Brexit: PragerU vs. Reality

Brexit: PragerU vs. Reality

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Hey, what's, up everyone welcome, to my brexit, video alternative. Title, reality. Is often disappointing. The, video we're looking at today is from fake University Prager, you and it's not about why the UK should leave the EU that's, an old hat by now but, Viet voted to leave I've chosen, this one because as soon as the referendum, was over a lot, of talking points from the probe Rex a lot got dropped and exposed as the obvious lies that they were but. This video because it came out after the referendum only. Features the bare bones of the probe brexit side it also asks, bigger questions, like is the EU under my critique or what, does sovereignty, really mean to, top things off it's made by mister brexit himself, for my you keep member Nigel Faraj who, has been doing nothing but agitating. For the UK to leave the EU so, ideally. He should have the best arguments, so, without stalling or endlessly prolonging, what will ultimately be a very painful experience let's, dive into the video. If one big government is bad. Imagine. How much worse two big governments would be but, that's what people living in Europe have to deal with their, own nation's, bloated, government and the. Supranational government, of Europe, now, known as the European Union bureaucracy. Times - how's, that for horosho, well actually you've, no idea it's worse than you think believe me I know, because for 17 years I've represented, South, East England as a member of the European, Parliament the, --use, alleged, body. Okay. Big government and this is actually another reason why I like this video but breaks it so much it becomes pretty clear from the get-go that this video is designed as propaganda, targeting. An American, audience this. Is why the video starts out with the big government talking, point although the dichotomy, of small, versus big government, usually isn't used as a political slogan in Europe it's predominantly, a pejorative in the American, lexicon and, doesn't make much sense in the context, of European governmental. Bodies since, they're pretty much all big by American, standards but, Faraj used the slogan and the less because he wants to paint a picture of an overarching, giant. Bureaucracy wasting. Tax money by shoving papers around that, doesn't really work with the EU though the percentage of the EU s-- annual, budget that goes towards administrative, costs is about 6 percent which, is way less and what other national governments spend comparing. The EU, to any national and governmental body in terms of efficiency is going to end up in a win for the EU because it's way smaller and, fulfills, different functions, now look at the EU scoffs per capita makes this blatantly, obvious the, EU doesn't pay out social, benefits, or any of that which allows it to poor the majority, of its budget directly. Back into its member states with, the biggest chunk going towards furthering, economic, development, if you're curious where the money goes that your country pays in you can just look it up by selecting, a country in the EU s budget at a glance tour or if you want to know how it might affect you directly you can visit what the EU does for me dot EU and, check out what local projects. Have been supported, with EU funds it's, also wrong to think having the EU as a supranational, body, means significantly. More bureaucracy for, its member states let, alone times two for, instance because, of the common market national. Governments don't have to negotiate trade, agreements with one another and because of free travel, there are no Botox checks anymore the big government's, long is put in this video to cause a gut reaction from, an American audience to, view the membership, in the u.s. bad without, having to justify that claim and, you could easily use the same big versus small government dichotomy.

To Justify, any kind of separatist, cause imagine. Having to deal with a city administration, a state, government and a, federal government on top of that bureaucracy, times, three ludicrous. I tell you let's, get Germany back to when we had real freedom as a patchwork of feudal city-states, but, that was just the intro so let's see what nigel Faraj has in store for us I was. Also leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UK where, I led Britain's effort to leave the European Union to. Their everlasting, credit, that's, just what happened on June, 23rd, 2016. The United Kingdom left, the European, Union the world knows it as brexit. Just. A minor nitpick and some additional information here it's worth mentioning that Nadja Faraj has left youtube since this video came out out of the party's anti-islam. Fixation, and for cuddling up to racist, fraudster Tommy Robertson, or Andrew. McMaster. Or whatever pseudonym he goes by these days I'm, also not sure why frosh claims the UK left on June 23rd 2016, or why the videos title in the past tense the, UK hasn't left you they just had a non-binding, referendum on, if they should do it but, then again minor. Nitpick. Brexit. Is a statement of national sovereignty don't. Misunderstand me. I like, nations, I like borders, I like the people that live within, those borders making. Their own laws but I don't like it when faceless, bureaucrats, make laws for nations they don't even live, in but. That's what they do in the European, Union imagine. A Belgian, telling a Brit how much he can charge his customers, all the reverse the, EU bureaucrats do, this in a myriad of different ways all day every, day, okay. First, viewpoint, sovereignty. And what sovereignty, actually, means can vary a lot depending on, who you ask but for the sake of argument, let's use, it as a standard for self-governance, so. The question is will, the UK have more self-governance, outside, the EU than, inside well, it definitely will have in some regards. Brushing, aside that there are no EU laws on the books to whom the UK has not agreed there, won't be other nations, involved in the making of laws and regulations, or will they're looking, at the trade talks that have been going on since the referendum it becomes, clear that the former supposed shackles, the UK had a say over will. Be replaced by new ones with, much less leveraging, power on the side of the Brits the, US for instance knows, that the UK is in a weak position at the moment and used that to push for deregulation of British markets and to get rid of consumer protection guidelines, the, most recent example being the u.s. insisted, on lifting UK regulations, on agricultural, goods as part, of a post brexit, trade deal this could also reduce the quality of food for UK citizens, since, local industry might have to lower standards, as well to stay competitive with the US companies, and this is not project, fear it's reality, it's, happening, right now the u.s. - UK ambassador recently. Even felt obliged to publish an op-ed defending, the practice of bleaching chicken meat with chlorine, a practice, that has been banned in the EU since the late 90s, and because, these regulations, are not linked to access to the world's largest trading bloc anymore the, UK doesn't have much to combat these demands how's, that for sovereignty and if the UK wants to continue to sell its goods on the European, market it will still have to abide by EU rules but without having a seat at the table in terms of what those rules actually are or, take immigration, for example which, I know was a hot-button issue prior, to the referendum again. Brushing, aside that the UK already had complete control over outside, EU immigration, and also Asylum policy, it looks like leaving the EU will have the exact opposite, effect of what a lot of brick city has hoped for well, it's safe to say that immigration, from EU countries towards the UK will decline in fact, that is already happening, immigration. From outside EU, countries is rising, at the same time and here's, where we get back to leveraging power countries. Like India or China will, cap or trade agreements with easier access to visas for their citizens something. We are also already seeing regarding. Those faceless bureaucrats. If I want to check who represents, me in the European Parliament for instance I can pretty easily look up not only their faces, but contact, details and parliamentary, activities, but. In all fairness people, from other EU member, states are involved in drafting and passing legislation that, affects the UK but it's not like those laws only a fair the UK they affect the entirety of the EU similar.

To How MPs and British Parliament get to vote on legislation that, not only affects the district they represent, but the rest of the country as well you see it right now with brexit itself Scotland. For instance voted to stay in the EU but now are forced to leave regardless, and sadly. There is nobody like the EU Commission in the UK in which Scotland could veto important, decisions but I don't want to get ahead of myself, it. Is a conspiracy. Of the elites who. Are those elites well they're. A bunch of self-important. Overpaid, social, engineers, with, useless college, degrees who, have never done, a proper day's work in their lives and have no connection, with ordinary decent. People I'll take the, good sense of an Italian farmer, or a French, Baker over the arid intellectualism. Of an EU bureaucrat. Any day. Now. There is much to say here except, that it's trying to frame brexit, as a ordinary people, versus elites issue when, I would say the exact opposite is true, the winners of brexit will be rich people who do to the weak pound will have it way easier snatching, up property in the UK but. Regardless if that prediction turns out to be wrong it's not like Faraj talking point holds much water in the present a 2013. Study on the EU SME piece has found that a number of elected officials who have never been employed outside of politics comes. In at about 10 percent and while I had a hard time finding matching, data for the British Parliament a 2018. Paper by the House of Commons library puts, the number of MPs formerly, working in politics, at seventeen point one percent as of 2015, it's, true however that the EU parliament has a large share of people from the upper categories, of the social space like all Parliament's, really but, there are also exceptions like, from a president, of the European Parliament Martin Schulz who was a bookseller prior to becoming a politician, compare, that to Faraj himself, who, is a former broker definitely. A real job there but, if comrade Faraj wants to make the case how financial, inequality translates. Into political inequality I am all for that power, to the people and all I'd hope that's what he's going for though and this, is kind of unrelated but looking up for hours background, I got curious about some other top brexit yes you know the Vanguard, against the out-of-touch EU elites and what, I found was really entertaining. For instance while Jacob Riis mark was out campaigning in his mid-twenties, driving his mother's mercedes-benz he, took the family nanny with them what, a joke this all is and. I say these things not, as an anti European, I love, Europe it's a fantastic. Exciting. Great continent, different, peoples languages. And cultures, but, these peoples, with their languages and cultures, have effectively, been hijacked, by a giant, ever-expanding, bureaucracy. The, European, Union people. Will say but, isn't there a parliament, a European. Parliament, that represents, the people of Europe well yes but. This body has got no real power it can't make, its own laws, rather, the. Power resides, with the European, Commission they're, unelected. And they can't be removed and that's how absurd the, whole thing is before. We jump into the EU s political system if hijacked. Means they joint off their own will to do so because they benefit from EU membership I would, agree otherwise, it's just a lie really here's. Where we get to the big one the, EU Commission and Parliament, and the Commission has been a target for the leave campaign pretty, much from the get-go portraying. It as a - with which unelected, EU officials, rule, over you citizens, who can't even vote them out of office I don't want to get into too much detail on how you legislation, is drafted but. It is correct that the EU Commission ultimately caused the shots Y, loss can be requested by the Parliament, the European Central, Investment, Bank 25 percent of its member states all the citizens themselves by gathering signatures or, submitting petitions, the, Commission doesn't have to comply with that the, Parliament for instance can't push a law through the Commission no matter how big the support is and, as far as I can see this argument has been one that convinced a lot of people that the EU is ultimately, undemocratic. And strips, its member states of their sovereignty in, my opinion that viewpoint stems, from a fundamental, misunderstanding on, why the Commission exists, in the first place and what might that be, drumrolls. Flees. The. EU Commission exists.

To Protect the sovereignty of its member states for. Instance if a couple of Member States would push for legislation in, Parliament that is to the disadvantage, of another state that, state can just be to the law of AIA its seat in the EU Commission it's true that the members of the Commission aren't elected directly, but, they have about as much democratic, legitimacy as, Minister on a national, level in addition, if the Commission wants to pass something it has to be agreed upon by every state representative. In the EU Parliament, it's not that way Germany. For instance has 99, m EPS proportional. To the number of its citizens, a much, smaller country like Estonia only, has six but, through the Commission it could block legislation it, didn't want to pass this but it's much smaller representation. In the EU Parliament, further, the Commission can only propose laws in areas where the national governments, have unanimously, agreed to allow it put, another way the Commission, can only propose EU, laws in areas where the UK government, has allowed it to do so and naturally. The EU Parliament as well as other stakeholders also, have to approve laws put, forward by the Commission, it's also not true that EU commissioners, can't be removed the, European, Court of Justice as, well as the EU Commission president, can force a member to resign and the EU Parliament can even make the entire Commission resign by a vote of no-confidence, but. Just so you know that, doesn't mean there isn't the case for reforming, the system with for instance letting the Commission president be elected directly, by the people there. Is actually a lot of stuff about the EU that sucks and I'll talk about that a bit later in the video but the sheer idiocy by, Faraj and other brexit ears doesn't, even allow for that kind of nuance. The. European, Parliament meets in Brussels, at least that's. What I thought when I was elected there but, once a month do, you know what happens they, load the contents, of our offices and papers, into, big plastic, trunks. And they, put those trunks on lorries, and they, drive them then he 400, miles down.

Europe's Motorways, to, a French city called Strasbourg, where for, four days the contents, of our office in our papers, are put, into a new office and the, Parliament then sits there twelve, times a year this back and forth happens, and this from an organisation, who say they want to reduce their. Level of carbon. Foot, and this, from an organization. Whose, accounts, have not been given a clean bill of health for the auditors, for, the last 20. Years this. A parliament. It's. More like a traveling circus, now. All of Europe knows that. It's costing nearly. 300. Million euros every year to, move this back and forth from Brussels to Strasbourg, sorry. I have to chime in here folks but with these Prager u videos it's very hard to take everything point by point what, is described yes the Traveling Circus is actually true, although the costs are closer to 114. Million euro annually, according to a recent audit it's, a waste of money that I think should not happen funnily. Enough this, was initially done to save money back, in the 50s, there was no suitable building available, and Luxembourg, the seat of the European Coal, and Steel community, which was the predecessor to the EU so, they picked a spork and were able to use the seat of the European Council to save money since, then a lot has happened and, more at my EU institutions, have been concentrated, in Brussels but France does not want to let go of their only major EU institution, that, said the EU is not a monolith, most MEP s-- actually opposed us and sometimes even boycott, gatherings in Strasbourg, so, we'll, see where it goes I guess but, just to insert a sense of scale here if you take the annual costs, for moving to Strasbourg, and multiply, that times 3 you, roughly have the estimated cost for brexit, according, to a study by the Centre for European reform. Although, these numbers are hard to determine this, estimate falls in line with the ones from officials at the Bank of England and the UBS, group and when I say costs, for brexit, I mean, costs, each week, from, the time of the referendum, to September, 2018, resulting. In roughly 20 billion euros up until that point that's, just the estimate at Lausanne GDP, growth by the way not the money the British government spends directly, be, that as it may I genuinely have no idea why they decided to include the records of the EU score, of audit has at that point in the video this, court doesn't judge what money is spent for but, the reliability, of the financial, records so, this money being spent on moving to Strasbourg, in itself, has no effect on the assessment, for the last few years the, court has judged the records of the EU to be fair and accurate but, also found that more than 2% of payments contain errors, and these, errors usually boil down to stuff like GU funds not being spent according to established guidelines, like awarding and he you found a contract, directly without, holding a proper bidding process and guess, who's responsible, for that it's the member-states in the UK's example, at 2014, Public Accounts Committee criticized. The following over, the last decade, the UK government has secured at least 650, million pounds, and penalties to the European Commission because, of errors and how UK public bodies have spent European Union funds EU, rules and regulations, for spending EU funds are complex, and this in itself contributes, to errors however, UK.

Governments Have chosen to design programs which have added to this complexity, driving. Up the risk of errors and penalties further UK, government departments, have exhibited a distinct lack of urgency in tackling complexity, and reducing the levels of penalties, in cured HM, Treasury has, not done enough to hold departments, to account for spending EU funds nor to encourage learning from the best practice, nor, to lead by example by, improving the quality of information available. On how well you funds are spent in the UK so, much for that now let's listen to what Nigel concludes, from the fact that France is able to block the moving off Parliament to Brussels entirely so. Why isn't it reformed, well, the way the EU is being structured to, change that would. Require changing. The treaties and to, change the treaties would. Need all 28. Member, governments, to agree not to go to Strasbourg, 12 times a year and you know something the French are never going to agree to that because, it's in their economic interests. For, the travelling circus to, go to Strasbourg, that it shows you that, a system of lawmaking, has been devised where, not only can the voters not change anything but, the institutions themselves are, pretty, much incapable. Of reform, now. If you're like me you might get a bit confused, by now because, apparently it's, a big problem for national Faraj that member states can dictate law to other member states which, they can for the record but, it's also bad that every country has the ability to block changes that are not in their interest I'm starting. To think a large portion of EU criticism, by right-wingers, is just in a political, tool and lacks any kind of substance or consistency, but, we're about to be served a real example of supposed you tyranny, so let's listen in. Unfortunately. This is no laughing masa let, me give you an example, my, countrymen, know only too well the. United Kingdom is an island it's surrounded, by the sea and yet as, members of the European Union, we were only allowed to catch, 20%. Of the, fish swimming. In territorial. British, waters what that meant but, tens of thousands of jobs lost in Britain's, coastal, communities as we effectively gave away the. Ability to look after one of our greatest resources, to a bureaucracy based, in Brussels, this. Is the last point Nigel brings up and it's also a very common one but, the way this is framed should make your ears ring from the start really because, of Britain was only allowed to catch 20%. Of the fish swimming in British waters implying. Other EU states take the other 80% there. Wouldn't be any fish left would there it's true however that how much fish Britain is allowed to catch is subject, to a quota negotiated.

On An EU level Britain's, share in this quota is about 30 percent and that is because there's no such thing as a British. Fish that, implication, is a red herring, fish. Fish. Don't respect national boundaries, and depending on the fish and the time of the year they move in and out of British waters in the case of the North Sea herring for example, most, of the juveniles live in the southeast, corner around the German Bight where if the adults tend to congregate around the Shetland Isles prior to spawning, at various sites along the British coast this, is ye you countries strike agreements, on how much each member state can catch it's, also not like it's just thirty percent that Britain gets it depends on the fish really for, example, the UK gets about eighty four percent of the North Sea haddock quota 81, percent of the North Sea monkfish, quota in ninety eight percent of the west of Scotland, Pronk voter but, only four percent of the North Sea spread quota adding. To that these, quotas, are largely based around the agreements, that existed, prior to the EU some. Even date back to the Middle Ages so. Leaving the EU does not mean the UK will have more control over how much fish they can catch they, just opted out of the existing agreement and will ultimately have to strike another one but, wait I hear you say can, the UK just say these, are waters, we will catch how much fish we place and we don't care about other countries they, can just stick to their own waters, theoretically. Speaking that's, possible. But here's where we get to what actually destroyed a significant, part of the British fishing industry, it's called the cod Wars which were a series of disputes, over fishing rights between the UK and Iceland, mostly, they were kicked off by Iceland going see, these waters over there yeah, that's our fishing territory, now, at one point it even escalated, to ships intentionally, ramming into one another British, Fisher boats requiring, protection from the Royal Navy and Iceland, allegedly demanding, the us to send fighter jets and bomb British ships isn't, history amazing. In, the end all these disputes, ended in favour of Iceland, resulting, in thousands of British fishermen becoming, redundant here you might be asking yourself how a nation like Iceland, was able to force a naval superpower, like Britain into submission it, was actually pretty easy for Iceland they just threatened to pull out of NATO and since, Iceland, is placed in the Greenland Iceland, UK gap which was a submarine, warfare choke point during the Cold War the, UK had no choice but to back down one, more thing regarding fishing, rights though it's true that even after the cod was small, fishing businesses that make up the engines of a lot of coastal communities have been declining but this is much more likely down to the fact that the splitting up of the quota which the UK government, is responsible, for is mostly ending in favor of large companies rather than small ones now. Why am I telling you about the cod Wars at the end of this video in, my opinion, this is the perfect showcase why sovereignty. Is such a useless term surrounding the brexit discussion, Britain, isn't an empire anymore they, will have to work with other countries in an increasing, globalised world understanding.

That Is one of the reasons the EU exists, in the first place together. We have a much better chance to make our own rules and, not become prey to other world powers imposing. Their will on to us that's, why the domino, effect at national Faraj predicts, at the end of the video didn't happen I want. Good relations between all the European, nations, I want, prosperous, free, and fair trade between those nations but, I'll be damned if I'm going to give up my rights as a British citizen so, that some yura crack can tell me how, to live I won't, do it and I'm certain, that across, the continent, ultimately, the French and the Italians won't. Put up with it either I'm, Nigel Farage the. Leaf camp seems to have miscalculated, who the dominant power in Europe really is and that this power will do everything to protect its member states and. Trait that being in the you actually means something, for, instance prior to the referendum when, the subject of the Irish border came up as rarely as that happened prominent. Brexit ears seemed pretty confident, to be able to struck a deal with the EU despite its red lines on the issue now, it turns out that the EU won't, throw Ireland under the bus and the UK slowly starts to realise what being outside, the club really means and please, don't get me wrong there, are a lot of aspects, about the EU that are genuinely worth of criticism, we see it right now with the huge opposition to article 13 and if, you're mad about that here's what you can do keep, that anger inside grow, it care, afford like some kind of rage, baby, and then, let it out at the ballot box during the European elections in May here's, a handy breakdown to help you channel that anger besides. That I would even go as far as to say the EU project, will fail if it doesn't find an alternative, to its dysfunctional monetary, policy, setting, up the EU like I would like to have it would not only require changing, several treaties but, also the shift away from neoliberal. Politics and although, movements, are springing up that push for a change like this it remains a gigantic challenge, but, even if the UK will take a significant, swing to the left after leaving the EU it cannot escape the gravitational, influence of Europe 21st. Century socialism. Requires, transnational. Cooperation. Brexit. As a project, of nationalist, Rhee entrenchment, offers. Nothing, to combat the effects of global capitalism, I always, felt like I missed my chance to, make a video about brexit, since I wasn't making videos while the decision was made but. As seen in this video even now the people who push for brexit denied to accept what has become an obvious truth brexit. Was and is, a giant, con it's, a dangerous fantasy that won't solve Britain's problems, and will also make life worse for the average person and the people who pushed for it and remain to push for it despite this reality deserve. To be hounded out of their political careers, for, so willingly deceiving, the people they, are supposed to represent. So. That. Was that what, kind of put me off about making a video on breck said was that the timing always, seemed wrong since there's so much happening and there are new developments every, day and with, brexit, possibly, being postponed, now and labour backing a second referendum who. Knows what will happen maybe, there will really be a sanction, to the side or perhaps I'll have to set up some kind of refugee. Communities. Left Sheba's here on the mainland another. Thing that I couldn't find the right spot for in this video is that non brits who oppose brexit, should keep in mind that a bunch of people didn't vote for brexit, or have since changed their minds with, europe's growing frustration, at brexit I've repeatedly, seen anger over breakfast being expressed, as a sort of casual. Bigotry, and we shouldn't ever let that slide I think that's it for today if you listened to me ramble over the credits you're probably extremely impressed, by the names rolling by luckily, you can get in on the action by becoming a patron via, the link in the description, my, last couple of videos were a light on history unfortunately but, I'm going to make up for it with the next one when, we'll talk about the Crusades how exciting, until. Then let's, just all try to stick it out and I hope to see you the next time have, a good one.

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Hey folks. Made a blunder here. While a member state can theoretically use his seat in the commission to "block laws", that job really lies more with the Council since the commission is supposed to act in the common european interest. In addition to that, laws are send to national parliaments and they can reject them aswell, if they think it violates the principle of subsidiarity. This video explains it pretty good: Also big thank you to my Patrons!

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The seats in the council are always held by the ministers of the member state governments, one per state (but with weighted voting power). The Council appoints commissioners with the approval of the European Parliament.

I'm still confused. If people in the European commission/council aren't elected, how do they get their positions?

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Brexit is freedom


being in the EU was getting rid of one layer of UK rules. because the EU is balanced, money people in the UK didnt like it. so here is the fish and chips guy from Eton, to tell you more about whats good for you.

The fish quotas are a great idea - in Canada, the province of Newfoundland somehow managed to fish every edible species off its coast into extinction in the name of creating jobs (which now obviously no longer exist).

Should the UK leave the EU. It was a simple question. The UK voted to leave, the UK will be free to trade with anyone it wants, you are not allowed to trade globally while in the EU. I am a bit confused why you want people to stay in an increasingly federal political union. Apparently the UK isn't allowed independence like any nation in the world is.

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I want to vomit every time one of these conservative politicians says "believe me, I know." I want to say, "don't try to gaslight us, you haven't figured this out any more than anyone else."

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farage, the son of a stockbroker, who's only jobs have been...... being a stockbroker... and..... being a European Member Of Parliament, complains that European Members Of Parliament are out-of-touch elites who have never done a real day's work in their lives

Pager is a media terrorist.

Great video, but 4 demerits for NOT mentioning that Nigel Farage was a British MEP who presumably went to the EU to fight for British interests despite his opposition to the entire enterprise. Now if you've seen his finally point about fisheries then has to mentioned. While there Nigel sat on the EU fisheries council. Guess how often he attended during a term spanning several years...ONCE! What a fucking hack.

And the bearocrats in British parliament have been telling people all over the world how they should and shouldn't buy and sell.

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You say that countries join because it benefits them, but most countries newer had a referendum to join. The politicians just decided to join (except denmark and norway, and norway said no)

Isn’t the eu part of the reason Europe hasn’t really been at war with one another since WW2?

+Ester Johannessen"this is a union whose laws overrules countries counstitutions". National parliaments agree to that when they enter. You talk as if the EU is something that is being done TO countries. Those countries are partners in running the EU and they all help write its laws.

+Josefine Nilsson That is right, but this is a union whose laws overrules countries counstitutions. And for a lot of countries the EU stands in oposition to countries independence as stated in most counstitutions. Of course the laws differ from country to country, but this isnt just politicians passing another law.

That is what representative democracy is. You elect politicians to make decisions on your behalf. I don't see how not having referendums means there are no benefits to membership? National parliaments obviously decide to join because they expect their countries to benefit from it.

So he likes nations and borders, yet he dismisses Irish, Scottish and Welsh nationalists as "fake nationalities"?

The UK government isn't bloated. It accomplishes much more than American governments, without much more money.

Their videos are often flawed, but sometimes their content holds a great deal of truth in the cryptic agendas, like all politically motivated informers, including yourself.

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Nigel Farage will destroy the EU from within. Respect the will of the people. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 364,269 MBGA

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7:30 the European Paliamt can not propose laws, they aren't the ones making the regulations, the European comission is and the lobbists advising it. Many members of the European Commission are former Goldman Sachs Bankers. Also Trade agreement like TTIP or EPA were already terrible, I don't know how you could make them worse

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hmm i was actually expecting pragerU to tell me something about "certain foreign elements" that have it to easy to come to britian becuause of the EU which are not combatible with "the culture"

I don't believe in a EU future the way it is developing now, I don't want a European Federation. It is inevitable the EU will go down that path in my view. Some sort of decentralization will be the better way in my opinion. That being said, your videos are great for tempering my natural views, keep it up.

So you want transnational socialism with a powerless parliament. That sounds a lot like a 21st century Soviet Union. The effects of global capitalism on a patchwork of city states doesn't seem so nightmarish in comparison.

good one mate

Nurture it like some sort of RageBaby is now cannon.

Of course PargerU would bring a UKIP dude lol. Their propaganda machine never ceases to amaze me with how disingenuous is it.

"Hi, I'm so and so, and I was a representative of the UK in the EU". "Those faceless bureaucrats deciding things in the EU". Can't have it both ways Nigel.

Pompous response to Farage defense of Brexit is irrelevant. Use your time to address the tyrannical grip that German trade surpluses and immigration policies have on Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Cypriot, and rural French underemployment, unemployment, and culture. Brits are getting out of the EU while the gettin is good.

why does the pragerU video feel like its made for toddlers? like? watching it makes u feel rly rly stupid

How can someone (Nigel) be so ignorant about things necessary to perform his job since most of this info can be easily found anyway?

He's not ignorant. He knows all this. He's intentionally lying.

The British Parliament had a statute in place prior to joining the EU, which stated that never shall any extrinsic body, state, court or institution of any kind, have authority over the British Parliament. It had been in place for hundreds of years, and it was removed as a matter of constitutional procedure before entry to the EEC was possible. Say what you like about PragerU, how the Commission or European Council operates in terms of their treaties of subsidiarity; membership of the EU by definition is a diminution of parliamentary sovereignty where the nation in question joins in a legislative context referred to as the 'multilateral' rules based order and is subject to the bureaucratic procedures of the wider order as a whole.

I don't know what I enjoyed more: the red herring pun or how much you yourself seemed to relish in it. :)) Great video as always, cheers!

Oh my days, you cannot fully understand how much many of us in the UK loathe this bloviating cockwomble. Great analysis as always.

You are an arrogant pedant

Ah, Anti-Freedom video. We live in a Fabian Socialist superstate, funnily enough brought to you by Posh elitist Brit pricks. The EU is another monarchist empire.

The UK is literally one of those monarchies. So you tell me. How much influence do the Royals have on the EU? Europe is mostly republics, I mean, yeah, Spain and Luxuemborg, Belgium, Denmark, but if I'm gonna be honest, I can't name a single living monarch of any country in Europe EXCEPT the UK's. I make no effort, and yet I know the names of multiple members of the royal family. I truly would find it remarkable if other monarchs have any more influence in the EU than the UK royal family. If you're worried about 'monarchists', the EU isn't your enemy. The royals are. And if you're doing 'brexit' to avoid monarchists, well... yep, still baffled by what on earth brexiters want.

+Killua2001 how many Monarchies in the EU, you honestly think these people wield no power and gave everything up?

