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These. Are the stairs that I, really, hate, because. When, you climb up the stairs and know that. This is gonna be tougher you, just know it will, never tell you to that be oh my god. You. Could ever. Going. To check the boxing. Gym my skin's pretty good there Brandon. We. Might be very. Considering. Boxing. Our main, challenge the. Next challenge. So. We just came to this boxing club and. Guess. What, this. Will be our challenge. For me. So. If you're still close to doing language. Starting. Challenge, for me but this, came hearing something like. And. Also at the same time we've been doing already like kind of like tough thing for, March. And April so. I was kind of tempted to do something easier, that I don't have to like force. My. Physical. Whatever. But. I think I'll try to do this and I'll try to minimize, my gym times like half an hour we, might really enjoy it I'd just be like alright let's just sell our gym passing comment you, know is right I won't. Be like getting, super, built in one month. Right. People like Ivan remember, how to use a camera anymore anyways, I am going, to. The. Boxing. Gym this, is my first, boxing. Class. Ever. Kind. Of excited kind of, also. Nervous. About it we are headed to our first day, of boxing. Right now. I think, Tosh is actually gonna be better than me at this cuz. She's a black belt in Taekwondo. Thank. You we'll, talk to you guys when we get to the gym Boosh. Stop. Already. Virtually. All we've done so, by skipping. About. Nine minutes of skipping that's so difficult. Waltzing. Just a moves on. Today. The coach did something, like. Going. To. First. We go three times round the wrist probably full time 3 1. 2. 3. X. Did you exit. How. Door exit, hope. That exit how, watch. Look. Do you see how this, yeah. Exit. Certainly. Could because we put it in the dryer. No. Wonder they say don't come in. Three. Times ready. 1. 2. We. Need to start with this. Trapping. Wraps. Around. Again. Are we gonna do a bit of rummage, not. Mining just walking. Right. Again, how I'm doing is we're starting with ten minutes of walking and, then we're doing three rounds of skip three. Rounds. Three. Minutes. And, 30, seconds thank you yeah. The people in the practice, three, rounds of shadowboxing. And. Also, meets kidding and, then we go back to shadowboxing, two rounds this line and, are we doing two runs of skipping, over again, and then finishing. With. Walking. But, we never do it again and, then also you're supposed to do a bit of like white, kind. Of worked out but we usually, do it because it's just too tired now. Shadowboxing. Not, only doing the. Kind. Of remember what is called four rounds of setback. Today. I'm, sure. Housing. Since time. This, stuff. Hi. Just finished my boxing. You wanna parcel day upon in and Avondale today, was definitely the toughest one I was. Like running out of energy so. Quickly. Oh. Everyone. Super nice as well very very, family, lives mm-hmm. So nice. Oh. My. You are you like hearing, something that you want to hear. Hello. Dolly you did not say that, I. Have. Some sake maybe I'll have no, no no no. So. Anyways my problem, went into boxing. He's, my god is always going like this. Way. Easier to doing this because, your. Oh. Nice. Well. Do some groceries, and then have dinner. Do. You never need to finish, a tagine yeah. Seeing. A dog happily, sir, not. Really. Enthusiastic. At all today. Yeah I have an exercise in a long time and I think physically. I'm pretty tired and I'm looking, at my mirror, seeing. My hair and my skiing and it's just like so obviously, I made this happen so come, blame anybody stop. Complaining, and. Oh. Sign. I suck at this man it's like dancing, almost, like dancing. But. Still it takes time to learn like. To do properly, yeah. Seems. Like the, basis. For not what I've learned from this challenge. Is. Pushing.

