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So guys, have you observed that the rate of US Dollar is so high? And along with that is the price hike of the commodities or which we called inflation. So.. In today's time guys, we really need to find a way to make this an opportunity for us to earn extra. Because of course guys sometimes our salary is no longer enough because of the price hike of commodities. It could have been okay even if the price of commodities increases, but the salary does not increase. What now? There.. So in this video guys I would like to share with you a platform

where we can have an opportunity for us to earn guys in this time of inflation and increase of US Dollar rate. So we really can take advantage of this in this time. So guys if you want to know more about this, I just want you to stay tuned until the end so you won't miss any information. So in this video guys, the platform that we will talk about is Mitrade. So Mitrade guys is a trading platform where we can trade Forex, commodities, major indices, shares and more.

So the good thing here in Mitrade is even if you are not an expert in trading, you can do practice here because they have a demo account. And I will show that to you earlier. Then guys, their mobile application is very user friendly. And the mode of payment guys is really easy. There..

Actually I already made a video before for Mitrade but it is not that accessible. But now guys, I'm telling you we can trade here easier. And the good thing here guys is they have many guides for beginners as to what currency is good to trade. So it's like they are giving free hints. So I already talked too much right? Later I will show that you anyway.

Because guys before I walk you through, we need to know first the background of this trading platform. Let's go directly here because this is the foundation of this platform. So guys when you research a new trading platform, this is the first thing you should look at.

We can find here their license number as to where they are registered, where they are regulated. So guys they are authorized and regulated here in these companies that you can see here on our screen. There.. Australian Securities and Investments Commission and Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

And there guys, their paper and license number guys. Mitrade is very transparent to show it to their future users and their current users. And this one is for Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. So as we can see, there, they are recorded in the website of Cayman Islands.

There.. Mitrade Holding LPT. And guys, they have already received many awards and recognition. There guys, latest is 2022 they are Best Forex Trading Experience in Asia. Mitrade has really proven a lot of things. So for me, in my opinion, I think.. I would trust this trading platform. But I would still encourage you guys to do your own research because it is still best if you yourself can really prove that Mitrade is reliable. There..

But for me I think it's okay. So you can trade guys via web page. And their mobile app is also available in Google Play and App Store. So guys right now is we are here in the mobile application of Mitrade. And if you are interested to.. register here in Mitrade. I would encourage you to click the link in the description box below so you won't have a hard time on signing up.

When signing up guys it's actually easy. It works like you know, it's like you're just signing up in social media platforms wherein you fill out your personal information. However guys, you have to prepare your valid ID for verification or KYC. So guys, it's a must for us to undergo KYC because it's a requirement most especially since Mitrade is regulated and authorized. So here in their mobile application, it works the same way with web. If you are more convenient to use your computer, you can also use that.

But I know most of my followers or most of my subscribers are phone users, so it's better if I use this mobile app for me to demo it to you. There.. Speaking of demo guys, you don't have to worry on taking a risk also because they have a demo account.

So we will go now here at hub. And we can see here that we have an available balance which is 50,000 Dollars. Oh see. I hope it's real. I hope it's true.

So this 50,000 is just fake money which we can use for trading here. There.. So you can use your demo account so you can explore the tools here.. There. The indicators, on how to buy, sell, position.. So you can actually use that . And if you are also somehow confident already and you want to try using a real account, we will just go to hub and switch to live. So right now guys is we are now in our live account and as you can see, our available balance is still 0 Dollars.

So what we are going to do now is deposit. So guys, before you deposit, your KYC or verification should be approved first. There.. So we will now to go hub.

And.. of course, we will tap deposit. So there guys, the good thing here in Mitrade is they have ways for you to cash-in using our own mode of payment. So they have here Maya and GCASH. It's very accessible. And guys, our payment is instant when we use GCASH.

So we are going to try it out now. I will show you how to deposit. So there.. Let's tap GCASH.

Its limit per transaction is 800 Dollars, same with Maya. So here guys, their minium deposit is 50 Dollars. That's the problem, it's somehow high. But that's equivalent to almost 3,000 Pesos since USD is high. And its maximum limit per transaction guys is again 800 Dollars.

