How to start Options Trading 2023 for Beginners || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

How to start Options Trading 2023 for Beginners || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello, everyone. My name is Anish Singh Thakur. I sat to make a video on Option Greeks for my audience.

Who had been demanding for a long time. While creating a video, I got a doubt in my mind that many of them don't even know the basics. Who all will be watching. This video is coming today. And, immediately after this is a video of Option Greek. This video is to understand the basics of Options Trading. Whose basics are clear. They don’t even need to go to advance. However, for knowing an advance. Definitely, it’s essential to know the basics first.

So we have our options trading, how it is done. What is an option chain? I made a video. That was an advanced concept. Today, I shall just start from the very basics. About Options, Option Buying also I will explain.

What is Option buying? Where is it done? How risk is being managed? How much money can be earned? I shall also explain Option Selling to you. What is Option Selling? What is Option Writing? Why do people do Option Writing? Why don't you do it? Whether you need to do it? What is Hedging? Will go on to the basics of Options. We shall try to understand the basics. After basics, we shall make a video on Option Greeks.

We will cover a good/ universe of Option. Let’s start a video. Let’s start a video. First of all, Options. I shall explain to you from the very basics. By going on to the iPad, I will write comfortably and will make you see. One-one/ Step-by-step.

But, before that I will make you see how Option looks like. This is our Zerodha Interface. Zerodha Interface is considered as the most simple Interface. People you Upstox/Zerodha. Basically, these all are used. In all, whether you use Angel Broking or m stock or using anything. You will get a watchlist in every. What you have to do is, like nifty is around 18,500. You don’t need to use your brain much.

Only need to write this number ahead. What I am showing? How Option is found? For example, if you write 18,500, by default you will find last December Thursday expiry. It is about expiry. Expiry means that all contracts end by that day. If you don’t exit then you will be exited.

This is the month expiry of December. Ok, Monthly expiry is done. And, this is your recent expiry. On 15 December it will be Thursday. Every week, options in the Index expire. Then, Nifty/Bank Nifty/Nifty and other stocks on monthly basis expire. So it happened. If we need to do Intraday, we always need to choose the current expiry. In that there is much volume liquidity. And, it brings good movement.

Greeks work well in differently and fast ways. Need to choose monthly expiry when doing swing trading. That you need to hold for 4/5/6 days. In Greeks, there is such a thing called Etah that will destroy, if you are a buyer. There you need to go at monthly expiry, Ok Because their expiry date is far away. Let’s say, we need to do trading. What I have made you see, is how to find Option. For example, 18,500 is an option of call. I have opened an option chain of NSE in front of you.

I have created a full video on this. After this watch, you will be able to understand it. So, it’s a call of 18,500 Put of 18,550 and 18550 as well It means all these are strike price. So many Strike price However, just remember one nifty.

I will teach the basics on the iPad, then you will understand. Ok After this, in the next video, what are we going to study? This is Sensibull. You just need to visit at analyse and click at Option chain.

Now, come to settings, you can check Delta on which strike price. How much. Can also check Gamma, Theta and Vega. What are these, we will learn in the next video. There is such a thing called Row. We will study all this. Now we are at the basics. Let’s move forward from the basics.

Let’s start with today's video. Let’s move forward. Let’s start. What are the basics? How to start options trading is the name of this video Ok, Basics for beginners.

Let’s start. Let’s come on to my iPad. come on to my iPad. Now, you understand what Options are? What are Options? Options is a method.

Options is not an asset not like Nifty. Option is not like gold. Option is not like SBI/Reliance Equity. It’s an instrument.

It’s a way to do trade. If a person wants to trade in option, they can do so by call buy, put short future long. It has multiple ways. Or can buy by cash, if it’s an Equity. So there are multiple ways to trade What’s an option? A method. For instance, you need to go to Bombay from Delhi by flight. That would be suitable. If you have a good amount of money, visit by flight, If not, travel by train.

Few travel by their cars. What is this? This flight/ train/car are three ways. So, this option is also a type of way. So, this is a good and quick method. If you want to learn about option trading then you need to learn the basics. What happens in the basics? If there is any option, then first we need to understand ‘Strike Price’. Strike price means which strike price we need to buy? You have started trading after reading a little bit on your own.

