Filling the target - ¿Cómo ser rentable en el trading? | Sebastian Londono

Filling the target - ¿Cómo ser rentable en el trading?  | Sebastian Londono

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what it took me a month to pass the funding test two weeks went to waste practically seeing people on the islands good on the beach with trips true how they sell it to one So I said No I want to quickly Quickly start doing I want to travel production I want silver [Music] Welcome to Feeling the Target a podcast of you profit Trader I'm Diego I'm John and today we have a special guest Sebas Sebastián London traders How are you How are you doing Oh very well thank God you How are you? Everything is excellent here, resting a bit, that's the thing. London J is going, going, well, let's say to myself what last name is Londono and for a, let's say, a nickname that they called me London London London and from there I said no, well, I'm London then really with one with a very easy question and summarized in your words between Who is Sebastián londoño Sebastián londoño is a person I consider myself persevering in that trading habit I started in this I found out about this in 2017 c I have been insisting on the issue of trading for five years and I proudly say that just this year I have been profitable, but I say proudly because it took me a lot, a lot, a lot to get to a point where I consider myself already profitable that I say this month I got money I no longer lose money or if I lose money I know that at the end of the month something a little green but you consider me a person but something that cuts you off is telling you that right now you found profitability but in this process from 2017 to 2022 you came to have streaks in which you were profitable and you said I'm already profitable, something happened like you realized that it wasn't, I really wasn't. I had a moment when I considered that I already said that, finally Now I am profitable in 2020 and in 2020 I was funded with a funding company and not Now finally finally and I had an account because mine was a very small account of about 500 dollars and from Now finally Finally I see that I'm getting a little positive I'm going well and no no definitive Mind you, I don't know if it becomes emotional or it was the normal market and no I didn't accept it and once again something went down completely and for this reason I say that I am very persistent because that is, it was almost five years in which I insisted insisted insisted insisted teacher and what are they going to do is an alarming number but I think I imagine that in this process in these five years you had positive streaks in which suddenly one or three said no well here it is there in profitability please yes yes even I was funded many times by teacher and also by other companies and I had without counting the ones I currently have that I will count later I had around five accounts funded , let's not say that during the course and I said, if I didn't pass anymore, I'll keep doing the same thing, I think In Life I already have consistency yes So it's because I've already achieved it but but no but you know that I think it's more than the whole emotional issue because I said why I was stupid And if a person who operates like me was targeted Ent once I like it was not impossible then the failure began and I kept trying to recover and what there was what it took me a month to pass the test with my finger two weeks went to the trash practically I consider that I had two moments in which that I left trading the first academy Yes when I started I was in an academy I did a very fast process because that 's how we were We all want money fast and I skipped the lessons and it started fast and fast at that time there were no buses so an account of yours was I needed a lot of capital and I lasted more or less a year trading at the first Academy I was at and I said I'm not retiring because I can't because I don't have how to trade and I'm working So there for four or six months but come here you did the course and you withdrew because you didn't have the funds to open your account or you opened your account and you lost it now you didn't have the funds to open the account to practice Well I was only doing simulation you were with Trying That obviously I acquired training but you didn't do the whole curriculum, right, unfortunately I was very seeing people in the Islands, well, having trips on the beach, true, as one is sold. So I said, No, I want to quickly. the beach the beach making money and I started then I skipped what the bag is I for a bag tell me how I compare with people How to configure a platform that and that for what and I advanced I did simulation but I retired for about six months until that's it The first time you will abandon trading with the sides twice was the first That was the first and the second phase for almost two years but I abandoned it very little very very little because my girlfriend told me I don't know it's already mounted up to the neck of the Trading already has to continue, you cannot give it up. I want to ask that question, what

makes a person who has already abandoned it twice continue? I think it is because for me it is my objective or my idea . l of life because I am a person who is too much in quotes Rebellious well in quotes and very crazy that is, I have given up seeing myself in terms of the subject of studies I am is all words in five universities and not true dude true but still managed good jobs that I said I earn more than the minimum and I have not studied and I say I have been able to leave those jobs because that is not my ideal . more important and I said This can give me that freedom that I want so much So I said no, it won't go away It's that I said what else do I do in a business if it's going to be very good but to start with it requires a lot of capital It's going to be very hard at the beginning because it's going to be very well, as it requires a lot of my time, I don't know what I'm going to do, he says no, this already has to be this, or it has to be this, so it only wins , I don't know the minimum of Colombia, but it's in my house that is working a few hours a day After all, you got to the train for a matter of freedom of time, yes, like most of the products, speaking before starting the recording that you did a course with an academy, then well, I can't find that profitability and single, you did another course with another academy, this is correct and Before starting with the second academy, I challenged the issue of trading and I started in my own way. I no longer had the support of the first academy. I had to apply what they had what I paid for. of one then I went back to see the lessons I did the simulation again and it is not giving me it is not giving me well one took operatives but they were not very aware and see here and after that I said no oh after that was that you did the another course after that was Exactly I saw someone who left that Academy that I was the first time and it happened and Joel No he founded it and I and it is operating with many contracts so I knocked on the door and I already said no, well, we are with this academy to see how it goes and within the world of trading these are the only two courses that your good experience has surely made from my pocket of those two here we are talking about futures, not obviously at this training they have done they have added books or some type of special content or not only of these two pulses the book yes the ones they recommend Well inside everywhere you have the psycho trading area the three-legged table that I think is called those three Basically they are the eight futures. Have you tried to invest in another in another market

