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Well. Blackhawks. Are certainly a, core piece of the story it's, much, more than a hockey or, a sports book so, what do you see as a central, theme of the, breakaway well, I'm glad you asked that. Yeah. I mean I know it for for those how many year Blackhawks, fans yeah. Everybody here see. I mean that's you, know. Obviously. The. Juice, to the story is the Blackhawks, and the big turnaround what. I found though, I. Mean. To me unless, it's going to be like kind of a puff piece book that's. Not enough of a story, so. Part. Of what led. Me to believe there's a book there was digging. Into the this family. And. What. I discovered well. So. The theme that emerged, is. This. Almost Shakespearean. Relationships. Between. Father. And son and brother and brother meaning. Bill. And. Rocky. Just, I mean, the the depth, of their animosity, to each other the class. Horrible. Way bill. Treated. Rocky. Is. Basically excommunicating. Him from, both. The business and the family at, the Blackhawks in the family and then. His. Brother Peter. Who. Was with the Blackhawks and rocky and there. Long. Ago I don't know rivalries, the right word but they just clashed all the way back to when they were kids and I didn't know this and. So. I started to see more, of a family. Yeah. Yeah family Empire. Story. But just a family dynamic like we all have. I mean I'll, admit it I'm from, you know sometimes with my father and I, think, we all have a little dysfunction, somewhere in our family and I felt, relatable. But, Oh. Who. Am I kidding it's about hockey. Nobody. And. It's hard to kind of convey that because yeah the hockey is fun and there's plenty of hockey it's. Kind of the backdrop we, were talking earlier. Anybody. Watch below that show on Netflix. It's. About the women or. Female. Wrestling in, the. 1970s. That's. The backdrop, you. Know but the story of course was about these. Relationships, and dynamics, you know talking, about the movie Titanic it's like, which. I didn't really care for but you. Know the ship going down is not the story it's, the the love story like spoiler, alert the, ship sinks. It's. So, that's what I tried to do with the books so I think you. Know all of your Blackhawks, fans you'll love, it. But. Even those who aren't. And. The. The Blackhawks are a part of the works empire but really there's a much bigger, piece to it can, you talk a little bit about how.

That Empire, came to be and what it all what. Yeah. It's, interesting I I didn't, know before I started researching it and people would ask me like so the words is is, that old money you, know they. You. Know come up from some European royalty, and come over here answers. Very, much no it's very, much an American. You. Know bootstraps. Kind of, empire. Building story. That. That traces. The words is. Hopefully. Not in a dry way but in a compelling way. The original words. Michael, works was a dirt, poor farmer, in Luxembourg, came over steamer. Landed. In France went, to New York and settled. In a farm in. Suburban. Illinois because, the land was a lot like his land in Luxembourg. And. So, the were just kind of spread out there, and. He, senior Mundelein and. You. Know he kind of got involved with it with the town and so forth but nothing. Nothing. Big and then this guy Arthur, worse. Was, was born I think third, or fourth generation and. His. Father Fred. For, some reason left the farm and went to Rogers Park and became a cop. Arthur. Was born and, just I don't. It's. Still a mystery where he got this gene from but he, during. The Depression. Was. In real estate he was cash rich and he started buying arenas, he. Bought Chicago stayed the old Chicago Stadium, he bought Madison, Square Garden st.. Louis Detroit there, were a couple of others and so, corner the market kind of on these big, stadiums. And with. Chicago, Stadium came to Blackhawks and. His. Partner owned it. Back in those days that think you could do this partner, on the Detroit Red Wings and they just kind of like, you. Know such. A conflict, I mean they literally, they were like not even they were brazen about like, taking. The good players to Detroit, and just. Kind of let in the black Asti whatever they want, so Arthur builds. Starts. Building there he also made Sonia Henny I don't know if you've ever heard that name she. Was a figure skating queen, of the day and, they turned her into. Like. I. Don't, know who, say ariana grande you know I mean she was a rock. Star fill, packing, a figure. Skater and they made these like Ziegfeld, Follies shows it's. The forerunner, of Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice and Disney, on Ice and. So. That was another way and, then, he moved into, liquor. Distributor. Ship and now, the. Word Cesare like I think that third, biggest in the country liquor. Distributors. And. I. Do want to mention one other thing for. A time, Arthur. And his partner moved into boxing, they called a prize fighting back then back. Before cable and stuff and there was like one. Fight Friday, Night