Farq Episode 18 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 27th December 2022

Farq Episode 18 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 27th December 2022

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Why is there such a crowd outside? You…you sit down child. Sit down. How are you? Did he say something? Did he beat you? I am asking you something. Why are people gathered outside? Will you tell me? Sir, took you, so she got worried and she stood in the neighbourhood and said everything to uncle Arif.

The neighbours heard everything. What? What did you do? I got worried cause of you, son. Mama, do you have an idea what you have done? That too in this neighbourhood, where you can even smell what is being cooked next door. Mama, I had not told anyone… no one even had a doubt that I… You have defamed her.

Why? Why did you do this? I am telling you, I was worried for you. I got late, you could have waited a little. I was not dead. What nonsense is this? Mama, she never even responded to my love.

She never even accepted a present. She didn’t even look at me properly. I was the one who used to worry her, bother her. Mama, she came to help me, and you defamed her.

I am already embarrassed on what I did, and on top of that what you have done, I am not even able to face her. After this, how will I face her, mama? Who all will I answer to, that she is not like that. My mama has a misunderstanding. You shouldn’t have done that. You did wrong. you shouldn’t have done this.

Brother. Brother… Did she pick up? You try once more. What will you talk about? It is not something she can forgive me for, still I will apologize to her. But you have no fault in this.

I had told mama who you went with. After that she started making guesses herself. No one is at fault, it is all my fault. Now my name will be mentioned with her, because I was after her.

And till the time I don’t apologize to her I will not find peace. Hey, where are you going? To the neighbours. To tell them that whatever mama said is not true. Papa, when did you come? Don’t you dare call me, papa. Shameless, indecent girl.

What is wrong, papa? Why are you talking like this? What happened? You don’t know anything? Hey, I cannot even speak the words, that Jamshed’s mother spoke on my door. Why did I not die before hearing all of this? Papa, I didn’t do anything wrong. That Jamshed spoke to me about love and affection.

I said no to him. he wanted to marry me. Shut up. Why did I not choke you to death the day you were born? I wouldn’t have had to see this day.

So choke me now. I wouldn’t want to live with this allegation. After all, sir has fixed a monthly stipend for you. When sir can feed the father of his wife, then it is possible, he might give some more money for his late wife, with which he can do drugs.

Nonsense! Hey, you have ruined my respect and then you argue. Hear one thing clearly, if you step foot in my home or that neighbourhood, then I will break your legs. Understand? Shameless girl! Indecent! Sister, come. Should I bring water for you? No, you leave.

I am really disappointed. Your crime was not as big as the punishment you got. Look, there is still time. You take a step back yourself. Leave, papa.

Look, I will get you married to him somehow. In fact, I will get him a job in a good firm as well. I will not do anything like that. Okay.

Then you get ready for even worse situation than this. I think you should rest. What a lovely surprise, buddy.

How are you? I am absolutely fine. You tell me? Great. When did you come? Sit. You have progressed a lot. you have a great office. Jamshed, you know, a successful man doesn’t have the word impossible in their life.

Yes, it is either a difference of thinking or luck. See, you have progressed so much, and I still living in the same neighbourhood. Jamshed, to be successful, you shouldn’t just think with your heart, but also with your mind, and you are someone who has a heart. Won’t you teach your friend anything? You will progress yourself, and I will go around aimlessly all my life? Jamshed, you know that I don’t even give my business secrets to my friends even. Yes, maybe this is the reason why you have progressed the most in all our friends.

Anyway, leave all this. You told me on the phone that you want to talk about something personal apart from money too. Yes, buddy, I feel suffocation on the inside, that I am also feeling in this room.

So can we go outside and talk? Yes, buddy, why not? In fact, let me take you to this new place. Okay? Buddy, there is no good place for someone who has pain in his heart. My love, why do you worry? I am with you. You know I have the cure for every pain. I am there for you.

Come on. Come. Come on. So tell me more. How is everything? Yes, all good buddy. All fit.

I don’t know where this boy is. What would I know, mama? I don’t know, he still hasn’t come back. See, there is a boy sitting there. Call him. Hey, sir is calling you. Why were you sitting here? Sir, give me some money.

If you have five hundred or thousand, give him. Sure sir. I will pay it back in the morning. Don’t come here, again. Come on, run.

You too keep an eye, buddy. Yes, sir. He is back. Greetings.

Greetings. Jamshed. Jamshed. Jamshed.

Jamshed. Son, open the door. I want to talk to you. But I don’t want to talk to you about anything. Jamshed, son, after you left, I went to every home.

And going there, I told those people that I had a misunderstanding about Irsa. Jamshed, say something, son. People will not believe your justification now.

They need hot gossip to have fun, that is something you told them in the morning. Now God knows those people would have believed it till now. And what all would people have thought. Now no one will believe your clarification. Go, think of some other hot gossip, or else go and sleep.

Or else wait till people find a new news. Jamshed. Did sir return from his walk? Madam it has been half an hour, he left for office after having breakfast.

What? Yes. Should I serve breakfast for you? Brother, this is your pant, I had washed it. Thank you. Brother, I am telling you something in advance. Going there send me money separately.

