PROOF! This Crypto Trading Group Can Change Your Life!

PROOF! This Crypto Trading Group Can Change Your Life!

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but if you stuck to the script and you see every single one of those trades didn't hit the stop loss that's like I mean that was wow what a month of trading we did we could go over the month of the gains in the whole month like we didn't hit every single trade but yeah I mean I just want to go back to the beginning of July and see where we started at because it was a crazy mom and just kind of recap kind of how we got through the month what happened did we short did we long what happened just want to see you know kind of what trades we looked at what we found why so it started with ustc we ended that we ended we ended with usdc doing the 500 gains remember that the 29th of June so like that was insane um all right so we got that and then we got into July GMT 3s we shorted that for 20. Joop has been a good we've just been trading Cube on and off for a month now 34 car and just look at the coins that we played Chrome right wrapped and Nexium right an nxm Carr k-a-r assault had some quick gains that dumb nastily though time we played a few times to the upside droop again for 53 AO Z and see the one look dyp odds remember I was like can we beat the odds and that thing just banged on you gmt3l was been a fun on and off dupe again for 83. see how many times we've traded you so write that down like I'm just trying to you know block has been on the low little one Nord hit for 20. Burger we just started hitting Burger our on and off Matic 3L was the level that just kept giving us gains TCP like was an amazing bounce off the Fibonacci that's how I taught Fibonacci the whole the whole month there was many Fibonacci retracements too cupping handle for jar would break for 14 dyp off of a Fibonacci retracement again you know M swap I mean let's I mean M Swap and burger were the bigger gainers M swap for 11 M swap for 21 M swap for 151 when it was all said and done do you remember that we had a great month you know Matic 3L for some more games trade which is a coin call Trade how funny was that right trvl Clearinghouse that one's 74 that's what an elite Trader gave daggle pumped off of the 618 golden pocket same thing right another Fibonacci retracement uh lapse was in a cup and handle for a nice little ten true banged on him for 30. cop was in a beautiful cup and handle for 27. usdc we got off of what