... What? Monarchist? The hell? From what I can tell, the EU very much resembles the US around the founding of the constitution. The 'public' (land owning white men) only got to vote for the house of representatives. It wasn't a very 'democratic' republic, but you'd be very very hard pressed to describe it as anything but 'a republic'. The UK itself is far, far more monarchist, in principle and practice, than the EU. And I'd bet a good number of the people who support the Monarchy also happen to be pro-Brexit. But I have a different question for you. What do you want? Where do you want a boarder check? Do you want one between North Ireland and Ireland? Do you want one between North Ireland and the rest of the UK? Or do you want none at all? If the first, does that mean you're fine breaking the Good Friday Agreement? Do you think the people of North Ireland would be particularly happy with that? Shouldn't their views matter more since they are, after all, more directly affected. If you want a boarder between North Ireland and the rest of the UK, am I to assume that means you're ok with having UK created goods have to be imported into the UK all within its own territory? Does this also not require effectively ceeding regulatory control over all of North Ireland to the EU anyway? One where the UK would have little input on, unless they, well, violate the good friday agreement. And if you want no hard boarder at all... then.. well... how? Leaving the EU but keeping no boarder requires accepting free movement and staying in the customs union, which means the UK would have dropped their representation for no effective change in what it's required to do. The only alternative to all of that appears to be 'don't leave the EU'. But that leaves me perpetually confused what 'brexiters' actually really want. What is 'brexit', cause as things stand, it looks very much like the UK is going to jump off a very dangerous looking cliff, for no apparent reason.

What do you think about Lexit?

Farage hates the EU so much that he can barely stop himself from trousering their cash, whether he's entitled to it or not. Good stuff, Daniel, thank you.

I believe you are the most insightful person on the internet. Thank you for presenting this article in a well read and thoughtful manner.

I say if the UK wants to leave the EU I don't care. Why the hell is the pragerU vid even targeted at Americans. I don't speak for all Americans but i don't think we as a people care. maybe this political party or that one dose care but i don't think the average American dose.

Brexit, Trump's election, extremist shitshows, and many other idiotic things happening show the weakness of democratic states. People who don't play by the rules and peddle their ideas as facts will always have a good chance of gaining support since they'll always tell you what you what to hear and not the truth. Willfully spreading disinformation in a public sphere should have legal consequences on the platforms helping spread it and especially on the individual doing it. The annoying part is that a lot of companies help in promoting disinformation and they aren't liable, even worse, they oppose any regulations by yelling CENSORSHIP and having their users go bezerk on governments. Look at Article 13 in the EU, all major platforms are crying like crazy against it since it forces them to regulate their platforms against intellectual property theft. Long story short, the governments should fight against disinformation with the law and not just with facts.

The audacity of a millionaire who has styled himself as an 'everyman' calling it a conspiracy of the elites

Can't we all just agree that Brexit will be a good thing overall? Not to the UK. It will basically destroy the UK and quite likely make Scotland leave it and also re-trigger civil war in Ireland. But for the rest of the EU and also the world, it will mean that UK won't be able to strong arm the EU by vetoing environmental issues and all the progressive economic policies the EU tried to implement over the years but failed thanks to the UK and its insistence of being a world power just because it once had an empire it mismanaged into oblivion.

The difference between EU Commissioners and Parliamentary Ministers that you omitted is very important. To become a minister you have to first be elected by the people to parliament and then the government appoints you to a ministerial position. EU Commissioners are never elected by any member of the public.

The Red Herring transition was beautiful

"self important, overpaid, social engineers with useless degrees who have never done a proper days work" *Get this man a mirror*

I would actually be interested in a profound critique of the EU in its current state. It seems like who opposes the nationalist right must be pro-EU regardless of its flaws, but I think this position is very much questionable. I think there are some valid criticisms to be made, especially in the realm of the fiscal policies.

You told a joke! I KNEW you weren't really German!

The most comprehensive challenge to the myth of Brexit I’ve seen. Thanks!

states rights! wait, wut.

90 seconds in, and i'm already in agony.

Tommy Robinson a racist fraudster.... There goes all your credibility in just one sentence. And here I thought that finally a leftie that is capable of forming actual arguments rather than going with the usual personal attacks and strohmanns. But I guess in modern leftist thought researching subjects is not a requirement, you just run with what your social hugbox says.

19:32 your laugh is so cute :3

brexit means bigger government

2:00 you under-educated idiot, the IS a bloated nepotistic bureaucracy. The EU is a kleptocracy. I've worked with EU grants for 3 years and it is my personal experience that most of the money is funneled into the wallets of the political class. In Hungary about 1 in 7 Euros spent by the EU go towards actual projects and the remaining 6 land in the pockets of the crony capitalists. Nigel is absolutely right when he says that the EU is a horrorshow.

The U is short for Unsourced

But but but mu emprie!

Canadian viewer here. We have several layers of government. First is Municipal, then is Provincial (or Territorial for Yukon, NWT and Nunavit), third is federal, and then we still answer to the British Monarchy. Well, British Monarchy and whoever is President south of the border--as I'm not certain if anybody mentioned, the Americans have some political clout in the world. Oh right... and that is without taking into account the Reservations and Treatie locations here with the First Nations people. Though, usually nobody ever gives a crap what First Nations people have to say. I'm Triracial, my Grandfather grew up in Rupert's Land and was in the British Airforce between The Great War and that unnecessary sequel they made to try to cash in on the franchise. My first language is Cree... and if Brexit is looking for sympathy from me, they can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. Every one of their arguments is ridiculous nonsense where they play up ridiculous narratives and play up ridiculous fantasies and wild tales and stories. In the case of "The Travelling Circus" he is literally arguing against a practice that is designed to keep on area of the EU from having all the power--because he is worried that the UK won't have all the power. I say: ADD MORE CITIES to that circuit. Have the Capital be constantly moving throughout the year. By having the Capital mobile, it will not result in a single location gaining more power from it than the others. Literally every one of his arguments he is either making up a fictional story on the spot--or just taking a scary looking graph, scrubbing the information from it--taking a couple columns and keeping the title. Seriously... I mean... my fucking gog.

What is a fake university? How far do you have to live in leftist thought to believe that all rights and institutions exist by the will of the all-mighty state?

Mr. Faranges' description of an "elite" ironically sounds like a description of himself.

4:31 What do you mean non-binding? In my ballot paper it said "the government will implement what you decide".

19:30 tbh that was too good of a pun to left out.

Hey at least they triggered the libs, right?... That was.. Worth it?

People who debunk this regular shoveled garbage from PragurU are a godsend to the people. I'm getting really sick of this right-wing nutjob propaganda.

"I'll take the good sense of an Italian farmer or a French baker over the arid intellectualism of an EU Bureaucrat any day." Not even 5 minutes prior, "Believe me-I know, because for seventeen years, I've represented South East England as a member of the European Parliament, the EU's legislative body." I have to admit, he does make a compelling argument there.

I realize you had to do tons of research to make this video. No wonder left tube can't churn out as many short, attention grabbing videos as right tube. Also fuck right tube

Wow... The parallel between “big and small government” made at the beginning of this made me realize something: The conservative rhetoric behind Brexit mirrors Republican “big government is bad” rhetoric, only applied to entire countries rather than “sovereign states.” With that framework it’s no wonder far-right conservatives and extremists hate the EU so much. You would think the success of the United States (emphasis on the word “United”) would wizen them up to the whole “stronger together” idea. Oh well; they are nothing if not tenacious in defending their beliefs, misguided though they are. And if an economic superpower like Britain is having this much trouble negotiating its leaving the EU, a political body which has only existed for a matter of decades... I just... I’m gonna laugh REALLY hard the next time Texas starts in again with their whole “we’ll secede from the US” bulls@&$.

"21st Century Socialism, requires trans-national cooperation" Which is required to fight "Global Capitalism" 1. What is 21st century Socialism and how does it compare to previous attempts? 2. Why does 21st century Socialism *require* trans-nationalism? 3. What is Global Capitalism and how is it different from Capitalism? 4. Why is 21st century Socialism better or worse than Global Capitalism? 5. Why does Global Capitalism *need* to be replaced at all? 6. How is trans-nationalism not just the modern version of imperialist colonialism but with the explicit goal of erasing the affected nations and cultures in favor of a new overarching nation and culture? I hope one of these questions spawns a video response.

PragerU in itself is a horror show.

This video is like a breath of fresh air. More people need to see this especially now when fake news and propaganda has reached new levels. Thank you for posting something about Brexit. It was long overdue.

I still can't forget the first pragerU video I've ever seen. A targeted add in which dennis talks about how kids these days aren't as willing to drown puppies as the older generation, and that we need to return to good christian values so that more people would be fine with drowning a puppy. That shit was weird, yo.

Welcome back Arrows senpai

Excellent video thanks! :)

Isn't rabble rousing for a referendum the core of democracy though?

Red herring *groan*. Personally I hope I never hear the word brexit ever ever again but we all know that for the next decade whichever government is in they will be able to blame anything and everything on brexit. Homelessness BREXIT. Inflation BREXIT. Weak pound BREXIT. Haemerroids BREXIT. Stepped in some dogshit BREXIT. *sighs* Well the people have spoken and we live in a democracy so that is that hopefully.

Farage's arguments *should be* wholly unconvincing to any and all Americans considering that what he is describing is what we literally have here. A Belgian telling a Brit how much they can charge? sounds like a Texan telling a New Yorker just the same. Two big governments? That is literally federalism and our system of governance. Freedom of movement, trade, etc? That's instilled in our constitution.

I'm sorry, I just can't stand looking at Nigel Farage for 26 minutes. You guys go on without me

Love when I'm trying to get conservative american's to my side by disparaging the american concept of federalism, lol.

The big upside to Brexit, from my point of view, is that it makes US politics seem slightly less dysfunctional in comparison. We still have it worse, but at least someone else is in the same ballpark.

Is it possible that in the Evolutionary Meta-Niches, Red Herrings are having a population boom?

I rolled my eyes so hard at that red herring pun LOL


ugh I didn't realise I'd have to look at nigel farage so much when I clicked this

Damn my boy did a pun

I got accepted into NASA as soon as I showed them my PragerU degree

Nigel is speaking to American audiences. He said fries instead of chips. And then he slipped up and said lorry instead of truck. Most Americans don't know what a lorry is.

Also, the EU Commission president is appointed by the European Council (which contains heads of state that are elected by people or appointed) and is elected by the European Parliament (which is elected by the people). So, Nigel is, unsurprisingly, wrong.

I support Cobyn and given what happened to Greece when they attempted to break with capitalist dogma, i'm glad we're leaving. A Corbyn government would offer solutions that the EU would just obstruct. Tony Benn was always opposed to the EU too and just saw it as a neo liberal project and he understood that internationalism and "trans-national cooperation" are simply not one and the same thing.

I think you should edit and reupload the video before the majority share of the internet that dont read things starts blaming you for shit.

what (american)

Common European sense? So much for cultures since the E.u gets to decide what other countries do. They actually make laws. No they are smal says the maggot narrating 3 arrows

+Joe Morrell They would have been stuck between third world and poverty.

+brinbrin62 62200 Was your father alive during WW2?

Question for you... When the EU was forming, what would have happened to a country like Malta (who is almost entirely dependant on foreign trade to survive) if they had not joined? Economically speaking, what would the repercussions have been?

In the UK, the far-left is largely against the EU as they think it is too capitalist. Jeremy Corbyn, the most left-wing leader of the Labour party in 40 years, has been against the EU his whole political career, and only campaigned for Remain (half-heartedly) because of pressure from the more moderate elements of his party. Governments of EU member states range from democratic socialist to very right-wing. The EU isn't forcing countries to be left wing or right wing, that's for the voters of those countries to decide.

+ThobiWan The idea of liberal free market democracy is dead -businesses being run like small dictator countries have seen to that. There are now two solutions to move forward. Socialism or barbarism.

You did pretty well up until advertising for International Socialism and fighting capitalism as the great goal for Europe. I very much you're wrong about that being the goal for Europe. The idea of millions of people slaughtered in your socialist wet dream, is a nightmare for any sane person. I really hope you're wrong, but you've made me somewhat scared of the EU now. Whatever happened to dream of the free market in common liberal democracy?!

Hey Three Arrows! just wanted to ask if you could do a video on your idea of 21st century socialism, and EU solutions?

I have a question. In the end of the video you state that you fight for Socialism, but this seems to me the biggest problem with the EU. Socialism and economic system, in addition to article 13. Those are my top 3 problems and the reason I am praying (metaphorically, Atheist here) for the EU to be destroyed.

The European Union is doomed to eventually fail. Brexit is good. UK showed the way. I'd be honored it be my country, France, to go next, or my father's homeland, Italy.

Thomas Jess yes, I saw that one but I was hoping for another one on another topic

+Imani Scott He did make one video about Ben Shapiro's video on gun control.

You can't imagine how rich it is to hear a British politician talk about "sovereignty" as someone from one of the British Overseas Territories.

He hates the European Union so much that he spent his whole career trying to work for it?

Ironic that Nigel will call the EU a circus, while being the ring master of the biggest circus in Europe.

19:17 how much is the fish exactly?

souvereignty is being ruled over. it is NOT about freedom. just about the squabbles between tyrants.

_"Britain isn't an empire any more"_ Careful. You'll find the the average brexiteer is physiologically incapable of hearing those words. They are physically missing the ear and brain tissue required to hear the words/understand the concept.

Still, the EU is a neoliberal organisation created to promote free-market capitalism throughout Europe. As a Spaniard I know the damage the EU has done in here. First, prior to joining, one of our prerequisites was an ‘industrial reorganisation’. What did this mean? The rape of the Spanish industrial heartland and the massacre of its agriculture so it could not compete with French or German products. Thousands of businesses were privatised and millions of livestock were killed, the agricultural land being sold off to major landowners. We went from being an emerging industrial powerhouse to being the bathroom of Europe, where they just come to drink, party and stain our streets with vomit. We depend on tourism, and when the crisis came, we were hit hard. The EU forces privatisations and major budget cuts in the interests of the unfair and unjust loans owed to major banks. It is a way of making sure Europe stays as a free market paradise for capitalists. Now, it is forcing the privatisation of our public transport, our trains. Coincidentally, SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Ferre) and Deutsche Bahn are interested in this new opportunity to expand their markets. To add insult to injury, the EU supports a federal Spain, broken up by bourgeois nationalists and it is unwilling to aid us in recovering our occupied territories in Gibraltar (which serves as a military base for Great Britain, as a smuggler base for tobacco and as a way to steal Spanish waters for fishing, living and patrolling). The EU serves the interests of big industrialists and big bankers, it is a bourgeois structure which must be dismantled. I am not against European cooperation but I am against an alliance of European bourgeois.

I really do like your content but, I think it should be mentioned that the eu is making brexit as punishing and unpleasant for the Brits as possible hence making any economic or sovereign benefit negligible, . Brussels is making an example of England so as to discourage any such behaviour from other eu member states.

Nigel Farage is about as in touch with the common working man, as my grandmother is up-to-speed about the latest internet meme. The same can be said about many other politicians, though, so I guess he fits right in.

as if the french economy depends on a couple of lorry rides. ridiculous. if you care so much about fishlaw, stay away from faroer then. or africa. don't get me started on africa. 1. yeah the whole brussel/strasbourg situation is BS. 2. why you still have paper in your office? these days you just take your laptop and pick up business the next morning no matter where in the world. improve on efficiency. more BS...don't wanna write anymore. you covered much, great job, great analysis. wish more people would watch this. I hope the UK have fun finding their place inbetween the EU, the US, INDIA, CHINA, and let scotland go, because they would like to rejoin.

when you call "chips" "fries", you know it's shilling for the US mindset.

STAHP IT! You're making too much sense!

Not everyone who voted for Brexit is racist, but every racist voted for Brexit.

Farage was recently refused a German passport, trying to use his brother in law's address in Hamburg...

20% of the fish in British waters is a colossal amount and completely unsustainable.

Comment section is awful, when will you all grow up?

Farage hardly actually ever represented the UK IN THE EU. HE NEVER TURNED UP UNLESS THE CAMERAS WERE ON.

I absoultely hate this bastard of a man. He does'nt care about the people, hes just another rich conservative snob

8:18 ooooooooffff course

Typical, another salty kraut angry because Deutschland has lost a slice of it's European empire. Britain will be the first to leave, but it won't be the last.

You have to understand that a unified Europe is America's biggest fear. It's saddening how our glorious continent won't realize it.

If you've ever been to Strassbourg I think you'd say Parliament should stay there. Far better building.

To be fair, Farage seems to be talking about civil servants. The stupid part is that he think social engineering is a bad thing. If civil servants weren't around your laws would be worse. They would be based less on research and more on political whim making countries more susceptible to fascism.

The E.U wants an Army. Typical leftist filth coming from 3 arrows

So this moron argues about carbon emission from that "circus" and lately propagates ovefishing?

Farage doesn't give a shit about carbon emissions. He just sees an opportunity for a cheap jab 'Oh, you care about the environment? Why do you keep doing stuff then? Why don't you like in a cave like a true eco-warrior?'


Thank you for making this video xx

You forgot about the "European Army." It's purpose and and who's going to pay for it if we already have NATO. BTW, shouldn't the EU exist as just an economy block (well, check with Greece and Italy - more arguments), looks like it has became not just a political and now going to be a military block as well?

+Cory Fice and @Nathaniel Claw. As an EU citizen, it will be your own money through taxes that is going into NATO and now an EU Army as well yes? Perhaps you can create money from your own ass? - No one is stopping you to pay more taxes

+Nathaniel Claw He doesn't have a point he's just talking out of his ass.

+Leon You do know every nato country also spends their own money on nato right? In fact they are to increase it to 2% as the new rule, so what is your point?

+ProfessorEGadd oh nothing wrong at all, as long as you're willing to fund the formation and maintenance of your EU army

NATO is US-led. Is there anything wrong with a mutual self-defence clause like NATO's, but without the US in charge?

This video doesn't debunk anything, Your video just says "yes they are correct but i don't like it whaaa"

Ragebaby- three arrows 2019

I hate Farage and Prageru, but I have to admit that "Eurocrat" is a pretty good pun

'Anger is a gift' - RATM

Brexit is a giant con. PragerU is a con. What is wrong with so many people?

Be Scottish. Vote for Scottish independence in 2014, lose by 5%. Vote for SNP at 2015 general election, SNP win over 50% of the vote, win all but 1 of Scottish seats. Vote for SNP at 2016 Scottish elections, get 46% of the constituency vote. Vote to REMAIN in 2016 brexit referendum, Scotland votes 62% to REMAIN. UK vote loses by 1.8%. Now be a very angry Scottish person. Now look ahead and see that the UK government is just going to rest its foot on Scotlands neck for the next 10 years, they need do nothing more. Be Scottish, hear talk of DEMOCRACY and REPRESENTATION from the brexiteers. Of supra national organisations that crush small members. Be very, very, very angry Scottish.

The attacks of Farage has made the EU more united.

Why do the presenters on these Prager Poo vids come across as so smarmy?

Ah yes. Good old nationalism. It teaches you to be proud of things you haven't done and hate people you've never met. The UK is quickly becoming an autocracy like Hungary , USA and Poland. It's very unpleasant to watch. The UK is the biggest monolithic, centralised country in Europe. It has an archaic voting system in which you have to vote for party who you don't want so party you don't want can't get in. That's not democracy. That's Hobson's choice. Twittering on about sovereignty and how undemocratic the EU is, is the kettle calling the pot black. And while the government is doing the hokey cokey with EU membership and wallowing in delusions of economic grandeur, the UK will remain economically divided and in a permanent state of misery because of the government's economic and political agenda which has not changed since membership of the EU and will not change after leaving. Referendums are just a political tool politicians use to put a stamp of popular legitimacy on something the government intends to do anyway. Look at how many the UK and EU have already had! The total neglect of manufacturing and over-development of the financial sector is what has destroyed the UK not the EU. Brexit will just facilitate the financial sector to carry on regardless. Obviously, the EU trying to legislate regulation of the banking system to stop them being run like casinos and oblige multinational corporations to honor their fiscal obligations does not sit well with the government's plans to attract businesses by making the UK a tax haven free-for-all. That is the reason behind Brexit. Financial gombeenism. The value of sterling has fallen already 30% since the banking crash in 2008 which was created by the subprime mortgages scandal in UK,  USA and Ireland. Look at the facts: UK has the most regionally unbalanced economy in Europe. Productivity is on its arse, with stagnant wages, endless fiscal deficits and austerity measures as a result. The deindustrialised areas of Britain are trapped with a pathetic  infrastructure, low investment and skills. Added to that is miserable investment in R&D which means that UK cannot make enough goods and services that the rest of the world wants to buy anyway. Real economic  growth comes from technologies. That's why Finland, German  and the other Scandinavians are doing so well. All the big plans the government is twittering on about  cannot be realised without innovation. The pathetic attempts to stimulate innovation through business tax reductions and making UK a profitable place to do business does not cut the mustard.  Of course,  bad habits are hard to break.  Endless low interest rates and quantitative easing has rocketed the amount of personal debt to 147%  and exacerbated the situation. The incompetence in handling fiscal policy by cutting spending in 2010 instead of increasing its deficit has destroyed productive capacity and made households between £4000 and £13000 worse off. Not to mention the misery, hunger, homelessness  and even death the spending cuts have caused to the poorest members of society. Leaving the EU is not going to change anything. It's time for the UK government get of it's high horse and take a long hard look at itself. Or at least come clean about it's TRUE intentions behind leaving the EU. So the government wants to leave.  Then do so, without making such a song and dance about it.  Behaving like a petulant child is not the answer.  It's undignified and embarrassing.

Prager U: The largest example of how to make an argument of nothing but logical fallacies and disingenuous arguments.

Brexit helps only, CHINA, USA and other competing countries! Britain will suffer, enormous!

A german supporting the fourth european reich, how surprising...

Hilariously sad the Britain just assured itself to cease to be the most powerful European country in the long term. Alienating your neighboring countries and ensuring that trade with you is more difficult than alternative partners is not a recipe for success.

Farange should be arrested for Treason and executed.

Can you imagine a state having 2 governments? Like having it's own state government then an overarching federal government on top of that? What a concept! I can't even fathom who would think of something like that. Something something state's rights.

PragerU. The blog that thinks its a University. Nigel Farage. The idiot who thought he was a Politician.

Excellent take down, the hypocrisy in this world maddens me

NIgel Farage's "arguments" before the Brexit vote were to appeal to people's emotions, not a reasoned analysis, which were proved to be simply wrong and amounted to scaremongering.The post Brexit mayhem has him hiding his face in UK, having no idea how to proceed post Brexit and reduced to selling his services to fake "think tank"s like PragerU.

a literal """red herring"""

Wait wait wait. Didn't England's voters choose to leave the EU? Wasn't it their decision? I don't think they were hypnotized and voted against their own will. I thought this video glibly glossed over that. The actual vote. Am I wrong? I'm open to the possibility that I am.

Brilliant video. It's always fun to point out that Farage as a member of the European Parliament fisheries commitee attended 1 out of 42 meetings to further British fishing interests.

Thanks for showing Farage as the conman he is.

The problem is not the "right" propaganda, i see the problem in cherry pick and lies about the sources and "facts"

if big gov sucks why would you want two big gov? moral of story big gov sucks vote tax cuts for the rich

its funny because americans already live under two governments

I know there’s no way you’re going to read this, let alone respond, but I had a quick question. I’m an American, and despite you being a (German I think) I still feel like I can connect to and understand your videos. My questions is, what is your target audience? Do you have a more European focus, a universal one, or are your videos just so well made that they resonate with everyone?

What is 21st Century Socialism?

The question is, does Farage know all this or not? If he doesn't, he's incompetent; if he does, he's dishonest.

You make it really hard to give that thumbs up sometimes, Three Arrows. Knowing I'm going to have to stomach a bunch of crapola clips from PragerU. It's like, yeah the roller coaster was fun, but I feel queasy nonetheless. Thumbs up.

I'm British so by this point the word sovereignty is hilarious to me. Just the best joke you could tell.

Facts are irrelevant when you have an agenda to serve.

Thanks for the quip about "whatever he calls himself these days" right after calling himself the only other thing he ever called himself then a random name immediately afterwards. Such a statement is the clearest display that you are not arguing in a place where good rules of logic or addressing real concerns matter. Saved me lots of wasted minutes there. So many that I even had time to thank you for saving me time.

I feel like Three Arrows' arguments come down to 'gotchas'. He never fulling explains his arguments, he just tries to poke holes in his opponents. That's fine, I guess, but it doesn't show he has a good grasp of the topic. He just does research on what other have said and if anything doesn't line up to the letter, he makes a video saying he's debunked and proven his opponents wrong. Pseudo intellectual is thrown around a lot, but I think it fits him perfectly. For a better understanding of brexit and how it will effect Britain, I'd suggest looking into Sargon's Videos on it. vxcaxweRZYM

As an American, from and within America, I know my opinion is automatically more advanced than most other countries, so I'll weigh in and say that Brexit is a bad idea, because look what happened to the Southern US when they tried to leave that Union. They turned racist and lost their educations. That's right, shocking I know. I'm surprised more people have not made this obvious connection, particularly more Americans (though they can be know it all sometimes, I don't even think they know what they're talking about, but they're so far from self aware it's scary).

Wouldn't it be pretty ironic, if the UK broke appart, because Scotland wants to stay in the EU?

Well your reality that is, which is fueled by drugs and leftest propaganda

NF. The giant douche canoe who ran away from doing the hard work of negotiating out of the EU to maintain the fantasy that nothing will ever ever be his fault.

I wonder how much my country gives to the EU? (Note: I'm in the US.) Also, as an American, I actually am really interested in the idea of the EU. It seems like how America went from a union of thirteen states to the big country it is now. I hope something similar happens with the EU, especially as the options are a) become the United States of Europe, b) stay sucking up to my country (to be fair, we treat you better than, say, we treated the Phillipines or Latin America, but that could easily change) or c) switch from working to the US to working for Russia/China.

This video has changed my mind. I now want to remain.

For those of you who may of forgotten, almost half of us in the UK and probably more by now (seeing as one of the most popular search terms AFTER the referendum was "what is the EU?"), did not want to leave the EU. We are going to live through some real consequences and financial/social burdens for the statistically lower educated populations questionable views on sovereignty. So please remember that bashing those of us in the UK all with same brush is uncalled for. The real comedy is, when we do inevitably stabilise after this error of societal ignorance, largely off the backs of the most vulnerable in a way that makes the current austerity look like a holiday, you will have some Brexiters pop up and shout "See, told you we would be fine!" Not like we could of just avoided all this by, oh I don't know, staying in the EU

Question: Someone pointed out how the EU is basically united under the equivalent of the American Articles of Confederation, not an actual full Constitution?

Yes. There was an attempt to give the EU a constitution which was however vetoed per referendum by France.


I like Nigel a lot and I think Brexit could’ve been done good but it’s been horribly botched

When I flew from America to India via Europe I noted how little distance there was between England and Netherlands. The idea the North Sea fish are UK is absurd.

+Leigh White so you shoot your own leg because you are tired of being called racist? Cant say it is very justified

TravistheHuman sorry. That comment was meant for someone else , one too many shandies as we say in the uk !

+Leigh White I can why you would say that, but racist isn't the worse thing to call a person.

TravistheHuman you don’t get it do you Brexit was Party down to people getting pissed of with being called racist, , racist is a wordSJWs use when they’ve lost the debate ,

From the US to across the pond, scary brown people never fails as a political tactic.

Nigel farage has got to be one of the biggest fuckwitts of the century thus far, he's setting a benchmark for the next 80 years of 21st century fuckwitts. Hope he dies violently.

Surprise surprise a german man disagrees with brexit

As far as "big government" is concerned, imagine having each member its own regulative body for aviation, food safety, drugs (medicine), environmental standards etc. and having to coordinate their regulations with everybody else ... That's why European non-member (like Switzerland and Norway) states simply copy many EU regulations and swallow the pill that they didn't have a say in its making.

"I was the leader of UKIP" Maybe don't say that so loud bud, the joke party won more seats in the recent election than UKIP

I almost wonder if there were people in England that thought if they made as if they were going to leave the EU the EU would make a bunch of changes to accommodate them and try to keep them, the way Iceland threatened to leave NATO, and then England could just be like OK we'll stay. Then the time came and the EU was like bye felicia and suddenly England is getting the gin sweats. Also, I bet with England gone the EU as a whole may be weaker, but certain countries will be bigger fish in a smaller pond and are fine with the departure. I really look forward to any videos you are making about the crusades, it's a fascinating, vicious time in history. Please point out how silly the words "saracen" and "franj" are and tell the story of Prester John.

always hatdt prager snd condervstives.

