Sakhi Dreams Of Being A Journalist - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 519 - Full Episode - 29 Nov 2022

Sakhi Dreams Of Being A Journalist - Wagle Ki Duniya - Ep 519 - Full Episode - 29 Nov 2022

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Okay. Ready. Vivaan... What's the matter, Sakhi? Stop overthinking. Just do it. Guys, I suggest you to reconsider your decision.

You are taking a big risk. Shikhar is right. Vivaan, Sakhi will be in trouble because of you.

It might cause a problem to her. [music playing] Sakhi... I have thought about it.

Ready. Okay. [clears throat] I, Sakhi Wagle. I'm here to give you all breaking news.

P2P Glocal Couriers, where my dad, Rajesh Wagle works, is involved in a big scam. I'm going to expose them today. [intense music playing] [cheering and celebrating] - We are having great fun. - Wait a minute... One of my admirers must have sent this.

- Let me cut the cake. - Wait a minute! Does it have your name on it, Ghanshyam Dasani? No, right? I know. What's written on it? 'Congrats, P2P Glocal' is written on it. - It's the name of our company. - Yes.

Perhaps, it's our company's anniversary. - [cheering] - Hey, wait a minute. Friends, take a good look at this cake. It is saying, 'Come, eat me up...' Hey, what's going on here? It's not a horse. It's a table.

This quarter, our company has made profits. - That's why the cake is here. - [laughing] Listen, there's more good news.

Among the top five courier companies of Mumbai, P2P Glocal is one, this year. That means this belongs to us. - We have to cut it. - Exactly, Dasani. This year, P2P Glocal has broken the last three years' record.

That's amazing, Sir. It's all because of your hard work. This hard work and dedication has made P2P Glocal for the first time share a small percentage of its profit to CSR. Wow... Sir, I've heard of CST. But what is CSR, sir? "Chaugule Samosa Ragada."

He makes delicious Ragada patties, you know. You always think about eating, don't you? That's not the expansion of CSR. It means, Corporate Social Responsibility. - Ah... - When... When a big company makes a profit, a small percent of it is donated to a social cause. - Yes. - I know...

You get tax benefit through this, right? Exactly. Good. It's amazing, Mr. Wagle. Your subordinates are becoming smart too. - [laughing] - Subordinates. Anyway... Uncle, please come.

[music playing] Meet Mr. Kuldeep Kakkar. - Hello. - Arrey! He's the chairman of Kakkar Minerals and Steelworks. And he's my uncle. Really? Of course, who doesn't know Mr. Kuldeep.

I have seen him at so many events. You run a very big NGO, right? I'm forgetting the name. - Utphalam. - Utphalam... Your NGO is doing incredible work. His NGO funds the full education of poor kids. He donates a lot to that cause. Great job, Sir...

That's not true, Mr. Wagle. I can't take any credit because it's all God's will. The more you share your profits with poor and destitute, the more you will be peaceful and happy. Well said...

- That was amazing, Sir. - Very well said, Sir. That is fantastic, Uncle. Did you see that, Mr. Wagle? What a personality.

He has got an incredible voice. Come with me, I'll show you the papers. Nice meeting you, Sir. Enjoy, Mr. Wagle.

Cut the cake, eat it. And today's lunch is on me. [cheering] - And after lunch, KTL. - What? Get on with your work... [celebrating and cheering] - Sir, let go of it. - Why?

He was talking about investing in his relative's NGO. Don't you think something's fishy? Yes, Sir. He has a point. Come on, stop it. What are you trying to say, Dasani? Cut the cake.

Everything will seem well if you think well. No, I know, sir. But... I think Dasani has a point, Sir. - There is something... - Oh, come on... - Sir... - What's wrong with sir today.

Tails! Yes. - [laughing] - Oh, hello. The deadline to choose the topic is around the corner. Why are you killing time here? Basically, Sakhi... Shikhar and Gungun are unable to decide on the subject. That's why they are running from the situation and playing a game.

Easy. You know what's going to be your career, right? Do a project on that. Isn't it simple? - Exactly. - But I'm still confused.

Sometimes, I feel like I should build a career. But then I also think that I should get married and settle down. - What? - This is exactly what your problem is. There's no clarity. Bro, it's not about clarity. There are too many options. It's really hard to choose one.

Yes. - Hmm. But I've already decided. - What? Journalism. I'm going to be a reporter. "Patrakaarita." Yes, "Patrakaarita".

