold in hurry, got a small profit, but we did it, we would have waited, we would have got the profit. Well it could also happen that like the price has gone to ₹ 70 and you are waiting for ₹ 80 to go then we sell it but what happens we keep waiting and the price goes below 50 then again You still regret that man had given profit went up to ₹ 70, then we could have made ₹ 20 profit there, but if we lost the chance, then all these things happen. So let me tell about some smart people

who keep the ceiling limit price pre-set, all these conditions happen with them, which I told you, now here I will tell that the price is ₹ 50. And already they place buy orders, support is ₹ 30 on ₹ 30, the price is slowly coming down ₹ 40 reaches 35, then they think dude, who knows what ever this is 35 Money is running, this is the lowest, I wait for ₹ 30 and I bike here, do you know from here the market goes up and if we miss the lowest price bike, then jaldibaji would have biked there . Or wait for ₹ 30, ₹ 30 becomes automatic but do you know if the price goes down from there to ₹ 20, then what will they do DCA means then there all their money will be stuck in one asset. If you know what the price is from there, then here you have seen that people make mistakes in this way, so what is the smart way now Trailing Stop Loss You must have heard the name of our previous talk. In this video you will see that I told you about future training, Trailing stop loss, how can you do it, now I am telling you here today that even if you are buying in the spot, then you are selling in this. Also training stop loss, you can do it, I will tell you the whole process, how the trailing stock reduces the loss, when should you put it, where should you put it, what happens in it that no matter how high the price goes, it does not sell you until If the price goes to the highest point and comes down a little bit from there, then he will sell there, as long as the price keeps going up, your profit will keep increasing, he will not sell like the price will go down from there to the highest point, then your He will book and book you the highest profit by selling, in the same way when you want to bike here , you can put a training stop loss there too what will he do From there, when he starts making recovery, he will start coming up, then he will price him till A will wait till he goes down, if he does not buy, then training stop loss is what you can do in the bank and you can do it in selling is a very funny topic, it can be very profitable for you, then like now Will do it, I am also going to tell you about drilling stop loss, you can do that in the spot, understand it, first you understand the basic thing of training stop loss, how does trading reduce stop loss then its After you will do it, I am going to show you live also, man take this current price is running at ₹ 50 and you have done it at the same price brother because what happens in the spot first you will buy then only you can sell So now let's say that you have put a buy for ₹ 50, let me leave it here, I understand you live, then there you will understand more because the video will be a little off, it will not be long , then I will take you directly on the exchange Let me go here you will get the link 20% of its balance if you have disco in trading fish If you have an account, you will sign up for the second account, then you get a lot of trading fish, whenever you trade, you will get your discount in it, then it will be a good thing for you, then you can sign up here You should have funds in your spot valid, only then you will buy the coin, you have to come on the option of trade, I am showing you the example at the foot of BTC here, first of all I bike here on pay market price BTC here is pay market select amount I have to put it here, I pay 25% on here, then I do it here brother, my BTC has been bought here, so much so that you all do it on the market price, you have done it brother to bike. After going to Selling option how you

