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Hello everyone! Welcome to this amazing question and answer session that I do with my students and my team. So I am happy to share it with my subscribers, who are also with me, I want to keep sharing useful and updated things with you. So in this video, I have included my questions and answer sessions with my team, my students. After hearing these questions, you will get practical information on what trading is, how you- Maybe the questions in this might be on your mind too, after all, our subscribers have increased so much that we are about to hit 1 million soon.

Now it's an obvious thing that I wasn't able to do QnA So maybe from this QnA, you might benefit a lot. So I hope this video will benefit you. I want you to watch this video attentively and peacefully. So first of all, please like our video so that you can see this video later if you don't get enough time. But watch with full focus, ok? Ok then At the end of the video, I have to discuss an important matter with you all. I will see you then. Sir, action and attention, Yes there are so many candles.

If you could just- I'm sure you would give us a note There are no- there are not so many candles. There are only 3 candles. What are they all? One which has a big body, what is that? that is action. The next one has a tall wick, lean and small body, what is that called? Rejection. So if the rejection is in the downward direction, it will go up If it takes rejection from above, then it will go down Then there is Doji. Got it? Simple.

This is all we need to know? This is all we need to do And one more thing, Look, today I told you one thing about candles I'll tell you the second thing, what is more important than the shape and size of the candle? There's a thing more important than the shape and size of the candle. It's the placement. I t's the placement. Not the color. If the placement is below, it will go up and buy you have to take into account the market structure. alright? OK? Sir, thank you very much. Thank you so much Please go ahead, Rohan. Hello sir Sir my first question is, Sir, it is so easy to understand the things that you teach, but when I open the chart, I will somehow forget something that you have taught because of which I face loss What to do about that, sir? Rohan, for that, we need a simple plan.

But the problem with the people is that they are very- Actually people have no plan. Can you say guys? Can all the experienced people agree that we have no plan when we go to trade? We randomly go, green means buy We have no plan, we have no mindset We are going to go with a plan but that plan will be very simple. Just like what I taught today, was it simple? It was not easy There is a difference between simple and easy. Easy is different from simple. Was it simple? Not easy Was it simple? Rohan? Wasn't it guys, Simple? Yes, I will not say that it was easy but it was simple. It was simple So simple easy Rohan - And tell me one thing, Human beings are people of habit. What did I say? Human beings are people of habit.

When we repeat the habit again and again, it makes an impression in our mind, and that's when things come to our mind Ok? Did you understand? Ok, sir, my next question is can technical analysis be the same for the Indian stock market or forex market or in any market? 100%. See technical analysis rules will be the same The rules an author writes on forex can be useful in stock too The difference is that You have to install an app named Metatrader in forex You have to understand the lot size, pips. That becomes a different kind of knowledge on forex. In crypto, you have to understand how much leverage you have to use Have to understand how much is one contract in Futures.

For Futures and options trading, Futures is for how long? For 3 months In options, you have to understand ATM, ITM In equity you have to understand intraday and this. You have to understand that this is different. This front end is different but the back end is the same. Did you understand?

The front end is different for all this, but the base is totally same. Only in the case of application, the execution is different but it’s still the same. Got it? OK sir Sir, I have to ask you a question. OK. Sir, can we consider trading as a full-time profession? Yes, you can see trading as a full profession. you need to have three mentors for that. One, I am with you.

Second, you need to read books. Third, you need to learn from real market. You have to journal your thoughts and I will tell you how to do that in the psychology classes. These 3 things you have to follow. Learn from the real market, from mistakes, read books continuously, a mentor or a team or a teacher who will teach you directly then you can do it. But, definitely, you have to give a lot of time and a lot of patience.

Sir, I am a professional footballer. Ok, that's nice. I still play, I was in the Indian team too. Wow Now I have become a coach.

