Future Trading Basic To Advance For Beginners | Future Trading Kaise Start Kare | Future Trade Guide

Future Trading Basic To Advance For Beginners | Future Trading Kaise Start Kare | Future Trade Guide

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How ₹ 1000 to 20000 rupees are made from future trading, that too in a few hours, how we can earn a big money daily by future trading here today's topic is basic of future trading , how is future trading and we are here Learn how to generate regular income from all of you, just like now and subscribe to the channel, don't worry, this is my request to all of you, so today we are here to understand the basic of future trading because without learning the basic If you enter in advance then you will lose due to basic to basic mistakes and if you learn basic then while doing advance then the same basic tricks will give you profit and save you from lau we all think that no matter what acid it is It may be crypto , share may be currency, may be community, when its price rises, it is ours ₹5 was absolutely wrong in 5 rupees, why didn't a ₹1 profit happen, hey brother, you got ₹10 So have bought but when you sell it for 15, then profit will be made empty price has reached, now you have not done the sale, when you will sell it for 15, then your profit is not ₹ 5 and price reduced from ₹ 10 to ₹ 5 a If you went, how much love did you say ₹ 5, the hour did not happen, if you sell for ₹ 5, then your loss is adervise, you hold it, do you know the price will be your profit but sometimes the price of that acid is ₹ 10 for 24 years If you are able to touch less than ₹ 10, then you will keep waiting, you will get the block of money you have, for two to four years, in total, when the selling price is high from your bank price, then only your profit will be increased. You can make profit in the market itself but we are talking here in future trading, even if the price is low, you can still make profit, even if the price is high, you can make profit. Also when is the trade complete, when once brother and once it is sealed, then our trade is complete and the loss of profit is yours i.e. first If you do bike then you will sell i.e. some stool will

come to you first only then you can sell it without buying how can you sell any stool if ceiling price is higher then profit is made and selling price is low then your loss But in futures trading, you can buy low price and sell at the highest price, apart from this, you can sell at the highest price first and buy later at the lowest price, even if your profit will be there, then you will think that you have to buy first. Then you have to sell later, here you are saying that first you sell, if the price becomes cheaper, then if you buy , then this is exactly the future trading, that is, you can make profit in both the conditions, just in case it happens. That your bank price should be lower than the selling price, whether it was your brother first or your buy later, man let's say you bike first at ₹ 10 and go to Rs 15, then your profit is made and if you First sold it for ₹ 10 and later if the price goes down in ₹ 5, then your bike is sold again. If you get profit then in futures trading you can sell first by selling it later or you can do it later by selling first then brothers will be complete if the selling price is high in both the condition then you will make profit, it is clear to you.

It is future trading and not only this, if you have ₹ 1000, then you can trade 2 lakhs, your investment is ₹ 1000 and you can take trades up to ₹ 2 lakhs and if it makes a profit of 10% then 2 How much will be 10% of the lakh Rs 20000, how much was you only ₹ 1000, then how much profit was your ₹ 20000 profit, but how did it happen You can take whichever platform you trade on, that platform gives you a loan, come on, we will give you a loan up to 200 times of your funds, come to us and trade, we are giving you a loan up to 200 times your If you have thousand rupees, then 200 times means 2 lakh rupees, you take a trade here for ₹ 200000 and if that period is closed at 10% profit If so, how much is 10% of ₹ 2 lakh, ₹ 20000, that will be your profit, since you had a ₹ 3000 here, then you people will say what is the benefit of exchange in this, see if you take a trend of ₹ 1000 then ₹ Whoever does trading fish equal to 1000, then the platform would have got the trading fish on a trade of ₹ 1000, but if he gave you a loan of up to 200 times, then the fee that would be deducted on a trade of ₹ 2 lakh would be more profit . And if you took a trade of ₹ 2 lakh, there is a 10% profit, then the total balance there will be 20000 rupees, you have kept 20000 rupees and the ₹ 200000 he gave is ₹ 2 lakh , so he doesn't have any loss. Profited because the trading fish he got, the trading fish he does on a trade of ₹ 200000 amount, he gets more profit You unique celebrate means one times loan 10x leverage means 10 times loan means 100 times loan, the more leverage you set there, the more times You get a loan and you will be able to trade the same amount, even if you have a small mount in your account, but you can take a trailer for a large amount and make a big profit, but now wait a little, now you understand your loss too You have the thousand rupees, the exchange has given you a loan of 200 times, you have got ₹ 2 lakh, you have put a trait, now if that train goes 1% mines, then how much is the loss, ₹ 2000 will be lost but your then ₹ 1000 was ₹ 1000 i.e. ₹ 1000 and ₹ 1000 will be exchange loss Oh not at all you understand that if you calculate half percent of what was ₹ 2 lakh, then how much is half percent of 2 lakh if ​​there is a loss in the tray then ₹ 1000, then as much as your amount is in its place, then if there is a loss on that amount, then the trade will be closed there, that is, if half the percent market has gone against you, then how much is the loss of half the person, ₹ 200000 to ₹ 1000, then there That trade will be closed because if the loss continues for half the question, then there will be a loss, then that trade will be closed for you and maxi How much will your mum loss be ₹ 1000 i.e. total fund will become your nature, if you had taken this loan 100 times , what would have happened if you would have taken a hundred times loan i.e. 100 times of ₹ 1000 would become ₹ 1 lakh

