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Build Your Business with Jesus

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Hi. Guys told. You. Anyway. Today. Was cold here and today, I want. To talk to you about, building. Your, business with. Jesus. All. Right and. Kinda. You, know not. My usual heart. For. Internet. Marketing, so and that's because I had. An encounter with the Lord about that and I. Was. Literally coming, in my, office to do something, and. I. Think I was about to write a blog post or something like that and. My. Hands started, shaking they, were like I mean. Like I could not stop shaking and I couldn't even tiny and. So, I was like Lord what is this so I just kept shaking so. I went into prayer and I just started praying praying, praying and. Not. To mention that, everything. In, my life had kind of came to a halt like everything, everything I was doing. Seems like nothing was working, all, every, door was closed in and I was like oh my god like what's going on Aaron. What, what's happening and. So I was already printing but this particular day I just couldn't even type I had to go and, just go in the crib so as I was in in prayer. The. Lord began to reveal to me that. You. Know he has a specific purpose for my life and we all know that right we all know that. You, know as a believer, the Lord has a plan for your body if you probably been prophesied, over when you were a kid people. Tell you you won't preach you won't be an evangelist, and all this stuff but I'm like Lord when you call Moses, you, had a burning bush and he knew it was you he didn't jump out there on his own trying, to make something. And. Then on top of that you know having the anointing, to, carry out an, assignment of, that magnitude, so I definitely wasn't trying, to be a preacher or any of that I just would. Encourage people, about saw someone in the grocery store I pray, for them or, whatever so I wasn't like I, don't, know like preaching, on the hilltops, and all the stuff but I knew there was an anointing on my life and, I've been told that I've been prophesied, over about, it but you. Know God you don't have to really show me because, again. I'm not jumping out there on my own so this particular day I'm trying to tie my blog and just. Nothing. Was happening again like I told you the week before like. All doors had been closing on me I had, lost all interest. In building, the business all in, trees like literally, I didn't, want to blog about SEO. Traffic. Email. Marketing. All, this stuff I was bored to death. Literally. And I. Would but I was like you know maybe this is just a stage I'm going through trying to shake it off you know, and. So when I went into prayer the Lord began to speak to me or revealed to me some people say well do Lord speak to you inaudible voice no. I'm. Not saying you can't but most of the time he'll reveal things to your mind or you'll, find out stuff around you doors are closing or opening or. You have this massive, transition. You. Know spirit. You know that there's a big, transition.

Coming Because everything, in your life is changing. Without your permission so that's what was happening to me so. During. The prayer he started to reveal to me that you, know that. I hadn't, been crazy, and. I'm like yes, I have I pray every day I talk to you all the time I'm in prayer all night sometimes I didn't go sleep I'm not praying and, he was like no that's not what I'm talking about what I'm talking about is that you haven't, been praying. So. I'm like, okay. King. I don't get it I'm praying all the time. But. What the Lord was showing me was that I wasn't, really praying, his will, I was, praying what I wanted, what I wanted to happen you know praying for my friends, I'm praying for a course our president, the country all, this stuff but, I wasn't praying for the Lord you know was your will not the ask God cash before, once your wheel a little bit I go back to exactly what my rule is um. But. This particular time the Lord was like you know you. Need to be praying what, is my will and, you. Need to be in my wheel because you're outside of my and I, was like okay, and, so. I had. To go into deep details, about explaining, to you everything board told me because that was for me but, the reality was that you, know I wasn't committed, to prayer even though I was praying all the time I was praying whenever I wanted, to pray I was, praying about whatever I wanted to pray about it's sort of like you know you're going into a conversation with someone and, they're they come to talk to you and you're like hi and then you just tell them all stuff you want