Last Hour Miracles: Addo Showboy Still In Business, Shaking Eastern Region With These Mega Projects

Last Hour Miracles: Addo Showboy  Still In Business, Shaking Eastern Region With These Mega Projects

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[Music] foreign [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] it's Saturday the 22nd of October 2022 good afternoon and Welcome to our special coverage of the president's Regional tours the president as you may be aware yesterday began a three-day work and visit of the Eastern region remember earlier in the week he was in the Ashanti region and we've been bringing you a live coverage of the president's itinerary and activities in these regions as we speak now the president has arrived in the insawam area which is the adujiri constituency of the Eastern region shortly we will be speaking to our point of who will be joining us live with the president's um tour of course telling us what the president has been up to right from morning welcome once again this is a special production by the ministry of information we're also live on a number of TV stations so we want to say good afternoon and hello and welcome to our viewers who are watching us on GTV City TV at Doom TV Metro TV of course you're also watching us around the world on our Facebook page the ministry of information Facebook page and of course on a dozen of radio stations across the country my name is quickly let's take you to adujri in Salem where Amman Robert for sasari is joining us live now with more on what the president has been up to on day two of his work and visit of the Eastern region will before so sorry if you can hear me tell us what has been happening now and where is the president as we speak all right quick so everybody good morning to you and also to our listeners all across the country and perhaps the world I'm currently at the Saints Martin's Senior High School in in sawam at the treasury where president of the Republic is expected shortly to commission two projects in one there are two 12 12 unit classroom blogs that have been built here in the Saint Martins Senior High School according to officials of this school the last 13 years this is the first time a new building has been built in this academic Institution in 2008 President akufo-addo built this classroom units block which is to my uh right where I am standing and since then there hasn't been any infrastructural development in this school currently under the presidential Administration this 12 unit two classroom blocks making it 24 unit classroom Blog has been constructed for the school and currently there is an ongoing construction of the girls dormitory which is about 90 percent complete it is to my left from where I am standing I have with me the Headmaster of the school and also the district Director of Education the Headmaster of the school is Reverend father Benjamin ohene very good money to you Reverend father good morning sir and then to my right is Samuel into Samuel into is the district Director of Education here in the Instagram District good morning to you sir good morning sir and thank you thank you and thank you guys for uh joining us on at this live broadcast let me start from you or with you Reverend father this is your school and tell us a little bit about this institution I know that this institution is a Catholic one and it started in 1964. apart from that tell us what else is it about this academic institution and I thought for the school started in 1966. at the place called the CCC just across the street the entrance of the school it was in 69 that we moved to this person's side under the instrumentality of the Chiefs and elders and people of advaithiri who gave the school this vast land and the SVD fathers who are the missionary fathers at that time founded this school so this school was founded by the Catholic church under the SVD Divine World missionary Society of Ghana that's that school you need a brief history about the economic institution that's good so I got a date wrong it is 1966 and on 1964. okay so I tell us what is the student population you have currently can't deliver the essence of the farm trees were about 540 we have 936 for form one and seven eight two four form two so we have an average of 1300 population of four months and form two and we are expecting to admit about 700 students for the next academic year giving us two thousand four hundred So the appointment population is between two thousand four and two thousand five hundred okay so that's a huge academic institution then all right so tell us the facility that has been built here is a classroom block but with without this new facility what kind of classroom facility do you have in the school currently because at the moment we are running the transitional program in place of the double track so what is keeping us safely squeeze the fact that one two years are in school and one year is at home the way I look at the numbers if you are still going to admit over 700 for next year we cannot run single charge you shall still run the transitional program and so obviously they're coming into being of this facility which can sit about two a thousand two hundred students comes in handy to some extent yes okay all right I have some more questions for you but uh hold on a bit let me come to the district Director of Education tell us uh your District how many secondary schools are here in this district and what role does Saint Martin's play amongst the list of schools yes we have two secondary schools that's Saint Martin's Senior High I will say that since Saint Martin's has been operating for so many years 66 to now they are privileged to have a lot of infrastructures but even the they are still lacking in some areas that should tell you that the other schools in South School the salon secondary school has a challenge on infrastructure even it is a day school and we are fighting seriously with our MP to get it for the night yeah all right so uh here in this facility they are saying that the last 13 years this is the first time they are seeing proper in code a proper infrastructure such as this why is it so why can't we have a program to make sure that every other two or three years there is some development of infrastructure in the secondary schools well with education sector is the government that gives us a infrastructure so until you are lucky for the government to roll you on then maybe you have to still be in the in the line to wait for your turn but I think we are fortunate this time to have a president who has a heart for the school to come just not to put up one structure but