husband patient then one lakh person How much will it be ₹ 1000 i.e. 1% minor market will come, then your trade will be closed on the same and your loss will be here, you have seen that if you have taken a loan 200 times, then half of the market has gone, then your trade will be closed. If you have taken a loan of 100 times, then 1% mines here, then your trade will be closed i.e. 100% loss will be

done. There is a trend of 1000 i.e. ₹ 50000 i.e. now 2% of 50 thousand becomes ₹ 1000, then 2% market goes against you on the average of 50 times, then you will lose 1000 rupees i.e. you are looking here as Your loan

got reduced, by the way, the scope of loss also decreased here, first the market got half the portion, then your loss was done, then there you saw 100 times one. If the person goes, then the loss will be 50 times the pen 2%, then the loss will be 25 times if you take 4% more market then your loss will be 10 times if you take a loan then 10% - will go against you then here you will have 100% loss If you go, here you understand that the less you take a pay loan here, the more your loss potential will decrease , the more your loan remains, the more the potential for pay loss here will go on increasing and with this- With this the potential of profit also increases, if your loan is less then your profit will also be less . Brother, then we call it long and when we sell, we say that we have shorted long and sort by will go down then there will be profit and on buying or longing, the market is going down as much as it will go down. More your loss will go on selling or short if you have done then the higher the market goes, the more your loss will go on. If you have bought or longed there will be profit if you have sold or sorted then you will profit when price goes down, for that you will have to do proper analysis of technical analysis There is a course going on our channel, for which I am going to make a playlist, what are the chat patterns, what is candlestick, how can we do technical analysis, what is the price section and by analyzing there we credit that price from here If it goes up then we take the train there, if it seems that the price will go down from here, then we sort there to make profit and if your bye is done profit your running price has gone up enough then there you get it will close the straight or you can sort there in front then we sold the Buy first then sold later then your profit is done and if you have sorted or sold first price goes down your profit Then you close the trade or you It is said that we have biked there or have made it long, to say that the trade is closed, there the trade will go up after paying by, then we close there, sell or go down by shorting the trade, then we will there with pay profit. Lets close future trading or options trading basically this contract is base trading the contract is in you and the platform on which you are trading if you are trading crypto then your statement can be sleep maximum then that platform and A contract between you is a futures contract that in the future like I am a user , what will happen in the future, what am I thinking if I feel that the price of any asset will go up from here in the future, then now I will long and I It seems that in the future, its price becomes a contact between the platform and you that in the future if your prediction is correct then you will go in profit and if your prediction is wrong then the exchange has profit i.e.

your loss will be a change be there pay profit This means that the platform on which you are trading makes a profit because what is future trading is a contract base trading, there you do not buy real acid like if you started future training on bitcoin then you would be trading there. But in real you are not buying bitcoin, an empty contract i.e. the price at which you long or sort, the price remains the same as the price of bitcoin running in the real market, the same price is yours here as well. You will be in futures trading and it is your contact at real price only, that is what you are doing, now here I am going to tell the most important thing to all of you that no one tells you who you are against here, that exchange is one The thing will be profit and your profit will be the loss of the exchange, so what will the exchange want you to lose here, man take it as if in any one thing, if there are thousand trades and everyone who opened the clove together i.e. If the price is really going up then everyone's out there Profit will be happening but what the exchange would like is that if the market price goes down from here, then what can they do ? If the price of bitcoin goes down and those who sit there by opening long and start losing, then it can happen that they have a big fan, they can move the price of any acid wherever they want because if All the people on all the exchanges together, on one hand, if the price can be 4 points from here, the analysis that is done, they are thinking that the price will go up from here because there is a huge support here, then what happens to all the people You will open a long pay there and you are big jolls with all exchanges, they are thinking that if they lose liquid here, then what would those people want if the price goes down from here and they have profit, then pay menu here Plate can also be done or it is done, I am telling you a very big thing inside, no one tells you whether it is This is the basic chapter but I am telling you the advanced thing here and you also take this if you have found such a trick, every trade you are making huge profit, you are making profit in every trade you are making. Your account may be created, although it

is illegal because a chain will not go, every trade here because the platform is losing here , they will feel that brother, what magic wand did you have that you are here? Making every trade pocket means you made thousand trades and here you made a profit of 10 lakh dollars, then the one million dollars will not go from the pocket of the exchange, you understand that I may also make your account and give some issue They can show whatever they can do because they are losing there, although they cannot do this or even if you cannot make 100% profit, then no matter how big a trade is, they cannot make 100% profit, no matter how much technical knowledge they have Yes, although those people can do this, if they are placing 10 trades, then two or four trade mines will go to the rest of the maximum trade which we will be in profit. If they stay in overall profit, then this thing must have been read on your side, now here I tell you in 2 minutes that you can do future trading from this side, you will have to learn in detail first of all you are technical. Learn analysis, many videos I just uploaded, you will go and watch the video, after learning you will start your future date, you will definitely make profit if you start by learning the right trading then you are seeing here on the screen on which we crypto You can do future training in this very 1 of d best platform You can transfer etc. First of all you