in your own way ? I have had a contact that has not been very pleasant for me and but the strong one, let's say that I Ah well, future courses in your career as a Trader I was in your course, it says about futures, I did three I also did I did forex but never real forex since I wanted to ask you it is good although you found the profitability in those courses I think that part of the way to find it is not removed there so what I wanted to ask you both is OK, I understand the experience a little bit, both of them took several courses , let's say that in these courses they were not given, let's say, they give bases, it is an indicator that gives you the existence of profitability And such But they feel that these courses were necessary and have helped them along the way from their trading Yes, it is part of the process if they help you , damn it, just no, you don't study a degree and you say No, that's what gives me everything, but it's part of the process that can help you. the course but it is part of the process that I can help you. So if you feel that it is this obviously I would not suddenly select more The Academy you how much did I do course paid course how can you download it one went from the internet and then if you start in the book but the future yes others yes more than in the future well in general it is Enrique the one from the Master of Markets books so good the audios are opening up a little bit and you would pay a Course I ask you, do you not consider that the fact of getting a free course is normal, let's say it's not common, it's not very good, but it's like access. Exactly, I think that when you do that, you don't give it the value it really has is a life issue that no one values ​​what they have because it didn't cost them let 's say it that way That's not just with a course it's a life issue you have to pay for them you have to pay for them where a lot of courses for people don't give them that value a part that there are so many that do not know where to start and with that that is the most important thing apart from the club they are good and train you to what you want to do is important but when you start it is not very rushed as Sebastián said and I would return to do the elbows ro I would select as Best I make myself understand today not with experience you can already select better what is happening to Sebastián tell me if not you would select much better Yes yes I really would not let myself be carried away as much by destination good beach for the because of the content they really work and that they show you that they do work and oh, I trade, that is, I was there, I will show you this, but look, it does work, that is, look, I don't apply it, or well, it's not just that it is something real his position is exactly me that your career as a Trader there was a moment that you went from doing Trader only by indicators that is to say Well I hope that the market touches this and I enter or I hope that or a Trader who began to analyze more and understand the market Let's say that you analyze more the context or in the structure or how you either continue or continue to use indicators today Only those questions of superativa Yes I am asking how was that process because whenever at In principle, most traders buy a course that shows you some indicators, based on which you start to enter but without really understanding the indicator of the week, structure or not. What do they do? I started with first. Well, in the first academy it was indicators, this is channel if it got here and that was all Exactly in the second academy if there was a little more analysis of the market because they are a part of context with a graph of greater temporality what market is doing this was also used indicators but it also required more analysis true And the way I currently do, but it's because I basically use an indicator that is the vein indicator, sorry for volume, to see a breakout, if it was strong, a very strong one with volume, that is, the method Yes, but very very simple, that is, I literally don't It doesn't affect me if the market is a bearish taxi driver, it took the long Macro zone to me , it 's a one-minute talk and I have two or three days of history or something like that for a Before entering a train or tell us what I say, what do you look for as an operator to enter an order? Basically, what I am looking for is for the market to break a zone that has already marked me, yes, well, it has already defined me, well. because of the candles and that the breakout at which the Stop that I am going to put did not stay bigger than what my account can operate or than what I rather have already tested that it can be replicated here I'll reply if I have a stop , for example of 4 points, I'm looking for six points of Target, it's not the Stop, it doesn't leave the Stop like that of the zone of the zone, yes Exactly, but if I see that the zone is too big for me, I don't I take a maximum range of what is called a Trader of zones, that is, you move from zones, they are in operations Yes, but you, but I am looking more than anything for breakouts, that is, I mark zones, but I like that it breaks me How do you occupy that area with what I tell you that the stomach should not be too large for me to be covered and In an area that I can report that I can respect if I took them, I don't enter. Oh, it's that

