Building Mario Party minigames「DDD Shopping

Building Mario Party minigames「DDD Shopping

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Hey. There everybody I got. A call from Miyamoto oh, you're. Thinking Daniel, you're not even a a. Nintendo. Ambassador. What do you mean you have a contact. With Miyamoto I have a contact with Miyamoto, that's. Right. He. Told me that, Mario Party online, is not. Looking, so good a, lot. Of people were complaining about Mario, Party online not having enough minigames. Well. You see, they. Didn't want to just use the games that they already had in the program that, they already had in the actual, game. Miyamoto. Called me up and was like hey we. Saw your work in. Making. Custom, splatoon, weapons. We. Need you to make some new. Mario, Party minigames, for us you, think you could do that and I responded, back no, I from I responded, back very solemnly. No. But. I will anyway here. We go everybody this is gonna be ja so, stupid. Well. Good morning you never good afternoon viewers. Before. I'd say the verse of that schpeel, anyway, I new sponsor coming through watching the stream and supporting it to spam some fail. Seal walls in chat because it's our cueing welcome Matthew, Spiegel. To. The Phil flee crew. Um. You. Guys gave me a stupid, idea in chat I love you guys you. Guys give me a stupid idea in chat make. Mario, Party minigames. In. Photoshop. That was but I love I love when I stop talking and then it happens so. Yes. Mario. Party. Pro. Is a little bit weak in the, online minigame, Department, we're. Gonna design our own I I, had. No, preparation no. Expectations. No dedication. And I will be dead soon. There's. No good ending to that without that's, gonna end on a dot dot dot that's a fail application, all, right here's, what's gonna happen we're. Just gonna make some mini games I have no idea what we're what we're getting into with this but let's just roll with it so. All the Mario, Party minigames, have ties, to reality. In one, way or another. There's. Some that are cooking some. That are just, pumping. A fire hydrant riding. A trike. Running. From ghosts, in an endless hallway, as you pray, on the gods above to not put blocks in your face all. Situations. That we've encountered before in our day-to-day routines, and. Actually not I say that it's kind of cool because I believe um, Miyamoto. Uh. One. Of his one of his like early early thoughts in in a Nintendo is building games based upon daily activities, does, Miyamoto. Work on Mario Party I don't, know man listen. Soccer I don't really know where where the Nintendo, things come from I'm gonna be dead honest with you guys but. Um. We. Have to build a game that sort of works off of your, daily life how. About oh. Let's. See. Let's. See, whoa. If. We're if we're a game designer. If we're sitting here as a game designer and we. Got to think about oh, my. God wait a minute. Unoriginal. Name, you're a genius, it's, a minigame about having mini games it's. A mini game about having the carrot just make many games for you I guess that's what it already is in, game. Pub. G oh my, god a battle, royale minigame. How. Would that even work I don't even know man well here we go let's, start this off well first of all we need some characters, before. We get into this. Everything. Has to be controlled with, a single joique on and done. With motion controls, so. Let's start this off here let me just download a Mario pian or a Mario JPEG, not, even a Mario PNG this is a Mario JPEG it's, gonna drop that in here where, a Mario.