Omg I laughed so bad when he said spoke of the cod wars and iceland

LoL big government -> directed at Americans as propaganda What the hell? May just be an appeal to common values directed at hmm Idk libertarians, classical liberals and free market conservatives? But thats just a stupid hypothesis what do I know and yes, pointing to common values = propaganda thats sound reasoning

No, Brits don't use the words "big government", but yes we do have a term for it. It's called a "nanny state". It is also perjorative, but it is not used as much in the states as it is in the UK, so it only made sense that when being shown to an American audience they'd use the equivalent term.

Three Arrows! You also forgot that Nigel Farage didn't lead the UK effort to leave the EU as he claims. His campaign was overtaken by and they were the face of the Brexit campaign on the leave side. Y'know the one with Aaron Banks that definitely didn't commit electoral fraud.

You know I spent most of this video feeling kind of weird, cause most of what you were saying about Brexit is true, but you said it like it was a bad thing. Then at the end you called for socialism and an end to capitalism, then it all clicked. God I thought my friends were joking when they said Europeans have no sense of personal liberty, but here we are I guess. Then again, considering you Germans are the ones to have lived under absolute monarchy for hundreds of years only to have them replaced with one of the worst dictators in human history, I don't know what I should have expected.

Hear Hear a Yankiee Doddle lectures a European on European affairs.

Well thought through video. Destroying Nigel Farrage's talking points argumentativly.

Good Video


how is it that the Koch brothers are billionaires but can't afford better-looking, less-shitty videos?

So stay in the EU, help each other and become powerful. Seems amazing and great. Not sure why they left, what's happening with you UK?

I like to go channel to channel and see the impact a creator has with their content. Seems to me that your audience is comprised of people who think they are free thinking but yet still are constantly demeaning one another. Safe to say this is a sort of ground zero channel. Mostly it seems your audience is left leaning anti-white. I'm sure you're more than aware of this but it's just an observation. It makes me curious as to why your content draws that particular crowd when your opinion seems to be more level headed.

+ProfessorEGadd thats how People that dont believe in white genocide are called

+ProfessorEGadd I've seen quite a few comments in these videos. But that's just an observation. Not trying to start a flame war here.


I love that there finally is somebody pointing out the hipocrisy in this whole argument against the 'undemocratic comission' while similarly crying about 'let's take our sovreignty back' really proofs that with a bunch of big words like 'sovreignty' 'undemocretic' and 'unelected' you can make people believe anything and rage against anything without having to explain the proper details. The political system of the EU has two values it wants to protect in it's teritoriy. One is Democracy. The other is Sovreignty. Of course people don't seem to understand that in a body such as the EU 100% democracy would always take away from the sovreignty. Sovreignty and Democracy (in no government or organisation not just in the EU) don't go hand in hand, but they have to be balanced against each other. So thanks for finally pointing out what the commission is about. I just hope people see this. Also the seats in PArliament aren't exactly proportional I think.... If they were some countries wouldn'T get the six represetatives they have. That's I think the smallest number of representatives you get, even if a country has a small population. So the EU-parliament vote in a small country counts a lot more than in say France or germany.

I wonder if Prager Diploma can help me get a job? I mean employer must be impressed by my marketable skills.

It's so telling that I have seen many an interview of Farage, and never EVER when speaking to a British audience does he talk about big government. Not even once. Not even a hint of it. He is the ultimate in a lying, swindling politician, that will cater his argument to the fears and prejudices of his audience.

The eu administration cost is so small that they move to strasbourg once a month and spend around 150 million euro a year in doing so.

1:45 "Big government talking point..." Funnily enough, the Big vs Small government argument in America has mostly died since George Bush Jr. was in office. Fiscal conservatism became really unpopular because progressives didn't want to hear that their newest, shiniest social welfare initiative couldn't be afforded under current taxes, and neocons didn't want to hear that we don't have the budget to start ANOTHER war in a country that oh-so-just-happens to be oil rich. Add to that, no one wanted to hear their taxes would have to go up to pay for the fancy social programs AND the flashy boom-boom tanks in the Middle East. So all the fiscally responsible leaders got kicked out of office and everyone else just shrugged their shoulders and have been running up America's credit card bill ever since.

You looked up my university city in the EU website and now I feel validated. Thanks.

your audio is much better from videos I was watching awhile ago

Is herring

Its an issue of whom do you want to control your nation and its international dealings. External and Internal agencies will all have agendas. Does one cede control to organizations that don't have a built in sympathy for the nations they influence? At their peril likely. You don't get control back easily once you give it away. Witness purchase by industry of any essential service provided by a government. If the government wants it back you can be sure it will be at a price that will be punishing.

Tespri...I'm reluctant to be completely honest on this channel for fear of shadow banning. Join me on Jeff Taylor. I regularly dispute and anti-troll the trolls there. JT refuses to censor BTW.

+First Amendment Yeah Three arrows made stupid video about it. It was thoroughly debunked by anyone who has actually read history. Left wing tries to appear morally right, but is in action making morally disgusting laws. This is why they try to avoid nazies being seen as left. They were right wing only when compared to the communists. But if you think about political spectrum. Then calling nazies as far right doesn't make any sense. Since right wing stands for individual liberty, and more right wing you are the more libertarian you are. How come you suddenly become nazi if you go any more right? Most of them probably doesn't even know that most horrifying laws have always been made in name of good.

Tespri....Their utopia is impossible. Everything these days is fascist and censored on the far left. There's another PragerU video these people won't like, that describes how Nazism was born out of fascist far left politics.

+First Amendment they are already demonizing people who aren't far left enough. It's the very nature of the left. Bunch of violent savages who can't get rid of their tribalistic thinking. They don't mind how many individuals they need to slaughter in order to bring about their dystopia

Oh doge... you were actually stupid enough to check EU laws from youtube instead of EU's own page?

After watching this video, it s clear this channel narrater is not living in reality. Thanks for confirming how the EU spends most its money bolstering false economies accross the EU. That definately explains why EU growth continues to increasingly nose dive. BTW, slamming TR does not change the UK stasi like state abuse and the corrupt MSM who are now more activist than journalist You leftarded arrogant chumps, are going to have to face the fact at some point, that the political pendulum passed its peak to the left 3 years ago. Question is, will you demonise everyone not far left enough, or embrace freedom to try and keep the pednulum closer to the centre on the off chance a real (not imaginary) far right movement gets Nazi big?

+Squiddy Squidknacker maybe you do need to say something else, like what specifically is wrong and how

May I say how much I like the term RAGE BABY.

EU and the unelected bureaucrats

The seats in the Council are always held by the ministers of the member state governments, one per state (but with weighted voting power). The Council appoints then appoints commissioners with the approval of the European Parliament.

I think Farage is wrong to say that MEPs can't be removed. I've seen some predictions for the May elections that up to a third of seats could go to the right.

The truth is that the importance of the UK greatly diminished after the Second World War. We've been essentially caught between the US & Europe ever since.

Never let the truth get in the way of a new Pied Piper, leading people into nationalist doom & chaos by lies and populism. Farage is one of those Pied Piper Charlatans.

hello, id like to ask a question related to an idea I had a while back. I was thinking of creating a not-for-profit radio station on ham, Cb and Am that broadcasts nearly exclusively to fox country. The plan would be essentially to create, three stations with the sole purpose of negating misinformed citizenry if they chose to listen in a medium more comfortable to them. It would be separated into three major stations, 1: a northern Virginian station that is directed toward dc, the main station in middle US states and a southern station. We would use the voices that they are most comfortable with and do pieces on local events and the idea behind them with the intent to juxtapose thoughts of individuals to statistics and then that to the areas national image. My question would be that if we were to do this would it help, or cause more harm then good. My personal political ideology is more liberal. but my intentions are more to help everyone I can.

Kick them out!

Brexit DISGUSTS me on so many levels. The motives, reasoning, logistics, effects and what it is indicative of, it ALL makes my insides turn in frustration.

Farage is a con artist the reason why he wants out it's because of the tax evasion law thank you the EU we will find out why Farage refuses to pay his taxes

Why can’t we all be freindsssssssssssssssss

Nigel Farage reminds me of John Bolton, former US "Diplomat" to the UN, only smarmier.

Thank you. The cod wars. The red herring. Just, all of this video. Thank you

Where is the link to the original video?

PragerU animations suck so very hard.


My forking god, picking apart all the wrong in this video would take an even longer video.

13:19 “sheer idiocy” - if only that were true. I think it’s more likely that they are dishonest, amoral opportunists who know exactly what they’re doing.

Frankly, if they don't leave the EU should kick them out and offer membership to an independent Scotland.

I agree with you on most points. Know, that not all right-wingers, are anti-european, for example PiS is actualy the party that pushed Poland on the course to JOIN the EU. And it is still the party that want Poland not only to remain, but also to reform the European Union to become a better place. This is why, the Polish Prime Minister, have said, that it is very sad, that Great britain, will leave the EU. The main problem is that the current EU elites, are not acting in accordance to the interest of the people. But that can change, and leaving the EU by the British, is not helpfull in any way.

9:56 Rolls-Royce, not Mercedes Remember, British is best!

2 big governments? We have been living under it like forever. They are called State government and Federal government. Now tell me something I don't know Mr. Funny accent.

Goddamn you/ love you for making me laugh at the red herring bit.

I can't wait until the next recession when Germany has to shoulder all the weakest economies almost on its own. Then let us compare economies.

Farage is such an odious scumbag. He's currently out doorstepping far right leaders in Italy and Hungary to try to get them to block an extension to Article 50 so we'll be forced to exit at the end of March with no deal – that's to say, the hardest Brexit possible. This is the same person who, along with many other now hard Brexiters, assured us prior to the referendum that we'd be staying in the Single Market – the softest Brexist possible. He's a two-bit con man.

You mentioned the monetary aspect at the end and I agree with that. In the US, all the states us the same currency, but are also under the same government. Whereas in the EU, all the countries use the EU, but are under their own governments, and there are no fiscal transfers between the EU countries, such as Germany and Greece, and it's up to the ECB to try monetary policy here, but any monetary policy can be undone by fiscal policy.

(((PragerU))) literally advocates for open borders (legally) and global free market capitalism, they are your typical establishment conservatives

I would say the more accurate "reality" is that if liberals don't enforce borders, fascists will.

I love how he's complaining about unelected EU officials, when we ourselves have the House of Lords and the Queen (who are unelected)

"I like nations, I like borders" WTF is he even talking about? Seriously....

True, but for a balanced review you should also look at the lies told by the remain side e.g If you vote brexit all your pensions would be gone. Didn't exactly go down well.

I like how after brexit happened everyone got a degree in economics and crystal balls to accurately predict the future. Not only do they fight without reason or evidence but they genuinely believe they are absolutely right, but thats actually called faith not logic. Humans don't ever say hey that sounds logical and makes a whole lot of sense ill believe you. They say hey that suits my predetermined beliefs so I will choose treat this as factual data. This whole thing is only solid proof that humans only accept knowledge that personally benefits their own desires. And with you tube they can pick and choose what "evidence" they choose to agree with... It's absolutely sickening and a testament to what humans truly are. I want to be an independant little island that takes care of its own, without the looming presence of unknown people demanding we follow their rules. That is all, plain and simple, idc what it takes to get there and im prepared to work as a COUNTRY to fix the problems that occur. Infact I welcome it and cant wait to see how people can and will unite together to overcome problems just like how things used to be before we all got to be little snowflakes given everything we want handed to us.

I rest my case

What a lovely fantasy world you live in

Great points, I've heard similar criticism from other Thunderf00t and John Oliver. @three arrows, what are the motives of pro-BREXIT people like Nigel?

The bus and that wasn’t what made the support. The support came from 30 years of abuse from the EU.

Excellent video. I'm dismayed when people call me a remoaner, because I'm not annoyed that 'MY side' lost, I'm annoyed that Britain has lost. I'm sure we can all agree that control over your nations immigration and economic policy is important but unfortunately, I cannot take solace in the fact that 'at least this will improve post Brexit'. As that is a fantasy.

Farage loves Europe so much, he requested citizenship of Germany. Why does he never mention that to the Brits he's abandoning?

With how long the deranged man has been a EU mp and still doesn't know how it works amazes me.

PragerU, where lies go when they're all grown up.

Why are right-wing nationalists claiming to be such big opponents of "the elites", while supporting rich brats like Trump and Nigel? Are they just trying to be "cool" and "rebellious"?

I don't. Many don't. You just see the most obvious ones as they are the loudest.

Article 13 is a real issue though...

Everybody staring in a Prager U Video, instantly looses all of his/her Credebility. You should watch David Rubin Interview with Dennis Prager, it's Quality Garbage.

lol the fish argument... check aaaaand mate!

4:50 Isn't that what happens in Washington DC all the time. Our current president is a new Yorker who has only visited my state (California) a handful of times.

Why are conservatives so eager to see unity fail?

+Dwight K. Schrute No, you said Europe. Now you are moving goal posts because you realized your mistake. A war is a war and there is an on-going war in Europe, less than a decade after the last one ended. They are not anomalies. They are the historical norm, representative of this part of the world. I can tell you are an American, you do not understand this part of world but I did not expect you to either. No, the decisions of peace and prosperity were made in Washington and Moscow, Europeans had nothing to do with it. You do know that EU as it was started, was fomented by the Americans? The Brits did not want to work the the Germans, Germans did not want to work with the French and no one wanted to work with the Italians. It took a good part of the decade of top American diplomacy to get it going. There has been no unification of European economies, much less their cultures which are as different as they have ever been. Some member states still do not enjoy privileges that others do, namely Bulgaria and Romania (the entire East is generally discriminated). How can you speak of unification of European economies when Germany is the only economy that exports more than it imports? How can you talk about economic unification when older member states receive far more generous subsidies despite being richer than the newest members? It's a lie and you believe it.

+Unknown Soldier I was referring to countries that are bound together by the e.u. Why would you include Ukraine, who isn't part of the European union, in a discussion on the merits of the European union? Again, a war that has resulted in such a low number of deaths is NOTHING compared to the millions who have died in the centuries of Europe's senseless fighting and genocides. The peace may have been kept during the cold war, but it took actually uniting Europe's economies, and in some aspects their cultures, to keep a European country from pulling a nazi Germany type move. It's hard to try and ruin another country if your economy will suffer because of it.

+Dwight K. Schrute Wew lad, you asked me about the last war in Europe. I told you - it's on-going. But of course, the Slavs are not Europeans, as per usual. They said literally the same when Serbian fascists were comitting genocide, it took American intervention to stop it. The peace was kept by Soviet and American domination and occupation. The moment those forces were weakened, yes - the Balkan war started. The period between 1994 and 2014 was a historical anomaly, not the new norm.

+Unknown Soldier Ukraine isn't part of the European union though.... Seeing as how the last European war took the lives of tens of thousands on a weekly basis, I think they're doing alright. Europe has been the most peaceful that's it's ever been since the formation of the European Union. The stark difference between 1900-1950 and 1950 to 2019 proves that the union has kept the peace.

+Dwight K. Schrute There is currently an on-going war in Ukraine - just last week two soldiers died and three civilians with them. Forgot about that one, huh? Then there was the Balkan episode.

+Unknown Soldier Remind me the when last war was waged on the continent of Europe?

There is no unity. The idea that an organization will pacify a continent which has never been at peace for the least 3000 years is a fantasy.

Brexit has been a big mess but I think still better than the EU situation. Europe had a tough 20th century and the 21st is looking bad too. The euro is still broken. There is a constant flood of people from africa and the middle east. The EU parliament doesn't work effectively - at least it doesn't engage with it's population effectively.

"This is propaganda targeting an American audience." Wow, it's almost like Prager is based in the U.S. or something... How informative of you.

No one in the UK uses the "big government" argument. That's always been an American conservative thing

"Fish don't respect national boundaries" looks like an insane rant made by a racist crab.

The realitea of breakfast

Wonderful video. I feel this has informed me to a much greater extent and is not holding either Brexit or Remain in high regard (you’re one yourself, but on educated terms)while Farage (though he is good at saying what people want him to with wit and succeeding) spewed out baseless claims.

"rage baby" also made me laugh XD

"British fish". . . red herring. . . tee hee hee

Wow, du bist so ein typischer Sozialdemokrat. Kapitalismus ist nicht reformierbar. Deine Kapitalismuskritik ist nichts wert, sofern sie keine materialistischen Basis hält. Du solltest vllt doch mal am Marxismus-Leninismus Seminar der KPD teilnehmen.

Imagine how much better the world would be if that plane crash was just a little worse

Thank you so much for this info

17:25 Well is there any argument that the reason member states misspend EU money is that it is looked on as 'EU money' not money directly from UK tax payers. (even though it is). The idea is that if the money spent by a particular state was more directly attributable to the tax payers of that state, maybe there would be a better accounting for that money.

Sadly though, a particularly vocal segment of the population will ignore all of this and just start screeching “But Immigrants!” until they’ve scared all the sane people out of the room.

Farage is unbothered about foreigners exercising undemocratic power over British citizens if those foreigners are capitalists.

Voted number one in a poll for Punchable Face magazine

I hate to paraphrase (god what's her name? - at least I have the bliss of forgetting about her... honestly my mind is a blank, but I can see her face and hear her annoying words... it's coming back... I had to google her in the end).... I hate to paraphrase Lauren Southern. But I think she is right when she suggests that conservatives only care about what is on this side of the hill. While those who are against conservatives will dare to dream what is on the other side of the hill. Brexit is not about the future.

Also, notice Iceland is NOT AN EU NATION.

How many deaths does it take before we get a communist utopia?

Stop not-being-communist you bigot!! True communism hasnt been tried yet!! We will make it work this time!! Just after another 15% of the EU population is dead!

You're gonna roast PragerU? I'm here to watch your video, gonna share it and praise that PragerU will die rather soon

3:40 big government does not only refer to administrative costs. it refers mostly to regulation. The EU is massively over regulated, with regulations coming not just from national bodies but from the EU government itself.

all the worst functioning governments are small.

Directed at an American audience? You are either completely bonkers and intentionally antagonistic. As far as no noticeable increase in bureaucracy, you've obviously never run a business and been subjected to endless expansion of H&S documentation. The domestic countries implement all the recommendations from EU because they are invariably tied to conditional grants. This is the second video ive watched of yours, and you follow the same repertoire - giving radical, yet nonetheless nonsensical alternative views to essentially simple topics. I feel sorry for your unsuspecting audience, who, judging by the comments in this echo chamber, lap up your drivel. Shame on you - you are worse than any right-winger or excitable cleric.

When you can figure out the why the how becomes so much easier. That's the EU's problem, it's a solution waiting for a problem... It's origins are indeed noble, to stop the great nation of Europe going to war with each other, by increasing the amount of interdependence one with the other. But mission creep like it tends to, has complicated what was at heart a simple proposition. The Nation state works!, no better way of keeping people peacefully together has yet been invented, play with this at your peril. To date, I see only two cities that are truly World cities (London and New York) These cities are unique, they exist for different reasons but no other places on the planet seem to painlessly (relatively speaking) have diverse people co-existing. Germany's desire to maintain it's population at all cost is the genesis of this breakup, ok that might be an oversimplification of the problem, there are indeed other factors, but there is no greater factor...

The EU has such a large capacity to be corrupt that it's no surprise that laws unpopular at the citizen level. I wonder how people in the U.S. would feel if the president were elected by the Senate, just as EU representatives get elected by representatives instead of citizens. You only have yourselves to blame, because you elected those representatives! As though representatives are puppets and not independent people that are capable of PR and lying until they get power. Much easier to get somebody elected than it is to get them out.

How did I never come across this channel? Great analysis and by his accent he seems to be german like me

I absolutely love your videos three arrows. I hope you live a long happy life and continue to bring joy to the hearts of all your viewers!!! I love you man

Hi three arrow, like your videos. What are your thoughts on the parallels drawn brexiteers with Switzerland? I'm Swiss btw : b

Please, someone stop us

Why did this biased, poorly researched garbage appear in my recommends?

Why did you feel the need to write a worthless poorly educated comment as if it had any vaule, and then like said comment? Do you suffer from insecurity problems?

Prager U is just another case in point of conservatards in general. They lie through their teeth, and somehow manage to get together and coordinate so they all tell the same lies. Not a one of them could tell the truth to save their lives.

It honestly baffles me why Socialists are so supportive of a corporatist EU that advocates for mass, unskilled migration which drives down the wages of the poorest in society. I can only assume it's because they recognize it's fundamentally undemocratic nature, enabling them to try and engage in an ideological takeover to impose socialism on the entirety of Europe and declare war on the US or some such nonsense.

+George Soros Intelligence Network Germany advocates for immigration. Then it either commands the EU to require all EU countries to take a percentage quota of those migrants, or it simply hands them all EU passports allowing them to live anywhere in the EU by EU law. The National Government of Hungary has decided to completely close it's boarder to migrants (and as you said... *"Immigration policy is up to national governments"* ) ...aaaand as a result, the EU is now trying to punish them and force them to allow immigration. Why would they punish them if they have no position on immigration? So please, don't bullshit a bullshitter now. The EU wants mass migration because Germany wants mass migration.

The EU doesn't advocate for immigration. Immigration policy is up to national governments and not decided by the EU.

Farage didn't bother to mention that originally the British membership in the EEC was supported by most of the conservatives including Margaret Thatcher whom PragerU probably loves. In the referendum held in 1975 it was the left wing of the labour party (like Tony Benn and Michael Foot) who were the most prominent anti-marketeers and in the right there was Enoch Powell who wasn't a member of the conservative party anymore at that point. Also it is quite ironic that in 1975 support for the EEC membership was highest in England and lowest in Scotland and Northern-Ireland when the situation in the 2016 referendum was the verry opposite.

I like how the caricature of a pompous dishonest EU bureaucrat looks like Nigel Farage.

It's so kind of funny and sad at same time how politics work. When enconomy is bad or some other issue, shift blame to something external. This literally happens over and over, simultaneously at multiple countries. Be it EU in this case, drugs, war or immigration. I'm not saying these are not issues, but it's mostly blown out of proportion and not the way to go if you want to fix the issues. It's actually in many cases just the opposite, instead of fixing the issue, what happens is they cut it away or attack it. Examples of issues above are good tools for politicians because it's external like I said, it's easier to blame something other than yourself. And it's relatively easy to make move on those issues in a way that people can see something being done. Instead, of for example some minor boring regulation changes and whatnot which has a lot less impact. This is also why more authoritarian leaders rise up at times, of difficulty and confusion. They present simple solution to complicated problem with firm conviction. People are attracted to that, no one likes being confused, admitting they don't know or seemingly nothing being done to fix the issue. Unless your citizens are highly educated and spend time to think about issues from all angles it's not hard to direct their attention to something you want. Even if people are educated, most people just take someone's word as truth or don't have time. All this is pretty natural reaction of we as people and politicians use it to get in power. When there things are not going as well, people spend less money, stock up and try to save by cutting "unnecessary" costs. What this translates to in practice, is that people buy stores clean, leaving no food in shelfs and many people don't get anything making the scarcity actually true. Same has happened many times with money, people predict some economic troubles or collapse of the bank and up making it worse or true by driving the banks under by withrawing all their money. Or they start using less money, which disturbs supply and demand chain increasing the prices and making it necessary for business to do employess cuts due to lesser sales.

Farage is a ghastly human.

Yes UK leave the EU. Make Germany even more powerful. And the ability to print your own currency would of lessened Greece's pain. And LIKE NAFTA here in the USA it has been the enemy of the working classes. So the people voted spoke and now their leaders are dragging their feet. Do the will of the people. Let the fucking chips fall where they will.

He didn't "work for it". All he did as a REP in the EU-Parliament was disturbing the peace, encouraging "lesser" UKIP Reps to flash Hitler salutes whenever German REPs have the word (doesn't matter his party is allied to the German Right Wing) and overall being nothing but a scumbag

Considering how the entire bargaining strategy of the British Government as well as the Parliament has been "The EU will eventually give in to all our demands despite of them not having to do that" throughout the last 2 1/2 years proves your point.

+Badger Mcblasty You realise this is on purpose right? They already know how to pull it off. This is by choice.

DeoMachina enlighten me on “the ways to leave the Eu without facing economic collapse, indeed, write to the members of the Brit parliament and enlighten them

+Badger Mcblasty I don't need to explicitly deny something to question your logic. There are plenty of ways to leave the EU without facing economic death. The UK government considers every single one unacceptable. The UK government is also being held to ransom by a half-dozen religious extremists whose political support is now priceless, thanks to the hubris and incompetence of those in charge.

DeoMachina you don’t deny the Eu is punishing England. So0o I don’t really see your point. The rules are mafia like. “Once your in, there’s no way out except economic death”. Seems fair, why wouldn’t you want to be part of the Eu

Why would you blame the EU and not the UK government for this? The EU has a set of rules, which the UK all knew well in advance...and the UK government has no plan of action to deal with it. The UK position for the past two years has been "Okay, so those rules we all agreed on before..forget about them. Just let us break your laws."

And plenty of racists voted for Remain. Moot point.

Never, most likely.

+Jesse Johan three hundred and seven years after the act of union in 1707 almost half of Scotland still voted to leave the UK. 200 years after tibet was annexed by the qing empire, in 1911, tibet declared independence and lasted 38 years until mao zaedong forcibly invaded them, and to this day theybstill have a large free tibet movement. Belarus has never had a meaningful independent existence, always being owned by great powers like Poland Lithuania or Russia. Yet when the USSR broke up, they did not stay with Russia, they declared independence. You'll simply never kill nationalism, as it is not natural to oppose the sovereignty and existence of your own people. The EU will eventually end, whether it be destroyed through democracy as with Czechoslovakia, through ethnic warfare as with Yugoslavia, or through invasion, but it will not survive.

+Genghis Khan In time, yes. It's illogical to assume that future generations would hold the same grudges as our forefathers did. Nearly every nation has been at war with one another if you look at conflicts of the past, yet the world is more at peace than ever.

It's also an equally if not even less intelligent idea as the unification of the South slavs, manifest in the country known as "yugoslavia" was. Do you think you're going to convince all the eastern Europeans to unite in some globohomo United States of Europe? Don't make me laugh, they don't even want to unite with eachother. Do you think you're going to convince Ireland to be in one country with Britain again? Fat chance. How do you intend on preventing big countries like Spain leaving, when they themselves have problems with places like Catalonia wanting to leave. The idea of a United States of Europe will never work.

No, it isn't. Europe unified with Russia, that is it's biggest fear.

+SmartPappnase "Not true, there are "diminishing returns" to more inhabitants " literally nothing in my statement denied diminishing returns. It's still a fact that German has more representatives than smaller countries can have. You are a great example of true color of leftist. I have been debating you guys for couple years now, and I saw more honesty in fundamental Christians and Muslims than in any leftist on this planet.

You made another blunder... You said, that the seats in the EU Parliament are proportional to the inhabitants of the member states. Not true, there are "diminishing returns" to more inhabitants (also to protect the smaller states, some of which wouldn't get a single representative, unless you made the parliament excessively large...). One vote from an inhabitant from Malta has about 12 times the effect, of that of a German. That is also one of the reasons, why the German supreme court does not consider the "European Parliament" to be an actual Parliament.

Comrade Nigel comes out against the tyranny of the nation state.

For me, the moving back and forth is the worst thing. Other than that, there are some smaller weird decisions that get the attention of Swedish news. It's usually solved by a local variety decision. (Produce special to any region, every country have them).

wtf i love german imperialism now????

Nice and good presented video and very informative. subscribed

I bet PragerU is made with Koch Brothers money

My first Three Arrows video. Definately not my last.

Nigel Farage talking about the elite who have never done a hard day's work in their lifes lmao.

Unbelievable that a rich kid who never tried for anything in his life and for 20 years lived from trading, although he did not have any qualifications and got into this job just by his dad's connection characterizes others as self important overpaid useless grads that have never worked.... Nigel you are a self important overpaid social engineer who has never done a proper days work in your life... but you have a useless high school degree... because you did not have to borrow money for tuition fees and study to get in the job market... your dad's connection did that for you...

3:40 - I actually think that idea would be awesome.

the important question is "is Brexit bad for Europe"? what would be the effects on the other countries?

I wish my country leave E.U.


I wish I could watch this whole video. This asshat is just pissing me off too much.

At least he's not on national news every other day like he was in the months running up to the Brexit vote.

Hey just found out that his channel name/icon is a reference to the german "Eiserne Front" (iron front), a antifacist and prodemocratic organisation founded 1931 in Germany. They fought for the consistency of the Weimarer Republic, the first democratic republic in Germany and fought of nazis in the streets.

Farage is a charlatan and Prager U a farce. But there is a bit problem with EU democracy (and lack thereof). Fundamentally, there is no European demos, at least not one that UK citizens feel part of. Add to that some of the questionable anti democratic decisions the EU has taken against democratically elected governments (in Greece a few years ago and more recently Italy), i think the charge of the EU being anti democratic does have weight. I voted remain and likely would do so again if given the option. But can definitely see the advantages of the UK being involved in a close economic relationship with the EU (ala Norway), and outside the political institutions.

if you remember that "elite" is usually a dogwhistle for jewish people that whole prageru video becomes even more suspicious.