to tell them and you don't, even give God a chance you, know to tell. You anything so that's kind of what I was doing you know I was Brandon spirit for any event, but, I wasn't saying Lord am I on your will God. Is there something in particular you want me to do today and. Not only that I didn't have a specific prayer, time I was just randomly, prayed whenever it was most convenient for me throughout the day if I wanted to pray in the morning I pray in the morning if I want to pray at night all night I talk to God all night long all night long, right. But, the Lord is saying that's not commitment, commitment is. Sending. A time in your schedule to, spend with the Lord literally, so that way the Lord knows you're coming even. Though he knows all he's all-knowing all-seeing, I'm. Not present but this is for you to, be committed he knows when you're coming just. Like if you, have. You. Know if you want to meet with a friend or something you don't just randomly release, if your friends have a lot going on they like they have a you know career they have children you, don't just show up randomly just, decided, hey today I want to do this right you're gonna call, hey, are you available and you're, gonna spend time with that plan you're gonna set aside time you, know even. If you're in a marriage a lot of times you get busy and you know he's busy you're busy and, you. Have to schedule time to go on a date or do something together, so the Lord is saying you. Need to spend that time with me you need to put it on your schedule, on your calendar, that this is the time that I'm gonna be praying, and. I'm gonna be committed, to this relationship. God is not a genie and already knew that like I thought I was pretty mature sorry, on my nose. But. Um I thought. I was mature and I thought I understood you, know God's not a genie you have to make sure you pray in his word you.

Have To you know make sure you're praying all the time and, that literally means just having a connection with the Lord not sometimes you can't just be praying all day um, so, I thought I was a mature Christian, I thought I understood what. That meant but. The Lord was showing me you really don't because when, you are committed. To the Lord you have that specific prayer time you, don't schedule, that time and just you know decide. Today. I'm too busy tomorrow no you, know sometimes. Occasional, life happens, and you may have to adjust that time but for the most part that is your prayer time that's time that you're getting before the Lord not just afraid what you want and pray you, know you, know for the country the way you want to pray for the country to pray for people to what you want to pray for them but literally giving, that time to speak to you about your life about, your purpose, and. So, at this point I'm thinking okay, do you really, want me to just stop blogging you stop having a busy and stop you, know and for three weeks I did, it I've been involved I didn't. Do anything I, was just so careful, because I understand, without God I'm not, I would, crumble I. Need, the Lord I don't want to make you angry you. Know what I'm saying I don't want to you, know mess, things up and literally. I just was in my own head I had everything the way I want to be doing what I want how, I went, not. Really taking, the time to see what God wants, and so when God truly. Began. To reveal to me his purpose for my life I was blown away and, it was like, nothing. I could have come up with myself it, was nothing, it was be way beyond, the level of what I was trying to build like you, know Lord is like all the stuff you trying to do I've already done, it for you and this is what its gonna happen and you showing me how to prepare and get ready for it and all this so I heard. The Lord so I started, preparing and a lot of that didn't have a lot to do with in having, that consistent, prayer time and also. Preparing. Physically, like working, out get up and exercise comb, your hair get. Yourself, together because you're getting ready to go through a major, huge. Transition. And, I, was like okay. But I almost missed him literally, I almost miss. This. Amazing, thing that was gonna happen because. I, wasn't listening to Lord because I had my own idea, of what I wanted, and even though I was praying all the time so for all you prayer warriors out there if you're, praying all the time but you're not taking, time to ask God when what's his will and you're not um, having. That dedicated. Time I mean God gave me three times that I need to pray during the day and, that's because I had the flexibility, in my schedule right, now to do it so, he.