Boo-uh. It's. Perfect, aw. This. Is not this. Is not the boo I was looking for but you know what it's the boo we deserve. We. Got Mario. We. Got boo. Why, should I have to like. Create the Mario. Layer there, yeah we got Mario we got boo. We. Got. Let's. Do. Bowser. Here. We go Bowser. There. We go and. Then, we're going to do. Lucifer. Uh. No. Not, the actor the demon, there. We go. We're. Gonna drag Lucifer, in I feel like Lucifer is a pretty underrepresented Mario, character he. Definitely controls the dice whenever I roll it so I feel, it's time for him to finally get some representation. In an actual Mario game. Here. We go let me just drop that in Demon. Lord. Lucifer. It's. Now a playable character, there. We go and yes he will actually have that background despite, being a jpg okay well. We have all the loveable Mario carriages, you've come to know so far let's. Start off with that start. Off with our characters here I guess this is the this is the screen that you're looking at what we should probably be doing is actually changing, this to like, a a 1920. By 1080, view I think. I get like canvas is, that like a like. A canvas changing, app or something app. See. Our board tool here we go. I. Don't. Know about it in width can we talk you mean can. We. I'm. Kind. Of confused by you are these all Apple things you, know what iPhone six-plus, that's. What we're gonna be designing for here. Not. Gonna work now, whatever. 1920. By 1080 I wish. We knew we're, gonna we're gonna make this artboard in inches, sure, why, not. Works. With me how. Do i unselect, the artboard now uh yeah yeah. The. Procedures, I'm unfamiliar, with I'm not gonna lie. We. Go step by step here, at the here on the fail Boat Show all. Right we. Got Mario. Good. We. Got. Boo. Good. Movies, like it has like a custom skin pack on uh. Bowser. Looking. Solid. Lucifer. The. Moral enemy of all Mario Party characters understandable. All, right so. What minigame are what what what what what what they already doing with our with our own daily lives here, what. Is read Luigi doing here a main. Representation. Of the Nintendo franchise, give him some respect come on now collect. Boxes and give it to agent eight and those, who are first, get test failed I don't, know man that might be part of your daily routine but we got to make it something a little bit more relatable.

Therapy. Sessions, oh my. God yes, a. Therapy. Session that seems. So good oh. Wait. A minute can we go in just a like a therapy, couch in here. After. A long day of. Playing. Mario, Party and. Having. Salt, fill. The air. Dominating. Your friendships, dominating, your life things. Get, a bit heated. This. Minigame, comes. After at all you. Finish, your normal. Round of minigames and. You. Have a therapy, bonus level. The. Goal is to, come, the, other players down as much as possible as. Actually. Really cool because this is the first game that has. Actual, like. Tears in it. Because. Not only will. Lucifer be broken cuz he already has a chair so, he'll be high tier but, you'll you will be crying a lot because. A lot of emotions, are gonna spring forward. When. When. Bowser starts, to talk about his. Experiences. Browsing. The Internet. In. Late, 2018, he. He, has a lot that he had to repress, after. After seeing everything he did so. Lucifer's. Goal here is going. To be trying to comfort, Bowser. And I. Feel this should be like one of those team minigames because. Then. We get at least a little bit of competition out of this if. We, have a. Move. Couch down. Here if, we have a couch down here and actually just a save space we're gonna we're, gonna we're gonna optimize our workflow a little bit they're actually gonna share a couch. They're. Going to share a wait, where's Mario I've. Lost him he's actually buried beneath the couch here oh let me fix. That little. Layering issue we have right here. We're. Gonna Mario. Just. Sitting. Down in his. Normal sitting, position. And. I like, where this is going I feel, it I feel like we're now starting to talk about, what. Mario Party is really about, the. Connections, between the players and. Even. If this, is a game about relieving. Salt and stuff I feel. It still needs that Mario, Party, taste, it still. Needs that Mario, Party spin. So. Here. Is going, to be the ultimate goal of this, all. Right. Here. Is the normal situation you. Have to comfort your. Player down. Your. Your your teammate down your. Salty teammate down faster, then. Your. Opponents, can. Comfort, their teammate down and. That's. Good now but, I feel this needs a touch, of that, Mario, Party, stress, so. What we're going to do is have. A bullet train, barreling. At them, at. Fairly, fast speeds, and. I, know you're just thinking this is not a very a comfortable or not very comfortable, situation well. This is where the game comes in because before this is just a little bit too real now we have to talk about the game design and I. Feel. That. I personally. Haven't experienced, it too much myself but I personally feel a a. Very. Large, train. You. Know barreling. At you at breakneck. Speeds. Is going. To put a little, bit of stress on you so. I'm gonna say as a whole, I like. You - like move this artboard all I can just do this. Beautiful.