So glad I found your channel man, you exposed to me the frauds that people like Peterson and Rubin are. Great content as always.

This is the best anti-Brexit argument I have come across and very informative. It still doesn't address the left-wing arguments however, which take a more nuanced position especially on why the EU as a whole is undemocratic. There is an article here which takes such a stance: Moreover, Yanis Varoufakis, who well understands the inherent difficulties in negotiating with "Europe", in a conversation with Noam Chomsky said that "The European Union doesn’t suffer or the Eurogroup from a democratic deficit. It’s like saying that we are on the moon and there is an oxygen deficit. There is no oxygen deficit on the moon. There is no oxygen, full stop. And this is official in Europe." I appreciate that Varoufakis actually believes that the EU can be reformed but fail to see why he's so confident given his own dismal experience.

I think a left wing anti Brexit argument has to figure more on the nature of Brexit than the EU, so it wouldn't really fit into this video.

nice fish joke

there is no such thing as a British fish, that implication is a 'red herring' - good pun

I love your videos. I think they're more of a college lecture than PregarU. I've your Hitler Socialist response video multiple times. A good study.

Why is Britain represented by a lion? That's like France being represented by a kangaroo.

Medieval heraldry people liked big cats. And even our republicans were still kind of royalist so we kept the imagery.

"I dont like faceless bureaucrats making laws for nations they don't even live in." A traitor to the empire, disgusting. THE SUN NEVER SETS

*ahem* article 13

did you finish the video? he literally talks about article 13 at the end

"Britain is not an empire anymore" B... But the tea!

City government, county government (or parish in Louisiana), state government, federal goverment.

I supported Brexit because I don't live there and I wanted to see what would happen ;)

Brilliant ... especially "Red Herring"

I find it funny how at 18:35 they didn't want to ignore Ireland alltogether, but painted it blue so it wouldn't stick out too much in the water, making the land border to the UK too obvious xD

About 18:35: No, the United Kingdom is not an Island. Great Britain is an island. The United Kingdom is a country with some of its territory on that island.

The Brexiteers are bastards - there is no other word for them. Bastards and liars.

USA should leave the EU

"Our country may be a wreck, but we owned the Libtards™

so up until the 3 minute mark your only arguments are semantics and strawmen.....i can't wait to see the rest of the video, no you can't say the EU is less big government because its administrative costs are low, its big government because it has no accountability and takes years for the will of the people to reach the top's ears

10:02 "I love democracy. I love the Republic!" - Emperor Palpatine

EU brohibited to grow poppy in others EU eastern countries and others stuff only them can I don't like dis

Good god, Nigel can barely breathe.

ill agree to disagree


Love your videos man, keep it up!

I’m so happy your videos are getting so many views

I hope the UK falls into violent chaos


Whether you feel one way or another, the vote to leave happened. If it's not honored, what's the point of adhering to democracy? Why should anyone ever respect votes they don't agree with going forward?

Nigel, what a joker

Scotland is done with this anti-intellectual, right wing circus. Hope Brexit was worth it, England. Because you can kiss your supposedly valued Union goodbye

You're screwed in the EU, screwed if you leave it.

Im on the left and I was 50/50 during the vote. in the end I voted for Brexit for the simple reasons that I can't see reform happening in this undemocratic institution. The EURO does not benefit Southern European but rather than seek to offer say two versions they just push more austerity. We also have Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the Commission who was named in the LUX leaks. David Cameron (who I did not even vote for) voted against him becoming President and failed. So we have a corrupt President who I did not vote for, nor my former Prime Minister who i did not vote for either. Article 13 again highlights the lack of democracy point, but just saying vote for MEP who oppose it is pointless. As, they do not make the laws and it will eventually be pushed through. Also, the calls for an elected President only came after the vote. I would support a proper Parliament with Veto Powers for national governments,

Logic: "I voted Tory and my MP didn't vote for PM. Conclusion: the system is undemocratic and I should reject it." Good lord, those British are really such a smart bunch.

Interesting also how he talks about the price of "fries" instead of "chips". There's another indication this is meant for an American audience.

I mean american english is used world wide more than british english so

How does PiS want to make EU better place? By deconstruction of the Poland's judicial system?

On March 29th comes into force an EU regulations against the tax evasion. UK billionaires would be hit very hard by that. There is your motivation to get out of EU. The date Theresa May triggered article 50 was no coincidence.

+mokkorista no idiot, youtube will have to censor its content so it cant get sued, just coz some dude did an ed sheeran cover

Agreed, news aggregators won't be able to take freely someone else's content.

Wie kann der Kapitalismus nicht reformiert werden?

+Dobromir Ivanov Article 13 has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. It is the brain child of some major Europen publishing houses. It is done as (big) business friendly legislation (even though I am firmly believing that the involved are misguided if they believe they are doing themselves any good)

+brinbrin62 62200 If Brexit is so good, how come that Le Pen has totally shifted away from here long held position to leave the EU, as a consequence of Brexit? Wasn't it supposed to be the other way round? I though your kind claimed that Brexit would boost the anti-EU movements and their ambitions to leave the EU?

+Squiddy Squidknacker You don't need to say anything else indeed. Capslock and the lack of any coherent argument pretty much says it all.

+Squim The Commission President is nominated by the European Council, ie all the heads of governments of the member states together (they do so by majority vote I believe). However, according to primary EU law, they are obliged to take the European Parliament elections "into consideration" while doing so. Enter the lead candidate procedure, that means, like in most parliamentary democracies, the different groups in Parliament campaign with a lead candidate they want to see in the office of Commission President. So while the European Council is not technically forced to nominate one of these lead candidates, they can only nominate. It is only the newly elected European Parliament which can actually "elect" the Commission President into office. If it refuses to elect the Council nominate the Council has to come up with someone else and if it is found to ignore the results of the EP elections, ie acts in violation to the treaties which would totally undermine its own position. This might sound messy and all but it really is no more messy than various national nominations of heads of governments in parliamentary democracies. The other Commissioners are then selected by national governments, wheres every government selects one Commissioners, any way it pleases. However, the elected Commission President has free reign to distribute competences and if member states nominate someone the elected Commission President doesn't like he will simply give that person one of the least powerful competences. Once the whole Commission is made up, every nominated Commissioner has to face a fairly in depth interview in the European Parliament, where questions can be very much in detail on the respective field and harsh. The European Parliament doesn't have the power to reject Commissioners individually but it can reject the Commission as a whole and it is also ready to doing so even if it feels strongly negatively only about a single Commissioner and the respective member state isn't ready to exchange that one or at least the competences are reshuffled to the pleasing of the European Parliament. If all of that works out and majority in Parliament also confirms the full Commission you have a new Commission in power. The story doesn't end there though. The European Parliament can fire the Commission as a whole anytime, for any reason, as long as a majority in Parliament votes it out of office. The story for the Council is much shorter: The European Council is made up by the heads of government of each member state. The Council of Ministers is made up by the respective national ministers (The Ecofin Council for example is made up by national finance ministers). Most things are decided by qualified majority voting, less integrated and more sensitive issues are voted on by unanimous voting. Those heads of governments and ministers are nominated or elected according to their respective national constitutions.

+Mkaltripplesix In other words poverty or barbarism.

+RageTyrannosaurus Ahm, that's communism. Socialism is more in between a system of transition between the two, but it's just as bad as communism and fascism.

+Dobromir Ivanov I was under the impression that socialism was things like worker cooperatives, basically all the workers are part owner of their workplace and have a say in how its run.

+RageTyrannosaurus Which kind? In general, if we talk without any specific and just take the concept on it's own, it's the idea that people are social burden on everyone and should be helped through the state.

+Dobromir Ivanov Alright, so how do you define socialism?

+RageTyrannosaurus I actually dislike the size of socialism. I am almost borderline anarchicist. Not there in any way, but I do not believe socialism is a good manner and I dislike the EU because it enforces and promotes a type of socialism onto other countries. It has an innate in itself and it's current system socialist idea of taking charge over countries. Yes, countries have a choice, but often when it comes to EU elections, specific people get the right the choose from a country, which allows them to dictate what happens in one's own country, even if the same people do not have the support within that said country. Many laws the EU makes are things that the majority of my countrimen are flatly against, but nonetheless, because there are a few elected officials from a country, and a singular that actually has a veto power, it passed even with minority support within my country. This serves to a certain extend as a bypass and even worse is that then it's almost impossible to reverse, since removal of the law would also require 100% support after that and no longer a single unit can veto it.

+Dobromir Ivanov You mentioned socialism and the economic system among your three reasons, are you saying that you are upset about the lack of socialism and what do you find errant about the economic system of the EU?

+SmartPappnase Youtube said that you replied to me. They really should change the system.

+Tespri I was not even talking to you, but to the Lefty, that made the Video... This should be pretty clear, unless you are a talking Point spewing bot...

If Brexit is so good, why does the pound keep DROPPING when the market thinks we are getting closer to leaving, but goes UP when it feels we are either getting a delay or staying in the EU? I'm not very good with economics or politics, but doesn't this mean that if the UK DOES leave then economically it will crash or at best go into a recession?

Very good video...

Thanks for the great video!

The German accent when pronouncing Strasbourg sounds like a call for another Franco-Prussian war :d

You might want to check how many days Nigel Farage ever turned up for work at the European Parliament too. It’s really not first hand experience on his part.

To be honest PragerU and Farage are kinda low hanging fruit

Some people are very good tricksters

Good video, I have a small comment to your reference to the small feudal city states though. Actually, this is a way more complex analogy than one might think at first glance. The reason why those small feudal states could survive that long (and partly also thrive) is because they were not alone at all, they were integrated into a much larger sort of feudal confederation which offered a framework for those small states to operate in, a common judicial realm and some common services like the "privatized" postal service by Thurn & Taxis. I am talking of the Holy Roman Empire. Today the scale of what constitutes a small state has shifted. I am confident to call most of todays European countries small. They are again in a larger overarching confederation. If you want to keep your small European state up and working and maybe even flourishing, you better like the idea of the European Union because it is the only way these small states can maintain at least a minimum of sovereignty over their destiny, if not alone that at least together with the other member states. Without the EU, they might very well either loose their independence altogether in the long run or end up as a vasall state to one of the large powers in the world.

a left wing propagandist talking about right wing propagandists. man, youtube sucks these days

"The French are never going to agree to that because it's in their economic interests. And it shows you..." That it's entirely possible to safeguard national interests within the structure of the EU?

Muh big gubberment

so you nigel farage prefers the common sense of a farmer rather than a politician to do politics? k i guess a writer can go ahead and do your surgery

Shit vid


Okay but that alternative title is 1000 times better, even better yet you could’ve titled it “Reality can be whatever I want it to be”

Why is this PragerU even worth talking about?

Thanks for this. As an American I know very little about the EU or how I would go about combatting the claims made by PragerU in this video like you have.

Love the varoufakis shoutout!

Nigel Farage's eyes reminds me the eyes of a dead fish.

19:30 and who says Germans are humourless?

You're a socialist? Unsubscribed

+Cory Fice you subscribe just so you can unsubscribe immediately afterwards

+Eco Fascist I didn't know that symbol before actually, just looked it up

you didn;t notice the three arrows? he's antifa commie

+trafo60 So, how does one unsubscribe when you weren't subscribes in the first place?

+Cory Fice no

Were you ever subscribed in the first place?

Just a note from me here; it was mentioned that you believed that the EU was likely to collapse unless significant change overcame the EU. You then said that Brexit would make the EU worse for the average person. Is anyone able to explain this? If the EU is collapsing, wouldn't it be better to leave?

I'm not a socialist, more a liberal centre-ground voter, but boy do you make great videos. Rational arguments based on facts. The biggest problem with Brexit is a lot of the leave arguments have been based around simplistic soundbites. The reality of leaving the EU is far more complex, yet much harder to defend in the same way. It takes time, context and detail. And the failure here has absolutely been down to current politics in the UK. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed (and concerned) by the British political system. This is not the country I grew up and spent most of my adult life in.

Wait... How's Iceland leaving the NATO scary for the Brits? I didn't get the explanation in the vid much...

Because if Iceland wasnt in Nato the Uk and US coudnt station troops, radar, etc on iceland or maintain a fleet from there. So in the cold war russian nuclear submarines could reach the atlantic undetected which would endager the entirety of nato. Because of their strategic position iceland could asked for anything

i totaly disagree with this video on a lighter note, you hear that two U.S presidents were in cahoots with the mafia, il give you a clue, J Edger Hoover and John Fitzgerald Kenndy, oh also a mob boss got wacked a few days ago

I remember seeing the Brexit vote in 2016 and thinking that it would be a domino effect of other nations voting to leave the European Union. Two-and-a-half years later, the exact opposite has happened. Between the utter failure of Brexit and the sheer ineptitude of populist governments in places like Italy, I think the case for the EU has been made even stronger than it was before, especially since the migrant crisis has largely dwindled over the last few years. Sorry Nigel, you had a window of opportunity and it just slammed shut on your stubby little fingers.

Of course, the day after the result came in, Farage buggered off, and within a week was giving speeches in Ireland urging us to follow our former colonial masters out of the EU; oh, and it's mostly thanks to the EU that we're no longer a vassal state of Britain. More recently, he's set up a new Eurosceptic party so he can keep sitting in the European Parliament. Farage is a charlatan who doesn't give a damn about the UK, he just wants to sit on the gravy train and pay for his ticket by complaining about the EU.

Scottish independence please. Hey brexiteers how about you push and we pull? You hate us anyway, we're a drain, we're traitors, stupid scrounging jocks etc... We'll both be far happier this way. :-)

Did you mention who appoints the members of the European Commission?

I just want a hard Brexit. Ie what we voted for in 2016. Ie what we had 30 years to decide on. I'd rather be kicked in the groin than be strangled constantly close to death. I'd rather be a poor master than a rich slave. That's just my view. You should debate pro Brexit people on YouTube. I want to see how you stand up.

+Mattuiop Remind me what cost thousands of working class jobs again Was it brexit? It was yeah

+DeoMachina *a market that benefits people outside of our country more than our own working class.

+Mattuiop You don't know what you're talking about. You advocate for leaving the market that was set up to benefit people inside the market most.

+DeoMachina exactly. Leave the customs union and common market. In the goal we have better control on free trade agreements. We'd still trade with the EU, but as an equal to the rest of the world. We're still growing as an economy and Brexit would help realise are potential.

+Mattuiop The vote was to leave the EU. You'd know that if you showed up to the ballot box.

+DeoMachina as I said, it's what I voted for, and possibly more people in similar vein. What did you vote for? And don't say "cos wacist colonial bigots and I want cheap holidays in Europe"

That's not what we voted for. You are lying.

The reason we left the eu is because of immigrants that it

I don't think anyone elese is going to leave the EU after this at least volentarly. Hungary might get kicked out though.

The right discusses ideas. The left discusses the right discussing ideas. Telling.

+Huge Chrome Peach Uh, Gavin McInnes? The guy who started the nazi gang that likes to attack minorities, hassle people at their place of worship and antagonise any interracial couples they see? The guys who show up at the homes of journalists who speak out? That Gavin McInnes? The same Gavin McInnes who has a LITERAL NAZI TATTOO ON HIS BODY For most people that would have been the first major clue. Embarrassing remark? Yeah, I'm embarrassed that you're either so fucking gullible you were actually unaware, or for the fact that you were aware and you think you're in "stealth mode".

+DeoMachina Name one Nazi I'm subscribed to? Embarrassing remark. See how you're proving my OP? Discredit and mislabel inorder to derail the topic.

+Huge Chrome Peach You are literally subscribed to actual nazis who base their politics on violence. Don't think you're being subtle.

+DeoMachina Not at all. Absurd.

The right's "ideas" seem to mostly revolve around deciding which group of powerless people to kill first. The poor? Foreigners? Foreigners who live with us? The disabled?

I'm a minute in and I had to stop for how hard I was laughing. "If one big government is bad, imagine having TWO BIG GOVERNMENTS!" BWHAHAHAHAHA. I can only imagine how far downhill this video is going to go.

The issue I have with the EU is that it is built on undemocratic structure. (I know the UK is also built on a similar undemocratic structure but I oppose that aswell). The European parliament can't propose legislation or repeal legislation. The problem is that the commission isn't accountable to the people. Ultimately the British prime minister campaigned in Europe for 5 years prior to the brexit vote for changes in the system. After the election his promise was "we will have a referendum on membership if I can't get any concessions". There were no concessions. Brexit happened. If the EU had been willing and able to give up power and accountability we wouldn't be in this situation. So I have no hope that they will reform in a positive manner in the future.

Ah, the anarcho-capitalists wailing against big government. Yes, let's just get rid of this messy government nonsense and run the world solely with corporations and billionaires. What could possibly go wrong?

I loved the "red herring" joke. Being in Australia, I missed the majority of Farage's arguments over the years. But it is becoming clear that Farage avoided, or just did not even think about, the really big issues that are continuing to fall out from a Brexit - perhaps the worst is that the Irish Troubles are about to start up again no matter what border solution gets implemented. In respect of the economics, from all I have seen, Britain joining the EU saved far more money than it cost, and it opened up UK manufacturers to the whole European market in new ways. Nevertheless I heard UK companies that were not happy that extra requirements were placed onto their products to meet EU requirements. But the unstated part of that complaint was that up to that point their products could only be sold in the UK (or other places that agreed to the UK requirements)... so their market was actually small by comparison. This seems to be the mentality of Farage as well. He wants all UK businesses to be able to create products to UK local regulations. And he makes it clear in that polemic that it is his idea that those local regulations are explicitly not going to match EU (or US) requirements after Brexit. But that also means they are unable to be sold on the continent. It is a very poor bit of thinking on Nigel's part, he really does not understand 21st century international trade. If he does, he certainly does not sound like it in that speech. The other point Farage avoids is that little will change for all those requirements he dislikes. If, for instance, a US business whats to sell it's products in the EU, those products must meet those same EU requirements. I worked for a US computer manufacturer, and all the computers that company sold were tested in the EU as they had to meet EU requirements. As the EU were the most strict for things like radio interference, that meant that the products met those of all other nations. Smaller nations have later responded by simply adopting EU requirements wherever possible. That sort of requirement set for export around the world will not suddenly change for UK manufacturers. They will still have to meet the needs of all their trading partner nations, and those needs are mostly conforming to the EU requirements. So a lot of what Farage said on that point is just ignorant. Or outright deceptive. Personally, I lean to the latter assessment of the man. The arguments I have heard for Brexit are weak at best. A few sounded like the hopeless wishes of people who still thought there was a British Empire. Britain leaving the EU is going to generate an avalanche of problems, and the long-term blame for those problems seem to me to sit as much on Cameron's head as the likes of UKIP - because he did not forcefully raise the sort of sensible contrary points raised in this video prior to the referendum. He too did not say "Irish Border"! Thank you for the good work.

Blames PragerU video for being leave propaganda whilst counter arguing the video with pro EU propaganda. Well done.

+MordredTheMightyMetalhead Im pretty sure trade will continue after the UK leaves even under a no deal under WTO terms which should be fine, but even then considering how the EU countries are fairing economically I believe it would be fair to say that the EU would be wise to agree to a trade agreement with the UK at some point in the future. Also im sure other cooperation would continue as it is in both sides best interest to do so.

​+Someguy​ Iceland is a part of the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association, but indeed it is not a part of the European Union and I think that it is better for Iceland to stay out of the EU because it is already doing very well and it is pretty self-sufficient especially when it comes to the energy sector. The UK is a different story though because it needs to be able to engage in trade with other European countries in the EU because if the UK leaves the EU then it will have much less diminished influence, less bargaining power, and less deceleration of it's industrial decline from when it was once an industrial international superpower when it came to industry and trade and exports... there are also other things to do with security and intelligence against terrorism, scientific innovation, diplomatic communication with other countries, etc... also if the UK leaves the EU then it will have to deal with things such as the high tariffs against it when trading with the US when it comes to industrial goods such as steel...

+DeoMachina no. for example he uses Iceland which is not in the EU to bash Britain and doesnt even bother to mention recent similar fishing disputes between Britain and France.

Facts, you mean facts right?

I finally found Klaus the Fish's YouTube Page! Oh, Klaus, will you never learn? lol

+Graknorke good god that sounds terrible. I've never heard of this guy before seeing this video. I'm so sorry.

If the Nazis didn't have shitty and morally reprehensible social policies and didn't go to war then it may have continued to recover economically fairly quickly under the National-Socialist economic policies of often liberal or Keynesian economists such as Hjalmar Schacht...

I love your videos. I think they're more of a college lecture than PregarU. I've watched your Hitler Socialist response video multiple times. A good study.

+Phil Bert By not sticking to the rules that apply to campaign spending and sources of funding, mostly. The Electoral Commission is very clear on this.

+DeoMachina how did they break the law? Did Britians have the freedom to choose to vote or not vote? If everyone had the equal unencumbered right to vote then what was illegal?

The leave campaign broke the law in order to win. If we let people cheat, why even pretend to be democratic?

+Sag Ichnicht Also Communism doens't work even in theory.

+Sag Ichnicht Brexit is equivalent to UK taking safe boat from sinking titanic.

+ripr65 That is too meta for me. And you calling me German is about as pointless as calling a Brit "you American". I really don't care if absolute sovereignty could exist in a perfect world, or in theory or in an utopia. In reality it can't. (I also don't care if Communism can't work in reality because it is fundamentally broken or because it can't work in an imperfect world, the end result in either case is it can't work in reality) Having the total freedom do make decisions is worth nothing if you lack the capability to achieve the change you aim for. That is why an EU member state can be more sovereign in side the EU than outside. This is especially true for smaller member states but also for the larger ones.

+ripr65 Well, Communism works, in theory, as well. One has to be absolutely delusional to think absolute sovereignty does exist in reality. Same goes for working Communism. Sovereignty in reality is of course relative. That means it consists on one side of the ability to make the decision and on the other side the ability to turn it into reality. If a country doesn't have the weight to do the latter, the ability to make any decision it wants is a rather empty one, wouldn't you say? That is why it is absolutely not splitting hairs when one says that it is far from clear that the UK will be more sovereign outside the EU than inside. By leaving the EU the UK has more freedom to make its own decisions but less power to turn them into reality. That is why the boat analogy is a pretty precise one. The lonely guy in the nutshell in the middle of the ocean enjoys absolute sovereignty. He can do whatever he wants. Well, he can at least try. PS: I am not German.

+ripr65 Brexit is the equivalent of the UK leaving the EU transatlantic cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, as Britain can only steer the big ship together with all the others. So Britannia makes use of the right to lower a byboat and voila is back in full control of its ship again. That is the reclaiming of sovereignty you are talking about. Now tell me, does the next stormy sea in the middle of the ocean also know that Britannia is now fully sovereign again as well? Your fallacy is based on the idea that something like absolute sovereignty exists, it does not. Sovereignty is relative as being able to make decisions is only half the story, the other half is having the clout to make them true.

+Sag Ichnicht I never said it does have anything in common.

1- You assume the government is a negative notion in the american mindset, unfortunatly its not. So thats already a false starting point ( I know I lived in the US for quite a few years). 2- They arn't "all big by american standards" because A) There is no american standard regarding government B) The US have governments of varying size (federal and national) . Conclusion : In the first 2 min of you'r video you have already basicaly said nothing truthful OR based on facts, and straight up lied to your viewers despite not knowing anything about the US general way of thinking (I'm guessing , going by your german accent and the lack of facts, you havn't lived in the US before let alone talked more then 2h about politics with a group of american people). 3- How does the administrative spending pourcentage of the EU have anything to do with national administrative spending? That 6% is MORE then what most countries can affort in terms of volume, btw , so how does that make the EU less of a government if it spends MORE in administrative costs AND if the administrative costs don't include : military , research funds ect... ? Which nations usualy include in administrative expenditures. 4- The EU isn't way smaller its actualy way bigger. Though it OFFICIALY has different functions then a state run government, truth is it has an EXACT REPLICA of a national government and hides its "extra functions" as fragments part of "sub categories" (take the EU bank for exemple, its independant , not part of EU administrative spendings , despite the board of directors actualy being part of the EU financial regulations comitee ). So unfortunatly the EU does have more functions then just administrative, it just hides it under different names . 5- No social spendings huh? Remember what I just said last line about "functions belonging to the EU but just under a different name" (always helps to make people not question a system when its complicated) . Well here is an exemple and its about social spendings . Corsica receives , along with many other regions, financial help for farm related business. Now you might argue its commercial not social but commerce is there to help society work , and Corsica doesn't produce a lot of cows, despite it receiving financial EU funds SPECIFICALY for cow related products (you can thank the guy who made the PAC and had a few friends in Corsica to take care of for that matter). So sorry but EU DOES have social spendings , including for migration for exemple ( view Asilum , Migrantion and Integration Funds (AMIF) for more info) . Conclusion part 2: 34 seconds past the first point and 3 lies without ANY proof ... great... almost feels like pigeons are making videos nowadays , or is it just a "talking out of your ass" syndrome going around? 6- The question isn't "is there more work for the national governments because of a centralized government AKA: the EU" . A) Not only is it TRUE that it is more work since you have to adapt your national system to EU regulations (which isn't always compatible or easy to do despite what you might think, just because the EU makes decisions, doesn't mean they are easily implimented in countries) so AGAIN your wrong but B) The question is about creating more bureaucracy with 2 governments which , despite all you can think or say , it does . More bureaucracy = more time wasted = slowing of changes despite a need for quick changes in certain countries = more work and complications = slowing down even more ect.... In case you havn't noticed (which you probably havn't) , appart from the legal EU system which is basicaly running itself independantly almost, the EU legislative and executive systems have been slow as hell in the past years (therein one of the reasons why Brexit is taking so long btw , its not just political issues, its also a question of having time to discuss it , which unfortunatly isn't the case) . It doesn't 3 years to find a deal with your neighbors does it ? Why do you think the EU is still discussing it? There you go. 7- The common market is a good exemple you gave , unfortunatly its the only thing that makes the EU worthwhile so its not really an exemple that has a lot of weight , especialy considering all the other stuff that increases national government work . 8- You'r comparing germany 70 years ago , to now , thinking the only solution is either a system of 70 years ago or the EU . You need to learn about imagination and problem-solving . Reality isn't black and white. 9- Why does it matter if Michael Farage leaves his party , and why (despite him saying he WAS the leader before and not now (in case you don't understand english)) do you point out the discriminatory attitude of a party he is no longer part of PRECISELY because of EMERGING issues ? Are you assuming UKIP was a discriminatory party despite not having either proof or knowledge about it ? Or are you saying Michael Farage is a good man for leaving a party that has changed into something heinous ? In both cases its not really a critisism is it and more of a personal biased opinion as a german citizen who profits from the EU staying the way it is ( its fun isn't it when people assume stuff without any proof right?) ? I'll stop here this video is a waste of time . Please don't listen to people who don't know their facts, it won't help you or anyone fix anything. Especialy when theres already 8 lies in 4 min and a half after video starts.

I live in a Brexiteer household, and am the only 'remoaner'. I watched pretty much all of my dreams collapse in 2016 and watched as my family have danced and cheered at it. Brexit gets brought up a lot, my family want 'no leave' and I'm reminded regularly that I am brainwashed to love the EU. I've also been told I am a traitor if I think we should have a second referendum--despite acknowledgements that there were 'lies on both sides'. I don't think I can quite articulate the despair and rage I feel now, and the isolation that brings.

These goddamn border-jumping fish, flooding into Europe unchecked!!!

"I'll be damned if I'm going to give up my rights so some Eurocrate is going to tell me how to live." Wasn't this the same thing that was said by Gandhi? And George Washington? Or just about everyone everywhere because there is no one on this planet who doesn't have someone else telling them how they have to live?

Don't think EU can still holding together in 10 15years though.

I think that so many off these arguments from the leave campaign is so completely amazing coming from from a guy who solutes a queen that can't be removed from office and has never worked a real job in here life. Also I would really like to hear what people in Scotland, northern Ireland, Whales, the Isle of Man, and Cornwall think about having "foreigners" come in to tell you how you have to run things. I would really like an analysis of every complaint that the leave campaign comes up with and how many countries and non white people have had that same complaint about the British!

prageru does not claim to be an university.

The U.S. is turning not into a henhouse where the foxes are in charge, but a henhouse designed by foxes - as David Cay Johnston put it so aptly. I hope the people of Britain can turn the ship around before it runs into the same troubled waters.

666 dislikes

So, what do you think of Sargon of Akkad?

