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hello everybody this is Robert Hollis I hope you're having a wonderful and blessed day and today's subject is praise and recognition praise and recognition and so we'll get started just in a moment you can check out you know uh my Facebook at roberthollis.com forward slash free and get a digital copy of my book how is that working Rat Race to Freedom best seller best seller on Amazon in three different categories uh and it's also on audio both in English and in Spanish so uh looking forward to again sharing this so I'm gonna wait for uh meta and Mark Zuckerberg and his team to go out and share this with everyone and we'll get started just in a few uh seconds here so hello my incredible son Matthew hi Bill hi Craig Hi John um Marty hello Marty uh hi Paul hi Pat hey Kai how are you uh I hope you guys are doing great uh what what an exciting time man really really super exciting time so uh today was payday so uh yeah pretty pretty um awesome awesome times that we live in so I'm gonna go ahead and get started so hello everyone my name is Robert Hollis I hope you're having a wonderful and blessed day and today's title is called Praise And recognition praise and recognition now you know so far in this if you've been watching it you know I sort of been talking about connecting and then I talked about uh you know inviting and now what we're gonna do is call Call praise and recognition now the reason I'm gonna call it that instead of what I used to call is have you ever ever had something that you believed was true and then you found out it wasn't you know like I don't know don't get mad at me you guys like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and and and you know uh certain crazy the tooth fairy here's one for me don't get mad uh the way to make money is working uh a job working for somebody uh getting a W-2 there's a lot of stuff that we're taught and one of the things that that I really really know Works in this business is my mentor explaining to me how to give praise and recognition to someone other than me praise and recognition to someone other than me and a lot of people have way too big of an ego for this you know edging God out they believed that the way to get someone's attention and a way to get someone to buy something is by you you personally telling people how great you are and you know sometimes people don't realize that you know the stuff that they do you know you see certain individuals that you know they got to consistently be you know seen in a fancy car or they got to be you know seen uh you know making big deal out of their home or maybe they're wearing some kind of designer clothes or a designer watch or you know you know look at I got Louis Vuitton on look I got coach on uh look at I got whatever on and and um you know it's uh self it's it it's it's promoting yourself and and uh you know what I used to be used to do that some people told me that I needed to do that and so I've had the tailored clothes I've had the watches I've had the you know the role Rolls Royce I I've had you know uh incredible you know multi multi multi-million dollar homes and and in California Newport Coast overlooking the ocean and living in the same area that that Kobe Bryant lived in and uh you know people can get caught up in that they can really really get caught up in that but if I go back to the beginning 36 years ago 36 years ago I was a different person and and and I need you guys to really really really hear this please please please please please hear this because you guys are gonna hear what I did because I had a different mentality and it was magic it was magic I listened to my mentor and I did what he did but I did it for different reasons so first of all I wanted to be a crew chief for a race car team that was what I was going to do and then I got hurt as an auto mechanic and put on workman's comp for nine months making 900 bucks a month and lost everything you know my girlfriend at the time that's now my wife I lost her I sent my son I was a single father I sent him back to live with his mother through a divorce um you know I I had no electricity I got a loan from the repo uh pawn shop and I was I missed three payments on that so the Repo Man was looking at it I was getting evicted out of my apartment um oh my God uh I just I can't tell you all the awful stuff if I didn't say I didn't have electricity I I couldn't have been at a worst place and so what I did I sort of surrendered no I totally surrendered I can remember being on one knee going man God if you're there you got my attention you got my attention I was coming not from inspiration I was coming from a place of desperation so I just surrendered all you got my attention whatever you want me to do if you can get me out of this if you can get me out of this I promise you I will teach people for the rest of my life how to get out of financial bondage how to get out of debt how to have their freedom how to get their freedom back how to live the life and give to others I will do my best to do that for the rest of my life and and since then I've been doing my very best to uphold that promise that I made 36 years ago so now to say that what was very unique when I had Sean Hennigan some of you are going to miss this so I'm gonna emphasize it so when I had a friend that I wasn't a close friend I met him a couple of times and Sean Hennigan said I met this guy I met this guy and he showed me his check for sixty two thousand dollars and