to a double uh 12 unit classroom for us so I would say that we are very thankful because for so many years I cannot give the reason and I don't also know why nanado came in to us to help maybe through the effort of the Headmaster all through our MP and we are we are grateful indeed all right I'm having a chat with the Headmaster of the Saint Martin senior high school and also the district Director of Education here in Instagram the Headmaster is Benjamin ohene and Reverend father Benjamin it's important that we are the Reverend father so uh very further let's come back again you have a school of a population of nearly 2 500 and you obviously have challenges in terms of accommodation and all that but as specific I want you to tell us how this new classroom Vlog that has been built to be commissioned is going to influence teaching and learning in your school to a large estate is going to influence in that formerly we have classes in the Assembly Hall we have classes under the shed sometimes you have classes under trees sometimes we are compared to mesh two or three classes together in Assembly Hall but now that we have these additional 24 classroom blocks each class and each subject to be taught in a particular classroom this is the way it's going to help us and we know once the students themselves have a comfortable place for teaching and for learning definitely to improve upon their learning and the teaching as well to boost their morale in indeed so let's talk a little bit more about your school how what is the teaching soft strength of the school and on teaching staff strength we have 120 permanent teaching staff and 57 permanent non-teaching staff in their non-teaching category sometimes we have others who come to assist national service yea until recently they are pregnant and then we have napco but it seems their apartment has not been renewed so we are waiting for the national service Personnel to add on to the staff some will go to the teaching some will go to the non-teaching to augment the teaching and teaching staff in the school so we are talking about a total of about almost 190 staff that you have to manage every now and then exactly and it's not an easy task the task is really an obvious one but we are managing okay since your academic institution is a Catholic one at one role does the Catholic Church play in the management of this facility when it comes to the appointment of the head of the school she has definitely consults the Catholic church but here their Church may not just bring anybody the person must need the criteria of the Ghana Education Service and if that person qualifies and it's a Catholic the bishop is given their priority to appoint or to suggest whom he thinks to be the best of the option and the GES endorses and the person is appointed to a school the church also tries to appoint chaplain at the moment you are free priests I myself and a very effective chaplain committed to the spiritual and moral wealth of the students we have another priest also teaches CRS and rme and the church also from time to time comes in when we need certain Majestic supplies it comes into support us the church is behind the prayer and all the materials and moral support foreign quickly before I come to the district director it's the entire population of the school boarding or you have a part that is boarding and a part that are day students I think we are close to three quarters boarding and a little of a quarter who are their students who wish all their their students to be incorporated to the boarding houses but it is limited at the moment you have the challenge all the dear students are writing a feeling begging that they want to be admitted into the modern facility which does not exist so this is one of the appeal that if their gasometer is completed soonest and if you can get additional facility for the boys they will be able to cater for a good number about 90 percent of a student in The Boarding House it enhances teaching and learning so so that would mean that essentially those who are in the school who are not uh boarding here mostly from the Instagram or you have people coming from Beyond in Salome Direction beyond beyond some come from kasoa some come from whom some come from others who not only the attachments some come as far as you from achimota oh wow okay great so this is the director Headmaster says that the residential facilities that is in the school is a little bit of a challenge and currently there is a girls dormitory under construction I'm told it's about 90 complete then rest of the 30 percent when are you going to complete for them so they can do more boarding well we still have to collaborate with uh MP the assembly to make sure that the contractors come back on site to to to finish up the program but it may all depends on the funds available so I will still have to go back or say that we plead to the president to help us have this job completed okay I I do have a bit more questions for you but let me throw the question first to Reverend father then it will come back to you and that's because remember father I am looking around your school particularly this dormitory that was constructed by president before the classroom blog which was constructed by the equival administration in 2008 and completed in 2009 I'm told it obviously needs refurbishments if you look at the building tell us the state of the other infrastructure in the school and the kind of support you need immediately to revamp or to refurbish all of them before I come to the infrastructure my major concern will be provision or Bank best you will need about 700 Banks who cater for those in the boarding houses regarding the infrastructure yes of course this particular building we are seeing for 12 years now has not seen any major renovation PTA and all students have responded but they have made an appeal to them they are their intention but the intention has not yet materialized you have another facility the boys facility to facilities for the boys that were also since 1960s that is some major refurbishment we haven't done much to it so talking about this classroom blog and the two boys dormitories which I existed for refurbishment I'll be very grateful if the government to come to our sisters to help us complete these buildings entirely all right so Reverend father says that he has a lot of structures here in the school that needs to be refurbished he's happy about the new building but the old ones need to be refurbished what is your plan well we are in League with the assembly we are in League with the assembly yes and I think last last early this year I was