You got to see that you did call, Market goes above then also not much difference came out. You got a loss. You have not received profit as per your expectations or what you had before. Or you brought a lot. Market fell extremely down, still you have not got profit or even faced loss.

Many times the full account blown. Problem is strike price selections. So, which Strike price needs to be selected. Ok First, we need to come at that for the selection of strike price, what is said. There are basically two words. In the Money or Out of the Money. Experienced one also sees your view will also get clear. Obviously, As you also will be benefited but who are beginners watch carefully. There are two types of Options. In the Money and Out of the Money, Ok.

We are going to understand these. Before that, we need to learn about two kinds of traders in the world. First, are termed as Option Buyer that is what is of Rs. 100 Option. As you have seen, Rs. 100 Option 18,500’s call. You should buy this Rs. 100 Option.

By 100*5= Rs. 5000 you will get. In Rs 5000 Option CE you will buy for 18,500/any other number. This is what we are taking for an example. One type is termed as Option Seller. To that we call them Option Writers. Is this the same who strike price/call. You bought it and it shortens the same. When it short the call,

it is not obligated to give 5000. It needs to give one lakh approximately, a little bit more than one lakh. Why does it require more margin? Why? Anyone is buying at such a strike price. Why he has not bought next put in Rs. 5000, why by one lakh. I will tell you.

I'll tell you, Option buyer is a person who by less price. What I said. Who by small amount, who can by small or low capital wants to have a decent profit. Through small capital,Ok But, he keeps his risk factor high. Because small capital makes profit but there are huge chances of loss as well. Why? It will make sense now to you. Due to theta (Due to Delta). You will get to know everything now.

Who is an Option Seller? Ok Who is an option seller? Option seller is a person who thinks like this option buy up. Because he has huge capital. He has one. He has good capital. He has a huge amount of money. He has an approximately good amount of money. By approximating a good amount of money, he wanted to make small returns.

If you invest more capital, you can earn more as well. But If I talk about 1-2 lots. He wanted to make small returns. However, he wanted to make his risk level less. Ok Why so? Because he has a good amount of money. He has a different way of thinking. He has a different risk appetite. He doesn't want to take a risk.

He has Rs 2 Crore, let’s assume. In two crores, it is in it like that I earn fifty lakh today and one crore tomorrow. No, Option buyers think that way If I have Rs 10000. From ten thousand I earn five thousand. If I have one lakh

then anyhow earn Rs 1,20,000 Or otherwise 40,000. This is an option. No one is wrong in this world, always remember. My work is to make you educate/understand because I have an experience. It will help you to decide what you should do to option buying/ option selling. Now see, if you have less capital. Helplessness is the option buying. If you want to option buying. Then, at least do it correctly and why incorrectly.

Let’s come back. Option seller big amount wanted to have small-small profits but wanted to mitigate risk absolutely. If he can earn 5000 then he thinks, I may lose 1000 500/maximum 1500. He tries to mitigate his losses absolutely. Options. We have seen two kinds of participants Option buyer and Option seller.

We shall learn things from the point of view of both. Ok Option. It needs more money. So Option writer, they needs to be given to option writer more money. Ok Now what do you need to do? Let’s do it all. We will talk from the point of view of the Option buyer, From the point of view of the seller, I will talk about it later. Our point of view POV is option buyer.

What’s now, whenever we need to trade by option buying. Now see. In options, you will not get, actually directions. Direction will tell you Price action of the Nifty chart. You can do data analysis or check the Open interest. It’s a part of the option chain. I had created a video on option trade. You can also watch that.

After this, you can make a point of view of the buyer. One minute, you please excuse. Go down. Get out. Let’s make the point of view of the option buyer. We will hear from the point of view of the option buyer.

What happens now? What I said, who will tell up/down call or put, will be by nifty charts. Bank nifty 15 minutes time frame, this 5 minute timeframe will let you know. Weather market will go above/below. If the market goes above, we will buy the Call option. Call option/Call European that’s why called C. Which we directly buy, Like we bought C,

if 18500 is getting in 100, Let’s assume. By paying 5000 we bought one lot. Then if the market goes above, C will increase but if the market goes below then our loss will happen brother.