Oh, I thought you were Shaun and Jen. Guess I’ll watch...

I haven't seen anyone with a working crystal ball that can accurately predict the economic situation 2 years from now let alone 20... Anyone who says they can is a liar. Did nobody notice that much of the 20th century bore witness to nation after nation seeking it's independence from European masters. I'm certain that Gandhi was told time and again how much worse off India would be financially if it regained it's independence. In Wales, for as long as I have been alive, a sizable part of the population has wished to sever their administrative ties to Britain... Scotland also... heck, even Cornwall has an active movement trying to promote the idea that it should be an independent country. Given that there exists such a tendency towards seeking independence throughout Great Britain, why does the notion seem to be so alien to people? The desire for independence is not unusual, nor irrational... It is not born of spite or pettiness... or xenophobia... or stupidity. (However, the effort that went into framing it that way, certainly whipped up tensions here didn't it?) Usually it is born out of a sense of distrust for the ruling administration and of feeling confident in their own ability to thrive without outside interference... Often it is not a strong enough sentiment within a population to gain traction and bring about change... but as the 20th century showed us... it certainly is possible. I did not vote in the referendum... partly because it didn't matter much to me one way or the other... and partly because I have little faith in the democratic process. I was ready to accept whatever outcome came along. So should everyone else! The only reason there was a referendum in the first place was because successive governments had failed to silence the opposition that has existed since the very beginning of the EU project. As much as it had been framed as being a fringe position with no real support amongst the population, many elected representatives continued to voice the concerns of their constituents... much to the displeasure of 'both parties'. So, to prove that they were not truly representing the people and silence them for good, the people were asked to vote... It turned out that the people were in fact opposed to Britain's membership of the EU and those MPs who kept 'banging on about it' were in fact representing the people... Tony Benn, for example... For years! Stop trying to make out that people didn't know what the issue was and that they learned about it all from an advertisement on the side of a bus. The way that the remain people have acted since they lost... and indeed the response from the Government... has been sickening. Really. Truly appalled by the behavior of PM May... How dare she call for 'patriotic support' as if she suddenly believes that patriotism is a good thing..?! That's a sick joke on her part and I hope that one day her guilt bypass surgery fails and she feels the full weight of responsibility for what she's done. I've no idea what PragerU is and I haven't watched the video...

This is a fantastic channel. I’m American and I’ve never been to Europe but I’ve always had an obsession with European history but I don’t get much of modern European politics. The European politics I do hear the most of are from the U.K. because obviously we both speak English, but the U.K. seems to have a lot of the same far right crazy shit as here in the US. It’s really awesome getting to hear these deep fact based breakdowns of European politics from a German. Especially after listening to people attack Germany constantly. Really great channel. Keep up the awesome work.

DiEM25 Just planting seeds

Ya I'm gonna get my info from some dude who sounds like Hitler without the meth

How is Tommy Robinson racist? Or a fraudster? I always thought he came off as someone who's seriously worried and maybe even desperate.

+Harald von Hinten You mean besides assaulting Migrants in Europe, and calling all Muslims enemy combatants and existential threats? And Besides the mortgage fraud?

+DeoMachina Using a fake pass port to enter a foreign country is bad, I'll give you that. However i seriously doubt he is anywhere close to being a fascist. Have you got any sources for your claim that he wants to deport immigrants? So far all i see him doing is rant about radical Islam and the "fake-news-media"

Mate he LITERALLY called for the deportation of immigrants and he has been LITERALLY convicted of fraud He's a fascist thug

Something about his lower teeth creeps me out? They look too small and too densely-packed.

Wait, did he actually use a picture of the "elites" that looked exactly like him, while describing himself?

"If one big government is bad... " to kick off? Yeah, well what if it's not; what if it has decent people governing it, as opposed to a cabal of scummy hedge-fund managing parasites like Farage? Maybe that might undermine the whole premise.

Actually, maybe Farage is right. No government at all! "Do you hear the people sing?"

Honestly I despise the EU along with the UN I want them gone and I frankly don’t care what you think.


Listen to how his voice kicks up at 8:17 when he engages in a bit of self-portraiture.

To the US right wing "Big Government" refers to regulations that limit individuals, businesses or corporations ability to make money. They claim regulations are intrusive and decrease freedom for all citizens. The right claims that, without regulations, people will naturally refrain from purchasing dangerous products or working for bad employers forcing the businesses to change or be bankrupted. Any government or government agency that imposes restrictions or regulations is a threat to this radical laissez faire capitalism and thus is defined as "big" and aggressively undermined at every point. The idea of excessive bureaucracy and wasteful paper work is a secondary concern that is a result of the regulatory excesses of government or a reason why these obviously evil regulations continue to be allowed. Lazy civil service employees are making loads of money enforcing these regulations and will fight to keep their cushy jobs and unwarranted income even though they know full well it is a boondoggle!

3:25 You forgot county gov't. It works just fine Fritz.

Or, in case of cities, city governments and borough governments also.

What I don't understand is why they jumped from the vote to the decision. The tone of the vote that I understood going in wasn't "We leave, y/n?", it was _"should_ we leave, y/n?"

The way he says "I don't hate Europe, I like Europe" sounds just like some guy trying to cover an accusation of racism by going "I can't hate black people, some of my best friends are black!"

It is essentially the same. But when there's a critical situation, things can change rapidly. For instance, for years central Eurpean Neonazis stressed "international" (why is this even a thing?) cooperation with Ukrainian Neonazis. After Ukraine got fucked by Russia however and the other groups became aware of who funds them (Russia), they changed sides faster than Italy in war time. Would almost feel bad for those lonely Ukrainian fellows, were they not terrible persons to begin with. Yet - ousted by fellow cranks, lol

Ludacris :D

You are so great, we are so stupid, hahaha, fair play, we are as bad as the EU, the EU are as bad as us, but people who voted to leave are slightly worse at understanding how the EU is actually better for the UK, and the people who know the EU is better are slightly smarter. But the problem is this was the largest turn out in uk history, and it wasn't because the people of the UK think all large global governments are the only way to thrive. Russia? USA? China? Europe? Canada is about the only large global government where I would maybe agree. All the best.

God, Farage is really annoying to listen to. He's pretty much exactly what an ignorant rich guy sounds like in my head

Best way to destroy EU is from the inside. On the outside it just creates £ v €. Need the Germanic Eurozone destroyed.

UKIP's interesting. This party managed to scare the Tories so much Camaron felt it necessary to have a non-binding referendum (had to be non-binding to get through the house) to not lose votes to UKIP. UKIP dragged the Tories further right while becoming the BNP 2.0 themselve. Remember folks, Farage never managed to win a seat in a national election himself. He was an MEP, sat on the fisheries commission though rarely showed up to represent the UK (do his job) but still got paid and will still get his MEP pension. He's a C**t.

The EUs primary aim is to unite Europe as on nation. It will fail. How do we know? Because it's been tried before.

Brexit it will fail too but you still gladly eat up the slop those Leavers give you...

At least that gives me hope that someone chops the head of the Queen, because monarchy in GB has failed before. Wait...

well the last times it was tried was through war

look i say no dont like or need it so ? what now you going to do now force me ? answers in the tick box please

look its sargon of akkad with a lefty point hahaha

Three Arrows, You briefly touch on Scotland's position in the Brexit brouhaha, but what strikes me most about that, is that you can make all or virtually all arguments for Brexit almost without change for Scottish independence as well. However, all or virtually all non-Scottish British politicians who were in favour of Brexit in 2016 were against Scottish independence in 2014. Including Mr. Farage. This makes it very clear that there's a deep streak of imperialistic, jingoistic nationalism underlying the vote to leave the EU. This also indicates that a new vote on Brexit might not turn out to give a different result, as the reasons to remain in the EU are more dependent on a rational weighing of pros and cons whereas the reasons for leaving seem to be more emotional.

He didnt run the leaving the eu campaign either

Yeah, they should ban people from talking about their opinions.

Look at the comment under your comment and you'll see. You can't expect everyone to be informed and not fall for Prager Us bs, just because we are.

+trafo60 Why is that? Anyway, if you feel like using the internet is a prooof in itself is for that (which it totally isn't) at least try to make the best out of it instead of feeding your confirmation bias. But, and that's even better, go actually out in rl and get in toucb with people. I appreciate you acknowledging the problem, but it isn't unbeatable - you can do something about it. Good luck!

+Francesco Salvatore "for some amusement" yeah right. You're just as lonely and pathetic as I am. You think you're better than me but we're all in the same boat here buddy

+trafo60 Honestly, get a life. I usually look in the comments for some amusment, but this of yours is just pathetic.

+trafo60 Seems like you do.

+Francesco Salvatore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No big deal. Scottish independence please.

"It's Scotland's oil!" However, the English stole most of it already.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

+Sag Ichnicht " but regarding having the actual ability of implementing their own decisions. " That is literally what I meant with it. "Maybe Brexiteers haven't realized it in some sort of Empire 2.0 " First of all... I'm not from UK. Second, it's not about creating second british empire, but to leaving Corrupted system which is about to collapse on it's own weight. "not in the position anymore to implement a lot of things without allies. " Based on what. "Many multinational companies are nowadays so large, that the UK needs them more than they need the UK. " You clearly don't understand business. There is literally no reason at all for multinational company to sell products in UK just because they are not part of EU. "However, the EU has a lot more punching power and even the largest multinational companies can't afford loosing the entire Single Market. " My previous point applies here. You do realize that EU actually makes it less attractive to trade with any country that is part of EU? That is due regulations and tariffs that EU places on any country that tries to trade with EU. "That is why the EU has the ability of achieving things that the UK on its own can't. " Like what? Hong Kong achieves lot of things without being part of EU. So does Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, USA etc... I also love how you ignore article 11 and 13. Both disastrous laws made by EU.

+Tespri I am not using the term "sovereign" as in internationally reckognized as sovereign, but regarding having the actual ability of implementing their own decisions. Maybe Brexiteers haven't realized it in some sort of Empire 2.0 delusion but the UK on its own is not in the position anymore to implement a lot of things without allies. Many multinational companies are nowadays so large, that the UK needs them more than they need the UK. However, the EU has a lot more punching power and even the largest multinational companies can't afford loosing the entire Single Market. That is why the EU has the ability of achieving things that the UK on its own can't. So there you are with your sovereignty. In the EU member states have to agree on things but then they can make them true. PS: I am pretty sure you had no chance at all of deciding if May gets elected or not.

+Sag Ichnicht Look at their history, they all supported EU. " the real nature of sovereignty is already shown in bright light." This comment of yours makes no sense. Most of the countries on this planet are sovereign. Why is it better to be ruled by some bureocrats elected by Germans, than being ruled by your own people? Elections where you can at least influence on who gets inside and who doesn't.

+Tespri Yet, the house of commons acts as if it were the Titanic voting for the iceberg to get the hell out of the way. How come? Oh, the irony, how even prior to Brexit, the real nature of sovereignty is already shown in bright light.

Hey PragerU - your analysis of the Brexit video is brilliant - well informed and to the point. Anybody who does not realise that you are just stating facts against fiction obviously lives in a world of unicorns and 'pies to eat' without ever gaining weight or having to pay for it.

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." (Yoda, A long long time ago)

Brexit is what you get when you grossly overestimate your own importance in the modern world because of your empire complex.

This anti-education rhetoric Farage and his ilk like to disseminate is one of the most dangerous threats of our time.

'Socialist Wet Dream' coming to an end, Mate?

Like don’t get me wrong but EU now sucks. I’d like it to be without the commision and parliament. Just treaties about funding and free trade and work transport. I don’t really need EU laws. My country’s laws are really just enough. EU laws makes lives much harder then being without them. Lisabon treaty was a bullshit btw. And also it is race thing. I’am sleepng better when my neighbours are white racional and doesn’t smell like shit when you go past them. So i don’t wanna be forced to live next to possible jihadi terrorists. Ethno states work thats why we’re not in dark ages anymore. Look at arabian world - falling apart in a everlasting civil wars. I really don’t wanna get there.

Hmmmm. If I know this. Aren't the majority members of the EU parliament. You know. Conservatives?

Sober hardworking German taxpayers are obliged to bail out profligate Greeks who do not like paying taxes. Stony faced German central bankers with an ideological aversion to inflation that makes Mrs Thatcher's look tame impose an austerity regime on the Greek public sector with soup kitchen consequences. Who is the injured party? The German or the Greek? Answer..both of them. Thus the gift of a single currency. Some of us are old enough to remember Francs Francais and Lire...they worked fine! And the electoral significance of single issue anti immigration political parties BEFORE mass immigration? Nil. Does Germany really need to be dissolved into its neighbours to keep it safe? Was it the mighty Bundeswehr the Royal Navy and Belgian riot police that deterred the Soviet Union or do think NATO might have been a somewhat bigger deal? How might an old fashioned trade union ( anybody remember those) react to this new found left wing enthusiasm for free movement of capital and labour? People LIKE living in nation states with flags, borders, currencies, languages and cultures of their own. This sentiment predates capitalism by thousands of years. You despise conservatism right? Or is it capitalism? Or what is it? What do you WANT? A general sense of distaste for everything is much in evidence. Is there anything good in Europe or is it all just hateful? Why not urge migrants back to their one party socialist states of origin where everything is so much gentler and kinder and nobler than this continent full of cretinous chauvinists with their distasteful nations? Once we have finally conceded our admission of moral inferiority to you on the left what would you have us all practically DO?

I watched PragerU video about Christmas and say Merry Christmas vs. Happy Xmas. That Fucking Brit brainwashed me.

I love your videos, got recommended one this morning and watched quite a few of them now. It's opening my mind from what I perceived as facts and logic (Christ, it feels cringey saying those words unironically) from a lot of right wing commentators. However it's put a frustrating question in my mind. I thought the logic of the right wingers I followed was airtight, but hearing a lot of your videos changed my mind. Now I can't be sure if your logic (or anyone's) is airtight, or if I'm just being won over too easily by the arguments made. I know its good to have an open mind and question everything for yourself, but I thought I did that when I was following right wingers, and I thought that their logic stood up to that questioning. Now I don't think I'll ever be sure. Nonetheless, thanks for opening my mind a bit more.

Everyone knows PragerU's shit, but like... Why abdicate to US Citizens about supporting Brexit? Is this some sort of half assed attempt to set up a favorable trading conditions with the US as an alternative to trading the mainland Europe? Or do US Citizens somehow have a marginal effect in the outcome of Brexit? (If so how would that even be possible?) A genuinely curious American here (half Polish so the only real euro news I pay attention to is Polish media)

Look up the atlas network and then look up the John Birch society. The koch brothers want to destroy neo liberalism and replace it with libertarianism. And they would fund nationalists if they have to.

"Because member states are reluctant to transfer soverignty and powers to the EU and we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the EU and EU institutions."-Guy Verhofstaft MEP. People like this is why people voted Brexit and why the EU will ultimatly fail.

why would prager U target americans in the topic of brexit instead of targeting the british citizens who actually have a say in brexit? 2:08 Prager U is not claiming that it is the sheer cost of feeding the bureaucracy itself, rather the oppertunity cost of bureaucracy causing stagnation and blocking progress you later shoot yourself in the foot by saying that the eu doesnt have as much impact because it doesnt carry out functions such as wellfare. This means that the Eu's supposed lack of consumption of resorces is not based on its vurtues but by its lack of power 2:48 sure, while the eu does do some good things, why cant local governments just use the money that was being used by the eu to preform those same functions 3:08 while the common market does remove many of the negotiations when trading with europe, it creates many more when dealing with the rest of the world, and in this day and age, emerging economies such as brazil are much more important than stagnating European economies 3:35 and those arguments would be valid if larger governments did not provide essential functions. Eg china is complicating hong kongs relations and trade with the rest of the world while doing little for hong kong thus hong kong should have independance. I really dont see the argument here 4:25 because the UK should have left, but it has been sandbaged 6:03 are you implying that englandf hads ever had any quality of food? also the UK is only in a vulnible position because of the fact that the EU has been attemping to sanction england instead of allowing free trade like any 21 century economy, also england could just ban the bleaching of chicken itself 7:08 Again, why couldnt england just deny those trade deals? make anything that comprimises her sovernty over her own borders a dealbreaker. Also we need to sever trade with china anyways. I cant finish this right now because I have work to do but If anyones intrested I can do the rest of the video if anyone has any questions dont hesitate to comment to me down below also yes I do know that I have a lot of spelling mistakes

Ah, tracking one's viewing history

You were doing so well in making engaging points (albeit over a rather worthless video by Prager U), right up until you mentioned Socialism. Oh dear.

He's not too obnoxious for a radical leftist. One of the good things about his channel is that he refrains from making too much biased political statements and sticks to the facts.

Jesus, Farage, how do you think you can get away with absolutist generalizations like that without having any connection to reality yourself?

The only other German whos accent when talking English I can tolerate, keep up the good work

"Imagine how bad . TWO governments are" *Looks at the United States* *Looks at current day Scotland and Ireland* *Looks at literally all the countries who are former British Colonies* I'm sorry, what?

The cost argument is dumb because the costs of the EU are in ADDITION to that of local government to each member state. I don't know why you're talking about trade deals in terms of sovereignty, obviously we don't have control over other countries so we can't set law there we can only negotiate whatever we agree in common. That's part of the point of leaving, that we get to negotiate the deals and who we do them with and the terms of those deals and if we don't like the terms we can simply close our borders to those places and put tarrifs on their goods or whatever, we have control over what we do in response, where as part of the EU you don't even have that power. Yes the EU can be dicks all they want and in response we can do business with the rest of the world, it's not clear that we want to be trading a lot with Europe, relative to the other global markets they're growing far slower and dragging down the member states economically. No one is forcing Scotland to remain as part of the UK and therefore obligated to leave the EU, they've had a referendum of their own in 2014 to decide if they want to remain part of the UK and therefore subject to the UK political process and they agreed to stay and so their participation in Brexit is legitimate, they're just another group of people who aren't happy with the result, tough luck. The rest of the rambling around fish is a good example of why remainers are so stupid, time and time again we see remainers complain that things will be worse due to Brexit, that when we pull out of an agreement that we're worse off, but they completely fail to acknowledge the reason brexiteers want this is so that we can replace those stupid god awful laws with something sane and sensible and something that puts our own interests first. Brexit is 1 step in a long list of steps where we first shed the restrictions to self govern, and then when we get power back we take further steps to negotiate better circumstances for ourselves. You can't look at that process and simply whine that by taking step 1 we're worse off and ignore the rest, that's completely intellectually bankrupt. Brexit is about self governance and it's one step in many steps we need to take to correct things, and everyone including all the bleeding heart hippy leftists can have their say in parliament when we come to re-make these laws and if you still want to bend over backwards for the EU then vote for that, the rest of us sane people will be voting to maintain British interests above that of foreign interest. The EU is just socialism on a global scale, and like with all socialism the top earners (the UK) kick in the majority of the cash to subsidies the bad behaviour and bad decisions of other countries. Socialism is bad enough at the country level without us supporting other entire nations.

Major issues with this video from the leftist perspective. You painted EU almost exclusively as this nice, friendly organisation that is aiding to the national policies which cannot themselves resolve lot of issues, but you more or less disregarded at least two major reasons why the EU is not exactly that: 1. Inescapable inequalities between nation states inside the EU which are not just preserved legacy of some former times, but consequences of active policies made by European Commision whose task is to prevent profits for European monopolies and big capital. This destroys smaller European economies which is cementing de-industrialisation, service based economy with virtually no production of their own and added value economy, which is aiming at perpetuating debts (Greece, Spain, Italy, to name just a few) + directly and indirectly restricting all the policies that are not brutal austerity measures. Those workers are massively, in search of the better life, moving from the periphery (Balkans, Buglaria, Romania, Baltic coutries, Poland, Hungary) to the centre of the European imperialist beast, which leaves their parent countries without the most clever, productive and educated layer of society. EU determines the policies of nation states (the smaller you are, the smaller market you have, the more dependent and subservient you are). Also, EU is forcing countries (like Croatia) to accept the Euro as their currency and Croatia's legislature (which is basically forced upon from the EU because as a requirement of membership) hasn't got any binding mechanisms from which Croatian people can reject this policy. 2. EU is a neoliberal economic organisation first and foremost, which cannot change its "vision" or political course by existing "democratic" legislatures and bodies. Its undemocratic nature makes it resistant to any kind of democratic reform, whether it be towards leftist or right-wing policies. The troika (2 of 3 are formally EU's bodies) is the financial conglomerate which is making sure that the sucking out cycle of profits maintains unbroken via their banking networks and their usage of loans, credits, mortgages via ultimatums and extortional measures. Also, I mean really, who are you kidding with falsifying the power of European parliament, nothing more than a charade to entertain masses. They don't decide absolutely anything important, they won't be able to discard the most unpopular oncoming regulatives on Internet, known as Article 11 and 13, which will basically forbid memes as we know them. Practically 80%+ of the EU people oppose this, but will still be implemented, or at least postponed. These are just the most striking things not mentioned in this video, but since you never intended to make a balanced pro and cons video (no wonder, you're brainwashed deluded German socialdemocrat reformist whose country is the by far #1 country that benefits from EU, just look at the case with Greece and Syriza government), or explaining anything about how capitalism, global economy, geo-politics, power or influences work, I won't bother further (EU has asylum policy, yeah right, it's called Frontex, look up what are they doing at south of EU). EU is absolutely "bad" for every sane leftist, and while getting out of EU doesn't solve much problems that are here posed, that doesn't mean remaining in this imperialist monster is any useful for future implementation of leftist policies. For starters, if Corbyn gets into #10 Downing Street, EC would restrict every strategic Labour policy of nationalisation of key industries, state control of financial, service and energy sectors, and it wouldn't surprise me if they forbade redistribution of taxes on corporate profits towards social and public services.

If the us had this level of transparency people in the us would be far more educated and vote for good government. The us has gotten so insane now I dont know how it will self correct on many critical world issues.

European right-winger/far-right here: PragerU is US bullshit we all agree on that.

8:08 Nugel Fartman describing himself

Red Herring. I bloody love you :)

PragerU = Netanyahu University

Antifa ARE the Fascists. Change my mind.

No one should give PragerU any of their time. Its a cheap pseudo-intellectual neo conservative platform. Its only goal is meant to make hillbillies feel they are smarter than everyone else

Bloated government in two layers... huh. We've already had that in the US for the last 243 years.


He's dismantled the idiot's ideology a couple of times before.

_"but the U.K. seems to have a lot of the same far right crazy shit as here in the US."_ Not really.

+Patched 87 When did he ever assault migrants? When did he call muslims an existential threat? Are you sure he wasn't talking about the ideology (islam) as an existential threat? And besides, do you disagree that a lot of muslims uphold moral standards that would mean the end of freedom and democracy if they were ever implemented as the law of the land? "And Besides the mortgage fraud?" You mean the case where he pleaded guilty based on a deal he was offered so his wife wouldn't have to go to trial and be exposed to the public? Do you know how much of an existential threat this scenario would have been for her life? What a horrible man. I'd plead guilty to a lot heavier charges in order to keep my family safe tbh.

Somali Pirate who pirates salami the problem is all these propagandist channels sell their opinion as facts.

How do you know that the concentration of wealth and corporate power is not a side effect of big government. I'm not sure I entirely believe that but there is so evidence for it.

"We'll accelerate the apocalypse just to own the libs."

but his level of primitiveness -whom is this lecture of farage intended - primary school children ??

Brexit for dummies lol - by a Dummy farage. Dont make it any more complex, because americans will not understand anything

Europe has two paths foreward. Really three, but two have the same endpoint. 1) The American Path, aka: FEDERATION. Every issue currently plaguing the organization would be solved if it unified officially and stripped power from its member states in favor of a more clearly elected European Parliament under a single constitution. 2) The Gran Colombian Path, aka; DO NOTHING. Continue to maintain the confederation as it is. This will result in the Union breaking inevitably. Confederations do not last. 3) The Painter’s Path, aka: DISBAND. Delete the EU. Make every nation fully independent again. Perfect infantile and weak playthings for greater powers, as almost every other nation on earth is.

The fourth Reich

My stance on Brexit: Please stop standing in the door, wasting our time, and finally decide if you want to leave or not. EU's got more important things to deal with.

It's not propaganda as it is not lying. It is simply putting a point of view forward in a persuasive way. because you disagree with it doesn't mean it's propaganda. but it is definitely biased and it is good to look at both sides.

Hyperbole and selective use of statistics or out and out deception aside as you say the EU has problems and can you see the perspective that those problems have their roots deep within the EU and cannot be resolved with it in its current state to the point that there is a cross over point where remaining a member of this arrangement becomes a negative. From this perspective leaving can be your only recourse and if the EU project fails which from this perspective would seem inevitable presumably a new arrangement would form, learning from the mistakes of the old one of which Britain would likely seek to become a member. Yes Britain is no longer an empire and the power dynamic in the world is changing but from the perspective described above can you see why some believe our best chance is outside of a doomed system. Having said all this I appreciate it is a matter of perspective on the viability of the EU project and for each individual to make their decision on given their interpretation of the facts they have available. We should be able to acknowledge there are reasonable and unreasonable arguments for and against but also that a persons perspective will skew the interpretation of these arguments so people from each side don't just see those with a different opinion as just crazy, stupid or evil because then your options of interaction with other perspectives becomes severely limited.

*"Anything I don't like is left wing"* -PragarU

That's a criticism of them I really can agree with, I mean they call the alt-right left wing.

There is no such thing as EU funds. Acting as if the EU is doing myself a favour by using money taken from my nation and putting it back in again is idiotic. Then again what else would I expect from a Kraut.

Farage is a criminal who made billions betting against the Pound. He even made 2 concession speaches to drive the Pound up further while he already had the info from his private poll buro's that leave won. Going short on your own country, and then crash it into the ground yourself.... Can you imagine a bigger fraud than that?

Is EU like UN?

Their viewers know PragerU is fake but they don't want to disband from mob mentality of right wing. PU is cult without reasonable agenda.

I liked everything, other than the fostering anger part at the end. Violence is never the answer.

Didn't nigal apply for German citizenship?

+Anima and technically most people are under at least two levels of governance, local and their country's and in the states we have an *_unimaginable_* THREE: local, state and federal.

+Anima it's more a jab at his own apparent ignorance of how not only there are countries under two levels of governance but how England was responsible for most of the ones that were, is responsible for two that currently are, and resulted in the formation of the last.

Yeah all of those are possibly bad things and they should gain independence if needed. Also, notice how you wrote "former" colonies, why do you think Farage is an imperialist(like the pro EU globalists such as yourself)?

+DeoMachina I'm still waiting mate. Where did he call for the deportation of migrants? Where did he utter sympathies for fascism?

+Patched 87 Still no evidence to back up any of your claims? Of course not.

+Squiddy Squidknacker Got your feeling hurt Bobby? Sigh.

PagerU! Enough said. The EU benefits Britain in the long run. Britain has opened up the doors for Scotland to scream Independent and so they should. That Nigel is full of shit and people should know that.

I always believe people when they tell me to believe them. ;]

The EU is not a government, its a customs union with executive negotiation powers to do trade deals for member countries...its not 2 governments...boy did Farage screw you, You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. BYE ! :)

Are you British? You sound German or Scandinavian

Are you from Tübingen? :D

how does a country get rid of European laws that as been put on their books by pro EU government?

They leave the EU only to get fucked in a different way.

I'm actually pretty disappointed in your complete dismissal of the left case against the EU. And the failure of your analysis about the root causes of austerity policy which inhere in the nature of the EU's construction and the harm these policies and the EU as a whole has caused in countries like Greece. I'd recommend Costas Lapavistas analysis, as well as Mark Blyth to anyone interested in a left case agains the EU, and hope that this channel which I normally greatly enjoy addresses some of these issues.

If I was Scottish, I would also vote to stay in the EU, because there is only the same old England to deal with first and foremost if there is no EU anymore so I totally understand them. But if the majority voted to go out of it, they should have the freedom and the means to do so, otherwise what's the point if no matter how people vote someone will step in and "explain" how things will be regardless of what they want...?

3:38 : This but unironically.

Yeah, so, you said a few times essentially "States don't have power because we gave up that power so they are not bullied by other states teaming together". Ummm, so you pooled all the power into one place called the EU, which you are literally not legally allowed to veto against decisions if it goes corrupt??? You give all your power up to one huge government in the hopes that the huge government will protect you against corruption of other states?!? So what protects your state against the EU building itself an army and forcing evil indoctrination down on you?!? I guess you never saw Star Wars... you know the part where giving up all the power to Palpatine DESTROYS the sovereignty of all the states of the republic? Yeah, you actually convinced me more that the brexit video was understating it. Oh another point, just because I can lookup a evil dictator's stance on politics, doesn't mean it does me any good, in regards that website where you can lookup each of the politicians in the EU. I can look up Kim Jong Un's politics, woot woot. Very helpful.