So as of right now guys is I can only deposit 100 Dollars. There.. So once everything is okay, you can tap on Deposit Now. So its amount guys is 5895 based on the rate of Dollars as of right now. There.. So.. Let's just wait. And we will be redirected to Payborit. So it's their main mode of payment. There.. So let's just wait.

This will somehow take a time guys. Then we will be redirected to GCASH check out. So it's like checking out in Shopee. There.. So just input your GCASH mobile number.

Then you will receive a text message for verification code or authentication code. And guys you are also required to enter your four digit MPIN. So guys, you don't have to worry about anything because this is the only way for you to check-out in Shopee. So it's the same thing. Okay?

So there guys, we can see here that we need to confirm our payment. So there guys, I already made my deposit. There.. I deposit 5,895 in my Mitrade account. There... It says here your payment was successful.

It means our deposit here is instant. There.. So our 100 US Dollar is already in our account. Okay. So right now guys, we are already here in our live account. And there, our available balance.

This is what we deposit a while ago which is 100 Dollars. So now guys we will go to home. And let's start first with walk through here in our mobile application. So guys we can see here popular instruments for us to use in trading. There..

So we can see here Euro Versus US Dollar. There.. So it's good for trading guys as well as AUD, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar. So everything is versus USD because the value of USD is increasing which is really predictable so it's good to take advantage. So guys, do you know that this is what I like most about Mitrade because they have signals guys. There.. Going down.. Going down.. Then there are also that are going up.

Because you know others sell signals like these. Long position.. Short position.. They are showing it already here. But guys, again, there is no assurance here.. So it's like an analysis by other professional traders. These are the most likely results or what will happen most likely in Forex market. There.. So later we will get a tip here from the strategies that we can see here.

So guys we are more focused now on Forex but we have lots of instruments here, we also have Shares. There.. Commodities, Indices. And they also have crypto currencies guys. There.. But we are more focused now on Forex because this is the hottest now.

Then guys, here in the next page is we also have news because as I have said before, if you are a trader, you have to be updated with the current happenings because they have an effect on the price of the currencies. It's amazing guys, there's even a calendar here like auction, meeting, rate decision. There.. Everything that's happening in the world is here.

Amazing! It's so updated. You won't really have a hard time here in Mitrade. So that is what we can see here in the dashboard of Mitrade.

And then right now, we will now proceed to trade. There.. So here guys you can search for a name or code of what you want to trade. There.. It can be indices, commodities, Forex, cryptocurrencies.. There..

You can see that here. And you can add it here in your favorites. Then in the next tab guys we can see here.. If you have an open positions ongoing. There.. And later we will check that one once we have opened a position. And the next one is of course the hub that we visited earlier. And now guys, we will proceed on trading. There.. Now we are here in our favorites tab.

Let's now go to market. There.. So here we can see the popular, the Forex.. available Forex pairs. And then Commodities.. There.. Gold, Silver and. a lot more.. precious metals.

And for shares guys. There.. Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft. So this is Indices guys.. However, I'm not that familiar of this one. And of course, they have Crypto. There.. Bitcoin, Ethereum.. See..

So it's up to your preference as to what instrument you will use here. You can actually use multiple instruments at the same time as long as you have enough budget. Right? So why not. And right now guys.. Since I really want to see or follow the news about you know, US Dollar because it's really amazing guys.. Its value is really high.

So great right? It's really high.. That is why we should take advantage of this right now. Because as we can also see from other currencies, USD is not only winning against Peso.. Even with other currencies. Right? But if you will also look at the performance of PHP versus..let's say British Pound,

it's stable.. So which means, US Dollar is very strong. The demand of US Dollar right now is high. There.. So now, what we will do is for us to decide which pair for us to trade. Now let's go to home. We will look for some tips from the strategy. There.. So here guys, Wednesday October 12, this is their prediction for thirty minutes. There.. You can find here the timer.

It's als good guys if we look here at the strategies so that we can have an idea on what move we can do. Okay? The good thing also here guys is when we tap the asset or the pair, we can already see the strategy guys. There.. So there guys, the strategies depend if you are gonna use it in intraday, short term and middle term. There.. So if middle term guys, we will be in short position. And short term is still short position.

