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good morning everyone it's an early start to the  day here in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and we just   come to the train terminal here where we're going  to get a train to Penang we actually came to the   wrong train terminal we're supposed to be at the  next one but we were able to pay like an extra 10   Ringgit per person to get on the same train but  from a station one station early yeah so we've   already made a mistake but it's all good and we're  going to Penang in business class and it's gonna   cost 147 per person yeah and that includes like  food I think we also have access to the business   Lounge like that yeah that's what we're looking  for right now isn't it we'll just go through as we   go because we're not sure so this is the lounge  right here normally we don't go in a business   Lounge I don't know it travels I think it's the  first time yeah I think it is the first time ever   right so yeah you can just get like a coffee or  tea I guess I think Carol's gonna get one all   right so this is the train yeah this is like the  first stop so it's completely empty around here foreign when you lay down like this it's good the leg  space really good though look at that it's   completely stretch my legs out you can bend this  down though so on one side we have the food tray   on the left side we have a little TV screen here  so there's a type of movies looks like there's   no movies but there is internet on here so that's  good check it out we can watch our channel YouTube   got some power outlets as well that seems  like you can even charge your laptop on   here if we wanted to get some work done USB  too how long is this a train ride anyway   four hours four hours okay and they also have  Wi-Fi for you to connect to on your phone too foreign breakfast now so we've got a cheese sandwiches and   of coffee or tea I think there wasn't any  selection of sandwiches right just nowhere   made this option this option yeah it's  not really the best sandwich that I've   ever had just very simple like Carol said  not much on it just a little bit of cheese thank you so I ended up taking a bit of a nap since  I didn't sleep that much but now the lunch   has arrived so it says here that it's Nancy by  the looks of it it's like rice with eggs and uh   yeah I think that's like fried chicken  and they also give you uh orange juice   water KitKat and some nuts and the scenery  has been pretty much the same the whole time   like three hours like this pretty much yeah  the chicken is really good how's the rice so we've arrived at Butterworth station now  I'll just show you the the bathroom quickly   so this is how the toilet was pretty good  toilet if I pick clean as well so that's   good and through here was the economy class  so just less legroom still not bad though   so I think you wrote down the prices of like the  economy class and the other options right yes I   think the economy class was about 77. that's  like half the price yeah half the price and I   think the cheapest option to come to Penang is  by bus but it can take up to six hours and it's   a 35 Ringgit and I also checked the price of the  flight and it was forty dollars per person with   with no package so we just walked into the ferry  terminal now it's supposed to be right next to   this station isn't it yeah it's very close so here  we go Ferry going down how much for two people thank you thank you so it's just one  Ringgit 20 per person and it's that   price because it's so close  that's uh Penang over there   I think that's part of the island as well I  can't tell so there you can see the bridge   you just have a car or a bus you probably  go across that bridge over there oh foreign so we have arrived the place we're in now is  the capital of Penang it's called Georgetown   and we're pretty close to the ferry terminal  so we're just gonna walk I think it's about   seven eight minutes walking it's raining a  bit at the moment so hopefully we don't get   rained on we do have some waterproof covers  anyway over there it's nice and blue yeah   hard yeah it needs to come over here I think  Malaysia might be the country where we mostly   their Flags the flag of Malaysia so this island  is known for its Old Colonial British buildings   from when it was colonized by the British  so yeah this is one here 1922 is the date   on the top we're going to be seeing a lot of  that in this video in the next one foreign so this hotel room here is 33 just a simple room  really does have AC I don't know if we're going to   need that they say that it's like a traditional  Chinese style I think because of these designs   here and we also got a view of the street here  so we just came from over there in Butterworth   so we're going to explore Georgetown a bit  now it's not that big so I think you can walk   around a lot of the neighborhoods it's raining a  little bit hopefully it doesn't pick up more but   we should be able to see some stuff around here  anyway and check out the kitty kitty with no tail so Penang has become very famous for its uh street  art scattered around the city that's supposed to   depict like the local way of life here in Penang  got the soup or some sort of bowl there yeah   yeah so people always take pictures with  them if you search Penang on like Google   Images you'll see these things everywhere  there you go he's getting Grandma's soup   and next to the street out there it's got a  pretty trendy looking market area too a bit   of a mix of like modern trendy places  and all places uh here's another one   that's cool how they put the actual swing  yeah yeah Victory Time picture time for Carol so from what we've seen so far it's definitely  one big mix of architecture Styles like none of   the buildings look the same do they no everyone  is different yeah usually we go to places and   there's kind of like a standard or whatever  you want to call it but not here just like   here yeah just like here right now like look at  this so you got like some Chinese looking Temple   and then yeah on this side some white red building and the British ones do seem to have a distinctive  style and check this out too that's not even a   painting is it it's like what is it metal yeah so  there's just cool art pieces everywhere Georgetown   world heritage site so yeah you got like colorful  buildings plants everywhere interesting place so that building that we were talking about it's a  fire station from 1908 so it is probably a British   one light we said so to find the street murals  they're all listed on uh Google Maps that they   yeah what's that buy on motorbike yeah  so check this one out here it's kind of   faded now so I guess they always keep this old  motorbike here got a kid got a army helmet on   so we definitely do seem to be more of a  Chinese area because all the buildings have   uh Chinese writing then over here there's  another Chinese looking Temple looks like   an impressive one yeah I'm not gonna try and  say that wow that sounds like a popular Street   I did read about an Armenian Street there's  another Street meal over