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Hello guys! Welcome to Harry's Vlogs. In this vlog, you might have understood by looking at the title and thumbnail that I'm going to travel in A320 or A321 Neo's Business Class. As I told you earlier, last time I travelled in Boeing 777's Business Class that reclines 180 degrees completely. But this does not recline 180 degrees, but anyway, it has to be experienced.

So after Tata takeover, you're going to see how business class journey is in A320 or A321 Neo in this vlog. If you started watching this vlog, then press like and subscribe button. This gives me motivation, and I feel like working hard, making better content for you guys it supports me. Please press the like button, and subscribe if you like my content. Alright? I'm at the gym now, doing workout because the body needs a workout after doing continuous travelling.

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It has 22 gram protein and is Probiotic rich. Basically, it gets digested easily. So link is given in the description, you can use my code 'HARRY20' for 20% off. Travel and maintain health too. Now let's go straight to the airport. Finally I've reached airport, and I'm moving towards P4.

I think the departures are from P4. I'm very much excited! The lounge access will be free for us. When you last saw me travelling in Business class, that departure was from Delhi, T3. The Air India lounge there was different, here we'll get to the International Airport's Air India business class lounge.

This is a complete different experience, which you guys are going to watch in this video. I am more excited than you guys are. In fact, it's only 12 o'clock in the night, I came early, cause I'll go to the lounge. I'll explore the lounge at Terminal 2.

I'll enter quickly, I'll meet you at the time of check-in. I think the queue will not be too long for Air India passengers, but still let's see. Yeah! The queue is short.

Finally I've entered the airport, but the queue is too long for Air India counters. I think there are a lot of International passengers. I don't know where to go, because everyone is an international traveler here. I was panicked looking at the queue, but then I realized, I've business class ticket.

Let's keep an like aim for this video, get more than 8000 likes in this video. I will be really really happy, please 8000 likes. If you've watched till this moment, then please like. International is mentioned on these, but I think this accepts domestic as well. So let us check-in. In Delhi they have put separate barricades with red ribbons for business and first class.

But there's nothing of that sort in Terminal 2. Finally check-in is done, I got my boarding pass, for business class. One very different thing, this time I got this lounge card. There's Adani Lounge inside, you get access to that if you've departure from Terminal 2 for business class.

So I've got access to Adani Lounge. Let's see this time how is Adani Lounge, for free of course! I came early because I want to sit in the lounge, had to experience once. So let's see how the experience is going to be. The only different thing is, you get lounge access card in Terminal 2, unlike Terminal 3 in Delhi. I think for business class passengers security would be different. Security gates would be different! Because that was for Economy class passengers.

And yes! The security gate is different for business class passengers. Just like Terminal 3 in Delhi, security gates are different in Terminal 2 as well. But in most of the outdated airports security gates are not different, but they're different here. See it's written here, Domestic, First or Business Class passengers should go this way. And Economy class passengers should go this way. This is the most important thing.

There's no queue here, only me. The experience was amazing, I was the only one at security. Guys, there was no one at all! There was no one at the security because counters are different for business class passengers. This is the advantage! Now, I'm going to Adani Lounge, let's see how the lounge is? I've never been there, and I think this is a new experience for Harry's Vlogs as well. Of course for me this is a new experience! Last time I had boarded flight from Terminal 3 in Delhi, this time the experience of doing it from Terminal 2 is different.

Because as you've seen, security gates are different business lounge is different. Once I boarded a Vistara flight from Hyderabad, I got Premium Plaza lounge there, there was no place at all to sit. I hope Adani Lounge is empty, Let's see how it is. This is my first experience, and I'm very excited! Finally entered the lounge, this is the lounge.

(amazed) This lounge is huge, this is a big lounge. Let's see one-by-one. And I'm here for the first time, seriously! When I last travelled in Business Class, I've discussed with you, alright? Because that was my first time, honestly! This is my third journey in Business Class, and my first time in Adani Lounge. And it looks amazing! It looks very royal. Feels premium! These sofas have very premium quality, feels very comfortable to sit on. The sockets are also provided here, you can charge your phone here.

I'm going to charge my phone here. It feels good! All this is possible because of your love and support, it wasn't not possible without that. All thanks and love to you! Thank you so much guys! Let's see what's there to eat. Although my flight is at 5:30, I will leave from here at 4 o'clock. The time is 12:30 right now, plenty of time left.

This lounge is too big, bigger than what I expected from inside! Steamed rice is there, Dal is also there, along with 'Methi Matar Malai', Biryani is also here. Tea and coffee is also available here. This is chicken biryani. that is veg biryani.

And this is non-veg, in non-veg fish curry, chicken pasta Tandoori Roti are present. Buffet doesn't end there, fruits are here. Banana, grapes, water melon. Desert is given here. Juice is also here. There's a lot to eat in lounge, curd rice is also here.

And yes, my favorite, I think I'll eat that, Pita Bread and Hummus. This is Hummus. Hummus is written there. Lettuce is also available. So these are the healthy options, and these all are Indian options. This is the tea, coffee area, you can prepare tea or coffee round the clock.