Why separate money? Hey, I will save it for your marriage. I don’t want to get married. Will you leave upset like this? Wont you forgive me? Mothers don’t apologize, they just scold. You will come home, right? Let me go first.

Once I get settled, I will come after that. Brother left. So why are you telling me? I was just saying it. Pray for him, that his heart finds something there. I feel he left his heart here. Bano, what do you want to prove telling me this? how many times have I said that I don’t love him.

Hey, I was just saying it. Here, mama wants to talk to you. She wants to apologize to you. here, talk to her. Hello.

Irsa, child, how are you? I am busy, I will talk to you later. Okay child, that… She was busy. Maybe she is busy. I will call later.

Greetings. Greetings. I think you didn’t recognize me. No. No. I recognize you. You are Faiza. Oh, wow you know everything.

Come, please sit. Will you have something? No thank you. I don’t see Ayzel. I don’t think she has come from college yet.

Okay. Okay. You have managed the home well. It is all game of fate. Had I gotten married to Kamal in your place, I would have been setting these flowers in your place. He wanted to marry me, but I just couldn’t get married.

See, I completely forgot. I came to give the invitation for my marriage with Sajjad. Do come. Nice flowers by the way. Okay, bye. Bye.

Oh hello. Hi. How are you? I am good. You? Good. You must be thinking why I came here.

Absolutely, that’s what I was thinking. I came to give the invitation for my marriage. I am sorry. Who did you trap this time? You know, whoever it must be, you must have made the first move. Accept it. And when he wouldn’t have agreed, then brother Rashid must have lied about someone’s death in Hyderabad, and left you at their home for two to three days.

But what would have happened after that, both you and I know that well, right? Mama. Mama. Yes? What happened? Why didn’t you drink your tea? Irsa didn’t talk to me.

She made an excuse. I wanted to apologize to her. Mama, what had to happen, has happened. What will you get by apologizing? No, I had put an allegation on her.

I… even after having two daughters, I put an allegation on an innocent girl. Bano, if I don’t apologize to her right now, then all this will come in front of my daughters. And if something like this happens, then believe me, I will not be able to tolerate it. Mama, don’t worry. I will talk to Irsa.

You had asked for these strings. See, which one do you want from this? Will she forgive me? I told you, I will talk to her. You don’t worry.

Yes, so, tell me, which one should I pick? You left this card here. You know, should I tell you something interesting? You know, before you, aunt Faiza’s proposal came for papa, but he agreed to an extent, but I didn’t agree. You know, I didn’t even agree for you, but now you are married. Anyway, will you go to the wedding? I will surely go. I will feel really good seeing aunt Faiza get married to someone else. It will be fun.

You know, I wish you had gotten married to Jamshed. Start. I will. First, I have to ask you something. Go ahead.

What is the matter? Nothing. Not like that. Look at me. Now tell me, what happened? Were you and Faiza going to get married? Who said this to you? Faiza. I want an answer for my question.

Did you want this? No. Then, Faiza? Let’s do one thing, let’s go out somewhere. No, I want to talk right now. I want an answer to my question. Did you want to marry Faiza? I don’t understand why you are giving so much importance to this. You are married to me, you are my wife and that’s it.

What anyone wanted, what anyone didn’t want, why think about this. When I told you about Jamshed, did you think this? Is it important for you that I am married to you, what Jamshed wants is not important. Today, you are trying to make me believe that you didn’t want to marry Faiza. When I had made you believe that I had nothing in my heart for Jamshed, did you believe me? You didn’t. Yesterday, you met Jamshed. When you came back, you went to your room, picked up your things, and went to the other room.

In the morning you didn’t have breakfast and left without informing me. Today, I met Faiza. I found out some things that you didn’t tell me. So should I do the same? Should I pick my things and go to another room? But I will not do that.

Because I am woman, and only a man has a right to doubt. A woman is born to trust. Irsa. Irsa, please. Don’t leave food and go like this. Come on, sit and eat.

I don’t want to eat. Irsa. Irsa.

Hey, you didn’t finish the juice. Yes, just… Should I get tea or something? No, no, thank you very much. This is enough. This is enough. Your salary. Thank you. Thank you.

Should I serve you in any other way? Thank you very much. Thank you. Can I leave? How did you come? I took a taxi. You sit, the driver will drop you. Thank you. Amjad, ask the driver to take out the car, we have to drop Mr. Arif. He will just drop you. Okay, thank you.

Thank you very much. Irsa. Yes, sister-in-law? Why are you sitting here alone? Just like that.

You must not have eaten anything either. I will get you something to eat? No sister-in-law, I am not hungry. I want to talk to you about something important. You sit, please. Okay. Err… Go ahead.

Were Kamal and Faiza getting married? Who said this to you? Faiza said this herself. Look, Irsa what was going to happen, what happened, what could have happened? These things don’t matter. You just think how you need to make an importance in the eyes of Kamal. I didn’t get the answer to my question. Is it true that Kamal and Faiza were going to get married? There are some truths, finding out about them further complicates life and makes it bitter. So it is better that you don’t out such truths.

If you ask me again and again, I will say the same thing.

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