BREAKOUT ALERT! ⭐ Cryptocurrency Analysis Dec 4 2017 | Bitcoin Price 11K USD | Crypto Trading LTC

BREAKOUT ALERT! ⭐  Cryptocurrency Analysis Dec 4 2017 | Bitcoin Price 11K USD | Crypto Trading LTC

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Laughs. From the USA hoping you get paid every, day this is the dose of Bitcoin. The crystal, of crypto, is your boy BK, and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank. You for joining me everybody, as you know today, is December, 4th. 2017. And, Bitcoin. Is, still, looking strong, north, of. $11,000. Hopefully. You, are making money in this market, because it's a lot of money to. Be made if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK my friends know me as the crypto. Trader and I am the bass of these charts, as you will soon find out every. Day I graced this microphone with my voice is another, day you get, the profit as a result, and today. Is no exception so with that being said guys, if you haven't, done it yet. Hulk, smash. That. Subscribe. Button. Turn. Your notifications on, your boy coming on the air seven. Days a week cuz, the markets, don't sleep, at, every. Day I come, around, it's like Christmas cuz I always come Bear and guess what we bout to do right now is is, jump in our Facebook, community. This. Is the. Number one Bitcoin group, in the. World look, at the title right there hashtag. One. Bitcoin. Just type in an O on Facebook. Come on in the doors are always open. 17,000. Of my best friends come together seven, days a week to, help each other make, money, together, we, all achieve. More. And. Today. I'm. About to get somebody paid right now this is our breakout. Alert. Of the, day and, in. Order to win some free. Of theorem, right. Out of my pocket all you needed to do was jump on here and. Click up click a button share. That link so. Let's see who, all did it. Let's, go ahead and pick. Somebody. So. What we'll do today. Is December 4th, so. That's 1 plus 2, is 3 plus, 4 is 7, so. We will go 7, from, the. Bottom. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. BAM. My man Mohammed, Mohammed, Mira Mira. I mean I meet up oh. I. Can't comment I can't comment so, Mohammed you got a UH I. Can't. Do it you got a UH, I'll. Do this though. I'll. Copy and paste your, name mean. I meet up. Paste. It right there say. Winner. Of, the, day BAM. Do. Me a favor send me your aetherium, wallet, I'll send you a couple bucks ETH as a token of my appreciation thank, you for joining me thank you everybody. 277. People, rocking out with the boss right now if you haven't done it hit, that like, button. We got 20,000 people I hear, my words every day I just try to help them get paid help, them wake up with a little bit more money than they went to bed with now. Let's make some money here, we go guys, we, are jumping. Straight into the charts. What. Coin is this. What. Chart are we looking at right now if you didn't know know you know this is day three of our, trading, challenge. I'm doing a 100. Day trading. Challenge, we're but, 100, days I'm gonna be making a trade it's not a hundred days consecutively, is, just a hundred days a hundred, days of action, right, and so, today, is. Day number three. I'm. Looking in the chat see if you guys know what coin this is if anybody knows that bam powder-blue. Hit. The nail on the head, said. El-tee. See. It's. That enough to be, a really, really great pickup, so. What I'm gonna do right now this is our coin. That we are getting for our trading challenge so I'm, going to write down that we bought like coin I'm doing. 0.01. Bitcoin every trade I do I'm I'm doing 0.01. Bitcoin, and so. Litecoin, we're gonna buy it at zero zero eight. Seven. Seven I'll, just do 88 even that. Way it's flat, zero. Zero. 88. Right. That's. The price of it right there trading, view allows you to do like some really cool stuff with the X with the axis so you could just click symbol last value and it'll, like highlight, you.

Know What. Coin you have and then also if, it's, red that means it's going down on that candle if it's green it's going up on that candle. So. Again missus tradingview calm, you guys this is the boss method. We are going to be using its intellectual property on exclusively, fund the rights and replication of Brendan Kelly LLC. If. You are profit-seeking entity you may not, use. It without my express written consent which, you will never have if you're a person, use it and use it abundantly, it works quite well there, are two. Rules. Blue. Above. White. By. Blue. Below white, sale. This. Method is based on harmonics, fractals, a little bit of consciousness, and a lot of statistics. I've put a couple, letters behind my name from the University of Notre Dame a couple, mo civil. Engineering. Bachelors. From the University, of Wisconsin, I bleed red and white you, know I'm saying so I'm making money all night shut. Up to uh my, shout out the Madtown you know I know they couldn't hey they went twelve they, went twelve a no. 13th. 13th. Game or what, is it there, was 11 a no only, undefeated payment, country in yeah. Look me up man BK 56, you know I'm saying I'm number 56, on the field number one in the girl's heart you know I'm saying asked about me I'm I'm a legend, of the man town I hear. You I'm sorry I got a girl for how can you talk like that her, Debbie listen to this channel I'm sorry. All. Right here. We go here, we go light, going guys, LTC, is, ready, to make some money this, is this is this is what we're doing. Normally. I look at for. Our chart for. Our target this is a 343. It just makes everything come together a lot easier I'm, not struggling the like like. Struggling, to get, this thing to scale down what's going out so. Here we go here we go we're gonna zoom out in time on this thing. We. Got we got new colors right because not, everyone, their. Eyes cannot, process, the. Difference between green. Orange, and red so. It's the exact same you. Know symbols. 777. Let's, let's just do this. The. White is the seven so. Let's do that. White. Is a seven. Blue. Is. This. 77. And. This. Big thing up in here.