Myself, To. The limits, that's. The biggest thing I've learned, I guess and. I'm, happy with that I don't I don't need myself to you know to be like really, great boxer, and all I just wanted to do is just push, myself, to. Something that I, yeah. It's really, mental, thing good time oh my god were supposed to leave f2 and I'm still struggling, with this thing. Okay. One more time. Naigus. Tommy. Hearns. I'm. Really nervous I'm having, a benefit area today and, eventually. Might. Myself. Everybody. Here looks really good everyone has like all the gear, everyone's, got like whole boxing shoes, dude. But we don't even know how to do it like lighting yet all. We know is a jerk. We're. Just gonna get snap we're gonna get go. Try we'll make one now. Yeah. Whereas. At all, but. Rather to combine a name. Or. Chip. Oh. So. My next move. Yeah. Though. Ever seen I miss the snow, -, well. That's, one of the. I. Think. I got sick from this. Beat. Up so hard I. Definitely. Do again we've got the safety muscle The Beginner's mom so, I. Like. The beginners mask, but. I think it was okay, like the guy obviously was, not flying but. I, think my god tried harder in touches this oh yeah. The girl that I was sparring she did not try at all and. I watched him I was, just fine yes, I was I would I was buying another girl she's just going nothing, my. Person, actually you tried to punch me in, the. Head, a few times, after. Sparring they're doing like 20 minutes 30 minutes another, training session which. Is really tough so um. But, we. Got to just go home because. We train today already it's not that we've got to go home we got asked, to go. Other. Thing what's too bad I did. For two weeks first I'm actually proud of myself. Oh. Thank. You darling. We. Have really. Really tough. Sentences. You, literally run product all of those. But. Marie. Will be sorry. I. Was. Already super tired after the one round. Myself. Okay. Oh. Ah. Okay and that's just gonna hit it ahead. So, yes finish. Our word, boxing. Challenge, and. This. Is actually, June already. Enjoy. Your boxing, challenge, I loved. It. Jonah. Keeps going to boxing, gym and I. Will keep. Going as, well just, only after I come back from Kyrgyzstan. So yeah we really enjoyed doing it so that's why we will keep. Doing especially, Jonah, is just so much in love he was gonna become a professional, boxer no thinking, you'll, keep doing sparring. When. I cannot probably try Bob probably asking to. Help. Let, me spa like, somebody, my level it's not fair to spot, somebody that amateur. Apparently. If you aspire someone who's really good at, it. Kind of they know how to control their strength so they're not gonna injure you there but I mean. That's. The whole point of course. Yeah. Like you're, gonna keep spying your public I don't think I will. They, didn't actually want me to spy at the last but as I said it's a challenge, like I'm there right, you actually get to spar only from, 34. They. Just let us do it because it was like a challenge. Look at me every time I do some challenge, advise them, you're. Coming actually got them to take them to Kyrgyzstan cos I'll be doing your with my sister, and my, mom yeah, it would be yoga. Are you writing the class yeah I'm an instructor okay. Guys, hope you guys enjoyed, the media the boxing. Challenge was amazing. I definitely. Enjoyed it but it wasn't. Yeah it was hard to film and it was the toughest, physically. The tougher than mentally as well you've, gotta push yourself to the limits like crazy. Yeah. You, read it's really to your limits, yeah you say you can't do it then you're not gonna be able you know they're like what, you should do until you're just. Let. Me know what challenge did you guys do for. Maggie. Oh I don't know what. Month is it June July, already, okay nice see. You again thank. You for watching, bye bye.

2018-07-13 08:07

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마지막에 쏘스윗

정말 멋있으세요 두분... 베지테리언도 요가도 좋았지만 이번 영상을 보고 저도 복싱에 흥미가 생길정도로 특히 이번 영상이 인상깊네요


너무 재미써요

왁 너무 재밌어요! 저 요즘 다샤님 영상 보고 너무 재밌어보여서 남자친구랑 요가 다니고 있어요! 근데 복싱은 스무살때부터 꽤 오래했고 좋아했던 운동이라 제가 꾸준히 해왔던 걸 다샤님이 챌린지 하는 걸 보니 넘 재밌고 새롭슴당 ㅠㅠ 앞으로도 계속해주세여 넘 재밌구... 짱이에여....