here more kids on bikes so one thing that's looking very different  about Georgetown so far is that everything   has like a worn out appearance like it's  uh freshly painted around here but I kind   of like it so a lot of the murals as well  like worn out walls some more coffee shops   yeah it's definitely another Chinese looking  building the Chinese lanterns wooden windows okay what the hell yeah thank you and to add to the architectural mix in Penang  we now have a big beautiful mosque here   it's the tower so obviously we noticed the mix  in like Kuala Lumpur but I think here is way more   isn't it yeah maybe a big hill area so everything  is mixed in a in a small area like every step is   something different yeah so on each street that  you pass you'll just see different things all the   time different religious buildings there's also  Hindu temples that we haven't seen yet love Penang   I don't think we have seen a Hindu temple but  there are many Indians here too so there will be   Hindu temples I think we're on our way to Little  India now so yeah I should be able to see one   so about 30 seconds after saying that we hadn't  seen the Hindu temple here's one already so we're   definitely close to Little India so similar kind  of style that we saw near the Batu Caves with the   colors and everything doesn't seem to be open at  the moment though and then we go back to Chinese antique stores so this is Little India right now and yeah  everyone around here looks Indian all of a   sudden that's a cool store there one of these  like necklaces or something flower necklaces you can smell the Indian food  too yeah I think Indian food's   got to be the place with the  most powerful smells isn't it so I think here in Malaysia the Indians mainly  came from the south and that's why Carol's   favorite food is from yeah yeah probably got some  Masala dose around it oh yeah already that's a   picture of a masala dosa there it seems a  lot quieter the Indian Little India Town   beautiful Indian colors and  the Beautiful Indian clothes so we're now heading to that tower that you might  be able to see back there but it's actually just   a big building supposed to be able to go on  the rooftop and get some amazing views and   here we walk in through Chinatown now so a lot  of places that we've been so far kind of look   like Chinatown anyway but yeah I guess this looks  even more so online it says that historically the   Chinese were always the majority on this island  not sure if they still are the majority I think   it's more mixed now but yeah in the past it  would have been mainly Chinese although from   what we've seen walking around it does seem to  be that there are more Chinese establishments   everywhere we go there are only a few uh Indian  ones from what we saw that's the building we're   going to right there definitely looks like  the tallest building by the looks of it so this is the spot that you  need to look for rainbow Skywalk   I guess that's what they're calling it so they  have loads of attractions in this building so   it's not just a rainbow Jurassic Park I don't  know all sorts of stuff seems to have rides   zombie outbreak yeah I definitely wasn't expecting  all this stuff to be in this place Transformers like some big adventure Tower with loads of games  so the floor is 68 and I think we paid 68. yeah   the price is the same price as the flow  number that's funny maybe intentional who   we got here Captain America Bruce Willis is  that Jackie Chan Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee   Brazilian yeah Ronaldo representing so we're  on the top of the building now the Rooftop   loads of spots to hang out here yeah and here  are the views so definitely the spots to come to   to get the 360 views of Georgetown  more than Georgetown even yeah Penang   so I think that over there is a Penang kill  where we'll go in the next video you can   go to the top of that Hill that's pretty cool  that was like an artificial Island over there   they're making the Palm juice in Dubai  I guess that's why they call it the   rainbow then I was wondering what  the rainbow name was about foreign so this building was made in 1988 which makes  it the same age as me and at that time it was   the tallest in Asia and on this side you can  see where we're staying well you can't really   see it but we're on the coast just over there  somewhere so yeah we walked all the way here   you can see a cruise ship over there I didn't  know that cruise ships stopped around here so   this is why they call this place the Skywalk  let's check this out kind of nervous right oh yeah look at that it's a long way down   we've never been on like a floor  that's entirely like this before I don't know how you're not nervous though you better be strong it's  funny I'm like tiptoeing on it   even though I don't have to  I was doing the samba on it so we've been through the Indian areas and the  Chinese areas of Penang and now we're closer to   the coast where you have more of the colonial  British areas so this is a church here and then   you can see around these are all colonial era  buildings and this Memorial here is of a person   called Francis light so this is the perfect time  to explain the history of Penang and Malaysia and   you'll be able to put the pieces together of  why there's so many Chinese and Indians here   so Francis light is the person that established  Penang so he was a British Tradesman and explorer   that had been based in Phuket Thailand and he had  been doing trade there and he had learned the Thai   and Malay languages and then he identified  Penang as a good location for trade because   of its position in the Malacca strait between  Indonesia and Malaysia well back then they were   those countries but right now they are and he is  in 1786 and that's when Penang became this big   trade Hub and that's why you have the Chinese and  Indians here so at the time obviously India was a   colony of the British right so they brought many  Indians here to work I think mainly in like the   rubber plantations and the farms and the Chinese  were brought here more for business so that might   be why you see more establishments around here  that are Chinese so I think they would work in   the businesses the banks stuff like that so that's  why you have all these people here and that kind   of also explains the history of Singapore I guess  a bit because yeah in Singapore you have many   Chinese too so it's kind of a similar reason  look at this here for uh impressive building   I think this might be the Old Town Hall I just  see that there was a town hall around here   it's in their language so yeah I'm not sure two three so that's it for this one we ended up just getting  a bite to eat at a French restaurant and now it's   pitch black as you can see so really liked what  we've seen in uh Penang so far and tomorrow we're   going to do more of a Island Tour if you like  this one just drop a like as usual to support   us subscribe to see more like this follow us on  Instagram and Facebook and we'll see you around thank you

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