Fights and. You. Know everything. Was rage and. Arthur. Ruled all of it and they find the feds finally broke it up as a monopoly made, him sell Madison Square Garden, but I mean there were mobsters, and. Unsavory. Characters in Jimmy his partner. $100. Pills okay. He. Was like Dix lickbag hair and, so. It was really Arthur. Was just such a character. And himself a book and himself gave. Birth to Bill and and here we are yeah. And yeah I mean Arthur comes. To life in the book and, a lot more details my personal favorite is how, he handled, a poor, earnings report that rocky brought had. One time are. There any other anecdotes, about Arthur. Words that you can share. That may. Help bring his character to life a bit more yeah, well I mean so you guys know bill right. He's just. Can't. Cantankerous. Belligerent. Defiant. Right almost, in his, you. Know pushing. Of the fans. So. Rocky told me that, Arthur made, bill look like a pussycat. That's, that was his words and he said he was the most intimidating man, he'd ever met, amazing. Business man he was like six four you. Know. 280. 300. Huge. Imposing. Figure. And. One of the best stories was. Rocky. Described, would it be like for someone. To come into Arthur's, office first. Of all he had this round table bill King, Arthur and the round table guess. Who was a king and. Yeah. Right so so Arthur be sitting in his desk nothing on it pencil. And someone. Would come in and Arthur, kept the Erica like, 50, and. So. Immediately, the person comes in off cocky you know I'm, gonna get a great deal and after. A few minutes you know shifting. Around uncomfortable. Arthur's. You, know higher and. I. Would say you know I need to make some phone calls I'll be be. Right with you and, you make $25.00, and. They. Got you know the person who's just sitting there and then. Arthur. Would put down the phone and. Look up at the guy and he had a sharpened, pencil and. He would point the pencil, at. The person, and.

Yeah These glasses he would put on glasses and take it like this ritual, and rock he was like it's psychological, warfare and. This. Story about rocky was he came in with a bad report and this is how so. He, came in he, went through the whole routine and, there. Was the report was just sitting on the desk and Arthur didn't say a word made, 40 calls rocky. Thinks and then. He said I'll be right back I'm gonna go, to the bathroom I'll, be right back and. We'll talk so. Rocky sitting there and 45. Minutes later no Arthur, and rocky. Went to the secretaries like is. He still here and they know, he went to dinner. It's just grandson, and that's. How he let him know he. Wasn't happy with the report so that's Arthur gives. You a little taste of Arthur, it's. Just the beginning in but, really in one, of the reviews of the breakaway Rick, Cogan says that the story has enough. Dysfunction, for a couple of Eugene O'Neill plays so. Coming. From this figure. Arthur, how did all the dysfunction, lay out and what, your. Can you go, into detail about that family, dysfunction, yeah any Arthur is the author of it because he set out the succession, plan all, right there was an old school guy so he said. When. I die the oldest, son. Inherits. The team that, was built and. It. That, succession, plan extended, three generations, so, when bill died. No. Matter what bill wanted, rocky. Was the eldest and he got the team, and so. Right. There bill resented. Kind. Of being ruled from the grave by his grandfather. But. The. Other the reason for the Eugene, O'Neill drama, I wish I had written that lines great is. So. Rocky's. Brother Peter was with the Blackhawks. For. Decades and. Was. Almost. To. The point of obsequious, to, Bill he. Would never question Bill and. Had. He taken the team he would have made none of the changes that led to, where. We are today and. It. Was a good thing because bill I. Gotten, a little trouble this before but, you. Know Bill, was a little Trump, being in the way that. Yeah. There's there's there's good old dollar, bill they called him for. His cheapness he. Wouldn't put the games on TV drove. People insane. And he was defying, about it he took a rub your face in it and. You. Just couldn't say a word against Bill or, you, were out, and. Rocky. Did he was the one person. So. So. Bill. Shuffled. Rocky off to the liquor run the liquor. Excommunicated. Him from the team basically, and Peter. Ran. It but he didn't do anything, bill ran. Everything and. Ran. The team in the ground so it got so bad. How. Bill treated, rocky. He. Wrote a letter to Rocky's. Kids his own grandchildren and said don't bother showing up for Thanksgiving and. I'll. Send, you the Christmas gifts I, mean. That's, his own grandkids and wrote. Other ugly stuff to them and. You. Know there's a restaurant, and rocky would come in there's. A restaurant at the United Center and. Bill. Would be holding court over here with other family members and, rocky. Would be over in the corner, with his wife and maybe you, know one. Of his kids and. They. Never even looked, at each other that's. Crazy, and ugly.

