100 $ Laga Ke 6 Month Me 1 Bitcoin 50000 $ Kaise Banaye | How To Make 1 Bitcoin From 100$ In 6 Month

100 $ Laga Ke 6 Month Me 1 Bitcoin 50000 $ Kaise Banaye | How To Make 1 Bitcoin From 100$ In 6 Month

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If you have $1 then how can you make 1 bitcoin in 6 months is it possible is absolutely possible if you want to do it regularly if you follow what I am going to tell you now in this video then you can definitely make just If the price of one bitcoin and one bitcoin becomes $ 50000 in 6 months, then you understand that you will become the owner of ₹ 50000, I will tell you a very safe and safe way, in which if there will be a perfect loss. So the maximum can be 1% and if you do profit, then you can make profit in trade from 3% to 20 to 25%, now you have to follow that rule in regular basis, you will see here how big profit we have in 6 months We have made it from here, you can make ₹ 50000 from 100 dollars to 25000, not very easily, you will have to work hard and there is a lot of tricky part in this, how will you be able to minimize your loss and how can you maximize profit. I am going to tell you everything in this video, you cannot miss even for a second, this one If you have not seen the video, then you will see this video, I told you that how can you make profit equal to 20x 25x liverage on only 4X liverage, then you will also watch this video first, after that if you want then it If you can continue the video, then let us start the video without any delay, in this video I am going to tell you the power of compound interest, the same is also a part of this video and Trailing Stop Loss how you can make maximum profit by doing it . If you want to make your own, you are also going to learn, then on the screen you are seeing Maxic Global Exchange, you have to sign up , the link will be found in the description, it is one of the best future trading platform in which you can do future trading if you use it. If you sign up with our ring, then whatever trading you

do, whether it is spot or future, you will get a discount of 20% here, then you have to sign it up immediately, then I open it here on this exchange without KYC You can also do trading , watch this video Aga I have told you in that, first of all go to the option of Violet, then here your spot should be valid as you see here, I have 24 25 left now you have to pay here future trading with trailing You have to do stop loss future trading type you have to USD, you guys must be doing future trading but here you have to come first on the option of pay future training, let me explain you something, what is the rule, the rule is that you see the option of USDM here . Most people do this perioding but you have to do future trading on options with pay coin hum feature here, I will tell you first of all I am spot valid , now you have to go here on pay trade option and here What you have to do is bike , btc, this is mx coin, search it here btc, you have got the top of that foot, here is the market, here I do the limit place and here I do hundred percent so here But i buy the btc 24 $ 25 btc is bought why If you come late then your btc will be visible here now you have to go to transfer option here and transfer your btc to coin m future here fiat is up here you can exchange it by going to spot down arrow If you click, your spot will go up A. Fiat will go down A. Instead of fiat, now what you have to do here is futures trading and BTC in its place because you have BTC coin, here you can see BTC A is done now here I am I do all and click on transfer, now our bitcoin is transferred to us , in future trading, you will go to future options, after that here the coin rules have to go to the future, you see here I have done a lot of tricks. I am telling you the part, you have to understand it completely, only then you will be able to do respect here, you are going to lassi here, in basic, let me tell you if you do futures trading on USDM option, then whatever is your profit, then your in it. That increases, if you have a loss, then whatever happens to you, it becomes less. But on the option of no rule

, if you have BTC as I have sent BTC here, then BTC is profit, then the amount of BTC will increase i.e. if you have one btc, then while making profit, you two btc three btc 4 BTC as an example you can do if you have a loss here then whatever amount of BTC is there, the BTC amount will decrease, then the amount that will increase in your profit here will increase in BTC now if you see here so i have 0.00 1258 how much btc lying in my wallet now here i am going to trade and increase btc because i told you here in $1 you can generate one btc in 6 months because i paid 25 here Dollars are invested, so if I follow this rule, I will be able to earn BTC here, it is clear, now you have to pay here, how much future trading leverage you have to keep, here I tell you this is the average of A and Long Here you will get Pay Sale and Short Kalyug, you can also do this thing in finance. There is no issue, you get the features there as well, you will also find the link of that in the description, so here I set the leverage, I am sharing the part of Only 2X in front of all of you here. Lever is to be put here and you have to confirm