The. Columns. Is. A. 231. Right. Seven. Candle, moving, average is the white 77. Candle, is the blue that's, really all we need nine out of ten times to make money white, over. Blue, you, know what to do what, is that bye see. That buy it. Sell. It. Buy. It. Sell. It right. Now, you just ride it up and brought it down make it money, you. Know I'm saying every, single time right we. Do not hold them we, do not you, know, pray. For. For a change, in the tide we brought that tide we are surfing, Young's, and when that when that tide changes, when we we, get paid right we make money going up and we, make money going down because, we sold it up there I'm happy when it goes down I said I'm in the bargain, right now okay. So, let's let's take a step back let, me take a step back I'm just gonna clear all of this off clear, all of this off right. We got a blank canvas, right now and we. Can see that basically litecoin. Has. Been sitting sideways what, does that mean when it does stuff like that and it just makes those M's, like. An M&M, right. That means it's going sideways which, means it's going up going down going up going down you. Know it's no clear, direction as. Far as Wall Street and technical. Analysts. Are concerned know. What it looked like the meet it, look like money it look like cycles, it looks like resonance, it looks like, self-sustained. Efficiency. You, know and I love charts like this I love charts that just sit sideways because, it's, very very clear when I need to buy it and when I need to sell it remember, guys I told you white, over blue, seven. Over. Seventy seven, by. Seven. Below, seventy, seven sale. That's, it follow. That one rule what. The litecoin do for you and this is against Bitcoin this ain't quit no dollar I couldn't care less about no dollar about you Bitcoin 400%, Bitcoin. In sixty. Five days, like a boss. What. To do the next time around what to do the next time around be king hit, him over the head with it BAM. 78%. Bitcoin. What, it do next time. BAM. 39. Right. That. Is a. 500, percent profit. Be. T, C, and. A. Little over. Where. Is that. Oh, the. Owner. Took. Out my little a little. Date date line. There. It goes. Five. Hundred percent BTC. Inside. Of six months that's, all it took to make that money, five. Hundred percent Bitcoin. But. Down one, Bitcoin take. Out five. Call. It at the Bank of BK. That's. Awesome right, so now what do we see what, do we see now. We. See that this thing has, broken, down right. Right. Everybody. That hold, them. Been. Holding, it since thirty dollars since, the Bitcoin cash fork, then. I lost all that money right. We got out up there right. But then I lost all that money now. I go get a chance to make it back but. Guess what we, bout to sit down and eat at the exact same table, they sitting down to this, is how that works this is how. The. Little, bit of a harmonic resonance, inside, of these numbers this is how they come together right here, I'm. Gonna clean this up a little bit. Alright. So. We got that we're good with that right and I. Don't. Go with that. So. Now. These. Are my, next two lines but.

My, Next point of. Influence. One. Of them is gonna be right there. Because. What I need to figure out right now is. We're. Sitting, right, here. We. Need to figure out what's gonna happen over, there so. In order to do that I, need. To take the, two most prominent areas. That, got us there and. So. What that's gonna be, are. These two points, right. Here. Bam. Bam right. Because. This was break, down number one. Break. Down number two. But. If any, of you guys remember mathematics. A. Negative. Times. A negative, what. Does that give us. The. Energy the. Energy of math the energy of numbers. So. Beautiful, so. When we do our Fibonacci. Freestyle, on at one time BAM it'll. Hit him over the head with it look. At that look, at that, look, how dye just comes together, damn. Sam so, all we're doing right here is we. Are consolidating, and, catching. Ourselves. Right. On that three. Point two which. Is essentially, three. Times. The. Breakdown. Between. One, and two. That's. All that's all that three point two is, there's. The one point six is 2 times 3. 2. Is 3 times. So. That means that. Once. We. Finally, get. Enough momentum to, get above that 2 point 4. Once. We get enough momentum to, go of that 2.4. The. Next step is gonna be to 1/6, which. Was a huge swing. Area. Leading. Up to this entire plane. In. Addition, to that. If. We. Look at these cycles. Watch. This now watch, this watch this, let's go B there's gonna be a closing you, know I'm saying I'm gonna drop the mic on this one let. Me see if I could get it one take Drake let me see if I get it. We. Hit that one. Look. At that. So. These are. Our. Cycles. Bam. Bam Bam. Bam. Look, at that. Hmm. I surprised. Myself every. Day I'm. Telling you I'm telling you like. Cornered ready to make some money I just showed y'all eight different, ways on one chart, this. Thing is ready to break out yo. Z so you get, with it or get lost you, know saying I'm putting about a G in the market tomorrow and this will be one of the coins I get this one a humanik, you, know I'm saying so, this one is solid you guys LT, see you, know somebody told Charlie. Wasn't named Charlie Lee to get off Twitter start, making some money you, know and it looked like that's what litecoin is about ready to do. Cuz. It wasn't it wasn't good for a loooong, wasn't. Good for a long time but it's got a chance at least to make a little bit of money over, here and. That's. A solid, pick up, that.