here with the MC during the wassce uh examination and we spoke about this very building that um they'll put it on board to have it refurbished and you are talking about the 13 year old building that was built by the kufu administration that is it so 13 years on uh the building is now seeking to be renovated which is not too encouraging though I should think that looking at a school like this you said that Saint Martins is probably the best amongst the two secondary schools in in that means that there must be in place some kind of a maintenance culture particularly for the old buildings and also for this new one so that it does not deteriorate into the state as this one is before it is renovated yes I think that is you know uh most of us have the problem with the culture of Maintenance but we promise this time we'll promise that will make sure the assembly will have hands on these ones so that uh it wouldn't go as bad as this one because even this one I will label it as a how do you call it that's a a Dev trap because it's so weak and when a lot of students go up there at times you feel the weight of the students so so so essentially then we are talking about the fact that this facility needs urgent attention and it is good that we are here and we are drawing attention to the fact that there is a new building and a new facility that everybody here including the students I can see are extremely happy about but there are existing structures that needs a lot of attention and the district director is promising us and in the presence of Reverend father that that attention will be given to the existing buildings all right so let's yes we are talking about the Assurance we have also established a watchdog among the students you know students are used to writing on the walls they are damaging Louver blade spoiling this or the other and we have told them if a Louvre blade gets damage the whole class will contribute if they are not able to tell us their corporates so that awareness and Consciousness is such a reason among the students so that at least it can be maintained for a longer period of time indeed that's extremely important all right so let's talk about the building itself I see that the one we are faced is in here is one of the units and the one behind us that everybody can see is also one of the units and when I went down there I realized that this one has about it has a basement but this doesn't have a basement tell us about what really are in these buildings good that was um architectural Improvement the natural father the contractor was giving the mandate to build a 12 unit structure but he realized that portion of the land was a bit lower and Soggy so he developed his own architectural plan and that came as an additional benefit it wasn't original so we still call it 12 units but we said that time is good office added on that facility made use of the space so that it has become 14 but officially it's a 12 unit classroom block okay so it means that we are even talking about a lot more than 24. so we

are talking about 26. that's Ingenuity I think that's interesting yes okay so the that's that's very good to hear and all that but tell us some people want to know the total cost that has gone into building these two facilities I don't know if you readily have that information with you no I I don't I don't okay remember father you also don't know okay but what we do know is that the classrooms have been built and they are ready for use I can see the excitement amongst the students we have one of the students that we are going to be speaking to shortly and when it is time I'll call him blessed and we will have an engagement with him but if you are just tuning in in any of the platforms that we are on this is a Ministry of information production where we're bringing you a live coverage of president ekufado's tour of the Eastern region today Saturday the 22nd of October president akufo addo has already commissioned a facility at the in someone prisons for our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated under the auspices of the Church of Pentecost he is currently on his way to the Saint Martin's Senior High School where he's going to commission these two 12 unit classroom blocks that you are seeing in your email in your shorts and from here he also has other engagements he will commission at one District One factory here in isawan and he will follow through to cooperate and other places where you'll be doing other things as far as his score of the Eastern region is concerned I am currently in conversation with the Headmaster of Saint Martin's Senior High School the Reverend father Benjamin ohene and also the district Director of Education for Instagram District um Samuel into all right so we've had we've talked we've spoken about a lot of things and all that but let's come to you Reverend father again as we await the arrival of the president I'm told that in no time the president will be here for this program to take place but when the president arrived tell us what is the plan what have you designed what is he going to be doing when he comes we are going to entertain him with their school Brass Band and then the culture display we are going to address him very briefly because he has a lot to do thank him for all the good works he and his government is doing for Ghana education and for all the Ghanaian children they like Oliver twists we shall ask for one or two more that he should add on to what he has given us already well what are these one or two more you are going to be asking as you have been talking about this new the old classroom block and that the girls government under construction that his peace is up and 700 Bank Beds which you need for the students to sleep on in the dormitories okay so the Reverend father says that they need 700 bunk beds you are the district Director of Education before they make that submission to the president and the president tends his eye to look at you what do you think you can do about it in the immediate well um I would say we have a little to do because we have little to do because uh we don't have that funds but already the PTA has started uh working on some of the babes apart from that we in uh we're in education let's say the administrative part we have we don't have the fans to to to to get someone okay hold your breath Reverend father have you done any uh Market survey to know how much One Bank costs already it used to be 600 but I want to believe not maybe between 700 and 800. that's a double double decker so a double decker bed is what you call the bunk bed and that's about let's say about it 700 Ghana cities and so if you need 700 then we are talking about how much 700 times uh 700 Ghana cities we are talking about about uh 140 000 Ghana cities okay 140 000 Ghana cities will be able to solve the uh Bank challenge that this hospital at this uh school has and so if you are watching us we are throwing a challenge I mean anybody watching us this school needs that support the government probably cannot do everything but there could be a very good Samaritan listening to us who can say that with a snap of a finger they'll be able to uh Supply that money to get the best box for you I don't know if I got my calculation right but it is 700 Ghana cities times 700 yeah so all right so that means that uh I believe the calculation is correct I think it's about 140 000 Ghana cities or 1.4 million guys so okay so um our mathematics is not so good today but we need about uh four million 949 no it's four four million 900 000. to be