You know Narayani from CS college, right? My school friend? He's pursuing journalism too. In fact, she interviewed Ranbir last week. She went to his house. - Really? - Yes, isn't it fun? Wow. Oh, oh, oh. That's so cool. Guys, didn't I tell you that Sakhi is always one step ahead of us.

[laughing] What happened? Did I say anything wrong again? Vivaan, it's "Khadam", okay? And you know, it was a bit easy for me to choose because look, I'm comfortable in front of the camera. And I can communicate well with important people. - Did you see that Natasha's interview? - Yes. - In that interview... - Yes, your screen presence is pretty good. And you look good in the videos.

[clearing throat] By the way, Sakhi, I hope you know that journalist's life isn't easy. I mean, they should go to crime scene and war locations too. And they need to question - dangerous people. - Yes. That's difficult. I know. I'm aware of all these. But I don't have to do all this.

In fact, I know exactly what sort of a journalist I want to be. I will see you guys later. I need to work on my project. And I want you two to finalise the topic soon. Okay. Bye, all the best. - Bye. - Bye, Sakh. - Bye. - Bye.

Guys, I don't think Sakhi has any clue how difficult it is to be a journalist. She will figure it out. [birds chirping] Hi, Everyone. I'm reporter Sakhi Wagle.

And today we are going to meet Ms. Vandana... What would you like to say about your upcoming film? What? [music playing] Please go away. Rajesh sir, this is your first film with her. What would you like to say? [clears throat] - Yes. - Well, you know,

Ms. Vandana's beauty makes me forget my dialogues. [laughing] Stop blabbering. Excuse me. What's going on? Why are you doing reporting? Okay. Are you rehearsing

for a drama where you are playing the role of a reporter? No, Mr. Rajesh, your daughter is making an on-field project on journalism. That's because she's pursuing journalism as a career. Yes, Dad.

That's amazing. Fantastic. After a few years, we can see Sakhi on television. She's going to say, "Sakhi Wagle reporting." Then we two will brag about her achievement - in front of Mr. Dakku and Mr. Harshad, right? - Wow... I will get a "Press" sticker pasted on my car.

Superb! I'm going to take full mileage of her becoming a journalist. And I'm going to announce to the world that my daughter is a hi-fi journalist and covers world political events. That's amazing. Hmm. Mom, I don't want to do anything of that sort. I'm going to be a celebrity journalist.

Celebrity journalist? Yes. Dear, news, I mean journalism isn't just celebrity interviews, right? There's more to it, you know. Exactly, Sakhi. If you want to be a journalist, then you should learn all aspects of it. Exactly. Look, finally, career choice is going to be yours.

Okay? I mean, the one that you are projecting, do something relevant to it. Vandu, Harry's uncle Mr. Kuldeep runs an NGO for poor kids. I mean, isn't it fantastic? What a vision he has got. Yes. In fact, the company your dad works for

has decided to donate 40 lakhs to that NGO. This is called earning respect. Dad...

Can I cover this NGO story for my college project? I mean, I will interview the children over there. And I will get a socially relevant story. If the video goes viral, then the NGO will get free publicity, it might also help them get more donations. Yes, this plan is the best. The idea seems pretty good.

Let me talk to Harry first. This is a very good idea. Oh, yes. I'm so excited. Thank you, Dad. Thank you. Don't interview film stars, okay? Come on.

Vandu, I've spoken with Kiara ma'am. Let me talk to Harry too. Vandu... I'm unable to reach Harry. It's busy. Keep trying, Mr. Rajesh.

You have to do it for your daughter, right? - Sakhi is asking for an update. - I'll tell you what? Let me call up Kiara. Yes, put it on speaker mode.

- Hello, Kiara ma'am. - Yes, Mr. Wagle. Harry has shared the NGO caretaker number with me. I'll tell you what? I'll inform them that Sakhi will be visiting them tomorrow. Will also tell them that you are good friends with Harry so that Sakhi gets access to the whole of NGO.

Well, how about 10 a.m. tomorrow morning? Yes, Kiara ma'am. 10 a.m. would be perfect. Thank you so much, Ma'am. Thank you. My pleasure, Sakhi. All the best. Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you. Bye. Superb.

Dad, I need to prepare a lot. I'll see you later. Bye. Vandu, I hope this journalism project helps Sakhi immensely in her career. Amen. God bless. [birds chirping] [intense music playing] [intense music continues] Girls... I would like to meet the caretaker of the NGO.