Photoshop Is a wonderful tool I feel, like this. Will. Create a little bit more of a game dynamic. For. Our players make it a little bit more interesting. But. It's one of those things he I feel like now we're actually starting, to get somewhere with game design. Champlain. Hire me. Things. Are just a grain we scroll my screen there photo, computers, are cool until they start to like freak out why, the train this is not calming at all I feel that's a thing that's a, thing this is a this is a mini game that, gives you a little bit of self improvement if. You. Can get calmed down by this face. In in, this. Situation. By. Being this. Tortured, of a man I. Feel. Like this is going to improve you a lot outside of the game this. Is a mini game that not only like, ups, your star, count but. Also. Gives. You a little bit of your humanity back, after. Everything that you'll experience playing, Mario party's online mode I feel, like this mini game is pretty complete but it needs a name. Because. Two, trains two trains. Two. Trains, one, for each person and now actually, gives me the perfect name, for this game, this. Game is going to be aptly. Called uh, homie, just fix the artboard a little bit. There. We go we art board art board artboard. Are poor are poor are, poor, Oh place if I I see I see I apologize. Artboard. Art. Board art. Board. I want. To select you thank, you or. It's gonna move yeah perfect. Alright, this. Is gonna be called um, he. See Mario. Party names. Always have that. Alliteration. So. We're gonna call this the, to. Train. Trauma. To. Train trauma really, rolls off the tongue much. Like you'll be rolling on the bottom of the trains wheels as he barrels. By you if you are the losing team. All, right we're just gonna up this, to like 800, or something. 800. Point there we go to train trauma, alright. Imagine. Just like the tutorial for this imagine, like looking at. Something. That music doesn't doesn't, work. Too well for when, this game is. When. This game is playing but you know what whatever whatever works whatever works don't, you come over here I'm still learning this program this cursive program err yeah. Makes. Sense to me and see I I see some visionaries in chat I see some visionaries. Need. Stressful, music did, to dad it is faster. It's. The same thing but it is just way faster, splatoon, font, because it's a little bit of a crossover thing you know where, do you think they got the trains from I.

Know. That there could be anything but you know here we are all right this one done print, good to go to, train trauma set, and ready a, new. Document, let's. Go with another custom, creation, uh. Talk. To me talk. To me check give me give me give me some to give me give me give me give me some some. Railroads. That. I may lay the Train upon. To. Get some more things going here. Needs. More undertale, i think. I want to do it under steel crossover I don't think even I want to do it under hill crossover. Even. For the memes man I feel like it we're just, going too far. Smash. Bros Smash Bros is just a game I see. Where you're at super, crown. Worries. Me a little bit Mayo, party I feel we, can go far, in a food fight has. There, ever been, a food, fight, minigame. This. Isn't even just a meme this is just me as a person. Asking, a question, to. It. Coward has, there ever been a food fight minigame. I, feel. Like there must be. Food. Fight movie crossover. Well. Here I'm. Saving a lot of images today this is interesting all. Right let's. Start off with the scenery, food. Fight minigame. It's. Nice and simple just start, off wait. Hold on, that's duplicate yeah look at me learning hotkeys. There. We go, two. Up turned, tables, on, either team. Or. It's gonna go into the artboard tool here hold on artboard. Perfect. Just to, create a nice big artboard, to work from all right. What. Is this actually looks almost, trippy. I don't like this this. But this looks like some sort of like, band. Cover, artwork. Okay. Oh. We. Started off with this. Hello. Vertigo, my friend it does it does look it makes, me feel a little bit a little bit sick looking at it. What. Are we going, to. Put, in as characters. So. What. If email, what if, instead. Of this being played by the normal. Cast. Of players. This. Was all done, by a Loomis, this. Vertigo, thing. That's. Right. This. Is actually in space you. Can tell where my thought process, dies you can you can pinpoint the exact moment where like yeah Elmo doesn't know what he's talking about anymore, right. About here is where he is. Where he all he loses all of it. Who's. Gonna be in space. The. Lumas are gonna be fighting one. Second, on that. One network hey. There we go there. We go we getting faster and faster this program. How. A Goomba throw what do you mean whom is not playing these. Are these are spaced goombahs or. More. Affectionately known as Loomis, scoops. Pumas, all. Right move. Over here please I need you to. Oh boy. Breakdancing. Loom I appreciate, it when, I create a couple more of these things. Movers. Are adorable I actually love Lewis I wish I could say I wish, Loomis did more things. I'll. Be dead honest with you guys so. I'm. Liking what we got going on here. Looks. Like a fairly simple concept to me. Looma. Fighting minigame. But. I mentioned, that this was food fighting so. I guy I asked. You guys to, think, of the hierarchy, of. Lumas. What's. His name please. What. Is his name. Don't. Worry I got, an idea. Who. Or. How rather, how would this work I said. This was a food fighting game right I said. This was a food fighting game. That's. Because the Lumas are the food. This. Guy right. Here this giant. Low-res. Creature. When. He you, know no he'd starve it doesn't he Oh this. Actually this actually might be kind of fun. This. Is getting away from a meme it actually could potentially, be good. Never. Mind the Lumas aren't even food. There. They're, like team members. Their. Team members of a greater overall captain. The. Two hungry Lumas. Dude. This is like a nun, see now I'm at that point of like oh I don't want a meme anymore this is I like, I just like this idea. Like. Do, what if it was like a straight-up like, a mini game. Where. You, know how um how, Mario. Galaxy, had a way where you really point star bits and throw those through. Its Lumis throwing star bits at each other. Oh wait. A minute oh it, goes further we, go further than this these. Guys are what you're trying to not these are like goals okay okay. It's all coming together I'm not insane, these, are goals these. Are more or less goal posts right here, these. Two big guys back here because. You know what they do you. Know what they do when, you feed them enough they explode. All right, they explode, into galaxies. Though. Lumas are trying to defend them they're. Trying to defend, their own giant. Hungry. Luma, because. They don't want their side to explode, what. Their goal is to do is, to. Throw star, bits. Images. Star. Bit here area star bits perfect. Save. As. Star. Bits. All. Right, their. Goal is, to just toss as many, star, bits as. Possible. Toward. The enemy team you. Can have tables, to deflect them in various. Other.