I feel so inspired and motivated after watching your challenge videos, Dasha!! xx

요가는 이제 안다니시는거예요?

Thats mean as! When I did it I got beaten by a chick that was like 6 4", man she had so much reach lol

다샤님 멋지심니돠 저 이거보고 복싱 등록하러 가려구요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제대로 된 운동은 한번도 안해봤는데... 의지가 막 불타오르네여ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


복싱까지 하다니 넘 멋져요 다샤님 걸크러쉬ㅎㅎ

I thought the title meant boxing packages. Probably I watched too much unboxing videos. lol

Boxing is really addicting once you get a hang of it! Punching stuff in general is just great haha I joined TITLE boxing for a year and I learned a lot & sweat so this vlog rly made me miss that! You're prone to a lot of injuries while boxing wrist would be hurting after one class but I still went the next day to get my workout in

한달 도전 영상 재생목록 따로 만들어 주시면 안되나요ㅠㅠ? 너무 멋있고 동기부여가 돼서 따로 한번에 볼 수 있었우면 좋겠어요!!

Loved this video! I really want to do the boxing for a month challenge too now :)

와 잘하신다ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ운동욕구 뿜뿜나는 영상이에요!

조나산 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안아퍼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 왤케웃기지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

관장님이 조나산 느리다고 머라하는거 대박웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋ

와씨 다샤님 몸매 ㅡㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ 멋져요

how did your dark spot just gone complety for monthomg i need tips!!!

Man ! I admire you guys doing all these challenges every month. Wish I have the same determination ! Really got me interested in boxing tho.

다샤님은 항상 저에게 긍정적인 영향을 주시는 것 같아욥 좋은 영상 감사합니다~

행복해보여요 함께 도전할 수 있는 사람이 있어 더 그럴까요? 다음 챌린지도 기대할게요 화이팅


Nice video like always ❤️

조나산 예전보다 살 정말많이 빠진거같아요ㅜㅜ

짱멋있어요 ㅠㅠㅜ monthly challenge 하시는거보고 헬스를 시작했어요ㅋㅋㅋ 동기부여 짱짱

다샤님 복싱 배워본적 있으신가요? 넘 잘하셔요~~~~~

I started boxing 3 weeks ago, and as I am watching this video I am also having pain in my ankle, lol! It is so draining, but the feeling after is so worth it! How many times a week do you go?

안녕하세요 다샤! 전 개인적으로 이번 챌린지가 제일 재밌었어요!! 항상 복싱 배워보고 싶었는데 매번 복싱장 앞에서 발길을 돌렸었거든요.. 무서워서요..ㅋㅋ 근데 이 영상보고 꼭 한 번 도전해보고 싶어졌어요. 포기하더라도 시도는 해보는게 맞겠죠?! 고마워요 즐거운 영상이었어요❤️

평소 운동 루틴 궁금해요! 팔 라인 너무 멋지신!

영상보는데 시간가는지 모르고 봤네요!!!! 재밌었어요!

Dang the boxing gym plays nice tunes

와... 복싱 관심 1도 없었는데 갑자기 복싱하고 싶어지네요.. 복싱하면 살 잘 빠지나요?

JIHYUN HA 두달동안 복싱하시면서 얼마나 빼셨어요??

복싱하면 살 엄청 빠져요!!! 그치만 정말 너--무 힘듭니다. 저도 두달하다 그만뒀어요 너무 힘들어서ㅜㅜ

음 이런 제안? 해도 되는지 모르겠지마ㄴ 다샤님이 같이 다이어트해요 같은 영상 만들어주ㅕㅆ으면 좋겠네여ㅜㅜ

으악 챌린지하는 것 너무 멋있으세요..!!!!! 두 분 너무 좋아 보여요..