But with that, I’m playing professionally too. That’s great. As you know, we have this stress about win-loss So, will that stress affect my trading? 100%, it will affect 100% 100%, it will affect I am quite interested in it So how could I manage it? At start, it will affect for sure. When your- When you are in a bad mood, when you lose something, when you get frustrated, that frustration will be taken out here. That is what we call sabotaging. You have to avoid that days. When you are-

When you are giving focus here, you don’t trade. When you are in a good mood and you feel like everything is ok on this side, then and then will you trade only. And then after 6 months, 1 year, you will try to become as mechanical as possible. As mechanical means, rule means rule.

You should not care for what your mood is. Let it be good or bad If A happens, then B happens, if B happens then C happens If C happens then I will make an entry. That's it. Ok. ok. Ok ok ok Got it? So I have to practice right? I have to practice to get out of that zone, right? Yes, yeah you have to practice.

Initially, I won’t lie to you You will- You will be unable to manage your emotions. No one can handle it. A bit- So, you should not trade when you are in a bad mood. You have to train yourself to become mechanical. Trading is all about mechanical things right?

So, if we take right actions then we will earn money, if we don’t, then we won’t. It's Simple. Right. Right. Yeah. OK sir. Thank you so much sir. Thank you. Yeah. Sir, I want to know about the market How does the market price fluctuate? We say that the market is rising up and buyers are taking the lead But at that time someone is selling too right? So how does the market rise- Good good good Very good question.

I like, I like your question This is a question in everyone's mind But no one asks this question, right? You also have this question in your mind but you don't ask This is a very important question, you should know Otherwise, how will you gain confidence? Look, buyers and sellers never increase in the market. When the buyer asks more money for something For example, I am ready to give Rs 10 for this apple But suddenly we come to know that there will be a shortage of apples The supply is going to be limited Or the demand has increased On what reason? People want to eat healthy food So will this apple's price increase? Now consider this apple is for Rs 10, Ok? The seller says that he won't sell it to you I'll sell for Rs 12 And I bid for Rs 10 Will I get the thing? No When will I get it? When i- Buy for Rs 12 But there are other people who are ready to give Rs 12 And if he bids for Rs 12 Now he says he'll give it for Rs 13 Then is it necessary for me to buy it for Rs 13? It's the same stuff Still, for Rs 13, is it necessary for me? And I was late for that and someone bought it for Rs 13 before me. Now he says that he'll sell it for Rs 15, Out Won't sell. So then should I take it for Rs 15? Now do you understand why the price is increasing? Buyers are increasing Buyers are increasing such that they are ready to buy at a high price Someone will be selling But the market rises when a person gives a lot of money for that thing. So the sum value of all stocks will become zero right? Correct? But still, SBI is in the range of 300-500 And reliance in a range of 2000-2500 Because people are giving more money for reliance These buyers and sellers never increase or decrease They always remain the same but when the sellers tell you to take it out- Now I say, consider I have 10 apples, bro.

Look at this, I have a plate full of apple I don't want to eat it But I say you do one thing, take it out Not for Rs 10 but for Rs 8 Then will it sell for Rs 8? I dropped the price I came as a big seller such that I sold for less amount So did you understand why the price dropped, Rahul? I'll take out the same thing for a cheap amount Hey, take it out, take it out Finish my quantity Then it happens. Did you understand? Supply-demand. I am a student and according to you, can a student make their career in trading? If you asked whether a student can make trading his career Then the answer is, whether you are a student or army personnel, or a doctor or an engineer, You can only make it a profession when you learn it So you have to learn the technique first. So don't- Of course, if you have a vision, you can become it But for that you come into the market, you try this, You learn from this course, give yourself from 6 months to 1 year You yourself will know, on how I can become a full-time trader Sir I have one thing I have taken many classes before, like short courses and long courses, everything So, now I faced losses too and the main thing is whichever course I took, I didn't understand their explanation on candlesticks The thing he told about 18-20 candlesticks, sir I have written down everything you said on that 3-day class And the knowledge it gave me is the best So sir, you took so many courses, did you feel it any different here? A lot sir, a lot. I traded today in Dr. Reddy based on your yesterday's class of candlestick In which I made 20-30, profit too.