But if intra day, it is already in long position. So there guys, let's try buying which means.. We think that the price will go up since I chose Euro/USD pair.

So here guys we have two kinds of orders. So it works like the exchange platforms we used before but they are for Crypto. Here guys is we have market price and pending. So pending guys is it will have rank limit or limit order as to when you want to execute the trade and you will assign a price there.

But for now we will have market because we're somehow lazy for now. Somehow lazy.. So it's really important also to look at the leverage because your risk will be based here. Okay?

And as of right now, this is the leverage we chose. And then.. We can also see here the amount that we need. So we have here margin required. So just tap I just in case you don't understand the terminologies.

So margin is the amount needed for when the order is executed. So that's what you should have.. You should have that in your balance so you can execute your trade. So guys we also have here quantity or lots.

So if we also increase that one, we can also see its equivalent in margin. There.. So 0.03 has a margin of 14.54. And then guys, for us to control our risk, it's really good to input take profit and stop loss. So our take profit is you will assign the price as to when you will get its profit.

It's somehow confusing because it is based on the price of Euro versus Dollar. So that is what you will input here. So it should be.. maybe around let's say 0.99, something like that. So your estimated profit is 62 Dollars.

So it's somehow high since the deviation here is only point. It's not like other currency which has a high changes. So 9.. Let's say.. It should be higher in our.. It's 9.6 as of right now, right? 0.97.. There.. 979 or 98... 98 there..

So you can assign take profit from 0.98 above. As long as it should be higher than the market price of Euro/USD as of now. So for stop loss, you can assign lower. So in case it hits that price, your loss will be stop.

It will be cut even if you are not online. Okay? So let's say.. Let's take profit at around 0.96. So there guys.. The estimated loss here if 0.96 is 27 point something Dollars. There.. It's value constantly changes that's why.

So guys you can assign these prices. So it depends upon you as to how risk taker you are or how careful you are. So me guys, just for the sake of this tutorial, I hope that I've shown you clearly what I mean. There.. So.. I think this is the best way for me to explain which is to do it also at the same time. There.. So maybe for me, I'm okay with the quantities I assigned.

So once everything is okay, you can tap on buy. There.. So it's successfully opened. We're somehow scared already. There.. So it's already successful.

And as of right now.. since our trade is for intra-day, so it's long-term for us.. We can see here the performance. Our profit or loss sometimes turns red, sometimes green. Hopefully it turns green and hit our take profit.

So.. In that way, it's good if.. Because if you take profit, it's like you are already contented. You are already contented with the profit you will get. So there.. It's just like that guys. And just in case you want to close your trade, you can tap on close here on the right side. But for now, since we can see that the performance is good, zero point something green.. our trade.. So I will just let it simmer there..

Simmer.. What's that? Food? So here guys, just an update. After a day, I execute a trade and by the next day we gain a profit. And the good thing there is it hit our take profit. So guys I gain a profit worth 32.63 Dollars. So our new balance is 132.63 already.

So there guys, I just based on the strategy given by Mitrade. But guys, just a disclaimer, that's only a possibility based on their technical analysis. But guys, I really do appreciate the strategies given by Mitrade. Where can you get 32 Dollars out of nowhere? So that's around 1900 Pesos right? So yeah, that's our latest update with the trade we execute. So that's how you trade here in Mitrade guys. And if you are already an expert in trading, they have indicators here that you can use.

So we have here guys... There.. You can also rotate your phone for you to get a better view of your chart here guys. So guys I'm really happy to see that Mitrade is really you know.. user friendly especially for us Filipinos guys.

Because their mode of payments are very accessible already. You can also trade another cryptocurrency, there.. If you are already decided to trade to let's say crypto.. There.. So.. It's also good to.. I would recommend to analyze first before you trade. Focus here on the strategies, on news, on calendars. There..

So there guys, let's be updated when it comes to prices because we can use that one. So just in case you encounter a problem using Mitrade, they have here support at the upper right corner of the mobile application. So just tap that one.

And there.. They have here live chat. Someone will chat you right away. But as of now, I don't see any problem so let's close that one. So as we can see here in our balance, it's deducted because of the margin we used.