Kitchen. Airy objects. To. Stop them. With. The ultimate goal of one. Of them just. Eating so, many star bits because. Of the their team's defense was so poor that. They. End up exploding, in. A. Violent fashion I'm just gonna make that a really. Big lad it's. Gonna be a very big lag because his side his. Side is losing. At. This point I'm not even Mimi at this point this is just something I would like to see, it's. Just that this just sounds like a fun minigame. Formal. Food fight fit is the name of the game I complete I think that's a lot. Star. Bit shakedown, I don't, think it's a really a shakedown though, is. There. Any like its own like the Saurus explosion. Anything. Start, with an S. Dude. Thick throw down I hate, you guys so what's the thiking chat I'm like wait a minute. Shakedown. Throwdown. Where's. My text tool I. Hate. This. But. I love it welcome. To my channel. Welcome. Everybody to the mini-game thick throwdown. Perhaps. I can, move okay, you know what you. Know what this will work this will, work just, well, enough unfortunately, that. Will work just well enough. Throw. Star bits at the enemies giant. Luma would, the goal of making me explode, your, team is responsible, for stopping, all the, star bits on coming and shooting, them down with your own star bits whilst. Also, shooting the enemy team's hungry. Luma to make them explode. Luma. Lunchtime is also, genius but, I think it's a little bit too late when, you encounter, geniune you counter perfection, you. Gotta cry you kind of got to roll with it, the. Nintendo sponsorships, are flooding in that's correct man dude, I've already developed two amazing, games for them to, train trauma, and thick, throw down how. Old I'm am I not already a Nintendo, employee, Nintendo. Of America. Come. On man help me out here I'm giving you too much material to work with and you're not giving me anything back all, right new. Document, what's. Next on our on, our on our creation, process, here let me go with the 1920, by 1080 view a little, bit more akin to what you would see on an actual screen Oh. Lemme. Just drink some water with us Oh. What's. Our next groundwork. Kick-the-can. Sometimes. With that that game hasn't been irrelevant and I'd. Say like 30. Years. Minimum. Stay. Hydrated minigame, I was. Actually thinking about that your weight-loss minigame. A. Weight, loss minigame. This. Is an actual mini game that. Not only has a tier, based system. But. Also actually, affects the rest of the game, so. With. This minigame. Not. Only would, you be able to. Have. A better chance at winning it if you play characters like waluigi. Or boo because he you know can't lose. Or consume mass. But. This will actually affect your character, henceforth. If you do this as, like. Donkey kong or bowser. Like. On let me pull up like another photo of bowser here, alright. Let's. Save like bowser faked. We. Already have a normal Bowser image this. Is a fake Bowser all, right y'all, take this Bowser right. Here's. Him before the mini game all. Right here's. Him before the mini game. Now. Here. Is him. After. The mini game. Image. Where. Is it where is that cursed, where's that cursed power I know I have, somewhere. In here. A. Thing. I actually need to rasterize layer' first. There. We go where. Is that cursed power uh. Image. Where. Is it what. Is it content, aware scale I hate this tool. But. It's so powerful. I. Wish. I could just like me a little bit more flexible, like, I wish I could just like rotate it now, here. We go. He's. Slimmed, down a little bit this isn't actually that bad though I.