You. Alluded to this maybe, a little bit but why, why do you think bill treated, rocky, so poorly because I mean it, really is because rocky was the one person, who. Dared, cross. Bill confront, him and. Didn't. Back down and you, just didn't do that I mean if you look at all of the people, and Bill's in her circle they. Were all I mean, they were all yes men there, was no one yeah who. Would who would stand, up to him and rocky just couldn't do it so. He. Buy it at his time and, I think part of it too, rocky, was watching, the team. Just. And freefall, and. He. Frankly, didn't want his name associated with this. You. Know Hindenburg, this disaster, and. So he stayed, out did great, that. The irony is with a liquor side the irony, is when, the team as it went down it was pulling, money out of. The, liquor side you know to. Prop it up and. In. The. Rocky didn't have just a rough relationship with bill his. Relationship, with Peter is deeply, fraught you mentioned, even going. Back to childhood, you, know what was that all about and, do, you think they'll ever actually, mend the fences. No. I don't they, don't talk to this day and. Peter. Yeah. Peter when they were kids they. Had. A falling. Out over, it's. Kind of this lurid. Little side. Story that Peter was had. Dated a much old this older. Woman by a couple, of decades and moved. Out of the house and, the, family was you know the, parents were. Crushed. And rocky was mad and rocky. Came home from college and, confronted. Peter and. He. Said I. Think. As a holiday party Peter, was wearing a tie and. He pulled the tie. Rakhi. And I said. Lesson one don't wear a tie to a fight and. From. That moment on they were kind of. You. Know they were at each other and then later. When. Bill and, Peter. Were huddling together and, plotting, against rocky. Here's. Probably. One of the most. Ugly. And shocking, things. That really had not come out before was that bill. And Peter, were, I. Don't. Think it's too strong, on the word to say scheming, or conspiring, conspiring, against rocky, whispering. Campaign you can't trust Rocky you know to other relatives. You. Know just, spreading, scurrilous, rumors about him I mean their. Own family, member my god you know and. So. Yeah and when the father died and it was clear. Rocky.