아진짴ㅋㅋ웃겨죽는줄 왜케 웃겨요 두분

이렇게 또 결혼하면 하고 싶은 로망이 생기네요 !! ㅎㅎㅎ 같이 취미(?)를 만들고 배우시는게 너무 좋아보여요 !!! 오늘도 영상 잘봤습니다 ♡

너무 멋있어요 ㅠㅠ 한달동안 진짜 멋진 도전이었던것같아요 늘 영상보면서 행복해하고있어용 한달도전 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

dasha looks like a jumpy rabbit ;u; it's adorable

넘 멋져요❤️

와 등근육.... 멋져여ㅠㅠ 다샤님 매달 꾸준히 챌린지 하시는거 너무 멋지세용 bb 점점 더 멋있어지시는것 같은! 항상 응원합니당!! :)

헉 저도 요즘 잠실 근처에서 복싱 배우는데 영상에 아는 길 많이 나와서 놀랐네요! 한달만에 저정도 실력이시라니! 대단해요..❤️ 저는 이제 일주일차인데 자세 따라가기도 벅차더라구요! 되게 빨리 따라잡고 잘 하시는 것 같은데 태권도 영향도 있는걸까요? 운동신경 좋아보이셔서 부러워요❣️

YASSSSSS DASHA! Can't wait for the next video! X

이거 보니까 뭔가를 막 하고싶어져요!

매우흥분ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 항상 복싱하고싶었는데 너무 재밌게 잘봤어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 몸매도 짱 탄탄하구 이뻐요

헐 언니 동네주민이셨어 이 동네에 유명유튜브님들 많이 사시네여 전 복싱 배웠을때 각이 안나오던데 언니는 각이 팍 나오신다 멋있어요!

이전 영상도 좋았지만 이번영상은 정말정말 재밌게 잘봤어요! 늘 좋은영상 올려주셔서 감사합니다 ㅎㅎ


다샤님 등근육 진짜 멋있어요!


왘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ모자이크한거봐!! 친절하셔라

omg you look so badass love ittttt

Superb awesome! Love from HKG x

하루에 몇시간씩 운동하세요?? 그리고 몇년동안 운동하셨어요??

Dasha!! I love your content. It’s always so genuine, aesthetically pleasing, and entertaining. I always look forward to your videos! 언니 파이팅!

You guys are awesome for challenging yourselves!! Great job & Goodluck for the next 6 months and maybe more :)

와우... 다샤님 근육 너무 멋있어요..

9:00 에 입은 크롭나시 어디껀지 알 수 있을까요~?!

저 예전에 다녔던 복싱장 조금 알려주고 약간 방치하는?

다샤님 영상 보면 진짜 막 활동적인 무언가를 하고 싶은 욕구가 막 솟아올라용 !!

다샤님 영상이 요새 제일 기다려져요ㅜㅜ! 언젠가 복싱 해보는 게 소원이었는데 이렇게 보게돼서 더 빨리 이루고 싶어졌어요!! 영어자막 안 켜고 보니까 듣기공부도 되고 좋네요 ㅎㅎ 다음 챌린지에 다른 나라 언어배워보기는 어떤가요?!

Urghhh now I HAVE to try boxing

와 다샤 너무 멋져요!!!!! 빠른재생에서 만화같아서 잼났어요^_______^

저고 복싱하고 싶은데 너무 격한? 운동이라 겁나고 못하면 어쩌나 너무 과격해서 다치면 어쩌나 이런 걱정이 되는데 다샤님은 안 그러셨나요?

김유빈 그거 무서우면 아무것도 못해요 꼭꼭 용시내서 도전 해보세요!!!

좋은 도전이었네요! 저는 다샤님이 저번에 한 요가를 한달 정도 수련하고 있어요! 새로운 도전을 한다는건 너무 좋은 것 같아요 응원합니다

다샤다샤다샤♥♥♥♥♥ 저 핸드폰바꿨어요!!! 고화질로 다샤를 보다니 넘 행복해요ㅋㅋㅋ 꾸앙

The best part is when you said “I might shit myself”! Loved watching this. I have been thinking about joining a kickboxing place near my house and this inspired me to go ahead and do it!

