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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every, day this is the boasts, of Bitcoin. The crystals, crypto, is your boy beat case and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody, today is December. 27. 2017. And as you can see bitcoin, is still north. Of. $15,000. Hide. Many shadows has been Bitcoin cash holding, its own it's, about the inner a new cycle, break out and make some real-deal. Money. So. You just now joining us baby welcome to the money team we've, been making money where, you been the, doors are always open. 18,000. Subscribers. From, almost. A hundred and eighty different, countries around the world come together every day. In, our crypto community, so again hit that red button and if you haven't done it already check out boss of Bitcoin. Dot-com. Plus some more crypto, resources, if you're just getting started, and then, come on in and welcome, to, the, money team we are going live into our Facebook group right. Now if. This is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK my friends know me as the crypto, trader and I am the boasts, of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graces microphone with my my voices a day you get, to profit, as a result, and today is no exception so, with that being said guys check, it out number. One Bitcoin group, in the world, hashtag. One. Bitcoin, type it in on Facebook come on in the doors are always open nineteen. Thousand. Of my best friends come together seven. Days a week to help each other stay empowered, and help each other state and profit, in this. Crypto. Verse so, what I'm doing right now everybody, is I am clicking, right, here. On. This, post that we just put up. Right. When we started this video and. All you need to do to win is share. The video my man create, with us a great stuff, Thank You Marcelo. Trade like a boss, thank, you sir. All, right here we go what's, today's date, 12:27. Was the difference between that, 15. 1. Plus 5 is 6 let's go 6 up from the, bottom. Big, a stem on. 1. 2. 3. 4. Big. B and BAM. Learn, it it's our future Fiat, doesn't, work but if people go to the people's, coin, look. At that look at that like attracts, like the fractals, follow the links path of resistance thank, you for your knowledge and sharing your insight. To your network. And as a result, the universe has selected, you for the, winner, of. The, day Oh. Send. Me a message on. Facebook with, yeah a toilet I will send you a, couple bucks eth, as a token of my appreciation, thank you for joining this big bin I do appreciate it I don't think I've seen you in the group before. That's. Pretty cool man I love that triangle, love the you, know.

Fractal. Geometry you, got there I'm gonna go I'm gonna be your friend that's. Pretty cool man everybody. Else again if you wanna try to make some money just come live on the air I try to do these videos seven, days a week, right, cuz the money don't sleep so I'm oh here's five six seven days a week there you go. Let's, go ahead and, talk. About. Today's, video. I. Say. This once I say, this twice. Maybe. Third times somebody listen. There. Is a. Storm. A-comin. Across. The sea. And. Crypto. Verse is gonna be. The. New field that this. Next. Phase, is played off, what. I think is happening as I you. Know we're. Just seeing the latest and greatest chapter, in a book that was written long long ago before, we ever came to be. BTC. BCH, red. Blue. Less old, new you. Know. Left. Right it's, all polarized, it's, all one, versus, two two. Versus one. But. At the end of the day and none of that really matters because. A lot of the decisions. That they make behind, the scenes to proliferate, this you, know. Eternal. Conflict, has. Already taken its course in the markets the markets know everything so we just used a little bit of that insight that makes money on our next trade what, I'm telling you right now is it doesn't matter if you prefer, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin. Cash the, market. Prefers. Bitcoin. Cash for, this, next, cycle, right. So. You could tell the broker bloggers that can you know bought, Bitcoin, at. $18,000. And they want to see Bitcoin, $60,000, and any one Bitcoin cash to bail Thomas, not they'll happen BK, been telling you that Bitcoin cash was a buy since I did a 7 minute chart the first day it came out at 225. Dollars if you don't believe it just check, the YouTube channel you know I'm saying men live women line numbers don't lie and I came on air with the denzel washington meme. And say trading. Day scared. Money don't make, nothin and i said at 225. Dollars Bitcoin cash was up by and, now here it is 3000, and you still got some people hate on it so what I'm telling you is don't. Let these boat bloggers, cost you money right. The. Market accounts, for everything. Right. Even. In these exchanges you have tens of thousands, if not millions, hundreds. Of thousands, of transactions. That occur every day buyer seller buyer seller buyer seller right. And all, we do is summarize all, of that information into, a few candles of future in lines a few intersections, a few cycles and say okay given all that information, we can expect BAM to happen and that's what's gonna happen right now BCH, is about to break out this, guy over here is go sit down for a little while and this down over, here, is gonna stand tall and that's what's happening behind the scenes with the dollar and the wine and gold and, you, know all this stuff that YouTube, don't want nobody, with any type of sense talking about that's why I even monetize, my channel, I now own my, own voice, YouTube. Does not they're merely a platform, that I'm using at the moment to, communicate, to my audience, but please believe a change, is coming on that horizon as well but until, then. Let's. Take it for what it is. He's. First west red first blue right, first left, same. Story new, chapter big, coin versus big point cash VCH. Guess. What the market values right now b. C. H. B, CC depending, on what, exchange or use it again. All the new people trading, view calm. What i'm gonna do is i'm, gonna publish, this chart on my page. As. Soon as we're done with it you. Know and again. We're, gonna be walking through, a, three. Hundred and forty three minute chart this. Is the boss method, panel penitent, intellectual, property. Owned exclusively, for the rights and replications, of brain kelly LLC, if you are a profit-seeking entity, a, fiduciary, a, hedge fund a, bank some you, know, influencer. You know trying to build your home market no you don't have my permission usually, you never will it's a method for the people of the people by the people and it works quite well so.

