$8,000 Business Class on ANA Japan | Tokyo - New York

$8,000 Business Class on ANA Japan | Tokyo - New York

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Today we will ride the 8000-dollar ANA flagship
 business class “the room” from Tokyo to New York. Please enjoy the trip. Today we are here at Haneda international airport. Today we will ride the 8000-dollar ANA flagship business 
class “the room” from Tokyo to New York. And meet up with a girl that I met online We are heading to the land of the free, USA. ANA's "the room" is known to feature the best business-class seats in the world.

This is the route. Tokyo to... New York. A 14-hour flight. I will be using mileage points once again.

I spent 75,000 miles + 80 USD in surcharge. Bless card mileage points wooooo Let’s check-in. Check-in complete. Visit the lounge. Business class passengers are granted access to the ANA lounge “ANA lounge” Here we go I have successfully infiltrated the lounge. Kinda crowded.

Let's go find some food. Infinity beer machine Fermented juice. Sushi Rice balls I got an unfermented apple and orange wine Good stuff Better meals can be ordered through... Meal order system. Udon Ramen Curry I also reserved a shower room 340-360 minute wait.

WHAT WHAT The meal is here. I kept it a light meal. Tonkotsu Ramen Vegetable Pork curry Good Let's try out the ramen. Very chewy Thanks for the food.

30 minutes before boarding. Shower rooms queue: 11 more. I DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME Well ladies and gentlemen We made it...

...to gate 109 Boarding now Clap Clap Clap I repeat we have made it onto the aircraft There are about 64 business-class seats. 64 This is my seat for the day. 16C Huh? Are we sure this is really business class??? It’s so big Hmm What the hecko Business class, good stuff There’s a lot of stuff as my neighbor today. We will take a look through all of you later
on. A WELCOME DRINK Orange juice Right now, we take a look out through the

3 2 1 1 1 we take off AHHHHHHHHH Goodbye Tokyo metropolis Would you look at that It’s Mount Fuji himself Goodbye Japan The first hour of “The Room” We take a look through the room Everyone is closing their doors Hahaha Let me do it again Cooooooool What even is this space you can actually have 2 people sitting here Oh my goodness how do i stop this. There is even a second headphone jack for the seat to be used by two. Cool blind action Storage An outlet Cable destroying hinge. More storage Pillow Pillow 2 Blanket Bed Sheet Slippers Shoe box Headphones Amenity kit Eye Mask Lip Balm Face mist Earplugs ToothBrush Amenity kit Lights and stuff Table The CA brought us a menu Adult juice All of you cool people can drink the alcoholic
drinks But since I am not cool enough, Let me have ANA’s recommended drink Where is it It has to be somewhere in here There it is.

Citrus drink, Kabosu Juice. Lunch There are two options Japanese cuisine And International cuisine We will choose... The Western cuisine nah I'm kidding we will be trying the Japanese Cuisine ~Washoku~ My meal is here. appetizer, small meals in a small bowl and sticks Let's eat the mini bowl platter Red stick thing Tastes like a red stick Here comes the main course meal Zensai (A Selection of Morsels) Morsels Kobachi (Tasty Tidbits) Pear & Vegetables with Soy Milk Sauce Smoked Salmon & Vinegared Lotus Loot Roll Deep-fried Taro with Walnut Miso
Simmered Sweetfish with Roe in Soy-based Sauce Deep-fried Tofu with Soup Stock Barracuda Sushi here comes the main course meal.

Shusai (Main Course) Simmered Chicken & Eggs, Grilled Alfonsino
with Miso Sauce Steamed Rice, Miso Soup & Japanese Pickles Time to eat Japanese meat ball Solo Solo cooking time Step 1: mix snapper in rice Step 2: add chestnuts Step 3: become jealous of your own creativity. Step 4: thank you for the meal Dessert ・Marron Chocolat---Chestnut Cream & Milk
Chocolate Mousse Cake ・Cheese (Blue, Washed Rind, Hard) ・Fruits Chestnut cake Oh no It’s one-way ticket to diabetes town I CAN'T EAT ANYMORE Well, It's time to start bed making. Very good.

We still have like 10 hours on the flight It's napping time Good nighters. Good morning It's time for a washroom tour. A bidet B tier confirmed Mouthwash Face wipes Toothbrush Time to return to my bed I'm feeling hungry for some reason. Time to summon an attendant Light Dishes KAYANOYA Vegetable Soup Noodles IPPUDO Miso Ramen Häagen-Dazs The food has arrived. Thank you for the food. You guessed it, It's kabosu juice.

Lookin good Thanks for the food We are now flying above Alaska. I was informed by the attendant that there
was something outside the window Oh my It’s… It’s a… Colourful earth curtain Look It’s the aurora Boris and this is a crossiant sandwich Few hours later... Sunrise Good morning It's time for breakfast. It’s time for lunch Breakfast This is like my 7th cup of kabosu juice I drank so much juice that I might give birth
to a kabosu Japanese Cuisine ~Washoku~ Kobachi Let's eat. protein garden Sodium buffet Carbohydrate mountain range Japanese food avengers Food, Done.

The render for New York City is finally at 95% What if we aren’t even traveling and we’re
overwriting each city over the same area. New conspiracy theory 14 hours in I'm starting to see something. It really does exist. NEW YORK Wow All we have to do is land now BUT Why is it so shaky all the sudden Oh god Oh my god I don't want to be send to the hospital please pilot sir Another happy landing what a beautiful afternoon at JFK airport Amazing.

well, thank you for the 14 hour flight I almost got scammed in the station but we
made it. NEW YORK She should be around here Apparently, her workplace is more toward the south side of Manhattan Haha, there she is. Can’t believe she’s still standing Love at first sight. What an outstanding person She's looks busy right now so I'll text her later or something Alright Mission complete It’s time to head west Maybe do a cross-continental train trip of something Thanks for watching Have a nice day!

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