he's expanding a company right now and he's looking for people that want to learn how to make six figures a year with his proven training system and is proving Marketing System which is not even a tenth one tenth of what we got today not even one tenth not even one tenth okay so when I meet him and I see his check I asked to see his check he sort of smiled and laughed and it was funny there's uh Joseph sent me uh a chapter out of my book I shoulda I should have figured out what page it was so I could show you guys but um you know read this again it's free it's roberthollis.com forward slash free read it again and so now I'm setting I see that uh check I asked him the two questions that you guys have heard me say you know what'd you do before this he said well I worked at a tire store and um you know I also installed car stereos and I was going oh my God I am a mechanic I'm way smarter I'm going to be a millionaire which by the way I am a millionaire came true right and and the next thing that happened as I asked him how long he been doing this and he said six months well I found out later it's true he was only with that company six months but he had been uh with a previous company for a few years so he understood and learned from other mentors uh Larry Thompson Larry Huff Jim Rowan uh that were all my mentors as well and and so this is what they told me I had to do now listen closely they told me to say as little as possible to as many people as I could as fast as I could all right so sorting sorting I talked about sorting so we went from connection to inviting to sorting flipping the cards all right these are the things I want to master but I need you to understand that coming from the point of where I was coming from I did not want anything that he was doing zero I wanted to make enough money to get out of debt and then rehab my knee and go back go back and be a crew chief that was my dream so I wanted to figure out if listen closely 36 bill 36. what is the is that I have to do Master the mundane tell me the certain way tell me the things I need to do and so he told me how to connect to give a genuine compliment to connect with somebody to say something nice then he told me to ask them for a huge personal favor you know inviting getting people to give you excited enough to give you their number and set up a time to actually watch this hour video that I had on vhls believe it or not we had two videos it was the opportunity of a lifetime and then fast start right what you need to do all right then the next one of course is once they see those videos they get to get in where they fit in right so I I gotta I gotta sort I gotta sort I gotta sort here's something that people need to do is you've got to give credit and praise the recognition to someone other than you so when Sean called me and said Robert I met this guy doesn't make a difference what his name is Bill gold you know who knows Bill Gould nobody um I didn't I he met him one time I met this guy that's making sixty two thousand dollars and he's expanding a company and he's looking for people that he can train with a proven training system and marketing system to make six figures he gave all the praise and recognition to a guy that he wanted me to meet that was training him that was showing him how to do it that is Magic it's called you know giving praise and recognition to an expert from afar and people don't do this anymore so I thought wait a minute so is all I gotta do is be excited about my future being financially free making money two two two I got to give praise and recognition to somebody that's already done it so I just have to say that this guy hit the top one of the top positions in the company uh that he's made this kind of income that he's expanding the company and introduce people to his videos comments at a time and put them in front of those videos I could do this so one of the things that a lot of people don't realize that I say is when I got involved in this company the very first thing you can go back and see it I did my first Zoom uh Melody ryba love Melody put together a zoom and what I did is she gave me praise and recognition and I gave Johnson gender praise and recognition so I surprised Melody told Melody I was I didn't tell her but I got Josh and Jenna to get on there so she introd me and gave me praise and recognition I immediately took that praise and recognition and gave it to Josh and Jenna and at that time you know income disclosure statement you know uh Jenna sent me a screenshot of her back office and so it was easy for me to say that the company was four years old that at this time Jenna uh uh was already a millionaire and that that she made you know over five hundred thousand dollars and and and and in one month I've never made that so I know two things I know Josh wiggle is intelligent and I know that Jenna is intelligent so if I follow their path follow their path and give them praise and recognition so that's what I did that Josh and Jenna did the presentation and me and my team got that video scene 119 000 times because melody was promoting that video and we put it on YouTube and we got everyone to put it up there Melody went to 25k 25k bam Terry and I went to 25k the next month we went to 50K then a hundred then 250 then 500. and that entire time I never did a presentation are you guys hearing me I never did a presentation nor did I do a training I gave praise and recognition to the people that created my daily choice and I still do it today I did it on this