We will suffer loss. Now, if we think that market will go down. I think it will support broke and become head and shoulder and in the 15 minute time frame, it broke. What you do is, you buy PE

as soon as you buy PE. In case the market started going down then the value of PE started increasing. PE has an inverse relation with Nifty. And, C has proportional relation. So, you got to know what you need to do. You got to know when you should buy a Call and Put Now, what happens, which Call/put you need to buy? If nifty is at 18500. Ok On the spot.

We need to see the chart of the spot , not the future. Need to always see the chart of spots. It always gives correct accuracy. Spot Nifty at 18500. So, which one do we need to buy? Before we study, which one do we need to buy? We need to bring two new words.

In the Money and Out of the money. In the Money and Out of the money, What are these? It is a thing that tells which defined your strike price. Now I will start explaining. In the Money or Out of the money. Let’s assume, Nifty 18500.

If in case, I from 18400 call. First we will talk about only calls. Regarding, put we will see later. If I write Call is of 400 then you to, of this statement. Now, see simultaneously, expiry will also come. Expiry I always tell, always choose current expiry in intraday . And Swing's always choose monthly If today is the day of expiry, and you are not confident of. Talking from the perspective of Option buyer. Your analysis won’t work and you may face high loss/profit.

There is no limitation on profit. However, if loss it can diminish the capital. You can still go to the next expiry. I hope you understand the expiry thing. 18400 call. If I write this as a call.

Then read this. Nifty 18400. What are meaning of C guys? What is the direction C? Above.

Is the Nifty above 18400? What is the truth? Yes, it is above. When you read a statement and it comes out as truth. Then you say it is In the Money. It is an extremely simple concept. When you write a strike price, 18600 CE.

Read this statement in Hindi. Technical numbers are written CE/other numbers. Is Nifty above 18600? False. Nifty is at 18500. You are telling a lie. Whenever you speak in words the strike price.

If it is true/false. If false, it is called OTM. Means it is Out of the Money. What happens when there is Out of the Money. It's rate will also be at least because in this Delta is extremely less. In many situations, it is absent. It depends on the day on which trading. At which hour trading is happening. Ok In this, only Theta is there. Now, what is Thetha/Delta.

We are going to talk about it. On this, there will be a dedicated video next, after this. So, this is an ITM and OTM. What do you need to understand? You don’t have to use much of your brains. You need to understand which one you need to choose from In the Money and Out of the Money. Ok Let’s do more practice.

Let’s come on the next page. In the Money or Out of the Money for understanding, let’s us assume what is the price of bank nifty? When bank nifty got closed? Bank nifty closed at 43708. At 43708 it gets closed. 43708. Bank Nifty is an example we will take. It will be good for us. Then, twice we did practice. At approximate Rs 43708 bank Nifty closing is also given. Let’s take an example of put. It will be good for you.

If I pick out PE of any bank nifty. Bank Nifty PE which one PE. Let’s assume, 43800 PE. I am writing here. Whatever is the expiry. That we already talked about. Now you read the statement. Bank Nifty is 43800. Does PE mean above or below? It is below.

In reality, in present tense. Is the bank nifty below 43800? Definitely, it is below. This strike will be called as? In the Money (In the Money).

This is having more value in it. If I write some other strike price, 43500 PE I have bought. I thought the market would go down. So, I can buy any PE. But In the Money or Out of the Money. First try to identify it then I will let you know which one to choose.

Then, read it. Convert language into either Hindi or English. Is the bank nifty below 43500? It is telling a lie. Bank is above 43500 by 200 in positive. False. In case of false, when you say false then it will be created as Out of the Money. It is a bit cheap. it's a little cheaper. That I shall show you by taking you to Zerodha.

That it is cheaper. I hope you now understand the meaning of In the Money and Out of the Money. Ok I hope you understand the meaning of In the Money and Out of the Money. Now what happens?

