Americas Lawyer: Dems Enraged After Pelosi Kills Stock Trading Bill

Americas Lawyer: Dems Enraged After Pelosi Kills Stock Trading Bill

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Hi, I'm Mike Papantonio and this is America's  Lawyer. 33 states have laws that actually   shield religious leaders from having to report  child abuse to authorities and lawmakers are   protecting these loopholes across the country.  We'll explain what it means. The United States   keeps sending billions of dollars to Ukraine as  our infrastructure crumbles to the ground in this   country. We'll tell you why this continues to  happen. And President Biden's most recent gaffe,   well, political analysts once again are asking,  is he mentally stable? Can he do the job?   All that and more. It's coming up. Don't go  anywhere. America's Lawyer starts right now.  Laws on the books in 33 states protect clergy  members from having to report abuse of children   to authorities. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins  joins me to talk about what's happening with  

that issue. Well, your take is probably the same  as mine. A, there shouldn't be any protection. B,   if somebody has confessed, God bless 'em, maybe  they'll save their soul from going to hell. But   that still doesn't protect the child. Yeah. And, and just this year alone,   we've seen obviously, you know, the Southern  Baptist Convention with their massive scandal,   Scientology with their scandals, the Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,   the Mormons with their child abuse scandals. So  we're talking about off the charts right now,  

levels of child abuse being reported that  happened for decades before anybody came forward.  Well, you know, right, every, every attempt,  whether you're talking, there's a whole list   of states that say that there's 33 states  that say, yeah, we're gonna give 'em some   kind of protection. Every time there's a run  at that, the money that comes in to stop it,   the lobbying money is the Catholic church. The,  the Mormons, God, probably the Scientologists,  

I can't say for sure. But the point is, there's  no, there's no constitutional protection here at   all. This isn't like a lawyer, this isn't  like a lawyer client privilege. There,   there's some constitutional rights that attach  to that. There's no constitutional protection   here. This is a, this is a legal fiction that  has been created by these churches, really.  Yeah. And, and it's very weird to me that  these churches are in the business of  

protecting these individuals. You know, they,  they don't really stand to gain anything.  Yeah. From protecting people   who are abusing children. That's what really  drives me crazy about this, is there's no,  

you know, if a person comes in and confesses  and said, yes, I, I raped an eight year old.  Mm-hmm. The, the priest   or, or whoever is not gonna go and report that,  but they don't gain anything from not reporting   it either. So that, that to me is what is weird. Ultimately the church suffers and the church,   because they can't seem to figure out, you have  to clear them out. A pedophile is always going   to be a pedophile. When I, I used to prosecute,  and the same people would come up all the time,   the same pedophile problems, and they've done  study after study that says, you can't change   this. So when somebody comes to a priest and  they, they say, I'm, I'm abusing children,  

sexually abusing kids, there is absolutely  no precedent, there's no constitutional   precedent at all that says that, that priest  should not have to go tell the authorities.  Well, and, and if a teacher sees signs of  abuse, they're legally required to report,   doctors are legally required to report. I mean,  the teachers and doctors can get in trouble if   they do not tell this. That's right.  And, and these pastors, priests, whatever, they  can hear it from the person's mouth saying,   yeah, uh, right before I walked in  here, there was a kid out there,   and the priests won't know anything. Well, of course the church is worried  

about lawsuits and losing money, and  they don't, they're so shortsighted.  Right. That they don't understand.   It's whether you're gonna pay today or you're  gonna pay tomorrow, and if you pay tomorrow,   it's gonna be a lot more money. Yeah.  God knows how much money we have collected  from, from churches and organizations that   have tried to cover up, you know, where  they've tried to cover up the, the bad deeds.  Because it's people in the church doing it. That's correct. That's correct. 

Billions of US dollars continue to flow to  Ukraine, even as Americans go without safe   drinking water that should be fixed  for a fraction. Okay. First of all,   I know you're not as militant on this as I am.  I don't even think we should be in Ukraine. I   think it's a NATO problem. We're spending, what  have we exceeded a hundred billion at this point? 