Use It i back your own freedom, and enjoy, the little bit of time you have on this life. Because. A lot, of that time has already been lost and compromised. By. Powers. That. Exceed, our own oh. Here. We go balsa, bitcoin calm check. It out if this kind of stuff interests, you but what we see right away. Is. That, this, thing is a buy. Right, now first, things first right over, blue you, know what to do jump, on board the cash train go get paid BAM, right. What, would you be sitting at right now on, bitcoin. Cash. Eighty. Percent in eight days that is not bad business. Right. And. Since, this thing doesn't have a lot of information when I when I do to 343, I like to you, know see a few months worth of data at least um. And so that's been one of my struggles with Bitcoin cash is that, the data just is not fair so, I go. Down to a 77. Minute you, know and I draw a lot of my correlations. From a 77. Minute. Instead. What, I'm gonna use this point as right here it's kind of like a solar, plexus. You know node reversal. This is basically when the chart you know stuck to stop going down and started going up and, you would be able to see it on you, know a full-scale. Chart. As well so like you, know you can see that this thing went all the way down but. For. The most part went down over there. Went. Up right there and now. We're in kind of this limbo. Area right, but. Still nonetheless that, yellow point is still pretty influential, so that's one of the nodes that I focus, on when I use this chart another. No. I'm, gonna focus on, is. This one. Right. Here. Right. Because, once it went up, it. Had to break down at some point and that was, actually a nice, little part, where all of those lines started, to do their own little cycle you see that the, white it, bounced, it bounced, it bounced boom the red did the same thing inside that white and then as a result the blue came up and, came back down right and then the blue did is little double-dip boom right. And so, this is a very, influential, point, when we draw our scale, out from. That point we, can see that a few things happen, we. Can see that this was a minimum, this, was a maximum. And you're talking about local variance if you understand, statistics and. A harmony. This is like the, amplified. Wave like this is just a dampener, on it like mm. You. Know minimum, maximum and this is like the New Balance points, so we literally, just like split, that in the middle, boom. Boom. And that's gonna be probably. Our bounce point, on this, thing right, about. There. Right. What. Does that get us that gets us almost, this exact, same piece, where. That blue cross the white where the white is right now so. We're kind of building the metrics, for a little, bit of the, buffer. That, you mean to get this second, wave of energy because this energy has to come from somewhere so that's what I'm trying to show you guys is it's already, built into, the chart it's, not a matter of you, know Oh Roger bear tweeted, that he, was having a meeting with you. Know some billionaire, guy and, now. Bitcoin, cash went up 30% no. No. No no, no it doesn't work like that this. Is how it works you have highs you have lows you have balance points, and you have extensions. Those are the only things, that matter right. And so, when we put a Fibonacci right, here boom boom. You. Can see that basically we're coming right back down, to that 786, which, is gonna give us the support we, need to, continue, up even. Higher now. What. We have built inside, this thing and that's, our macro, lines right the 77. These are macro channels, right. So. Like the ceiling, right now is 0.28. Right. But right now we're at 0.16. - right. So. Now what I'm gonna do. Because, we're on a 77. I'm. Gonna cut off this seven. And. Use. The 21. And. The. Red and blue it. Slows, down my, chart a little bit. Right. Where if, I judge their peak. To. Peak you. See almost hit it on the head but, when I drop it down, that. Blue, look. At that right. That's where you start finding the. Resonance. That in this, thing. Right. And if you just. Recalibrate. It a. Peak. To. Peak. You. Get the, blue over to white so. You can kind of see how these, angles. And. Slopes. Talk to each other inside, the chart but I think this is good enough for our. Demonstration right, now so what does that mean that means we can copy and paste this thing throw it right over there. Right. Where that thing crossed, that. And. Now I'm just looking for agreement and alignment, I found that a few times just when I did that first. Things first you notice notice, we already hit our cycle, line on the one six that's a huge note of residence, next.

