Building your Personal Brand Online|Facebook Ads 2019

Building your Personal Brand Online|Facebook Ads 2019

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Hello. Everyone its Suzy of Cebu your calm and in today's episode we, are gonna cover Facebook, advertising should you do it should you not should, you do the ads yourself should you pay a company, to do it and if so what, do you need to know so that you get your money's worth so, stay tuned we're gonna cover all of that in the site. Thanks. For joining me today as always, for helpful tips on how to grow your business subscribe. To my channel if you want to be notified of new videos hit, the bell button and, if you liked what you saw today hit, like. Alright. So let's jump right in, I am so, excited to talk about this topic mainly. Because it's something that you guys have been asking about I get a lot of questions about Facebook advertising, and lead, generation so. I want, to dress them in one video it's, not gonna be like my other videos it's not a scripted, it's a little bit more casual but I figure you guys just want the information I don't need to bedazzle everything, so here, we go let's jump right in so. Before, I really, jump into Facebook advertising, I really. Need to cover this because I think it's crucial. To having successful. Campaigns whether you run them yourself or whether you have somebody else doing them but I. Think there are two things that are very important, to the growth of a business number one is customers, a steady. Consistent. Flow, of customers. Whether that be new or returning and, number. Two is your branding, now when I say that I am NOT talking about thousand. Dollars worth, of a website or, a logo. Branding. Is your customer, experience it's, the value you give your customer, it's it's, the way they feel when they interact with you the way they feel after they've left with your product. It's, really, important, and the only reason I'm bringing it up and down I don't really want to get into it because. I do want to put this time towards Facebook but you. Can, get all the leads in the world and I, know because I've done this for customers, and clients but, if, you don't have a good, customer. Service you, don't have a good follow-up they, don't gain the value or, you just don't treat them well. They're, gonna leave so the two things really play hand-in-hand and you really, do. Need, both so. This, is why I wanted to just bring that up really quickly because I find, that a lot of people that talk about Facebook. Advertising. Actually, you. Know they're so focused.

On Just, the. Advertising. Getting customers in that they, don't talk about the fact that your company, needs to be ready to accept customers. And how to build, an experience for them but they actually want to be a part, of so, that your business. Grows in the future because, you don't want just a one-time sale nobody just wants a one-time sale right so. Really really important so I want to put that out there so we're, gonna talk about Facebook advertising but you really do need this other component, and um, you know I'll do some videos on that as well. So. I want to talk about customers. Because, if you don't have customers you, don't have a business. We, live in this crazy. Age, right now where there are so, many marketing, opportunities, available, to us I mean you still have your TV your, radio or your newspaper your magazines, but I have YouTube, and blogging, and. And. Social. Media you have your Instagram your Facebook your LinkedIn your Pinterest, your Twitter I mean, it's it's, a massive. The, amount, of opportunity. That. We have to market our products but. What. I found over the past few years being in this industry is that. Having. Those, accounts. Doesn't, necessarily. Sell your product, until. People believe, in you so what social, media is great for is that first part that I was talking about the branding where, people get to know you they, get to understand, your company they get to buy into that culture, and see, the value that you have to offer once, you've built enough of a, following there, then, that starts translating, into sales and I find right, now online people. Have this misguided. Opinion. That if you just post pretty pictures, that the sales will come and that's, not really. The case. So. I wanted to just touch on that because. Yes there is a huge, opportunity, but. I want to talk about. How you get customers, the, quickest, because social. Media is kind of a long-term game. Sure. You can get a lot of likes but that doesn't mean you're gonna get a lot of a.