Gave Me three times during the day that I need to pray and that I need to be committed and he didn't say like you got to pray that whole hour or you gotta but just even if it's acknowledging. When that clock goes off I put it in my phone, acknowledging. That this is time with the Lord be quiet be still if, you even out somewhere, hopefully you won't be planning things during the times that God gives you but if, for some reason, your life lead you when you're out to me go to the bathroom say. I'm being excused for a second I go to, restroom it's been that, time just, lord I acknowledge, that this is our time I love you i worshipping, i glorify. You in this moment is there anything you want to speak to me you speak to my mind is there anything you want me to do is there's a specific, person that I'm having lunch with this person, is, there something, you want me to say to them you, know just Holly. To God I'm trying not to cry because, we. Ignore. God some, minute. We. Have our own ideas of what we want in our lives you know and we get so busy and we think just because we take time to pray during, the day that we some super spiritual people in the night you, know when, you don't make, a commitment. To the relationship, that. You have with the Lord you're not committed, I don't care how much you clean I don't care how much you speak in tongues I don't care how much you encourage. And motivate people if, you don't have a specific prayer, time a time did you say Lord you are my ever father you. Know I love, you I join, you I worship, you I know that, you have a plan for my life I'm I want, to hear your will and and, literally, spend time with him like that then you're not committed, and I was like whoa that's like next-level stuff right. But. You, know by doing that, by obeying him and doing that I was able to see like how, I was literally. About to, miss out on one, thing biggest, blessing, in my entire life and, you. Know I know I heard the Lord so you know I'm getting, ready to parent and I'm, excited, because what. I was trying to do God had already done and it's not to say I can't blog or I can't you know but that's got to take a backseat to. Preparing. Spiritually mentally. Physically. Emotionally, for. The transition, that's coming and had, I not taken the time to. Spend with the Lord to get that answer, then. I would have spent the rest of my life walking uphill or struggling, trying to figure things out when God. Had already worked it out so so many of you out there trying, to build businesses, on the Internet. Excuse. Me. But. Um so. Many of you were out there and you're trying to build businesses, on the Internet, but, you're. Not including God and, you, could say well it's God's will for me to prosper being, getting held it's, God's will for me to be the head not the tail blender not the bar I'm doing this for generations to come all the stuff I had all those reasons and there's nothing wrong with that it's, okay to have a journal it's okay to one. Of her super 8 needs to have something that you want to do for, yourself for your children, for your future, but, God even tells us you know that our life is like a vapor right it's here today it's gone tomorrow so what's most important, is what, we did for him and it is his will that you prosper and be in good health but he like, he told me a while ago prays that I find, my purpose, not not, for me to find your dream and. And. A lot of times the, purpose that he cares for you it has a lot to do with the changes in your heart but you may have kind, of, miscalculated.

How, It's gonna happen because you. Just got an idea you just went for it and you didn't consider how God actually saw, that thing happening, and the, way God showed me my. Purpose. And how everything. That it was in my heart by business, all this stuff you, know I love building a business since I love all the stuff that I do you know but all the stuff that could be showing me was. The. Way he had it planned I was a lot easier than. The, way I was trying to do it so. All. I'm saying is just you, know build your business with Jesus take time to pray um, I'm no longer worried, about if I get signups, customers. I don't I really don't care because. The reality is if I can use this face to change someone's, life and, to, help them see you there building a business is so much more than just you, know making, some money real fast and, trying to do this and trying to do that as a matter of fact we're gonna give you some practical, advice if, you're new to the internet or even have you been trying to do it for a while right. Um the practical, advice will be if you have a job keep your job, and the reason why I'm telling you that it's because I. Have. Struggled. So much with, trying, to build. A business using credit, all this stuff you, know and just you know if I had had this this, is, tall, in the beginning, you know they do give you the disclaimers, you know no, one's guaranteed to make money all this stuff but it's not enough to make a person really understand, what, they're getting themselves into, so. If you're building a business and, you don't have like, for. A couple of years and money saved up you don't have like, your money's not making money you, need to have a dog because you gotta have some kind of income coming in right. So. That you can invest in your business so that you can invest in the vision that, the lawyer hopefully, the Lord is giving you right you can invest and I, have to pull on your credit and I have to live on the edge wondering, every matter how you gonna pay things all this stuff you, know so, you have with how to dog be thankful, for that job and use that income again. As a way to to. Invest and, to build a business, that's stable and that is making money for you then, you can say you, know talk it over with your spouse or don't, have a spouse talk, it over of course with the Lord and with some good friends and kind of see you, know which would you know help. Help, see where you should be what you should be doing because. A lot of times we get in our own heads we just have our own ideas and what we want that's all we can see and sometimes it's good but sometimes we're blinded, by that you're, blinded, by I just want to make money I just want to you, know do, this do that and, then it's like you get yourself in a ditch and if you can't get yourself out you, know so spend. A lot of time in prayer asking the Lord you know as you're starting your business what's his business supposed to look like. Do. I have the capital where can I get the capital to advance Lord I was, listening to a young lady the other day who was talking about how she. Was gonna start at school and, she, didn't want to get in there go to school so a lot of people thought she was crazy like just take our home and, y'all they doing work across the street from my house so they start shaking trembling and a whole bunch of stuff they over there digging up the herd over there so just let me know but, anyway so I was listening to her and just for her to be so young she was so wise chair.