We're getting close. I don't know  that we've hit that margin yet.  Yeah. Oh, okay. Okay. So, so we got people  in Mississippi that don't even have drinking   water and the, the, the government  says, well, we're, was it 70 million?  20, 20 million. 20 million. We wanna spend 20  

million. We know this stuff's killing you. It's  causing cancer, causing neurological disease.   They're latency diseases that we don't even know  how bad they're gonna be. We know there's lead in   the water that's causing neurological disease for  the children, but we're gonna give you 20 million.   And oh, by the way, we sent another $13 billion to  Ukraine. And I know you're not as militant on this  

as I am. We shouldn't even be there, Farron. We  should not even be there. It's a NATO issue. And   you make the comparisons, NATO's spending chump  change to try to, to try to fix the problem.  Look, I'm at the point now where I do think the  United States is going to have to stop with this   money that we are just absolutely sending out the  window. And the reason we're spending that money,   of course, is because it goes to the weapons  contractors here in the United States.  Yeah. We're not   sending them pallets of cash like we sent over  to Iraq. We're sending them that money's worth  

of weapons. Mm-hmm.  So there's a lot of profit to be made and that's  why it's happening. But what we see in Jackson,   Mississippi, which is also happening in  thousands of other areas around the country,   is that this water system has been failing and  they've known it's been failing for years. And   for what they're sending to Ukraine, it would  cost pennies on the dollar to go in there and   fix it. 20 million is nothing for a government. You know, I, I honestly thought it was 70,   but it's 20. Yeah.  I see, it's 20. Okay. So here's, here's where this  all lands to me. The people who really benefit are  

the weapons industry. They, they're the ones  pushing Ukraine. They're the ones that were   rattling the sabers about Ukraine. They were the  ones saying, yeah, let's push Ukraine into NATO.   And, and Ukraine was saying, stay the hell out of  our business, you know, but the weapons industry   wanted a war. The, the, the media couldn't wait  for another war. My God, watch CNN. It's the   only thing that brought CNN back to a glimmer of  life. MSNBC, the same way. So here we've got a   war where we're spending those kinds of billions  of dollars and we have an infrastructure that is   crumbling and we can't seem to fix something  as basic as giving children clean drinking   water in the United States. I mean, really? Well, and they're still in Jackson, Mississippi,  

they finally have running water again. But they're  being told, uh, don't brush your teeth with it.  Yeah. Don't put it in your mouth. Don't get it near any   body orifice because this stuff could poison you,  could poison your kids. And again, I, I think, you   know, obviously on a personal note, $20 million  obviously a big price tag. For a government.  Right. $20 million is absolutely nothing   when we spend 800 billion a year on the Pentagon. And let me give you an idea of what NATO companies  

are, countries are paying. Albania, $1  million. Belgium, $20 million. Croatia,   $16 million. Denmark, $400 million. So  here, so at what point does this fall on   us as responsibility? At what point do we say  we are not the policemen of the entire frigging   world? Okay. That we have a responsibility  at home. And if this doesn't get, hey,  

how about Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico just slammed.  Biden says, well, we're gonna give you, that's   where the 40 million came in. We're gonna give you  $40 million. They won't even touch the destruction   of what happened in Puerto Rico for $40 million. Yeah. I, I mean most of the island's still without   electricity. Yeah.  You know, they hadn't even finished all  the repairs from Hurricane Maria from a   few years ago. And, and we do nothing.  That is a United States territory.  Yeah. Those are United  

States citizens. And it, whether it's Puerto Rico  or here on the mainland, we are letting our people   get poisoned. We are watching as bridges and roads  crumbled to the point where people die on them.  Mm-hmm. And we do nothing. These are   cheap projects to fix and we're just not doing it. Well, Farron, look, here, here, here's the truth.   I know you're not as militant as I am on Ukraine.  The reason we do so well together as a team is   because I respect your opinion and you respect my  opinion. Have you seen sometimes the comments on  

our site where there's an attack on you because  they disagree with you? They attack on me because   they disagree with me as if that's going to change  anything. The difference of this kind of show is,   is I respect your opinion. Yeah.  And I don't think I've ever shown disrespect for  your opinion. And, and, and we respect the idea   that opinion, opinions evolve. Yeah.  So let me say this, I'm hoping that your  opinion on Ukraine will evolve and maybe   you'll get to the point where you say,  hell, it's, it's, it's, it's a waste. 