Now, 43700 I wrote. 43800, 43900, 43900 43600. Four strike prices I have written. Now, one more, I should write 43500. What happens? We shall talk about Call. We are talking about calls CE.

We know that nifty is at 43700. Let’s assume, it’s not at 43700. It is at 437. Shall I tell exactly on which it is? Exactly, at which time we are talking is at 708. Let’s use the number 708.

Bank nifty is at 43708 is a truth. This is the truth. Now, let’s talk about strike price on Call side. Now if I will talk about it. You also talk with me. Give an answer, Ok. So, brother, tell me, 43500CE. Write CE in all. Now, tell. Is bank nifty above 43500? Brother, it’s the truth. So, what it will be called In the Money.

Is nifty above 43600? Definitely. It will be called In the money. Is it above 43700? Definitely brother, What it will be called? In the Money. Is 43800? It is a lie. It will be called Out of the Money.

What it should be called Out of the Money. Now, you understand this one is Out of the Money and this one is In the Money. And there is one more ‘At the Money’. At the Money is a very important concept. If you want to learn trading in life, If you want to do anything, it’s just the basics. Your mind should automatically work like this, and immediately respond to ITM/OTM.

I am sorry. This is In the Money. Now, what happens? Whatever is just near the strike price that could also be called an ATM.

It means, now 43700 is ITM, I agree. This is definitely In the Money option. But it is also an At the Money because the market is just near to it. It is right near to it. We can say See, technical language. Neither CFA nor CMT was created, We are just learning basic practical trading. Colloquially, in the language of practical trading. I can also call it 43800 as At the Money. Irrespective of it, being an OTM. What the meaning it is stating, it can be bit ATM/ITM/OTM. Whatever is near,

Strike price is called an ATM. Ok. This is very important, Ok. This is the strike price At the money. At the money is the one that is about to come. Ok Nice. I hope we have practiced a lot. That you got to know that which one. Now, I will give you an exam. Just do it now,

and give an answer in the comment. Don’t see the next one. Where the nifty is? Where exactly is nifty? Nifty is exactly sat on 497. 18497, It's homework. Tell me now, in the comment by doing pause. By comment, so that I know how much you understand. If 18500 put. Intentionally, giving you an example of put. 600 PE. 18700 PE.

18400 PE. 18300 PE. We have taken the five strike price. Now, you have to, I shall help you a bit for ITM/OTM. Read above one, is nifty below 18700? Saying correctly boss. It is not lying, Is it below 18700 at present tense? Yes. So, this will be called In the Money. Good. Now, tell me one thing.

Is nifty at 18400? No, is it lying Nifty is at 18500. So, I need to do 300. As per example, below 18300, Telling a lie. That is at 500. Telling a lie. Telling a lie means which strike price it will be called?

OTM. Homework is what you need to tell, in the three remaining ones. Which all are the ATM in this? It’s your homework. I hope you will do this homework. Do comment. And, if possible, write why as well? Don’t be shy. If you are new/beginner. What will people think? I don’t even know this much. They might have begun before.

Or, few people don’t even know trading. Or there will be who will watch after two months after the punch of the video. It doesn’t mean, you are weak. It’s ok. Race of everyone doesn’t start at the same time. We are not born at the same time. We don’t do work at the same time. Correct. It’s ok. You do this homework. I hope in the basics, What I taught you guys.

What are the basics of options? What is called ATM/OTM? What is call/put and ATM/ITM? Now, what needs to be done? What we need to do is Selection. If see, above or below, inflation or recession, Bull or Bear Who is the winning buyer or seller? This will tell you the chart of the Nifty. For that, you see my price action video. Watch my market analysis video. And, I shall be making more on price action. Or, Open interest data.

I shall also make a dedicated video like I did for option chain. You got to know where the market is going? Market is going above. It’s essential for you to know the strike price. Which one do you need to buy? I shall be making a dedicated video on Greeks. It will not help you much practically. However, it will definitely increase your knowledge. You must see that video. But I'll tell you, when any option is created

then it's created through Greeks. Delta+Theta+Gama+Vega+Rho. It’s very complicated. We can’t do it now, It's obvious. What we can do is. I shall tell you briefly Delta and Theta. Are two things. Let’s discuss it briefly. Let’s leave Delta also, I don’t want to discuss it. Option is made

I shall tell you in Greeks. I'll tell you, Options are made. It’s a colloquial language. CMT ones will tell you, a bit of real fact which is technically more. We are not doing that, It will be interpreted like that in a brief way. Options are made by two things.