Was Gonna take the team. You. Know rocky told Pete you know Peter said I'm not going to make the changes I just I'm, not gonna go against dad's wishes and rocky said well, you. Know then, I can't, I mean I can't make you president you've got a you. Know I'd love your help but and. That. Really. Finally. Completely. Severed, the relationship. Peter. Had actually, gone, behind. Rocky's, back and asked. If there was anything in the will bills. Will that, the team was left to him and. Did. Stuff like that it was just it. Was a mess but. Rocky, took over and never looked back you know, it's. Like if you're not gonna help me okay. But. I'm gonna change this team. Dramatically. And. The. Family dysfunction, wasn't the only thing that was. Dysfunctional. Bill. Had been known as a shrewd, businessman, for, most of his life but toward. The end and, certainly. At the point when rocky took over not just the Black Hawks but the entire corporation was. Really in jeopardy of going under yeah, what. Happened yeah I mean that, the. Yes the whole organization. Was tottering I mean you have to remember, that this was seven oh seven, oh eight was when the real estate, crash. Happened, so the economy is plummeting. Meanwhile. The Black Hawks are drawing 4,000, 5,000 people a night. In the twenty thousand seat arena, selling. No merchandise. And. I. Mean, part of it is Bill's stubbornness, bill, thought the way to. Back. To profitability was that, he'd cut his way back to profitability, so he cut staff cut staff cut staff cut expenses. You. Know just, the, TV thing got to be almost, something like this weird point. Of pride with him he just wouldn't give in on it merchandise. They didn't have any marketing, department. You. Know when rocky took over the team on his first visit around. There's. Phones ringing no one's answering the phones there's an the phone that went to season. Tickets. He. Found out didn't, actually, ring through to anybody it just went off into nowhere. They. Didn't have post-its, you. Know like hey Clyde's like Rocky's walking through he's like you. Know I get, a bottle water and like no we've got a cooler in the corner it's. Like, I. Don't. Guess you have post-its - yeah I. Don't. Know maybe someone, in a desk. This. Is that, was the business what, the business had come to and rocky I, mean. You, know I won't draw parallels, here but, I mean Rocky's, philosophy, was you've. Got to spend you've got to get great, staff and you've got to make things attractive. To, attract that great staff bill. Thought we. Don't want to spoil the players and get, them their own charter, playing you know there's too spoiled you. Know rocky thought well, we're not going to get these star players if we have these crappy, locker rooms, we.

Don't Have a sales staff so. How am I gonna sell tickets so he changed. Everything and. I mean it seemed like it was overnight but, the, difference, I mean I think they've sold out. More than 500, games in a row now from 4,000, a night to 20,000. So you know. That's. The difference you. Know yeah, you, described. A little bit about this but the challenge, is that rocky faced when he took over the the Blackhawks here I mentioned, just the, office. Infrastructure. The infrastructure, but I mean just the general perception as well I mean can you go into just how the Black Hawks had becoming and afterthought. Yeah I mean what you alluded to it, they. Were named the worst franchise, not just tacky. In, all of sports by, ESPN Bill works I think was named the worst owner. Rocky. Learned a few. Days after he took over that. They were losing 30, million cash a year six. Days into Rocky taken over they couldn't make payroll and they. Had to make a capital call to the liquor company, to. Meet, just to meet payroll. Again. The national, economy is plunging, and Rocky's, going. This. Isn't sustainable, I could take the whole company, down because. I mean they weren't banking they were in real estate -. Terrible, businesses, to be in you know 708, and. You. Know on, the surface, what we all saw was like oh gosh, the guy made all the right steps and you, know it's faded, you know Dale, talent had already picked these great players and you. Know was, fated to turn, around but. They're really, there must have been 50 points, where if. It had gone another way I mean. They. May have sold the team and, may have moved the team original, six hockey team and. So. You. Know he was he was facing. Everest. And. Coming, out of that you, know we mentioned, earlier forms call that the greatest sports. Business turnaround, in history so. What lessons do you think can be learned from from the business perspective and, how rocky, changed. Things from what Billy boom yeah, I mean I think you. Know quickly. The one thing is yeah, it's. Awesome. He. Let me by the way take, some pictures with a cup by myself. Like it was really cool he, had remembered that I wrote the story and invite him the office Lee come take some pictures that bill, would have done the same yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Get, over here yeah but. So, business lessons we alluded to it you. Know cutting. Your way to. Success versus. Investing. Smartly. The. Best rocky says the best thing you ever did was hire John McDonough that mark, amazing, marketing whiz from the Cubs his. Best seller Brock he says so. That, that's. One lesson the other lesson, is. Recognizing. Sort. Of reading the room you, know embracing, your. Fans and knowing, how hurt they are. Rocky. Said you know it wasn't that we were just bad we were irrelevant with no one cares and. So. Embracing, the fans by bringing, back Stan, Mikita and Bobby Hall you know the the you know, mending, all these, fences. When, rocky took over he said you know we were in The Grudge business, and, we're, not gonna succeed being, in The Grudge business it's like you got it. There's. A business upside, to treating people right you, know and treating, people well and the.