have to place order, need selfie here market place you have to pay trending stop loss here like you do then you will ask here pay activation price td i.e. trailing delta is asking how much percent is needed After that asking for the pay limit here and in the last Amaun t how much amount you want to sell here now what you have to put in activation price market price if you see 19594 is going on activation price a profit 1 you can put so that you can put 20 or even dollars 21000 22000 teams can be done but if you want you can also do equals, there is no problem, so here I give the activation price ₹ 20000 as soon as we go, our trailing stop loss will be activated and Here the percentage that is asking you is 1% of the trailing delta here is 2%, so if you want, you can do 1%, you can do two person, I will recommend you here if you want small profit on here For example, if the percentage of four-four people you will put here, you can put 0.5%, if you want at least 15, 20%, 25 or 50%, then you can put 5% or 50% there. 7% you have to keep there, so here I give the team 5% in percentage, now I samjhaunga how do I reduce it and here is the limit price you see the limit You can put this limit according to your own as the market price is 19500 I did it here, so here I give the team in the pay limit 22000 minimum 22000 you can put it here only you can enter no problem It is ok, now the amount that is here is this amount, you have to make it 100% like this, now you will understand a little You should stay above what your buy is made of, you understand this is also your tp1 or you can also understand this as take profit, as much as you want, as much as you want, that means you want to give the limit price team here Rest it doesn't make any special meaning here what you mean is the training stop, this is the limit price they have given here but it is not much less thing here, now let me tell you how the trailing stock reduces your loss. BTC activation price on bike or 19500 i have put there 20000 as soon as the price goes and that Yes, but in TD training delta, I have put 5% of the price i.e. 20000 . It is going up here a got 25000 you did 1952 if 20000 doesn't touch till then your this will not be activated which is trailing stock loss it will not activate so that 's why i told you that activation price is the price you buy If you keep around the same, then immediately it will be activated immediately what happened now that you have put 5% on there, which is trailing TD is now 25000 only as soon as the market will go down 5% and down here 5% down Came will be 5% of 25000 23750 If market goes till here then it is here that you create whatever will be closed and your profit will be booked and let's assume that market is rejected from 25000 and not 2450 and market is here Above is the stop loss, it will go up and up like you did at this price 19500 market went from here to 20000 area If this is done, then your training stop loss will be activated from the activation tree of 20 thousand which you have put there, then as the market goes to ₹ 20A then your training stop loss will be activated now what will happen if the market moves up like this Going and paying here will reach $25000 then your BTC will not be that sale if at this price 25000 to 5% which you have set in pay TD 5% if ₹25000 to 5% comes down i.e. 23750 if price comes then

your trade at this price will be sold and your profit will be booked if man take fast 750 doesn't come and market which is above 24000 and goes up from here and price which is That reaching from here has reached $28000 and after coming there, that is, your trade will not be closed until 5% of the market comes down simultaneously from any of the highest prices, that trade will remain yours if you catch any price. It is that if by October 28, the market will go down 5% from there, then your trade will be closed there, that is, you must have understood here that the maximum profit You can book it if you place a limit order by buying $22 or $19500 on $22, then it goes like 22000, then your BTC is sold there, you will get the profit but the market is there that reach $25000 from there. If you go, then you start to regret that dude, we would have to wait a little more than 25000 dollars, you would have got more profit, but with this method, you understand here that you reach 25000 but you are not selling BTC as soon as 5% will come down from any highest price, that you have to set here what percentage you are going 7% should come down 8% should come down but the higher the percentage you write there it may be 22 to 8% a If you go, it may be that you are understanding that what is being closed in the mines, then accordingly you will have to enter the percentage here, if you are booking small profits, then you have to put a small amount, if you take big profits now If you want then you will have to wait a little more time and the percentage number that you have to keep a little bigger here, so here I am telling you to put training stop I did 19522 here in pay activation price I do 20000 so that this price gets activated and in percentage I pay here 5% and here in pay limit I do 22 limit order one more It will also be placed in the same way, it does not happen that the drilling stop loss, he reduces his, although he also places a limit order like 5% market will come down from there but that limit order gets sold there. It doesn't work, ok so here I do 100%

and here I will sell BTC, then you will see here that as soon as you reach 20000, your training stop loss will be activated as soon as the highest price From there the market will come down 5% , where it will close your trend by placing a limit order, if it does not close there, then the minimum which is 22000 will close the A's, although it closes there at the same time and gives you maximum profit . Gives it and I confirm it here, then you will see what is your order here and This place is already done, so I told you about selling that you are buying bike at market price, so how will you make maximum profit then don't place limit order because you are going to get regret there by buying 19500 you will place limit order ₹ 25000 but as soon as 22-23000 goes, you will feel dude means dude may be 25 don't go, we sell it first, so how will you sell it, even if it reaches 28000 later then you will regret But in this way you have seen here that the price which is, no matter how high it goes up to 40 or 50000 but they will not sell until 5% comes down from there or 7% 10% as much as you sell Also you want to put it there, now you can do the same way in the left, sometimes it happens that the honijer is running for $ 500 and you place an order of 17000, the price will be like 17000, which is ours. There will be so much coin buy but what happens that the market which reaches 15000 or reaches 10000 then what will you do man, we have made a mistake 17 By buying Rs. 000 because it is not the case that the price you are setting should be our price and you are not a warrior of the universe that you did 17000 bike, from there the price will go up or you will order 17000. It is installed and as soon as 17500 reached, you did not even weigh 17000 and at the same time canceled 17500 and made 17500 on your bike, then it is chulhasti, a little bit, even while biking here, you can do training stop loss. I am telling you what