Good man Sir, so I have one more thing, Like you said, I have finally chosen my mentor And about the books sir, from where and which books should I buy? What to read? Where could I get details on that? Very good question Very good question I'll take you here You have to do nothing You have to type on google- booming bulls resource When you google like this, booming bulls resource This is the resource website, it will open up Resource website You'll get great collections here, all the books are here Look One min Here it is, look It's right for beginners and experienced This is for beginners and experienced This is for experienced traders only - Super traders These two are great books This is for everyone OK? Guide to investing for those who want to learn the fundamentals Enter- this is a really tough book Still, if you want to enter, then enter this This is right for making concepts This is a tough one therefore I have written it not for beginners but for experienced. All of these How to make money This, this this This is a storybook This is quite a serious book This is a really tough book on psychology So here it is If you want to learn options How to make money, this is on fundamental analysis? This is on money management I have made a whole website And this- this is a very important book Did you enjoy watching the website? Definitely sir You can click on this and buy Hey! I have made such a good system for you people Click on this- look here Click and buy Sir, sir, sir Did you like it? Really good sir, really. Thank you, sir, thank you thank you Thank you I was following the process exactly After 2-3 months I can earn small amounts, right? Like, I could earn some small amount definitely Rs 15000 Like Rs 12000- 13000 We can earn that much for sure, right? You can earn after learning, Shubham But I won't give you false hope This is easy to say, to follow the system That's why I am saying Don't leave your job First, you try it After trying it, you'll understand that- It's possible, Shubham, for you to be very good at it Who knows This class has a lot of great traders Who knows like when- Debjeet was also a student He is a student But Debjeet chose it as a career and he worked so hard He learned intraday and did everything But slowly he changed to swing trading He started doing great now So nobody knows Maybe out of this 152 people, some great traders are seated, from inside Who knows Try Shubham Don't forecast from now on When you expect too much and when that doesn't complete, you will feel bad right? Yes, yes exactly You'll feel very bad So first you won't leave your job and all You first complete your 6-month course After that let's see Maybe after that, you can decide OK? OK OK Thank you, thank you so much, sir Sir, I used to trade earlier a bit So when I made a horizontal line, I would get noise in these candles So I used line instead of the candle So will that strategy be OK? No man, no When I connect this to the line, then it gives me just the closing point areas It gives me incomplete knowledge A candle’s power is that it shows open, high, low, close- all 4 This doesn't show me open high low close, not everything Therefore, it is not right That is, you know, I mean it's alright in the initial levels But now you are going to make yourself strong, right? Now, you will draw like this such that you give preference to the body and make OK? So it's not a problem With practice, you will be able to do it So don't go with lines, just keep working with candlesticks Start making the- When you do the homework today in small timeframes, in daily too I hope you all understood I have made in the daily timeframe and shown you And also in a shorter timeframe So you have to make horizontal level on a smaller timeframe, in the homework And also in the bigger timeframe. When you make it in the smaller timeframe, you start with body Got it? ok guys? Look here, If I have to make an important level here, then where will I make it? Here or here? On the upper side, OK? I'll start with this level, this body level Do you see? I have to short on this break Yes, sir, yes here And if your area that line, then you'll see exactly that point Do you see it? Exactly- Area means that itself Yes, sir The area takes closing points But it leaves my knowledge incomplete We have to work on that anyway on bodies OK sir Thank you, sir Sir what I am saying is that After making the trading homework, I get a gap up above my level. So sir my first candle takes on 50% of my target, Yes, I know so what should I do there sir? In this situation you have to prepare your Psychology that this is keep on happening with me This will happen with me as a trader If I plan for 10 days Then definitely 5 days will face this problem So this will happen I have to accept as it is Alright Suppose if you are in other profession that you are an engineer, And there you have a technical issue And