Squeaking All, right but. Um she was so wise and, she started talking about how. You know, she. Wanted to go to school for business and. She was gonna just take out these loans and. But. Then she was like now I really don't want to get into it and friends thought she was crazy once you just take out long and go for your dream and she was like no because of God has, his dream for me he wouldn't want me to be getting in there to get it you know so she decided, not to so she took a little production. Of degree. By 2-year degree what the month of money she had that could cover and, the border ended up blessing heard what a wonderful, husband. They. Ended up getting a nice, home, and, she, was able to start a YouTube channel and, she's making more money than a lot of people who go out to corporate America, every day to. Try to make it happen for themselves and trying to struggle to pay back their student loans so, I was like you know that's a good concept and what I pulled from that was that you, know if. The Lord wants, you to do something he's gonna make a way for you to do it so you don't have to go put yourself in debt you. Know quit your job you, know have your kids going to being homeless all this stuff out you know my testimony, I tell you all the time all the stuff I've gone through. Because. In my mind I said I'm a go-getter I don't quit it I don't give up you. Know I was thinking about how, much you, know poverty. Had cost me, literally. Almost cost me my son, won, for the Lord and I'm still believing the Lord on that, literally. Cost, me everything because if you have money you could just take care of situations, you don't have to worry about it. Never one of my children is struggle and go through the hardships so there was not it, wasn't like I just wanted to build a business because I just want to be rich I want to build a business because I wanted to change generations of poverty but instead of going to God with that and just literally laying it before the Lord and, let him know how much you know it hurt me to have to to. Have to you know go, through things that I've had to go through because growing up in the foster care system not having peanuts not being. Able to learn, about many and understanding, how to make money and all this stuff. How. Do you suppose I do this I have an idea I want to build the business but, Lord what is your plan and purpose and will for, me and getting that done you, know I didn't, really dig deeper, there um instead. I did the opposite, right put myself in dead, when. I did all this crazy stuff trying to build learn and grow I was determined, and all, of that I was shedding God out and so I don't want you to make that mistake not, to say building the business the bad it's a good thing it's a good thing but, make sure you talking to the Lord about it and, make sure that God is opening doors because he that young lady she had a dream she wanted, to go to school for business she, wanted to be for the introduction. And she wanted to be in film and modeling and all this stuff and the. Lord opened the door but it was totally different you know he gave her a beautiful daughter he gave her a. Beautiful, husband. And also, gave her opportunity. Where her channel, is just blessed people just sign up subscribe. You know and she, just she makes money off her clothing line and different stuff like that so. What. I'm saying is everything that was in my heart was good it was something that was. There for a reason but instead of me taking it to God and saying Lord well how is it supposed to look how am I supposed to do it I ran off on my own trying, to make, it all happen and, so. That. Day back to that day the. Day where I was sitting in here trying to type in I'm trembling like my hands, but the Holy Spirit would not let my hands touch my keyboard literally. I was just like oh my. God like what was going on and so the Lord was just he loved me so much that he didn't want me to miss out on how he, had. Planned for this business to lu1, how he had. Planned on putting everything together he could have just let me keep typing and let me keep on and there's nothing wrong there Michael stop blogging no probably. Not bless the Lord just say shut it all down Florence they've shut it down by medusa's I'm out that's it because he got something else when you do yes, I said surely there nobody has said it back off and. Spend more time in prayer and spend more time in preparation for, the transition, that's coming that has pretty much everything that you're trying to do all package name I.