Lot Of sales some, things get a lot of likes because the girl is pretty or because, some guy is being completely obscene or some girl's doing something or do you know what I mean like you get, likes for not. Necessarily the reasons you want to get likes so. What, I want to come back to is how do we get customers how do we get people coming to your website how do we get people coming through the doors what is the best way your, best way to invest money, into, marketing. Yourself because, really that's. What matters now because you're competing with so many other companies, so, how do you stand out. What. I think is really important, to remember if you're, a smaller business or, you don't have a massive, team like a marketing, team that can do things for you in a sales team and and you find that you're, the, one that's doing a lot of the work yourself, it's. Really, important. To understand, where, best to spend your time because, time is money right and so, right now online when, you see all these shiny bells, and whistles well if you do this it's free and get yourself out there for free and well, that's great but for, an Instagram post or Facebook, post you have to write content and it has to be you, know pretty likely well who's gonna write that do you know how to write that does that mean you have to take training on how to write that how, much time is that gonna take out of your day if. You want a post picture do you know how to take those pictures they. Can't just be any pictures, do you know how to post and when to post and so, all. Of a sudden all those free, things that you thought weren't. Gonna be great for your business are taking up so, much of your time and, either, you're not doing them well so you're not seeing the return or, you're. Doing them well but then you're not spending any time with your customers, or growing your business and other areas. That are possibly. Even more important, so. This brings me to facebook advertising so, I believe. That there. Are two different sides to a business there's customers, now and there's, customers in the future, Facebook, done right, is there, to get you customers, now today. Through the door, consistently. If, done, right. So. Facebook, itself. The platform, has over, 2 billion, active, users. Daily, and 76%, of those purchase. Items, off, of social media ads now, you know you might say well I'm. A local, business what does that matter well locally. People are still using Facebook, every, day all the time and there's. Still a high percentage, of people even locally buying, products. Off with social media so, it. Is definitely one. Of the. Best platforms. Out there in my opinion and, for, the value, to, get, your name out there but I want to discuss does this make sense for, your business because. It. Might not make sense for everybody I have. A lot of businesses that say well I advertise, in the local newspaper, or in a magazine and it's way cheaper. Ok, well here's the difference between advertising. And print and advertising, on Facebook, and I know because I have sold print advertising for years and years and. When. You when you put something in a magazine you don't know if that person's gonna pick up that magazine you don't know if they're gonna flip to that page all. They can really tell you is that they have a distributorship. Of so. Much but, do you know if those people are actually seeing. Your ad and what happens, you know when that ad runs for three to six months, and now you've made changes you can't even make changes to the ad so, you're very very limited so it might be cheaper but in the long run there's. Not really a good way of knowing, if you're getting the return on that so one of the biggest. Advantages. To, Facebook advertising, is that you get to target, who sees it. Because. If you put something in a newspaper or, you put something on a billboard you don't know if it's going to be seen by the right person but, if you're putting it on Facebook, and you know what you're doing you, can target to specifically. The people that are already looking for your product, so when your advertisement. Comes by and they're interested, those are the people that click on it it's not just some random person. Furthermore. With Facebook advertising it, does, collect, all these statistics who's, looking at at the demographics.

Where And so when, you receive those statistics, then, you can retarget, that traffic to go even more specific. To the customers, that, you're looking for and that's huge. Because, it's one of the only ways of advertising, like. If you're comparing it to print especially, where you're in control. Where, you can tweak things as you're doing them so the money that you're putting into it is. Going a lot further because, it's a it's a live campaign. That's, getting information and, tweaking, and changing, to meet. Your needs and I, think that's really really important. In today's age because you don't want to be putting out money. For something you. Know that might not be working and then just, and. Just letting it run for no reason so for those of you that have never run Facebook, campaigns. I just want to break it down a little bit so you know what. You should be looking for in a campaign if you're gonna do it yourself or if, you're gonna ask a company to do it so first, of all you have your ad so, your ad will consist of copy which is the written part and you want to make sure that that's written well you, want to make sure that there is the proper targeted, keywords. In there that, you're not saying too much that's, actually drawing people into the ad then, you have your picture, usually. What happens when you first run a campaign, you run it with a few different pictures, and let it run for a little bit to see which picture, or video is performing. The best so that's the Facebook, ad but. It doesn't stop there that. Needs to then connect, to something and, for. A good campaign, you want it to connect to a landing page now. I know many of you are thinking well, Susie I just spent thousands of dollars on a website why. Can't. The, ad just link. Directly to the website a. Website. Is like handing your potential customer, a brochure with a list of your products and services and then praying. That they spend money with you. Whereas. A landing, page is specifically. Designed to, be a high. Sales conversion. Website. So, it would be like taking like.