that cannot be solved So can you get upset with it No sir You have to accept it and move on This is a problem of Trading Industry You made a good plan Gap up opened/Gap Down opened So there we have to ignore We have to in psychology Look The most important part in trading world is The thing that hurts The arrival of turbulen of emotion Dude I worked hard so much Yes So for that emotions rise up within us of aggression And we take wrong steps Overtrading, revenge trading and we perform anything That is not to be performed By looking at that, your mood should not be bad This type of psychology one should make So you have to accept Umesh That this will happen and keep on happening Happened You saw it opened in target Half the target is gone What should be done? Nothing Only you have to observe Have to Ignore Yes Next time what should be your plan If it doesn't open Yes Entered, earned money So the mistake made is To enter forcefully and then fetching stop loss Stoploss happened again, it moved upward, entered and gained stop loss That's not working You have to keep yourself calm You have to keep yourself calm Okay All the psychological things There is a psychological Psychological is a full quadrant Will teach you the whole psychology But this question comes I answered Sir Like me, after taking all your courses can you become a professional like you? Look obviously, Can become answer is 100% you can After completing the course, you also have to also give the input Correct It's not about course Without taking the course also one can become a trader like me And after achieving my course also one cannot be What's present inside of it The will power inside you Let me tell you one thing I asked a question Do you think 99% of people lose money in the market? 68% people have a solid believe that its, Yes This people whether do my course or not or Make take up God's course Will never make money Those have done yes The have accented it Dude they have accepted that On this am going to make a video today Very important video coming So important for psychology for everyone for my YouTube subscribers These people do not believe that they can earn Then from where they will earn? Despite if you provide them with a strategy, provide everything correct to them, tell them to buy here it will move long then also they will go short That no no It will be opposite What I think is always it's opposite The market will move up Sir as you say that after stoploss we should not perform revenge the and much Sir according to market there shouldn't be a hatred feeling By practicing this my stoploss also hits Sir my feelings has lost Can't even feel sir Sir after the stop loss hits nothing good is felt When there is profit its good But in this stop loss there's no feeling At first was scared, felt pain That I worked hard But sir now can't feel that It's a very good thing Piyush this is a very good thing It's a very good point Means sir the fear is lost even when there's loss This is This is a quality everyone in the class needs to develop Actually it is the quality you need to develop That's a good thing So sir let's say my fear is gone So sir this won't affect the motivation? No nothing will happen Here motivation is dangerous In stock market motivation is dangerous Stock market should be done using information not motivation Will perform information trading Won't perform motivational trading That today will definitely earn money Won't perform all these Ok sir Sir this was only my problem sir Thank you sir for answering Ok ok First of all, I would like to thank you sir After having these many classes, I improved a lot my trading skills sir So for that am telling a lots of thanks to you Sir actually today I have two doubts sir One for chart patterns and one for trend lines Sir while drawing demand zone for Head and Shoulders we have to consider body points or body to wick sir Anything is preferred, you know I prefer body to body But if sometimes body to wick is coming I'll accept it as well No problem Ok So whatever makes sense We should go with it But prefer body over wicks That's for sure Anywhere Ok sir Sir just like that is there any rule for trend lines too like we have to draw from body to body or wick to wick? Same concept only go for touch points I mean body touch points or wick touch points sir? Body body Try to prefer body touch points over the wick That's it But if If you have to take the wick to make it logical please go with the wick as well Yeah Thanks sir Thanks a lot sir Yeah thank you Yeah Hi sir firstly I would like to thank you for these classes I have been a trader for 2 years and your classes are conducted very professionally Very very professionally I have spent I am telling you in front of everyone I have spent around 2 lakhs for last two years just learning, ok And no class has done this so professionally like every Saturday Sunday you have new topics