Just. Want you to know that you. Need to build your business with Jesus um you need to spend time in prayer you need to be consulted about all the decisions, that you make if you have employment. Don't, run and quit your job because you started with my business go, and ask the Lord is the time for me to do this if so how because, if it is got to open the door for you and show you how to do it if, it's not then be patient humble, yourself, be, submitted, to your balls go to work when you're supposed to take, the money the extra money that you have and invest but as god how to invest it where to invest it he may lead you to something, totally different that's still kind of business-related but is maybe it's not online maybe some other kind of way so guys I just want you guys to be encouraged, if you're out there you trying to build a business a lot of times people get frustrated, because, they're not including, God they put all their all into their business, um. And. Then you know I was praying I was praying but I wasn't praying commit. In a committed fashion, and again. The purpose and plans that God has for me it's gonna require me to be extremely committed, and, very prayerful, to, him and it's not gonna be an option it's not gonna be something that I'm gonna be able to just do when I feel like it is something that people's, lives, globally. Will be dependent. Upon me, brand so, I. Have, to pray and I have to be committed have, to obey. The Lord when he says stop, do this, do that so now, my. Day doesn't look like me just sitting in front of computer all day my day looks like preggers, mm-hmm. Prayer okay. Exercise. Because, I need to be healthy to do this, to go through this transition, and. Then it looks like reading. My Bible and then, it looks like a little, blogging if I'm led if I'm giving something like today I was given build. Your business with Jesus, that's what I was giving so if I'm if I'm giving something or if I got some free time and I just wanna talk about something give you some techniques tips, everything. Is already over there at. So much information over there already. So finally. Blog another day in my life there's. Enough information for, you to start a business get your blog up and running all the stuff but, that's not what it's supposed to look like. Building. With him don't try to get. Yourself out there and get yourself caught up you know spending, thousands, of dollars trying to do, this it didn't work out great kill yourself you, know all this stuff is, that, what's going on you know it's been times where I've been offered. Opportunities but, I'm like hmm let me pray about that and I did pray about it I was a little bit way then later I see like things all, that happened you know so. Just just, be careful, how you spend your money don't just um, just. Jump off a bridge you know just doing, stuff without consulting. The Lord in stuff you have a spouse definitely, consult your spouse, before. You go into these things and, it's okay and understand that entrepreneurship, is a lifestyle, it's, not something, that you, just start, and just see you just test out see if it's worked out if, you had an entrepreneurial, spirit it's a lifestyle so it could be some. Time before you, reach some kind of milestone, but, you just keep, plugging. In it I remember I. Went. Into this. Because my son is in private school and we go to the story the jewnicorn, so, I went to the store this is a little old store head you know a couple of things for his school and a couple other things and I'm, it, was a dinner I, was like and. Then there was a sign and we're saying on this girl names doors so I'm with next door and I walk in and it's like oh my.