Outpouring, I think that Remmy rocky was a rock star for those, years I mean he, could barely, walk. The concourse, without being mobbed and it was because you. Know he had this team that we grew up at the loved and watched, them. You. Know bill, stick, his thumb in our eye and take that from. Us and, rocky. You. Know of course it was cast. Of thousands but gave, that. Back you know there's a team. Generations. Grew, up loving and. He, gave that back and I mean that's, pretty powerful, yep. And knowing, Bill. Never would have walked, the Concours he oh yeah much from his hotel suite and not. Know he had a an. Aisle. Seat in the. 100 level where anyone could come up in Rock there's, a there's a cute story about a little boy that. Yeah yeah. Completely, different yet bill holed up in his office with scotch you drank and, Peter. And. Just. Watched another horrible game. So. I. Have, a couple more questions but, I'd like to open it up if any of you have questions, you want to ask. This. Is an expose, that airs. A lot of family dirty laundry, Rocky. Was on board how was the rest of the family like did Peter everyone, come to you like don't do this. Yeah. It's a great question. I, mean. And it's, a corollary a. Lot. Of people have asked and I wondered found myself wondering, like I. Mean. Look. I'm a journalist, I mean I I'm paid to dig out this. Kind of stuff but I had some couple of times I was it was so. Painful. To hear I was like you're sure, I mean you're good. With this and, he. Said put it all in rocky, did to. His credit and. So. Yeah, the siblings, as I say rocky and his siblings I think. He Cajun, occasionally. Talks to his sisters. But. Not to Peter and none of them would talk to me. And. I really, tried because I knew Peter really, came off looking bad in this. Story but you have to be fair and I you. Know at Olin was like Peter I mean I can tell a story or your, story or, these. People can tell your story or, you, can and. He just, it's. Weird it's almost like he had a psychic, break like. A PTSD, or something he, just cannot. He. You. Know when when he was leaving he left this beautiful.

Gracious. Letter, saying. How much he loved the team and pledged his his, you know loyalty and life to the team but. After rocky started. Making all the changes he, stopped coming to games he. Divested. Of, anything, to having to do with the Blackhawks he's still on the board of works. Corp but, and. Doesn't. Have anything to do with him it's just really weird he didn't come to any of the parades. Stanley. Cups man like I mean, that said. You. Know anyway. So and they actually sued rocky for some little dumb, thing after. They'd won a couple of cups so, fortunately. I did find some relatives, like, Bill's sister Rocky's, aunt, who. Backed. Up rocky, side of the story and she was, very very. Aunt. Betty. Not. To must be messed with okay. And. She told it and so. Yeah and and and also like why would rocky. He. Spent a lot of money promoting, us like why would he push, something that. Is so filled, with these intimate, family. Details, and I I'm. Still not sure I mean I think he wants it to be a look like, us he wants a story out there to, be known and his. Half of the royalties, do. Go to the Blackhawks foundation. Which. Is good I mean it's not like he's, trying to make money off of this me, you know. Share. Begins at home but. Hey. We have books for sale makes it great Christmas gift I have more than be. Thrilled to sign sign, them for you it, yeah. Hi. Brian thanks for coming in excited. To read your block okay, so. I'm this is the perspective of a saw a newer Blackhawks, fan right so I didn't, grow up I was too young to know the Arthur. And Bill. Eras so. I think, I find the timeline really interesting and you alluded to this at the beginning right because, the dominoes were starting to fall a little bit in the right direction during. Bills like you know final few years yes they drafted a guy named Patrick Kane yeah the guy named Jonathan tase in back-to-back years kind of important and, you. Had stan Bowman who was already in the organization, kind of rising up already just. From your perspective, if maybe. Take away the you, know huge debt the. Debt that they were in that that, kind of rock you found out about but you, know if bill is still on the team for, say, all the way another five years how. Do you think that plays out I mean they they're still, competing, for Stanley Cup championships, that's that's, a it's a great question and people ask a lot Dale Talan made a lot of those moves and he got fired shortly, after. Rocky. Came on board he he, did something just a, business. Decision that was. Terrible. It's in the book, cost, the team Millions and they. Just he. Just he, had, a decent eye for talent but he didn't, know what he's doing that you know anymore, general, manager has to be a really, true businessman. Rocky's. Answer would be in McDonough's. And everyone else is that we had stars before a lot. Of stars great players and, we're.