Was. Ready to mean by Aussie is this, just looks like normal Bowser just, Lee a little bit a little bit off the top middle. As, it's, probably gonna be said he. Cut down on his shell size - yeah just save on some space, hey are we good okay this actually looks a little bit weird hey, I should remove the entire shell. It. Was just it was there's a lot of weight so. Here's the beauty of this mini game, when. You play this mini game you can just straight up enhance. Your character's speed. By. Cutting down on all the excess fat your. Character, can actually travel more spaces, going forward. Now. All we got to do is, do. The magic the. Magic tools, that I love so much I I. Love, this tool nope, nope wrong one wrong yeah yep nope, incorrect. Is. It immature, no is edit edit fill edit fill. Content-aware. Well. Look at how beautiful that tool is man I hate, it it's so useful. God. It looks so weird it, looks so weird, now, this isn't baozi, well yeah I don't see a bounce out here. What. Is this mini game called though. Obviously. I'd. Know exactly what I'm doing don't, worry I know this has a long pause in it, but. It has a reason. Luckily. This. Game, already. Has an IRL, counterpart. By. The same name. Game. Is called weight watchers. It's. Pretty simple it already has the alliteration. This. Is actually a collaboration, event. The. Mini game is pretty well designed already. It. Will probably, help out a lot of of the, Mario characters going. Forward, I don't. Happen to know too much about the mushroom kingdoms diet, but. I personally, think it could proudly. Some renovations. Wario's. Weight Watchers, soda. Girl. You. Genius. Taking. The idea from a 2 to a 10. Wario. The, PinnacleHealth. The. Inspiration. To us all, from. The neck down. Wario's. Weight Watchers. Don't. Like a Wario logo, or something Oreo. And logo. It's. Perfect, uh. Save. Image as this is an SVG, file, apparently, I searched Lee it's, the first image, while. Luigi's, already, fit that's correct. Waluigi. Was the first product, of. This. Amazing, design. While. Luigi is just the poster, child this. Wario's. Weight watchers. It's. Perfect. I. See. No better program. To. Help out our characters. A little, bit more over a little. More over I don't feel it's perfect, yet if. The W isn't in the right spot that what are we even doing this for. We're. Going for perfection if, you guys couldn't already tell by our works, previously. I, think. This is good I'm. Satisfied. Wario's. Weight Watchers. Well. We. Got sick died look, he's. Watching that wait. He's. Watching that we're, all watching that way anyway um. New. Document. What's. Our next, up on on the grill here what. Are we cooking up chat. Let's. Create one or two more minigames and end. It off for the day. I. Just. Imagine posting, the, Warriors Weight Watchers hunter, V with no context. Stops, is idle. See. I'll. Reference, something that was happening earlier see. Mario. Party is pretty cool. But. You know what it isn't it. Isn't indeed a tease face I. Feel. In order to make it a lot better. We. Should make Mario Party into DVDs face. Now. I, have. A plethora, of them well. Where are my, deity assets. You. See we've. Created a lot of characters, before. And. I feel it's. Time for them to have their own spin-off, game. We. Already, had the luma game my, other luma mario party game I feel. We have room to. Create a. Cast. Of characters, that can. Participate in their own smaller. Spin-off. Mario. Party. We. Already I mean they they're already based off of key. And influential, Nintendo, characters. Such. As this guy right here. Here. We go I mean if we had we had a few more in here. Clean. This up a little bit. And. Then. What's. Our last character, here I'm gonna go with dandy. Be, cuz. Dandy D has has. A nerf gun I feel. That. Would give him a little bit of a fighting chance see. This is like the first Mario, Party that. Just straight-up has like a class-based, system. We. Have the fighter we. Have the mage, we. Have the assassin, and we. Have the blacksmith, or the. Gunslinger. Rather I. Feel.