Thing We. Hit, our 1.0. On the next cycle line that is not by mistake that is by design that's. How the chart, confirms, the young energy, existing, inside the chart so what does that mean that means that by, this, moment. Right. There. We're. Gonna have a pretty major event, and. That's, one, seven. How. Did I get that moment well I'm just going straight down the line. Right. There this, is gonna be our big event moment, between. There. There. All. Right you, can almost just draw, a. Whole. Thing this is basically gonna be like all the energy in this chart is gonna be centralized. Between. Those greens. Right. And. If it is down here which. I doubt then. It'll have a huge breakout more than likely it'll be somewhere, north of that 786. If not that 1.0, and we'll be looking to go north about 1.6, at. That point and that's, just the energy in the chart coming to a full cycle, cuz see exactly, just what happened down here right. When we threw it down there when it finally crossed, over let's, just rewind time, show. You guys how it happened before we'll, use a light. Blue line right here when, it crossed that top, money. Line right there, it started. To transition, it going up and. When it cross the next one. Confirmed. It so, that was like a little limbo, swing zone area. Right. Before, the, cycle, it. And. So maybe this, will be the growth area this is either gonna be limbo or the growth area but. I think we're in limbo right now so I think this will be a growth area long. Story short this is a definite, by what you have is a descending. Triangle, but it has extremely. Extremely. Strong, support, up under it so. You don't want to bet against this chart as what I'm saying because even if you're betting against. It you. Know then, really, all you have is, that triangle. To go down, and. The rest of the energy is pushing the chart up young-sam. So yes you could go down but that's technically. The lowest, you could go down given, this cycle, and then you would have you, know almost a super, super, wave pulling, this thing. Back, up from. The. Inside right, and, so more than likely that's exactly, what you have to look forward to a Bitcoin is you have a node in here that's gonna be pulling it higher it, may fall a little bit but then you have this you, know magna, carta node up here. And. That's probably where we crossed the, zero. At watch, this watch this, I haven't even moved that thing down yet now. We cross the zero right there. So. Yeah you got, this. Is basically, the. Mega spot once once that thing runs all the way out of energy this, is basically where it you, know reset. Set right. And that's. Where you can expect this thing to be north. Of the. One six. Again. I normally, don't even show charts like this much. Less talk the room for 20 minutes but I think we're, getting to the point now I've, noticed, a lot of people are you, know really starting to understand, the energy and the resonance, and the fractals, and then you got you, know enlightened, brothers like mr. Saban Bowman, you know I'm saying talking.

About Cryptocurrency, so, I want, to share. At least my perspective. On you. Know the energy, cycles, inside these charts, as opposed to just coming on and you know jumping, around and, you know doing doing, some game shows you. Know with some cool graphics like this is actually the resonance, in the market, right you do have a quick cool off right here but you have so much positive. Momentum. Built into it and so many cycles, completing. Again. If we take the path of least resistance it, is to continue moving in the path that we came from and that has been an upward, trajectory. Since. That, node right, there, right. So. As, long as we're above this. Blue. For. Any significant, time then. That, node still, stands, right. And. If we were going to be below this blue it would need to be after, that line. For. It not to stand for base we get to cancel out, as. They were out of the cycle and we're broken which means we need to find a new cycle, so. I hope that helps, you guys um you, know just to just to start to understand, how this energy works how it all comes together, long story short BCH, is that definite, buy you, got a lot of energy completing. In this micro, cycle, and you. Do have. The. Boss method confirmation, on it you, know but just start to look at, you. Know intersections. And the agreement, of the different lines one last thing you should note is that although you, know this, does appear to be a cool-off correction. Period what, you have, what just happened behind the scenes is probably one of the most notable. Breakout. Formations. And that. Is when a. 77. Finally, comes above the 231. On, a. 343. A lot of people don't know about that Wall Street don't know about that one yet but. Once that happens this. Basically gives this thing enough. Energy to go at least to that next Fibonacci zone, if not, above it and that's. Where it comes from that's basically, to chart. Confirming. From the inside that it's ready to go higher right, so the fact that you're able to buy it on, a down.