the retracement in the Fibonacci golden pocket that's like the fifth golden pocket retracement nmw we loved in a flag that banged on you for 20 continued to go wild in a cup and handle would bang for 77. this is in the middle of the month another Elite Trader put this out Maha Dao he nailed it talked about this double bottom here right on 712 three days later it was up 95 percent bang bang dematria in a double bottom gains you know and there it is right there there's the double bottom went right there another one for usdc another 19 gains out the flag policy was in this beautiful little remember that 25 Hawthorne HDR I remember talking about that coming down to the Zone it went a little lower boom 42 are we nailed on a Fibonacci retracement I can remember drawing the Fibonacci retracement the 618 golden pocket if you zoom in there that's the golden pocket 706 area R would bang on them Saul was a beautiful one another Fibonacci golden retracement that's like the eighth one so we showed so many fiber tradesments this month UFO banged on him and then it kind of brings us to where we're starting to move into the 17th to 16th storage we played gmt3l again for more games looks had a beautiful pump to the upside we called and then Bond who could have forgot our love for Bond 52 there Phantom 3 out beautiful gain for 38 all right bang bang bang quick we waited for the FIB retracement finally got 46 gains out of that another FIB retracement right dot just the easy play 14 are again we put it in this inverted cup and handle uh inverted Head and Shoulder it would do that and eventually pump for 24 percent quick again out of the move but it would go up a little more off that FIB retracement 74 gme another one bought the trading crew the elite banging on them ayz another one by the elite 33 another one by the elite alluvium another one by the elite another one by the elite I had B pro in this beautiful funky pattern it made the exact right shoulder like we said it would go up 30 percent we projected that and then it did exactly what we projected all right meter governance token another one by the elite and a cup and handle banging on them gamey I threw up in this flag that flag would pop perfectly out of there and never hit a stop loss for 14. unify who could have forgotten unified we put it out here on the 17th it would continue to go and this thing would rip and rip that from that trade that would be a huge MBL pyr Vulcan Forge waves we called a waves trade that would be amazing Swifty this one's Swifty this one will go up 12 and even more [Music] spell I don't remember spell always a quick cup and handle that would pump look at that though beautiful cup and handle 32 plager I remember this one plager mirror protocol we called this double bottom it never went lower than that double bottom for not 80 gains uh who could get bond in the middle of the night 85 gains out of the beautiful beautiful tight wedge full pennant here's Pond again that coin that I'm just talking about today for 23. we like Pawn there's storage again which we talked about today you can see we play a lot of the same coins they come back here's prom which I've been looking at recently and so the game just kept coming we hit a lot of gains yes we didn't hit every single trade but we hit so many gains beautifully without a stop loss Bitcoin 3L man dematria out of the another one that hit a Fibonacci retracement and so many of these trades 33 from Bond as it pumped out of that move and so many of these trades showed you how to use technical analysis in the best way Maha another bang on our banger so just going through the month I mean we're only at the 22nd 55 for beefy bond for another 74 gains like even more and went parabolic we called the parabolic Run that's another beautiful beautiful trade we hit Bond Phantom 3L beautiful gains of 24 percent dematria kind of you know scribble banged out a little bit talked about this flag look it came up went sideways would go up 24 axi 3L talked about this thing called Gall this wouldn't go up 20 Galaxy storage again store which actually I remember putting in this parabolic run it would go sideways sideways I was and then eventually pump and hit the target would take a while though Phantom we put in this funky little Target it would begin to pump just tiny five percent gains in the middle of the night Bitcoin 3L beautiful this would start the Bitcoin three I'll move that would go massively to the upside for five days straight jump for another 36 again see how many times we played you it's like a love of ours like we have a Juke love affair look Phantom 3 I would end up going 34 out of that move Bond a little quick you know LBP frr I mean it keeps going on it's just like ridiculous anyway that's the month I just like going over the month Tonight is the last day of the month so uh Sushi 3L that was a beautiful trade called the exact place of entry and it would boom up that was just the other day at 9 50 at night right and who could have forgot my ether my ethereum classic trade right there with the exact place to get in never made a stop loss would pump up 80 percent gains right I mean Wi-Fi as well I put in a perfect pocket would not go to the perfect space would go sideways and bounce but would continue to Boom like 80 gains out of Wi-Fi I mean it just kp3r made big gains this is the trade we put out it would be it would boom up you know so that's that was an amazing trade so it's been an amazing month cake I just put out the other day in a cup and handle my baby cake and a cup and handle that gets reminiscent of old days 21 games for cake you know unified banging on them as well up 76 I saw people making 3 000 all sorts of crazy percentages and when I look at like the the testimonials I'm just happy with what I see people just saying you know I just started trading crypto I got into watching a bunch over the years convincing me to buy bye bye little did I know that they were bought by advertisers I was hesitant joining it first but bit by the bullet and decided to give it a chance turns out I learned a lot more in just one week compared to watching one year of overhyped crypto YouTubers thank you Sam yesterday at 10 20 PM life life becomes easy when you're a lifer at the start all the charts were overwhelming but I took the chart one chart at a time and I watched all the videos I try to we watch one video a day from the learning library constantly learning new things every day life doesn't look so great anymore thank you sir this guy just threw out a heart right here thank you [Music] you know just I learned a lot in one week in the Discord more than even one year trading crypto watching other top YouTubers shout out to each and every one of you for being here and really supporting me you have no idea how much it means at the end of every month I look back on that month and see what happened let's take a look at the gains of the month for the monthly candle close let's do it as a team I didn't even check it it got tough towards the end you know it and I know it we all know it let's take a look at how we did for the month of August let's work let's relive the month of August what a month it was all right okay so we'll start here with August 1st we started trading Bitcoin 3L five days later that thing hit without hitting a stop loss off Fibonacci levels for 43 percent we found Wu on the 24th of July that would come into play with 34 it would take a while though but it would happen about 12 days later on August 6. we