Is, Roughly. There. Almost guaranteed, to get about 30%. Once that thing breaks out get. About 30%. Right there all the way up to about 50, or 60%. BTC. You, know inside. Of a couple, months that's, not a bad turn around, not. A bad turn around in this market and, it's a strong coin I mean it's still got a following a lot of people still like it for whatever reason so, it's not a bad coin you, know last. Thing last, thing I'll leave you with this. One more is. When. You when you look, for harmonic. Resonance. One. Of the things you look for is parts, of a chart, where. At a collective, conscience, these are agreed, or disagreed. With. A given, entity. A, coexistence of an entity that. Happened right here. Boom. Boom and. It. Comes right back around. Right. There look, at them almost, to the T where. That thing is bouncing, it consolidating. That deciding, what direction, it. Wants to go. So. That. Is the. That's. The that's the beauty, of fractal. Harmonics, that's the beauty, of sacred. Geometry that's, the beauty of understanding. That everything. Is interconnected we. As humans, are connected. And. Our energy. Is. Exhilarated. Inside these, candles, these bars right you, know every, single, little bitty candle, inside. You. Know inside. This. List is. Filled. With, tens of thousands, of transactions, from individual. Greedy. Fearful. Self-interested. People. Right. That's. Why we take. The candles out all again because. The moving averages control two candles not vice-versa, in, a. Minute we, understand, that, the. Minute we. Can understand, how. Everything. Exists. Together. That's. It. And I do, honestly. I do appreciate all the positivity, I do appreciate, our, support. I appreciate, the vibrant, community. That, we have it's. A lot of broke people out there you, know I'm saying and it looked like it's one or two of them in the chat just got booted have a good night. I'm. Not. One of them I don't, ever plan on being one of them I was one of them for a while they. Get $2 an hour working. At a Mexican restaurant in, Milwaukee Wisconsin right they're off more Moreland, Moreland, Road right right about a big mall and I, got to McDonald's, I never understood but I had to MIG down it's like literally like three. Minutes away from each other that's how you broke you know what exactly where to McDonald's, is and the other comes. Ahead, but. Uh I'll. Make it two dollars an hour working. Out a Mexican, restaurant and I started to do this I. Started. To change my mind I. Started. To look, around me and understand. How. Entities. Work how processes work how businesses. Work what, is money. Money. Is valued. Transmission. Of value right.

Prime. Example. If. You. Valued, rice. Now. That would look pretty good there you youngs an that. Would look pretty good. If. You. Valued, rice. Right. If it. Took, you you. Know ten years for one little bitty kernel, of rice and. You, put ten years of your energy, into manifest, in one little bitty kernel. You. Could say I'm a very, wealthy. Man right now. Money's. The exact same way exact. Same way the problem, with it is that. The. Systemic. Economics. Of. Corporate. Induced capitalism. That's. Taken a lot of that rice, away to, where we fight over crumbs, you understand, people. Have no money people. Are broke. Corporations. Have a little bit of money banks. Have it all thanks, print the money people. You. Know if I if I if I I. Don't even like to do it but, uh. If. I showed you how much money I actually. Have, you'll. Be pretty impressed. That's. Because people don't have anything. Young-sam. So. My goal is to, get as many. People as, much. Money as. Possible, this. Is how we do it right here in the charts because. All those whales and buy, whales I mean banks. Whatever. Entities, corporations, they're. Sitting down playing at the exact same table, we're playing it but, they got up about. Ten thousand, pounds more. Then. We have so. What do we do we. Just swim in the shadow like. A little minnow you ever see that big whale swimming, and they got that little school of fish swimming right behind it that's, all we do cause, that whale is forced. To swim in a certain direction as. It takes too much energy to move all the, mass inside, of it into, a different direction to have the benefit, of the, entire entity. Moving, in one single direction so. We just jump in and jump out jump ins about some vans about like a school full of goldfish, but. Sooner sooner than later. We. Go we go have enough big fish in the water to hold our own but until then we, take a day by day we take a trade by trade and though we do it together and if you ain't with that then don't worry about it just click that red button you know I'm saying peace. And blessings be on your way but. If you are then please believe I turned, us being the BTC, and BTC into, an empire, and. I do all this to fall short. That's. Not why I'm here. So. I. Pick. Up all this rice now so, let's jump back over. Into. Our. Community, again. One of the things that I try to do I try to do a lot of the hard work for you guys I can't, do everything but. I try to do it enough just to basically put, it on the table and say, if you eat and go ahead and sit down with. That being said guys boss, of Bitcoin, comm we're. Gonna go over some of these resources real quick if you the chat right now do me a favor shout your country out I'm coming right back to you guys in 30, seconds.