able to buy the BET okay great so the president of the Republic will soon be here and when he gets here he's going to be commissioning uh this facility that you are seeing behind us it is a 12 unit classroom block to my uh my right and then to our left here another 12 unit classroom block making it 24. we are told that there is an additional two that was added at the basement so this behind us is becomes um 14 and the one in front of us becomes 12 and that comes up to 26 classroom uh units that has been built here in the Saint Martins as at school all right so I'm going to allow you to to go because uh president will soon be here and I know you have to engage with him I'm going to invite bless to come and then I'll have a conversation with the students so thank you very much Mr Headmaster thank you very much director for speaking with us this is a Ministry of information production and we are bringing you a live coverage of president akufado store of the Eastern region I've been joined by uh bless bless are you the school prefect um I'm the aspiring heter effect oh you are the aspiring head prefect okay so um tell us a little bit about yourself what what class are you what do you study here okay I am in the person of men's tablet Adam um I mean two business two I offer businesses yes and I think the elections have not been done yet but then I'm aspiring to be the headphones all right so um um here in your school it means that you've been here for two years tell us what is your personal experience since coming to Saint Martin senior high school well in the beginning it was a little tough because of the double tracking system we had a problem with accommodation our classrooms the dormitories and other stuff um well talking about the dormitories I'm speaking about the bed and then when we come to the classrooms um our number was very large because of the free shs and other stuff so um in a class not my class they see but in other classes you realize that their numbers were very large so in their class when there is teaching and learning um you like that they are not comfortable with another stuff that was when we were using this Vlog but then after they were created and built I think our problem with bathrooms have been sold all right so largely you believe that when they're coming into being of these two classroom blocks it's going to influence your class sizes and also influence teaching and learning tell us paint a picture of how it was before this car this came in I hear you used to join two classes in the Assembly Hall another paint a picture for us okay so um while speaking from experience um when we had um Intel biology we would have to join other classrooms at the Assembly Hall um I think about three classrooms because others were not it was not enough and then um you realize that we also do custom and elective Mass separately for the business students but then when um the question students think their numbers were larger than ours so they will join us in our class and then when it's time for posting they move and join the other classroom that was when these blogs were not built but then currently when we have questions they have their class we have ours so I think it has really benefited us and we are really grateful to the government for this all right so amongst your uh student friends you are a male obviously they are females and all that but amongst your friends what are some of the things that they talk about as being the major challenges that they as students face in this school okay first of all um in the classrooms that's the accommodation um we realized that furniture was a problem and then um they are comfortability in the class 2 was a problem because there wasn't enough space to even land you realize that communication between the teachers and their students was very poor but then we believe that with these new blocks it will go well um secondly the problem with the bed I'm talking about the bank beds in the dormitory right that they are insufficient so when we come to school some of the students sleep on the floor not bear floor but um delay their marches is on the floor and they like on it this is because there are not enough bunk beds in the school so there is enough space for beds there are no beds so talking about enough space I don't think I don't think there is but I'm even with the fact that we are sleeping on the floor I think that's the reason why we can't fit in the damages because if we had Bank beds um who demand bigger speeds because of the size of the bed yes but um I think the major problem is still with the bunk bed so I think if that problem could be solved will be very very good all right so I just before I let you go uh Beyond this classroom block that has been built uh tell us if you were had the opportunity to speak to the president or to speak to those educational officials what are the important things that you will ask them to do for this school going forward okay go first uh pressing Knee will be um additional um boarding house for the boys yes because our number is increasing it keeps on increasing but then we don't have space to accommodate them and we don't have Bank beds too I think the second problem will be with the bank best I think we need more we need more I think about 200 plus yes your Headmaster says you need 700 oh okay so then 700 plus and then finally plug e I'm talking about the old block um right here um this blog um it has been here for long I don't know when it was built but then [Music] um comparing it to this new blog I think there's vast difference there's a lot of problems there with the net system um fans lightning a whole lot so I think block a also be um one of our obliques