I am left in the middle of a candle, no, because the market can become supported on an old pivot or something like that and go down. So I look for them to comply with me. a true strategy That is, enter if your stupid target enters at once exactly and what you do is that you look for what you do that looking Exactly you look for areas and with the market there is what is called channeled you wait for those areas to break or that channel is that is its way of operating it is practically more or less like this obviously when it is trending it works for me much more much faster much easier When the market is sideways it makes me wait a lot or I make breaks for me and they take this out of me because what instrument do you operate the micro SP micro sdp me thinking I swore my mind I was also going to say that to see on the subject of breaking areas in it has much more volume Exactly but look that I started with this strategy nq and I made a couple Well, I made a point a full point I have to stop because I have days We have that, for example, I earn 60 dollars and the next day this goes from 80 to me when I mean I have to be very effective in my operations for me to go out profitable at the end of the month and that doesn't work for me So I lost 70 and the other day I won 40 I don't if you come here if I started doing the encu because you didn't leave the bus but that's part of the experience that 's why I asked them before no but I'm talking about nq in the index but I operated my rabbit Ah okay Nothing that experience about the courses that the courses can be very valuable You know that even if they don't have the holy grail they teach you things about the market because learning when one is new learns that the market falls asleep then when you make it a more advanced course having one more book already begins to understand structure but then also part of the experience as a Trader is for example defining what market it is the one who saw you It's better for you because in the courses you married the market than I started with it and it's and it won't happen to me because of a personal decision but it's true experience Look what you say and I don't know what you think Sebastián notes give us your opinion When you don't enter, it's like you don't start looking for training and the markets that you don't raise, not because you don't know the instruments that are at the moment that you can trade and everything you receive and the markets that you are testing, like You start looking for your way of operating in what you feel most comfortable with and you gradually adapt to me. What happened to me was, for example, when I started and started with it and it's the s&p 5 of the Mini, the s p500 and I thought that well that that was what there was understood me in 2017 then suddenly a friend yes It was you who can not also operate the one of q Yes but see but this pod is already going that is because it awaits them at that fairly calm moment it took a little bit more in moving in giving you I don't know your 12 25 75 and suddenly I get into nq And that pod is topo Target moved very fast this one and suddenly that hit and then I started experimenting with more markets of course currency futures much more confidence in the platform No matter what operated platform Sebas Ninja have you tried any other platform yes which one I did I had with the broker MP futures or pez futures in an account I operated in multichard I operated that era like the one I used a lot and already Trader Yes when I was in an academy in the issue of social networks Well, yes on the issue of support because I really like technology well in quotes can be the part of the system and I learned to use sierrat so that people from the academy knew how to use sierra I made videos of sierra char so that people can manage it manage how Tower for The same so that people know How to manage Quan Tower and an alternative No, well, in order not to pay a license for Which is which which is the platform that really Of the ones you have tried, it is the one that you think is the best. Hello, better to start now, that is, for you, the best ninjas you have tried. Yes, why, but because, let's see, Ninja was the first contact I had with trading with graphics, it is Ninja because it was that the simulation stage, the course and all that, peronilla has a value Well, it has a cost So they look for alternatives I came across the PM of futures or futures and I got to know multichard and I liked it a lot obviously visually it is as if you go from a Windows 7 to a 1995 that is, visually it is very very old but it works very well, you know I really like the way you put the target in multichard it appears very very cool but to begin with if you want to save the license issue it is a file I think it is very Very good option you nowadays the people that you told them with Ninja right or you give them the option of a platform without cost not because the majority or have accounts Let's say that good if I touched on the subject it is because of pr they have seen. Lately I have been looking for people to show them that it is possible to make money here, that is, it