Well, I'm, I'm already at the  point where I think we've,   we've done what we can and should do. It, it's  time to focus on what's happening here at home.  Yeah, we won't. A tech CEO admitted to Wall Street analysts that   he's been praying for inflation. I don't think  I could have made this up. This, this, this, the   reason the CEO is praying for inflation is because  as inflation rises, they get to hide, they get to   hide behind this price gouging that they engage  in. This guy admitted it. He said, I'm, I'm doing  

an Indian, what was it, I'm doing an Indian dance. Yeah.  To make inflation take place in the United States.  And, and, and now he's jubilant that it's working.  Yeah, absolutely. This is the CEO of Iron  Mountain, which is a data management storage   company. So a, a tech CEO and he's out there  bragging to these Wall Street analysts about how   they game the system. We watch as inflation goes  up and, yes, we have to adjust our costs for the  

new cost of doing business, but then we'll tack  on a little extra here to pad our bottom line. And   he, he admitted that's where that money goes. We  are, are living right now with corporate profits   at the highest level they have been since 1950. 72 years. That's right. 72 years these profits   haven't been as high, this high for corporations  and, and this guy wants more inflation so he can   raise them some more. Now you've, you've, you and  I have talked about this idea. Once they get to,   to a, a plateau, we've reached this plateau,  we've raised the price to this plateau,   whether it's fuel, food, medicine, whatever, then  it's very difficult to get that plateau to change   in a downward position. Right.  So once they get there, it's  a huge victory, isn't it?  Yeah. And so that's what this guy's proclaiming. This  

is, this is a way for us to hide our greedy price  gouging and once we get there, we're gonna be in   really good shape because people aren't gonna mess  with it for a very long time. But the truth is,   what really bothers me about this story is  the lack of effort by the Federal Reserve.  Yeah. They're not doing anything to   stop price gouging, but what they're trying to  do is put more Americans outta work by saying,   we're gonna increase, we, we're gonna continue,  continue to raise interest rates. And they know  

what that does to the labor market. Right now  you got three, three jobs for every one person   applying. They have a choice. They can go, well,  who's gonna pay me the most? The Fed wants it down   to one, if that. Yeah.  So, I mean, this is an ugly. It, it is sick, especially when you  

hear the comments that men like this make out  there bragging about jacking up prices because   they can. And then the government says, okay,  well we're gonna stick it it to the workers.  Yeah. We need to get wages down is what   they're telling us because apparently the, the  working class people making $30,000, you're the   problem. Not people like this. That is absolutely  insane. Americans have to suffer so that guys like  

this can pocket more money every year. And we  do nothing about it. A couple people, you know,   Sanders and Warren of course the usual suspects. Mm-hmm.  They've called this out.  They want to do something,   but they can't get anybody else on board. Yeah. No grounds. I mean, they can't get   any action, there on the ground to action.  The Federal Reserve could do something.  Yeah. The, the, the president,  

the, the, the White House could do something where  it comes to this price gouging. That's all it is.  The founders of the group Occupy Democrats have  been accused of funneling hundreds of thousands   of dollars into their own pockets. The, these were  the darlings of the Democrats. Remember? Oh these,   they're so funny. They have all these memes that  they do and they, they, they, they're all over   Twitter with attacking the other side, attacking  Republicans. The problem is they were attacking,   they were spending money attacking politicians  that weren't really even a factor. You know,   they weren't even gonna be really running for  anything. And they were attacking. But the real  

ugly story is now we find out, what was  it, 570,000, $570,000 out of $790,000,   570,000 went back to the people to their pockets. Yeah.  I mean, that's what this story says. It is. And it's important to remember, of course,   the Occupy Democrats, of course sprang outta  the Occupy Wall Street movement. They adopted   the occupy phrase, ran with it, did a good job of  raising money, over $700,000. They turned it into  