First thing is called intrinsic value intrinsic value (Inner Power) (Inner Will) (Inner value). And, one is extrinsic value. It is not of whom that is going. Let’s assume an extrinsic value be theta.

Theta means time. What is this? It’s an, if we take an example, it’s like ice. If you take ice out of the refrigerator and keep it on the table. It will gradually start melting. There is no other way that, in your room, ice doubled. It will not increase however it decreases. Which is an option, in that there is a thing called Theta. Theta of options is negative. If there is an Rs. 100 option.

For the sake of an example, Rs. 50 of other value and Rs 50 of Theta. If. ok. Nifty is around 18500 today. If Nifty by roaming here and there. And, gets closed here then at same 18500.

Then, what will happen? This Rs.50 on the date of expiry. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday gradually it will fall. But, Rs.40 on Monday from Friday. It will be 30,20,10. And, till 10, by 3pm or 3.30pm. It will reach zero. Job of Theta is to get defeated. The work of Theta, Like when you take ice out of the refrigerator, it will melt. Similarly, Theta will also melt and be relinquished.

Theta will be zero then. Theta is something that is like you know. That gives loss. To whom it provides the loss. To Option buyers. This Theta is an edge for an option seller. You see. If the market gets in, and no one wins. Neither your view nor of the seller works. You both were right.

Then, also your 50% capital got finished and, he earned the money. Means your 2500 got safed. But, he will get that 2500. Irrespective of the fact, that his view was not right. So that is a difference. There is a difference between option buying and selling, I shall tell you. When you do option buying.

Market is going to be above. When you buy a call. Then, the market will be. See. Market breakout will be on the above side then, money. When it goes above, you will earn money. However, when Market Up/Down, Up/Down, It goes slowly above, then also you will be at loss. When it will be sideways absolutely, then also you will be at a loss. When the market will get a bit below the price then also you will face loss.

When it absolutely falls, then your account will below. And, you need to cut the stop loss. Meaning, it has various scenarios to option buyers. At one probability, meaning, One thing immediately gets clear boss. Option buying is not subject to the daily doing. You need to do it on that day, when you get whole trust on the price action of Nifty.

People get offended by my words. Why can’t it be done daily? That Sir says, we can do it daily, Ok. He must have developed himself like that. You are a beginner.

Why are you wasting your money? You should start gradually. You should do option buying when on the price action of nifty. When there is a morning. When the market makes green candles out of the zone. Then, only we shall buy call.

When the market opens the gap down and makes its first candle bold bullish it makes. In the below there is a wick and in the above body is also there. Then we shall buy a call. Then, we need to buy at only specific pdays. As the wing probability is very low guys. Similarly, What is an option seller? What option seller has done? Option seller in spite of buying Call. He did put a short. Now, it put short. Money will also be more than.

Now, what will happen? His money was also too much invested. Now, what will happen? He did put up a short, He also want bullish view. Then, the market will immediately boom. Then, he will earn money.

Market if goes gradualy then money. Why? See. When he earns at shortcut, he earns money, When the price falls. Theta is falling Theta is falling and the delta also is bit increasing. Delta what? Intrinsic value. Market going above, then money will come know. Money will come and go by put. Then, it’s put, from here also value is decreasing. Theta is also falling. Money is falling double.

Then, here also he gets profit. When the market goes sideways, it’s ok, Delta. We will study Delta. Delta is money on movement. I shall tell you now in Hindi in simple words. If it goes sideways, then also it falls. f it comes bit below then. It is at break even, not at loss. Because it’s Delta falls and it’s Theta gets reduced And, movement has given a loss. Then, it gets mitigated.

If SL, falls inline. Then, you should cut on SL. SL applies, you can cut it off as per your will. So, this is safer. Safe.