I, Was. Crying I literally was crying I started crying oh I'm a crybaby some kind so. I literally, started, just bawling because I was just so blown away with, how beautiful. This. Store was I mean, they. Now do flower, arrangements. And smell so good in there it was like this, cut, you see how my office has got this log cabin type, feeling it was like a log cabin which, I love I love the blue it. Was like a log, cabin type, feel up in there and was, just gorgeous. And, was humongous, in there and had, new floors and, all the stuff we used to struggle to get for our kids fighting over his bed before not literally fighting but we'd be like man look um you, know everybody's, in there his long line everybody's, trying to get you know just get the kids through the first week of school everything. Was in abundance I. Hugged. The baby and I was like crying and I was like this is so beautiful. And I was like oh my god. And I was like how what, hat what how you, know and, then she told me she said listen she, said we've been building this business for 35, years. Y'all. Sit on it 35 years, and. She said um you know she, said my mother started, this business and she said honestly she had tried to give me the business but I didn't want it she was like I was like no I'm doing my own thing you. Know blah blah blah blah blah she, was like but then the Lord just kept talking, tugging at her so she started working on the business and. Then her husband, what. Worked two jobs he, was a truck driver he did something else I mean he was working two jobs to. Keep them afloat financially, at, home, right. So. That she could build a business in, 35. Years later you had this humongous, beautiful. Store, right. That she can even pass on to her children um. And, she talked about how hard it was you know not times when they would try to you know they would be getting our uniforms, together for our children, and literally, they had to press it out all about him because they couldn't afford the expensive, equipment, to do it faster, um, it, was a lot of work and. I just started crying I started telling her my story about trying to build a business and you, know how hard it's been and all the stuff and I was like I was you know questioning, at one time if I should go back out to work if I should you, know um, because dead you gotta pay your your, dinners you gotta pay past it you gotta pay you know stuff you know you can't be just, let itself Paola why are you trying to have a dream you gotta pay, your bills too, so, and. I was telling her you know you know this is just you know it's been hard like, I just had no idea it's gonna be this difficult. And then, I'm I was like but I'm determined because I really, want something for my children I don't want them to struggle what I struggle even if I don't get to enjoy what, I built I want to build it for them I want them to be able to have opportunities. And all this stuff and she said yes she said sweetheart she said you make that decision based on what, you're seeing happening, she said because like I said my husband worked two jobs to, help, me build, this business up to where it is and my mother started this business so it's been a lot, of work a lot of consistency. And the reason why I'm telling you that because a lot of people tell you you know jump online build a biz, it, could have been fast, all this stuff and that's marketing, I mean sometimes I used some type of terminology not, quite like that but you, know it's marketing, guys you, know people do, that just like models, they don't really look like that right they. Photoshop. They do all this stuff to them you know so it's not reality. Um, so, don't take marketing, literally, right and that's why I want people come in my phone I charge them seven to twenty dollars to get started because that's when I have this conversation, that. We're having right, I'm going to show you a lot of things teach you a lot of things but we don't have a conversation before, you start, booking out thousand plus dollars right, let's do this little bit see if you can do that come back to me when you've done that I'm, not even gonna give you the opportunity to get upgrade until you have done this you know what I'm saying so that's the point you have to. Understand. That it is a lifestyle. That this is something that you that was in your heart for reason you gotta actually understand, why you want what you want you, gotta take this thing to the Lord ask the Lord was this supposed to look like then don't just, get one answer from the Lord and then just take off scheduled. Prayer time every single day to spend, with God about all this stuff and listen. To hear what he has to say right um, and. Then. Understand. That it takes time you know I was reading, something on Facebook, the other day about a young.