and here you have to be selected, your confirm this is done and here you are of X, now I take you here without a train and stop loss how you have to keep training I am also telling you how to put a stop loss , later I am going to take you on the chart as well, first of all , instead of the pay limit here, you have to market the amount here you can do 100%, this amount is 100% Done , now you understand here, see here you will see the option of Take Profit and Stop Loss, now see here Pay Long You have to do and TP i.e. take profit, you do not have to select here , I am telling you the region, so now here you see your profit. It is fit, here you will see the stop loss, you have to fill only the stop loss here, see the percentage, I will tell you in simple words, if you see the price going on here 19674 is going on then 19674 its if 1 If the % comes out, then how much will it be, then this is the last two digital 74. Next to this you have to put a decimal, that is, if you have to put a point, then how much will be 1% 146 If the price is higher or lower from here then a percentage plus minus becomes fine Here, if I take the 21544 price , what will be a percentage of it, then here you have to put a decimal here in front of the last two digits of the pay, that is, 215 will be above or below, then 1% there here- There the market is clear, now you see what you have to do here, you have to put a stop loss here, one percent is going on 19690, so how much will be 1% of it, if you put a decimal here, then 196 then we are fat and fat. If you hold $ 200 , then here what you have to do in the stop loss $ 200, if you are going long then you should reduce there If it is running 19690, then 19700 we take it man, then here we do it, then 19500 here you have to set stop loss, it is clear, confirm you do take profit and stop loss for sort here. You have to click here and go here. For the sort, you were getting 1% of 200 points here, so

what you had to do over there, increased by 200 points like 19696, now the price is going on, so you can get it fat-700 man take stop loss then how much will you put 19700 plus 200 then 19900 you had to put this top loss if you go for short then since I am going here for long now I am going to take you on the chart also samjhaunga then set you here 19500 is clear, I confirm you, now you have to open your long by clicking on open long here, 3X 4X you do not have to go on it because the strategy I am telling you is the same you have to pay here follow now See here the long has been opened, you can see here which is our profit, this much profit is going on now, now you have to trail here Stop has to be put now man let's take as the market is going here now 1971 Support is going on if 1% market goes down then everyone's stop will be hit there and the total which is put then your $1 will be there pay loss But if that profit starts going up then here I am teaching you how much profit you have to book at minimum 3% this trailing stop loss I am teaching you to put drilling stop loss if you do it, then it will be 3% profit. Yes, but if the market continues to move upwards, it will continue to show 4% profit, it starts showing 5% profit, the higher it goes up, which is your trailing stock loss, it will go up along with it as if there is a profit of 20% If you want to set your training stop loss a little below 20%, then if you put 1% there, then as soon as 1% goes down, your automatic will be cut there i.e. if above If it goes on then your take profit will also keep on increasing if 20% profit is showing there, now your 1% is set. If it is 20% to 1%, if the market is at 19, then your profit will be closed there and

19% will be your profit book, meaning if you are losing here, then there will be 1% loss and profit, then in minimum you will get I am telling that from 3% to as much as the market will go up, if the continuum goes up , although it does not happen continuously but sometimes it happens that if the market goes up very fast then it comes down less, then your profit there I am teaching you how to put a clear drilling stopwatch , here your long is done . By clicking on the market here you will get the Trailing Stop is clear, now you see here the percentage is showing your resume, here you have to put 1%, ok like 5% gone 8% gone like if a person from there If the market comes down, then profit will be your book there, meaning the trade will be closed there, so here it is in the resume. Yes, I do a person and do 100% of what is in the amount here and you have to click on activation price here, now see here I had longed so what will be your activation price like I have at 19000700 If I have longed here then I want minimum 3% profit, minimum 3% so as I said there was going to be 1% of $200 like if you put a decimal here like 1900 is going on then here the decimal If after two points, it is 197 A, then we are grabbing it as 200, so if you want 3% minimum then you need 197003%, then as if 200 points of 1% were A, then how much will be 3%, you multiply in this Give i.e. 600 points, then you have to increase the minimum 600 points here, so that the profit which is going on at the moment is 19700, then here you increase the activation price by 3% i.e. samjhiega it carefully. So the activation you will have here means that your training stop