In Last place every year. So. It's. Hard. To say, I definitely don't. Think I. Don't. Believe. They. Would have been. You, know the kind of Cup contenders, that they were because. Part. Of what. Took. That core and made, it into that you remember that first. Top. Team was so deep, with. Great players, you. Can have Dustin Byfuglien right I mean the big, buff, and. What attracted those players though was. Sellout. Crowds every night and new brand new locker rooms and a new, charter, jet and. Big. Salaries, may be overpaying, you know for some players so. I mean I really do believe. It. Wouldn't, have played out anywhere near the same they mean it I mean they probably would have had, a little blip maybe. But. I mean you. Know as you know it's shot, up and sustained. It's a long time 10 years 11 years being. The top they're struggling now, but. Uh so. Yeah it's. A great question though. I'm, just curious I mean much, of this has been about how, many. Negatives, the, rockiest, pulled from Bill and his family is there anything that he mentioned that he did take away as a positive that he you know attributes, some of his success to as well yeah, from, his family yeah, yeah, yeah absolutely it's, a it's a great question a lot, of people like, all the people I talked to say rocky is a lot more like his grandfather. His. Grandfather, you, know was a, tough. Sob. But. He wasn't like Bill like, sort of like just. Belligerent to be belligerent just because that's because, he kind of got off on it you know. Arthur, was at the end I mean it was all about him is all about business, in, Rock and Arthur, actually admired. Rocky because. He. Saw rocky was standing up to Bill when no one else would and. So. Rocky. Definitely, says he taped to those, lessons, from from Arthur mostly, and then, and we get into this a little bit, Rocky's, mom is kind of a, shadow. Figure right I mean he had a mom and. She. Was terrific she. Was terrific Joan, she died young of breast, cancer, but. And she was the only other person who could put a check on bill and. She. Was compassionate she, was fun she invited, Rocky's friends over and rocky took a lot I think from. From her, he. Certainly. You. Know that's where I think it's. Like how after all these tough guys this, rocky turned out to be this. Kind of really. Super great guy tough. But a good guy and I, think she had a lot to do with that in the family so I would say those two influences. For. Sure. So. What. Do you think future, holds for the works corporation. Dude. Rocky, has a son Danny he's, a character. In the book do. You think he'll ultimately, take over the. Corporation. Well, I mean it is an interesting question for, all you Blackhawks, fans you know, like. What's what is gonna happen. First, of all Danny is a good guy I mean he's a good guy, he's a super, smart guy, he's. Not I, mean I'm sorry he's not a Peter you know he's a. Smart. Guy who would. Never be, in the garage business like in a way that that Peter bill were. And. He, is an interesting story. When, he was a young. Guy he was like rebel guy he moved to London he was in the music business colored. Hair you. Know, let. You know leather the whole and. I think he got a nose ring and rocky like. Put. The foot down there it's like okay you, can keep the nose ring but I'm taking the car, one.