video wow you know these people figured it out companies debt free nine years old done a half a billion in sales they got 20 people that have made over you know got the seven figure award I give praise and recognition they got free Marketing System they put together a free app that got uh the best trainer training and the world not only does Josh and Janna the people that created the company but they actually made a company that you could get involved for free I give them praise and recognition and I still do today I tell people the same story that I seen Jenna's back office and I made a decision if she can do it I can do it so if you're not giving praise and recognition to somebody somebody during your presentation no you don't do presentations if you don't give praise and recognition to someone other than you in your invitation for them to watch a short video that is your huge mistake because I became a national marketing director with a company now called Juice Plus and I made millions of dollars before I turned 30 years old because I didn't have an ego and I didn't need a custom suit and I didn't need fancy stuff and I didn't need alligator shoes I'm I'm a mechanic I'm a deluxe dyslexic auto mechanic and so by me giving praise and recognition to Bill and then Josh and Jenna that's how I do this and it's like people would rather be the deal I don't want to be the deal if it's all about sorting and it's all about flipping cards if I got people to watch Josh and Jenna's 23 minute video if I got someone to watch through praise and recognition of Josh and Jenna got them to watch the last presentation they just did so I can tell people Hey listen here's a link Josh and Jenna and the director uh a guy that's been in the industry 36 years helped his last company go to you know uh over 4 billion 4 billion and now he's hired to help us get to uh multi-billions of dollars with MDC let me send you a video of of the people that created this company and the people that are spreading it internationally you guys listening to me and so if you somewhere during your presentation feel that the edit uh now the praise and recognition needs to go to a product the praise and recognition needs to go to a product the praise and recognition needs to go to an ingredient the praise and recognitions got to go to pubmed.gov

uh the praise and recognition's got to go to the people that synergistically put it together just my opinion just my opinion but believe it or not you guys my opinion counts for something [Laughter] so you know I used to go out and tell people listen I need you to learn from this guy because he made sixty two thousand dollars well believe it or not Terry and I this payday made over a hundred and ten thousand so now we're at 4.2 million because Terry and I are a super were paid as a super and we don't make six figures a year we make six figures a month so it doesn't mean that you have to do what I do uh you can do it your way you can do it somebody else's way but a person can't take you to a place they've never been did you hear me and so I am a master affiliate not going to be I am a master affiliate and right now I'm looking for people to help me expand my daily choice to a multi-billion dollar company and I'm looking for people that can stop thinking and just follow a proven system that works if you do it it works so get back with the person that invited you on this video make sure to check out connecting make sure to check out inviting make sure to check out sorting and just listen to yourself my mentor told me to record my conversations to record my conversation to make it short and sweet and I learned to say to people hey how are you great you work around here yeah I work in the first interstate building um could you do me a huge favor I'd really appreciate it I need your help with what I'm working with a guy that makes sixty two thousand dollars a month and right now he's expanding a company and with his proven system is proven system and training he's looking for people that want to make a hundred thousand dollars their first year in the business do you know of anyone like that well what is this why are you interested well yeah let me get your phone number and let me give you a call after work so I can set a time with you so you can see a video from that individual that you'll be learning from that will be showing you step by step on how to do it did you notice I didn't make it about me at all I'm helping an individual expand a company I gave him the praise and recognition so now go and watch connection and inviting and sorting before this video because if you can throw praise and recognition in to Josh and Jenna or somebody else that has already hit it see I don't edify myself some of you gotta understand that I did that at the beginning and I'm still doing it now so love and appreciate you praise and recognition to somebody else other than you they won't ask you questions and by the way I'm looking for people that want Financial Freedom be financially free in 2003. if you want to be a product salesperson that's okay ah I'm not looking for those people I'm looking for people that want to make six figures a month if you know any of those people send this video to them become a free affiliate get plugged in and we'll show you step by step I believe in you I know you can do this and if no one's giving you permission to succeed and be successful let me be the first take care see you on the next video

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