a political action committee. Yeah.  And then they said suddenly, just people who  really aren't even used to this said, oh my God,   look at this money. What do we do? So they start  paying their own companies as, as consulting fees,   even though they're running it, they're paying  themselves as consultants. Hundreds of thousands   of dollars according to these stories. And then  when they get busted and the news comes out,   they say, oh, well, you know, we, we, there was  some accounting errors. Sure. They don't tell  

us what they were. Mm-hmm.  And then they say, but you know, we're not  allowed to donate money to candidates. If we were,   we totally would do that. We just can't do it. Surprise, they are allowed to donate to candidates   and that was complete BS, because the Democrats  were saying, you're raising all this money. Why   don't you give it to some of these Democrats  that are in trouble? Oh, we can't do that   because our charter doesn't allow for it. That's  ridiculous. They absolutely could do it. Farron,  

I had to read this twice. When they were trying  to, when they were trying to justify where's that   $570,000 going, one of the statements was  this, you just don't understand the time it   takes to make memes for Twitter and Facebook.  $570,000 worth. Well, okay, the point is,   this had potential to be a really effective  organization. It's gonna be very difficult for   them to pull out of this, isn't it? Oh, absolutely. And listen, oh,   it takes time to make memes. There are people  who can make a meme about a news story that  

just broke two minutes ago and have 8,000 people  share it on Twitter within the next 10 minutes.  Yeah. It does not take a   long time. You've got very creative people out  there that literally do it all day, every day.  Why would you even go there  with a statement like that?  Because they're backed into a corner and  when you get somebody backed into a corner,   they just get so stupid. Yeah. 

They get so painfully stupid and that's what  we're seeing come out of these guys right now.   They don't know what they're doing. They got  a huge pot of money. They've never seen money   like that before. They got greedy, which is what  always happens with these little popup groups.  Yeah. And now they got busted.  Okay, well. Democrats and Republicans are  

furious at Nancy Pelosi for once again killing  the stock trading ban bill in the House. Okay.   So she comes out initially, we're never gonna pass  the bill that bans my ability to be able to engage   in insider trading because that's what it is. I  should be able to do insider trading. Everybody   else should go to prison. So then she turns around  with the public opinion is, you idiot. Why in the   world would you say such a thing? Turns around and  says, oh, well I'm gonna try to make it happen.  

Tell us what happened next. And, and then when you actually   had this bipartisan group, Republicans  and Democrats working together,   put together legislation. Pelosi's  office says, cool, I'm gonna take this   and, and I'm gonna basically throw it away. I'm  gonna go behind closed doors with a couple of my   people. We're gonna write our own legislation.  It's gonna be just as good. And they come out   with this legislation that is, one, filled with  loopholes that basically doesn't do anything   to solve the problem. And two, it's basically  kitchen sink legislation is what they called it. 

They just threw it together. Yeah. And so they knew it would never pass.  Well, she knew that. Yeah, exactly.  She's been at this a long time. The people, look,  everybody else goes to prison for doing what these   cats do. They go to prison for it. These, these  folks, if they're caught, what do they pay $200?  $200, is their fee. $200 if they're caught, basically insider trading. 

And that's only if, you know,  Pelosi actually decides to put the,   the fine in place because she ultimately  has authority over that. She also defended,   you know, her and her husband's insider trading,  for she said it was, it's our free speech.  Yeah. We, we have the right to free speech,   which means we can use this information that  nobody else in the country sees to trade stocks. 