and revision lectures and notes That's very nicely done Seriously thank you for that Thank you so much So my trading has improved I have been into a loss in trade earlier My trading has improved with the indicators they you have taught Fixed Range, Price, Volume I have been using it from the last time I use it on Tech Mahindra recently and it worked very well Tech Mahindra fell from 1782-1700 And I made I was sitting on naked put from them Sir I I want to know I am little confused with ADX if just for 1-2mins can you teach me ADX Like how do I use that I got the concept of That of 20-25 But still am facing confusion in ADX Look the function of ADX is ADX is bit confusing because It changes in every timeframe And since you are a swing trader And now you will not understand that what time frame you should use So I did say this thing But you may have missed out That if you are a swing trader You traded in tech Mahindra, Right? Now let's get to tech Mahindra And i'll take you to the 1 day timeframe Can you see It's visible to me also Here you have to use ADX Here what ADX should you use For a swing trader Who is trading for 2-4 days Like let's say like that So here we have to come here and set the ADX 30 minutes timeframe Oh I missed it 30 minutes timeframe Ok Look, the moment it has started falling Directly the value of ADX increased Can you see this Yeah Yeah So this is it If I make 20's that 20's line draw Look So on On this day the value from 13 it went up till 29 So as a swing trader You set this at 30 minutes and trade No matter if you set this trade for 4days or 5,6,7,8 days it will go on And if you are an Intraday trader Please don’t go 5 just it on 15 minutes These are the two time frames in ADX By using this Look Look here Again the ADX is increasing You are getting a good momentum over there Yeah Decreasing you are getting a sideways market ADX whether decreasing or low Two things are here Low ADX and falling ADX And two things are there High ADX and Rising ADX We prefer High ADX or rising ADX for directional trades Ok And for option selling we prefer Low ADX or falling ADX For option selling But you bought a naked put So you need to see this angle This angle This movement It will still give movement ADX is already high ADX is already high And now any time frame opened ADX will not change because we already set that 30 minutes is set Timeframe is set to 30 minutes Yes So exactly that's what is taking place Particularly increase at that time Alright Sir also one confusion May be my concept of ADX is wrong That's why this is happening If ADX is increasing and the share is decreasing What do we do at that time? Like No No No No No Here is the problem Here is the problem You just set two things ADX is increasing and price is no no no no no no Whether price is increasing or decreasing, it has no relation to it If ADX is increasing price will move I don't know up or down Okay ADX will increasing, price will improve I don't know up or down Ok Up or down you go ahead With some other price action strategy or something like that Yes, yes yes If, ADX is decreasing price will move sideways That's it ADX decreases Ok, I was using the concept wrong then I was using it as RSI No no no no no RSI and ADX has no relation between them Yes, right If ADX is below 20 or low, then market will definitely move sideways That's what I want to understand Alright Ok ok got it Got it Ok Heard appreciation about you And genuinely I won't take much time of yours Because others students are waiting Really really well conducted classes Your staffs and everybody is polite and everybody is respective and then reply very much on time Thank you so much for mentioning Even the Jay and the RM Thank you so much for classes sir Thank you so much for a wonderful feedback It helps me Helps me a lot To understand Ok thank you so much dude Ok Maybe I have visited But Crypto and Forex stop loss usage is creating a confusion for me I am doing the It's same It's same You have to put If you are buying Then you have to use it under Logical Stoploss Alright Logical Stop loss underneath you have to set your stoploss Alright Now how much Suppose you have used 1 dollar 1dollar So according to quantity if Delta exchange used then it shows Like if you put stoploss number that stoploss at this It will show you 500 dollars loss 300's loss 50 dollars loss So you have maintain the dollar and move If 1000 dollars is present in your account and I am taking 300 dollars stop loss suppose Then it will be too much You will not take 300 dollars So like this you have low the quantity That will be showed in Delta If you enter a number, it will show you exactly the loss amount Alright So this how we have to move Everywhere there will be a stoploss If you are buying underneath the support And if you are selling the over resistance Which is logical But in stock as you said that 0.5 is an ok number