Impresive video, I applaud your work

What do you think about "Die Linke" You said you are a social democrat and SPD supporter but you also said you are an anti-capitalist. Since SPD is a lot more centrist these days and it supports third way policies, can we say Die Linke is like the old SPD? Thanks.

Lexit is fundamentally as much of a fantasy as Brexit. Neoliberalism is a huge issue (hello species-ending climate change, automation, poverty, fascism), but socialist autarky isn't the solution here. You can't redistribute the resources you'll lose by crashing out of the EU.

It's funny how Donnie Trump, despite outwardly supporting Brexit, is also doing everything in his power to exploit it and make it as painful as possible by pushing for trade deals that are particularly beneficial to the US.

Will Biggs-Lovell > It’s not battery, it’s simply putting forth an argument in a very physical way.

Dave Davidson Careful mate, the mask is slipping.

+Morphing Taxi even if that was true that doesn't mean anything in response to what I said. Continental degenerates. Auf wiedersehen.

Dave Davidson You do realize that the brits be paying much less than most members and have received massive investments from the EU right? That’s kinda why they’d need to pay back when they finna leave. Then again what to expect from an Island Ape

Debo Datta No

and? whats wrong with that and hate doesn't lead to suffering it leads to action I mean should the people of the uk sit and let Muslims rape there child and women

but the educated are brainwash sheep education doesn't mean smart

If the peasants are kept ignorant, then it will be easier to exploit them. Same tactic has been used throughout history.

You will, pretty soon!

Abir Rayhan I don’t get it

By a wide margin

So... part of being a (relatively) intellectually honest human being is understanding that no "facts" or "logic" are ever airtight. Facts and logic don't exist outside of broader narratives about their meaning. It's possible to interpret a set of facts in different ways depending on your starting point and your intent. Its also possible to cherry-pick facts, misrepresent facts or even collect the wrong set of facts (see statistics). The crux of personal honesty is to try to separate facts from narratives about facts, problematize your own understanding of the facts and the narratives that you cobble together from them (you may not have access to all or even a significant number of them) and separate out the descriptive and normative components. A broader approach to intellectual honesty involves providing good references to the facts that you site (and be aware of their biases as well). Daniel does a good job of deconstructing the dishonesty in this video, but he also tries to present the sources of his information and the framework in which he makes his arguments. All of these are a way to mitigate (but not completely eliminate) the limitations of human cognition.

E F Open a Dictionary

That comment was simply from what I’ve seen online. I’ve never been to the UK so if it’s wildly inaccurate than I apologize.

What are your political beliefs anyway?

I hate Farage as much as you, but he makes some valid points here. This time I can't fully agree with your video and I'm not "American audience". To reduce the initial questions to only bureaucracy was disingenuous. The UE is a highly NON democratic leviathan, where you only get to vote once in awhile for deputes. The people form the Council or the the Commission are not elected by us, all of this without even bringing the problem of representative democracy itself. People are farther an farther remove from instances of decision, the UE doens't improve at all this situation. Cheers.

“Faceless members of the EU.” Um, didn’t he just say HE was a member of the EU parliament ?

PragerU... also full of creationist nutbags. really. coincidence? not hardly. it's all part of the effort to make people reject reason and science.

I'm just kinda confused about why there are pro Brexit videos targeting American audiences.

Another great video by Three Arrows in that sexy German accent.

Salty remainers everywhere; smarter people than any of you have already explained this in depth. The EU is done, it is only logical to abandon ship. Faceless governance is unacceptable; anyone with a brain wouldn't care if they lost some money; i'd rather lose a little money over having someone unelected being the only ones to put forth legislation. Someone who is faceless gets to determine the parameters from which things are voted upon; and why would people vote on anything against the EU when they themselves get paid by the EU?.. Think about that; they aren't going to vote against losing their own job, so of course, this notion that it is a perfectly legitimate system with no holes, is just foolish.

Do you just repeat talking points like a parrot or do you have anything original to say?

No deal Brexit Kids! Enjoy your EU Communism. Trump 2020!!!

Hey Three Arrows! Tübingen best city!! :D #BorisPalmerforBatman

I'm at minute 4 and i doubt i will watch the rest even though i agree with your opinion about Farage and PragerU. First of all you don't need an EU to have open borders with other european countries and of course national governments costs per capita are bigger compared to the EU. The whole bureaucracy and infrastructure is national but through them the EU also takes influence. The first two points are already strawmen and i'm pretty sure the rest isn't much better or more thoughtful. So i leave it at that. It's probably one of these video where everything is a lie or halftruth so you can't even catch up with debunking. It's a neat trick.

+Patched 87 Sadly still not basic enough though but i have to admit i expected that.

I'm glad your very basic point about the EU somehow is supposed to "debunk" things....when all you did was point the obvious out.

That's just totally not true...

What’s really annoying about prager U is how it uses such insanely basic graphics analogies etc to basically brainwash its audience. They know exactly what tactics to use to keep people from thinking critically. They know that stories and narratives matter a lot more than facts

You forgot county. We have city, county, state, and federal governments.

"If one government's bad imagine how bad two governments would be!" Right out the gate the guy argues for the dissolution of the UK and devolution of local control to "the provinces" and he doesn't even realize it XD

1- You assume the government is a negative notion in the american mindset, unfortunatly its not. So thats already a false starting point ( I know I lived in the US for quite a few years). 2- They arn't "all big by american standards" because A) There is no american standard regarding government B) The US have governments of varying size (federal and national) . Conclusion : In the first 2 min of you'r video you have already basicaly said nothing truthful OR based on facts, and straight up lied to your viewers despite not knowing anything about the US general way of thinking (I'm guessing , going by your german accent and the lack of facts, you havn't lived in the US before let alone talked more then 2h about politics with a group of american people). 3- How does the administrative spending pourcentage of the EU have anything to do with national administrative spending? That 6% is MORE then what most countries can affort in terms of volume, btw , so how does that make the EU less of a government if it spends MORE in administrative costs AND if the administrative costs don't include : military , research funds ect... ? Which nations usualy include in administrative expenditures. 4- The EU isn't way smaller its actualy way bigger. Though it OFFICIALY has different functions then a state run government, truth is it has an EXACT REPLICA of a national government and hides its "extra functions" as fragments part of "sub categories" (take the EU bank for exemple, its independant , not part of EU administrative spendings , despite the board of directors actualy being part of the EU financial regulations comitee ). So unfortunatly the EU does have more functions then just administrative, it just hides it under different names . 5- No social spendings huh? Remember what I just said last line about "functions belonging to the EU but just under a different name" (always helps to make people not question a system when its complicated) . Well here is an exemple and its about social spendings . Corsica receives , along with many other regions, financial help for farm related business. Now you might argue its commercial not social but commerce is there to help society work , and Corsica doesn't produce a lot of cows, despite it receiving financial EU funds SPECIFICALY for cow related products (you can thank the guy who made the PAC and had a few friends in Corsica to take care of for that matter). So sorry but EU DOES have social spendings , including for migration for exemple ( view Asilum , Migrantion and Integration Funds (AMIF) for more info) . Conclusion part 2: 34 seconds past the first point and 3 lies without ANY proof ... great... almost feels like pigeons are making videos nowadays , or is it just a "talking out of your ass" syndrome going around? 6- The question isn't "is there more work for the national governments because of a centralized government AKA: the EU" . A) Not only is it TRUE that it is more work since you have to adapt your national system to EU regulations (which isn't always compatible or easy to do despite what you might think, just because the EU makes decisions, doesn't mean they are easily implimented in countries) so AGAIN your wrong but B) The question is about creating more bureaucracy with 2 governments which , despite all you can think or say , it does . More bureaucracy = more time wasted = slowing of changes despite a need for quick changes in certain countries = more work and complications = slowing down even more ect.... In case you havn't noticed (which you probably havn't) , appart from the legal EU system which is basicaly running itself independantly almost, the EU legislative and executive systems have been slow as hell in the past years (therein one of the reasons why Brexit is taking so long btw , its not just political issues, its also a question of having time to discuss it , which unfortunatly isn't the case) . It doesn't take 3 years to find a deal with your neighbors next door does it ? Why do you think the EU is still discussing it? There you go, its all because the EU system has been constantly slowing down, its also part of the reason why it took 8 years (and its still not finished) to take care of a european crisis that actualy started in only 3 out of 27 countries (and not even the major ones either). 7- The common market is a good exemple you gave , unfortunatly its the only thing that makes the EU worthwhile so its not really an exemple that has a lot of weight , especialy considering all the other stuff that increases national government work . 8- You'r comparing germany 70 years ago , to now , thinking the only solution is either a system of 70 years ago or the EU . You need to learn about imagination and problem-solving and silver linings . Reality isn't black and white. 9- Why does it matter if Michael Farage leaves his party , and why (despite him saying he WAS the leader before and not now (in case you don't understand english which is fine we can't know all languages in the world)) do you point out the discriminatory attitude of a party he is no longer part of PRECISELY because of EMERGING issues ? Are you assuming UKIP was a discriminatory party despite not having either proof or knowledge about it ? Or are you saying Michael Farage is a good man for leaving a party that has changed into something heinous ? In both cases its not really a critisism is it? Its more of a personal biased opinion as a german citizen who profits from the EU staying the way it is ( its fun isn't it when people assume stuff without any proof right?). I'll stop here this video is a waste of time . Please don't listen to people who don't know their facts, it won't help you or anyone fix anything. Especialy when theres already 8 lies in 4 min and a half after video starts. If you want to make good videos, check data, check valid records, try and understand the system before critising it , you have to go beyond the simple "I feel its this way and here is my proof" and go towards this type of thinking: "These are the facts, therefor what can I conclude from them ?". Its good to see someone try and have political debate, its not good when its a biased proof-lacking opinion (might as well write a Harry Potter novel instead then do this) because otherwise you give people false information.

Eu is desiring to be a dictatorship that is why UK wanted out also it didn't want its tax Paying money used in un elected Dictatorship so you can make this utube showing your version but trust me people woke up and want out of the the tower ofbabble god destroyed it once and will do it again

Ironic that the "facts over feelings" right use a lot of lies to push their emotional plans.

well, the UK has become the laughing stock of the world, However i find it quite amusing that we will have a third world country across the North Sea!

I'm a conservative, Three Arrows. I admire your intelligent reasoning of logic and facts. I disagree with you, though. Here's why the EU really is a problem: I'm living in Nice, France for a year and the economy, as well as local business is AWFUL when compared to America. The unemployment rate is around 8.8%, according to Eurostat in France. In the U.S, according to NCSL, it's 3.8%. The EU began all this Socialist misery. You're a smart person, and I agree that this particular PragerU video was partially propagandized, but the core beliefs of it make total sense. Until France and the rest of Europe have Capitalism, until the EU is abolished, France is going to be at that 8.8% percent. Greece, 18%, Spain, 14.3% and Italy, 10.4% (according to Eurostat) until the EU is GONE. Thanks for reading. NCSL = National Conference of State Legislatures btw.

Farage has been very successful at hooking people with snappy misrepresentations and half-truths. There has been a strong thread of euroscepticism in the UK for many decades though, I think you and other critics are barking up the wrong tree in thinking you can change any minds by debunking a few claims and digging trenches in some grey areas. This is not a new and fleeting blip in the British public's attitude toward the EU, it can only be understood in the context of its place in history. There is a great deal of mistrust not only of the EU, but also of domestic politicians who have dragged us further and further into the European project over the 41 years since we were last consulted on the matter. The trajectory from a mere trading bloc towards a fully fledged future superstate is clear, as is the frog-boiling, salami-slicing long game strategy being employed to draw states in with the promise of economic benefits. The British public just don't have the same vision for the future as many on the continent seem to - perhaps it's a mentality that results from being an island nation, but it's certainly not changing any time soon and in a democracy this absolutely needs to be respected.

+Patched 87 Okay, so people who voted to leave don't want that?.. Hello? Once again; originality isn't necessary when it comes to facts.

+King Steele Yeah, that's how all legislative body works...That's how most institutions work...

+Patched 87 Go on then, try and google them. You're not even allowed in the same room with a camera where the legislation is forged.

+King Steele Just because you call them "facts" doesn't make them so...especially when those """"faceless""""" people can easily be Googled

+Patched 87 So much salt. Facts aren't supposed to be original stooped.

+OjoRojo40 Do you vote for EVERY cabinet member, every Minster, every ambassador too?

"APPOINTED". +Patched 87


Indeed, non of them elected as you mentioned. +Patched 87

+OjoRojo40 the Council is an intergovernmental institution meaning it's made up of National civil servants and ministers. The commission are appointed by the respective national governments. All from democratically elected governments.

What's not true? +Patched 87

+Xiaomu K I really can't tell whether someone is being sarcastic/ironic anymore, but judging by the woefully terrible grammar/syntax of this reply (not to mention the semantic absurdity of the statement), I'm assuming you are.

+bh5496 Exactly. It's scary.

Good video. Much appreciated.

"It is a conspiracy of the elites [...] self important overpaid social engineers with useless college degrees who have never done a proper' day's work in their lives" This is so stupid is just looks like a parody message, something someone would say ironically. It sounds like he's treating the viewers like complete idiots. And then you realize people actually think like that, so maybe they really are idiots. Scary.

I'm glad I don't live in the UK.

+RageTyrannosaurus To understand Socialism, just google 'Venezuela'.

You often make blunders, but at least you're prepared to admit them.

+Mkaltripplesix well, considering how much your "civilized society" sucks...

Oh Britain, you haven’t seen the ultimate power of *big government x4* After unleashing this power onto the world, people will have no choice but to employ business practices that raise the quality of the product for the consumer and generally give workers more power *MWHAHAHAHAHAHA*

I was back and forthing on whether I was entirely pro or not until "rage baby", which completely won me over.

I think this video is entirely too uncritical of the EU and its relationship with national politicians. The EU has allowed national politicians to wave through austerity policies and blame "faceless bureaucrats" in Europe. Greece being one of the most extreme examples of this. On some level the Brexit vote was a demand by Britons that British politicians take back responsibility for the policies they are implementing. Whatever they do British politicians are now forced to own their own actions. Either they take Britain out of the EU or they overturn the popular vote and force Britain to stay in the EU.

Observing from the outside, it seems to me like the EU has proven itself to be hostile to the concerns of the people in the member states. The terrible things the EU has done to Greece prove this to me. But, another thing that proves this to me is the way Microsoft was able to manipulate things to essentially destroy a reasonable open standard for documents in order to try to push their own, obviously bad and completely proprietary standard. These are the two issues I know the most about. And in each case, the way the EU works was actively hostile to the interests of the citizens of its member countries.

Sorry nigel but we all know the real reason is because you don't like talking to anyone who isn't white

The UK wants to leave because Article 13

You make a basic error in your video, in that you have focused your argument solely on what Nigel Farage has to say about the EU. When the UK first joined the EC, they were told that this was an organisation to promote economic prosperity amongst member states. The EU has become much more than this and the British people were never consulted about the direction the EU was heading in. When the Blair government agreed to freedom of movement, it estimated that approximately 10,000 EU citizens would come to settle in the UK. This was a massive miscalculation, as many hundreds of thousands arrived, and eventually millions. Whilst it is true that many of these people have made a positive contribution to UK society, there have undoubtedly been problems, too. For example, there is a shortage of housing, the NHS is barely managing to fulfil its duties and the education system (particularly schools) has seen a huge increase in pupil numbers, to the extent that class sizes have rapidly increased. In addition, wage rates have been suppressed, because many EU workers are prepared to work for less than their UK counterparts. Sadly, the pressures of uncontrolled immigration are felt mostly by the working class, whose voices are rarely noticed by politicians. They were told that they had to accept the changes in their communities and the pressures on local services, whilst the middle classes and elites remained untouched by the changes. The EU Social Fund, set up to help the poorest parts of society, has often been mismanaged and has therefore not always benefited the people it was intended for. To a large extent, the Brexit vote was a way for people to have their voices heard. David Cameron tried (in vain) to get the EU to give concessions on free movement, but this was rejected. Once he had given the UK population the opportunity to make a decision on EU membership, it did so. Much to the shock of the Establishment, a majority voted to leave. Undoubtedly, the sovereignty issue might have been an important reason, but it's widely acknowledged that free movement was the biggest single issue. Added to this, Mrs Merkel's disastrous decision to allow economic migrants to come to Europe from Africa and the Middle East only helped to support the British people's belief that the EU was not concerned about the wellbeing and future security of the UK. When you talk about Brexit being a right-wing construct, you are wrong. The majority of the working class who voted to leave the EU were traditional left-wing voters, who felt that no political party or institution was representing their interests. They now find themselves being labelled as 'racists' and 'xenophobes', simply for wanting to protect what they have worked for. The people who voted for Brexit did so for their own reasons, which cannot be explained as an unquestioning allegiance to Mr Farage.

+Cory Fice I mean citizens from the EU member states. What's your point?

"EU citizens" Tells us what you really mean.

- Northern Ireland is part of the UK - The Republic of Ireland is a part of the EU - There must not be a wall between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland - There must be a wall between the UK (NI) and the EU (RoI) Solve to Brexit.

Prager University is just some Koch brothers shit

I'm glad you don't, too


The people of the UK are quite clear about Brexit. Sadly, our politicians have decided to delay our leaving, in the hope that the people who voted to leave (the majority) will simply give up.

*”also anything right wing that might look bad for us is left wing”*

+Xiaomu K Sad the only time you care about women is when you want to make a political statement.


You shouldn't really take what this German says at face value. The UK is not a country full of right-wing fanatics. It is a country that has a great history and whose people have made a massive contribution to the world in the fields of science, technology and culture. It is simply exercising its right to determine its own future and to be able to hold its politicians to account. The UK is a net contributor to the EU budget, which is why they don't want us to leave. Undoubtedly, Brexit has caused many problems, but so would staying in the EU, especially considering the current state of some of the other EU countries (Germany, Greece, France, Italy, to name but a few). The EU in its present form will not survive. It must make changes. Brexit is our way of letting them know.

We cna do those transnatioanl collaboration without supra nationals organs.

Europe is IVth reich salvage by the U.S.A

Well I live in France the governement is a fucking waste of money, because it is cpaitalistic, and it is even worse with the EU they are corrupted officials who work in the interest of the rgeat capital....

Ha, ha, ha..., you progressives, libs etc,.., whatever Orwellian name you wish to call yourself,..., you just don't it do you? Those "stupid" people in the UK that you don't respect, do not wish to be governed by a remote institution in Europe. To put it simply: They want to vote in the people that decide the laws that govern them, and they want them to be accountable, and ultimately sackable through an election. Many "remainers" have now realised that the EU is fundamentally undemocratic. Once they realise it is unreformable they'll jump on board as well. So now that "cat's out the bag" you've lost the UK forever. And yes, silly games in the UK Parliament may have some short term success, but a clear out is coming in the next election. The population is no longer fooled by the "just a trade arrangement" lie. I don't think that the "United States of Europe" project is going to happen, not with the UK in it for sure. And there's a rebellion building in the member states, is the UK the first of many? So have your laugh about "chlorinated chicken" etc while you can within your echo chamber because a change is coming. Your time is over, it's up, you're history ....., its never going to be the same for you again. The dream is over..., your world view is being rejected.

Comment for the YT gods!

+Songbird645 Towards the end of the video he says that if you're angry about a particular EU directive, you should hold your anger inside you, nourishing it, growing it like a... rage baby. And I kind of loved that a lot.

Patrick Phelan What is the "rage baby"?

Ben it might be, but aren’t you doing the exact same thing here? Using EU as a scapegoat for your “politics is a scam” meme. What was the alternative? What should any Greek government have done after the crisis hit?

+Væringjar My point was the supposedly "anti-austerity" leftists of Syriza use the EU bureaucracy to hide behind when Syriza are the government and are as "neoliberal" as any other government would have to be. Politics is a sham.

Ben what alternative would you have suggested for Greece? The only reason that it had to come to these austerity measures was an utter lack of coherent tax collection and corruption in the the Greek bureaucratic system. Can’t really see how they would have been better off outside the EU. If anything EU was way to lenient in budget control before the crisis.

tony benn seen right through the likes as such loonies as shaun and 3 arrows. R I P mr benn.

Farage is such a total tosser.

This video is the embodyment of leftist tears.

I agree with what you saying,i like the idea of the EU, but for me the problem is the external migration.

Hello. I have a question for you. The icon of your channel is a reference to the communist party in Germany before the rise of the Nazi? Have a nice day.

+byzantine greek Thanks for the quick respond. I observed that this channel was more on the left side. I just din't know the meaning of this symbol that i saw in a old picture.

Specifically is anti-communist,anti-monarchist and anti-nazi ,but the ideology of this guy is pretty hard left.

wherever you fall on the brexit issue is determend by how much money you must sacrifice for sovernty, and if the uk got the best of both worlds, the eu would look really bad

God damn, these Brexit arguments are so stale and tired. Only thing keeping it going is methamphetamine addiction.

Braker u is an infinite well of entertainment :)

Jay Whyeff You make good points. Also, what's the point of the house of lords? Would people support abolishing it?

+Ricardo Barahona The UK symbolically being physically separate from mainland Europe has always been semi-detached from the European Project. There are a number of reasons why it has struggled to buy into it, but we're not isolationists, far from it. We don't fear the US, most people see them as our close friends/partners. We do hope/believe we will work closely with the EU after we've left. I think, however, eventually the EU will implode before it'll reform itself. They are far too remote and out of touch with the people. Hard times are coming for the 27, particularly for the southern Mediterranean countries.

Jay Whyeff I wasn't claiming that you or Brexiteers are far right, I was saying that the far right see a chance of organizing and gaining power by doing well in European elections and pushing the overall Overton window in Europe. I don't think there are enough politicians that have the mindset like yours where they would be independent of the EU because most are power hungry (there are Euroskeptic parties in the EU but many right wing conservaive movements are see an opportunity to gain power not weaken it by weakening the EU). I doubt Italy or Hungry will leave the EU because it would lose economic benefits as well as a voice over Europe. I see 3 major camps when it comes to the EU, the pro-EU people who want large scale reforms to make it more democratic, as seen with Yanis Varoufakis, people who want to win to gain power over European policy and do not care about sovereignty or democracy (this includes people from all political ideologies), and people who do not want to be part of the EU for reasons concerning sovereignty, independence, and other factors. I think there needs to be European unity to counter the influence of larfe powers such as the US and China but a unity that does not go as far as federated states of Europe. I believed there should be large reforms such as abloshimg the Euro and letting countries control their own monetary policy and weakening the power of the European commission. I just fear bad faith power hungry people and hope Europe does not fall to any sort of tyranny (whether through the EU or governing parties).

+Ricardo Barahona I don't support the far right and neither do the vast majority of Brexit voters. I don't want some unaccountable politician of another country making the laws that govern me neither....., but that isn't going to happen anyway, because the EU was deliberately designed to be undemocratic and they won't ever give that up. The EU is the way to stay relevant? No, No, No..., democratic consent and accountability make your country relevant, otherwise it's just another place of tyranny run by despots..., I don't want the EU competing with China as to who is the most controlling.

Jay Whyeff The far right is not going to get rod of the EU. Matteo Salvini is trying to form a coalition to gain more power on EU parliament. The far-right see a chance to gain more influence to change overall EU policy. Most Europeans want to see the comissioners lose their power and give it to EU parliament or make the commissioners run for an election. The EU is the best chance to stay relevant in the world and create trade deals with China and other countries. The EU is not dissolving anytime soon but it can see radical change. Far right groups are already polling at winning a third of EU parlaiment, weakening the EPP, which has dominated European parliament for 20 years.

​+Væringjar Almost all the greek debt comes from the left wing party PASOK

We should gas the alt right.

Groups like prager u who purposely misinform the easily manipulated should be shut down.

The treaties requires unanimity to be changed. This one is correct. And the current treaty allow free movement of capitals between member states (art. 63) and impose an anti-inflation policy for the ECB (art. 121). Under these rules, there is only one policy that can be implemented if one member state intend to increase its competitivity (like France or Italy who have a bad trade balance) and that policy is to cut wages and obliterate workers rights in order to lower the cost of production. The EU treaties have designed the EU to be an economic "soft-belly" and a place where fiscal and social competition between member states push them to the lowest common denominator. Considering these treaties can only be changed through unanimity, I think it is fair to say they will never change, especially on such important aspect (there will alway be one country that will oppose). The conclusion is very simple : you will NEVER have socialist or even progressive economic policies in the EU. The EU is structurally incapable of doing anything else than what you might call neoliberalism. The Brexiteers in Britain might be doing this for "right-wing reasons" but in my country the EU has been, and continues to be, the vessel for neoliberal policies, and I'm pretty sure it is the same for Greece and Italy. Varoufakis might be well intended, but he should have realised by now that the very structure of the treaties make it impossible to deviate from neoliberal policies, especially for members of the euro currency. Thanks for the video and I hope at some point the left will see, in greater number, there is a socialist-progressive path to the EU-exit, but there is no socialist-progressive path for staying in the EU.

ive commennted on dissenter ;)

Three arrows= far left Propaganda

Woah, you convinced me! Adressed the points in the video heads on, thanks mate!