Go straight and take right. Thank you. [intense music playing] [dramatic music playing] It's a dangerous job, Sir. I need a bigger cut. At least, I should get one lakh rupees from P2P Glocal donation. What are you blabbering about? You are getting bigger cut than you deserve.

I need to invest P2P Glocal money into my business too. I'm not here to do a charity. When I'm taking the risk, I should get all the reward. You just do what's instructed.

[intense music playing] Sakhi, I think you should expose this man. The company my dad works for is donating 40 lakhs to this NGO. He is a very famous businessman. - But Sakhi, he wants to invest that money into his business. - Exactly.

Look, I have studied for a few years in an NGO. The donation money is used to buy books for the children and also food for them. Why can't those children get money from their parents? Gungun, because they are poor. - That's why they study in NGO. - Exactly.

But Sakhi, as long as people like Kuldeep run NGOs, the children over there will be deprived of everything. But it's too risky to expose him. Sakhi, I don't think we should get involved in this. - But Gungun, what makes you... - Wait a minute.

Let me talk to my dad first. [tense music playing] Mr. Wagle, in tomorrow's NGO donation event, I want you to hand the cheque to my uncle.

Really? Thank you so much. You deserve this, Mr. Wagle. Everyone, clap for Mr. Wagle! Wow...

Thank you. Thank you so much. It's ringing, but he's not answering. Perhaps, he's busy with the donation event arrangement. Sakhi, think about this. The company where your dad works is going to invest 40 lakhs in it. It shouldn't land in the wrong hands.

You want to be a journalist, right? Sakhi, this is real journalism. Uncovering the truth, you know. And trust me, you aren't going to get a relevant and better project than this. Sakhi, think about it. [music playing] Ahem... I, Sakhi Wagle...

I'm going to give you all a breaking news today. P2P Glocal Couriers is about to get involved in a big scam. I'm going to expose that in my story. There's a video, in which, the owner of the NGO Kuldeep Kakkar talks about making illegal use of the donation made by P2P. You all can see the truth for yourself.

No... Wait, Guys. I don't think it's right. I mean, I have to talk to my dad first and show him this video. But Sakhi, we aren't doing anything wrong.

I know, Vivaan. But I'm not a real journalist. This is just a college project. I don't think it's right to take such a big risk.

See, my dad always does what's right. If something wrong has taken place, I'm sure he will help us out. I will talk to him as soon as he returns from office. Okay? Huh? [intense music playing] [door opens] Sorry. It was so crowded, you know.

The entire city was there to avail the discount. And then we ran into a friend of Ms. Jyoti. Sorry. Tell me how did your visit to that NGO go? - What's the matter? - Mom... Arrey! Hello to the news reporter of Sai Darshan Heights. How was the trip to NGO? I'm so sorry.

I was very busy with the NGO donation collection. So many missed calls? Vandu... [tense music playing] You have brought so much. Hello, tell us how did it go? Come on, we two are so excited to know all about your project.

[intense music playing] Sakhi, my neck hurts. Please come over here. Dad, I want to tell you something. What is it? [dramatic music playing] [phone ringing] Yes. Go ahead, Mr. Marfatia.

Vivaan, I'm showing that video to my dad. Sakhi, I've been trying to reach you for a long while. The video has created a big problem. - What? - Yes. - What happened? - Rajesh sir, Sakhi's video has gone viral.

She has accused Mr. Harry's uncle in that video. - What? - Yes, Sir. Please come to office now. Harry sir is mad at you. He was saying that it has tarnished the image of P2P and Mr. Kuldeep. Sir, please... Things are going out of control.

Okay. I'm coming. Please come soon, Sir. [intense music playing] [intense music continues] 'I'm Sakhi Wagle and I'm going to give you all a breaking news.' 'P2P Glocal Couriers has become a part of a very big scam.' 'I'm going to expose that in this video.' [tense music playing] Dad...

I have no idea how this video got leaked. What are you saying, Sakhi? You are there in the video, right? I know, Mom. I created a news report for my college project. But I told them to not share. I swear. I have no idea how it got leaked.

What are we going to do now? Mr. Marfatia called me. I need to go to office now. Harry has gone mad. [dramatic music playing] - See you later. - Okay.

Oh, God! [intense music playing]

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