In this there's nothing like that Why? Because the Volatility of Crypto is high Sometimes we target Yes, it's a very good question Rachit on that we have to go to risk reward ratio Suppose target is of 4% So in how much will stoploss will run On 2% in crypto Right? Cause target is of 4% and it moves There are many stocks in crypto that moves by 10% If there's a target of 10% and for stop loss I can keep it as 3% But that 3% shouldn't be like this So that it takes away my 500 from 1000 dollars That will be shown That will be visible That from 1000 dollar 500 or 400 will go Then you have to try Only Delta Exchange Only Delta exchange for Crypto I am telling you in Delta it shows you put your stoploss It shows the this much loss is fetched in rupees Alright Sir, like you trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty So sir in which main sectors you focus on That bro this is negative or positive I do not see any sector Nifty, Bank Nifty chart Nifty and Bank Nifty is seen together by me And its chart And nothing is required to focus on There are many people who focus on Reliance, TCS Do not see all these By seeing all these confusion arises Keep your trading plans simple Don't complicate it So I see Nifty and Bank Nifty and their charts These two are most important to focus on Rather than this do not see anything else Nifty, Bank Nifty trade is to performed Do not look at anything Nothing will benefit Hi Sir, good afternoon Sir My question is First of all, sir Enjoyed a lot in the class Your Risk management video in YouTube Totally different you did say it correct in the first class The course is way too different from YouTube videos Exactly We need to create a base For how many days you are learning this course You all may think this course is not so long but this course if way too left And one of my habit is Whatever you perform do it properly or else don't do That is why this is a deep course Exactly sir It was really deep The outcome that came was simple You have to make your mindset as simple as that Do not complicate in your life That why do we complicate So that is why Psychological problem I am facing a psychological problem For this I didn't take this trade Because the maximum trade taken means the trade means have also taken many loss of 45- 50 rupees I have not taken more and also i never blow my account first time I am I am a beginner And a very beginner Alright My problem is that my father also is in trade He has no knowledge of Swings And he doesn't know about swing trade So he constantly says He constantly says that he will bring a share like He say Yes Bank He say to do Yes Bank Perform Aurum A U R U M Also said ITC And I don't know how and what stocks he says So how can I make my mindset Like how to ignore him Heve to listen him at his home You have to understand that Whenever I am saying something I am doing from my experience Y our father is doing on his experience His experience, is made from his real life He is surrounded by people who performs all of this And now I do not want to trade in Yes Bank And now investing is something else In Aurum and Yes Bank But what does trade means Like your dad, my dad Do you know what are their theories? If fetching loss in Intraday, then hold it If loss is arriving do hold And they do so And if downtrend starts then hold throughout your life See their plans are different And your trading plan is different When I will teach you in the psychology class There's a very important point to be alone when you trade Not to sit with your friend, with your mother, with your father, with your girlfriend, with your wife, husband You cannot sit You took a trade and if someone keeps peeping into that Then you will get uncomfortable You cannot say what trade you have taken And why have you taken this trade? Nor you can hear to anyone Because it's provided by buyers So you have to understand From the third quadrant Isolation or being alone is most important to trade You have to trade on your own So you have to accept it There's no It's no tough Just accept it That whatever your dad will say it's not necessarily correct Yes, exactly But sir the problem is Focus is all required right I am having a whole focus that 15 minutes or 5 minutes Sit in a distance Or sit separately Move to another room Don't say anything Only say yes Do Agree But don't act on him Ok You have to create your own experience And from your own experience You have to judge whether you are right or wrong So you have to isolate yourself from him Alright sir Thank you so much sir That's all Rest all is okay It's completely ok It is completely ok See if your father teaches you some important thing and if you don't obey by that It is called bad manners This is professional This is professional You better follow the professionalism Ok Yes, The problem is that people don't see this trading as a profession They see their That there will a loss of this amount in the market Like as you always say That people don't see I don't why the market is so unregulated, Stock market Because it's a business This is a business that's why Exactly If this was a job People would follow rules But this is a business That's why it's so unregulated What can be performed? Nothing That's why we in India we perform 4% and in USA it’s 50% That's a reason why USA is more forward Yeah yeah yeah Correct correct That's all sir Thank you so much had a lot of fun in the class Thank you so much Sir like for suppose I feel on a daily timeframe, Nifty can move for a long time And the target booked is big So can I take a trade of out the money or not? Yeah Yes, you can take the money But the thing in that is If that Look let me tell you one thing Let's say you have taken a swing trade And it also out the money And by mistake it doesn't reach there How much will your account turn? Zero Yes, sir What kind of trading strategy is this? When you are risking 100% of the money deployed? 