found rose on August 5th the next day it would go up 10 out of the flag Rose was the trade of the night if you remember that that trade I do now August 1st and five days later fit five would bounce beautifully out of the channel we talked about setting alert for their move it would bang bang bang avax 3L for 60 massive gains we posted in this nice beautiful Channel it would break out I gave this trade of the day on Friday notice many of the trades have been hitting lately bang bang bang we had some fun at the beginning of August xhv hit for 27 out the flag okay lym was moving ACA put out in this tight Channel it would break out for 32 never hit the stop loss from August 3rd to the 7th avax3l on the 4th of August would Bang three days later for 60 percent idea was put out on the 6th of August it would bang on the 7th for 90 percent Bang Bang gmt3 I would bang for 30 Z cash would dangster 17. MTV for 26 from the 24th to the 8th August 4th to the 8th 55 for Block topia you can't send a super chat with a VPN on dgens shelves a big Irish 73. kqsdt hit for gains for 13 from the fifth to the eighth right Casper from the 8th to the 8th 17 kp3 are for 21. none of these at the stop loss they were beautiful channels that broke up you should back test all of these go back to the date redraw the pattern watch how they played out and retest every one of these you can teach yourself exactly how to trade arcx ARX up 61 gains flux when we first started getting back into flux on the 4th of August bang bang bang for gains 30 dfny bank for 111. avax again for another quick 8 and avax 3 out would have gave you more Aurora remember these trades looked identical posted them that night and they both pumped I remember that night my eight My Double A's swing B would hit for 41 there and the rest of the time it would be annoying seven percent to the 10 32 for UFO Phantom 3 out for 20 gains out of that beautiful ascending triangle ar3x again when a tight channel would break out for 20. U.S would break out for gains seller for 32 ERG would make this beautiful move out of the channel to the upside we saw this inverted Head and Shoulder cup and handle inject the protocol cup and handle blasted for 81 T fuel blasted for 55 in inverted Head and Shoulder inside of the ascending triangle Velo would bang out of the little flag HDR for the 12th through the 13th Matic 3L from the 32 gains from the 10th to the 13th August 6th to the 13th fkx which is Fort Knox they're 55 UFO for 77. flux would

bang on them Seoul would Boom for 49 out of a little kind of cup handle action centrifuge CFG on the 7th to the 13th flag there would never actually get stopped out and pumped for 38. lit would pump for the 23rd to the 13th take forever but eventually would pump gamey out of this nice little Channel with pump anakum which is posted beautifully by my Elite out of the falling wedge boomed up for 81 HTR bought my Elite Rainier for 12 percent opal by the elite for 54 and he continued to carry it all the way injective out of the wedge up LMR out of this little tight ascending triangle for 30. avax 3L out of the wedge for 36. Wam out of the wedge for 178 I mean this is all my Elite group too what not even me this is my Elite group people that have been trained by me go for 30 seller for 32. and look this is