Black coffee, cappuccino. This area is huge! These are beverages, water bottles and Frooti are available. Beverages are less in my opinion, should have been more! These are available for free, If you have to drink wine or whiskey, you've to pay for that. He's Anirudh, from Terminal 2 Adani Lounge. I forgot to tell you one thing, if you're travelling in Business Class, and you come to Adani Lounge, then you'll have a different buffet.

Because I'm here at night so unfortunately I will not get access to this area and buffet. Because this is closed at night. -Air India and Vistara business class, they only can sit over here. - Sit over here! If you're travelling in business class, There are two sections in Adani Lounge as well. This one for business class and another one for Economy. If I have come here in the morning..

What time does it open? If i had an early morning flight so I would have sat here. Even the buffet is different, right? If you're travelling domestic in Business Class then white and red wine is free! It is free for domestic passengers as well! In the other section. If I would have come in the morning there was so much to experience! I missed it! Literally I missed it! If I knew this so I would have taken this flight in the afternoon. Because I had to experience it once. And unfortunately! No problem. There's another floor above this, There's the same Adani Lounge, but International! Each alcohol is free there! Here, for only business class passengers wine and white wine is free.

Other alcohols are chargeable. And here every alcohol is chargeable, in this section. I've taken this hummus, and this is some Italian sauce, vegetable oyster sauce was also there. Let's first try this Italian sauce, let's see how this is? Oh! This is good! I will get this more. 10 on 10. Trying this Hummus.

10 on 10 once again! Guys, the food is amazing! There's a lot to review here, if I review this completely then I don't know what else will I review in flight. I have taken some Lettuce also, I have no words for this Italian sauce. This is magic! Right now it's 4 o'clock in the morning, and I have come to the business section. The previous section was Economy, this is the business section inside Adani Lounge. That person was saying this section opens at 7 o'clock, but this opened at 4 o'clock.

I still have half an hour, just 15 minutes more left. I have taken this banana smoothie. I'm not taking anything much, because if I do so, I won't be able to eat anything in the flight.

That's why I'm not taking anything much. When I entered the lounge, there were only 4-5 people. And now there's no place even to sit, no place to sit in the economy section. Although the business section is empty. Finally boarded the bus. That is our aircraft.

 We were inside the bus for 15 minutes, We came here taking a long route. There were a lot of International flights, a lot of dream liners, finally we've reached here. Finally boarded the aircraft, and this is the A320 business class. Right now it's 5 o'clock, it's 5:15 in the morning already. I'm feeling very sleepy.

My seat is 1F, leg space is nice! There are no screens like Boeing 777, leg space is good! Hand rest is also good! You can put your drinks here, I think we'll get some welcome drink, you can put that here. If you press the button here, then this seat will recline. So this doesn't recline 180 degrees, but still it reclines quite enough! Width of the seat is also good! Seat is very comfortable, this cushion is very comfortable! Ducts are given above, and reading lights are also there.

I got two windows, this one and that one. You get only one in the economy. The configuration is 2-2, 2-2. There are a total 12 seats. I don't know who will sit besides me.

Finally I've boarded the aircraft, you also get this pillow, you can keep this with you. You can keep this at the back if you want, If you want a tray table, you can remove it from here. I'll keep this inside for now, I don't need it. Vomit bags are also provided at the front. The time 5:23 now, and the departure was scheduled for 5:25.

We're a bit late now, so far no one has come here. The land distance from Mumbai to Chennai is around 1,344 kilometers. I think it is a bit less by air! 250 kilometers less.

In air time will be only 1:30 hrs to 1:20 hrs. I was watching a random vlog, of some random youtuber, don't know whether he was travelling in business or first class. Nowadays what happens is, they give wireless charger on the hand rest and if you keep your phone here, your phone will start charging. Right now it's 5:34, our departure was at 5:25 but we haven't left yet. We're half an hour late.

I've observed one thing in this business class, there was no priority line, even there wasn't any priority call. I felt bad for this. Although the lounge at Terminal was epic compared to Terminal 3 in Delhi. But this time, services in terms of priority are not good! I just opened the tray table and it's still wet don't know why, I hope the experience is good! Because the last experience was excellent! Sure! I'll have orange juice. Just now we're served with orange juice.

I think you're coming from Canada? The refreshment is served just now, let's try this juice. This is a raw juice. Last time when I travelled in 777, we got wet napkins with refreshments. This time we just got refreshments. Before the departure, we got this menu, business class menu. Let's see what's there in this menu? Cold Beverage, sparkling water, still water, hot beverages, coffee.

There are a lot of things, like North Indian, cold options. Let's see one by one what else is there. I thought there would be only breakfast options but there are a lot of options in this. In cold beverage, berry smoothie with chia seeds, I think I'll take this.

I'm already having fruit juice. Choice of aerated beverages, diet coke will be served in this, I don't want that. Also the sparkling water is amazing! In hot beverages, Masala Tea, Coffee. And in breakfast, Croissant. There's an option for egg as well, and South Indian, North Indian.