Brother, how wonderful it is. yes Now, for taking an advantage. You need a big capital. How much capital? For shorting a one lot, have a method of hedging. In the upcoming videos, I shall tell you what is hedging? Through that you, now I have made it. In my previous videos, I have made you shown that you. For example, in the option you short call.

You got a view of the market, that it will go down. You had not bought Put, you did a short call. So, you bought Call of far away, due to that hedge occurs. For changing one lakh, you need 40000, Ok So, I am telling you. There are methods on which I shall be making a video afterwards. Just understand. We are just studying the basics. Big capital, heavy capital we have an option of selling. You can have pleasure. You can have a benefit.

In that greed doesn’t work. It’s a safe game. Maximum time you get profit many times even due to wrong in view. Obviously, you need to cut at stop loss level then and then only. Otherwise options will be of sellers also at losses.

If he doesn’t have knowledge of price action. I hope you understand the difference between option buyer and option seller. Now, what do you need to do? See, guys' capital is low, It's helplessness. Then, we can’t do anything. So, you can do option buying. For doing option buying. The first rule is:

only do on the specific/ very trending day. And, when is the trending day created? See. Market, let’s assume, is in such a range. Ok

So, it’s obvious. When is the trending day created? When the market comes out of this range. If it breaks this range, then the market moves immediately. Here, green candle gets created, It doesn’t trend that much.

When the market breaks the big/fatty range then. When the market, see Head and shoulder. If the market ever created a pattern. For example, when it breaks an inverted shoulder. You can buy it here. You will think, if I can buy it here. Then, probably it might fail. You don’t know.

When you are confirmed then you can trade for option buying. Either buy Call or put. First rule will be trending. Second rule will be position sizing. What is the meaning of Position sizing? What is the problem? If I am buying an option of Rs 100, then it can ask me for a minimum SL of Rs. 25-30. Otherwise, it gives a target after a hit. If it gives it after a target then what’s the target. It ruins the state of mind. Ever happened to you? Extremely bad. Extremely bad option in the trading.

You have taken a trade, your SL got hit. You got a loss. Boom. It got above also.

So, to avoid that you need to give genuine money of at least Rs 30. Rs. 30 You are facing a 30% loss. Let’s assume, there is Rs 1,00,000 And, you used a full Rs 1,00,00. In one SL, your 30% got into loss. Over. Out of mind.

There are people who talk about risk 1%-2%. They talk about keeping 5% risk. You lose 30% in one trade not even one day gets over. Boss, we need to recover it. Took another trade, unfortunately SL got hit and a loss of 60%. Loss of 60000. Remaining is 40. Got into anger and traded that as well.

Do gambling. Of 40. Gambling. At least 40 will be made. Total loss. So, people have a problem of. The only people with an option trading are. They cannot control position sizing. If you cannot control then don’t trade. Do not trade. You will lose everything.

So, it’s a very important thing. Ever be of your capital, below 30% you use. And, make a rule. 30% means if you have Rs 1,0,000 then from 20,000-15000. Let’s assume if you have just 20,000 brothers,

then you will buy one lot of only 5,000. You can’t do above it. So, you need to focus on the position sizing Is your position size is always 30%. 30% is the maximum brother.

In the very good days. Meaning you need to use 15-20%. Now, you will tell. Very good, If having one lakh, can use only 20,000. I am mad or what. You can have a try. What were you doing till now? You can tell me in the comment. Is what I am saying right?

Or I also know it’s difficult to control. So, what can we do? Keep your money in the bank account. Take one lakh rupees for trading. Immediately keep 70,000 outside.

If in case of need, can be brought back. No issues. But, keep it in the bank account. Do trade by 30. By 30/within 30. You can be controllable. Understand my words. I know few people will think so. That I have just Rs 20,000 or 10,000. Don’t do it. 10,000 will be gone. Wait, first save some money. Then do.

Ok. So, the second rule is to maintain the position sizing. Third rule is to select the correct strike price. Now, what is the correct strike price? For selecting the correct strike price means to.

That, what is the strike price? Here, we need to understand. In the Money, Out of the Money and At the Money. So, see as an option buyers can. As an option seller it’s better to sell the OTM because they melt easily. In that Theta has a value that to in against.