loss will be activated at what price 200300 will be activated okay till there it The wait will go till there, at least if you should not get at least that much profit, then you will not reduce it, well then here you have to click on close long because if you had opened the sort first here then you would be here While doing pay close sort and if you see here pay is showing value also here close long pay then van count is showing value and here pay close is not showing any value in sort because we did not open pay short here If close long was opened then we will click on close long here, ok this is our trolley stop loss, now what will happen is the price from 19700 which is 3% i.e. when it goes to 200300 then your training stop loss should be activated from there if there If the market goes down one percent, then the trade will be closed here, even then you will get a profit of 2%, okay if the market does not return from here, 21000 goes to 22000, okay man let's continue up ok from there when it comes down 1% then your training stop loss will close the same pay trade and i The maximum profit will be booked to you, so here you have seen what you did with this method that yesterday you put 1% of that I told you and here you put training stop loss like if you see open order will go to railing stop So here it will show you that this activation price will keep increasing on you like if there is a 1% down from there, then your pay ticket will close and give you the maximum profit, it is clear to you here now in the same way . If you open the sort first, then like going here, instead of training stop loss, the market should go down, then you are taking a recording of the same, from there you like 1% if you sort means you should go down then 1% you up Add, I have told you how to add 1%, how much amount is A, then put that amount up or sell, ok now after that again you have to go to the option of pay close here, instead of market you have to do training stop loss ratio In the ratio to stay here, you have to pay 1% here. If you have to do this, if you did your open shot, then you can do activation price here at least 3% if you have sorted then 19700 price is going on then ₹ 600 and below i.e. 19100 you have to put here 19 yaar 100 here Pay you team, ok after that you can do close shot here, so now you must have understood that if your loss will be 1% loss and profit, then take minimum two to three percentages and 20-25% means continuous if lot Fluctuation will happen with speed If the market goes up very fast then you will book the maximum profit and give this technique which I told you here and if you want to understand the trailer here in more detail how it works perfectly how we do it If it is perfect then I have to make a separate dedicated video so that training stop loss is done post only trigger market trigger limit these stop limit are many options many people don't know if you want all these things So you guys can comment us, at this time I will make a dedicated video so that you will get a complete one. If I can do it in plain and you can get complete knowledge of all these small options which are very important, then give a little like and comment to you for this, I have chosen bitcoin because we want it. From here the

currency man can do it, there is not much fluctuation in it, there are many currencies, why it crashes up to 99%, if it goes down, then it means that we are not able to do the analysis perfect. Perfect analysis is where you are. Pay trading is getting very good, if the liquidity in the market is very high-fi, then bitcoin is perfect for us, then here we will do delete trading, then see here, give only 2% to 3% of the target you want to set. You mean to make birthday profit here , if you learn technical analysis, which I am teaching you related to technical analysis here And the scope of loss I told you, the maximum that will be your loss is empty from day one. There will be profit and there

will be profit, it can be profit in a day by taking two or three percents, if you go in loss even if your 46 trades go in profit then your only one trade goes in profit then the whole simple will also recover all the loss plus you also profit I want to show you some calculations, so that the way to get a bitcoin in $1 to 6 months will be clearly visible , I am also telling you to see the chart here in short. In the time frame, you have to do daily trading here, apart from that I show you some other things here like if you do trading on Bitmart here or want to trade then link you will get the description, you will sign up beat Mode is also going on here also some give etc., so here you can participate, you will have to fill the form that is here, you will participate here by filling the form, then you can get some reward etc. Campaign is going on here if you can see other here Give also you will see here 7 days continuously if you trade on here then you can get bonus up to $100 from here Register means you have to register here and do trading etc. for seven consecutive days , if this is the terms and condition of the third word, you will have to register here first, I will give you the link of the whole article in the description, you go once and see it. If

it is just a matter of yours, then by following all these instructions here, you can achieve some reward here , by trading on Bitmart exchange, etc., you are clear now here you will see the time frame thing I have done. There is only a time frame of 5 minutes to do a trading daily, that is what I am teaching you here, if you see, a pattern is made of police pay net from here like it is break out, good special rally from here to here This will give you a comfortable pay profit of 2.43%, the highest pay here. Or was it ie if you took 2X average then you would get 56% pay profit here you have to do trading in 5 minutes and 15 minutes time frame here if you want to trade daily then when daily you will tell time on chart So you will see some or the other chart pattern, some or the other you will get such daily moments in which you can take margin up to 2-3 percent here if you look here, I will show you one day here. During the day, whatever movement you have here for bitcoin, it is 12%, it is a normal thing, that means one or two person gets paid here but sometimes you get to see 4 5% 10% up to 15% movement here. Can be found if you