yes and our views so yes I think those are the only problems and then also with the dining hall I think um we also need more space at the dining hall but currently we don't have the same break time with um The Genius so they go for this differently and ios2 so I think when we get another dining hall it will very very helpful so we're going to go to a break at the same time okay so dining Halls classroom blogs don't metrics thank you very much bless for speaking with us bless is uh at level 200 students or at 200 a year two a student here at Saint Martin's thank you very much for speaking with us thank you very much let us just remind our viewers and listeners that we are bringing you of coverage of president akufo addo score of the Eastern region uh today the second day of his tour of the region has seen him going to the insawam prisons where he has commissioned an accommodation facility for our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated under the offices of the Church of Pentecost president akufo addo is currently on his way to where we are now which is the Saint Martin's Senior High School where he's going to be commissioning two classroom blocks the two classroom blocks are composed of 12 units and 14 units making it a total of 26 units classroom blocks where he's going to be commissioning them for use by this school the school authorities are telling us that in the last 13 years this is the first time they are seeing an infrastructural Development coming up in their school they're saying that the last time they had one was and Administration in 2008 since then they have not had any facility built for them and so this new facility built currently under the equivalent Administration comes in handy to improve their access to proper education and also improve teaching and learning he also tell us that they have a a female dormitory which is under construction they are asking that the authorities should speed up the process so that they can have that dormitory also available for use by the females who are in this school I've been joined by a beautiful lady here please um tell me your name and who you are my name is unravel gift MP for the people who work on and the deputy Minister for education in charge of TVs okay all right so we have with us the deputy Minister for education and this obviously falls directly under your Fairview because it's about education so we've been speaking to the school officials and everything and they seem to be excited about this facility which has been built here uh tell us Beyond this facility is there any other plans to build more facilities here in this school you can talk about this facility and then talk about the future thank you very much by the grace of God we have two 12 unique classroom we call that 312 unit classroom in Saint Martins Instagram this facilities have been completed well punished not empty level well furnished and then we also have a girls dummy tree about 75-78 percent complete and everybody's expecting that that facility will be ready as early as practicable I'm glad to tell everybody listening to us that everything is set for good fun to pay all his contractors who have their certificates with the government so we hopeful that by mid-november every contractor owned by get fund will be paid provided your document go to get fund latest September 30. so I'm glad to say that yes they are happy with the classroom units 24 units and they're also very expectant of the completion of the girls dormitories and I'm glad to tell you that everything is safe for girlfriend to pay all his contracted okay so the get fund bid is an interesting development but let's talk a little bit about some of the challenges that the school authorities told us they said that if you look at this facility it is one of the buildings that President built in 2008 and it is in a very deplorable State other facilities in the school where they get fund being able to pay its contractors what would be the plan for renovating existing structures that are having challenges in our schools all such facilities the Headmasters do right through their MCS and then budget has been done by get fans for fpmu minister of Education to Factor them into the planning and the future so what I would say is there's a need for the school to write so that we know what is happening there if you say that vegetation is old and we don't receive letters for us to send contractors and Consultants here we wouldn't know to factor them so they had to write for us to factor it into the planning for the gas fund as well as the Ministry of Education so in recent time they've been complaints from certain quarters in some parts of the media that there are shortages of food in some secondary school we are told that that is not necessarily the case what really is a situation when it comes to supplies to our secondary schools thank you very much buffer stock has a lot of supplies and just like contractors they have different capacity so some contractors have a lot of capacity to supply others have do not have a lot of capacity but you know if they don't have to pay they won't say that I don't have the capacity so that is the issue it is a pre-financing agreement so I wish that the schools should also report the suppliers which they think they don't have the facilities to have discussions with them through the buffer stuff then we see what we could do shouldn't the education Ministry have some kind of a mechanism to be able to gauge the capacity of this your contracturing parties you should have now suppliers are not we don't have contracts with our suppliers we have contracts to buffer stock so we can't just bypass my faster I can meet these suppliers you can't do that so it is buffer stock that should be able to have that mechanism that we have a contract with to make sure that you use all means possible to supply our schools with the food material they need so that we intend reinvest buffer stock when funds are available so it is a buffer stock who knows they are contracted not the suppliers and they would understand their capacities and could say that contractor LBC do not have the capacity so we want to cancel his or her from another Ministry okay so BEC candidates have just written their exams have they finished yet and what is your review of the process it was peaceful and then and there's no information about questions being canceled before there were no information about because of questions so I want to say that the process went on well we are grateful to the way waec organized the BEC this time around and we're hoping that was the kind of support and