But that margin will be returned once we close our position. So.. You have nothing to worry about that. It's just like that.. What's important is your equity in your position, that is what's happening in the amount of your money. So you can open position as much as you like guys. Okay?

So.. Different commodities, indices.. So you can trade whatever amount there as long as it's within your budget. So by the way guys, just a disclaimer, you have to be responsible of your investment here in Mitrade. So you just have to invest the money that you can afford to risk. Okay? Do not invest here all your savings.

Do not invest here the money that you will need in the future. Okay? So just invest here your extra money. And of course, take risk management.

Make use of stop loss. Make use of take profit. So the position that you put won't be wasted. Because there's a time when you haven't look after your trade, your money might be dissolved. Okay?

So it's really important to do stop loss. Okay? So right now guys, if you are interested to withdraw your money, I will show you the withdrawal method but I won't withdraw now because I have an open position. So guys, let's go to withdrawal. So here guys in withdrawal, you have to add your withdrawal method.

So let's tap this withdrawal account to be added. There.. So you can choose either bank account, Maya or GCASH. So for me, I would like to use GCASH. It should be guys... It's really important that the account in GCASH is under the same of the user of Mitrade.

So what you will input here is just your GCASH account number and a photo of ewallet user profile. So just screen shot your user profile in GCASH and input that here. Okay? And once everything is okay, you can tap on submit. Alright? So it works the same way with Maya. So for the bank account, what you will input here is the bank name.

So just select that. We have a list here of different accounts which are supported. Most of the banks here in the Philippines are supported by Mitrade. And you will input here your bank account number.

Just make sure that every digit is correct. And you need to upload here your bank statement or bank book issued within one year. There.. So those are the requirements so you can withdraw in those three ways. So you can only choose one. Alright? And if you are gonna ask me the minimum withdrawal here, it is only 10 US Dollar or around 500 Pesos plus. So it's really convenient guys to use Mitrade now. Right?

And it's really good guys if we take advantage of the very volatile movement of Forex because of US Dollar which is really strong now. There.. And yeah. Comment down below if you have any questions regarding Mitrade. I hope I can answer if I know. And if I don't know, we will do research. There..

So guys, don't you know that there's also a way for you to earn for free here in Mitrade. There.. So what you will do is go to dashboard . And in referral, there.. There is a referral here. So it says here guys, invite friends to earn cash.

And that is up to 255 in rewards. So what you will do here guys is you are gonna share your invite link. And number two is friend makes first trade. Your invited friend should make a trade for you to get 10 Dollars. And for the last one guys, for you to get 20 Dollars, is for your friend's cumulative trade reach 1 Lot.

So there guys.. The good thing here is as much as possible, you can invite as many friends. And you have to be responsible in explaining that there is a risk in trading. Not that you are overhyped in inviting. Okay? So your invited friends should be educated as well. So let's not be negligent when it comes to explaining to them. Explain the risk factors of trading.

So it's good if you show them first the demo account so that they will be more safe when they switch to live account. So right down below guys is we can also see here the performance or statistics of your invites, as to how many friends you have invited and rewards you got. And here at the lower part, the terms and conditions for you to get a reward. Alright. So there you go guys. That's how you earn here in Mitrade. All I can say with this mobile application is it's very user friendly and very generous when it comes to giving signals guys.

Because to be honest other signals are mostly for sell. So it's like you should subscribe from this trader. So here in Mitrade, it's all provided in all instruments whether it is in Forex, commodities, indices. And they also have provided news and calendars. Then guys, execution of trade is really easy. It's really easy to trade guys as I have shown you earlier.

Even doing deposit and withdrawal is very easy since it's only through GCASH. I hope also someday they will have a feature where you can copy a trader because mostly that is the marketing strategy of other trading platforms. Right? Wherein there is a copy trader. So it's good if they will also have that one. When they have that, they already have everything.

So yeah. There you go guys. And comment down below what you think also of Mitrade. And I would be really interested to read about it because I really saw a potential of this one. So if you are interested to trade using Mitrade, the registration link is in the description box. So that's just it guys and thank you so much for watching this video. And if you enjoy this, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel.

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