100% Yes sir See Yeah when sometimes I also trade OTM But am very sure That it will reach till there But I don't make a big target It may be Rs 100 out of the money I stay It doesn't mean that you are Rs 500 out of the money Was very confident doing such won't be safe By mistake also if it doesn't reach Suppose 90% is your win rate but that 1% Where will the One loss take you where that one will take you? You are working hard to build your account You will get guilty So if you want to go out of the money You can go But not that much Like very big target Don't go for such out of money Go for Rs 100 , Rs 50 Little out of the money works Much more out of the money They are many people Retail traders who perform much of out of the money They always become zero somtime they made money But then the adrenaline and gambling rush makes them to do So if you want to go out of the money And there is conviction Don't go too much out of the money By staying close go for out of the money Alright Ok sir Ok sir That's all from my side, Thank you Ok Aditya Thank you Alright guys I hope you enjoyed the video Had fun by listening to all the questions and answers I hope there were many questions on your mind Do share by commenting that whether this questions were also in your mind And if there are any questions do comment May be next video I make on these questions Ok Let's Done The next video will publish that will deal with the comments of this video That related video will be made Q&A And will make the 3rd video Alright Or I can also answer by going through your comments But good comments write well phrased questions, ok Ok So now the most important point was that Ok So now the most important point was that Many of you may not know That my program, where I teach See this Free of cost learning is going on Let it happen There's no problem But if you are one of those who wants to perform trading professionally And wants to gain in depth knowledge and one more to shorter your learning You can go for performing one of my program Next batch will start from Saturday-Sunday 11th or 12th the weekend Saturday Sunday that day Detail will be fetched in the description box It will start So the point is The thing I want to share with you are You know, you can gain demo if you want you only have pay 2999 Even though our program is Considering 20000- 25000 including GST and all Only 3000 you have to pay that too By paying 3000 you have to come And every Saturday Sunday and study free of cost And if you study for those two days You will have fun And you will get to know How do I teach If it's of no use to you Then do one thing It's not anywhere, Money back guarantee Money back policy That too no question asked No one will ask why you required the refund At first you will get the refund and then question why did you fetch the refund No problem at all So come and keep this 3000 and The 90 rupees gateway charge also isn't taken by me I bear that too If some of you guys required support from me and want a in depth knowledge So come and pay your 3000 and that is refundable Not even a single rupee tension should be assumed So what's the problem then? Make sure you go ahead Come and try And those want a personal attention And they say they don't have tension for money But teach us good by grabbing a seat Provide us with a full guidance, provide faculties along with office So If you are in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad There we have our hybrid centers opened Please go and visit New batch is also going to start there So make sure you go, visit, talk and So that they help you enrolling the system and the course, Ok So in the other cities like Mumbai and many other cities are also there like Kolkata Bangalore A hybrid centers are coming there as well Give me some time Give me some time There also centers will come up Ok So come on guys, I hope you had fun And please don't think that you're selling paid program The learning program The free learning program will have some less amount? No The free learning The free market analysis everything is coming, every week and they will keep coming Like today's video This will continue And if aren't performing that you don't feel like to pay There's not even spec of problem against you I will respect you equally like my paid subscribers You learn free of coast There's no problem in it Alright Alright guys Thank you so much Bye and have a good day Thank you so much

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