Cloning, Your. Best. Salesperson. And then having them, work 24/7. That's, basically, what a landing pages. So. This is a job of the landing page it takes, the people who are just scrolling through Facebook whose, interest was piqued by your ad then, it takes them to a landing page where they learn more about your product or your service some. Of their questions, are answered and then, it has them make an action, or take action. By. Their filling out their name their phone number and when somebody, does that there's, no one standing over, them forcing them to do that it. Means they're interested that's. Someone, who's. Past. Just, wondering, about your product, they are now taking an action and they're saying tell. Me more I need to know more I want to make a decision, and those. Are the leads that you want because. They're highly, highly, targeted, and, they, are time-sensitive so if you do Facebook advertising, you have to be ready to follow up with them because if you do your. Your. Return, on on this type of investment is going to be a lot greater because these guys are filling information, out saying I want, more information, nobody's. Forcing it on them does that make sense. So. I want to get into the cost of Facebook whether you're gonna do it on your own or work with a an agency, and obviously, I can't speak for all agencies, but. I want to at least give you a little bit of an idea of what what. Kind of costs you're looking at something. That I do want. You to take into consideration, if. You don't have a great website if, you, aren't advertising. In your house if you, don't have a huge social media, following, it. Doesn't matter and that's. Why I said Facebook advertising. Gets customers, now, because. It gets the leads coming in and even, if you don't have a facebook even, if you don't have a website or a good website it's not going to the website anyway it's going to a landing, page that looks professional it's, well put together it, answers, all their questions and it's actually hype high, converting, rather, than just a brochure its, main job is, to pique. People's interest enough to take action to want to know more information, and. Get in contact with you or you get in contact with them so, you. Have to take that, into consideration, when you're thinking about cost because, if you can't afford to do an amazing website this, might be this. Is in my, opinion, this is the best way, to start, if you feel like you need a website put a one-pager up just talking about your company but the, landing, page is what's gonna get you the.

Customers, So all of that is included and, Facebook, advertising in the campaign, when it's, done right let's. Talk about doing Facebook advertising for, yourself obviously this is not gonna be training on how to do Facebook advertising, it would take forever. Well. Not forever you can do training on it but it is time consuming people, make it sound like it's very very. Easy. However, Facebook, advert is. Always changing their. Algorithm algorithms. Are changing. Just. The different strategies that you can use are always changing so it is something that if you want to do you have to commit that time to, learning on a regular, basis. So you need to know that if you want to do Facebook advertising, yourself, it, is a time commitment and you have to learn it otherwise. You're gonna wing it and then you're gonna be surprised, that nothing, came through. Because. Some of the things that you have to know obviously, is writing, copy and that's writing, the, wording for the actual ad and then, putting on a landing, page together which, you know usually takes designers. And and, writers. And sales. People to make that, a good. Landing. Page that's gonna actually convert. Into, leads so, if you, know all of that that's great then you can do it yourself and again you can learn and I can, definitely give, you resources for that I. Think. A lot of people will say well if I do it on my own it's really cheap because I can spend like a hundred, bucks or you know, the. Minimum, amount, on on on. Facebook. Advertising, well here's the thing if. You put your ad on a billboard and you put it on the street that, only five cars pass, you're. Not gonna get a lot of customers it's, the same thing, with, any type of advertising, if you're, gonna spend five dollars or you're gonna spend you, know two thousand there's a big difference in how many people are going to see, your ad and not basically, how Facebook advertising, works so, your. Ad spend on Facebook, because that's what your your paying Facebook. You're paying to use their platform and, you're paying ad spend, so that's what's, showing your ad to. Potential. Customers that. Number, that you spend is, is. Directly, linked, to how many people see it so. The, more you spend the more people see it but, then the, more you spend more people see you better make sure that that ad and that landing page are high converting, so.

Yes. Absolutely you can do your own Facebook. Advertising. But I would definitely invest. In learning how to do that and if you don't have the time, then. I would recommend. Possibly. Looking into an agency to, do that for you so I'm gonna talk about that next I want. To be completely transparent because, obviously I run a marketing agency and we, do offer Facebook, advertising. But. The point of this video was to. Explain Facebook advertising, so that you know if it's a good fit for you and, if you decide, to go with an agency what. You should be looking for and what questions to ask so I'm just gonna cover those really quickly next. Okay. The first cost I want to talk about is the ad spend, now the ad spend, is what you're paying, Facebook. To use their platform for, so, the. Agency, that you're working with doesn't. Make any money off the, ad spend that goes directly to. Facebook. It might go through the agency but I mean if you decide on $200. Or $500, or $1000, for ad spend all of that money is, going to, Facebook, so just, make sure that you understand. That, okay. So let's talk about what, a realistic, ad spend, might be now, this is dependent on your, industry. So, if you are an. Industry, with a lot of competition. And. Usually those industries, tend to make more money you, will have to spend more on ad spend but the good thing it's kind of correlated, with, how, much that industry. Makes so it kind of balances out, if, that makes sense so usually. If you're a smaller business or. Your. Industry is a little bit smaller, then, you're able to get away with an ad spend that's a little bit smaller so an. Ad spend for, a. Surgeon, might be very different to, an ad spend for. You. Know a hair, salon right. Now. I want to give you an idea of what a good, ad spend is and this is based off my team running Facebook Ads for 17 years. But. The minimum I would say is $500, a month so. That's the ad spend that's nothing going to the agency so let's talk about a 10 C pricing now for those of you that think okay forget it I'm just gonna do it myself and just put the money into the ad spend keep, in mind that then you still have to come up with the ad the, writing the design the, graphics. Hosting. Domain, names, landing. Pages if you're paying for, a platform, to put your landing page on and. Then all the time associated with that and then the training that you might have to pay for to learn how to do proper Facebook, advertisement, okay let's talk about agency pricing obviously.