will be the benefit of it, I am telling you here that there is a buy order, first I sell my bitcoin here , let it be now and the order is placed, let's not have any problem here is the training stop loss You will get the option of activation price here you will see the market price it is running 19598 so in activation price I do the same 19000 500 means you market price a little lower you down there is no problem means like 19591 19500 will come from then your trailing stock plus it will be activated your low current Will do it and here in TD I will do 3% ok it becomes three and here I place limit order 19500 make it 5600 no problem I do 19400 while buying which is asking limit price You will do the same to him at the market price, it will not happen, that means you should not have given him the option for the balance holders, that means in many 99 cases it means training stop loss while doing it then the amount I give a pay team of 25% here, I bike here and here I have kept 3%, it will be activated from 19500, here I buy btc, such buy btc is confirmed, then here we will see outer our place Its done ok now i will explain how to reduce it man suppose 19600 is going on and as soon as 19500 comes here then our training stop loss which is our training stop loss will be activated and it will go down as it goes down Will keep walking down till then he will wait for you, he will not do your bye Yes, it will do 3% right here, if you are doing 3% price, then you can do this 4% 5% also means that the market has found the bottom from here and now recovery has started from here i.e. now forget rally The season started from here is going to come from here i.e. the market has touched the bottom here and starts going up from here, then what will happen to you at this price and the expectation remains the same because the market price cannot be there, then what is the limit price there? Was asking, at this price your bike comes , although there is a slight difference in question, then buy the same price, it will be closed for you. It's done, it's not going to happen, then this bike will do it and the market will start rising from here, now what did it do for you that it has found the bottom, it means not until the market is completely down pay down If it is moving, it is going on, when the rising will start from there, 5% recovery will come , which means there is a little pump in the market, it means this It can also happen that the market can go down from here, it is okay but what you bike here, brothers do here because you did not know where the market could go, so it is not you bye If you do not do this, even if you do the average in here, it will be very profitable for you because you will mount here too, you will buy here. Going down and going down, then when recovery is done from here, then bike here again, then the average will be paid here for you, when your buy order is successful here, that means buy a coin in your wallet. If you go there, you can go to Selling and execute the order that is there under the same training stop loss and you can book the maximum profit there, so here you have seen Trailing Stop Loss, you can do it in sport as well. Right now it is available only on buy-

side or option and on exchange you get options by other names if you say bull You can also make a video on whatever stop limit is there by Osho, but you can also make a video on it training stop loss in future trading, how do we do it in a perfect way, make a video on it, then I will make it for all of you. In this way you can calculate maximum profit by doing training stop loss and if you place limit order, then you will be able to sell our limit order before reaching there. Or buy it because you have a rate, the return will go away, but if you do it in buying and also in selling, then while doing the bike, you will get the bike by taking you into the deep and while sailing will get you sold in the sky. So this option

will be very proffitable for all of you and you will be able to generate maximum profit here and still if you have doubt in it, do not understand the proper then once you watch the video again you will understand the rest you will be able to tell us on telegram You can ask in the billing of Telegram group below in the description by joining If I give a team, you must have got some value in this video training stop loss , how can you do it in the spot too, then like it now my brother our target of only 1000 likes for the video is that you can meet then see From inside topic till then in next video

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