Why I am not surprised that the red, defends the red. How did determine it? Becouse I am a right-winger?(nope) Perhaps becouse I am a capitalist loving individualist?(more likely) Maybe becouse these three Arrows is a direct symbol of the Iron Front established in 1931 by the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and they identified three main enemies: monarchists (German conservatives), Nazis (NSDAP) and communists (KPD)? (You got me :D) Of course, the Iron front was later a part of Antifa, that in 1935 turned into the Peoples Front after social-democrats and communist joined forces becouse Nazis were to big of a threat. Well, we got that, but what about ANTIFA? The Antifascist Action (Antifa for short) was a militant organization established in 1932 by the Communist Party of Germany. In particular, it was supported by the activists of the subordinate party of the paramilitary group Roter Frontkämpferbund (Red Association of Front Fighters). Ok, now that we know with whom we have to argue with. We need to determine what sort of red you are, the three arrows were originaly as I have written the symbol of a social-democratic action. I will trust what you show me, and call you a social democrat. In the worst case, you are a communist or someone else that approves of violent, militant, far left actions just like back in the old days. Now, let's make something clear, I am a eurosceptic not becouse this is a union, that unites countries together. No, I am a eurosceptic becouse the EU has taken a bad route. If Margaret Thatcher ran the EU it would be just fine by me. Personally, I believe getting back to EEC is just fine, with Schumans plan being the only thing making countries not go to war. Capitalism at its finest would mend the wounds between nations. (As it did nicely, but then you reds came and made so much mess now nationalist rise up) Either way. The point is, that the EU admitted to base their plan on the Ventotene Manifesto, Angela Merkel, Matteo Lenzi, François Hollande all went to the Island of Ventotene to honor Altiero Spinelli (The co-writer of the Ventotene Manifesto) in 2017 I think. The same year the EU's white paper for year 2019-2025 was published. Spinelli was also honored and the name of the main bulding is named after him. Let's start from the beginning thou. In 1941, three communist activists, Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi and Eugenio Colornier, completed the work on the Manifesto of Ventotene. The publication was made during their stay in the fascist prison on the island of Ventotene. Alitero Spinelli himself was expelled from the Italian Communist Party for Trotskyism. In 1970 he became a member of the European Commission (until 1976). In 1979 he started as an independent candidate to the European Parliament on the list of the Italian Communist Party... (---You now think, but you just said he was thrown out for Trotskyism! You liar! Well, if you have the knowledge you'd now that Moscow's suppression of the left-wing tendencies in the Eastern bloc parties caused the protest of Western communists against the Russian headquarters (although they continued to take money from Moscow). Western and, above all, Italian communists came to the conclusion that after years of Russian communists' domination, it was time for the center of the world communist movement to return to the West. It must be remembered that Russia has become the head of the communist movement only because the revolution has won only there and it has not been able to spread to the whole of Europe.) The result of such a policy was the so-called "Historic compromise", or the agreement of Italian communists with socialists and Christian democrats. The agreement had a somewhat similar character to the German Great Coalition of 1966, when the government of Chancellor Kissinger from the CDU with the participation of the SPD was formed.---) [Back to the topic!] ...Along with other politicians who shared his vision, in 1980 he created the so-called Crocodile Club, which dealt with the development of the European constitution. In 1984, he presented in the European Parliament the "Draft Treaty Establishing a European Union", or "Plan Spinelli", which assumed the creation of the European Union. The project was adopted by MEPs, but all Member States did not agree to its implementation. This direction continued after Spinelli's death in 1986 and led to the introduction of many provisions from the Spinelli Plan also to the Maastricht Treaty establishing in 1992 today's European Union. The Maastricht Treaty made the Gender mainstreaming ideology its official ideology. Just throwing it in... Anyways! Most of the provisions of the draft European constitution were introduced to the Lisbon Treaty, although without the name "Constitution". It was signed in Lisbon in 2007, but came into force only in 2009, because of one EU country, in which, in addition to the ratification of the treaty, it was necessary to conduct a referendum - in Ireland, the treaty was rejected. The European Council set a referendum for 2008 (though completely unlawful) (every election can be repeated indefinitely until the required result is obtained, as in the case of roulette, in the end, each number will ever win) The Treaty of Lisbon made it possible to implement many provisions from the draft Constitution, but did not introduce the constitution itself, so in a formal sense it has not yet changed the Union resulting from an international agreement (i.e. not even a confederation) and formally associating sovereign states into one state closing the participating states. The most important argument for the full integration of the Union is the thesis that a fully integrated Union, i.e. one government, common foreign policy and one army will work more effectively. The unreasonableness of this thesis was fully demonstrated by the Ukrainian crisis. The position of the Union towards Russia was determined by the dominating states, which will determine the Union's foreign policy in the event of its unification anyway, and even in the verbal layer they did not oppose Russia's obvious aggression towards Ukraine, which is no different from Germany's aggression towards Poland. in 1939. In the case of one EU government, the regional government (or rather the board of directors) of the British will not have the right to take a position on events taking place in the immediate vicinity of Britain. This means that a united Union will pursue the interests of only the strongest states and, in addition, have the right to suppress by force any attempts to pursue the interests of other states, insofar as they are contrary to this dominant "common interest". In a word, as long as the Union is not completely formally integrated, and so until it becomes one state, there will be a danger of insubordination of "regions of the second species" and there will be no tools to suppress this insubordination. Isn't it familiar to something? Ahh, I know. Brezhnev doctrine. At the Fifth Congress of the PZPR, Brezhnev presented it to Polish comrades: "The socialist community as a whole has the right to intervene in the territory of each member state of the socialist bloc in a situation where internal or external forces, hostile to socialism, try to disrupt the development of this country and restore the capitalist system. " in the draft Constitution introduced (unsuccessfully) in 2004, when it was already known that the Union would be significantly expanded, it was proposed to limit the composition of the European Commission. Previously, each state had its representative in the Commission, so their number should be 27. Already in the Treaty of Nice, it was established that the composition of the Commission can not exceed 25 (why?). The Constitution provided for the reduction of the number of commissioners by 18 to 2014 and introduced the principle of rotation of representatives, which leads to the saving of several chairs, but the EU management system makes it completely opaque. Not to mention that the European Commission has as its only body the so-called legislative initiative. This means that the European Parliament can only adopt such provisions as the European Commission will present for approval. Parliament has the right to propose amendments, it can also appeal to the European Commission for the submission of a draft, but it does not commit the Commission to anything and Parliament can pass or not just the rules it will receive for approval. In a word - Parliament is only and exclusively a device for voting and, if necessary, for correcting bills, but it does not create EU law itself, which is the basic function of parliament in democracy. Well, in connection with the above-mentioned legal principles, it implements exactly the Leninist principle of democratic centralism, a system in which the representative body of Parliament approves the composition of the European Commission, but once it approves it, it can be very intense and turbulent, but it does not have any impact on what the Commission is doing. The European Commission, just like the democratically elected Political Bureau of the Central Committee of communist parties, has become a superior body since its election. This is everything on my side. Wish you a good day. I hope I presented well the potential arguments in the name of a Brexit voter (I myself am not a Brit, I come from Poland) Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me corect, if not, ask me what I should explain.

A defender of British aristocracy is arguing for democracy and against an unelected elite? Smooth. And the Brits are anti-EU because for 30 years the rightwing tabloid press has been on the attack, and the Conservatives have always blamed unpopular Westminster policies on Brussels! Bullshit of course, but the attitudes have been cultivated.

Haha I had to pause from laughing when you started laughing about the “British fish” part ahaha. Great channel, fantastic research and insight. Cheers from Atlanta!

Arent you the ones crying over Muslims, the goverment, EU, immigrants and way more. So start filling my cup that says rightist tears or put some salt on my eggs with your saltiness.

There is none.

+Nicolas H It's the symbol of the mostly social democratic Iron Front in their fight against nazism, communism and monarchism.

"Anything I don't like is far right" - The elite

Dear Daniel. I don't know you and I'm not weird at all. But can you keep making videos about Nazi's? I freaking get a hard-on every time I hear that german accent saying nazi's. It's not sexual. It's more a form of intellectual porn I enjoy. Don't ever stop doing that.

Big government? In my country?! :angry face:

Can you please do a video on the new E.U. articles (11 and 13 I believe). I have a feeling people are incredibly misinformed (including myself).

Prager U lies? Must be a day that ends in Y

Oh prageru the guys who wen't on the antisjw bandwagon with a clear goal in mind to use halftruths, lies and basically propaganda too scue the minds of peoole

Your comment is the *embodiment* of zero effort.

Three Arrows Prager U threw out another video called: The Left destroys everything. You might want to "debunk" that. There are literally nearly no facts. I mean I could only find like two things that are true. One of those two things was something someone apparently said. I didn't check this though.

UKIP, growing in support by riding the anti-Eu and anti-establishment wave. No one is looking at the policies. A number of their (interim) policies look suspiciously like Socialist policies, the rest are presented as ''measured'' and ''sensible'' Nationalist policies. It's almost as if they are some kind of social Nationalist party, or even a national Socialist party... Hmm, now why does that sound familiar? ...Please do something to start this conversation now before election campaigns start @Three Arrows

Well after article13 brexit is a bit better

Could you make a video on nazi propaganda under ww2 and how it is used in the alt right And what i would call fake nationalism in propaganda in countries under nazi germany and how it is still being used in the alt right Fake nationalism would be out of touch nationalism from someone or something that does not know about the country it's talking about and is pro for a foreign cause like SS propaganda

hey whats up , would you like to analyse the new Rammstein video/song ? . Ich würde gerne eine analyse von dir zu diesem Lied hören :-)

UKIP, growing in support by riding the anti-Eu and anti-establishment wave. No one is looking at the policies. A number of their (interim) policies look suspiciously like Socialist policies, the rest are presented as ''measured'' and ''sensible'' Nationalist policies. It's almost as if they are some kind of social Nationalist party, or even a national Socialist party... Hmm, now why does that sound familiar? ...Please do something to start this conversation now before election campaigns start @Three Arrows

Great video, thak you!

great video. Farage is a hate spilling parasite.

Pretty much 100% true. EU is great for the giant corporations and it's contractors.


+Woody Man it's late in the evening on a Friday for" hope not hate" to be working

WOW thank you for giving me those facts and that wonderful ,logic!

Christ allmight - i can't believe i actually took the time to read this utter rubbish. At no point in this rambling bullshit with your conspiracy nonsense did you even remotely come close to a practical point on anything

At absolutely no part of this did you come close to a practical point about anything. It's just your circle jerk "im so patriotic" bullshit with rhetoric thrown in and you didnt address even one single point

So many straw man arguments. Big Government doesn't just mean expensive administration. It mostly means over-regulation. The cost of administration as part of the total budget, while informative, only serves to distract the viewer from what was actually said. Tommy Robinson a "racist fraudster"? Guess being against rape gangs is now racist these days. Chlorine chickens? Those weren't banned because of the chlorine, but because of fear that the chickens could have even more salmonella if the process has been done sloppy. You could have found that out in mere seconds, so why didn't you? But what was that? You can just block everything that negatively impacts you? Guess you must have missed the push to get rid of veto rights then. Late 2017, Juncker said: "I want decisions in the Council to be taken more often and more easily by qualified majority". Stop misleading people, you are ill informed.

came for the content. stayed for the sass.

Hey man, i love your videos, they are totally well researched and i can't believe you don't have more subscribers yet. I don't know if you take requests at all but I'd love to hear your opinion on the alt-right fever dream known as "Q anon" it seems to be popping up in the news a bit again and i know you always have something interesting to say about stuff like this.

7:00 LOL They were that stupid. The leavers were that narrow minded...

I’m still pro brexit but you made some very good points here

"They are unelected, and can't be removed." So almost as bad as the House of Lords, huh? Well except the European Commission can actually be removed, and are elected, ups.

Can anyone explain to me what a lobster is? I am German and don't understand the meaning of this word except it is an animal... Would be so lovely to have someone explain this to me

Hi Three Arrows, if you have not done so already, could you please elaborate about your take on communism?

21st Century Socialism? Why don't you make a video on the success of 20th Century Socialism - starting with the death tolls?

Nazis weren't socialist.

Regardless how the issue is framed by Prager, the people of the UK voted for Brexit. Obviously, you are against Brexit, but at no point do you identify yourself as a citizen of the UK. So, it sounds like a person who has no say in UK politics is trying to convince others who also have no say in UK politics (Americans), that Brexit shouldn't go through, regardless of the vote. My guess is that you are German or someone who wishes they were German. I've never met a German who didn't fall all over themselves to offer an unsolicited opinion on the topic of EVERYTHING!

Quite ironic thing to say considering the fact that nobody asked for your opinion either. So - voting the fourth time in the same sitting for the same lame deal (which isn't even legal technically) is fine, but a second Peoples Vote after three years is not, because "people" (a slim majority actually) voted "Brexit" (neither knowing then or now what that even should mean anyway)? Actually, I never liked the British and will make three Hail Marys when you ignorant fuckers finally leave (not literally, I'm no Catholic). But your hypocrisy is ridiculous. Almost reminds me of when the Queen, wearing pounds of gold and jewels said that the UK now needs strict austerity, lol You Brits are nuts nowadays - from ruling a quarter of the world to wrecking your economy to own the libs.

Ein Hummer. Im Allgemeinen auf _Lefttube_ eine Anspielung auf eine besonders blödsinnige (und falsche) Hypothese über soziale Hierarchien von Jordan Peterson, einem Psychologieprofessor aus Kanada, der ein Star der "neuen" und "alternativen" Rechte wurde. Quasi ein Insiderwitz, auch wenn der inzwischen schon ziemlich bekannt ist.

+Pip Yorkie *far-left Just ask elite billionaires which are/where in office like Donald Trump, Lee Kuan Yew abd their even more powerful donors like the Kochs' and Mercer...

+ThobiWan you should be scared lol

So the thing I've noticed about the neo cons who want to leave the EU, is that they want to return to the British Empire where they can shit all over the rest of the world with no accountability.

When I heard that Nigel Farage is a former pawnbroker, if made me think of Alyosha from Crime and Punishment.

It should leave because the EU is Nazi

haha, that was cute, a red herring, and who ever said that Germans don't have a sense of humor? ;) love you Dan

+Jeremys Mam got em

You wouldn't last three minutes with Eric Striker.

Prager U is about as fake as you are, three sticks...

I'm not from the U.K. but I did some research on this Nigel Farage, and for all his talk about the elites he seems to have more connection with the elite than the common folk. He's like Trump where they pretend to be "outsiders" and counter-elite, but they're part of the class of people with large of amount of concentrated power and wealth. He was born in a wealthy family, and his dad was a stockbroker. This is the kicker: He talks about "useless" degrees, but he doesnt have one. Why? Because he was able to leap frog pass university and was able to get a job as a commodities broker AT THE AGE OF 18!!!! He seems to be describing himself when talking about the European Union bureaucrat, so wtf is the difference? Leave the EU and the working class/poor still has to deal with the "faceless bureaucrats" of the UK government and the elites of the UK except leaving the European Union will most likely have a negative impact on their economy, right?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Nigel Farage, do we really need to say more?

+Keyser94 To be fair, I think you got that one backwards. The USA learnt from the United Kingdom (or rather: Kingdom of Great Britain as it was called back in the day) in the first place after all.

Well they already have a nice role model with the U. S., that shits all over the world without accountability whatsoever.

Says the man with a German passport

The 2016 referendum " Not binding " ? That is NOT what our PM David Cameron said at the time. He announced to the UK that it would be a once in a life time decision and what ever the people voted in that referendum for the Government would implement it. That is why all those who voted to leave are very unhappy. If you don't know this just look it up.

Ad hominem, laughter, globalist perspective. This video is pretty much what I expected.

love your work

The problem is that Britain had become a primarily service economy, yet through leaving the country will be forced to make things again which will finally put Britain back on the map.


Uhhhh why are you shilling for an actual Nazi in a random comments section?

Josiah Freedman you mean Raskolnikov ?

Let's summarise prager into a short sentence. "Those evil gommies are all our problems, now i'll go back to ruining earth for everyone in the future. As you know, i don't like history and it will end with us."

So you think Brexit is a mistake and Dexit shouldn't happen either? If you look at the laws especially for the "co2 problem" which is a giant hoax in itself you got to ask yourself what is going on?! If you look at all those rules and laws, what cars must do and what their limits are - this will pretty much ruin the German car industry. Baning straws and plastic cups, because of global water pollution... Most of this pollution just like the co2 pollution comes from China and other eastern states. Carefully check the UN and EU laws and think a moment about how this will destroy Germany and it's economy ...

No arguments from you as expected. Just call everyone you disagree with names.

You should make a long video about hybrid warfare and how everything we see and read on internet can be affected with political trolls from different countries. I think many people aren't still aware of it enough even if it's present here in youtube too. As living in a neighbouring country to Russia, I get to see it in every single newspapers comment sections in my native language

Lool what the eu does for me

Heres the reality that matters The people voted for brexit Parliament voted for brexit Lords voted for brexit The people voted for 2 parties who promised to deliver brexit Never in the history of democracy has a result of a vote not been implemented

I'm against the EU as it's taking the little sovereignty & independence Ireland have managed to win.


who funds Farmer Nigel again?

Great video well done it's nice to see someone putting the way the European Union works we got so much deception in the UK on it it's nice to hear the truth wonder what you're feelings on the city of London are behind it all

The UKIP has no place to complain about unelected officials in the EU when the UK has a literally hereditary house of parliament.

Wrong. Parliament has a House of Commons which is voted for by the British public. Anyone can stand as a prospective MP.

+COEXISTential I think the majority of people who voted for Brexit didn't expect that politicians would push various options. There was only one Leave option on the ballot paper - that of leaving the EU entirely. David Cameron said so in his pre-Referendum speech, after failing to get the EU to negotiate changes to its rules. Whilst it is certainly true that there were many inaccuracies within some of the Leave campaign rhetoric, the Remain campaign had plenty of opportunity to counter their arguments, which it did with gusto. During the run-up to the Referendum, every view was robustly discussed, so it would be wrong to assume that people who voted to leave were confused about the direction of travel. Politicians can't make up their minds about which form of Brexit they want, but that does not necessarily follow that the people who voted don't know. Remainers chose to maintain the status quo , but there was plenty of middle-class discontent about aspects of the EU before the Referendum. Basically, the whole thing is a mess.

To suggest that the only reason people voted for the two major parties in the General Election is politically illiterate, and makes you sound like you get all your soundbites from Jacob Rees-Mogg (who is just as wrong when he says it). It also ignores the political reality of a first past the post system, where tactical voting is the norm. Only single-issue cretins genuinely believe that the GE was only about Brexit. Additionally, parliament has voted multiple versions of Brexit down, as well as voting down a new referendum, so what you said about parliament voting for Brexit isn't true. Indeed, the vast majority of MPs were originally anti-Brexit: We already know that, amongst those that support Brexit there are at least three different visions (the ERG Tory Brexit, the centrist Tory Brexit, and the Labour Brexit) so Brexit was never a singular thing, so you can't vote for "it", and proponents of each of those Brexits are notably disinclined to support any of the the other Brexits as a compromise. 17.4 million split three ways is 5.8 million, and that's a long way behind 16.3 million united Remainers.

*It's still not binding.* Cameron promised something hoping remain would win and then fucked of when he lost, 'cause he's a tool. Tories promised to inplement the result on political, not on legal grounds.

Sadly, many of the contributors to the discussion of this video are blind to the facts.

Britain can't compete with the low-paid workers of mainly south-eastern asia. Unless you want the British workers to be paid just as badly there's no way industry is coming back to Britain. Welcome to capitalism, the real threat to national sovereignty.

+Keyser94 Keep taking your medication

+Jeremys Mam The Roman Empire falls and people move on with their lives, the Napoleonic Empire falls, and people continue with their lives, the UK Empire falls and people continue with their lives, and the same thing would happen when the U. S. falls, but basic human nature dictates that humans cling to power and money as much I they can, until everything goes to shit.

+Keyser94 Nothing is important in the grand scheme of things? Maybe everything is important. I think we all know what will cause the chaos and destruction of the Northern Hemisphere.

+Jeremys Mam That in the end would be nothing seeing the road that the major countries are heading, all empires falls, sooner or later. What matter with importance when non of that matter when the northern hemisphere fall into chaos and destruction? The U. S. and the UK are so arrogant believing in their self importance that don't realise that in the end, they aren't important to the great scheme of things.

I think you over-estimate the strength and importance of the UK.

How many of those deaths were due to agricultural practices predicated on Lysenkoism? I'll wait. Oh, and how many people have been killed in wars relating to trade thanks to capitalism? Again, I'll wait.

Out of curiosity, what was your main reason for voting Brexit, and what's your main reason for continuing to support it?

Thomas Neal Who on PragerU is an creationist?

The commission told you they were needed to protect the sovereignty of the member states and you believed them. My God, you are gullible.

But we voted to leave. It's called democracy. So I'm sorry for that. The EU seem to struggle with democracy. We need to go back to nation states that trade

Farage secured German passports for his sons, and now he doesn't want any other Brit to have that? hypocrite.

+Jeremys Mam"During the run-up to the Referendum, every view was robustly discussed, so it would be wrong to assume that people who voted to leave were confused about the direction of travel." And yet there are still people who are thoroughly confused. There were people, during numerous vox pop pieces to camera who said, straight-faced, that their leave vote as a big middle-finger to Whitehall. There are still people now who don't understand that the Commission gets its power from the other two arms of the EU, both of which are voted in by us. "Remain campaign had plenty of opportunity to counter their arguments" Yes, but anyone that knows even a little bit about psychology (and I'm assuming you do) knows that simple soundbites that play to prejudices will almost always win out over more complex answers that are actually true. "Remainers chose to maintain the status quo , but there was plenty of middle-class discontent about aspects of the EU before the Referendum. Basically, the whole thing is a mess." Indeed, I am very much in the 'Remain but Reform' camp, but I am solidly Remain, as are most Remainers, whereas Leave is split at least three ways: 1) ERG 2) May 3) Labour That's the real reason that Leavers don't want a second referendum.

COEXISTential on the topic of democracy, in any vote, once a decision is made, the outcome usually follows shortly after, which in turn doesn’t normally allow for a second vote before it comes into action, especially with the brexit vote, because the process has taken 3 years, with all the scare mongering inbetween, people would be impartial to a second vote. I also don’t see why just because I haven’t been able to vote yet puts me in any less of a position to discuss democracy, and using that to try and dismiss my argument overall is a bit petty.

+Gabrieldragonslayer69 OK, so what is it about article 13 that you dislike? On an admittedly quick reading of it, it's only asking platforms to be more proactive than they are currently with regard to copyrighted content. YouTube already has algorithms that detect content at point of upload (hence why some people load copyrighted material in mirror image and/or slightly faster, or whatever), and Copyright owners can already get videos pulled for including their content. Article 13 seems to be simply telling platforms to be more proactive... so what's the problem? ...and I'm speaking as a sometimes DJ who relies on Soundcloud for good new bootleg remixes. I'm also speaking as someone that was very much pro-peer-2-peer file-sharing back in the days of Napster, Limewire, and AudioGalaxy, but now I've got JunoDownload, Beatport, 7Digital, and iTunes. Not to mention new Napster, Spotify and Deezer. Also, what do you mean by authoritarian? Do you mean that term in the political sense, the psychological sense, or both? It's worth pointing out that most Remainers that I know, myself included, were always on the 'Remain and Reform' tip, I even joined DiEM25, to try and accelerate the EU's move in a more liberal direction (because fuck neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism AND austerity). The UK, outside of the EU, has no power over the EU, but will be required to meet all trade regulations (the EU does currently take 44% of our exports, after all). In the EU, we are one of the largest powers (and we pay in less than Italy, who has the same number of seats). Dude, if you haven't voted yet, I'm not sure you're the one to be telling people how democracy works (PS that's obviously something you've heard from someone: whoever they are, they are not your friend). I suggest you look up the phrase 'confirmatory referendum' and discover that it's hugely common to ask whether the negotiated outcome is acceptable to the people that demanded the negotiations in the first place. The real reason that hardcore leavers don't want a new referendum - and why they say "anyone who supports a second referendum needs to learn how democracy works" is because they are terrified that Leave would lose, now that we've had three years of properly thrashing out the issues, and people are a lot more educated on what the EU really is. In addition, if a new referendum included (say) May's deal and no-deal, it would split the vote and Leave would lose... by a lot. In reality the seeming majority of Leave is split at least three ways: 1) ERG-style no deal, or maybe Norway+, or Canada+++ 2) Centrist Tory/May's deal, or some other cobbled together sop for the masses 3) Labour's Customs-but-not-movement deal (which is more-or-less already possible under existing EU legislation). In other words, it's an omnishambles.

COEXISTential well I’m not old enough to vote yet but I just think that the eu is becoming more and more authoritarian, for example article 13 and I also think that anyone who supports a second referendum needs to learn how democracy works.

Anyone know what the British fish think about Brexit?

Big government, Small government, it does not matter. All that people need is GOOD government. The size does not matter.

I'm glad you actually gave Prager U some constructive criticism by correcting their errors instead of just berating them just for views.

Thank you... just thanks

Tommy Robinson is only a racist because you can't attack his argument, only him.

No border checks between sovereign countries? How could that go wrong? Then again, "what does sovereignty really mean," amirite?

"What does sovereignty really mean?" Seemed pretty cut and dry until you Lefty psychos joined the conversation

Wait are you from Tübingen? That‘s awesome!

thank you for exposing conservatism

+Cory Fice When dealing with snotty libtards I throw the rule book out the window. BTW, just one glance at your channel left me laughing my ass off. Looks to me like you never developed past the cartoon stage. But, thanks for playing, dipshit...

How old are you? With insults like that I wonder if you're still in diapers.

Ironically the "eurocrat" animated in the video looks a lot like Farage

It's sad what has happened to Britain, hearing farrage talk as though he's educating people sounds like he's talking to children during story time. Watching evening comedy shows it's a source of so many jokes but the reality is, it isn't funny, it's kind of sickening.

Quality video, first one I've watched of yours. Also, Nigel Farage is a dirty old snake. Can't stand that prune of a man.

Yanis Varoufakis, sometime socialist minister of Greek socialist government recounts his failed attempt to prevail upon Herr Schauble with the proposition that an austerity programme to reduce Greek people to destitution and soup kitchens , while satisfying to fiscally prudent German national sentiment, may not help get the German taxpayer's money back. Left wing economist Mark Blyth argues the same Kenesian principle with a detailed exposition of the fallacy of composition in Thatcherite/Merkellian thinking. Blyth touches upon the notion that direct transfers of wealth to citizens by central banks (parachute payments) might prove more effective than quantitative easing. He also argues that free movement of capital and labour is the death blow to trade unions...ought to be NOTHING that any labour movement ought touch with a barge pole. All interesting stuff, you might imagine, that the left ought to be thinking through. And are they? Are they bxxxocks. No. Just lots and lots and lots of spiteful identity politics and griping on about white supremacy, which idea is so dull and dismal and thoroughly nauseating that nobody white ( or any other damn silly skin colour) ought give it a thought. Except in Greece of course, where some properly scary folk called Golden Dawn are in fact electorally relevant. 20 years ago, talk of mass immigration from Africa straining Greek social fabric was the stuff of odd unhealthy hysteria...Golden Dawn was nothing and nowhere and no one had heard of them. And now? Thanks ever so much Mrs Merkel, Herr Schauble, you have , at considerable expense to everybody, created some real bogeymen for German leftists to enjoy. An expensive luxury, the Golden Dawn, and the concomitant leftist crowd of hooligans. Congratulations on your European project. Would you mind awfully if people in Britain just kind of politely wandered off and left you to it? We are, after all, with our plodding Anglo Saxon pragmatic empiricism, only likely to spoil your rational collectivist party. People in Switzerland never signed up to it at all. Dull people the Swiss. No taste for mass unemployment and riots. No fun at all.

Debunking PragerU is the same as debunking the guardian just with right wing arguments

Sehr schöner content :D! Wer weiß, wenn du so weiter machst könntest du sogar FUNK finanziert werden ^^.

At 3:30 you missed county/parish government. Bureaucracy times four!

So, can the UK interact with other markets without an overarching power like the EU? Can they remain in the EEA without being in the EU?

11:08 i wonder why

I remember the first time I watched a prager u ad, which was a whole fucking video. I found it informative and accurate at first but then they started spouting off some nonsense I knew was incorrect and often said by the right. Find out it's just right wing propaganda. All these failing alt right channels backed by billionaires, which they project into the left and it turns out all they need is anti sjw channels to push their beliefs, makes me wonder if it's a strategy.

The EU is a imperialist organisation

Stopped listening after "Fake Univiersity". Not a good starter for a discussion.

buh buh, prager U is patriotic!

I feel bad for the old reformed Brits who have houses in my country (Portugal). Say goodbye to the golden beaches if you shit on us commercially!

Let the English have their fish and chips before the entire western half of Europe collapses.

Bone to pick right away. Being a European I'm not sure if you know exactly what we mean by big government. We don't mean necessarily costs when we talk about big government. We think of it as the government legislating how we can or cannot live our lives, but enjoy those calorie capped pizzas in England.

Nigel farage is a joker, how does not people see exaltly the descriptions of himself 8:09?Why doesn't he want to rule after brexit? He's coward and liar.

It literally is a fake university. How is an obvious truth not a good start of a discussion? This is no opinion, it's a fact.

I actually met one of these faceless bureaucrats last week who are supposedly my representative. Bumped into her while shopping. She's doing well, asking how my folks were doing, that sorta stuff. And it turns out, she has a face.

Sargon of Akkad is running to be a UKIP MEP. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

nigel ferage was never a stock broker thats a common lie used against him. he worked in the metal buisness buying and selling lead/zinc. the fact that you sit spreadong this lie is proof that you have no idea what your talking about

Yeah I so agree with your point about "big governement" designed for americans since in Europe we're not afraid of "big governement" which is meaningless since we have "big governement" in Europe. From the french girl...Nigel forget to mention that for 17 een years he and his fellows UKIP cashed in a lot of € from being MePs!!!

As an American Id like to correct your "agricultural consumer protections" argument. Those protections made no sense. For example: The US washes chickens in a chlorine solution to prevent foodborne illness. UK laws don't allow the import of those chickens because of the chlorine "health risk" despite the fact eating a whole chicken would only account for a 1% increase in daily chlorine intake (2/3 of chlorine intake comes from showering and 1/3 comes from drinking water).

yeah european water tastes like ass too who cares

Classic Remainer 'logic' in this video "Oh you care about sovereignty? You can't handle sovereignty, all these bad things will happen, It's much more important that the economy goes smoothly"

2:12 Since when does 'Economic, social and territorial cohesion' and 'Security and citizenship' not count as admin costs? Since when does the EU's relatively small budget counter the very true point that you still have to pay for it? Since when is *agreeing* to a new trade deal the same as being *legally tied* into an international government? Come on Three Arrows, you used to do critical thinking.

"That implication is a red herring" genius

Thanks for pointing out many brits (I would argue MOST) do not support brexit. I'm certainly hoping we don't go through with it and I'm glad some MPs are refusing to vote for comprising deals aka probs any leave deal. I hate seeing Europeans speak so harshly about British people in general as if we're all self important racists. My conservative, childless, wealthy aunt and uncle voted for brexit which makes me really disappointed and angry (they also don't belive in clinate change ffs) but they are the only people I know who did. I wish the nightmare would end :'(

Nationalism= Christian 'revivalism' dressed up as 'identitarian values' etcetera, counter-reformation to general history post Nuremberg really. Unfortunate since these 'believers' usually declare themselves 'atheist' or 'against authority' when they are not.

Ahhh, Nigel Farage is really looking for those opportunities in the US. I guess he's afraid of getting chased out of the UK by angry pitchfork mobs when Brexit eventually happens

Squiddy Squidknacker inkling n no onlokkkiko

Anarcho Memer m ok no

Strange that PragerU would attack the EU. The EU is a puppet cartel that generally follows the neo-liberal free-market corporate directive. Helpful for supranational oil companies to rip resources out of the north. Get cheap labor from eastern Europe to reduce the labor value and increase the reserve pool of labor. Seems right up their alley. It is a question of national sovereignty vs free market obsession. The EU seems like something they(or their benefactors more specifically) would love.