Girl I went to school with how she had been waiting so long to get into nursing school and, one of the things she said that I thought was very profound, when she said you think you're just gonna wash your butt up into your blessing, without you, know any struggle. Or hard work or anything like that you crazy and it's true you. Know even, when I was able to clip, my son in a nice home I thought I had arrived not necessarily arrived like oh I'm good but I thought you know hey we're in a good place right now Giants in the land, I struggled. And struggled and struggled to. Just keep everything balanced. I mean it was it was like I was like I thought this, was the time where we finally gonna start seeing you know some. Some ribs in some peas but no I worked, day and night I still get but it was also still that I wasn't pretty, I wasn't, praying the way God wanted me to praise because, God had a transition, coming for me that, was a lot of things that I had wasn't asking, for but, if I had not afraid, it's all him when you took it at me my hands was trembling and I was still like oh I'm going to turn and just do it anyway and, I hadn't spent that time in prayer and fasting I literally spent several, days in fasting, and prayer because I was it was so crazy. How, everything, was like I was being pushed back like spiritually. Like I couldn't do anything and that's. Because God loves me and he didn't want me to miss it, but. Yeah. So that time is coming is coming, but. It's just to, take the Lord to open the doors so, guys I hope that you got something out this video, my. Videos, I'm so sorry if you hear just to get some some. Online marketing, techniques and in business tips look, go to There's. A whole free library, over there there's. All kinds. Of stuff books e-books downloads. Everything. You could ever imagine that you might want to know a full cheat sheet on how to start your blog with a video showing, you how to do it all of that but I'm gonna bet obey the Lord so my, videos might not always be about, just. Internet, marketing, I might give you some tips like today my tips was literally. Make, sure that you pray about your business when you're starting your business okay. Make sure you have dedicated time that you seeking the Lord not just about your business good about your life in, case he's leading you in a different are rich in have some common sense if you have a job keep your job because, if, your money isn't making money you don't have money in the bank to, cover your expenses then. You, know you don't want to just up in a position put your family in the position, where, you have to struggle more than necessarily if God has intended for you to do something he's, not gonna make you going to debt to do it he's gonna show you how to do it step-by-step so, you need to be patient and another tip was that entrepreneurship. Is the lifestyle, so, literally. This. Is something that you decided to do because. It's, in your heart and have a strong why so, therefore no matter how long it takes you how much you have to work in the process to build your dream or the, build the vision God has given you let's put it like that build the vision God is giving you then, you. Know you're, gonna stick with it and understanding. They gotta make transition. The way that looks for you for, you you might just be thinking just vlogging this or that okay that use party and you're doing the practical things you know to do but, continue to pray because God may transition, you into something, that's totally different maybe, the same concept, you're still building businesses, you're with someone who has business think you have all, this stuff going on maybe. That same concept but it may look different so just calm, down, you. Know calm down and decide, this is me this is what God is giving me I'm, gonna seek, his face every step of the way because a lot of times he'll give you a vision. But. Then there's giants in the land in order, to slay the Giants you need the Holy Spirit you, need the Lord to slay those giant sea if you're trying to do it on your own you, just praying whatever you want you're not committed, to the Lord you're, not seeking, Him you're not reading your word you're not acknowledging. Him, because it's word says, in all thy ways acknowledge. Me. And, I will direct, your path so, if you had knowledge the Lord in all his ways and, all your ways, he will God he will ignite, he will direct your path, he, also says be anxious for nothing but in supplication career, that's not how we're told we talk to be anxious we're, told to just day and night day and night and sometimes somebody might do that and it may work for them but they may not be a believer so there but not a believer then they're not consulting, God anyway you. Know remember Jesus. Told. Him you know I will give you all this Bright, Futures bow, down and worship me so you can give you earthly.

Positions As well so when you get blessed you want your bless has the confidence reward, you, want them to be sure and true and you want them to be something. Bad you, know God has given you and he's giving you the grace to handle. That walking, that to own that right why, are you here alright, so guys I love you much again. If you want those tips about, building your business go to Understand. That we are going to be building our business with Jesus, so I am, going to be using scriptures, and different things right. To. Help navigate through, this whole process and. I. Will still be giving some tips and stuff but I'm going to be leading you to things that are there's just tons of things there and. We'll be going over some material, that I've already created because, I am spending, a lot of time and free a lot of time in preparation for, the. Purpose in the transition, that's coming for me all right guys so this has been - Davis Cole again visit me at And. I'll, see you over there on, the inside.

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