I Cannot, tell you what, ages what agencies, are charging. But. I can tell you this much you. Should, make more than. The agency and the. Only way you're, going to know if, this, makes sense for you is if the agency, asks. To sit down with you or it does a meeting where you talk about your customers, you talk about your needs and you talk about what one. Customer. Is worth, to you over, a certain amount of time, because. Only then does it make sense if the numbers work the numbers have to work and you won't know that unless you sit down and have, a conversation with, a consultant, so any of these companies are just quoting you numbers I would, be a little weary of because, I mean some of them might be under charging you they don't know what they're doing some of they might be overcharging. You and you, know it's not making sense numbers wise either so you really need to know what those numbers are and you need them to explain it to you so. For example you. Know if one customer is worth $2,000. At, the end of the year and you have. Ten of those come in through, your leaves and that's $10,000. Well then paying a thousand dollars to your agency makes sense right. But, you need to sit down and run. Those numbers and make, sure that it makes, sense and ask, what they're gonna do for you ask questions. So. When it comes to agency pricing I cannot give you a price I can't even give you a price for our agency, because, I would want to sit down with you and discuss, what, makes sense because this might not make sense to you a $500. Spend might not make sense to you but it might if you, do the actual calculations. And you lay everything out you, might be surprised, that if you knock off all these other things you're spending money on that aren't bringing in a return, bringing. Targeted, traffic and direct leads might, be your best bet there's, your website, there, are your leads now you just have to work on you. Know your customer service and your follow-up and all of that is in, your control and, I think that that's what smaller. Businesses, are really, good, at if you take the time instead, of being so, completely. Pulled in all these different directions with, social media and this and that if you just hone. In, on what. You're good at your passion, for your product, once, that lead comes to you and you show them that you're knowledgeable and, you care and you create an amazing experience for them that's, where your sales are gonna come in so. Is Facebook, advertising, right for you I can't.

Answer That but, what I would say is you need to ask yourself, dependent, on which industry, you're in you. Know what, when an additional, five, new customers, every single month look like what would an additional, ten customers or 30 customers and when I say it's dependent, on your industry well if you're selling, something low-end. Then. You're probably gonna get a lot more customers, whereas if you're a dentist you know five new customers, a month is a big deal right so it's, comparable, to to. The industry, but you have to know what. What. You need to gain to, make your, business. Scale I, can. Tell you this there, is no other platform, right. Now on, the planet that will, generate, the quality, and the quantity of leads, at. Such a low cost per, lead if it's, done right. So. Is Facebook, advertising right for you you. Have to ask yourself, do I want customers, now if the answer to that is yes, then. You might want to consider Facebook advertising, now, whether you want to do it yourself and you, can there are lots of trainings and courses, and if you want more information on that I can send that to you but keep in mind the, good ones are not cheap because you want a support system when you get stuck on statistics, or research or retargeting you want to be able to contact. Someone and have a support system in place that, answers, your question because if you're not technical then, it can become very difficult but that is an option if you. Want to work with an agency just know and just. Just. Be aware of the questions you should be asking and, make, sure that, they know what they're doing and that they're willing to work with you and answer your questions. Okay. Guys I'm just gonna wrap things up hopefully, I was able to answer some of your questions hopefully you have a better understanding of how Facebook, advertising, works. And if you're interested which, direction you, want to go if. You have any questions obviously put them in the comments below, and, it's been a pleasure doing another video with you and as, always to, your success. You.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for watching my latest video, Building your Personal Brand Online|Facebook Ads 2019. Since I receive a lot of questions regarding Facebook ads I decided to put this video together explaining what Facebook Advertising is, the pros and cons of doing it yourself vs having an agency run campaigns for you. Hope you find this helpful and please post any questions you may have below:)

Most agencies required a pretty big budget to work with you...have you found any agencies that are willing to work with smaller budgets?