have to deposit the fund here, you can deposit it here through pidupi trading and below is the spot here you will get the arrow, you have to click on it, as soon as you click , your here Fiat will go up on the spot If it goes, then instead of fiat, you have to search here , future it is your future, that currency is selected here, if it is not, then you can select that USD by going to Arrow here, here you have to click on all You have to give and click on transfer, now your fund is going to pay future here, then your fund will go in future valid, which will be shown to you here 25, you can see it is okay now you will get the option of pay future here Here is the option of futures, you have to go on this, from here BTC is that currency, you have to select this currency , in this video I am telling you in shortcut, rest you understand everything in detail, only then you have to start trading to understand the future. You can pick up whatever currency is available here, in whichever currency you want to trade, for the time being I have gone to the feet of BTC, here you will get the leverage i.e. how much loan you need, this is the one How much loan is required for buy, see here, how much loan is required for sale if you want to sell first here So how much loan is needed and brother wants to do first or want to long then how much loan do you want click here or you will get slider, as much as you have to do less and more, you can pay it here is isolate margin isolate But only you have to go and gather more, you have to confirm here and then how much do you need for selling here Selfie you will go I mean man let's say 16 15 18 10 X Let's go 10x I want here But see the opening option is available, meaning what do you want to open, you want to open the clove first, that is, you want to open the bike or you want to open the sort cell, if you understand then you will see the open long here, you will see the open shot And here is the limit, if you market instead of limit, then your instant trade will be done immediately, how much is in your wallet, here is showing you the total 25 last I transferred here and as soon as I slide here, the percentage will show How much percent of your $ 25 want to take 25% I did so here the font below T will be seen from here the market will go up you can click here for market analysis for the market, it will show you the full chat, this is what you are teaching you in chart analysis, go to my channel and see your analysis first done that from here the market will go up then you can long here or you have analyzed that if the price will go down from here then you can open shot here, if it goes down then your profit will go up then your profit will go up Here you will see a small option of take profit and stop loss i.e. you can already set stop loss and take profit, if you are not paying attention , then the price goes till there stop loss if you put a sell So it means that how much loss do you want to make like if you take a train of thousand rupees here, then you want it to be closed automatically if I have a loss of ₹ 50, that means I cannot bear the pay loss here and profit.

How much do you want to take man, you put a ticket of thousand rupees and how much profit there is ₹ 400 If you want to take that trade will be closed when you will get that much profit there, it is so clear that you can set it here for long and for this shot for now I am long here and now I am long key If I am going to make a position, then click on the long option here, for now I pay long , here how much I want take profit, here is the price of piece, 19485 btc price is going on and I want profit here 19400 is running so 19619700 as much as you want to keep on the base of your analysis If given then the profit that I will get now is 0.68 I will get pay profit here and if I do stop loss here then what is the price going on now then you have to keep the stop loss below it means you can keep it a little below that means 19490 then do 194550 Take 400, do it here, I will do it here 19400, I will teach you this thing. In technical analysis, if you put this stop loss here, then you will lose so much , then this loss will have to be kept in the resume, that means if you are so low, if you bear 2% loss, then that is the profit At least 4% or 6% profit should be yours, that I will teach you further, so let me confirm here, if I was trying to sort here, then here what I would do for profit in this market If the price is running now, then the price below this, I would put the price here, I see you of the team, it is 19400, then 19000, I will pay 200 here, then here you will see in profit, you can see here, now you pay stop here What will you put in the loss, the price going here is below 400, so above that means you are shorting, short means will go down, only then profit will be made, if you start going up, then your loss will keep going on, then you will be a little on here I can say above here 19560 I did it, you will see here here I have confirmed so here I have both long and short Now here I can do whatever I want to do, but if I want to long, I can open long , here the trade will be placed for you, you can see here the rest of this which is showing your loss of profit is clear You and here you will see a share option, as you click on it , you will see this thing in the bakayde screen shot, you can share it here, people on telegram you will see here people share so much profit It could also be of balance, it could also be of some respect exchange , now see what I have here, so much profit has started, okay now I close it here, what it is, I click on it 100% By sliding now I will close the trade , so our trade which is there is closed and similarly if we open shot here, in this way you can do long and short here on any currency, take as much leverage as you want. It is clear to you friends, in this video you have been told the basics of futures trading, now you have to learn advance, before doing futures trading. First you have to learn technical analysis, which I have started learning on my channel,

you guys start watching many videos from now on, you do not have to miss any video, only then you will come here after two to four months you will realize That you can make regular income from here, right now I told you here about crypto, in the coming time, you will have to stop and a kamruti everything here I learn, there are many trading options everywhere, option trading happens how intraday You can do future training, so now I have told you here, so hope friends, you will like our hard work and you are still watching this video, so please like my brother and subscribe my channel Let's meet again with the best topic inside till then Bye and take care

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