see here which is the highest candida, if you see, you are getting to see the pay momentum of 12 13% here , so no matter how small the candle is, it is a day here, then there you will get four-five The movement of the person is seen, just in this you have to make a profit here as I told you to take 2X leverage here if the market moves even 1.5% in a day. If it comes then you will get a profit of 3% comfortably, you can see here 3.8% is a small candle too, so there you are getting to see the movement of two person 1.5 percent 3%, then you get a daily profit in the market The reason for making this is because your loss will be minimized to 1% because even for 1% to come, there should be a movement of at least 200 points in the opposite direction, only then you will have a person loss if you If you take the average of 10x there, it will be 20 points from the place of 200 points, so I have to take it there and your loss will be set at 1%, you have to set stop loss and take profit by training stop loss. You have to make profit from minimum 3% to maximum 10-20%, now we take pay man here, if we give here on two person or three person to make profit then how much profit we will get in 6 months like if you here If you make a profit of 2% or 3% in one day, then on the next day, what is the total today's profit and plus principal, it will become the next day's principal. In a similar way, on the third day, the total profit and the principal amount of the first give will become the principal amount for the day, so here your principal amount will keep on increasing every day. Your profit will

keep on adding, then your compound interest will be calculated there, then your profit will go multiplied, so here I take out a calculation that how much profit can be made for 6 months like you can see here Your initial balance is fluctuating and here the daily interest is 2% only if the daily profit you are making, I pay here in the pay month here is 6 months ok compound interval this daily you have to select To calculate here, do not go to the advanced option, if you are doing calculator, then because you can be 10% there, 8% can also be 15%, then here your 30611 is made and if this is what you do here 3% If you give then you see here how much your profit will be equal to 21918 , you will get profit here, that means today According to my price, you will achieve one of your bitcoins in the next 6 months and here, if instead of 6 months, I make 9 months here, then how much profit will you reach 32630, that is if you calculate 12 months here Now let 's see what happens here, the power of compound interest increases as time goes on and the profit which is according to the same and more multiplied means profit as in 6 months the profit will be more than double If you get more profit and in the next 12 months it will become more than double profit, in this way there is the power of compound interest, here you will calculate it for 12 months so here you can see $ 48 lakh will be 48 lakh 48000 Which will mean that you will not be able to do so much calculator outside the calculation, if 3% is going out according to 1 day, then here I do 2% only, but then your calculation is here for 12 months you can see Which is $ 100 to ₹ 13640 if you are making even 2% of the daily, then the power of such a huge compound interest is Yes, you are getting to see it here, then you understand how big a profit you can make here too, now think that I am showing you a calculation here, here in ₹ 137640 in a year if I pay here in 2 years So it should be double but not double it should be 74000 but let me show you here pay 24 instead of 12, now I calculate here if there was a scientist or dollar then you can see here 180 million reached 18 Crore 9700000 is so much power there is time which is just double but profit which is how much has been increased by thousands of times, then it would have been the power of compound interest if you are regular jo ki sakkar way and a little more You should have technical knowledge which is chart pattern, support resistance line trade line, if you learn all these things and if you know how to do the indicator also, then getting 2 person birthday profit is not a big deal, you can leave comfortably. Yes, daily you get some signals, now let me tell you one more thing because here Let me tell you to do future trading in coin options, there your bitcoin will increase, if you take bitcoin, there is a bitcoin reached and today the price of bitcoin may be $ 60000 in the coming time, then 4 times more profit Your add will be done there, you understand that it is a stable coin, even today the same rate will remain the same tomorrow, but bitcoin may have a profit of $ 60000 three times in the coming 1 year, so yours has reached because of this what is yours. Key will be profit in the option with coin m future and if man takes that the price of bitcoin reaches ₹ 10000 in the coming 6 months then you will have to do a little weight on there when it will go above 20000 then you have to sell there If the price of beat coin has come down then you have to wait there as if the price will go up then you have to sell there, hope you guys have liked this method, I have told you the whole strategy, what is your strategy. You have to follow, according to some way, you have to make profit here and if you have done technical analysis of daily. Wrote what I am telling my channel, you guys do not want to learn because all those videos in which I worked hard, I made a video of 25-30 minutes, but it is also less because you people do not want to learn then profit you How can you expect, first you learn, after that you have to make profit and this what I have shown you by calculation is not 100% true, you can chip so much but you should complete the dedication, give you full time here Only then will you be able to do this thing, I hope you have liked this video, if you are watching till now, then you will like, subscribe to the channel and see you, then from the inside topic to the next.

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