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all right Not.So.Burundian here, okay hold on a second let me make sure that I have a way to  link the videos together later on okay that should be enough Not.So.Burundian coming to you with another video   yet another episode and today  we will be talking about how ready or rather how safe Burundi  is to take care of your investment   as a Burundian that is looking to  reinstate yourself back in Burundi   for business and so I'll be back after  this entry clip do not go anywhere right so okay first things first let me  just uh quickly label this video as   a video that is going to point out everything  that is wrong with the current system in Burundi   everything that you should be on the lookout  for if you are to come and invest in Burundi   as an individual who's as an  individual who's capital is limited   as an individual that only has  once or maybe twice at most to try it out if you are a company with  an infinite amount of capital if you are a   company that can afford to fail once twice more  than five times if you are a company who's um who's not if you're a company that can risk waiting five six   eight years to see the profits come in  then this is not for you you're good this video is for individuals whose money is hard  earned and are looking to come back and establish   something that can work for them  as far as business is concerned right let's start with the  biggest elephant in the room which is infrastructure and part  A on the infrastructure would be   electricity now at the moment electricity is not so dependable it is not so dependable in Burundi depending on where you live if you're in the  capital I am sure that there are certain areas   that have been marked as um as places that should  never experience a power cuts for whatever reason so I guess if you establish an industry in an  industrial in an in an industrial area then   electricity wouldn't be a problem for you  because I would assume that they never cut electricity in industrial areas but that's  just an assumption so I don't know that for sure   but one thing I can say if you are to establish  a business that has anything to do with uh   that relies on High consumption of electricity  to produce a final product for sale   then that is something that you should look into electricity is not constant at old and Grundy and  depending on the type of Industry that you run   a rather Factory that you're  looking to establish uh   some may argue that the electricity provided might  not be sufficient enough for certain machinery depending on the type of machines  that you're looking for to run if you're looking to do anything that has anything  to do with the arc welding as an example then   that is a No-No because arc welding consumes  a hella lot of electricity yeah I can feel the camera shaking  which is not supposed to happen but yeah and then number two which is  part B under infrastructure would be roads there is a finite amount of highways that I can  count on my one hand that are operable without   any faults at all one of those roads would  be this one here rn4 the other would be RN the other would be ventuino vom the other would  be the road the highway going to chibitoki   but I'm not sure if it maintains its uh  it's it's uh it's Integrity all the way   but if you're coming from the city anywhere  from old East Garage to the airport and Beyond   there is a good stretch of road that is good other  than that most of the roads in Burundi need repair   and so if transportation is  something that you will need   to run your business then you should know that  our roads are not that good and so your cars will   probably need constant maintenance  constant repair which is uh what's the word I'm forgetting all these  words that people tend to use in economics which is an expense that you wouldn't  otherwise have to consider if you were   dealing in transportation in a country that is   that has a well laid out Road system and a  good road system which isn't us at the moment so that's negative B Part B on the infrastructure and then the other thing that you will have to   consider depending on the type  of business that you do and I did mention that this video was basically  for individuals mostly not companies   because a company that establishes itself in  any country usually has some political ties   it is small individuals and small businesses  that tend to operate without any political ties   depending on the scale of your production   and so people like you are often left  out to deal with the wolves in your own and so that brings me to my next  point which is the tax system   the tax system isn't well laid out and I mean  that in the sense that you may have two people   operating the exact same business but none  of whom know what the standard rate is   for paying taxes as far as a  particular product is concerned that is something that is completely hidden from  the General Public there is no document that I   can think of right now that is readily available  to the public that neatly lays out the tax system as to whether for example if you were to import  a particular type of car this is the tax that you   are expected to pay and the reason  why you pay this particular tax   if you were to bring in a particular product I can't think of one then again I might be wrong  but I have spoken to quite a number of people   none of whom could Point me and  these were businessmen none of   whom could could uh could point me  to a document that lays that out and so that being said I think  is something that you should know and that is the problem because then it opens   it opens businessmen uh it  exposes uh businessmen to corrupt it exposes businessmen to corrupt tax tax  officials because then they tend to be   corrupt and people are forced to pay more than what they would  because they do not have uh they do not have the policies or the information  to go by in order to protect themselves I just want to make sure that I'm saying that  I am laying all that out in the right way   let me try and speed up there's a lot  of wind blowing in my direction though and so the tax system is a little shady that's reason number two one of the things that  you should look out if you if you are to establish   a business in Burundi and then you have a Monopoly  that is controlled by certain individuals of power there are certain businesses that  are known to be closed closed   all done you guys should check out this area it's an open area an open field I wonder  if any construction can be done here all the way to the mountains over there Congo this is the end of gatumba and the  beginning of somewhere that I don't know see ya let me think of something else that you  should be on the lookout for if you're   looking to come back to Burundi  and invest your hard-earned money yeah well I guess I can't think  of anything else at the moment   so Let's uh switch up the topic  for the remaining part of the video all of that being said though I'm not in any way  discouraging you to come and invest in Burundi we are a young economy we are a country that is basically just born and we are at a crawling stage of an infant's  development and so anything goes anything is   a trial most of the things that you will look  that you will be looking to establish in Burundi   are things that are just being introduced  and going through the trial phase and   any economy that is going through it a trial phase  is an economy that you have to be patient with but the government is determined  to to flip the narrative that we are not safe for the Investments foreign the government is is trying his  hardest to clean up it's uh its system   and rid itself of individuals that are not  on code with the development of the country and so that being said that should encourage  you enough to want to invest in Burundi and me being here is uh well there are more negatives than there  are the positives at the moment but it's changing what matters is that  uh the government and burundians at Large   are looking to change the  narrative to change everything to take us to the next stage so I am almost at the border hopefully all the cameras are  still recording at the moment and yeah I guess that's it for this particular video but I guess I should finish with come to Burundi first take a month or to come  visit test out the system test out everything   before you make your your final trip of which you plan to not  return from before you come for good take trips give yourself a two-year period within those  two years take one trip of at least a month   come check it out for yourself meet people  talk to people interact with businessmen   interact with officials and then draw out  your own your own conclusions after that other than that this is not so burned in here  I am out it's the end of the   video but given that I am so close to the  Buddha those of you that want to stay and   have a good look at the border and what is  and what it looks like we are a hundred we   are between 150 to 200 meters away from the border  and so within five minutes will be there even less see ya I'm just gonna play   a little bit of background music as we make  our way our way towards the uh the Border oh and by the way uh this is a stretch of about   12 kilometers if you begin your  ride from uh from Bora Bora beach but if you were to somehow begin your ride  from the roundabout at Old East Garage then I guess that would total up to 13  to 14 kilometers so 13 kilometers one way   13 kilometers the opposite direction  totals up to a 26 kilometer round trip which is a decent workout if you're not a pro that   is or even if you're a pro depending on  how fast you ride it's a decent workout it's one of the few remaining roads that  are that have no fault to them whatsoever   no potholes nothing it is smooth tarmac  all the way from the city to here so we are two minutes out from the border we're gonna be there in a few all together that makes it a 37 minute ride from Bora Bora maintaining a speed of about  19.5 kilometers per hour or rather yes 19.5 kilometers  per hour average speed and so here we are you have your taxis if you ever  if you are ever making your way from Congo that is   foreign and I'm going to end the video  clip right here and make a u-turn you sip with some water well of course let's wait for Gaga   as she makes her way here other than  that not so burned in here I'm out foreign

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