I Just wanted to get the people show what's, going on, with. With our resources I'm gonna have a whole new website hopefully by January, with. With a with a lot more items. For. Our community to benefit not even not even these little lists, either this is just honestly something I did in the meantime you, know to get out to disseminate, some information, and some value but trust me it's it's a lot better. Resources. Coming but, for now this is what we got at a profit package, is kind. Of like the dream team All Star team a crypto like Michael Jordan Magic Johnson, Larry Bird some, of the grapes right this is the first generation of legacy, coins. Put. It this way like coin is on this list right these, are the gold medal, winners right they've, been out for Wow they've been on the block for Wow they've had seasons, they've had cycles, and they know how to make money so if you're just getting set up honestly the profit package is you, know and you don't really want to put a lot of your money at risk the profit package is probably your best bet, it's billion. Dollar coins, that have a solid, market, and a solid profit projection. Somebody asked about number 10 earlier, we will be talking about that one this week it's setting up to breakout as well so it's actually a good time to accumulate number, ten Dream. Team this. Is a the young guns right these, are a hundred million dollar icos, that are finally out got a product got a platform got, a community, you know the next generation of, greatness right they learn from the from the from. The. The the, gold medal profit, package and you know they know how to do do it right, so. The, thing about the dream team is they're not really expensive, right, because, it's like buying LeBron James rookie car before, anybody knew who he was or. Buying Steph Steph, Curry's, Jersey. When he was still at Davison, so a lot of the coins on the Dream Team are one or two dollars, so if you got a dollar and you got a dream then you got a coin on this list and you got a seat at the table right and it doesn't take a lot of dollars. To make a lot of profit right, but this is the last one this one I'm most proud about is called crypto Ellis. We're. At 350. Billion dollar market cap right now within. Probably a year or two we will be over one trillion dollar and I believe these ten coins will get us there a lot, of people ask me all the times that's on an off note you know what do you think about this point what do you think about this point what do you think about this point and nine out of ten times they they ask, me about a coin on this list that's because these coins are literally rebuilding. Our civilization, from the inside, out so. If you want to know what those are and profit, from them you know over this next duration, in the journey you, know that. Is well, worth, the, investment, again these. Products. Will be getting, updated towards, the end of the year as. I roll. Out this new platform there's the website so, look. Forward to that again, at the end of the day I'm just trying to create value for the community you know help people make money I'm sick and tired of my people being sick and tired you know I'm saying so that's what I could do with this little bit of time I got here in this reality and that's what it's gonna be that's what's gonna get done now, here we go guys let's see who we got rocking out with the boats, right. Now we, go go ahead and, close this, thing on, up bump, that thing on down and. Let's. See who, we, yeah, where's. That there we go there we go here. We go. Somebody. Said pick up that rice we love you man BAM. Here. We go Australia. Safe X. Us. A two, times Philly, what's up Jersey Chicago, Canada. Colorado's. Breathe my man say hit that like button. Target. Notifications, on people you know I'm saying if you like making money come back in hai lanbi I'm here every. Day, Colorado. Springs in the house was going on Brazil what's going on somebody, shout out Danielle we're done here let me see miss Danielle in a while from, south side of azile Ireland, was a Melbourne, Canada. Texas. BK. State of mind that's right. That's right Dallas. India. Crypto. Dripping ATL. I need, to have a meet up down here now Lynn what's, going on we need to get an ATL, meet up with BK, Brasil, two times I see you Washington. Pensacola. And Brazil three times I love that man shout out shout out, to. Brazil, you know saying I love Brazil taint wait to go back that, being say guys it's, that time of the day, sounding. Out.

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