Building an Online Business: Day 1

Building an Online Business: Day 1

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Hello. Welcome to dare to conquer. Hello. Welcome, to dare to conquer, I'm Paul Scrivens and welcome, to the first day of the, five-day challenge now what is the five day challenge the five day challenges, me. Simply coming up with an idea and, launching. A business, within, five days now. This, business one of the main aspects, of it is going to be blocking and, the reason why is because I know a lot of people have questions you know can you really make money blogging and that's kind. Of the wrong question, and you, know over the five days you'll, gain a better understanding of, why that's the wrong question, but. I really, want to show you that kind of like 50,000. Foot view of all, the things that I do to prepare, my. Sites or you, know business ideas, for a trajectory of success. And it's. Not gonna be one of those where hey I'm gonna show you how to install. WordPress on a web host and you know that's it well you started something no let's, actually go. Through all the different things that I go through to make sure okay yeah, this is actually, going. To be something as long as I follow through and I take action on these things so. I'm very excited for this it's. It's it's crazy that I'm even doing this as you can see oh no. You can see but you know I just, put my. 14, month old son to bed, my, one month old is up. With the wife right now obviously. I run there, to conquer and a number of other businesses I'm supposed to launch another. Business, with my brother next week so I mean my plate is full so taking on this five day challenge. One. It's just insane -, it's stupid, three. I said, I I really. Want to do it because. I. Think it's it's a. Good. Measure of how, you can do something while. You. Know life is still happening because I know a lot of you watching this you know you have full-time jobs you have families to take care of and it's wondering you're wondering you. Know how how. Do I even start this or you know how do I. Do. This thing that I feel that I should be doing. You know I'm reading other people's successes how are they pulling, it off well I want, to show you how you can pull it off because, yeah. Again I have so. Much stuff going on and, you. Know I do like my sleep so I should shouldn't. Be sleeping right now but. I'm up I'm gonna do this video and you. Know we're gonna run through some things real. Quick and so over the next five days so, I plan on making this five video, series it might be six we might do like a conclusion, type of day we're. Gonna go through my process of building. And launching. A, company. And at, the end if you're a dear, to Concord member I'm. Gonna. Have like a drawing type of thing where, I'm, just gonna give it away because I don't need to run anymore, these. Businesses, so without, further ado, let's. Turn, it around and, let's. Get started. Okay. So let. Me tell you a little secret I could probably do. This all one night, if. I wanted to but uh that. Might be showing, off so, what we're gonna do is I don't I don't know how I'm gonna break up the days and you, know which day, is, gonna, include which task, but. Obviously, we're gonna start at the very beginning which. Is actually. Choosing your, niche now if you read the dare. To conquer business framework which is freely available now, have a link to it, below. Excuse. Me. You'll. Know that. For. Me niches, are not. Really. Topics, there are audiences and, issues are the worldviews, that you and your audience share. But. That's kind of abstract. So you, know sometimes it's just easier to start with a a topic, now, if I'm gonna start on a topic what I usually look for is a topic that is.