we're not we're all open August 14th here like this is insane jsmy for three hour from the 12th these are all posted here in the channel PBR made this beautiful move for 32 gmt3l again for 32 percent we traded out a lot ethos got tight for 28 23. AFK from my team 108 the big gains out of my big Elite Melos 35 out of the elite 17 out of the elite not even me spell I put in a nice tight channel for 36. Eos 3L I started looking at it for whatever reason it banged out of a cup and handle for 128 percent there we are again with anicum enq for 47. Bitcoin 3L and you can see we you could just start to learning what trade what coins to kind of go back and forth abbc was a beautiful trade beautiful tight Channel went up 80 when the whole Market was whacked and now we're getting kind of into it two weeks ago right and this is crazy PBR kept moving just kept going 100 super chats my man said he made five racks on snx Andrew Simone thank you man spell hit for another one Phantom 3 out and then the market would slow down end of August right flocks but we stayed with flocks for massive gains 20 love we put out and nailed it I remember that morning woke up to love gains loving gains that morning right and just things just pumping Shiba Inu we nailed Saul looked like it was tight in a pump then it was time to short the market we put on the short for for eth on the 25th we nailed it for 40 gains APL was the only thing I was looking at 24 remember a huobi token because it looked strong and we saw it in a flag seven percent quick ones ft banged on him 67 gains B rise was the latest one for 92 this morning and Bitcoin 3s because we showed in the market so and here we are back at the end of the month what an amazing month man shout out to anyone that kicked it the whole month with me and that's the damage we did in the Trading Group this month alone and yes there weren't there were some losses too just you know we lost but again as I show people say you traded this trade right here and you traded it three out of 10 times just using this as an example and you you know and you did it with a three to one record ratio so you lost it seven times seven times one is seven seven times five that's like ten point five percent but you win three that's fifteen percent you'd still be up four point five percent so like you would be up more even if you won three out of ten trades so you don't have to win every trade you just have to cut off the losers and maintain the winners and three out of ten four out of ten if you win five out of ten you will you'll you'll change your life you know what I mean and it's just that time of year shout out to everybody here but at just that time every single month on the monthly candle close we gotta do it and it's not easy and I'm gonna make it as quick as possible because some people seem to like you know but we gotta go through every single game made in the month of September on the monthly close so I take some of the last one August 31st into September Alpine was in a tight Channel suggested it could come on down it went up a little bit in bang for 34 gains fkx banged out of a tight channel to the upside for gains 7 15 to 6 51 the next day took two days about for fkx to bang for nine ERG who could have forgotten that beautiful trade it started September off a beautiful call I made about ERG I talked about cardano getting that hard Fork people getting excited this was kind of connected Ergo and it banged beautifully without touching the stop loss for 53 gains we will continue to trade this on and off ERG for gains mft I remember talking about it too it was on token metrics we were bringing it up it was Titan the channel bang for 14 credit beautiful double bottom there in the falling wedge would bang to the upside for 20. flux who could have

forgotten the flux call when I first brought it up 100 million was getting stacked staked you know I said it's tight in the channel it banged for 50 gain from 60 to about 93 cents 96 cents ft this was in a tight beautiful cup and handle it would bang out of that cup and handle to the upside for 12 percent we shorted Bitcoin nicely on a short here for 13 we shorted link beautifully for 29.9 Jens was in a tight Channel banged on you for 71 Route was in a cup and handle bagged on you for 54. mft was in a tight Channel eventually would make the move and bang on you for 27 percent Stargate Finance we pulled the Fibonacci saw the retracement in the golden pocket would bang for 46 percent Adam would bang on you for 40 percent ewt energy web token would never hit the stop loss and bang for 29.5 percent while uh wall right which we found this thing would bang for 38 and that was a huge green candle to the upside 38.93

percent all right um route would bang on them again ft another move 37 percent Luna right talking about Luna breaking out then making another flag for 34 gains route breaking out of that cup and handle to the upside 63 fly then fly when we first started trading fly was on September 8th you can kind of remember this now saw in this tight Channel and who did it it was our man Ranier putting it in the Thai Channel Rainier for 93.3 my man eat short in this tight little channel to the upside for 14 scalpage us look nice it continued to go up never really hit the flag for 22 percent uh Monte which is monster is that no yeah yeah monster infinite tight channel would bang up for a little 17 gains Cat who could forget Cambria and how many times we played this starting on the 8th of September to the September 11th falling wedge would go low low Boom for 65 percent gain Spa which is Sparx right that went up for 23 out of the channel injective protocol company handle tight inverted Head and Shoulder 37 percent gains who could have forgot I Ergo when someone asked about me on the lava put it in the channel this thing would bang above the POC and bought Blast for 98 11 look how much we learned from all these setups it's not even about the gains look at Cambria 381 gains for Cambria out of that tight Channel who would ever have thought it would produce gains of that nature cat Cambria avax in a cup and handle banged on them for 18 look how many cuphead handles played out onston falling wedge tight Channel banged on you for 16.6 16-16 mirror protocol when I first talked about the Fibonacci retracement it would break out of this for 39. unisea which is Unicity just did a little wedge would go for 13.33 a year ago again on the radar it broke out in a wedge would break out of that for 84 gains then back to ERG after waiting a few more days for it to resettle following it in the wedge again tight moving averages touching the 21 banging for 24 percent gains PSL which has passed out double bottoming for 32 percent Sutter for 108 from the 12th to the 14th connecting to the Fibonacci pastel had a beautiful double bottom for a hundred and three point four six percent gains at the beginning that's how it started rosin posted by the elite never hit the stop loss for 26 percent doubt 3s in a beautiful channel for 16 near was in a beautiful Channel first time we put it out in the 15th would bang beautifully with no stop loss 22.2 percent near again would make another flag I would talk about this flag and say there's more coming 60 gains PSL would continue from that double bottom and go all the way up for 630 percent gains might even had a little more on a giant wave near 3s when we shorted near 3s in this falling wedge it would break out for 14 gains hard I remember when I first talked about hard it was like a Saturday morning if I remember correctly 30 minutes later it made 32 gains for a banger right September 18th yeah that's 1209 at 1 pm an hour later banging on them Sweat by the elite banging for 52 who could have forgot sweat getting in and out of that Divi by the elite for 10 Adam 3L buy the elite for 15 Luna C coming back we were all over that for 12 afcon for 112 gains banging on him following that retrace back to the upside near 3s was in a falling wedge banged on him for 40 fph NX was in a tight Channel getting Tighter and Tighter would move up for 25.9 no stop was a good hit in any of