This Covers a lot, of a lot of the different normal. RPG, archetypes. It's. Something it's something kind of new they. Can call it Mario Party deluxe. DD. Deluxe they, can call it Mario, Party DD, deluxe oh I. Hate. How that just sort of forms. God. I hate, that I just sort of formed. Mario. Party DD deluxe. It's. A port for the 3ds a, port. From it non-existing. Game. Well. We. Have the characters, we, have the name but. We need the. Basis, for the game. What. Are they playing on. Don't. Be silly Chet don't be silly. This. Is a mini board game that. Exists, on none other I. Actually. Opened the tab and immediately close it. Exists. On none other. Than. Day to these face, itself. For. What is a better board. Then. Just, straight up DVDs, mouth. You, can already see some of, the unique, areas. That. Could be explored, if. This was considered as an. Actual board. Right. Because. If you start this off as our base and. Work. Upwards. Everyone. Has. To start as always you. Know as is Mario Party fashion. In. The, same corner, they're. Gonna start right on the. Cheek over here, get. Everyone involved. Dandy. D, that's. C that needs to stop I wish you would, not rotate but you know what. We. Each are special, in our own ways if they want to rotate that's. Not. Fine by me I. Think. I'm holding shift I think it's cuz I'm holding shift they. Actually shift and then there. We go I'm, learning I'm learning I, mean. As you could probably tell by what you're looking at I might. Be a professional at Photoshop, but there's things I don't know yet, that's. Not the case apparently, I guess I have to select it first whatever whatever. Works. Everyone. Is here. Quite. Literally everyone. Is over here in this corner. Now. Are. They gonna be doing I wish, I didn't which, is a little bit easier to just randomly move things next, things we need to do is actually, make the board playable. Give. Me like. I. Should. Probably just do this here um. Where's. Where's, my circle, tool oh here. We go. We. Can just make. The. Normal board from this, so. That way people can actually you know lately, roll it have a fun time all right we, need to mix in a good. Amount of. Red. And, blue. Board. Pieces because. Otherwise you know we were just being unfair to our players and factually. I'm probably just gonna start with just making the circles and then go back and change it, that. Way we can we can we. Can have a good. Build up here. There. We go and actually we're. Gonna put one up here I don't know the reason for that I'll, tell you guys in there, a little bit here, there.

We Go okay, well. We have the. Board, sorted. We. Have the board so it's a pretty short bore honestly, you can, you can make it around here pretty fast. We. Only have. One. Red, spot, because. Gdb is. Pretty. Much perfect, like. I don't see any faults, about d2b there. Are no real bad areas, of deity. Which. Is why I feel one red spot is representative. Of that but. Also keeps, it balanced, enough that. You, know if you there's, there's still a red spot it's still a Mario Party board but. Otherwise it's perfect, you. Know now. In. Order. To keep that balanced, cuz we have a lot, of blue spots if, you land on this red spot it's gotta be pretty bad it's. Gotta be pretty bad so, we're just gonna take this and make this a negative. 400. Clean spot. Cuz. Then no. One will ever want to land on there. Well. I shouldn't I need to I, think I need to move it further up I actually. Do not know where the 400, coins are it should say 400, coins somewhere in here. Negative. 400, it should display. Try. Again text. Oh it's. Just very large, okay. There we go there we okay, a little. Bigger than I had presumed I, see. This now well I should just remove this one, this. One seems to have done the job. Overflowing. Ly well, there. We go so. Now I feel, this, balances. It, out pretty, well. Everything. Gives you gives you plus three that. Just takes away everything. You've ever learned everything, you've ever earned in your entire life and, it. Gives it to DDT because. He deserves it now. This. Is looking good but. We need some happening, spots if. You. Couldn't already guess, it, we're. Gonna be having the happenings. Directly, on his eyeballs. Because. If you can land in the center of his eye and become. His. Main focus for any period of time you've pretty much already won. If. Dedede ever looks at you you, pretty, much already achieved anything you could hope to achieve in your life, so. I feel having that be the the focus of the board sort. Of brings it all back to where it comes from um. These. Are the happening spots what does it do makes, you win if, you land on one of these and you have dVB's attention, you win how. Old you, get let you're like five stars you get I think that to keep it balanced, I'm sorry, Nintendo's, give me the give me the poke that's poking me with a sword right now I can't make it to one Bell's if you land on there it can't you can't that's. Understandable, you all you can do will Auto when internally. It's. Got to give you it like five stars, though it's. Gotta be one of those things that, like you know, what you get 400 stars, I agree, freezing fire, you. Are not wrong. Let's. Make 400, a good theme because. I. Have. A circle thing what does it have like a circle thing I don't, know Photoshop that well here. Yours is gonna gonna. Just. Remove that please just. Photoshop. Why are you weird why, are you wearing I'm just translating I didn't I no longer want, this title.