What's important, Farron, and we've talked  about this, where they get this information   is they serve on committees. They might be on  a committee for defense. So they know a war's   gonna break out and we know we're gonna send more  missiles over, so they buy defense stock. It might   be healthcare. We know a new drug is coming  out because we got our pals that are talking   about it in front of the FDA and congressional  hearings. So we're gonna, if it's great, we're   gonna buy that drug. Energy. We're gonna, we see  a, you know, there's gonna be an uptake in energy,   let go buy. That's how they do all this. And, and, and it's also, you know, oh,  

we've got a Facebook whistleblower that came  to Congress. So Facebook's about to go down.   Everybody sell your Facebook stock. Yes, yes.  So it is, you know, we know the bad before it  happens. We know the good before it happens.   And I can't stress this enough, that you had  a bipartisan coalition that said, all right.  Let's do something. The public's, let's do something.  Let's do something. This makes us look bad. She has to go. I mean,  

she cannot be left in a leadership positions. She, she's pathetic.  Yeah. She's absolutely pathetic. And,   and you know, we've been talking about you  and I predicted that she would kill this.  Yeah. You remember?  Yep. First time we did this story,   we said, Nancy Pelosi will find a way to kill  this, this issue that gives Congress the right   to inside trade just like Martha Stewart  did. Martha Stewart went to prison for it. 

Joe Biden is under fire for his latest gaffe  where he asked if a recently deceased Republican   lawmaker was in the crowd at a conference. All  right, well, so look, this is a lot worse than   it sounds on its face because just a month or two  months before she was killed in an auto crash,   he actually addresses the family. He goes on  a public statement talking about how awful it   is and what, what a wonderful person she was.  Now this is a month or two before he shows up   to do this and doesn't know where he is. I'm,  we'll show it. But he, it's, it's almost like  

he doesn't even know where he is. I wanna thank all of you here for,   including bipartisan elected officials  like representative governor Senator Braun,   Senator Booker. Representative, Jackie, are you  here? Where's Jackie? I, I didn't think she was   gonna be here, to help make this a reality. What's your take on this? I mean,   is he gonna make it another two years? Um, I honestly don't know. That was, it was   appalling. I know he didn't do it intentionally. No, of course not. 

But, at the same time he knew she had died.  But what gets me too is the response from   his administration trying to write  this off. I mean, what did, she said.  Top of mind. Yeah, yeah. His,   his spokesperson said, well, it was at the top of  his mind because, you know, there, there's gonna   be a signing in her honor this coming Friday.  So of course she was on his mind. She was top  

of mind for the president. No, that, that's if  you accidentally call somebody else by the wrong   name. You're not sitting out there, Jackie, are  you there? Jackie, where are you? You know where   Jackie is and you know she's not in that room. Okay. So, so I mean this is, it's, it's,   it's pitiful, but it nevertheless should be  something that late night comedy at least takes   advantage of and maybe puts a program. Have  they done that? Is there any real discussion   about where they're asking the question,  this is serious, and is he gonna make it   two more years? I mean, that's, that's the real. I mean, there's, there's definitely been mockery   of it for sure. But questioning whether or not  he's there anymore, I haven't seen a whole lot  

of that, you know, from the late night type  shows. But this does raise that question,   you know, as you pointed out, he knew this  woman had passed horrifically. He sends the   statement to the family, he knows he's got an  event later on where they're commemorating her.  Right. So there's no,   there's no excuse for this unless something's not. Signals, signals are screwed up. 

Right. Okay. That is   classic dementia. That's absolutely classic. And  you know what, the, the truth is both parties,   I mean Grassley, the Republican, they, guy needs  a cognitive test. Feinstein, who we talked about,   she doesn't even know where she is half the time.  Needs some type of test to say, can you actually   perform the job that, that taxpayers have sent  you to Washington to do? Or now Nancy Pelosi. 

Yeah. I mean, we're, we're, we're.   And so you have to, what's wrong with saying maybe  we should have some kind of cognitive test here?  Well, and, and again, what gets me is just the  fact that this administration, the spokesperson   could have come out and said, listen, he goofed. Yeah, he goofed. It happens.  It was, it was unfortunate and  we apologized to the family. 