is possible and most of them already have experience, but they are lost. That is, they lack it, like Exactly, but let's say that I know very well that the way how Me But it can be very simple and there are an infinite number of ways to operate true Each one with its advantages and disadvantages but I say this mentally is very difficult or it is very very demanding I Why not to begin with so that you say ready this works why not you go for something simple that will give you money but something simple later and you see it as more of an expert and say Well, I'm going to operate this way Speaking Speaking about the platforms what you were saying was what I want to comment on I remember when start, you already have much more confidence with the platform with which you operate and skim instruments later we have more screens or open more more charts in the Graph and you begin to have the ies the nq 6 to 66 and other markets that and one realizes that I can also operate with the same leverage of the account that you already have, nq and SP happened to you Ok at the same time you Diego and that was difficult why are you going to have several chats with several open markets of course well obviously when I was there when the bus came out then Y is and the month but then yes Y is nq and then the pairs of the parents like this 6b and something is that of futures here I have no idea How to search for nq and SP and my body another index blog of a question personal production I know I have heard the drum what do you think is the number one skill that Sebas londoño developed to make a consistent Trader I became disciplined But knowing very well that it is the discipline that are the habits I know that I suddenly have bad habits I accept it in what sense well I go to bed super late I get up almost when the market is going to open Well at 8:15 or 8 in the morning but I learned disciplined yesterday what it means to always do the same activity in the market i said And if the market is 9 o'clock in the morning or 11 o'clock and they have not let me in. No, I learned that one day there may be a time when I don't have to go into the market and I didn't before, I didn't allow that, I went in like this every day It may be by mistake Oh I was wrong but I had to enter an order Yes I always I Always always have to be an up-to-date operation and over time I said I don't have very parameterized my way of operating and I comply with it practically always always always and I said Is this or is this if another person ended up operating in those eight and a quarter and made a lot more money double whatever and I have not operated at all Not self-motivated I say that I learned to be disciplined in that in that in that field well as Follow me with a question like this, not just to talk about numbers, but your greatest achievement that trading has made in you or what you have achieved with trading , you can say that discipline is not talking about numbers No, I don't want to talk about retirement that kind of thing from a personal issue Look I always m I dreamed of working on the beach anywhere on the beach next to no I always imagined how good it was to be able to work from anywhere there was internet, that is, here in a municipality near Medellín or in another country and with trading I was able to do it He did it once in Mexico and but even at that time it was not profitable and I said it a little while ago in Chile and it was very good because I was in Chile for almost two weeks and that month I tested positive Well, it will be that being away is going to affect me from me from my house from my neighbor's house me Well let's see how we are doing and say I realized that I can be anywhere that has internet in question So that's what I'm saying is for me it's an achievement because already I know that I can live wherever I want in quotes that I have the internet and the passes without any hassle of course it is too powerful Well, who does not want to do that and one of the great keys and benefits of trading London I want to ask you five to finish the podcast five questions on the s which ones we are going to challenge you quickly so I need you to be very attentive ok this part is not going to be edited it is easy this five questions for tetra the trading This one but let anyone answer quickly the first thing that comes to mind that one of a one is okay nq today is and is candles or vein tics the automatic or manual automatic stop Ok scalping Or trading there you can open an interesting debate real account or funded account is a tougher question but I have been a faithful lover of polls a lot there I will I asked why Because why do you recommend the funding bases than a real account ? Look, I just have in my networks about the subject because they ask me a lot and one thing is to simulate another thing is a real account Well, funded, which is basically the same and in the In the anchorage, for a small cost, you can feel what it really is to operate in a real store, which is an emotion that will give you, it will give you fear, it will give you anguish, it will give you ambition to leave or run and go to put a single day and no matter how wrong you are if you lose it you lose a month of trial that will cost you I don't know 100 more or less and you can't and a good personal account if you're not handling your emotions well the full account goes in a week So maybe the funded accounts are a good tool for new traders before yes yes yes yes yes Exactly Exactly for me it is an incredible help even I have a personal account and I have two accounts with one I teach of 50 grimace fall So, would you recommend to the traders who are starting out or those who are soon going into an account that they did better with a funding test Yes, that is, at least one at least one so that they feel what it is to operate in real time, that is, I send because it is an emotion that will affect you a lot And if you already see that you manage it, surely if it goes well you will pass it and you are already funded if with very little capital and if not you will already know that You must improve for the next A Well, for the next time, better that issue that is scaring me, so funding appears as a very good alternative and here I am telling you funding as you profit as I told you when we were starting I have had a minimum of six Lite accounts with Yo profit without counting the I currently have two, all burned, and I'm sure my name appears in the profit database, we have a prophet here with us. I hope that his experience in the 15 tests has also helped you in the deformation process that In the end, it's one of the keys. It doesn't really help the traders who are in the real market before leaving . That helps the development and the achievement from the consistency of profitability. It's good that all the workshops are looking for that profession . Sebas Well now for a while Obviously the podcast ends a few words that you want to say to the traders obviously from your experience No, well I basically to those who are starting or e They are about to or are about to leave the kiss because they are not giving it or they are like with doubt I tell them to understand that this business is possible but that it is not a business Milagros unfortunately they do not paint it with luxuries and trips and it is possible Yes, but you can't have a thousand-dollar account, a large capital and a lot of experience are required, so you must understand the subject of the business very well and know it very well, so they must be realistic with what they are expecting from trading and that little by little It's going to be perfect Dale Sebas and we really appreciate being here for having shared that time with us. I say it says a few words and thanks for sharing your experience Sebas

this has been part of the first season of feeling The Target The University Trader podcast you profit is a financial technology and financial education company in which traders are financed with you can follow us on our social networks on instagram social networks Yes of course more than all the q ue you see Instagram that they find me there as Sebas London J perfect Sebas talk again later A hug Sebas Take care of yourself Have a good day see you [Music]

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