Poplar. Doesn't, have to be the most popular topic, in the world or, anything like that but I want, to make sure that there's already some type of built-in audience to it and. There. Are generally, four, I. Call. Them the Four Horsemen of Nicias. There there's the Four Horsemen Tanisha's that you. Generally. Want to make sure whatever. Topics. That. You're talking about fall, in so and. These, it's not like I'm not ranking these in order this is just how, it is so you have. Love. Health. Wealth. And. The. Irrationally, passionate. So. The first three are kind of self-explanatory, love, you know dating sex, health. Dieting. Fitness well of making, money saving, money rationally. Passionate, is one, of the ones that, kind. Of trips people up and idea, behind a rationally passionate, is that, there, are some topics that you. Don't know why people are so obsessed with but the, people that they're. Involved in it they. Spend. A ton of money so, sneakers. Would, be something that there's. An irrationally, passionate, audience right like the way people just go. Crazy over, sneakers. Just insane, you know watches. Bullet. Journals you know those, kind of things like those things don't pertain to love health or wealth they. Pertain to something. That people, just happened to be irrationally. Passionate, about it now, ideally, what you want to do is you. Know hopefully have some type of crossover so you know you combine, love and wealth or love and never actually passionate. Health. And wealth like those kind of if you can find something that crosses, over then that's. Really good it's not it's not a necessity but. There's. Just sometimes thrown out there so, what, I'm gonna do is I'm on Pinterest, and, because. I'm not going to. Pick. A business that um, have. An interest in on topic, that I have it interests in or anything like that because if. I do then you know I'd want to keep it and you. Know with it within data conquer I talked about how. You. Can figure, out you know if your, interests are your hobbies or, those little things that you're like. To do if those, are worthy of a business but I'm gonna step. Back and be more I. Don't. Know if practical, is the right word. But. I'm not just gonna step back and look okay let me see if there's a poplar. Niche. Audience, whatever, you want to call it. That I, could build this business around and. Yeah. So that's why I'm on Pinterest and you, might think well why Pinterest well Pinterest. Is a great source for seeing what things. Are popular, and. You. Know before, they made it a little easier because they had this. Whole. What. You can browse. There. Their topics, but they always they keep on moving stuff around so things get a little, bit confusing. But. What I would do is I would start a brand new Pinterest, account from scratch and you, know when you start from scratch it.

Goes Through this thing where it says you know pick your interest, you know you might as well just pick a lot, of the different interests that they have on there and. You know and see, what's up. And. This is living. The hype so this is the the new brand. Business. That I'm going to launch for my brother here I'm trying to see if. I can find. Some. Type of. Let's. See if, I just type in topics. Basically. I'm looking for a page that. Pinterest. Is gonna have oh well. Let's just go with popular right there. Alright, so we can see it's, gonna be a lot of Health, men's. Fashion. Food. Gardening. And. You know what. You want to do is you want to click on some, of the pins and you, can see this is published February, 15th that already has one dozen reap ins, the. Amount of reap ends are gonna vary depending on the niche. But. Your that's what you're basically looking for you looking for pins that have a lot of reap, ins and the reason why is because it means a lot of people are searching. For that thing or a lot of people were interested in that thing so, you know it could be a gardening. And. You know one of the one of the big things of interest is you know sorting through the ads and, all. That kind of stuff. And. So okay I'm I'm. Not gonna make you sit here and scroll, through everything that that I'm scrolling through, so. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna scroll through a little bit and you. Know look. For some topics and see. If something you, know. Something. Stands out to me before, that has some potential so I'll I'll be right back. Okay. So it's. Just scrolling through and, one. Of the pins popped up was a wedding dress it wasn't this one it was. Go. Back. So. It was this one and you. Know this one was. Pen I was today at third yes pen yesterday I already has 214, right pins so I was like oh you know let's, let's go through and see and you. Know so then I clicked on this one and, this one has two thousand rate pins and posted. About a month and a half ago so, it. Makes me think oh wedding. Dresses and, you. Know going. A bit higher. Up or you, know expanding, out weddings. In general, and. Here's. The things about weddings. You. Know I'm gonna talk about what some, of the things that I like when, I look for in topics so weddings. For. Me it has covers, two things love. And. Rationally passionate, because once you're involved in a wedding right there's a lot of people were just like oh they they want the perfect wedding and it's, just you.