encouragement we have given to the students and their teachers as well as the parents generally and individually to ensure that as the number of students being recruited into our shs uh increasing it will continue to thank you for us to hit the two million that we wish you hit and go beyond what I want to say is they are here to select their schools parents should go to the schools what they asked what to select the schools but they should remember that in this modern era the whole world is going to that so that you encourage their loved ones their young ones who have the passion for tvet to select civil schools now the TV schools are numerous they are over 200 almost we have some in all districts so we should encourage our young ones to select the event courses especially the girls who select male dominated skill area for them to be able to move faster in life okay so before I let you go let's quickly talk about this school is saying that when they're coming on board of this facility it's going to help them to do away with the double track system so generally across the country what would you say is the state of this double track system is it totally cleared a relative you don't have double track we have what you call transition what the transition means is all the year groups are in the school at the same time but we have staggered aside that one year is on vacation another year is in school so it's sort of we're staggering the academic calendar for year one year two year three so we don't have double track as it is we have what we call transition and you're hoping that was a numerous project in our various schools and with the hope that by end of next month get fund will pay all his contractors whose certificates go to get fund before September 30 20 22. we put them all and with that we show that they will Channel All the Monies into the educational facilities and complete these facilities so that we also move beyond the transition and then get one two three in school at the same time okay thank you very much Madam for speaking with us yes my regards to everybody and also the BC graduate I want to tell that they should take care not to think that we're real school yeah so they should remain calm continue to learn and shall be well thank you okay all right so that is the Deputy minister of education and if you can hear from the background you can say that the president of the Republic has just arrived here at the Saint Martins senior high school and uh his travel vehicle is just pulling over and so indeed the the the much anticipated arrival of President akufo addo is now here and the president has arrived and he's just in your shots there coming from his travel vehicle and in the company of the minister for the Eastern region so [Music] president [Music] has just arrived at Saint Martin's uh Senior High School where he is going to commission the twin 12 unit classroom block which has been built by a government for the school so there is a lot of excitement here amongst the student population for seeing the president as he imagines out of his traveling vehicle will exchange pleasantries with the Chiefs and Elders who have gathered for this commissioning ceremony and all that and then I will proceed to do the commissioning I can see Mr Tasha is a member of parliament from the Eastern region is I believe Member of Parliament and a former Minister for works and housing yes so uh Mr atashia joins me a very good afternoon to you Mr Tasha good afternoon my brother and thank you for accepting to speak with us so like joy as always yes so I I am very sure you can see the excitement here among the student population about the arrival of the president and also the commissioning of the facility you are a member of the men for the Eastern region from abuaka South I believe and tell us these educational facilities that are coming up to what extent has the Eastern region benefited from them just not only the Eastern region has benefited immensely from the educational infrastructure ruler it is the entire country I problem is that we have not succeeded in having an infrastructure album to showcase the whole country so the president has done immensely in all manner of infrastructure from baliga to axim that has been developments throughout and it should be showcased indeed all right so in the in the Eastern region we are told particularly here in the inside we are told there are two secondary schools this Secondary School said Martens is ahead of the other one which is I think is our own Senior High School from where you sit as a member of Parliament and in your area how many secondary schools can your constituency talk about they can boast about three of them we can have abacasted college stay servings at the SI aqua and we have one two in Abuja so we have a lot of um progress going on and these secondary schools we provide for what they need so they become very very effective and this is what every serious government should do but when it comes to another I think he's done a lot in the area of infrastructure so recently in your constituency we recorded a flooding situation to what extent have you helped deal with the flooding situation and those who got affected with it and the first I will deploy the services of Nadu and their resources and you know not more is for the entire nation and therefore their results are very limited on our own we we have set up a fund I've been going to Ghana a lot of resources amidst the individualities in terms of distraction to their property and their livelihood that's what we are doing I'm aware of this fund but how much revenue have you generated since setting up the fund so far I have put in my money I'm about to do the soliciting and I'm going to do it aggressively industry so how much have you put in I've put in 30 000 30 000 what is your anticipated Revenue you want to raise to support the people and it will go into the millions because of my cloud and the fact that this is a serious Calamity that we shouldn't let the people uh be on their own thank you very much Mr attachea for speaking with us atashia is Member of Parliament for ebua South here the Eastern region and he spoke to us about education and also circumstances in his constituency but as I speak with you the president of the Republic is seated and there will be an opening prayer the regional Minister will share a brief word and then president akufo addo will also speak to the gathering before he goes to do the commissioning of the 12 unit twin classroom block that is currently being constructed here and it is to be commissioned let me quickly tell you that speaking with the school authorities Saint Martin's Senior High School is Saint Martin Senior High School is one of two secondary schools in the insawam Edward Reggie constituency and we are told that this school without the form three students who have exited has a population of about 1 700. with the