Nato guaranteed and still does, peace in Europe. That was established long before the Eu came into being.

God... why do you upload only once a month?!

Ok let’s let the German government decide every thing

Yes from a German telling us how great a German lead European empire is

Yes, because in the EU parlament there's only German people. And it's not like a law made by the Germans will not be passed if say, a single Latvian person says no. Jesus Christ, you have the full IQ of an electrical socket.

yeah I found this video was actually more dishonest than the pragerU one was! Does he actually think that the big gov. vs Small Gov debate is referring to the administrative size of the government? SMH

Amen, right off the bat as well!

Hitler would be proud

Oh yeah, my youtube channel is full of *short documentaries about Hitler*, it's definitely an university. Or I would say so if Youtube videos actually did equate to a professional lecture, but it doesn't. I'm making shitty memes, I'm not a university. They are making shitty educational videos, they aren't a university either. Many youtubers make good educational content, but they don't have the lunacy to call themselves universities.

Well, no border checks in EU lead to more than half a century of peace. Border Checks between India and Bangladesh left thousands of people in exclaves, unable to get police, firemen and medical support because they street or a town was surrounded by a foreign country and doctors simply couldn't get in. Meanwhile exclaves between Belgium and the Netherlands devide houses literally between the two countries, but they can still go see a movie or something.

Excellent video.

Not a fan of Farage, but im sorry how the fuck is being a broker not a 'real job'?? please explain this immediately?

You sound super hot!!! Lol I couldn't help but share that. I was put onto your channel just yesterday and I love it! Thank you for all that you do. Your research and delivery is exceptional. You are real too, I also curse like a sailor (as we say here in the USA). I love to learn and absorb history from all over the world. Your channel is also helping me to get me through our horrid President and his administration. I also appreciate your care and time to educate us about the confederate monuments here in the states. As a woman of color (Irish/Scottish and African American) you helped me understand more of American history. So thank you again!

Trzy strzałki znak pałki.

Ooo, so suddenly climate change is real. Be consistent Prager U, is it real or is it a conspiracy perpetrated by intellectual elites who never held down a real job?

"Faceless bureaucrats telling you what to do" Oh my god it's the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

Невада большевик but it has environmental protections and working time directives... so even if it is a capitalist enterprise, the alternative on the table (unfettered Tory government cosying up to anyone to line their pockets at the expense of the British people) is far worse.

The better counter-argument is that the souvereignity gained by Brexit doesn't mean much. It puts the UK back out there in a world ruled by bigger players, like China and the US. Yes, being a member of the EU means giving up part of your sovereignity (though not nearly as much as Leavers claim), but it also makes you part of a group that can talk with those larger powers from eye to eye. The UK on it's own can't do that. Their negotiating position is much weaker. The Japanese already laughed at them when they asked if they could simply copy the terms of the EU-Japan free trade agreement 1:1 for them. And the US has already announced, that they will make merciless use of the new power imbalance to force whatever they can on the UK. So what Brexit really does is giving back a tiny bit of souvereignity back from Brussels, while completely ignoring the loss of soveregnity towards the rest of the planet. Like buying an umbrella but losing your houses roof in the process.

+Cory Fice I'm not alt-anything, dumbass. Stereotype much ???

+Michael McCurleyThe Alt-right sure aren't sending their best with the likes of you on the helm that's for sure.

You want and embrace the change that will kill you. have fun there.

Chlorine chicken? go ive yourself a break !

The UK government has increased the NHS budget by £350m. Do your research.

I'm a conservative Libertarian and I have to say that this particular PragerU video, yes, is propaganda, to a certain extent, since the EU doesn't really have much to do with big government. This is because the initial governments of each country actually do decide most things, like their economies, and gun laws, etc. And while the inner circle of the EU is undoubtedly corrupt, as is any system of power, that doesn't mean that its official policies are pro-big government. Proof of such is that Ireland, part of the EU, is quite capitalist, while Greece, also part of it, is quite socialist.

+Cory Fice Sure, loudmouth. Prager U is an excellent thought provoking channel that challenges people to think.   As for calling every one a snotty libtard, hell no, just insufferable jackasses like you and tonto...

+Michael McCurley Cute coming from the npc who calls everyone a snotty libtard. Got any actual arguments, or am I speaking way above your intellectual level.

10:54 Not really ,EU original purpose as I know it was trade.. THey moved into law and politics.. It's been hijacked..

What's with the three arrows? Isn't that a symbol for hate or something?

Merkel EU will bring Millions of Migrants to you....

Murdock Murdock

here's a question for you three arrows! why did Hitler's "bad scary society" become so successful economically and socially and why do you choose to ignore the science of race are you waiting for the next revolution and meaningless millions of deaths that will arise from it to finally admit racial differences and that egalitarianism is a complete failure of a concept that is limiting humanity's achievements ? why are you so scared of being called a racist when you have eyes and will always make choices based on a person's race, YOU are a racist because everyone is this is how Darwinism works it completely destroys the idea of socialism and anything near it.

Considering that the EU is modeled on the system that exists in the US, where 50 sovereign states are beholden to a larger government. This whole argument from PragerU makes no sense...

Miles Quickster To answer your questions in order, yes and no. Would you want the UK to join the EEA?

How is the EU struggeling with democracy? You are free to leave are you not?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk You brought up how amazing eu is for trade Bringing up the fact that outside the eu and with wto we can continue to get EU goods free AND get goods from rest of the world free is eu single market better when it forces extortionate tarrifs on non-eu goods

+Juanito G It's both related to the brexit discussion. That is true. But that doesn't change the fact that WTO tariffs and contributions to the EU budget are two different things. Your first comment was about the contributions to the EU budget. I then responded with the positive aspects of the contributions. And then without challenging the merits of those positive aspects you started to talk about WTO tarrifs. I found that a bit strange. Also what do you mean with "Point out we can continue free access AND get other goods cheaper outside the eu x"? Can you alaborate on that? Are you suggesting that the UK can be in the single market and make its own trade deals?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk no its not. Its totally related to eu trade after brexit and as to whether trade with eu via eu is a net positive as you suggested Do keep up x

+Juanito G "YOU brought up trade with EU as what we get bk from being a net contributor." And you brought up WTO which is a different topic. "Point out we can continue free access AND get other goods cheaper outside the eu x" Are you suggesting that the UK can be in the single market and make its own trade deals?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk 1) which* 2) YOU brought up trade with EU as what we get bk from being a net contributor. Point out we can continue free access AND get other goods cheaper outside the eu x

+Juanito G The tariffs countries outside the EU have to pay to trade with us has not much to do with the contributions EU members pay to the EU budget. Witch was the subject of your first comment. Also the UK like any other member has a say in how high those tarrifs are. so to say you are 'forced' is a bit weird. Exept fore 1 or 2 countries no one trades on WTO alone because its the shity default option. You wil have to make trade deals with other countries and you will have to do that without the economic weight of the EU. Sure you can say that the UK is the 5/7 biggest economie in te world. But even the 5/7 biggest economie in the world is small compared to the likes of China and the US. Plus you are still geographically close to the EU, and like it or not, are still bound to trade with us. And when you do you will have to comply with our rules. Also you can put all your tarrifs to 0 but that doesn't mean that other countries will do the same.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk and are forced to put extortionate tariffs on everything else :) On WTO we can put a blanket 0 tariffs on everyone. Eu and non eu

Juanito G In exchange you get access to the single market and stronger trade partners.

+Michael McCurley What's that supposed to mean?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk Stick to Mother Jones, you'll be safe there... .I..

+Michael McCurley "Prager U is an excellent thought provoking channel that challenges people to think." No it isn't. It's just propaganda. Differing from what is mainstream doesn't make you smart.

+KING OF ALL TRADES "Adolf Hitler conceptualized the ground work for the EU." No he didn't. "U sound like a nAzi" Another very mature comment. (sarcasm)

mfbqbo qbjmbijxk U sound like a nAzi

mfbqbo qbjmbijxk Adolf Hitler conceptualized the ground work for the EU.

What a mature comment of you. (sarcasm)

+Joe Deus Vult They would have been stuck between third world and poverty.

Show me your strongest piece of evidence that Tommy Robinson is a "racist" (your words).

40% of my salary going to rent just rent. Mountain of personal debt while the bankers profit in interest.Unable to save the ridiculous 40% deposit need to escape the rental trap. The housing crisis and the basic cost of living exceeding most salaries. The austerity imposed on the population with all its devastating effects a political choice I might add, underfunding schools hospitals and other social institutions. In the meantime open the borders allowing unchecked low skilled workers to flood your job market and inadequate infrastructure putting an even greater strain on the limited resources all the while the owners of the factories profit ,then give the populace a referendum a clear choice stay in or opt out of the system which holds the blame for the demise of your working and living standards as your so-called elected government implements its policies . The people have spoken 17.5 million voted to leave watch now as they slime around trying to worm their way out of this one. Three arrows You seem like a well educated articulate individual let's explain in the same fashion who really is running the show here and who profits from this, explain to people who in horror watch the policies of this great institution and its impact around the world, let us start with Iraq, Libya and Syria as this is still fresh in most peoples minds. Like I said I love your work and find myself bouncing back and forth from one entrenched belief to another but all the while I still find you're well narrated and researched opinions a little too in favor of the system convince me otherwise.

I like you comrade.

+Juanito G I talk about trade because that is the one of the biggest selling points of the EU. As for the documentary I'm not impressed. Yes there is lobbying on a EU level. So? There is also lobbying on the national level. Leaving the EU will not free the UK from lobbying groeps. And thus is a rather poor reason to leave. Its rather naive of you to think otherwise. What would it take for you to accept the EU?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk all your points are about trade :/ as if thats the be all and end all Go watch the documentary If you could still vote in favour of that system then there is something drastically wrong with you. Like an abused wife too scared to face life independently. Too scared of change. Accepting the abusive status-quo because, hey, at least he brings enough money to keep food on the table and how would you ever survive without him

+Juanito G It's true that the right of initiative lies with the EU commission and not the EU parliament. And I agree that this needs to chance. However its not as crippeling as you would think. For it is the EU parlement that appoints the members of the EU commission and it has the power to fire the commission at any time. As for that lobbying, that is something that not only plages the EU but also the UK and any other goverment on the globe. So that can hardly be used as a reason for leaving. I agree that the EU is not perfect, the lack of initiative of the EU parlement is just one example. But it is still good. It makes trade between memberstates easy and can ensure better trade deals with other nations. And many of the problems (such as that lobbying) that you mention are just as applicable to the UK. And by leaving the EU the UK will be worse of. I hope you can agree to that.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk aha.. Vote?! That wont help MEPs cant propose new legislation or changes to current. Only commission can And theyre under the thumb of the European Roundtable of of 5000 lobbying groups in a half mile radius of the EU parliament, consisting of 40 (i believe but 25 is also coming to mind) CEOs of the largest european multinational orgs (seimenns, telefonica, etc) who have consistently not just consulted with commission about wording of directive, but actually written the proposals which the EU then transcribes onto their own headed paper to seem like their own proposals. Often at the expense of local community, business, evironment. The ERT's own director Keith Richardson has openly admitted to it and a group of journalists expose the exact same thing in their documentary Brussels Business (available on Youtube) Some america activist who fought tooth and nail to reduce the power of the lobby in US politics and when he gave a speech to the EU he was left flabbergasted as their response was "thats all very well and good...but this isnt america. Its the EU. We dont have any lobbying problems" Serious look up the documentary. Its 1hr30 Or just check the wiki page for the European Round Table of Industrialists to see Keith Richardson boast about their writing of EU directives

+Juanito G The commentator seems like a very biased source to me. As for the UK fishing industry see 19:00 of the video above. No need for me to repeat that. On the topic of article 13. I actually agree with you. This is a mistake of the EU. You know what you can do about it. Vote in national and European elections to reverse this and prevent things like this from happening again. From all the UK representatives in the EU parlement that voted on the issue half of them voted for article 13. And your representative in the counsel also aproved article 13.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk Daniel Schlaepfer, CEO of day trading firm Select Vantage Inc, which trades upwards of $3bn (£2.3bn) daily, says the regulation has left medium- and smaller-sized firms struggling to cope with the costs associated with complying Re: markets in finacial instruments directive II

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk oo fisherman Uk used to have 200miles to have 12 Hurting small family owned fishers Another example

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk article 13 (now article 17) another example

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk " EU regulation which came into force on 1 January has rewritten the rules for VAT on digital products, and will disproportionately hurt British small and medium businesses." The commentator

+Juanito G Surely you can give a example of such legislation. And you can vote in european and UK elections for people that chance that legislation. Also do you think that the UK would be better at this?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk lool small businesses get screwed by eu legislation...which is written by big corporations to price small competitors out

+Juanito G First, these tariffs protect both small and big businesses. Second, if these business suddenly face harder competition from outside the EU than that could mean that they go bankrupt or are forced to move parts of the busines outside the EU. Wich would mean a los of jobs. The EU is just protecting its own economy like any other nation would. Its the UK goverment that risks its own economy by having to choice between no deal wich would mean that the UK burns all the trade agreements it had as a member of the EU. Accept Mays deal wich would mean that the UK stays in the single market and plays by its rules but with no say on those rules. In that case it would be appropiate to say that the UK is forced to put up those high tarrifs. Or cancel brexit. But that would lead to political turmoil.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk exactly Right wing pro corporatist extortion racket Why do you put the interests of multimillion pound business over the interests of the people are worst off? :/ because you think youre a liberal?

+Juanito G The reason why tariffs for goods outside the EU are so high is to protect businesses in the EU and the jobs they provide to EU people from outside competition. Again you show that you only look at the negatives of the EU and completely ignore the bennifits.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk so single market can get eu foods free but expensive rest of the world good Wto = free goods from all over the world and eu Yeh its great!

+Juanito G "You brought up how amazing eu is for trade" And it is. "Bringing up the fact that outside the eu and with wto we can continue to get EU goods free AND get goods from rest of the world free" No, when you go out on WTO you will not be able to trade for free with the EU (or the rest of the world for that matter) because tariffs will apply again. That's like the whole point. And sure the UK can in theory put its tarrifs to 0. But that doesn't mean that the EU (or any other country) will do the same. Meaning that the UK pay tarrifs and gets none. " is eu single market better when it forces extortionate tarrifs on non-eu goods" Again members have a say in how high those tarrifs are, so saying that they are 'forced' is weird. As for the advantages of the single market, it stimulates trade between memberstates. It also means that the combined weight of the memberstates can ensure better trade deals with other nations, bennifitting all of them. Bij for example making other nations lower there tarrifs. something the UK now must do alone. Not to mention that if the UK goes out with no deal it will lose all trade deals it had as a member of the EU.

Can anyone remember the name of the channel with the blonde scottish guy who was left wing I can't remember what his channel was called or has he stopped his channel?


...and above [even] all of his self-appointed high-minded babble, is what he puts at the end of all of his content..."Subscribe"! and you too, can have your name listed in the credits. Cuz the money is all that really matters in is "anti-Capitalist" little youtuber mind.

The history of British democracy is Scotland voting against stupid ideas that will hurt the majority of the population and England doing it anyway and dragging The Scots down with them. No wonder they want to leave the U.K.

"Let's get Germany back to when we had real freedom as a patch work of feudal city states" brilliant.

+Andreas How is a symbol standing up for democracy, minority protection and rule of law "hate"? Are you a Stalinist, Carlist or Hitlerite or something? Yes, we hate those who fundamentally spew hatered and subjugation, because we believe in love and solidarity. Your doublespeak is worrying.

+Guiuu Shurt so a symbol of hate. Got it.

Andreas it means Anti Monarchy, Anti Fascism and Anti Communism

+Guiuu Shurt cringe, even if satire

hbecker yes I’m a child who loves cartoons as well, based and epic XDDD

Snufflegrunt what? No they absolutely haven’t. Do you have a source to show that they’ve kept their extra £350mil a week promise? Because I’ve found nothing and it seems like you are lying.

It's not a real job to scam investors like Farage did.

I agree. Sovereignty over economics! 26+6 = One Éire. Now with Brexit the fight, fallen asleep for years, finally continues anew. *Éirinn go brách!*

Destroy the UK to own the Libs. As Irish Republican I approve

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk ans ur car analogy is wrong Its like replacing a car with 2 faults with one with one fault The one with one fault is by definition better

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk well yes actually it does. Corruption of say...the oil industry is more corrupt than corruption of local convenience shop. A convencience shop can only be corrupt to a certain extent - in terms of financial amounts, people involved, and power. Corruption at BP oil is 1000s of times greater - in terms of financial amounts, people involved, and power to wield And 2 levels of corruption is by definition more corrupt than one level

+Juanito G "yes. And that is better. Its less corrupt by the very nature of of its size, power, accountability" Being bigger doesn't mean more corrupt. As for accountability see previous comment. "and yes...the EU being run by corporations is a perfect reason to leave it" Only if the UK was not run by corporations. "sadly, all that reducing carbon emissions here will just be cancelled out by increasing carbon emissions by china. So theres no good reason to join the paris agreement or bother meeting our targets" Your carbon analogy is a false equivalence fallacy. How much carbon nations produce does effect how much carbon there will be in the air. However the UK leaving the EU doesn't mean that there will be less laws and regulations necessary to run the UK. All it would change is where those laws en regulations would come from. A better analogy would be that you want to sell your car because it has a certain flaw and then wants to buy another a car with the exact same flaw. Just be honest and say you want to leave because of national pride and want to be ruled from Londen instead of Brussels.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk sadly, all that reducing carbon emissions here will just be cancelled out by increasing carbon emissions by china. So theres no good reason to join the paris agreement or bother meeting our targets

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk and yes...the EU being run by corporations is a perfect reason to leave it

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxkyes. And that is better. Its less corrupt by the very nature of of its size, power, accountability

+Juanito G Sadly all leaving would do is replace the corruption coming from Brussels with corruption coming from London. Buth the total would remain the same. I'm sorry but this is not a good reason to leave the EU. Just be honest and say you want to leave because of national pride. On the point of the EU commision not being accountable. That is simply not true. The EU parlement can fire the EU commison at any time. Just like national ministers.

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk what does that have to do with anything? I mean...isnt 2 levels of corruption worse than 1? If you cannot get rid of both, should we got not rid of either? Bit like saying "well we cant eliminate carbon emissions so why bother reducing them?" And thats ignoring the facts that 1) we cant vote to be done with our government but can and did vote to be done with eu. And 2) the eu is far larger, has far more consolidated centralised power with zero accountability. We cannot vote out corrupt commissioners. We can vote out corrupt mps tho

+Juanito G I'm not defending these lobbying groups or anything. But do you think that the UK is any different? Do you think that the UK is immune to lobbying?

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk or...are you willing to sacrifice democracy in favour of a system of rule by corporations? :/ cos is a pretty weak argument against antidemocratic practices I mean to me its better to die poor but free than live a life in a thriving dictatorship. No trade argument will trump that

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk i mean clearly you havent actually watched it or done any research into the ERT if your conclusion is "its just lobbying"

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk its not lobbying when corporations are writing, verbatum, the laws That is no longer lobbying. It is technocracy. And as it is technocracy it cannot be democracy It is rule by "experts" Not rule by the will of the people

+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk Whatever you think it does, sport...

I hear and see Farage and want to dislike

Brexit? Old news. Who cares? 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+mfbqbo qbjmbijxk uk government isnt centralised Welsh assembly Scottish parliament

+Juanito G For my car analogy. It won't matter if you narrow the number of institutions down from 2 to 1 if the remaining institution gets to do all the work the other institution used to do. But if we follow your logic and conclude that more and bigger institutions means more corruption, Why not dissolve the UK into ints 4 components? Hell why not go al the way and go back to city states?

Reality is often disappointing. That’s why we have drugs!

I was going to let it go, but as i carry on watching this vid, i see you're being deliberately misleading. 1: Immigration levels have dropped because of Brexit, Non EU migration increased to get here before we actually cut ties. 2 So other countries get to vote on legislation for the whole of the EU, but it is only the commision that can propose these laws. And YOU , as a voter, have no power over them. NONE ( so this point is correct, as you say... but it's lets ignore it, right?) 3 The whole Parliament has to move to Strasbourg, wasting lots of money every month. A point reinforced by the EU not being able to balance it's accounts... but Britain is also bad at balancing it's EU spending... so lets ignore that point too. 4 the fact that once a treat is implemented, it can only be changed if ALL members agree just means that whatever the EU put into place, it's almost impossible to reform. (you mention article 13, once passed that law will NEVER be revoked, and you can't pressure the politicians involved with the ballot boxes either) 5 Saying there's no such thing as a british fish, is more than misleading, it's just a lie. there is such things as fishing rights dues to the sovereignty of the sea in question. Margaret Thatcher traded a huge part of the UK's fishing rights during her dictatorship ( a deal she lived to regret along with her insistence to deepening the UK's integration with the EU) So to Sum up, the EU is a parliament of "fat cats" , including Mr Farage, (they get a much higher salary than British Mps) and very much unwilling to reform their very lucrative system. The whole system is changing europe in a drastic and very damaging way, and perhaps it's worst outcome, is the extrreme right wing rise as a response to what they've done so far. And this last point, I believe it's unforgivable, in a continent that suffered as a result of the last rise of the extreme right only 70 years ago. I don't like Preg U. , have no love for Farage or his propaganda... but your propaganda is not only obvious, but also very clumsy.

@4:20 this is a lie, my good man. The referendum was legally binding (why else take part? ) and it was implemented by triggering article 50. The fact that the UK political establishment (both tories and labour) have done everything possible to thwart this process, and now they're delaying it, does not change the fact. The PM at the time of the REF, stated very clearly, the result would be implemented, this was a one time only chance to democratically determine what direction our country would take. You can ad hominem every person on this video if you want, but you should at least be honest about what is actually happening with Brexit.

Trzy strzałki: Do dupy Do łapy Do papy

+Juanito G UK government isn't centralised? I suppose I hallucinated the scottish independence referendum and the house of commons. What you did is called a special pleading fallacy. Do you now understand why leaving the EU wouldn't mean less corroption for the UK?

I love how the "New Leftists" complain about the yt algorithm, yet I keep seeing Mr. Arrows in my recommended section. Still whining about PragerU I see.

The referendum was not legally binding, you are lying.

+Andreas Just call him Mr. A. I find it to be more charming and fitting.

The Galactic Empire without the British accents.

oh most the ruling class in the UK come from the same school (cough*Eton*cough). sums it all

Nigel is right. Delaware should leave the union. I have to deal with both a state and federal government! What is this, Soviet Russia???

Become a "crap detector!" Alfred Korzybski, d.1950, (look him up) is rolling over in his grave!

Is there a difference between three arrows and the CDU?

You are the one of the best youtuber who deals with politics . When will the next video ???

Maybe you mentioned this, but what I don't fully get is why this was pushed for by the people at the top. I don't know why they want this.

Valid Critique =/= "Whining"

+Luki Ravioli a worthless irrelevant opinion Maybe that's your gift making a lot of those And sense you seem to be an apologist for PragerU it makes even more sense

+Mac mcskullface Your gift of perception is unparalleled. You just read an opinion

That has nothing to do with any of the arguments made in the video

Juanito G No response?

Why do many who voted to leave believe in new world orders, secret elites, illuminati and all this Rothschilds controllers of the planet.

+Dobromir Ivanov Sorry. What I mean to say is that if we are to have a European Union that is more social democratic, we need to start thinking of more pan-European methods for reforming, rather than just lobbying our national governments.

+D Dog 2015 Not even sure what you mean. You must clarify further.

+Dobromir Ivanov I think one issue is that the EU citizens, even the most pro-European people, still think in terms of nation-states or are unaware that there are supranational parties in the Parliament. Imagine if there was a more socdem version of Pegida in Europe.

It's because when he was on the political stage, he portrayed himself as an everyday bloke off the street, usually by having a pint in local pubs.

+D Dog 2015 Not necessary actually. A lot of the products have many alternatives. Yes, a small sub-section in the electronics, such as phone does not follow this rule, but when it comes to Software, Food, Water, Internet, Banking, Entertainment, there are many alternatives, but people choose the one they choose, because it's the best cost wise. I do not agree with you that it's due to hoarding. My mother used to own a business and she used what you would suggest as a practice. Not hoarding, paying as much as possible, instead of saving 20% on salary each month. The result is now that she is 250k in debt with my father, while 25 people are out of jobs and on the street, because she had to go with Morals and pay as much as possible, instead of doing the smart business decision for everyone and paying people 20% less to save up for a volitile economy, so I learned this first hand. No employer should ever aim to pay the workers the most. They should pay them the amount that they manage to negotiate for their productivity and as low as possible based on this negotiation. That way the work/skill set desides the price of the worker and the employer is assured not to get in a debt so big, that he loses not only the business, but everything around it as well, along side his family.

+Dobromir Ivanov In the case of people in America, it's because all the good jobs are outsourced. Remember earlier we were talking about corporations going overseas? They closed down all their factories in places like Detroit where there were the likes of car manufacturing and moved them over to China. The thing is that profit is maintained by hoarding your wealth, not redistributing it. They cut corners and go through loopholes to save as much money as possible. And this is amplified by the way our economy is currently set up. If you look at Apple products, they are actually inferior quality technology when compared to other brands. But they're overhyped by a very professional marketing campaign that makes them so popular. Now, you're right about market demand being a powerful influence on business practices, but the way it's set up is that we've allowed monopolies to take over. So you have dozens of subsidiaries that are owned by only one of like 10 corporations. Let's say there was something that, for example, Koch Industries did that you didn't like. Not only would you Boycott the product, you would have to boycott every other subsidiary, any outside company that works with them and any company that works with those ones. Without intervention to regulate the marketplace and ensure monopolies don't happen through anti-trust laws, we are free to buy whatever we want from one company and of one product selection.

+D Dog 2015 It's never the only job available and if it is, maybe you should consider why this is the only job available to you. Maybe the problem is not in society having to bend a knee and shelter you as some dying breed, but instead maybe you should get your life in your hands and actually do something about it. And of course it's based on profits and that is not a bad thing. Profits means productivity + enrichment of others. The way people become rich is by providing a large number of people that require a product a product at a price they find acceptable. Through massive number of transactions they eventually get rich. This means that profit as the core goal of things ends in the more satisfied customer, as it causes competitiveness, massive invention on a daily basis and bettering of society. So I do not see profit as a bad thing either. They are just providing what society would want. Let's take for an example an imaginary baker company that works for profit. They will pay their workers maybe 80% of the overall profit, while taking 20% for themselves. This assures that during bad months they can still pay the workers those 80%, if they had 4 good months (20% per month) and also over long term would allow the hiring of more workers. Now, if you think the salary of those workers is too low, as a consumer consider this, would you be okay if the bread is twice as expensive so the salary can be twice as much and how much more people would that affect negatively, then the people affected negative due to low wage. Profit is not a bad thing. Even selfishness is not necessarily bad thing. Overall there is a reason for most actions and concequences when you champion a change and what you need to think is not just first hand who's lifes it would make better, but who's lifes it would make worse 20 chains down.

+Dobromir Ivanov Well, when people make the argument that you aren't free because you aren't getting paid x amount, what they mean is that you don't have access to the tools you need to be free, if that makes sense. If you look at the children of well-to-do families, their basic needs (food, water and shelter) are already covered, so they're free to pursue any lifestyle they want. Whereas, if you look at people living in poverty, their only focus is how they will get by the next day and they don't have the time or the means to live as they see fit. And while it is true that you do choose whatever job you go for, most of the time it's because it's the only job available. I hope you didn't get the implication that I think rich people are evil. Apologies if you did. They're human beings like the rest of us. It's just the nature of the globalized market that everyone around the world lives in. It demands the maximum amount of profit made so to become the richest, you're compelled to cut corners in any way you can. Even companies like Mondragon (which is a worker owned business based on Catholic social teaching) are forced to give up some of their ideals to make profits.

+D Dog 2015 I do not agree to the rights to the many vs rights to the few, as even one person doesn't have the right to be free, nobody has the right to be free. Freedom I define as the ability to do anything you want, as long as you do not directly cause harm to another person, or restrict their freedom. This is important point for me, as I've seen people make the argument that you are not truly free, as you are not paid enough or some other bullshit like that, but for me, the person paying the salary is the one that offers and you are the one that accepts, so it is totally within Freedom as defined above, while I noticed you have the inclination that for some reason reach people are not good or something like that.Them being free to conduct themselves is not exactly good. It's just a feeling based on your stances and what you've said for corporations so far.

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