Know It might not be fair to call it irrationally, passionate. But. People are like super passionate about, having, known you know the best experience. Not the most expensive weddings, but the best experience, with, their weddings from. The from the gowns to the events, you know you know the food and you know everything on. Point, type, of thing and so I. Got a nice little cross over here and then and actually you know maybe. Wealth because, it could be you know how to save money on a wedding yeah. You. Know could be a little bit of health as well you know so. Weddings. I could explore a little bit more but. What. I'm gonna do is I. Want. To see. What. Other types, of websites. Revolve. Around weddings just, to see what other people are doing in in the wedding space. Because. I think, what. Happens with a. Lot. Of people and I'm I don't, even think this I know this because I get this question a lot people, will email me and they'll say you know hey hey, scribbs I'm thinking, about starting, a site, in this, niche do you think it's going to work well one that's an impossible question, for me to answer because I don't know your work ethic I don't know how. You're gonna do things so you, know I don't know but - you. Don't have to ask me all you got to do is just go out there and see if there's other people being successful, in it then. Why. Can't you be successful in it right it's it's no different than you, know you have, McDonald's, at the very beginning in somebody gone I wonder, if a. Burger joint is going, to work out well yeah if you looked at McDonald's, you could see that it worked out so you, know you start your own burger joint you know so. Let's, actually do some searches, for. Weight. Actually you know what instead of. Just. Straight up doing. A search let's go, to over suggest, and. Ubersuggest, is a free SEO tool if you don't know about SEO don't. Stress it done, don't panic. Or anything like that so what, I'm gonna do is type in weddings. And. What I want to do is I want to see what kind of sites are ranking. For weddings. Are. Those palm trees I can't tell. And. That will, start, to see let me see okay these, are the type of sites that rank for weddings and so these. Are the kind of the big things let's. Do wedding vows. Okay. Than not. Let's. See you know if I'd know know. Something it would send, me to the site. Disperse. Shutterfly, easy weddings, that calm a. Practical. Wedding so. I said let's just do, the. Knot first. Okay. Wedding planning for everyone so this is just a huge, rush wedding site. Okay. Just a giant site revolving, around wedding. So. You. Know that right. There it lets me know hey, you. Know there's there's money to be made, and. This stuff, let's look up another one the. Spruce I know the spruce is more of a, overall. Lifestyle. Oops. What. Does spruce calm. Down. So. Yeah I see it disputes. Is more just overall, lifestyle. But, you know they're writing about wedding so the, spruce is writing about it then you. Know it's it's there's, something in it a. Practical. Wedding let's do a practical. Wedding. Something. Else I'm also looking for is you know how are these sites making money the spruce because. It's just a giant content, site the, money's gonna be made with ads, they're. Not it looks like it offers a lot of different services, and. You know I'm assuming there gonna be some servers that you can pay for and, stuff like that so, you. Know in a nice shop so, and the reason why I'm looking for how they're making money is because I don't want to, go. Into a niche and and. Say okay yeah this niche there's a lot of people looking for it and. I'm Kaila on it but the only way I can make money is with ads because. Ads. Are, a way, to make money with. Your online business but when it becomes the primary way of you, making money you're gonna be in trouble right it's different for the Spurs to do it because spruce has tons. Of writers or just a mega. Company, writing. It it's different from you you know and you're just limiting yourself to you, know a couple thousand a month and I sound silly saying just the minute a couple thousand a month but, you know as you grow and.

You, Get bigger you're gonna say okay you know no I want to make you know five. Figures a month I want to make six figures a month and so I want, to look for those ideas that have the potential and. You know seeing the knot and you know if I'm sure if I go through this I'll get a better understanding, of their whole business model seeing. The knot I'm sure they're not looks, like you know they do pretty, well just because there's so many things involved with, a way. So. Practical, wedding so. Local vendors. Looks. Like ads are gonna be their main thing here, you. Know, I'm thinking. So. They had local vendors I'm thinking maybe a vendor directory you know they have local vendors right up here vending. Directory directory. Looks. Like you can create a a website. So I wonder do they offer, an. Affiliate program. Maybe. They do maybe they don't, the, shop you, know maybe I could start an Etsy shop and. Create. Some wedding invitations, and and you know other types of things obviously affiliate, marketing would be a big, thing because I can go. Through and say you know for your wedding you know this these are some nice, props. I don't know what you come for weddings these, are something these things you could have. For. It, you. Know especially with rings and dresses and all that kind of stuff and yeah I. Would. Like, to go deeper, but yeah there's, just a ridiculous, amount of potential. Here let. Me try find, just a couple more the minted I've never heard of minted calm so let's just go to MIT did calm. Interesting. Okay. Um. Brides. Calm wedding. Ford. All. Right so let's try that understood. Wedding. Forward. Um. And. Right off the bat it looks like this one's going to be. Yeah. This one's probably going to be just mainly, advertising. Um, but they have a shops let's see shop alright Etsy. Shop you, know like I said maybe I get started see shop. Alright. You know I can, be. An affiliate for Etsy and a link to the different se shops that, privacy more idea I don't think I don't, think you'd want me creating, any. Wedding stuff okay, so, I think weddings, is is, it. In. A, huge. Audience the problem the. Problem with the audience is right. You might think well, once. Somebody goes. To the whole wedding process they're done and that's true but thankfully. There's always people getting married right it's kind of like why the parenting. Initial. Never dies is because people are always having kids.