coming in of the new entrance the new form one students they are anticipating that their population will rise to 2 400 to 2500 and these new classroom blocks that have been built can accommodate about 1 200 students in total and so the facility comes in handy to support the teaching and learning here in the Saint Martins Senior High School they also tell us that they have infrastructural challenges some of the facilities that were built by the kuffa administration for example some 13 years ago so has deteriorated and there are structural Integrity problems with the building and they are asking directly to government and to education authorities in the country to come to their aid and resolve the structural challenges that are associated with their existing structures some of the structures are as old as 60 years old and they need a lot of renovation and they are asking that the authorities Beyond this new facility should turn the attention to the existing ones that have been that have deteriorated over a period of time their school as you can see from behind me has a lot of energy here today the students are very much excited they are standing all over the school if you look at where I'm from where I'm standing I can see the students standing all across the aisle at the first floor of the building and another standing all the way on the top floor of the building and the other building that are said to be having infrastructure challenges you can see the students start all over there or waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of the president of the Republic so this is a live coverage of president akufurado's tour of the Eastern region under the offices of the ministry of information we're bringing you uh this coverage ensuring that you get access to everything your president My President is out and about in the country doing the president's trips took him to the Ashanti region earlier this week and has brought him to the Eastern region at the end of the week he will complete this process sometime in uh sometime tomorrow in the Eastern region and then he will be left with doing a tour of the three Bono regions the western North and western region the OT region and finally the greater car region and that will bring an end to president akufo addo store of all the 16 regions in our country this year the Year 2022 this is something the president has done uh every year since he assumed office as the president of this Republic in January 2017. and so my name is Robert fosasare I I continue to bring you this coverage currently the president is being welcomed by the Chiefs and Elders of a salon at the directory as we await the president's address and the official commissioning I will hand over back to you in the studio as we go over to my colleague aquasi and Samir who are located somewhere in Islam where a one District One factory facility will be commissioned by President kufo addo momentarily so quick over to you as we await the processes here in the Saint Martin's Senior High School all right thank you very much Uber for so sorry but stay there because we'll be coming back to you shortly uh when President kofado is about to address the Gathering after which he will commission the um 24 units classroom blog at Saint Martin's in The Advisory constituency constituency will stay in that constituency but right now though let's move to another location which is the Brewery Company uh 1d1 every company also in that same constituency amen acquisition are standing by live because president akufuwanda will be moving there to inspect or to commission I should say that factory in the constituency a question is joins us live now from that location for a brief chat and then we will go back to the [Applause] what is [Music] [Applause] [Music] constituency in the Eastern region and this become day two of President Nana working towards the president after Saint Martin is expected to be at the specialty BS Ghana limited which is a Brewery Company yeah in a source of funding mostly every one District One factory and initiated by Nana let NPP government the established in the year 2020 when President arrives is expected to commission this Factory yeah but I employ over 325 staff here he will sign our official book indicating the official commissioning of the company president Angela and Chip you are because uh over other programs are also ahead of him everybody is foreign thank you the construction of these two blocks started in August and October as the president arrives for the commissioning of that 1d1 air Factory is a Brewery Company in in summer Madre constituency thank you very much guys I'm shortly we'll cross over now to the Saint Martin's school where the president is expected to commission a 24 unit classroom block for the school as part of his activities or itinerary for today day two of his visit to the Eastern region remember the visit began yesterday is a three-day visit of the region and here are the ministry information will bring you a live coverage and live interviews ceremony the president is expected to address a gathering at the school after which he will commission the facility for the school authorities as well as the students as you can see on your screen excitement in the have as the president arrived for the ceremony we will be hearing from the president shortly as well as get back to our portable Professor sorry who's been speaking to all that all the personalities that matter in this um or after school for this ceremony my name is you're watching us live on GTV Metro TV adoom TV City TV as well as a dozen of radio stations across the country around the world you're watching us on the ministry of information Facebook page today is Saturday the 22nd of October 2022 and we are continuing with our coverage of the president's Regional tours remember is a production by the ministry of information shortly we will be speaking to Aman Wilberforce as sorry as he brings us more from that ceremony and India and salum adrujiri constituency before that we'll take a quick break and then when we return we will be live at the Saint Martin School in the in sawam area where the president will be speaking shortly do stay with us this is our live coverage of the president's Regional tours [Music] foreign [Music] store of the Eastern region foreign [Applause] store of the Eastern