Это замечательнооооо!!!

What a badass! I’ve just started boxing as well

PLEASE WATCH WITH CC ON! 자막 키고 보세용. Hi! So we did boxing for a month. I never thought that I'll be boxing in my life, but we did it! Got hit on my face few times and hurt my ankle but it was worth it!!!! We registered again for the next 6 months to continue boxing ;) 여러분! 저희 복싱했어요! 살면서 제가 복싱을 할 줄이야... 특히나 스파링은 더더욱 할거라 상상을 못했습니다. 하지만 했구요! 맞았구요! 그래도 좋았구요! 처음 해보는 스포츠라 더더욱 즐겁게 했어요. 앞으로 6개월간 꾸준히 하기 위해서 재등록도 했어요 헤헤 기대됩니다! 그리고 촬영 허락해주신 잠실복싱클럽 감사합니다!! + 원래 저번주 목요일에 올라갔어야 할 영상이 오늘에야 올라가네요 ㅠㅠ 요즘들어 꾸물거리는건지 편집하는데 시간이 너무 오래 걸리더라구요, 꼭 분발할게요! 감사합니다 :)

Ultimate girl crush: DASHAAAA ☺️

This looks so much fun!

I love this challenge! Boxing sounds so challenging but the lesson that you got out from it really resonates in me!

두분 다 정말 고생 많으셨어요

@10:39 jumping with weights? what does that work out

어우 건강한게 너무 보기 좋아요 ~-~


did they move to korea?

와 언니 못하는게 뭐죠 진짜 너무 멋있어요!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so nice



OMg girl crushing so hard rn , but how often did you two go each week??????

다샤님처럼 탄탄한 몸 만들고 싶어요... 게을러 터지고; 작심삼일이라 다샤님처럼 스스로 첼린지좀 만들어서 실천좀 해야겠어요

Pole dance or rock climb!

please do a tutorial using 3ce take a layer!

please add the options that people can add subtitles! So people will add sutitles to your videos in different languages so that more people can watch your amazing content! (I would love to add french subtitles to your videos since I'm french) love u xx

다샤님! 지금 한국생활 하시는게 나중에 아이도 생길수있고 후에 어떻게 될지모르니까 가족들이랑도 가깝게 지내고 싶어서 오신거라고 하지 않았나요? 댓글 잘못봤나 ㅜㅜ 부모님 해외 사시는데 그럼 자주 못보지않나 인스타보고 급 궁굼해져서 여쭤봅니다

복싱글러브는 위닝글러브 추천해요. 다른 복싱글러브는 다 trash... 위닝은 가격대가 있지만 그만큼 퀄리티가 좋아요.

지금까지 본 비디오 중에 가장 재미있어요. 다샤님 복싱하는 모습 진짜 멋있네요!!

네! 맞아용 :) 그래도 제가 호주에서 사는거보다 한국에서 살면 부모님 만나기가 더 쉽고, 저희 엄마가 늘 하시는 말씀이 엄마 딸들만큼은 자매들끼리 같이 가까이 살았으면 좋겠다고 하셔요! ㅎㅎ 엄마가 젊었을때부터 가족이랑 떨어져서 타지에서 지냈거든요. 여러저러 긴 이야기가 있습니당 헤헤. 댓글 감사해요!

Love your videos as always! Just had the chance to start catching up on you and Jonathan :)

Omg ai uta by greeeen at 13.46 OMG

복싱 영상 또 올려 주세용~!넘재밌게봤어요

언니 근육 개쩌네여;;;복근;;

진짜 임파워링되는 영상이에요 방금 저 다샤님께 반했어요...♥

Gurrrl your abs

다샤님 열정이 너무 멋있으세요! 복싱에 관심이 없던 저도 복싱 배우고 싶다는 마음이 들정도로 영상 너무 재미있게 봤습니다!!!!

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