these trades formation five again in the cup and handle would bang again for 17 Cala short which was in a giant cup and handle this would go up for 74 gains that would take two weeks Bitcoin short for a nice little cup out the handle it would jiggle jiggle never hit the stop loss and bang for 14 CHC was in this beautiful flag banged on them for 40 percent Anakin another beautiful coin tighten the channel by the elite for 37 Network for 28 labs for 21 whale sdt was in a tight channel for 40 percent comb for 52 by the elite banging on him it did drop a little bit and his defense it came a little lower but still beautiful call did fall out of the wedge eventually Quant which is in a tight Channel 22.3 percent banged on them I I was all over this one called it with a beautiful angle fear was in this tight Channel band got made another little flag and would continue sis was in a tight Channel went up nine percent I'm gonna look at that tonight Gall 13 we're back to the 19th to the 24th now 20 this is insanity this was supposed to be a bear market pollacks for 32 percent God's Unchained in a tight channel for 30 man I worked so hard this is insane lunacy for 52.52 gains plager in a tight Channel by the elite for 65 shx by the elite for 10 Cat by the elite for 37 DC by the elite for 21 dapped by the elite for 32 percent fio coin double bottom barely got you something catcoin again came down to the channel and popped for 25 just the other day right and September 13th through the 28th Gala that was just extending the shore for 60 percent near or 3s this took a while 42 percent comb from the elite 16 CMP by the elite for 13 polex in a tight Channel and you can see we do the same things over and over and over again it's wash and repeat it's Cup in handles it's tight channels 22 hero I put out recently beautiful call on the Thai Channel bang for 40 percent gains actually still holding a nice move Anakin kept saying watch Anakin watch Anakin watch Anakin 10 gains cat again Cambria for another funky move off the bottom of the channel for 20 and near again today or just was like one of the closest ones again that I would weight watch today for gain so this month was an amazing month and God we didn't hit everything of course we lost some trades okay I want to make that clear too like everyone's like oh all the games what about the losses yes a lot of things hit stop losses not everything hit it wasn't the easiest way day to trade and there was a lot of fake outs by Bitcoin that would throw you off and not make it easy but if you stuck to the script and you see every single one of those trades didn't hit the stop loss that's like I mean that was wow I didn't think we were going to go through that many on a monthly and I do that on the monthly just on the monthly we're not going to do that any other month it always seems to people always seem to leave the stream when I do that which is weird I I would be I would be like glued to the screen like whoa whoa whoa because I would be writing down the names of those coins because I'm just giving you know that's why if you leave the stream it doesn't make any sense if you're around someone that does something every single day there's knowledge to be had at any moment when they're doing something if you're smart and I don't mean to be rude but if you're paying attention and aware you know if you're paying attention and aware you're going to figure you're going to be like oh yeah foreign [Music]

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