Knowing. That, that's gonna push it up is like. Free money right and you can see like on a different scale it basically drew out the exact same way. So. I hope this was helpful you guys getting boss of Bitcoin, comm we. Do have a few resources over, there if you're in the chat right now doing your favorite shots of country ever I am, going to. Come. Back to you guys in about 30 seconds. Somebody. Said are you swing trading Bitcoin. To, the usb no, Bitcoin. Is far too volatile and far too valuable for, us to trade out right right, it's kind of like breathing in. What. Is it like pure oxygen something. Like that like even though it sound like a good idea you'll die in like 30 seconds, it's just too dangerous right so we have to breathe in like a diffuse, that skin with like all these trace, elements, and all that stuff in there. Then. Because that's what we, can tolerate so. As a result I swing trade be altcoins, which are much much more predictable, much much more you, know linear, as a derivative, of, Bitcoin, even though they're intrinsically, tied to it and as a result I accumulate, Bitcoin and with that profit, you know then I'm able to achieve, the same objective the, number one goal accumulate, as much Bitcoin as fast as possible, right, I've been saying that since Bitcoin was eight hundred nine hundred dollars. Now. It's 1819 thousand, dollars, gold. Still stands the same right get as much as you can as fast as you can right. How do we do that we do that by trading all coins every single Hawk coin we do we win boss, method. Statistically. Proves us that, you. Know and and. When, we know things like this are happening we can double down boom boom make 30 percent, cash it out take it to the next one right. Like a boss, boss. A Bitcoin dot-com somebody's got a peanut boss right here you go on that website you go see that man in the red white and blue suited. And booted looking, like the American dream they, say a financial, freedom should be free so, this is one of the things I did for you guys I have a few packages dream-team the profit package script appleís you know you can go to the website check out which one you like which one you want, to dance with and, it's, it's money-making man you know it's different different methodologies.

Different, Ideologies. And different. Practicalities. For all of these reports I don't need to go through them every video but just know that they are there and, they are available if you choose to do that one-on-one, meetings would be care packing, up I think I'm looked all the way through February, so just know that you, know more products, services, platforms, will be making themselves available in, the upcoming year, building, out an alert service. You. Other products what West Coast rate shout-out you know I'm saying to the big homie out in LA we bringing some things together on the back end so you, know it's just an exciting time does this is definitely a transition, it's, some money moving on the horizon, so as that happens, do not be afraid do, not be frightened. Don't let the bobbleheads, on CNN, tell, you not to get in that it's a scam that it's a fraud you look at them and tell, them your greenback, dollar. Is a fraud and it's backed on more terrorism, than Bitcoin ever was, you know I'm saying make sure YouTube. Sure to Sophie about the YouTube knows that, right. There. You go there, you go that's what you got to look forward to you, know I'm saying somebody's got to be a boss right and if I got to be the voice for the people within them and I'm gonna be the voice but a people, and guess what my, people, need to get paid right and so, that's what we doing every, day and, the number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always open shout, out the Big Ben I'm gonna get you paid right, now but. Until then let's go ahead and. Shout. Our people out see who we got right now be layup holding it down for Cape Town thanks for joining this man hopefully you may get some money left, we. Should jump on a meeting, or something just so I can meet, up with you hanging up I want to make sure my people getting paid live they have been here since like 400, subscribers Young's, in big. Live South. Africa's in the building Canada India UK. What. Up Colorado. Springs, to, buy you. Know sam BK, is in Dubai right, now that's what's up Singapore, Texas. Poland. Um. Let's. See secret, touch said filling the fractal breakdown thank you thank you you. Know this is a this is a not, not sacred knowledge this is esoteric. Knowledge and its inherent, esoteric. Is inherent. With every. Energy. Being in this universe, and and that's what universe is one, verse, one word. One, sound, one five, you know I'm saying so. That's that's that's. All. The, logic carries through you, know Sam eight one plus two equals three you. Know one, equals one minus equals, your energy as above so below from, the earth to the earth you know all this stuff all the stuff we learn that. Every human knows nobody, knows where it came from but, every human knows these core values that's, because it's ingrained in our makeup. Right, so. Here we go. Another. Cape Town in the building Ireland, Texas New York Tijuana. Mexico, I haven't seen that before what a big make thank you for joining us Redondo, Beach Callie. Said. They boss, walking, on the, west coast eight town, what up Fort. Worth Texas. Kenia, and Czech. Republic. That. Being said guys it's that time of the day signing out this thumb boats your, boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil. To pay your California all.

The Way back up food jerk, money, good. Night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time please subscribe. And, share this video copy, and paste the URL text. It the one person you care about so that person can change their life do that for me if you appreciate, mine till we meet again stay cryptic, y'all, what. Up sigh I see you up there sack town.

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