Guys this juice was really good! You can ask for extra if you want, you know that. Finally we're taxiing towards the runway. I'll order fruits along with this breakfast bakery.

because this is something different, I haven't seen any review for this before. There's option for eggs, South Indian and North Indian. I had ordered smoothie, this is my blue berry smoothie. And I had ordered a lot for breakfast. I don't know whether I can eat all that or not! But I ordered, I don't know! I'll review whatever is there, and eat as much as possible.

And if not, I'll share with sir. And yes, he's taking butter milk for third time. He liked the butter milk a lot.

Because food in Air India has always been excellent! I'll try this smoothie and see how it is. Wow! 10 on 10 straight! I thought the seats would be empty in business class, but business class is completely filled. Just the rear seat is empty, else everything is completely filled. I'm having this smoothie, and our breakfast is about to come. I don't know what will come, I have asked for a lot! So guys, our breakfast is here, these are fruits and muesli. Apple is there along with muesli, papaya and many more.

And this is cold milk, also we've got honey. I'll add honey in this, honey with milk, muesli and fruits amazing combination! Also we've got yogurt. Again there are fruits, this is kiwi, pineapple, lemon and papaya. This is Croissant. A lot of variety, these are the cutleries.

Let's pour the milk in this, I don't even know if I can eat this or not! It should not happen that Chennai arrives and I'll be still eating! I'll review it quickly, and finish this quickly, before Chennai arrives otherwise I'll not be able to show. So far, so amazing! The whole combination is amazing! This is amazing! One correction, this is strawberry jam, I think so, not honey! And this is yogurt so I can add this on this. After which, it'll be more amazing! This is yogurt, I'll add on this, this is my experiment, this can go wrong! Repeat at your own choice. However I'm going to try this once. I'll add some more milk. I'll try this now! Really good! I don't know how will you feel, but this tastes so good to me! 10 on 10! I don't know if you guys can relate or not, but the whole combination was excellent! This combination of fruit, muesli with yogurt, it is excellent! Amazing! Honestly, I had milk and muesli a lot times, but muesli, milk and fruits with yogurt I never tried this.

And this is something. It's starting to dawn, and at 35,000 feet having this breakfast. This is amazing start for the day! I haven't finished this smoothie, I've to finish it. Just now they've served this oats muffin, I asked them what would they suggest? They suggested me to have this oats muffin, it is really good! I'm yet to taste oats muffin, Croissant, and the fruits. I'll finish this now! Guys this is the Croissant, I'll try this to see how it is.

If this is plain Croissant, then I didn't like it. I didn't if this is plain! Let's try this fruits, this is pineapple, and I hope this is fresh! This is looking fresh, so let's try. So guys, this is some fruit, tell me in comments which fruit is this? This is very tasty, comment down below. Last but not the least! I'm trying this oats muffin. Let's see how it is? It was very hot when served, that was good thing, let's try. I would rate 7 on 10.

I did not like this, however this is fresh. But I don't like the taste, maybe it's personal choice. Right now it's 6:43, we got these magazines now to read.

I selected this Filmfare magazine randomly, however I'll not read it, this is just to show you. So what a morning it has been guys! Its 7:13 right now, we're descending right now. This is advantage of front seat that you get two windows.

Breakfast is done, I'm taking some rest, and enjoying this morning! And I am talking a lot with Sir! So far, so amazing! We got this towel, last time we got this at the starting, but this time we got this when we're about to land! We're descending. Sir needs it more than me, because he's coming from Canada. It's been 24 hours since he's travelling. Finally we've landed in Chennai, I don't know whether it is fog or something else. Whatever it is! I'll remove the luggage quickly.

Because I'm tired a lot, and I'm feeling very sleepy. There are charging ports as well, they are here, I forgot to tell you about this. I'm telling you this at the end. Finally I've arrived at Chennai, and I'm waiting for my luggage.

Honestly, being the capital of Tamil Nadu, this airport needs a lot! Literally a lot! This is quite outdated airport, and unfortunately I'm saying that it is one of the worst airports of India! In terms of metropolitan cities. Compared to Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi it is the worst! And if someone from the authority is watching, subtitles are coming. Please get it updated! Because an airport is the first thing which people see in the city. Please get it updated guys, because I've seen many videos like coming to the worst airport of India! And then Chennai is written below. So please! I hope this all gets developed, and becomes similar to Bangalore.

It will be great if it becomes even half like Bangalore airport! So guys, our luggage is here on priority. Sir's luggage also arrived! Is this yours? What a journey it has been! And the gentlemen's name was Santosh Narayan, one of the biggest music composer in south India! And today I've travelled with him. You've seen the journey, I too enjoyed! The journey was excellent! And the company was also excellent! If you like this vlog, then like and subscribe. Also renovate this Chennai Airport, correct? It's pride of our India. And this is called as the worst airport of India! This tagline shouldn't be used.

I hope this gets renovated! It is absolutely outdated! See you in the next vlog, Bye!

2023-01-03 14:08

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