Yeah. But obviously he's a busy guy,   knows a lot of people he goofed. But watch the rest of his speech   and he seemed to sound okay. Anything but. Instead of like, oh, well no. Just admit   the truth for once in your life. Yeah, yeah. It's a lot easier.  Rising violent crime rates all over the country  could spell a problem for the Democrats in   November. I saw this NPR story. You saw it.  NPR, I mean, I, I don't guess they've got,  

I don't guess they've got anything to, to  launch against the Democrats. But they said   that this crime issue in the big cities is a  problem and we, they, and that the Democrats   treat it like the elephant in the room that  they want to ignore. Pick it up from there.  Yeah. You know, the NPR folks went through, they  looked at the crime statistics for this year,   last year. Things are rising, you know, murders  are rising, violent robberies, violent crimes,   sexual assaults, all of it is going up. There is  no denying that. You may wanna pretend that that's   not an issue, but it is. And that's what NPR is  talking about here. They're saying, listen, the  

raw data shows us how bad things are. And a lot  of it is happening in cities that have Democratic   mayors. Again, it's an unfortunate fact. You have.  But it's a fact. You have a good analysis on why, why this happens.   I mean, it's, it's not something that you can put  into a commercial and people really understand.  Right. But the truth is,   the Republicans now have this thing to work with  and, and, and it is, they're beating the hell,   beating the Democrats in places like LA, New York.  They're, they're, they're, they're taking what's  

happening in LA, New York, San Francisco,  Oregon, name it where the crime rates are   off the chart. And they're saying, well, is it  a coincidence that Democrats are in charge or is   there a connection? Now if you really do the  analysis that if you look at the red states,   the crime in the states probably are high, just as  high or higher. But it's, again, it's the, it's,   it's, it's the optics man. What's probably the  truth behind it? I mean, really, if you really   analyze what's really going on, what is it? I, I think a lot of it has to do with rising   inequality here in the United States. I  think that's, you know, definitely issue   number one. And I think number two is the fact  that we got a prison system that is not focused  

in any way on rehabilitation. Well, never has been, has it?  Exactly. Yeah. It never has been.  And all, all it is is, okay, you gotta  go stay in Club Fed for, you know, 10,   20 years, maybe less. But now we gotta get  you out because we want to throw all these   kids in there who were caught with pot. So  you put the violent people out, you let the   non-violent people stay in jail. Mm-hmm. And, and become violent. 

Exactly. Yeah.  Like, it, it is this horrible system and  we have to focus on rehabilitation for the   people you can, I mean, obviously. Look, they're, there are people out   there who are gonna kill people. Yeah.  And there's people, you know, that the truth is,  the truth is, my take on this is what are the   optics? How are the Republicans using the optics  of all of it? And I think it's effective. They're   tying it into the defund, defund the police.  They're hanging that around the, it wasn't the   Republicans saying defund the police. It was  the Democrats. So you're in a city and we're,  

a city that by the way, may be offering 40,000,  30 to 40,000 signing bonuses to police. Did you   see this material? Yeah.  Yeah. Offering 30,000, 40,000 signing bonuses  to police because there's so many resignations.   Nobody wants to move into it anymore because of  the defund, the defund the police movement. So,   I mean, the optics are really bad for  the Democrats. And I think they have to,   I think they have to hit it head on. I don't  know what they do. What, what do they do? 

Well, I mean, look, if you want to talk  about crime, if you're a Democrat wanting   to run some ads to counter these, uh, you can  show footage of January 6th. I think that's a   pretty good optic right there to say, these are  the people that they think this crime is okay.  Yeah, yeah. So that's one way to   counter it. But at the same time, work on your  message a little better. You know, defund the   police became this blanket statement that. That was hung around the Democrats. 

Right. And nobody knows what it means. What it  means is, let's put resources towards mental   health. Let's put resources towards new  teams of first responders that don't carry   guns to go out there and shoot people. When did you ever hear that explained? 

Never. Yeah. Never.   And they, the, the Republicans again,  have hung this around and NPR says,   you might not like what we're about to say, but  it's a big deal in midterms. It's going to rock   the world in midterms. Yeah.  That's what NPR had to say about it.  Farron, thanks for joining me. Okay.  Thank you. That's all for this week, but all these   segments are gonna be available this coming week  right here on this channel. And you can follow us  

on Twitter @AmericasLawyer. I'm Mike Papantonio  and this has been America's Lawyer, where we tell   you stories that corporate media won't tell you  because their advertisers don't let 'em, or their   political connections are so one, one-sided that  it doesn't allow for it. We'll see you next time.

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