region today he is at the Saint Martin's Senior High School where he will be commissioning the building behind me and another in front of me 12 unit classroom blocks two of them making it a total of 24 units we are told that this facility behind me the engineer and contractors added two units out of their Ingenuity and so we have a total of 26 unit classes which will be commissioned by the president currently the Headmaster of the school the Reverend father Benjamin rohini has addressed the Gathering the minister for the Eastern region the eastern regional Minister will shortly be speaking here and I once he addresses the Gathering we will pick his voice before President also addresses the Gathering I must tell you that the energy here is very high the student population nearly 2 000 of them are assembled here for this ceremony the Chiefs and Elders of isawam are also here to uh Grace the occasion presidential and his traveling delegation are also here the educational District directors are also here and the energy is extremely high to support the president to do the commissioning of this building so the Member of Parliament saw in someone are not on prayer is being a are invited to address the Gathering and so we will go to the podium and pick the address of the Member of Parliament after which you hear the regional Minister and then also the president so let's uh here and not don't pray the Member of Parliament for insawam [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] Reverend Eric said [Applause] [Applause] Ministry of Education foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign [Music] foreign foreign [Music] [Music] inside your crying I am a culture president so you're crying you're crying means [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] foreign [Applause] [Applause] see some say doctor former mobile Equity hospital and also as fat [Applause] three kilometers [Applause] a 1.5 kilometers foreign [Music] [Applause] apparently the last time I hear yes I played with your 1960 s or say don't probably come and share me to be here and now should I sit down my corner I should have seen the amounts from all the 275 constituencies consistency [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know me or say anything the president of the Republic of Ghana [Applause] thank you thank you thank you thank you it's going to give us address [Applause] Regional minister the minister for roads and highways a number of Parliament to our west minister's Deputy Ministers of State [Applause] the Headmaster Reverend father benjamini staff and students of Saint Martin's Senior High School [Applause] and Rihanna [Applause] Senior High School [Music] free senior high school Concepts [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you everywhere you know head massage that's a firm promise get fund will complete the senior the girls dormitory with the 700 and the refurbishment of the three-story edifice will also be undertaken by get far all right now for a Headmaster and some other two my name is [Applause] foreign [Applause] close in prayer closing prayer has just finished his address here at Instagram at the Saint Martin's Senior High School where he has promised the students teachers and authorities here that whatever their construction needs are they will ensure that they are met he has also suggested to them that they should support the Member of Parliament in the area to do and continue the works that he's doing for his constituents here in isawam now president's address the next thing that is going to happen is that over here president akufo addo is going to be going to cut the tape to officially commission this facility for use by the Saint Martins senior high school there are two 12 unit classroom blocks that have been constructed it and these 12 unit classroom blocks brings the total number to 24 with a two units addition uh to uh block F because of the contractor's Ingenuity using the architecture of the land to design two more classrooms and so the ceremony is essentially over and president akufo addo will now go to go and commission the building the national anthem will be played foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] of the Republic played by The Brass Band of the Saint Martin's Senior High School I can tell you that just after the program ended the race have started and president of kufo addo is going through the race to officially cut the tape to commission the building and so the activity here in istan in the Saint Martin's Senior High School is just about ending president is in your shot and he will cut the tape to officially commission the facility that he has done and he is walking into the facility to have a first-hand view of the facility I can tell you that it is raining but we are defying the rain to ensure that we bring you this coverage president of the Republic has just cut stay tape to officially commission the facility here at isawam at the regime which is the two 12 units classroom block of the Saint Martin's senior high school and so in your shot over there you can see that president akufo addo has gone to inspect the facility and is currently being ushered out of the facility he will depart this grounds onwards to another engagement which is the commissioning of the agenda 111 project the president is waving at the student population and they are responding with huge chairs for the president as he begins his exits from the Saint Martins senior high school and so president of the Republic has just commissioned the to the twin 12 in its classroom block of the Saint Martin's senior high school and so president akufo addo will now depart to another location here in Islam where my colleague and Samir are waiting to bring you a live coverage the commissioning of the one District One factory facility here in Instagram and I will hand over back to you this is we we just uh wrapping up with coverage here it is raining uh I can tell you but the processes here has already ended president kufo addo has commissioned the facility the excitement Has Lifted and president ekufuado is onwards to uh the agenda I should say that one District One factory facility that he is going to be commissioning also in Instagram my colleague aquasincia and Samira are on standby in that location the President should be there in about 10 minutes and will commission that facility let me hand over back to the studio as we pick up the facility or pick up coverage at our other location um here in Islam at the direction my name is Robert asare foreign [Music] foreign [Music]

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