This is really great information! thanks for sharing. I really need help w/my facebook ads so this was helpful

Great video Suzie. I wasn't sure if doing a Facebook ad would be a good thing to do because Facebook seems to go up and down so much with regard to popularity. How big do you think a channel needs to be to have this make sense?

Thanks for the tips! You're right "people will not buy your products until they believe in you"

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Thanks for simplifying this! I have been thinking about exploring this avenue but it seems daunting. Subbed!

Thank you for guiding me through the Facebook maze!!

Facebook ads seem difficult because its always changing with rules and keyword search. Is it worth it? Let me know

Suzie Bujok thanks for explaining

They are always changing and that's the biggest problem with why they have received such a bad reputation. The biggest issue is that people are being told that FB Ads are "easy" and that you can learn the basics and get great results. Well, the truth is, although FB Ads are still one of the most affordable ways of getting quality leads, you have to know what you're doing in order for them to work.   It's a profession in itself. You are right, things ARE always changing with FB but that's just like any other profession right? When something is your speciality you learn and stay on top of everything & all changes. The same things goes for FB. It's one of the most powerful lead generating tools out there, if the campaigns are set up properly. And that includes understanding the stats, targeting, knowing how to re-target, design, effective copy-writing etc.. There are too many people dumbing down its incredible potential, which is what's leading to individuals just trying it and then being disappointed because they really didn't know what they were doing. The ones that DO know, can use the changes to their advantage, they know all the tricks, because that's their job... does that make sense? So you have to decide to either learn and continue learning if you want to run FB ADS yourself or decide that your time is best spent working your business and if the numbers make sense, work with a professional company to do the ads for you:)

I need to rewatch this. So much good info!

Oh I'm so glad you found it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them:)

Thanks for this. I haven't used Facebook ads before but I've heard success stories from others. I may do so in 2019.

NP! Glad you found it helpful! They can be incredibly effective when done right. Let me know if you have any more questions:)

Suzie this is super helpful! Great video :)

I'm happy you found it helpful!

Suzie,...this social media, marketing, and growing a biz it's not easy, it's hard work! My question is, is FB advertising worth it because it is always changing.. It's a stable platform these days.

Hey Rich! Yes you're right, it is hard work but it's not unlike any other profession and I think that's where the problem lies. People are being lead to believe that you don't really need to study marketing and that you can just know the basics and be successful marketing on your own. So what's happening with entrepreneurs is that they are being pulled in a million different directions to do things they really are not experts in. Not only are they not getting the results they want, but they are being pulled away from what they ARE actually good at, or are passionate about and their businesses begin to suffer overall. Social media is a great thing but I would use social media to enhance your customer experience ( your brand ). It will not necessarily and certainly not right away, generate sales. But it is an amazing platform for engaging with your customers and sharing what makes you amazing. To get customers through the door, FB ADS still generate affordable targeted leads but you have to know what you are doing. Yes FB changes all the time but so does every profession out there right? If you want to be on top of your game then you have to stay on top of changes and that's where the problem comes in when people look at fb advertising as a "simple- easy-to-use" platform rather than the mega, targeted lead generation machine that it can be. And of course, this is a result of people who want to sell FB courses (many of which have no support and teach you only the basics that become outdated quickly). Some courses are amazing, I highly recommend the one I took because the support system is unlike anything I have ever seen, BUT it was not cheap and took me a while to really grasp. That was a long answer but yes, FB ADS are worth looking into but you really need to know how to use this incredible mega platform if you want to generate leads successfully. I hope that helps?

This is a great video.

I'm glad it was helpful, let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help:)

I don't really think that matters unless you have a really large following on a channel. I say that because FB campaigns, with well done landing pages are what sell your products/service so even if you're channel isn't huge or you don't have a crazy website, you'll do fine. But what I would consider before you run any ads is what products or services you are selling and the their profit margins etc.. because like a said a good ad-spend is about $500 a month and that doesn't include landing page etc.. or if you're paying an agency ( which is all worth it, when the numbers make sense but you have to look at what the actual value of one customer is over a period of time). So make sure you run numbers to make sure that it a good investment.  (That is , unless you are doing FB ads just for exposure).

That's right, they need to establish some sort of connection:)

Thanks for watching Ron!

You're very welcome! I'm glad it was helpful:)

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