Of The other and so he took the nose ring out, so. So. And. That gets, back to the business piece, of it so Danny grew up in like. Google. Times. You know like very, tech. Savvy very, immersed, in, tech. And emerging. You. Know the emerging digital music, you know and, so. He's. He's. Really he'd be great he's poised to take over and he's running essentially. The liquor side now but, that. Succession, plan of Arthur's ended, with. Rocky so. It's kind of up in the air now it's, not. You. Know I think rocky would love Peters take over and Peter would want to do it I mean Peter Danny. But. We. Don't know, I'll. Have to see how it plays out I think it may wind up in court actually yeah. Another. One. Thing that struck me and he it kind of brought. To mind when you were discussing, just. How rocky, borrowed a lot from Arthur. My. Impression, reading the book is that bill and rocky both. Ran. The organization in, the Blackhawks, the way they viewed Arthur. Would want it to be run yeah and they just had completely, different views as to what Arthur would really like yeah, and. Maybe it's the way that he actor within but what are your thoughts on that yeah. And. We only get a couple minutes left so we're good we're good I mean by all means just I mean you know just shout out a question if yeah but um yeah. Yeah. For. Sure I. Think. That's what made Bill so better, was. Being. Ruled from the grave as rocky put it by. His father, Arthur, he just couldn't, stand. It that. There. Was nothing he could do to keep, the team out of Rocky's hands and he he. I mean bill planted. These stories, you know in the paper and. It's. So - Peter kind. Of spoke coyly you, know when people would say well who's, gonna take over when you die bill like, well we, don't know we don't really talk. About that, and Peter would say things like well I don't. Know but I'd be you know I would be honored of course. You. Know and I love the team and I've been with him for a while and I'd be great at it but but we don't know and. And. Rocky, told me he's like oh my. God he, said he would read that and go that's the one thing we talked about was. The. Succession, plan everybody. Knew it there. Was no mystery, and it's. Hard as bill and Peter. Tried and they tried everything lawyers. They. Looked for any loophole. Crack. They could find in that succession, plan they just couldn't do it and, it, drove I think, it drove bill crazy it, just really and. I think, that's part of why he just I mean, but can you imagine doing that like, I, mean. This was I mean I'm sorry I don't mean to be political, but I mean you, imagine taking a team just because of your personal, feelings and hurts a franchise.

Beloved, And just. Wrecking it just, let there's letting it go and there actually, there's one other thing and it's interesting. For for Hawks fans to, know and it hadn't, come out I, didn't. Know. Bill. Had dementia in the last days. He, was starting. To have it. Was escalating. And, he. Was still running the team, so. A lot, of his decisions, were informed, by this. Escalating. Dementia, and there. Was a one there's an anecdote in the book and it was really. Super sad bill knew, Chicago. Like like a taxi driver and, he's supposed to be at a board meeting downtown, and. He. Called in, he. Was half an hour late and he called he's never light and he called any said I'm lost, I don't know where, the. Meeting is and whoever. Answers one said well we're arguing. Joliet. I think he's. Supposed to be downtown a little bit and. And. Yet. He. Still ran the team in Rocky, covered. For him like, the, family, tried. To not let it out that. This was happening and that that's, kind of a weird thing to know I, mean. It gets back to you ass like what happened, I mean. Bill was you. Know it wasn't perfect but I mean he was in his day he was a great businessman. But. Toward. The end he was just making crazy. Decisions. Like I think. They were gonna put a Walmart, near. The family farm out there and so, he's like yeah buy a bunch of shares and walk so. I can get on the board and. Give. Him Howell. You. Know it's, like okay okay dad, and. They wouldn't do it so. Anyway. Well. No. I think we, can conclude. This we have a video of Blackhawks, players reading, are you. Reading the book yeah that will close off on there's are copies. Available and. Back that's, a great Christmas gift yep and it's also available on Amazon another, book. Thank. You thank you it's fun thank, you guys. I just. Bought this for my dad it's gonna make a great gift. You. You.

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