PACKING 700 ORDERS IN A WEEK New Products For My Small Biz Shop Update

PACKING 700 ORDERS IN A WEEK  New Products For My Small Biz Shop Update

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this video is sponsored by grammarly [Music] [Music] foreign Oh no I got distracted and now there's only 15 minutes before the shop update the shop update I think today calls for this specific sweater I haven't worn this since last winter for obvious reasons Vegas is like the fiery butthole I still need to write out my Instagram post also look at this cute photo that Lee sent to me it's by Hiller Goodspeed isn't it so cute okay no distractions and then yours I also made a lot of new stickers a bunch of old stickers so so foreign [Music] I'll be honest I'm not the most confident writer especially I get more anxiety when it comes to tight deadlines I've been using grammarly for so long I used to use it in high school and in college for my assignments and even today I'm using it for my small business day-to-day tasks from writing social media posts to emails to shop descriptions as well as replying to DMS chats um writing artist bios I use this literally for everything it's a very powerful tool that has been allowing me to write more clearly and effectively Every Day writing and replying to emails is probably the harder task for me to do because I'm always trying to juggle sounding more professional with sounding more confident as well as just being more approachable and kind at the same time tools like grammarly really relieve that stress and it makes answering emails more tolerable fun and efficient I actually used grammarly to write out this ad read as well and it helped me a lot there's a free version in that helps with grammar spelling and punctuation suggestions but you can also upgrade to the premium version which will help you feel more confident with your writing with its Advanced features it works across all platforms like your web browser desktop apps and mobile so it's easy to integrate into your daily life you can download it now to boost your productivity and to have an easier time clearing your work tasks work smarter not harder and get more work done with grammarly sign up for a free account and get 20 off grammarly premium when you use my link Tiffany tan while we wait let me show you all the designs that I did for my story post of the keychain the lanyard one new sticker one individual Sketchbook prints discounted B grade prints old sticker sale and then the honey plushies and also notes where I'm going to put the link and stuff on it and then for the actual post I'm just using all of these photos just like little detail shots of the products and yeah oh my gosh we're down to our last minute should I just do it now I don't know why I was so nervous I've done this a million times by now okay 8 59 you know what it's early enough I'm gonna just take it off remove password wait restrict access visit with password save ah why are you not saving I think it's good now let me check real quick okay it's working I checked on my phone everything is live ah what am I freaking out stop this one this one this one this one this one this one this one this one wait no no no yes yes yes yes yes this one next paste thank you always shares and engagement always appreciated ah please yay okay add story to post good looking good maybe I'll make this super big so no one can forget and as for like other social media platforms I set it to like automatically post I need to post a tick tock the only one that I can post today that I have done is this one [Music] do I need to buy before my inner child is healed hey guys I thought it was a funny sound okay I think that's all [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] oh hi hello oh potato oh [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] day one is done I'll come back and see how many I can pack tomorrow I think I packed around like a hundred some orders today okay bye [Music] I've been slowly migrating my plants one by one on top of my bookcase because Mia is starting to attack them and rip leaves off so I don't want her to get poisoned and I don't want my plants to die so yeah I also decided I want to chop this up um and propagated because it was turning into like a very long land it's 9 A.M and I have to go to the office to pack orders soon [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah today I'm doing the flat mailers yeah most of them are probably these individual Sketchbook prints that I had extras of so I've just laid them out on the table in front of me for easier access let's get started this one's for Shiva they ordered a still life print which is this one a flowers print which is this one um and then the two e-grade prints where did I put those oh you're sitting on them I'll get those later and a Animal Crossing sticker sheet the next person Alexandria a strawberries Post-It note and a tiger adhesive patch and then next is Catherine you're you're sitting on you're sitting on the one she wants [Music] foreign okay gnome sticker a milk carton sticker I'm still an artist sticker and a wombat sticker [Music] it's like it's very different [Music] should I call it [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I ran out of these small flat Millers the 6x9 flat Millers that I usually use so I've just been packing them up into their little pouches and I ordered more to come in soon [Music] thank you today is definitely going a lot slower than yesterday I think I went to ham yesterday with packing orders and so now I'm like very tired and slow I want to at least try to finish this stack that I printed out because it it's gonna send a notification to all the customers saying that I packed it and shipped it out um these are all like the honey orders like every order that contains a honey so can I finish this this is probably around like 40 something orders and it's 5 p.m and I still have to go home and do some other work we'll try we'll see how much we can get done today it's super easy it'll take you like 30 seconds [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] [Music] foreign of packing orders today I'm going to tackle the patreon orders um I'm gonna be packing postcards stickers and I also left my SD cards at my apartment I might go grab lunch later and go get my SD card so that we can have nice footage packing [Music] High School [Music] okay [Music] [Music] I got myself a little treat and also picked up my SD card so I can film with my camera now I'm gonna just take a little break and then continue packing soon [Music] I'm all hyped up from caffeine and I'm so jittery now 20 ones foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign I don't have a hammer you're gonna need a hammer I don't have a hammer you're gonna need a lot I don't have power right I need to do arm day my arms are so sore [Music] Brown's hard I can't hit it I don't think this is gonna work if you had read the instructions you wouldn't know [Music] oh there you go [Music] foreign [Music]

2022-11-07 18:47

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