If we sell then OTM. If it is on the side of the buyer then In the Money. What happens in this? It has an intrinsic value. That means, if the market becomes dynamic then there’s no loss immediately. The people get a chance to take a breath. The people can have a cut on their Stop loss. If we take an OTM, then what happens? As soon as it opens it creates a red candle after you buy it. Too much emotion. It breaks your morale. It got so down that you can’t accept that loss.

So, you do mischief. You invested more from your account or you did that strike price average. Despite that, you need to pay that as well. Mistakes happen. If you go with In the Money then you can change. If you are doing option buying till now, if you are doing or wanted to do. Then, only one time follow my rules These three are written in front of you, Follow those. Do not trade options everyday. You trade when the price action

motivates you. If Price action says that it will happen here. Then, the market will go above with power. Is it? If it goes, then I shall do. If, become experienced before. Ok So, identify the trending. Learn price action.

Position sizing. Method I have already told you, if that won’t happen to you. What did I say? If you cannot control it. If you have 50 and you invest a full 50 then 35,000 withdrawal now. Or keep that aside only. We can add it again. But, when only it’s needed. Third rule,you need to choose a right strike price. Go for In the Money.

See, ATM/ITM can give you some time and a little bit of more reward. But, the risk is also high. You are already doing risky tasks with less capital. Then, why?

Go for In the Money. Do trade In the Money. If you follow these three rules. Then, literally your life will be a bit easier. Earning as much as learning. Watching this video. Enjoyed a lot. So, like the video. you won't lose anything for liking.

But, it makes a difference for us. We got to know how much you liked the content. Secondly, subscribe to this channel and, bell. I am telling you now, an important thing. In front of you, one thing. I am showing you on this iPad only. After coming on to this. Here, after clicking on the bell. You need to click on the ‘ALL’.

So, you will get an update immediately. It's very important. I am telling you guys. Do this, This will benefit you. Now we shall return on our topic. These are three things. If you want to do option selling, Let’s assume. You need to do an option selling. Capital is of high value.

When you will shoot OTM then for you trading would be easier. Ok Guys, I hope. You enjoyed it a lot watching the video. Please, do let me know in the comment. How did you find it? Manyatimes teachers, Manyatimes few topics. We run from a few topics. Intentionally, we don’t want to study it because it is difficult. But, if you get a good teacher, then it gets easier for you. I hope so.

I tried to become a good teacher for all of you. Now, we shall make a big advance video on Option Greeks. We learn about it a bit. After learning the Option Greeks,your learning will increase a bit. and we can learn a lot about Option Greeks. As soon as this video gets Let's say 10,000 likes. Ok As soon as 10,000 likes come, I will upload the Option Greeks video.

I shall make a video by tomorrow positively. By tomorrow only. If I get by the day after tomorrow, then I will upload the video. As soon as 10,000 likes, I will upload the video of Option Greeks. By that also, you will get to learn a lot. Ok I hope you are enjoying this series of new videos. That, I am creating.

and Daily analysis is already coming for you. I hope this all is done for you. If you are a beginner and want to do trading. If you want to know, which demat account is best. According to me, come on ‘Zerodha’. It is very safe. It is safe, user friendly. Many times it doesn't allow you to buy an OTM. But, it’s good for you. It allows you to buy ITM/OTM.

That is safe in nature. At Upstox, you can buy anything. Even by intention, you can’t make a mistake at Zerodha. First benefit Secondly, it’s a user-friendly interface.

Good. If you already have, you can use Zerodha. Second is Upstox is also good Number 2 rank comes. Number of active line. Number one is Zerodha then Upstox. Link of both, you will find in the description box. if you open your account through me. You will get benefits.

Giveaways are going. In forex, giveaways are going. Even in this, giveaways are coming. Whoever is doing trading with my account. I can manage for you to earn 2-3 lakhs monthly.

In breaks, it means first prize-50,000. Second prize-40,000. Like this, many will get the giveaways. Right After following the right training process. I hope you enjoyed the video.

Will meet in the next video. Thank you so much everyone. Bye-bye!

2022-12-21 04:36

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