I Delete, the layer boom yes. I would um, do. Like plus. Four. Hundred. Stars. There. We go and just word is good drop. This down like. Twelve point, font I probably a bit bigger than that let's. Make it actually reasonable, here. There. We go. Perfect. Guess. We're. Just gonna do two four, hundred stars. And. I. Honestly. Feel, like. This. Is looking pretty okay, wonder. What else are we missing, well it's we missing we have the two happening, spots that just give you four hundred stars. We. Have the. Just. Gaping. Maw, the. You can observe. Fear. Depends. On what side you stand on with didi if you fear it then you probably shouldn't be playing on this board because I don't want you playing on this board if you fear a deity but. We. Have the negative 400, spot. Perfectly. Balanced, a. Boss. We, need a boss of course. We. Need we need we need to leave one of those areas that if you step on it, you. Have to fight dee dee dee himself. The. Board the giant ethereal board that you are currently fighting on stands, up. Closes. Its maan sucks, you in the. Hole this, right here is your enemy. But. If you're, a real fan of deity you'll. Never have to fight it because. The inner Bad's the the bad spot that. You never want to stand on to fight the boss is inside. All, of you if. You. Ever have a thought that goes. Against, DB, these wishes, if. You ever have a thought of. Considering. Him an enemy, he. Just sucks you into the mall he, just sucks you into the void he. Just ends your life the. Bad spot is with you all the, time and. With. That we. Have a fully completed, board. This. Is it. Not. Only is it good is it a completed, board it's a completed, game. This. Game comes complete, with, three. Mini-games, warriors. Weight watchers thick. Throw down and to. Train trauma. And. That's. It these, are the characters you can play as. I'm. Satisfied. This. Is. Potentially. The the, furthest I will ever go on YouTube, because. I'm deleting, my channel. Why. Was this what, was this bit did. You guys actually enjoy. This bit. Cuz. I have honestly. No. Idea, what. I'm what I'm getting at at this point how. Do you roll with dice, dumb. God. Yes. No, I like the guy who just spam no, in. All caps, no. Cuz. That's me. That's. Me right there, no. All. Right now. Then uh. Thank. You all for watching that's. Gonna be end of the, whatever. This segment, was, this. Has been our Mario Party segment for the day I. Mean. I'm gonna be real men this is probably some of the most entertainment, I've gotten out of Mario, Party online. This. Is the equivalent of Mario Party online more or less yo, Thank You Matthew Spiegel, for this for the $2 donation. My. Friend code is a long, string of numbers yo, uh Matthew, in, order to be, added onto the main account you got to join my discord first link in the description you don't join the fail Bo discord um. You. Got a link your YouTube, account to discord and then.

Post, Your friend, code in the lifeboat, friend code section with it with everyone else then. I will add you when. I can, yes. The, DVD, lux board I mean, it is Mario. Party deluxe, so, the DD deluxe board I feel this sort of fits in pretty well alright. Now. We're. Gonna switch on over in three to five minutes to another game I'll be back in a little bit whew. That. Was, a segment.

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