So. That that's gonna work out fairly. Well I. Think. There's money in it I, think there's. Products. To. Be made and, you know the that's something to. List. Out more just to make sure okay you know yet this has this, potential. With regards to money because you you can't get stuck in the mode where you're thinking okay I'm going to create a site and, it's. Just gonna have ads and I'm just gonna make all my money from ads because it's. It's. Not a good luck cuz trafficking, and died out of traffic dies down then you're screwed you. Want to make sure you have multiple, streams of revenue so is it going to be multiple streams of revenue available. For. Me if I, create, a, site. That caters to this audience. Yeah. I I think it's it's all there so. What. I'm gonna do next is let's just go quickly search for. A. Domain. Just. Closing some tabs here and so what, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to name vine dot-com. And. Name. Vine calm what it does is you can type in a word and it'll start giving you suggestions. So. I'm just gonna type in wedding. And. You can see domain suggestions, that contain wedding obviously wedding, com has already taken. And. There's other methods that I use to. Get. Domain names but you know I usually start off with this for. Some reason wedding, Vox I like wedding box for some reason. Wedding. Fan. I'd. Be surprised of wedding fans available. Alright. So I'm gonna go to Okay. So when, we get ready to build this site. I'm. Gonna show you a web, host that I recommend, and within that web host you can buy a domain there, and a lot of web hosts what they do is they'll say you, know if you host, your site with us we'll give you the first year. Of your. Domain for free and so you know that sounds like a pretty solid deal and so a lot of people jump on it I like, to use I like to keep. My services. Separate, so I like to have. My domains hosted, with hover now, hover. Or Namecheap would be the two that I would recommend and I. Like, hover because however, specializes. In just in domains that's what hover does you're not gonna get up. Sales for any other type of services, or anything it's just literally, domains. That's what it specializes in and that's what it's for and you. Know because I'm looking forward com it's I think it's 13, to 15 dollars a year, so, I mean getting. One for free and having it with my web host and now I decide to leave that way home so I keep that domain on that web post and then if I don't then I gotta move it off that web host if I keep it with everything with hover I'll have everything centralized, and it, just makes. My life easier, now you don't have to do this but, I'm, just again, showing you how I go about doing, these things. So I, was, saying wedding, fan cannot be available if there's no way it's available so let's see. So. Yeah its if it was available it, would pop, up there so, I'm gonna go that wedding Vox I don't. Know why I just like the word Fox. And. So we see it's available. And. You. Know later, on I'll go through the whole process of buying it you don't need to see me okay, go on and do that now. You. Might be curious, Oh what about all the social media stuff, I don't want you to get too caught up in social media just. When you're trying to get started there's some cases where you might find a domain that you really like but maybe.

The Twitter or Instagram names already taken I don't. Let that stop me you know you can always just do an alternate social media name. So. I, think. For, the. Site my brother not working on living the hype. The. Twitter name mistake and the Instagram was name was taken so. I believe I went with like living your hype and you. Know that's fine I you. Know I can live with that I'm not, messing. Up or getting. Ignoring. Or avoiding, a good domain name just because I can't get the social media names right you know I know social. Media names not, too many people even pay attention to those you know they click on something and there we go but a website, that the. Domain has, to have the name that you know I'm gonna fall in love with and, something that I like. So. Yeah. I'm gonna go with wedding, voxcom, so, I mean already we have our. Audience. Audience, people, that are getting married and. We. Have a domain name so what, I will do tomorrow. Because. I don't know how long this video is gonna go tomorrow. Is just start. Going through and. Coming. Up with content ideas and. You might be wondering why am i doing content ideas well I'll. Explain that tomorrow before we actually build a site at all we're, gonna get some. Content. Ideas and maybe some pieces of content written, so. Yeah. I'll see you in the next video.

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